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  1. Yeah, me too. I don’t fancy blowing my brains out with a revolver. They’re both utterly unfit for the job.
  2. Corbyn is about as competent as Boris Johnson. The bloke’s effing useless as a leader. He’d be an awful pm. Labour’s policies are in some cases excellent and in some cases not. Labour’s problem isn’t policy, it’s Corbyn and his band of angry tramps. He’s not Satan, he’s just a massive pillock, and a bit of a wrong ‘un.
  3. So, in summary, that word removed Theresa May has been replaced as leader of the words removed by word removed Boris Johnson, who easily beat fellow word removed, Jeremy word removed to the position of biggest word removed. And now the words removed are going to carry on fighting like the shower of words remove they are. words removed.
  4. The Palace is sorry to announce that during the tradtional "signing in a new prime minister cermony", her britanic majesty momentarily lost her steadiness of hand, and the ceremonial sword regretably cut the throat of Mr Johnson (deceased) causing significant loss of blood and a mild case of decapitation. Please be assured that no lasting damage has been done to the Palace carpets and fittings and it's nothing a good mopping up shouldn't rectify.
  5. Er, it's the Premier League rules. Whichever is the smaller of 10% of capacity or 3000 seats. (it's a bit more complex, but that's the gist of it)
  6. Yes, that's right. It's obvious that Boris Johnson has had the solution to all this for ages, and that he's merely kept it to himself, out of modesty, in order not to embarass any of his colleagues by flaunting his superior analysis and quite brilliant solution that no-one else from the world of politics, business, trade, or diplomacy has remotely been able to devise. It really is that simple. Boris Johnson has a secret miracle cure, that he's willing to implement and he's made no mention of it so far, because he wanted to wait until the grateful nation called on him, through the meduim of a tory leadership election. Everything's absolutely fine. There will be adequate glucose.
  7. Agreed on the first part, but the second? Maybe it’s like a footballer who retires and is lost. If you’ve spent ages trying to get something and then lose it or get it even, then what do you do? The abyss of having nothing, but having fleetingly “succeeded”. Emptiness and failure will haunt him. An ego deflated.
  8. What’s that you got there, bud? No it’s er, guacamole.
  9. blandy


    Here’s m’beans. There’s loads starting to form now
  10. To be fair, she did cite (in her resignation letter thingy) So you can see why the media picked up on it. But your point is valid, all the same.
  11. Both are true IMO. It's not that the party hates Jewish people - that kind of claim would be ludicrous. But, there are enough (too many, I mean) Labour supporters, voters, members who display anti-Semitic behaviour and language, probably because of their own abhorrence of Israeli Government and IDF actions and words on Palestine and Palestinians. And as a consequence of that shared abhorrence of what Israel has done, there has been a reflex almost to see all but the most blatant anti-semitism as "not really". And it's further complicated by some of their opponents picking up the stick with which to beat them. Looking at what Labour has done and said in the past few days they've finally, finally embarked towards doing and saying what they should have done straight away, when it first erupted about 3 years ago. All the delay, all the prevarication and denial of the problem, all the victim blaming only added to the whole furore. At it's worst it's been a sequence of Complaint from Jewish person about an incident. Ignore. Complaint from the Jewish person about an incident. Deny there's a problem. Complaint from the Jewish person about an incident. Blame them as a smear merchant, Blairite or Tory or Zionist Complaint from Jewish person about an incident. Media are fanning the flames of a non-story. And round and round. What they've started to do is much clearer. "Yes there's a problem, yes, we've been too slow, yes our processes have failed, yes we need to be open and the likes of Corbyn finally and without weaselling, outright condemning it. They're not riddled with anti-Semitism, they've just been blinkered and utterly incompetent in dealing with the problem they do have. It's been pretty shameful and an example of how not to deal with a problem.
  12. If that's true, it'll almost immediately change once he actually gets the job and people start saying no to him, or resigning, or voting against, I reckon. He's like Trump in that regard - he needs to be approved of, and if (when) he isn't he'll go all cranky and moody. When he's faced with "if you do X the army will be on the streets, farmers will be going bust, the big carmakers start pulling out..endless streams of dreadful news..."Boris, that's your legacy - the man who wrecked the UK, who took us out the EU and brought utter turmoil and recession and job losses and riots and the return of terror to NI and queues at the ports and strikes and ..." He'll blink, more than blink, because he doesn't actually believe in all this Brexit stuff, he just did it to get the job of PM. He won't have a clue what to do with it.
  13. Yeah, this. Bruce was (IMO, and I said it before he was appointed) never going to get us up, but he did turn the club around, set up the character of the side, stop the losing mentality, get togetherness and all that. It was just that the coaching was....staid and stodgy at a time when staid and stodgy doesn't work any more. Relying on "give it to Jack (or whoever) to win games was never going to work, with the rest of the side being essentially there to "keep it tight". Being on the front foot in the championship is now necessary for promotion. That meant Dean Smith (or someone similar) had to come in to get us up, but he did have the start of a decent side, and then with the changes in January was able to progress the team to play better football, to always look like scoring. Next season, it'll be different. We won't be challenging for the title. About 7 teams will be way ahead of what we could get to and are already nailed on for top 10. Then it's everyone else. 3 out of 10 to 12 are going to be fighting to stay up. We just need to be out of the quarter or third of those that will go down.

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