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  1. I get where you are coming from. Yet she's dealt with Rotherham and the fall out and has actively worked to make things better. There was, it was found, a problem with people from the pakistan community there not being acted upon, victims not being believed and the whole issue if not swept under the carpet certainly dealt with inadequately. There is a problem. It's not racist to say so. Unfortunately, within that community, there's an issue with some men holding views on white women which are massively problematic and leading in part to these horrible acts, and a fear of addressing it by the then council and services because it involved a minority community. It can't be left unaddressed and untalked about if it's to be changed. In my view she should not have been "resigned" for saying what she said. She hasn't implied that the abuse is a specifically Pakistani phenomenon, she said the opposite. Racists will take whatever they want from the Sun and such like, and it's a rag. Sometimes stuff needs saying, and there's no way not to cause some people to be annoyed, but its importance and value overrides the offence that is apparently taken.
  2. I share your distaste for the S*n, Darren. Have you read the article? in full, rather than taken one line from it? Because to lose your job for that is ridiculous. There's no dog whistle racism in there. Failure to address problems which lead to child abiuse and rape because of fear of causing racial offence is a pathetic, wrong headed, cop out.
  3. I see that Jezza has got rid of her for saying there's a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls. She also said that the vast majority of convictions are against white men acting alone and that for gang-related child sexual exploitation, the convictions have largely been against British Pakistani men. I have no idea why she should be got rid of, sorry "resigned" for saying that. Particulalry in light of all the effort she's put in to address the problem and get victims better help and support. Nice one Corbs, you clueless muppet.
  4. Steve Bruce

    I agree with most of that. What we're seeing isn't good enough, by a long way. I think where we differ, and only slightly, is that right at this moment I think that for all my reservations about him, there's some possibility that giving him a bit more time is less of a risk and less disruptive than throwing another manager out. How many bigger clubs have come down, then spent ages in this league, swapping managers all the time and each time getting the same result - more disruption, no promotion, more chaos and a reputation of having owners who have no patience and no understanding of the time it takes to sort out a club. Leeds, Sheff Wed. Forest, Wolves etc.... It can go just as wrong changing managers as giving them time. We've kept changing and we're struggling. Maybe try another way?
  5. Steve Bruce

    That's very similar to my whole take on it. I didn't want him, and nothing's changed to make me think otherwise. The only area I differ is that I don't think it's about more signings. I think it's about coaching. We've enough decent players to do well in this league, if they're coached and organised properly. But that's patently not happening at the moment. Rather than spend on more players, I'd rather use a fraction of the money to get a decent coach in - whether it be Mike Phelan, who Bruce has worked with before, or someone else who can improve the attacking and creative play. Also, Bruce's record here overall isn't terrible enough to justify sacking him quite yet. It's pretty mediocre, but he did inherit a bit of a mess. He's had money last Jan, and some this summer. He's got injuries, unfortunately. I'd give him a little bit longer before pulling the trigger, but not much longer - maybe about 4 more games to see some sign of an organised, capable, effective team. In his 40 odd games he's taken a team from the bottom 3 to 13th and then back to the bottom 3. Not exactly spectacular. Sort out the coaching and get some help or he's a gonner. I worry about his mental state, as well. He looked proper ill when it went wonky at Sunderland.
  6. You're maybe right about people favouring public ownership of utilities, but I dunno about the rest of your post, in terms of whether the country is or ever was socialist. Even once politically empowered, we've mostly had centre right govts. It's (socialism) not, for me, about either the ruling elite or the general population, it's what is the system? Our system has over the past 50 years moved further away from anything that could remotely be considered socialism.
  7. No, It wasn't and no it isn't. That's not really a supportable thing to claim. The UK has been for nearly all of its history in the hands of a small group of rich people - landowners, "aristocracy" Royals -= various kings and Queens and Feifs, etc. Maybe the last 100 years or so, there's been more of an element of some social provision and ownership, sure. And there are some good bits, but no we're not quite socialist, and nor have we ever been in reality.
  8. U.S. Politics

    In Liverpool, which was a major slave trading centre (and in Bristol too, I think) there are stone records of slavery all over the place - on buildings and such like. I don't think necessarily that a move to eradicate all traces of these terrible things ever having happened is necessarily the best way to deal with it. The point that we need, perhaps to be reminded of the sins of our predecessors is not a bad one. How you exactly draw the line between some idiots celebrating it and the rest of us respectfully being aware of past horrors is a dificult thing to define, but like MagnKarl, I don't think wiping it all out is any better a solution than leaving everything in place. [edit] I've caught up now _ I was a few pages behind when I wrote this. Others have said it better. soz]
  9. U.S. Politics

    I agree with this point. Although it's not really much of a deal in the scheme of things. Maybe I've got some information wrong, but I thought in the case of this Charlotteville thing a decision was taken, based on sensitivities, views etc to remove a statue of Gen. Lee. Then what happened was a bunch of far right Nazis and KKK and white supremacists decided to demonstrate against that. Unsurprisingly normal people took exception to having the far right nazis, racists and swastika carriers marching though their town. A nazi drove his car into a crowd of normal people objecting to the nazis, murdering a young woman and injuring many others. Donald Trump said there were good people on both sides. This is laughable. Nazis aren't good people, nor are the KKK or white supremacists. They're atrociously vile.they are not good people. Whether or not some normal people protesting are scruffy, lefty, a bit vandally..whatever. Is completely irrelevant. It's a Smokescreen. Unequivocally nazis are bad. No yes, but... No "well the antifa..." KKK bad, Nazis bad. End. .
  10. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    She's worthy of it. Obviously not as well known/sold as many records as the others you've listed, but in terms of awards and critical acclaim, then yes. She's also on a bit of a hot streak of consistently good albums. Ultimately, too, Uncut want to sell magazines.
  11. Rascalish ? The Tory internet site? With their reputation? whether it is or not, there's clearly no obvious clear choice for them to get in favour of. The current cabinet don't seem to be held in much esteem in terms of leadership by the members, that much is clear. It's probably because they're a bunch of words removed, would be my guess.
  12. It seems to be the opinion of the Tory members, too. They picked "none of the above" when asked. I think the next highest was David Davies with 19% https://www.conservativehome.com/thetorydiary/2017/08/our-survey-next-tory-leader-none-of-the-above-leads-the-field-many-party-members-want-to-skip-a-generation.html
  13. Scott Hogan

    To be fair, Terry, that might be a thing to help with confidence - man management - i.e. "relax about not scoring many goals yet, keep working hard...."
  14. Ticket Info

    there's the true final number
  15. Infernal Internal Server Errors

    see pm