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  1. He's a massive numpty. Nothing more to say, really. How the heck is he even an MP, let alone a piggin' minister?
  2. Steve Bruce

    Definitely it was the case that we were "at it" in terms of closing down quickly and denying them time, as best as we could. I think credit for that should go to the coaching and manager (and obviously the players putting in the effort). We got tired towards the end, but remained pretty solid. It's something we didn't do against Wolves, from what I understand (didn't see much of that game). Also, the selection of Onomah and resting Davies who has looked a bit tired of late was a good move. I'm not a massive Steve Bruce fan by a long way, but credit where it's due. Fulham are a dangerous side, particularly away from home, and we pretty much limited them to about 3 decent chances. That was good from Villa.
  3. Police state or the state of policing

    I am disappoint. I thought it was an homage to the late Rev. Iain Paisley.
  4. Presumably in the right wing press? Anything to avoid talking about the actual issues and problems at hand and down the road.
  5. If you can't work out which you are, then, er. I have some bad news for you
  6. I think the tories decided people understood enough to change the status quo, and then just to compound that mistake, made barely any effort to provide them (us) with the necessary information for us to understand. And then this was compounded by a shower of cees in the press and on their bus and on the radio etc lying It's hard to blame people given a vote for using it
  7. Steve Bruce

    That's kind of the exact reverse of where I come from. I was against him being appointed, but have also thought that once he was appointed he had to be given time. And not just 20, 30, 40 games. Basically the part of last season he had, plus all of this (unless he has us down in the bottom 3 area well into it. On the football types I think we're mostly seeing a sort of "pragmatic" style, which isn't hoofball, but it's a bit limited and I don't much like it. There are signs of increased competence at least, in terms of some of the recent performances. I doubt we'll get to any trophy onslaught with him in charge, but promotion isn't impossible this season. Not being top 2 now, is not of any significance to me. Being within range of a promotion spot (top 2) is important, but I'd say we are in range just now. Yeah he's said a few daft things, but who doesn't. He shouldn't but tbh it was hardly a crime. It's not about patience so much as basically (IMO) needing to relax a bit. If people accept that he's here and will be for the next 6 months or whatever, then worrying about it goes away, and focus can be on the team and the players and the manager is just in the background, under less pressure, able to relax a bit more and maybe get the team playing better and more effectively. Plus the absolute last thin the club leads is more upheaval, It really really really needs stability in the key roles, all over.
  8. I don't know about that. Nothing's clear to me. I think though that the number of MP people who want a hard Brexit is pretty small. Just the basic tory nobbers, really. Fox, Mogg, Bone etc. They are in a small minority of all the rest of the MPs. All the other MPs either want a soft Brexit, or don't think Brexit is a good thing at all. So I suspect as the consequences of a hard Brexit become more widely talked about, with some sense of realism, the noisy hard brexit troublemakers will if anything diminish. So the most logical outcome would be a soft Brexit, because none of the two main parties are (currently) brave enough to say "this Brexit is a big bag o' ...." It doesn't seem like the mood of people in the country is likely to change decisively against Brexit - it's still round about 50 50 ish, so unless Labour grow a pair, then Soft Brexit steered by them and the less mad tories seems likeliest, doesn't it? Plus, Labour will not want to "own" the consequences of Brexit, or the possible backlash from stopping it, even if stopping it would gain them, or deepen current, support levels overall. I also think maybe the EU attitude is slightly easing, just slightly. If not now, it will do as the possibility of losing all our money becomes starker and the hit to trade and all the rest. It's not going to make them change their overall stance, but it might make them start to shift a bit in terms of schedule and arrangement of talks and negotiations. I saw a thing that led to an article in the paper where a journal was saying that many of the poor people who voted leave did so because they have nothing to lose by Brexit. They're already stuffed, so they think how could it get worse for them? The missing part of that is that, leaving won't make it better for them. It's not a solution to anything. And it will make things worse. And all the pensioners - they tend to be more set in their ways and views, by and large, so they're not going to change their minds either. So I reckon some form of soft Brexit happening looks more likely than it being stopped altogether.
  9. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Yeah, that sucks
  10. Sure, and that’s ok. I think collectively we’re trying to keep up and follow and understand and sometimes we get confused etc. But the Parliament people, they’re paid to do all that stuff as their jobs. Paid by us. They should be ahead of us, collectively across the different outlooks be able to present the aspects, details, impending complications, pros and cons and all that....and they don’t and can’t. They are not representing us, or our interests. They’re chasing careers, prejudices, interests and all that. It’s gruesome.
  11. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I last had the cake where I was eating it.
  12. U.S. Politics

    I'm not really a fan of Eminem, but that's most excellent. There's something about (good) protest songs/poetry/raps which makes the message more clear, more intense and more immediate than most other forms. Good stuff.
  13. Very good I dunno, I recall @Awol saying he thought it could all be sorted easily, so maybe we're missing something, but it does seem kind of intractable to me. I suppose we each have a view of what we'd like, and for me I'm not that fussed with EU membership per se, but the (for me) good bits - the travel, trade, common standards, unity as a block of broadly similar nations (though this has been stretched a bit more recently) are the good bits. Things like CAP, Bloated corporate hijacked trade deals (TTIP) and lack of openness about the way they're negotiated are things I could happily leave behind. So a Norway version or whatever - keep all the trade and travel stuff, and co-operation to everyone's benefit - pay less but have less of a say or influence over some/all of the stuff that we're less fussed about - Euro related etc. would be OK if we're really going to leave. Europe (EU) does need to change, I think. It will change eventually, and we'd be better off staying in it as all the complications are showing. But if we had a coherent grown up cross party (and inclusive for Wales, Scotland NI too) approach, worked out what the heck we wanted and then started from there... Sorry, dreaming.
  14. Well....you could say that if we hadn't been quite happy* with the situation as it is for the past 'n' years. Pretty much everyone was fine with things the way they are now, with the border and to and fro RoI goods and people n'that. It's us that wants to to stop with how things are, everyone else was content to carry on.