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  1. Yeah, sometimes. When. I do I just stop watching, listening, reading it. It works. Always.
  2. They do quite a bit of what you suggest already. Paid between 70 and 200 grand a year (depending if UEFA ref or not etc.) and £1500 per match. Regular days at St George's to do fitness, analysis, etc. etc. Refs, like defenders can't keep up with the quickest players, but they don't need to be able to sprint as fast as Traore, only to be capable of covering their (refs) diagonal runs over 120 minutes at a range of different paces and sprints. Of the group of "top" refs, there is bound to be some worse or better than others and the authorities need to support and help the poorer ones, and if th
  3. blandy

    U.S. Politics

    Me too. I didn't hear the podcast, but I wonder which debates the people saw, and when - I mean all previous debates, the outcome of that election(s) is now known, and the candidates known - so e.g. Trump v Clinton - when the people saw the debates did they already know Trump had won the election, and so that influenced their verdict on the debate? or were the experiments run every election going back 40 or 50 years at the actual time of the debates to create an accurate sample? DO the debtates tend to reflect the standing of the candidates - so for example one candidate will be desperate to o
  4. *This is a post I wrote 4 months ago, but didn't leave in a thread because it was off topic for that thread It was Finland. But they were not trialling UBI and get quite miffed when people say they were. So, their trial (it wasn't of UBI) finished a year and a half ago, but the results have now been analysed and the conclusions were interesting. https://julkaisut.valtioneuvosto.fi/handle/10024/162219 The permanent address of the publication is http://urn.fi/URN:ISBN:978-952-00-9890-2 So, the scheme was not strictly speaking a universal basic income trial beca
  5. I have a problem with the general definition of “the left” in particular. For example, take social attitudes. Currently there are numerous illiberal stances taken by people who would call themselves left wing and, come to think of it, there are stances taken by some on the right on the economy, say, which are not at all “let the market decide”. I think what I’m saying is there is more of a range, a wider range and that left and right is no use to describe a three dimensional situation. Society generally is less racist, less bigoted, more tolerant than say 40 years ago. Economically the Reaga
  6. I do. I think you could as validly say "Murdoch identifies who he thinks will win, and wanting influence with them, then gets onside. He doesn't decide, he boards their ship. Which isn't to say his "help" is of no impact. But it's ever diminishing and also in some instances (i.e. with many people) counter to the interests of those he supports.
  7. Yeah, they kind of piss me off, but also inspire an “I want one”. Sometimes I’d be cycling home into the teeth of a gale and someone would sail past me on an e bike, with no effort at all. I’d try and console myself it was doing me more good. But with a dodgy knee and general age related decrepitude I’ll no doubt need one before long. And they’re a really neat invention.
  8. It’s ok. Take no notice of what @tonyh29 says, being a cyclist is normal, commendable even. Electric bikes are the future, you’re a kind of pioneer. As for health issues, no shame and fitness will surely help recovery, so all good.
  9. Yep. It's a belter. More like Yoshimi and the Soft Bulletin - same producer.
  10. I like her programmes. The different style she has doesn't bother me at all. But on topic, Flaming Lips and Billy Nomates CDs just came through the door, from the record shop. 'Bout to put 'em on.
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