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  1. I know. I'm gonna have to watch Wales v Hungary (C'mon the Wales)
  2. No, in my view. It's like being asked to type shorthand, live, or translate on the fly - it creates errors. I agree with (I think your point) about "do they really need to have a bod on twitter tweeting out live tweets on what so and so is saying? - though that's slightly off topic for the biased...thread. I guess they think it's where a lot of folk get their news, and as a psb they have to be there doing this stuff.
  3. Oh, sorry. I took what you wrote to be a distilled version of that and twitter numpties. Because it happens. What was your point then about the BBC man doing a typo because he was live twittering a conference?
  4. Yeah, though there are exceptions, obviously. Sometimes a remix to make something completely different and Dancey works
  5. Hence the old horrible racist "No dogs, no blacks, no Irish" signs that B&Bs used to apparently put up?
  6. No. Boss: "Norman go to the CBI thing and live tweet the speeches". Norman: "(makes a typo live tweeting)" Internet: "Bias [sic] BBC, stooges, anti Labour #JC4PM"
  7. blandy

    Dean Smith

    Yeah, me too. I have no beef with you, it’s all good. I mean I don’t like him on the right, I think it diminishes his influence. And Jack’s move has meant that happened more than I’d like. I do get where you’re coming from and we’re all looking at how we might do better. Me personally, I don’t see McGinn as anything other than an asset to the club and team and I don’t agree with the “problem is McGinn”. UTV
  8. blandy

    U.S. Politics

    It’s another “Look over there” move in its timing. It’s also odious on its own terms.
  9. There are theoretically any number of less bad deals, but they are all bad. Every last one of them. It's a hard thing to get people to love sewers. But if you decide disconnect from the sewage system you end up knee deep in jobby.
  10. Yes, exactly - and that's why I posted what I did above. I think that realistically, with politics, and like it or not (I don't) the ONLY way a remain case can, or could have, been made would be for one of the two main parties to have made it. In that way, in terms of voters generally being affected the media - TV particularly, but also radio and others traditional media - would have to have covered the "remain" case as an adversary to the Government's Leave "steps". What we've basically had is Labour and Tories pushing different theoretical (unicorn) Leave versions. and then the media covering (most of the time) either events in the process of leaving, arguments about which type of leave would be better/less bad, and personalities (will May survive, will Johnson chuck out whoever, will Labour change it's policy... what will the DUP do, what will the SNP do...?) No one "official" has made an attempt to argue for the UK to remain. There are approx half the population who are Remainers and neither party representing what they want. Yes, a referendum might give people hope that the decision be re-thought and changed - but an argument for another Ref is actually about the Ref, parlaimentary v Popular democracy, etc. not about remaining. Even now, Labour is saying they'll come up with some Labour flavoured deal and offer a Ref v Remain on it, but there's no case been made by them WHY people should either consider their Labour Leave, or why actually Remain is better. And that's because the leadership think one thing and the membership another. It's a party survival fudge not a genuine policy based on what "they" believe. It's a massive shame, a huge misjudgement and will lead to a shellacking at the polls and a Tory Brexit
  11. It's partly due to the 2 main parties being Leave parties. There's not been either main party providing opposition to Leaving, just different versions of leaving. Obviously individual MPs, but Party wise it's been Labour and Tory Leave and the small, ignored (apart from in Scotland) parties Remain. So the media coverage of it politically has been slanted toards Leave, with "shock! drama" if/when a Grieve or whoever manages to rustle up enough votes to win a (to most people) odd parliamentary vote and fdefeat May or Johnson. So even though Labour (sometimes) supported those backbencher votes, their own policy, er, remained "to Leave" (and it sort of still is - first thing they say they'll do is to negotiate a different deal to Leave). Meanwhile, Lib Dems are in some places standing where they'd be better off letting a genuine remainy Labour candidate challenge the Tory, and Labour are doing exactly the same where they have no hope, but a LD does. It's in neither of their interests, really, though I know why they do it.
  12. blandy

    Dean Smith

    Fair enough. I don't agree with it at all - I mean "some skill but not much passing ability....plays like a number 9....can't move ....absolutely destroys us.... out of position when we lose the ball.....never being available for a pass" is not remotely how I see it. Normally I'd take longer and write down a load of reasons why, but on this one our views are so different there's no point. AGree to disagree and move on, kind of thing.
  13. I had to look up what a zweibrütiger scheckenfalter is, as my German's not that good. Turns out it's a meadow fritillary butterly. I'd have got schmetterling, but anyway, here's a couple of other butterfly translations. "Oberthür's grizzled skipper" is "Zweibrütiger Würfel-Dickkopffalter" "Assmann's fritillary" is "Assmanns Scheckenfalter" "Glanville fritillary" is "Rostgelber Moorwiesen-Wegerich-Scheckenfalter" I'm listening to Death Row by Jesca Hoop, which mentions a Chrysalis, so sort of butterfly related
  14. blandy

    General Chat

    I didn’t choose it, Sid, my friend Pam did.
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