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  1. Until they all have secure individual cubicles, at whatever cost, then perhaps having nowhere, absolutely nowhere, barring a trans self identifying woman, with rape convictions, from female changing rooms should be somewhere down the pecking order. Maybe fix the roofs, stop them closing down, that kind of thing. It’s not about concepts right now, it’s about being electable. Throwing people out of labour for pointing out the inconsistencies, Between this I’ll conceived holier than though virtue signalling and labelling them bigots is **** mental. not a soul has said never mention rights, but that a specific, bonkers version of a trans rights charter should not be an election arguing point. They’re utterly self destructive these numpties who push for those extreme pledges. Call them out, don’t pander to it, RLB and LN.
  2. Are you comparing the Trans rights thing to racial discrimination? If you are, Think you've got it wrong, and if you're not, then...it's not a valid comparison is it? Specifically the Trans thing is about a conflict between women's rights and trans rights. Women want and need to be protected against predators (as do men). Under Labour's (or LN and RLB etc.) pledge I could self identify as female and then go to the local swimming pool and use the female changing rooms. I might be a mild mannered moderator bot who likes tea, but I might be a child molester or pervert or whatever. But my rights would trump the women and girl's rights. That's mad.
  3. Yes. This. The big stuff. Affects the millions. Trans rights and treatment matter to a few. It's important, of course. As are many issues which affect a relatively small number of people, but they're not the things that win elections. Most people will be "Yes, support the trans people, but any chance I could not have to depend on food banks and for the NHS and schools to y'know, not be an exhausted wreck? - Can we have someone competent in charge please, who will look after us all, instead of disappearing down twitter wormholes?"
  4. Ah, well it could be an iffy connection between battery and pod, or a bug, but either way they don't work as advertised and sold - take them back.
  5. The difficulty with trying to win millions of votes it's what @chrisp65 mentions - e.g. Trans rights gets dragged down wormholes. For example Lisa Nandy (rightly) has been supporting someone in her constituency who's been troubled by abuse and stuff for their situation. That's a good thing to do. So great, good constituency MP. And If she raises the need to be more tolerant and understanding as part of her bid, that's great too. Unfortunately though, last weekend or thereabouts she proposed something (or agreed to it) which would mean that a man convicted of multiple sex offences against women who self identified as female would HAVE to be imprisoned in a Women's prison. This isn't a hypothetical, it's a real case. Now there may just be a bit of a problem with that. Furthermore, what she (and RLB) also support is throwing people and/or groups out of Labour for not accepting or agreeing that there are conflicts between trans rights and women's rights and tagging them as "bigots". So 2 candidates for Leader (RLB and LN) are now in favour of not having ANY places at all where Trans people identifying as Women should be excluded. Apart from being just idiotic in the real world, an argument about what will ultimately be the handling of a small number of people will lead to expulsions from the party of people for wanting to protect women from sexual predators. It's not a mainstream issue, and because it's poorly thought through, and actually counter to their last manifesto, the absolute appearance and reality is of a few twitter tubes capturing a part of the Labour Party. Meanwhile tories carry on tory-ing. FFS. Wake up Labour. In appealing, or hoping to, to the twitter trolls and bonkers sect of extremists they're absolutely killing their appeal to the 99% who as Chris said would like them to concentrate on making shit less shitty.
  6. Sounds like a duff battery - get them replaced under the guarantee.
  7. blandy

    New Music 2020

    I was just listening to Agnes Obel's new one on there while at work, and when that finished, tried your suggestion. Yeah. Thanks. I really like it.
  8. Nah. it absolutely doesn't know what it's doing. It's not possible. At best it might know...sort of...a bit, what it would like to do. But actual competence. No. Not an earthly. I think the propoganda aspects are the one exception, as the article says, really. They're good at that, having been taught by Trump's man Bannon, and with a bit of a side order of Russian input.
  9. Pretty much this, yes. I'm hopeful that from the leader contest they'll emerge back into the world of the sane, but I'm not holding my breath. Policy wise they're doing OK. The problem is almost an attiitude thing, a mindset thing. Like some of them appear to be an extension of a twitter argument between bots.(see the Dawn Butler reference above, for an example). You're dead right a credible opposition is essential, and for the past few years, there's been nothing, nothing at all.
  10. Look, writing this as both a moderator and a poster, I would like to say the following - if posters want to talk about teams from (say) Africa adopting particular tactics (e.g. favouring long range shooting over intricate build up play... or defensive shape or whatever..) then that's absolutely fine. What's not fine and is not acceptible on this site at all is repeating racial stereotypes, tropes or slurs about (in this case) African people. A very small number of posts have been removed which alleged various stereotypes about African players. DO NOT do this. Please report any posts you see which breach the site's guidelines, which include "This means no... abuse, threats, insults, racism, sexism, homophobia".
  11. Saw a Barn Owl at close quarters as I was cycling home tonight. Not seen one for ages. Truly beautiful. I hope it's OK - with all the rain and wind, it's hard for them to find voles.
  12. Good man mottaloo. You have exquisite taste.
  13. I've eaten the evidence. #Home free
  14. Looks a bit dry that. Needs 'owt moist wi' it.
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