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  1. AlwaysAVFC

    Tom Heaton

    I'm not particularly against getting Heaton but I think the days of a keeper being in their prime early to mid 30s has gone, and there are very few keepers that stay at the top of their game a few years beyond that. The fitness, reactions, speed etc are so finely tuned now that using their experience like keepers previously is less of such a big factor in a keepers success.
  2. Yeah, my guess he's see the Heaton talk yesterday and made up the medical thinking it might coincide with Villa completing the deal to 'prove' his ITK credentials.
  3. They apparently wanted £15m for him back in Jan according to Laurie Whitwell (not sure how reliable he is?) So given how he did for us, it's not surprising they raised that.
  4. At the price quoted it is a bit overpriced even in the current market, in that we could probably got someone a similar ability for less, BUT it's more than his ability, we need the spine of the team from last season to go in to the coming season to give some continuity. Ultimately Bournemouth knew this aswell as Smith and the owners, hence why they have been able to command a high fee.
  5. It was Tuesday according this account which may well be the old medical guy.
  6. Didn't they have another poorly attended protest march a few years back and got lost?
  7. As I said above, I suspect the one I mentioned is him. I guess we'll find out over the coming weeks. However if someone had spoke to me at work, I'd steer clear of doing anything, rather than come back but being careful about what I say. So who knows if it is him, for now.
  8. There's been a few, one was a fake but believe this is him. Not sure if that's the one you are on about? https://twitter.com/AVFCTransfers1 It has been retweeted and commented on by someone in that band The Brazen that he plugged now and then so looks like it is him. He has said bits since coming back but has also said it won't be like before, so there won't be any leaking of players as such but possibly confirming and denying.
  9. AlwaysAVFC

    John Terry

    He probably turned down an approach too!
  10. I don't think he would be free out of contract, would he? He's under 24, so as long as Man Utd offered him a new contract, if he rejected it and wanted to go elsewhere there would be compensation.
  11. No he wasn't a right back, he was an attacking player made to play right back and probably didn't do to well there for Hull. He has made massive improvements in the position while he's been with us and I would say he now is a right back. I certainly wouldn't want him playing in any other position for us, ideally he will be as cover to Guilbert (who hopefully impresses, but is a complete punt to say he is going to be better). Unless we can get better extra cover but I'd say that's down on priorities.
  12. The medical was said by the person with a fake profile of the guy who had the medical info previously. I'd guess this has been a big coincidence plus he possibly hasn't even had a medical yet.
  13. Kristof is pretty reliable for all things Belgian

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