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  1. You've pointed out that football fans can be fickle: which is something any regular visitor to this forum (or any football forum) will know. Not sure why raising our fame and reputation around the world is a problem. I wonder what the real issue could be
  2. Think some of our own 'real fans' could learn a thing or two about support, judging by that video clip. There's no question who I'd rather be standing next to in the holte
  3. Would love to see an eye roll reaction emoji added to the options
  4. I heard Benteke loves a game of Wawhammer, -Sorry 'warhammer'
  5. GodsBarkeep

    Pepe Reina

    Class act, and obviously up for the challenge here even with his glittering CV. Already looks settled and a commanding presence for us which is quite remarkable Well done to everyone at the club involved with bringing Pepe in
  6. Well we're joint top of the form table now for points taken in the last 1 games
  7. Just 9 points off a euro cup place now! Keep the faith!
  8. GodsBarkeep


    The fans did. Quite quickly I seem to remember. The new guys took the fall. Seems we've not learned from that. But what do you expect, we're Aston villa don't you know and we won the European cup, still fresh in the memory; hasn't even been 40 years yet. It would be too embarrassing to admit that other clubs have stronger more settled squads than us this season
  9. This is a six pointer, so I'll be happy with a draw and three points
  10. I feel somewhat put at ease to hear that Scouting guru Josh Williams has said that 'For just £8.5m, Samatta has the quality to save Villa's season.'
  11. Tosun has moved to palace on loan, Benteke is probably on his way somewhere this window
  12. GodsBarkeep

    Louie Barry

    Oh look, more hilarious gags about Wes. Well we won't see him again on the pitch this season, so maybe now's a good time to try and write some new material
  13. Not convinced. Think we'll struggle to motivate him. We will see.
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