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  1. You wouldn’t want Blose to take your dog for a walk. Etc etc
  2. You wouldn’t trust Blose to take your dog for a walk etc etc
  3. Someone with a sense of humour warmed a couple of balls up in the cup draw then.
  4. Fingers well and truly crossed! The bellend that made that Villa coffin a few years back may be working overtime in a few months!
  5. Bin dippers are bin dippers how ever old they are. Job done.
  6. Congratulations to West Bromwich Oilbion for retaining the We Hate Villa More Than You trophy.
  7. Mingsy!! Get in, my son!! Good job I remembered the comma, could have been awkward
  8. If I wasn't such a big hard, 70s style centre half, I'd probably cry!
  9. Well the day that every bloser has been waiting for has finally arrived. I’ll bet the Sports Directs in south Brum have sold out of Spurs shirts (with CANE on the back)
  10. I notice that Birmingham born Southend player Theo Robinson was racially abused at the sty on Saturday. Nice
  11. As a Wasps and a Villa supporter, I had a modicum of sympathy for Cov’s plight, but recently this has disappeared given what some of their Neanderthal fans have been posting on various forums. This is a match made in twisted heaven, two bunches of utter bell ends playing at the same sh!t hole.
  12. Good game and a fantastic win for BVB
  13. Probably get you arrested
  14. Signing Berahino? Another match made in heaven. Is Lee Hughes available?
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