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  1. By-election 2017: Copeland[38][39] Party Candidate Votes % ± Conservative Trudy Harrison 13,748 44.2 +8.5 Labour Gillian Troughton 11,601 37.3 −4.9 Liberal Democrat Rebecca Hanson 2,252 7.2 +3.8 UKIP Fiona Mills 2,025 6.5 −9.0 Independent Michael Guest 811 2.6 N/A Green Jack Lenox 515 1.7 −1.3 Independent Roy Ivinson 116 0.4 N/A Majority 2,147 6.9 Turnout 31,108 51.33 −12.5 Conservative gain from Labour Swing +6.7 2015 result[edit] General Election 2015: Copeland[40][41] Party Candidate Votes % ± Labour Jamie Reed 16,750 42.3 −3.7 Conservative Stephen Haraldsen 14,186 35.8 −1.3 UKIP Michael Pye 6,148 15.5 +13.2 Liberal Democrat Danny Gallagher 1,368 3.5 −6.7 Green Allan Todd 1,179 3.0 +2.1 Majority 2,564 6.5 −2.4 Turnout 39,631 63.8 −3.8 Labour hold Swing −1.2 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copeland_by-election,_2017#cite_note-38
  2. General Chat

    I think the answer to that is in the question. (sorry, I should have gone for the TL:DR version )
  3. Unless they started from the same baseline number of voters, that could lead to people jumping to false conclusions.
  4. And so they voted for a Tory, instead! Some of what you say is undoubtedly true, but I can't see how the solution is to vote for a party that is worse (by reputation) at looking after the interests of workers of sucking up to the city and such like. I mean how bad must labour have got, if the tories are beating them, when in Gov't in long held labour constituencies? and leading in the polls by a mile? I absolutely loathe the tories and want them out. Corbin and Labour are just making it so easy for them. It's comical.
  5. But it does fit the narrative, just not in a convenient way. The narrative being that Labour had lost it's way and that by electing Corbyn as leader, there'd be this revival of fortunes, that he was the saviour, the anti-dote to all that nasty Blairism and Tory lite business. That someone "genuine" like Corby would reconnect with ordinary voters and be the solution. But he's not, and Labour, in opposition, to a Government hacking at everything has somehow contrived to lose a by election to the tories in a Labour held seat for 80 years.
  6. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Now I'm really worried about them - it was so windy yesterday.
  7. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    So, they don't like ants? This is sad news indeed. I hope the ants are OK.
  8. U.S. Politics

    Presumably, like that Hopkins one, it's for money.
  9. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    That's why they like them, for their organisational skills.
  10. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    On similar lines, when they move stuff round in the shop. Leave stuff where it is, then people can find it. Don't move the fish to where the bread was and the biscuits to where coffee was and washing up liquid to where the milk was... But on the other hand, there are only two sports, football and cricket, so it can't be that hard to find info on them, surely?
  11. That'll be because you're reading what you imagine (I can't speak for AWOL) I'm writing/thinking. Much of Corbyn's "thinking" and approach seems to come from a different time. Whether we like it or not, the world has moved on from the 60s and 70s. In politics as well as technology and all the rest. I've posted before about how his approach to Nuclear submarines was utterly deluded, harmful and futile. People want good schools. They don't care much beyond that. They want jobs, they want somewhere safe and warm to live and they want to be alright if/when they fall ill. They don't like it when trains are late or expensive or the roads are full of potholes or traffic jams, but beyond that they don't care. If you ask specifically, many people would say yes, nationalise the railways, and those who keep up with politics and news would point at the East Coast and franchising systems and so on and at the logical bonkersness of the French and German Governments running UK railways (and power stations etc..which he wants to nationalise) but unless or until Labour can put a coherent case together for Governing the Country in an economically believable way, while not doing anything stupid in other respects, then they're doomed. Getting rid of Corbyn is essential to that change. IRA sympathising (and Norn Iron to join the Republic), Hamas befriending, anti-semitic, duplicity, Nuclear subs with no nukes, Leaving NATO, maximum wage limit, anti-monarchy.... These are not what people want in big numbers. They are not solutions to the British people's problems in 2017.
  12. Exactly. AWOL's right in that you've got all these rabid right wingers and nationalists like LePen, Wilders, etc. plus the Brexiters and then there's Trump and his MAGA, and more assertive Chinese and Russian nationalism. And there's also a large mass of mostly anti-globalisation but pro European, pro EU, pro Canada people across the west at least who are the opposite of the first lot. Big business kind of rigged the game, and you've got one lot going "we've been shafted and it was foreigners wot dun it" and the other lot shouting against big business and tax avoiding companies. Same cause, different solutions.
  13. Um, like pulling a 3 line whip to support the tories on article 50, then afterwards saying "the fight starts now"? Labour is effed while Corbyn is leader. This. Many times over.
  14. "The agenda was stacked" is an odd term to use. I'd say "the reality" is that in a town & area where the major employer by an absolute mile does something that the Labour leader wants to get rid of, then Labour will lose votes. Add in that Corbyn is seen as a sort of day-dreaming Islington numpty, rather than a credible opposition leader or Prime Ministerial possibility and you've got a problem so bad that even the tories wrecking the NHS, closing the local Maternity hospital and all of that pales into insignificance in local voters minds.
  15. The Sarcasm Thread

    It's very normal here, but I expect the boring thread is livening up, so best zoot over there for some fun times and liveliness.