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  1. The tories rightly took northern rail’s contract off them for being utterly awful, regardless of coronofungus.
  2. I think as you say not many people watch or listen to it and get influenced, but what it does demonstrate is an ability to think quickly, to understand what the other is saying, and to respond to that position or claim with accuracy. The worst part of the PMQ thing is/was the sloganeering and saying stuff for a Youtube edit to send round to fans - "look here's the leader raising such and such an issue". I know the whole PMQ thing has waned as a consequence of May and Corbyn being essentially useless at it, and then Johnson barely bothering at all with it, but if Starmer can "be forensic" at the dispatch box, then media can pick up on it and it the points made can get a wider audience that will make a difference. Corbyn was mostly dreadful at it, slow witted, obstinately sticking to pre-prepared lines, rather than reacting to what May/Johnson said. We were talking about dim politicians earlier, and Corbyn is dim. Starmer isn't. It matters. Competence matters hugely - it's my number one requirement, really, in a politician - equal alongside honesty (yeah, I know) and the ability to actually listen.
  3. Yeah. She shouldn't get the abuse she does (nor should anyone). There is a difference though. Taking the mickey out of her maths, or criticising some of her more brain dead and tone deaf statements is IMO completely fine. Same as for any politician. The abuse she gets though, racist, sexist, death threats and all the rest is abhorrent (obviously it's not permitted on here). As Mike says, she's educated and has made her way up through the system, which isn't exactly pre-disposed towards Black women and certainly wasn't 30 odd years ago when she did it, so she must have an awful lot going for her. She hides it well, mind. She does come across very badly in interviews and the like. She often comes across as badly when she's speaking from notes, too. It's weird how someone can apparently be so well educated and with a background in politics can be so much of a liability when speaking. I suppose there are others with the same problem - the likes of IDS, Burgeon and others also come across incredibly badly and say stupid stuff and appear to be thick as 2 short planks, when surely they can't be and still have reached where they have?
  4. This a million times. They say travel broadens horizons, and they're dead right. The more you travel, or move, the more you realise people are all the same everywhere. And it's people who really make nations. Sure there's landscapes and traditions and such like, and they're great. And it's lovely to arrive home, wherever that is, and feel that connections to "your" place, but new places and new people are fine too. Just as fine.
  5. I dunno. I hope not. I mean the tens or hundreds even, of thousands of just normal people who wanted and want things to change for the fairer can be a force for good to Labour. Some of their leaders were knobbers and some of the members were knobbers, but mostly just normal people sick of the tories and wanting better. I think Corbyn's Brexity shenanigans will have disabused a lot of them of their notions that he was some kind of kindly, benign, messiah. If Labour can recapture a connection with the lives and needs of people and steer away from "niche", clique, obsessions about Israel, Venezuela, ignoring Russian malice and the likes of that, and focus on British people's needs primarily, then that would be good. That doesn't mean wrongs by Israeli Government or the US should be ignored, but they need to concentrate on making our lives and our society better.
  6. it's all much the same from up there.
  7. Yes, it’s a beaut. I absolutely love that album and feel the need to put it on immediately
  8. I started with the "Hats" album cover, then an Owl, then a different Owl, then a Wolf, then a month of me at Wembley, then this one of me at the cricket. 5 changes in 17 years - like some sort of Flibbertigibbet
  9. I'm an engineer, not a banker, but didn't the LibDem/Tory lot set up a lib dem idea - a Green investment bank? I think the tory part of the coalition sort of strangled it, but it seems the principle is definitely do-able in practice. Or they could do Government direct loans or bonds or whatever. They had no problem helping the banks 12 years ago, after all, when they were hit.
  10. In terms of the season and what happens, the fairest way is to finish it, whenever. Whether that's June or December, or next year - whenever it's safe to start playing to crowds again. That's the fairest, but there are completes that might mean that's not possible. Will UEFA wait till every nation is clear before starting Euro comps for next season? If not then who goes in the Euro Telly Leagues from England? What will happen to the start and finish dates of the following season, and how will that fit with other comps - England, Euros, World Cup whatever. I guess no-one knows, and no-one wants to be the one to jump first. Voiding the season is unfair on teams who've played fewer games (in all the leagues, not just the Premier) and it's not fair on the teams in promotion places, Winning places - Liverpool etc. or Euro place challengers. The integrity of the league(s) means they have to complete. The workaround of "voting" Liverpool champions seems fair. Ditto perhaps promotion, but no relegations for teams not already down might be workable, but 5 out of 22 going down the following season, that's tough. A quarter of the teams in the league (nearly) all going down that season. If Villa was mid table, I'd be unbothered whatever was picked. If the season is ended with us having played fewer games, and then being relegated because it's declared as final placing as per now - that would be just wrong. And no doubt the relegated clubs would go lawyer mad. Virus's don't care about sport, I know, but the outcome has to be aligned to integrity and sporting fairness. Dunno.
  11. I get that, but surely the clubs are losing out, too. I mean their revenue has vanished - both gate receipts, Merch, pies, programmes, and a huge wedge of TV money - they get how much per game shown on the telly, and then more if more than 10 games are shown and so on. The hit is all round. No one gains at all.
  12. I have to report that it's an absolute belter, too.
  13. Could probably do with getting some music in there, somewhere?
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