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  • Posts

    • Tunisia, Egypt, Libya... Arab Countries in Revolt
      Please correct me if I've got this wrong, but from the outside Israel appears to be further to the right politically than at any time I can remember (level of influence by Ultra Orthodox factions, the settler movement and Netanyahu himself), with a US Republican Party frothing to support just about anything you may wish to do. IF Syria fell and Hezbollah were isolated in Southern Lebanon, I simply can't imagine Israel not taking the opportunity to try and take them off the threat board once and for all - with the US watching your political back. It would certainly be a costly business, but on balance not a surprising move.     As for the focus of IS, Al Nusra et al, taking Al Quds is a major goal as you well know. They won't need any encouragement to try and push on the Golan (however unsuccessfully) if given freedom of maneuver in Syria, regardless of Israel's action or inaction in Lebanon.     
    • Just Cause 3
      Was gonna wait, but I'm very tempted to get it
    • The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread
      Hearn is the master of gaining interest in casual boxing fans by padding his boxers records with bums (Brook and Joshua). I think Wilder has the best chance of bating Fury imo
    • Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe
      Indeed but a little irrelevant to the discussion, don't you think?   Raqqa, Mosul, Ramadi, Fallujah... Not really holiday destinations at the moment, but substantially more than "tents, caravans and wooden shacks" in a desert. Situational awareness lacking...         I thought was a ridiculous idea too so was relieved when the Chancellor announced there would be no Police or Security Service or Armed Forces cuts. You must have missed that.     No budget I'm afraid, but disagreeing with your err, analysis, doesn't make someone a troll.   
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      Championship will be a disaster, any one who tells you any different has simply been brainwashed. The most uncompetitive team I've seen in one of most competitive leagues going,spells out only one thing, disaster. Anyone remember the blues game where we only just beat them? And they cut right through us about 3-4 times? We could easily do a wolves and slip again. expect more of the same next season, Stuttering along on the pitch, more cost cutting by the poison board. And the Joker Fox popping up with his rally cries and false narratives every few months. Oh.. and let's not forget our ever so loyal fans scrambling for tickets for away games because are penny punching board have only decided to take the smallest allocation possible in fear they'll lose a few thousand if we don't sell all the tickets.  Its going to be like that until the disease that run our great club clear off. I hate them for what they've done to my club. It's simply unforgivable
    • Relegation Thread Version...99?!
      The championship is a really hard league to win consistently in, especially for a club that needs the top to bottom overhaul that we do. Relegation is a disaster, but will almost be a relief after the last 4 seasons. It's been absolutely miserable 95% of the time. It's sickening to see the likes of Leicester, Palace and West Ham doing so well while our club has been systematically run into the ground.
    • The Rémi Garde thread
      I didn't say he was man of the match, I said he probably was based on a substitute appearance. Personally, Ayew shaded it for me. But seeing as the MoM thread has him in third place in the votes it's clearly not a ridiculous statement anyway. I really don't get this superiority you imply in your posts, not just with me but others as well. You post constantly where as I read way more than I post but don't feel the need to jump on every statement that doesn't follow my way of thinking as you seem to. I have yet to see you just agree to disagree in several threads. I actually agree with you in Westwood and Guzqn thread for example but you can't simply leave alone those that don't.  Today both the performance and the result was pathetic. That is my view and the view of lots of people who I sit next to at every home game. Today Traore was one of the better players on the pitch despite being a relatively late substitute. What part of those two statements is so ridiculous for you to imply some superior grasp of the game as to why I, and by extension others, are overreacting? Very different to say I don't agree because... that's fair enough. But you just reply with almost a "wrong" with some pompous superior authority. The level of delusion on these boards sometimes astonishes me. I can forgive those who didn't see this coming when the transfer window closed based on hope, superior knowledge of the french league or whatever other reason but to be at the end of November with 5pts from 14 games and still thinking the posters like me are overreacting is bordering on lunacy. If you've got an argument that is different to someone else's great, that's why we're here. But explain your view or don't comment at all and recognise some views will be different. Don't be so arrogant as to think you hold such superiority that simply stating "you're wrong/ overreacting" is enough.. Sorry for the PoP element to this reply, but I always explain my views and recognise that they will sometimes differ from others. But I never would be arrogant enough to just belittle someone by mocking them for their view by simply saying they were wrong.
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    1. S-Platt
      (41 years old)
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      (30 years old)