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  1. Definitely. The situation is worse than before the 2008 crash. The FTSE all share, the 250 and so on - they're all the same(ish) pattern. Fluctuating more as opening up news, antidote news and trade war stuff arises.
  2. Pedantry alert. That's not true. The Stock Market plummeted and has since risen slightly as businesses re-open etc. It may or may not be higher than warranted, but it really isn't "ramping up" in ways that are out of kilter with reality.
  3. Not specific to racism, or to VT, but generally I think this is observably true. It's like in taking a legitimate viewpoint, many people take an approach that casts anyone with a different viewpoint as "acting in bad faith" or having "bad morals" or being prejudiced. Some may be exactly that, but everyone is treated, immediately, as that, without first hearing their viewpoint. It is immediately cast into the "bad faith, bad person" bin. It means there's no dialogue, no discussion, no understanding of different perspectives, just shouting at each other.
  4. blandy

    Dean Smith

    TRO, you'll know I said this about Bruce, who I didn't think would get us to where we wanted to be (promoted). The thing with your comment there is that it's right, but then people keep wanting to cut the short term, er, short. So back to the argument I made about Bruce. I didn't think he'd get us up, I didn't rate him as a manager, BUT I kept saying (despite my personal view on him) he has to be given time - he has to have the chance to do his job in that Fulham play-off season. First season (not quite a full one) he improved the weaknesses we had but finished mid-table. Get rid? No. Give him the chance to do his work. Second season - play-offs, and again "Give him the chance". His last season, into his third year, that's when you start looking around if things aren't going the way they should be. Now Dean Smith - came in, made an immediate, massive improvement, then there was a slump, then a great run and promotion. Clearly he's got something good going for him. Then we lost a large part of the squad and had to rebuild, in a rush, while finding ourselves in a much harder division. We started promisingly, but with clear weaknesses. We've since lost the spine of the side - 'Keeper, McGinn and Wesley. So again, quickly bring in more unfamiliar faces, then all of a sudden these new people, not used to England, not used to their life here are put into isolation. It's a quite extraordinary set of circumstances to deal with. And it's only Villa has had to cope with all of that. No one else got promoted through the play-offs, not knowing if they'd be in the Prem, or lost so many players...And all with new owners also unfamiliar to the league and country. Dean Smith is not the problem here. He might not be the solution to where we want to get to, or he might. Like you say get the short term right. That means giving him a decent chance to sort things out. It's a team thing - it's not just the manager or the coaches - it's recruiting staff, scouts, owners, all of them. He's not had a full season at the club either in the EFL or the Prem, and people are wanting rid. Each to their own, but that's complete short termism at its very worst IMO. No chance of a medium or long term if you don't give the short term a chance. You're right there.
  5. If I may say so, you’ve completely missed the point I was making. It was nothing to do with what I want, and everything to do with what BLM “leaders” said they want and the impact it has when a protest group ventures away from the original unifying message off into extremist overtly political territory. But I’ll answer your question anyway. I’d like it to be so that people are not discriminated against, or for, because of their skin colour or race. I want people to treat others as they themselves would wish to be treated. And that’s not how it is right now in far too many cases and aspects of life.
  6. blandy

    U.S. Politics

    The bit I agree with is a deaths chart is maybe more reliable/ accurate in telling the story. Though they lag the reality. The rest no. Deaths follow infections by about 3 weeks in terms of chart shape. They do not tell an opposite story. Neither deaths nor infection charts are political. They are numbers of medical records of deaths and positive infections.
  7. This is true. I'd say that any movement to force change that goes down the route of "smash the system" is pretty much doomed to failure. A movement that has a particular aim and manages to put that across well has a good chance - so "BLM" as a clear message for equality is a terrific starting point. Given that it was (and still largely) is a disparate, but massively widespread groundswell opinion and shout for change, where a small group of people kind of ride on the back of that sentiment and start imposing their particular "smash the system" solution, they're potentially undermining the original cause, even if they don't mean or want to. If a critical mass of supporters do not support its aims, once they get to specifics, then it's doomed. So on the specifics by trying to read-across US solutions (in their view) they make a big mistake. For example "Defund the Police" is not (and is obviously not) a practical solution for the UK. The two systems are massively different. The US tools up their Police with practically military grade equipment and weaponry, exotically funding large parts of that at state level . The UK has a largely unarmed, more centrally (under) funded system. So the situations are necessarily completely different. Or in short it's no good having ideas for change that will be rejected. When the majority start on your side, it's really important not to lose them with mis-steps on solutions. I don't expect anyone expects BLM to have all the answers. They don't need to. There's millions out there (here) who can influence and lead and push genuine change. Use that, don't propose "radical" left (or right) wing off the shelf policies from the song books. It doesn't work. It loses people. Always.
  8. I think it misses the reason for the shift, personally. It's easy and clearly "just" for people to support racial equality. it's a simple message and a justified cause. The "political" BLM movement, as opposed to the groundswell of people protesting against injustice, is different. It has talked in confusing and contradictory terms about defund the police, smash capitalism etc. That's rather more "niche" - some will agree, others disagree. I mean suppose (unlikely as it seems) a right wing political "BLM" movement was tweeting out the same mix of desire for people to be treated fairly, but also tweeting about "smashing socialist waste" or "more funding for the police to arrest troublemakers" or whatever - I know it's a daft analogy, but the point is once a campaign gets mired in a particular political take as well as the core "value" of equality of treatment for Black and minority people it will automatically lose a chunk of society.
  9. To add to that, my perception is the same, but there's a couple of other things. There's been a limited amount Scotland has the power to do differently, hence the similar outcomes. They've also made some of the same mistakes. They had no power to close their borders earlier, for example. They're reliant on the same SAGE data, particularly early on. It seems a bit like they've basically done more or less the same as England, just a few days later, to look like they're being "Independent", but that's about the size of it. They're reliant on the same Furloughing and all the rest and that's controlled by Westminster. I wonder what would have happened if Sturgeon had been in control of the UK response. It would probably have been done much better, but a lot of the problems ultimately result from UK wide policy over decades.
  10. blandy


    I'm not a photog expert, far from it, but the last one seems to have the best focus, as well as being a beautiful scene. The other three have (for my preference) a focus that is either not where I'd want it, or slightly less clear than I'd like it. Number 1 has a blurred near field, number 2 isn't as sharp on the single flower and number 3 same as the first one. I'd have took worse ones, I'm not having a dig, but the last one - excellent.
  11. Well, it was Dogfish* *it wasn't Dogfish.
  12. I found it at the end of this A gift from the Gods themselves. They approve, clearly .
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