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  1. Er, I dunno if he’s being crap or not. I’m not hearing anything about what he is or isn’t doing. I’m not a Labour supporter or member, I abandoned Twitter a while back... Corbyn was, to me, utterly unfit to be Labour leader. Starmer is an improvement. He seems a bit staid, a bit clerical maybe. Smart too. Beyond that I don’t have much of a view on him yet. It’s hard to form one when he’s not getting coverage because of the pandemic.
  2. Exactly. In the actual real world, there is stuff going on which renders what an opposition politician says way down the newsworthy list. He could do as you suggest and call Johnson a crook, but I suspect the time for that sort of thing is not now, personally. A brief headline would ensue, then back to the virus, easing lockdown, vaccination, vaccine clotting, travel bans...
  3. At the risk of repeating myself, all the attention is on the Tory government and the easing of lockdown and vaccinations. No-one is taking any notice of Labour, or Starmer - they're not even getting any news coverage. For most people it's "Starmer - not heard anything about him or Labour for ages, but aren't the government doing well with ending lockdown and vaccinations". Until Labour gets some policies and some coverage, and/or the Government screws up the Virus again, it'll stay like that.
  4. I have a question on this line. If a student travels to another country, undertakes an academic course in that country, shouldn't part of the learning be not just the academic, primary content/subject, but also the [in this case English] cultural norms and lines of presentation and so on? If as a student I "just" want to learn about Chemistry [say] then I can do that in my home nation. If I go abroad to France/China/wherever] to learn about Chemistry, then part of my reason for doing so will be around the culture - not just Social culture, but also academic culture, surely? Here's w
  5. I think there's a lot in there that I agree with and a fair bit I don't. The Lib Dems would have gone with Labour had they been larger than the tories, and were even actively looking at going with them even though they were smaller than the tories, as we know from the time. Though I didn't like them supporting tories, from a non-partisan perspective, they managed to achieve stable government as coalition partners (and got royally rogered for doing so). The SNP - well, you're right, though they are currently governing with the Scottish Greens, which rather devalues your main point, I think
  6. There's a weird tendency sometimes for people to seem to be saying that if only different factions of the Labour Party could 'agree to get along', then somehow things would be different, as if really, deep down, Kier Starmer, Jeremy Corbyn and Jess Phillips and Yvette Cooper and Clive Lewis are all just different varieties of the same thing, “Labour MP” and they just need to stop being so silly and get on with aiming to be 'Labour' in government. But that’s so ludicrously silly isn’t it? and because it is then you’re right that it’s even more silly to think that parties could work togeth
  7. Indeed. The fundamental problem is that the majority of the nation is “not Tory”, but the largest single block is Tory. Then the first past the post system gives the Tory block disproportionate power. And disproportionate media influence. Then the Tories are able to manipulate things so they embed their philosophy into our lives. But we all know this.
  8. Sure. It was a response to the bit you said about how Wales was paying towards stuff, the reality being that England is effectively subsidising the other nations, overall. I suspect Wales would struggle to maintain spending levels if it goes it alone I mean good luck n’all, but I’m inclined to think it would have a similar impact to Brexit, in terms of finances. Talking maths, not politics.
  9. In terms of UK Government spending, England is the worst off, Wales, Norn Iron, Scotland all get more per capita than England, even allowing for the bias towards London Public spending by country and region - House of Commons Library (parliament.uk) So it's not all bad for Wales. It's hard to argue "we need it more" as well, when the less well off regions of England get far less.
  10. blandy


    Checkmate! Dennis Bell of Torquay Too late With your Nxe3 Good game sir Do you want another bout? Well Dennis ain’t replying ‘cos he just signed out Bad losers on Yahoo Chess Bad losers on Yahoo Chess Bad losers on Yahoo Chess Bad losers on Yahoo Chess
  11. blandy


    Strewth!. I remember working in a Hangar in the outback one January , sat under an aircraft with a volt-meter, monitoring something or other. It was like being in an upturned tin can and 48 degrees or so, and eventually I needed to cool down, so decided to go outside for some air. Walking out into the desert, it was like going from an conventional oven into a fan oven. There was a strong wind, as well as baking sun that instantly made it way hotter than inside. And there was the same kind of thing with the sky - it was kind of pinky-yellow, maybe from the dust. it stayed in the 40s for about 3
  12. I take your point, but disagree with it to an extent because the questions are not asked in isolation. Kind of like “considering the following party leaders....what is your opinion of them. If that of Johnson is high because of vaccines a level of favour will be lost from other leaders because of the good news prevalent around Johnson in these strange circumstances we find ourselves. You’re right that it’s not as either/or as the “who do you prefer” type of poll, but I don’t think you can dismiss the link during the pandemic. In normal times you mostly can, I concur. I don’t disagree that
  13. blandy


    Snowing in Lancashire too. V cold.
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