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  1. UKIP and their non-racist well informed supporters

    Now the brexit bit is in hand they can go back to the racism. I don't think they ever really wanted to let it go, so it'll give them something to keep them occupied.
  2. Things You Don't "Get"

    Woah! A double convert My work on this planet is over. Laters earthlings
  3. Things You Don't "Get"

    I knew someone would bring up the fish with chips and gravy issue. You didn't let me down
  4. Things You Don't "Get"

    This board is going to the dogs. People are falling out with each other all over the place, and understandably so with heresy like this openly espoused.
  5. Things You Don't "Get"

    What? Is it? I've never heard of this. It's not like that round these here parts.
  6. London attack March 2017

    Don't you think it's a concern that people who self identify as "normal" (not extreme) regular devout Sunni Muslims believe almost to a man (and it was pretty much all men, but that's another matter) who live in the West believe the most appropriate penalty for adultery and Homosexuality is stoning to death? It suggests that they have not integrated into society in terms of taking on the Law of the country in which they live, that they consider ancient punishments more appropriate than modern law, for "crimes" which are not even "crimes" in the country in which they live. I don't know the nature of that convention, but those people attending, probably good people at heart and in everyday deed holding such monumentally primitive views on sexuality and marriage is a problem for both them and the other inhabitants of that country.
  7. I can tell if someone's fit or not.....oh.
  8. London attack March 2017

    I think the point that was made (not particularly well) is that for people who live and work in areas where there is more of a mix of different peoples, then the general attitude in those areas to immigrants and immigration and so on is a lot more tolerant and supportiv, because people there actually experience interacting with Muslims / Jews / Chinese / African.....heritage folk. And it's fine and good. So I think the point is that for people who don't live or work in those areas, there's maybe something to take form that, that their counterparts who do get the chance kind of report that it's mostly all fine and nothing to be feared. Everyone's entitled to their views, but generally more the information people have, the better informed and balanced their judgements and views are. That said, you're right that there is a problem with aspects of Islamicism. Across the world there are maybe getting on for a million Islamicalists who think that burning people with acid, chopping off heads, killing unbelievers, mowing down people with cars, random murder and establishing an Islamic state, adhering to a warped intepretation of the Quran and all the rest of it is somehow "God's will". I mean that's just mental. And they've got supporters in Qatar, Saudi, Iraq and elsewhere. In the UK there are apparently 3000 people on MI5's list of nutjobs, or suspected nutjobs, and a fair percentage of those will be Muslim nutters. 60 million people live here, mind. so around 1 in 20,000 people are thought to present a potential risk of one sort or another - whether Irish/Animal Rights/Islamic/Russian/Fracking/....
  9. London attack March 2017

    There was something I saw on the Twitter today along the lines of "every time you see an atrocity, you always see people helping too. Always" so as much as when bad gets done it flushes out the ignorant, the scared and the opportunist, it's important (to me at least) to remember that it also exposes the brave, the kind, wise and the gentle.
  10. General Chat

    A Genetically Modified Cow?
  11. London attack March 2017

    Good post, though MPs are spied on too. Plus recent events showing the Met Police illegally hacking politicians e mails etc.
  12. There doesn't seem to be a single view for those people, does there? I mean some are very much, "I think this is a terrible move, but my constituents voted for it, so I will go with their will" others are more like "I think this is a terrible move, but my prospects in the party will be ruined if I do what I think is actually right and vote against, so I'll vote for" others are more like "I think this is a terrible move, but my prospects for holding this seat will be ruined if I do what I think is actually right and vote against, so I'll vote for" others are more like "I think this is a terrible move, but though my constituents against it, the country overall was for, so I'll vote for A50" I think that having implied that they would do whatever the advisory referendum result advised, that going ahead with leaving was kind of a moral duty in that regard. And that going back on that would have been bad for trust and so on, overall. I understand and accept the desire to trigger A50. Timing, no, not at all, really. Yes get on with doing what needs doing, but do it right, not do it to an arbitrary timetable for Conservative party reasons. I guess my view (which probably varies a bit) is based around utter distrust of the tories, their ability to even see what's right for the country as a whole and their competence in being able to actually meet expectations or claims. I just despair at Labour's ineptitude and inability to actually effectively oppose the Government. I think leaving the EU could be not too bad, having pros and cons. I fear that from what I'm seeing, the tories, assisted by an inept opposition, will monumentally **** it up. I fear Theresa May is basically an empty vessel, with nothing but a few lines from soulless Thatcher tribute act script to recite, a gormless ambition, and a narrow minded middle England mentality. Does that answer the question
  13. PM: 'Dear Public, would you like to advise us what you think on leave or remain within the EU? BTW We'll look at what the outcome is, and if there's a strong result either way, then that'll drive us towards making a decision. Obviously there's not much information available about what will be the consequences, so if "Leave" is a clear reply, then we'd have been smarter to get more details and let you and parliament confirm your view before we act definitely to leave. Public: 'Hmm. As you've asked we'd actually like to leave, please.' PM: 'Oh. Bugger. Terribly sorry everyone but we lied about giving you the information you should have had, we lied about reaching accord with Wales and NI ans Scotland, we're just gonna leap into the dark and say we've got a mandate for a hard Brexit. We don't care if that's okay with you guys. The Sun and The Mail llike it and we'll all have done a runner by the time the shit hits the fan.
  14. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Me too. I like Vinyl too, but the best sound (I have a pretty decent CD player and Amp) is definitely (to my ears) from the CDs. I listen, on the move, on trains or in the car etc. to songs on my telephone MP3s, but for a proper sit donw and listen at home, CDs win. Vinyl wins for some stuff, where it's not particularly "detailed" music and the warmer sound suits it.
  15. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    @Jon Mike's wheels