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  1. A few Radio spares and an air conditoning box gubbins, apparently.
  2. Quite. Happily I'm sure they'll have a new variation of a completely mad and non-credible policy to then fail to promote or explain very shortly.
  3. My prediction is that they would not do that. Once bitten, twice shy - they were eaten alive and almsot destroyed last time.. And to be fair to the LDs, they've always, always been pro Europe, pro EU. The tories are not remotely compatible with that stance any more. Labour too is a Leave party (at the moment, and for the moment, despite the efforts of the actual members and so on). Like you I can't see them doing a coalition with anyone, and I'm more sceptical that they'd co-operate formally with either the Toriest or with the Labours until Corbyn's (and any similar clown successors) are out the way.
  4. He’s not that principled at all, IMO. Suicidally pig-headed - probably not quite that either, just so dim that he’s always miles behind where he should be, or 40 years behind.
  5. Have I gone and been wrong again? oh heck! i clearly need to get a grip, otherwise this feeling silly business is going to be the ruin of little ol’ me. [edit] I wasn't wrong - that one Dave posted was shite , everybody else is wrong and they should stop giving it squillions of hits [/edit].
  6. As bonkers as that and she is, it's completely uttterly irrelevant to anything or anyone. There's not the remotest chance of either the LDs or Farage's personal Gravy train party ever going into coalition with the Jemery Corbyns. It's liking asking me "Salma Hayek or Kate Beckinsale".
  7. They say that Dominic Cummins, Johnson's evil brexity advisor is really clever. I don't agree. I think at best you could call him Wise.
  8. I may lead a sheltered life, but I don't "often hear" either of those things. I think the only few times I've heard anything remotely like that is when a Brexiter has taken something like Will Self's accusation to Mark Francois that "all racists voted leave" and then either through his own stupidity, or through inability to follow reason generally Francois said "How dare you call all Brexiteers racists". You're spot on about the tendency towards extreme accusations, and I think along with that there is a tendency not to actually read/listen to other people's points of view on all sides.
  9. You could turn that round, too. why should we have the right to go and live and work in the EU, but not Zimbabwe? The answer of course is because the respective governments, elected by their people have chosen to co-operate in that way to further the benefit to our countries and people - and we get a lot of benefit from Bulgarian builders and so on. The EU says they have to find a job or have independent means of supporting themselves or they can be deported after 3 months, so it's not open ended, but if you or I want to go to France, Germany, Bulgaria etc to live and work, you can. That's a benefit, and you get NHS workers, plumbers, fruit pickers, Labourers and so on as well - jobs that need filling. That agreement doesn't exist for Zimbabwe. I get the argument treat all people the same, do a points based system or whatever, but ultimately it will still lead to immigration. There's not much wrong with the current situation, that the UK isn't perfectly able to fix, without leaving the EU. We could throw more people out, we could do an immigration type deal with India, Zimbabwe, wherever to address your point. But if people want fewer immigrants regardless, then the UK government could act to reduce it (with all the downsides it would bring, as well as any potential "benefits").
  10. I don't think that on its own is "racist". I live in a town in Lancashire that is mostly white people. When I moved here 30 years ago, I'd go to Manchester and most of the people there were also a similar mix (or lack of mix). Now there's all kinds of people from all over. I've "noticed" it. I've noticed that the mix of people around has changed. I'm fine with it, but I can imagine people sort of feeling that "their" country has changed and that some of them would find it all a bit disconcerting. I stress I don't think it's bad, and I don't think it's really anything much to do with the EU, but as per the post about fear of immigration being biggest where there isn't much, it's kind of human nature, or human nature for a lot of humans to be cautious about "different". Of course when we get to know the "different" we tend to find out they're not actually different at all. Hence people where there are many more folk from different backgrounds being cool with it. But some politicians and media play on that early fear of the different and ramp it up for their own means.
  11. One of those New fangled F-35 fighters just pootled past the window. (not my pic)
  12. I don't know a lot about films, but one I like from the 90s (just) is "Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai". Ever since i first saw it yonks ago, I've looked out for films directed by Jim Jarmusch. There's a sort of calm about them, somehow. Anyway, good film, great soundtrack.

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