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  1. I think other night was a bad day at the office for him as well as a few others. He’s had a great season and very much improved. Personally though, I don’t think he is good enough for England. At a push there might be a case if Grealish is playing on the left, then that partnership is very familiar with each other and there are advantages to that. I’d love him to prove me wrong though.
  2. I’m coming to the end of my PCP, I was always with the intention of trading in but it’s come at the time of having just moved into a new house. So have been a bit wary of trying to take out new finance having just got a mortgage and a couple of other hard searches on my credit report, plus working out how much we have to spend on a new car once our bills settle down. So have managed to get a 0% on purchase deal on my current credit card, so will make the final payment on that. That will give us a bit of time for things to settle down and can decide whether to then trade it in for something els
  3. No idea why, but had Shed 7 Going for gold in my head as I got ready this morning. So I've put the best of on, and cooking breakfast while pretending to be 15 again. Much to the annoyance of the rest of the house.
  4. So she has now had a letter to say she shouldn't shield and shouldn't of had the invite for the vaccination either (which she's had) although they are honouring the offer even for ones booked in but haven't received it yet.
  5. Ok, I've not read the letter myself (or saw your post). Without obviously reading it properly she was basically doing her own informed choice anyway to a certain extent. She doesn't have continued diabetes it was just during pregnancy, that and the fact she has spent a year living life as normally as covid allows for a year. Yes it does seem that the layout of the letter should be better. As I'm sure there will be people that get worried it start shielding if they don't necessarily need to.
  6. My wife got the call last week to have her vaccination (today). She questioned her eligibility as she is 33. It was because she had gestational diabetes, while pregnant and they strongly recommend she did it now rather than wait. Which is fine and makes sense, they are doing some of the most vaccinations in the country here so getting well through the priority list. Today however she also got a letter to tell her to shield. Just seems strange nearly a year after people started shielding, they have now decided she should shield, even allowing for the fact we moved and changed doctors 6 mon
  7. Weed smokers know their ounces and fractions of. Although I've not bought any in a while so not sure how metric this is now.
  8. It frustrates the hell out of me. Not only as someone that doesn't interview well, but when interviewing too. I've often had some interview well but you just know that they are not going to be the best candidate for the job. I worked somewhere that was very transparent on interview scoring. There was one section which you could use to bump up the score of someone you felt was better for the role but sometimes it you just had to go with the one that was better at answering the questions.
  9. For the first time since I was 8, I'm now in a house with only one toilet. I should probably start planning how we can extend to include downstairs toilet before my 3&8 year old girls are both in their teens. A few weeks in and it is taking some getting some used to.
  10. If it's anything like the situation with my move. It wasn't the new build being ready in time that was the issue. In mind it was a a management company but my Mrs works for a housing association, I know they have had massive issues doing what they need to in terms of house sales. Hopefully won't be an issue for you.
  11. I'm not sure where it stands with chilled vans but I was in Morrisons and saw that their policy was, if it leaves the store then it can't be used again. Saw someone return something after getting to the car, as it was the wrong item, not sure if they were exchanging or getting a refund but it was getting chucked even though it had been out of the store no more than 5 mins. I think he said he'd have it then if it was being chucked and they agreed, so a a little freebie for him.
  12. The F-Pace and E-Pace, seem to have been a massive hits, certainly in the Midlands. Until 6 months ago I was in Wiltshire and saw the odd one but back in the Midlands now, and they're all over the place.
  13. We actually bloody exchanged contracts today! Wasn't expecting us to try today, but there was a bit of progress made early afternoon. The process started just after 4 and just got done before the end of the day. We complete next Thursday
  14. I don't know much about them at all, but think you can arrange for some to be removed but it can take a bit of time, so if you don't want any delays or it might cause an issue to the buyer of your (if you're selling) then that might be a problem. Only know this as our seller decided she wanted one removed from her purchase but the estate agents warned her she might lose us if she went ahead. She hasn't gone for it, thankfully. That was a flat so a leasehold though. No idea who would enforce it though? surely after 20 years the developer has little to do with the estate. Most modern e
  15. A year since my great uncle over in Ireland passed away aged 99. When ever we visited he'd always have a bottle of Powers in. Not being a massive Whiskey drinker I would say I'd have a small one, to which he'd pour half a tall glass full. I'll be having at least one in memory of him this evening.
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