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  1. blandy

    The Concert/Gig Thread

    Stormzy 's had a huge increase in profile ever since the revelations about Trump n'that.
  2. That comment was specific for the UK. I'm aware of the different situation in France. Anyway, 'nuff talk about work.
  3. It's miles away, still (other than for development testing, at the moment). See this etc. from nearly 4 years ago. It still applies.
  4. blandy

    Dean Smith

    please stay on topic and please avoid personal comments about each other, VTers. Thanks.
  5. I feel the answer to that is “No, No, No” [/paisley]
  6. None of them have the bottle for being leader of a clusterpork, apart from May.
  7. They're more like a political party or lobbying group than a "think tank", in reality, as well.
  8. Pretty sure I read somewhere that there is some dodginess going on with charity funding here. TPA isn't a charity, but a charity was set up that then gives money to TPA, so TPA is getting funds from the taxpayer. And this also helps hide the original source of (some) money.
  9. blandy

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Made me fish out this. 6 and a bit minutes in, Some lovely shredding, like Television.
  10. blandy

    What Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Your amp goes up to 11! - that's one louder, isn't it? I've got Lucy Dacus, Historian on (at 3 short of "wake the dead" on the amp)
  11. They might listen to Catweazle, though they'd be better off not doing so. His latest is "we can't stop it" (i.e. "I don't want to stop it, and will help make it happen, then when it's a clusterpork, I can be elected PM on the back of it"). But anyway, When everyone from Aaron Banks to Boris Johnson is saying where we've got to, we'd have been better off remaining, it just needs May hoofed, Labour to grow a pair and then the realignment can start.
  12. Well, that’s my theory comprehensively debunked . Luckily the Villa won, so happiness is unbounded.