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  1. I have to say that I’m overwhelmingly underwhelmed.
  2. The other difference on here is you count the angry posts on one hand. Like it says on the tin, we're laughing at them and if a bloser ever reads any of this (and there are some big words to contend with, so maybe not) we are laughing at you. And the reason we are laughing at you is because you are funny, very funny and hilarious. Oh yes and stupid. A visit to several rest areas at work today confirmed the above. A bunch of bellends and proud of it. Stop worrying about the Vile, Greasy et al and get a life.
  3. That was a proper tea-splutterer
  4. turnbull

    Form and Stats

    The last time we won 8 on the bounce. Remember a few of these games.
  5. He used to turn up at the Drakes Drum in Great Barr most Thursday nights as I recall. V popular with the ladies.
  6. He did yes. as did Mark Walters, not so much from home fans though. I go back as far as Freddy Mwila and Emment Kepengwe in the early 70s. I used to go with my Dad to the reserve games back then when both of them were playing and I don't recall anything happening , that doesn't mean it didn't of course. They were tough times for Black players.
  7. It's a good job we never had social media in the late 70s. Fans would have certainly known the best place to buy bananas on the way to the Hawthorns in 78. Hugh Johns commenting that fans were throwing "missiles" onto the pitch, would have been giffed and shared to death. The best thing to do with a "Baggies Against Racism" leaflet would have been a Twitter debate too, no doubt. Yes it was that bad. anyone there would confirm that. What Big Cyrille et al went through was horrific. It's a shame we're still having the discussion TBH. "
  8. Thought Whelan was immense yesterday, he's key to our way of playing at the moment. Successful Villa teams of the past always featured his kind of player, hopefully this team will follow the trend. Decent first half, should have been home and hosed by 1/2 T though. Glad we saw it through. Defence looks better now, really hope we can keep Mingsy, never seen a CB with skills like that! Have to admit that Hausey looks a better played than I thought he was.
  9. Took a straw poll of the blosers at work Q. What upsets you most? The EFL taking 9 points off you or Villa taking 6? A. **** off (everytime)
  10. So it's the "We Hate Villa More Than You" cup final next Friday then.
  11. Dortmund are doing rather well, aren't they! Favre is doing a cracking job.
  12. The reason so many Villa fans live outside Brum is that they're sick of Blues fans burgling their houses, stealing their cars and mugging their kids.
  13. turnbull

    John Terry

    What's heartwarming for me is that someone of John Terry's stature thinks so much of this football club.

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