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  1. Your Top Live Music Experiences By Venue

    That must have been a Big Decision.
  2. Colin Calderwood

    Yeah, exactly. It’s true we did start playing worse after CC arrived, but correlation doesn’t equal causation. It could have been “new manager bounce” effect coming to an end. It could have been the initial effect of the boost to confidence wearing off. It could have been that until recently we haven’t had an attacking coach (Agnew) and so teams scouted is, saw the ponderous and disorganised attacking and midfield play and worked us out. No one knows. It’s not necessarily right that Calderwood made us worse, though it looked that way. Maybe he took time to settle, or the players took time to get used to yet more changes in staff. My main gripe with Bruce has been about coaching ,so I understand the thought that Calderwood maybe was to blame, and probably shared it to an extent, but perhaps the reality was that they were lacking an attacking coach, the two former centre halves, and that having at last rectified that, they can get on with their areas and Agnew has filled the gap. I dunno and don’t really care, tbh. It’s the past. At the end of this season we’ll see where we end up and no doubt have a view based on a full pre season and season of Bruce and his team.
  3. Birkir Bjarnason

    Makes a nice change from “you utter word removed” so I’ll take that
  4. Birkir Bjarnason

  5. Your Top Live Music Experiences By Venue

    Definitely. (I didn't include it because it wasn't one of the listed categories, but it was absolutely superb).
  6. Your Top Live Music Experiences By Venue

    Bar - Probably The Antlers in the Manchester Academy Bar (with @bickster) Nightclub - Arcade Fire, Manchester Apollo Outdoor - Radiohead/Sigur Ros/Editors in Belgium a decade! ago, (also with Bicks) Arena - AC/DC NEC ( I don't really like Arena gigs - soulless, mostly) Stadium - Pink Floyd and Radiohead (at different times) ( I don't really like Stadium gigs, either, but a few have been good)
  7. Sam Johnstone

    His shot stopping is excellent. His kicking is “patchy”. I think “brilliant” would require much better use of the ball. Part of the reason the second half was pretty ropey was the tendency of the outfield players to back pass and then SJ would frequently kick the ball straight to Barnsley. It absolutely favoured them, not us. That situation wasn’t Sam’s making, but it handed the advantage to Barnsley. So the outfield players should have been told to stop passing back so much, and Sam’s kicking needs to be more accurate for him to be brilliant.
  8. What Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Yeah, after initially thinking “this sounds ok, it might go somewhere good” I ended up disliking it.
  9. General Chat

    Genuine shock. That doesn’t read well. I suspect you’d reword it if you wrote it again, Chris
  10. Snow Watch!

    Seems to be easing off, looking out from the window of the OJS
  11. Your Own Posts

    could you not just use a punctuation mark , or a space and do the search, or a vowel or something?
  12. Things you often Wonder

    I'd thought it was JCC (Psychle sluts) . I guess he was "inspired by" Spike
  13. Excel Function Question

    if {value} = Yes, else [DHUTWU]
  14. What Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Maybe this should be in the TTPYO thread, but while piped music is often a bit of a crime in my book, the piped, corporate, DJ hosted version they play in chain stores is good reason* for going on a random killing spree. It's a disgrace to humanity. *it's not a good reason. Killing people is bad