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  1. UKIP and their non-racist well informed supporters

    Theresa May has proved that!
  2. General Election 2017

    That promise was on the Lisbon constitution that got thrown out by the Dutch and French in referenda, and was cancelled, so they couldn't hold a referendum on something that was binned. That said, they probably didn't want to, as really, as they seemed quite relieved at the time, and also as a later different version wasn't put to a referendum, though strictly it wasn't the thing they promised to hold it on. Clear as mud.
  3. Uploading images to VT

    No worries. Just to help anyone else, maybe post the thing you found out, if you have time. Was it the space thing? edit - obviously was. sorry, my bad.
  4. General Election 2017

    This is the thing. Because T.May's broken, that's now the "narrative" and Labour just keeping their heads down gain by default. They're in an awkward position on Brexit, too (though not as bad as the tories), and they don't have a clear policy, but they can get away with it, because they're not in charge. Most MP's of all sides think Brexit will be harmful and is not the right thing to do, but they're terrified, mostly, that Brexity voters will punish them if they say so, in many seats. The referendum was set up as advisory, for whatever reason, but was treated as an cast iron certainty on a 48-52 split. An advisory result which basically said "dunno, really, not quite sure, probably, just about, Leave" has been treated as gospel that cannot be disobeyed, despite the campaign being short of detail and long on lies on all sides. I'm less fussed about leaving, than about leave being handled by utter effwits, who are starting to realise that they messed up, and will have to deal with the mess. I expect a lot of them to run away and hide, like Hammy did.
  5. UKIP and their non-racist well informed supporters

    Yeah, I understand that, and have seen it before. I'm (with nothing other than from people I know) sort of thinking that people voting Tory (say) to protect their pension, or Labour to get free Uni fees are maybe voting at least as much about self interest, or that of their family or friends, as about "left" v "right" choices - they're both essentially voting for free money (yeah, I know) for someone - they're both kind of "state support" policies. And as for the intelligence thing, I've seen stuff to say it's to do with imagination and visualisation - that more intelligent people can see prospects as to how things might be improved, and that Conservatism is about keeping things safe and the same. Dunno if I go with that completely, though. In some ways you'd expect better educated people to earn more money and so perhaps vote Tory, so there's maybe something somewhere to be looked at with it. Greens seem to get their best level of support from the brain people.
  6. UKIP and their non-racist well informed supporters

    The austerity and all that - that was Osbourne being party political in large part - make like it was Labour's fault that the world economy tanked, make people hurt a bit, while shrinking the state and giving his rich mates a hand. It was utter madness, and still is. What business, when borrowing costs are next to zero, would fail to invest in new infrastructure, new tools, training people and all that kind of thing and expect to have a good long term future. And if a Gov't does the equivalent, they not only repair and build the country's infrastructure, renewable energy, internet broadband, tech, engineering, medicine, schools and so on, but they also put money in people's pockets and generally boost the economy. The tories have hammered teachers, nurses, doctors, the disabled, while selling bits of the UK to China and wherever else. Dangerous, harmful and stupid - and all for party politics, which is now coming back to bite them on the arse.
  7. UKIP and their non-racist well informed supporters

    I'd give that a double like, if I could.
  8. UKIP and their non-racist well informed supporters

    I'm not saying you're wrong...but I must admit one of the things that bugs me is when articles etc. say there's a left right split between younger and older people. I mean Jeremy Corbyn's "older people" for example, and there are many other older people with left views. And the same applies in reverse. There are younger people who liked UKIPs or Tories. Sure, I accept there's plenty more younger people voted Labour than Tory, but I'm also reasonably confident quite a lot of that was due to Brexit and Europe and so on. Plenty pensioners will vote for protected pensions, and plenty younger people for free Uni tuition, but beyond that, or even including that, people's views don't (IMO) easily fit into left / right boxes. You could also draw a circle round the central part of your picture and capture where most UK politics is actually based and accepted - the old middle of the road thing. Even Labour's manifesto had stuff in it that was quite tory-ish and vice versa, because both parties wanted to appeal to that centre ground, of all ages.
  9. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    I bet you couldn't Adam and Eve it.
  10. General Election 2017

    It's going to do for them for a long time, I think. And quite a few of them know it. But they're unwilling to act to change things.
  11. General Election 2017

    In fact, to be serious, they really are that stupid. They're haplessly awfully stupid. Not unintelligent stupid, but foolish stupid. It seems to affect a lot of them. Because they try and act in their own interest al the time, they end up messing everything up. They are too foolish to see the wider picture. Austerity was stupid, the referendum was stupid, immigration "plans" were stupid, the snap election was stupid, everything they've said about Brexit has been stupid. Scrapping Nimrods was stupid, Police, Fire, NHS cuts were stupid, schools funding - stupid, prison's policy - stupid, manifesto promises - stupid. They are humungously, demonstrably utterly stupid.
  12. General Election 2017

    You lost me there
  13. Uploading images to VT

    Type of phone/OS, browser etc? error messages?
  14. General Election 2017

    Yeah, this. Like I said the other day, nothing at all is predictable any more, everyone is frequently wrong about all sorts of stuff that was previously highly predictable. And there's the hope of change.
  15. General Election 2017

    Not so sure about that - they increased their vote share from last time and got the most seats. Scotland seemed to go more tory in terms of seats and votes. The Brexit thing seems to have played a fair part in some of the maths, too. It seems like there's been more polarisation, perhaps, with added Brexit ingredients - some places swung left, some to the tories and the middle/smaller parties did worse as a result. I think your right that a kind of bubble has burst and more people see the tories as pretty much useless. But like @Chindie I think we're more likely to see coalitions/minority gov'ts for a while. And hopefully a change to the system, too, as a result. When there are clear winners, they are never going to change to a fairer system, but when there are no clear winners, then alternative, more proportional and fairer systems could get a chance.