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  1. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    I hear they delayed the kick off so the car park attendant wouldn't miss it.
  2. What do you drive?

    At least peeps would know I had one! I know what you mean though, they should have a quiet start on the them, as should the RRS-SVR
  3. What do you drive?

    F Type SVR would do for me.
  4. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    A start like that could lull them into a false sense of security and then................
  5. What do you drive?

    Those pics are a few years old now. I've not seen any newer ones, but I've spoken to people who have and the replacement won't look anything like that.
  6. What do you drive?

    The thing with L319 Disco was that it was far heavier than it really should have been, as it was basically a monocoque body on a steel chassis which was overkill in the extreme really. The chassis was originally developed for the Defender replacement, which was shelved (I think by Ford, penny pinching as usual) and they had to something with it, so they plonked the Disco on it, shimples. I think by accident they had a very capable car, although in the Range Rover Sport's case. sport was pushing it a bit far! I think when the model year changes kick in, they'll do something about the hideous tailgate, well I hope they do. I've seen a few Evoque cabrios around the site, mainly driven by small bald men, which may or may not be the target buyer!
  7. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    The phrase "Ravel Morrison on trial" normally means something else not football related. It's a match made in 'eaven.
  8. What do you drive?

    I borrowed a brand new Discovery over the weekend and I have to say I was pretty impressed with it, well the way it drove and with the interior and the whistles a bells, but not so much with its looks. The way the seating works is pretty clever and the touch screen is impressive too, performance from the 3.0 TDV6 is brisk to say the least and you can tell the car is plenty lighter than the previous model, even though it feels bloody huge! One thing I'm not keen on is the styling, mainly the rear end with the weird offset number plate. I can see the point, but the execution doesn't work IMO. In fact, I don't know anyone at work who likes it and we see hundreds of the things. It's a great car, probably the cleverest car we've produced yet, but if they were giving cars like these away, I'd choose an XC90, simply to make opening the curtains in the morning a pleasure.
  9. John Terry

    This reminds of sitting in the North Stand looking down at Peter Schmeichel in a Villa shirt and thinking, "WTF"
  10. Football Kits 2017/8

    Not a football kit, but Italy's new rugby shirt is pretty neat n tidy
  11. John Terry

    The 3 corners of the football universe, right there!
  12. John Terry

    A 100,000 what? Trophies? Their owners have a trillion of them by all accounts.
  13. John Terry

    No WAG will be safe.
  14. General Election 2017

    Cue more anti Corbyn posts on FB from dumbass Tory voters trying to deflect the flack. Theresa May must be one of the most stupid PMs this country has ever had, in fact DC wasn't exactly Brain of Britain either.