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  1. What a great half from the Boys. So proud of them. Sure Liverpool will win in the end but it is a night most of them lads will never forget. If only we could have fielded Chucky, JPB and Wright tonight.
  2. Good Luck to these young lads. 11 players making their debuts tonight. Most of them will never play above this level. I Hope Sir Gary Cahill is enjoying this tonight.
  3. It is not even our First choice Youth Team.
  4. I would give Cash, Grealish and Watkins a break. I would also like us to take the opportunity to have a look at Traori playing in Ollie's place down the middle. We need cover in this position and various posters have said that Bertrand has a good scoring record while playing there in France. This is a great chance to gauge if He might be an alternative if we don't manage to sign a decent replacement/back up to Ollie.
  5. I know Danny. Proper Villa Fan so that would be a good place to look.
  6. To be honest I don't think He will make the First Team or be a regular in the First Team. In my opinion He is a nice player but not strong enough, like many others unfortunately. Obviously I hope He does make it but I haven't seen anything to suggest He is better than lots of others, but who knows ?
  7. Nial Mason has done the best of all the players we have loaned out but that is like being the tallest Dwarf. The club has to make a judgement and this one could possibly come back to bite us but I don't think it will. Hopefully He will have a career in the lower divisions but we want players who can play in the top division. Hale, Abdo, Sellers and the like, soon to be joined by McKirdy, Cowans, Calder, Toner, Sulliman and several others can't clog up places in the reserves if they are not going to make our First Team. It is very hard but we have to free up spaces for the younger lads a
  8. Am I the only one who loves the constant superfluous info on Noel?! I enjoy it as well. SGC in real life is exactly how He is on the Internet. He Loves our Club and in particular the Youth System. He is the nicest guy you could ever meet and never says a bad word against anyone. He is far too optimistic about the young players in my opinion but does come up with the odd surprise. He rates Jordan Cox, who I wasn't very impressed by, but lately He is looking a good player and has signed a new deal, so He might just be right about him.
  9. Very unfair. Man City were a class above Villa but our lads effort would put the first Team to shame. Our £80 million first Team are sitting back against the likes of Brentford. This was more like our first Team being pushed back against Real Madrid and putting their body's on the line with last ditch tackles against vastly superior opposition until eventually being worn down and conceding a late goal. I was very proud of the young lads tonight and they should be very proud of their performance.
  10. Noel

    Hi Everyone

    I am a Season Ticket holder but my main interest is the youth team and U21 Team. I go to Bodymoor often on a Saturday morning and watch the Under 21 Team when I can.
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