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  1. That’s one explanation. Another would be more benign. Knowing who wants to go to games, but can’t unless a friend/fambly member lends them their sticket. They can see if these people are on the waiting list, are they members, can the club market opportunities to go to games to them, can they sell them stuff… So that might be another reason?
  2. Gotcha. In my defence I can’t see the chart on the computer I typed my comments on, as Twitter graphics is blocked. Now I can see it on my iPad I see what you mean. Sorry. edit - here's what I see on the PC - you can see that "left to right" isn't there in terms of physical position, so I took it as political left to right.
  3. I think it’s the case that Newcastle has the biggest catchment area and population in the Uk, when you kind of draw a circle around the stadium and up to where it meets the the next league club(s) circle. They have a huge population and area all to themselves, with no other club to compete for fans. It’s one of the reasons for their excellent support. Tyneside alone has around 820,000 people living there and then there’s Northumberland and so on, on top of that…
  4. Fair, but it's the Clapton version that entered my lughole.
  5. Well that's the point, isn't it? Some people said some nasty things about other people in private messages. Yep, seems so. Corbyn's appointed lawyer says the quotes used in the report were selectively presented, obtained improperly and used misleadingly. So you're right ,we can't see what could be skewed or misleading about the incomplete picture we're presented with because the report is by the lawyer's assessment misleading and selective. Clearly there's been an ongoing, particularly bitter and acrid squabble and fight between different parts of Labour for the past 6 years or so and people have said and probably done nasty things and most likely it's not confined to any one wing. That's the problem. bitter internal struggles, slaggings off, undermining, leaking and counter leaking.... meanwhile, tories keep on torying "never mind them tories, Corbyn/Abbott/Starmer/delete as applicable is the real bastard here. Booo.".
  6. You've got me trying to remove a Clapton earworm with a Dillinger one.
  7. Starmer isn't "my man". I think he's a better leader than Corbyn, but he's no genius. I also think he's broadly on the right lines in trying to make Labour more electableand professional and competent looking, but I can't claim it's going particularly well. My point as it related to your comment was just using your terminology as a starting point for my comment about the "left to right line" being used as a gauge, when all the surveys etc. tend to show a more 3 D representation - that "left" isn't a unitary place, and nor is "right" On the Greens - yes, i agree with your comment, and that would be one of the advantages of not just referring to everything as this over-simple left v right sliding scale that they use. And on the comment you make about the parties ... presented in a descending order of popularity, from left to right - again, from my perspective, left to right isn't the right measure - I mean yes, the Tory's anti-immigration stuff is very "typical right wing", but intervening to support steel and CO2 and etc. industries is pretty "typical left wing". The scale doesn't work and can't reflect that. The Tories know this ambiguity helps them, but I'm not sure some of Labour's internal and external critics quite get that. They're having the Tories do (what seem to the general population) as "quite Laboury" things, while at the same time doing things that are the bits of Toryism that they also like "be mean to the forins and wave a flag". But if Starmer (or whoever) does a flag thing, then half of Labour goes all #STARMER OUT. Labour has to find a way to show people that 1. It's not the forins/EU who made things bad. 2. The tories dun it. They broke everything. 3. And here's the credible alternative way things could be. But Labour daren't mention Brexit, and as yet hasn't started on number 3. As for point 2, it seems the population still credits the Tories with vaccine success and the EU being nasty.
  8. That's an odd way to phrase it. Particularly the use of the term "whistleblowers". Whoever leaked it (and it's believed to be Corbyn's close chums), leaked a report that Corbyn's own lawyer assessed and warned That's not whistleblowing, more like trying to pre-emptively skew the story. And as a direct consequence of that particular leaking, the people whose mails and whatsapps were referenced and named in the report are suing/sued Labour for that "deliberate misleading" and consequent reputational damage.. And now the infighting and general sh*tshow gets worse and more bitter as more stuff is leaked and counter-leaked.
  9. They're not, and haven't been for decades. it's not a line, it's a multi axis spectrum, even in its simplest representation. I know your comment is a throw away line, but (not relating to you) I find it kind of infuriating that there's a whole bunch of anti Starmer/Labour comment based around treating it only as a line and that Labour/Starmer is too right wing. It's utter bollex, IMO. Starmer is more progressive and less radical than yer man Catweazle, and if people want to criticise him or Labour for that, then fine, if that's their view. But the game the tories are playing is to move economically left onto Labour ground, albeit in an illiterate fashion, and to jump around between authoritarianism and libertarianism socially, in part because they've got a throbber wing which appears to be anti mask and a throbber wing which appears to be anti the foriners. Labour is trying to get its house in order for the day when the tory's mess hits home with people, but that day never seems to come. So we're left with angry Corbynites raging at Starmer for being too right wing and no one raging at the tories for being ginormous cunderthunts.
  10. There's definitely an element of that, for sure. Oddly, the Tories as a party don't like it, but seem to be swallowing it, neverthless - presumably because of Opinion Poll ratings. Tories, traditionally low tax, low state involvement in industries, free market & market-forces cheerleaders are currently doing the opposite of those "principles". But they're also doing something that's very not Corbyn. The stuff around immigration and asylum for example. And they're inventing the opposite of stuff Corbynism was invested in - culture wars from the other side, so to speak. Unfortunately the immigration stuff, for example seems to be popular with a lot of people. At some point, and I admit I thought it would have already happened, the tide will turn. I mean empty shelves, energy suppliers going bust, troubling Covid stats, the NHS in a shambles, inability to see GPs, inflation, petrol shortages and all the rest of it will filter through into Polling, and then the tories will start to panic. At the moment they're kind of sailing along, surely scarcely able to believe their luck that the oppo is a shambles and they're not well behind in the polls.
  11. It's how I say it. It's the same sound to me Quarter/Courter. I don't think I've noticed anyone saying it different to that. Am I going mad?
  12. blandy

    Dean Smith

    This is not a Man Utd thread. Stay on topic please
  13. blandy

    Dean Smith

    Consistent results largely come from having better players than the opponents (or worse players than the opponents). Until or unless that is the case at Villa, results will continue to be a bit inconsistent. Manchester City and Liverpool are consistent because they are able to put out stronger sides than all their opponents. Norwich are consistent because they have worse players than the vast majority of their opponents. The notion you seem to have that our manager is let down by some kind of inherent flaw which leads to Villa results being “inconsistent” is, in my opinion, a load of nonsense.
  14. I think the first 4 were pretty good and the last one I bought was probably about 10 years ago, but since then....
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