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  1. Mingsy!! Get in, my son!! Good job I remembered the comma, could have been awkward
  2. If I wasn't such a big hard, 70s style centre half, I'd probably cry!
  3. Well the day that every bloser has been waiting for has finally arrived. I’ll bet the Sports Directs in south Brum have sold out of Spurs shirts (with CANE on the back)
  4. I notice that Birmingham born Southend player Theo Robinson was racially abused at the sty on Saturday. Nice
  5. As a Wasps and a Villa supporter, I had a modicum of sympathy for Cov’s plight, but recently this has disappeared given what some of their Neanderthal fans have been posting on various forums. This is a match made in twisted heaven, two bunches of utter bell ends playing at the same sh!t hole.
  6. Good game and a fantastic win for BVB
  7. Probably get you arrested
  8. Signing Berahino? Another match made in heaven. Is Lee Hughes available?
  9. They’re quiet at the moment, they’re just excited for the Spurs game.
  10. £1.2m is what Cov were paying the council when they owned ACL the company that operates the Ricoh. After Wasps acquired ACL, the rent dropped to £100,000. Bit of a bargain really and SISU still couldn't just accept the £1.1m bonus and get on with it.
  11. I know that guy, it’s a few years since we had a fallout on another sports forum, which he still runs. Knew he was a bloser but had no clue at the time that he was as sad and obsessed as that. Bellend.
  12. As a Wasps fan, I've been watching this whole sorry saga unfold for a few years now. I don't know who's worse, SISU or their sad deluded apologists, such as Les Reid of the Cov Observer. How the EFL have let these leeches carry on wreaking havoc at CCFC I don't know. They're poisonous in the extreme. All they had to do was finally put up and shut up, but even that was too much for them. So they are now in bed with our neigbours!. Lovely. TBF, the majority of Cov fans seem to be on Wasps and CCC 's side in this, but there are a few who are totally against them and pro SISU and they're the ones that seem most vocal. Judging by posts on social media and Sky Blues fans forums, they'll be lucky to match Blues' reserves attendances let alone the first team.
  13. Fair play to Dean for not embracing what being involved with Blose really means I recall a bloser workmate telling me that Dean was one of three players signed behind Redkapp’s back. They walked into Waste Tip Hills and he asked them who they were. The club had signed them up and not told him a thing. That’s the way to do it!

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