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  1. So it's the "We Hate Villa More Than You" cup final next Friday then.
  2. Dortmund are doing rather well, aren't they! Favre is doing a cracking job.
  3. The reason so many Villa fans live outside Brum is that they're sick of Blues fans burgling their houses, stealing their cars and mugging their kids.
  4. turnbull

    John Terry

    What's heartwarming for me is that someone of John Terry's stature thinks so much of this football club.
  5. For any young lads watching, that is how you volley a football against a bag of sh!t team.
  6. Poor Blues (literally), can't buy a goal at the moment (also literally) ?
  7. At least he knows where the Sty net is, which is a bonus for them. Unfortunately
  8. Transfer news David Villa has joined Villa Antonio Valencia has signed for Valencia Nile Ranger is joining Rangers Danny Shittu has signed for Blose.
  9. "We are hopeful that a satisfactory agreement can be reached with the EFL as soon as possible to help ensure our continued competitiveness in the Championship." This did make me laugh rather a lot.
  10. 1970s style, a white aran cardigan with a matching chicken.
  11. The news hasn't been well received in Small Heath
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