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  1. AlwaysAVFC

    Glenn Whelan

    I think he should start at Wembley too. That said if we go up, I don't think he can play at premier league level again. He has often been caught a bit flat footed in games, it's not usually punished like against West Brom but would do at a higher level. But, we're not there yet and I think we play better and more balanced with him in the team. Like you say I think his presence helps Grealish and even more so McGinn.
  2. AlwaysAVFC


    Which is another reason why I think you'll be fine, could have quite easily done a 10+ criteria but for time and ease they haven't bothered.
  3. AlwaysAVFC


    Just a guess but I think people on 5 are pretty much guaranteed a ticket. That is why they are saying the semi is not included, as that would then push it over guaranteed. I think (hope) there will be some available come Monday afternoon.
  4. AlwaysAVFC


    AVFCSupport on Twitter have said no, after previously saying Yes. I'll be trying anyway at 5pm just in case.
  5. AlwaysAVFC


    A nice easy train journey for me this year, thank fully unlike last year there isn't any railworks going on, when I had to do it by coach. The important thing is the pick of any return train train rather than being fixed to a time.
  6. AlwaysAVFC


    Annoyingly the playoff game would have took me to 5. Should be ok with 3+, hopefully.
  7. Clattering the skillful player at the start of the game has been part of the game at all levels since football began. However, it really needs to be stopped.Taking Grealish for example, it doesn't make him scared to compete and put him off his game, so the only reason it still happens is to try and injure him, that and referees give teams a free hit or 2 or more before they will get a card out for clear yellow card challenges.
  8. I've not read anything about the incident but would be a bit harsh to call the steward a jobsworth. Without knowing where it was it simply could have been dangerous to just let the vet through. The only thing to question is the race management and how they deal with emergency/urgent situations along the route.
  9. On a personal level, I smashed this today. As it was only the shorter route it felt a bit like cheating overtaking all those doing the 100 miles, but considering how unfit I was before quitting my job back in November when I wouldn't have been able to do it at all. The change of job, then this to work towards doing, has done wonders. Hopefully I'll be able to see the full results for my route as I think there was only a handful of people that finished before me. Anyway, did it the 42 miles in 2hrs13mins. Update: finished with 12th best time
  10. AlwaysAVFC


    Got 3 today, not sure I can make it yet. Find out tomorrow if I'm off on Saturday. Was hoping for late kick off. Maybe a possible sickie on the way.
  11. AlwaysAVFC


    I would say the booking history from this season criteria will still be one ticket per reference. It would only be general sale where a ticket without a reference would be possible.
  12. AlwaysAVFC


    It is annoying as I've been caught previously wishing I'd been using a reference when I've got occasional tickets for people. That said everyone is given enough warning. It was the same last year, which the club reiterated at the start of this season and again for the Wembley visits in FA cup run before that. Maybe someone on here might be able to help?
  13. Completely agree, the 2 incidents Leeds fans are highlighting. One he gets his body between the man and ball and draws the foul. Its intelligent play especially as he is off balance. He gets a shove in the back, its a foul but he did pretty much make it happen. The other one is a tricky one, does he go down too easily? possibly. It looks like his shirt is pulled, depending on his balance and what he was about to do at the time it could quite easily pull him back as much as it looks or he could have felt it and made the most of it. With the irony of what he did, Leeds fans also saying Mings had hold of Bamford all day and you didn't see him go down. This is true every game for the Striker/Centre back of both teams and is completely different to most contact with Grealish when he gets free kicks.
  14. Just skipped straight to the last page so missed the context of the Grabban suggestion but completely agree. While Grabban played really well in some of his games for us. If you're after someone who can score 15+ in the premier league, he's not going to do it and that's without considering his injury record. There is that question mark over Tammy, can he do it in the Premier league and how much is he going to cost. A goal scorer in the premier league is probably harder than anything to buy. Those that are as guaranteed as you can get, will be out of our reach, so there is going to be a gamble (should we even get there) it's just how much you are going to risk on that gamble.
  15. You're probably right but I also feel that West Brom might stumble through to the playoffs and we will be on similar points come the end of the season despite the current gap.
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