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  1. Now there's a TV show waiting to happen!
  2. GodsBarkeep


    Probably explains why our conversion of talented youth players has always been underwhelming. Get rid. Give Dwight Yorke an interviewing for the job
  3. Haven't we scored as many tonight as Boro have conceded at home all season?
  4. I'd recommend we all get behind Nyland, then he might not concede so many- - if we all stand on the goal line that should do it
  5. What is going on?! I'm watching the Google match feed and it's like playing champ manager with the highlights turned off
  6. # it's my hair island # Should add that (obviously) we want Steve AND Casper, along with a truck load of fun and laughter bars
  7. Voted 'other' because I think we should hang on until Steve McClaren becomes available
  8. We have the makings of a very good team With someone else in charge
  9. We need stability AND signs of progression. One without tother is worthless
  10. I can already anticipate Bruce's 'reasoning' "The lads put a shift in, and we were the better team for large periods. The game could have gone either way, unfortunately they scored first blah blah blah, so on and so forth"
  11. Oh dear blaming the players again. You think he might try and give them a brave heart style speech before the game, or at least ask them to try. The excerpts I read of Bruce's interview sounds like he knows he's up against it now. I wonder if he's lost the dressing room without his mates snoddy and JT to control the bantz, (the last few performances would certainly suggest so) and whether the board have discussed how long he has to turn it around
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