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  1. I didn't want Bruce as manager, said so, and still don't like him as a manager. But I disagree with your view. He did stop the rot. When he came in he immediately sorted the defence out and made us much better in terms of solidity. It needed doing. Di Matteo didn't do it. Sacking RDM was right. I was at Preston the game before he was sacked, and it was one of those obvious ones - he had to go. What Bruce didn't do was ever improve us once he'd stopped the rot, really. Bringing in Calderwood seemed to make the coaching worse and we went backwards if anything. But Bruce absolutely, in
  2. Singapore and also Vatican City must be right up there? and where's that place that's an island, which is just totally covered with buildings and is a state?
  3. Capital City > n% (say 20%?) of population overall?
  4. Something to do with low population density or concentration of population into small parts of the country?
  5. Don’t get me wrong John, it’s totally subjective, my thoughts, your thoughts...I like reading how you saw it.
  6. Shut the **** up Tony, I mean Donnie
  7. VT is happily populated by a smart bunch of folk, but that said there’s plenty of nonsense posted on here. I should know, I post most of it. The slightly more relevant point though is that actually that much of the fertile soil for conspiracy theories and other nonsense need to survive and grow doesn’t exist on VT because of the wide range of views and because anyone posting that type of drivel tends to get crowded out by the majority pointing out the stupidity of it, not because of site moderation. It gets mocked and laughed at, not moderated (unless anything illegal crops up). There was a “s
  8. So your daughter gets away with it every time?
  9. You didn't make that - that's just the VAR lines from the Mings incident
  10. Do they extend as far as the servants quarters downstairs?
  11. You've put it just where it was wanted. Carry on.
  12. 6 weeks is following evidence. Like you I think that's what they'll switch to (and it would be a good thing, done too late...again).
  13. Well if you just stick it in there, uninvited, it can be seen as inappropriate.
  14. Sorry to quote you again, but another thought is this: These conferences, they're not really telling a story, or plan. Admittedly I don't watch any of them, but do see the reporting. What I mean is there ought to be a short term part, a medium term part and a long term part. For example: 1. Short term - emerging news or data - "this week such and such has happened - number of tests, cases, hospitalisations etc. plus updates on (say) travel, or whatever. This week we will be lifting/tightening...because.. 2. Medium term: Over the next month we will be working towards getting the numbe
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