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  1. 'Get it up the wings. cross to Mings for a knock on to Ings'
  2. That's the combo we've all been waiting for, and it's happened so soon!
  3. Probably not the first to come across him, but this guy looks destined to play for us
  4. Ah the Axe man is back! Welcome!
  5. Only 100 fans? Where's the rest? I thought there were nearly 200 in Manchester
  6. Looks like he's already had a drink a drink a drink
  7. Apparently he was in/about training this afternoon, sitting around waiting to get on a plane to manchester this evening Apparently the plane had been sitting around for 2 days for Grealish to get on it, so make of that what you can!
  8. I'd take 90m and a public apology for sending us Stephen Ireland
  9. Sorry full thing is 'TheReal AVFV ITK' - hope that clears up any concerns about legitimacy
  10. The tweet was retweeted by AVFV official so I assume it's genuine account
  11. Probably not then, I don't think anyone else had picked up on that so well done if so!
  12. Possibly hinted at by Buendias tweet about success
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