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  1. He hasnt got brilliant control of the ball with his feet but he seems far more dynamic now with much much better passing. He is so strong for his size and those legs that seem small are actually telescopic when it comes to tackling.
  2. We thought we were getting the Norwich Grealish Looks more like we got the Norwich De Bruyne.
  3. 3 words we are going to read in the press more than any other this season DEFENCE SPLITTING PASS
  4. And there isnt rotation in this position. Gonna lump on
  5. Nailed. He really does pass like De Bruyne. Oh this season could be very exciting
  6. Juat watched the Villa view and had to turn it off due to that div Dolan. Not the most charismatic and equally not the most knowledgeable based on the crap he was spouting.
  7. God give me strength. Best passer ever in the history of football. Future statue
  8. He is indeed . Built like Bryan but v skillful and mega quick . Like Kaine Kesler quick
  9. They seem to have a handle on the youth side more than the mens game
  10. On another note looks like Thierry Small is wanting to come home to Villa. A villa fan from Solihull and mega highly rated by Everton who have had him since 11. 17 on August 1st and could easily come in as no 2 left back as he is incredibly strong already
  11. A very unpopular move 3 years ago... but he makes the hard decisions when needed.
  12. He wont slow the play down thats for sure. He makes decisions in milliseconds it seems. A £38 million bargain⁸
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