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  1. Seeing us pinned back like this with 30 mins left is giving me horrific flashbacks of our play under Bruce The lads are doing splendidly though!
  2. That's a stretch by both counts.
  3. There are no stupid questions - just people; a few of which seem to be on here. When seeing other fans posting I just wondered if villa talk was similar to vital football/vitalvilla, I guess not
  4. Hilarious and constructive. Have a sweetie. I'm asking how visiting fans visit and post? Is villa talk a branch from other football forums?
  5. Sorry this is off topic, but I've been here a while now and never understood how you access forums of other clubs! Can anyone help?
  6. Nice to see Leipzig giving Prince William a game in goal
  7. It's mad isn't it. And he was a top level player, albeit a crap one. I bet a lot of us could hit those kinds of figures even just if out of pure luck of standing in the right place at the right time and sticking a leg out
  8. In keeping with the old saying; you wait 145 years for Brazillian, then two turn up at once
  9. Now there's a TV show waiting to happen!
  10. Probably explains why our conversion of talented youth players has always been underwhelming. Get rid. Give Dwight Yorke an interviewing for the job
  11. Haven't we scored as many tonight as Boro have conceded at home all season?
  12. I'd recommend we all get behind Nyland, then he might not concede so many- - if we all stand on the goal line that should do it
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