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  1. I agree, Factor in that 5 players were making their home debut against a team that bar a couple have played together for the past few seasons . I saw enough today to believe we will be fine this season
  2. So now it has changed from worst player on the pitch (which was Billing btw), to worst villa player. As others have mentioned, he created 6 chances today, got an assist in passing the ball to Luiz and on a other day could have had two goals. The lad is still adjusting to the premier league.
  3. That's not true though and I think you know it. He wasnt great by his standards but worst player on the pitch? Come on
  4. Looks to me they are out for a meal and the loser of the game pays the bill.
  5. I've had the same since yesterday. On android
  6. I took my daughter down a few weeks ago Got some good advice on here about times and also phoned the club. Players have to be at the ground 4 hours before kick off and no later than 3 hours but that was for a 3pm kick off, no idea on the early kick offs.
  7. Queen - dont stop me now (70's I know) Dont stop Mings now He having such a good time, he's having a ball. Dont stop Mings now When he goes up for corners, he's certain to score.
  8. Made it a bit harder than we needed to today but at times our football was excellent. Massive thanks to everyone who gave advice on the best time to get to the ground to meet the players. My daughter got to meet Jack and has been on cloud 9 all day.
  9. Yeah I have told her they are behind a fence but she doesn't care, even explained she might not meet Jack but an 8 year with her first crush doesn't care! Thanks for the info
  10. Does anyone know what time the players normally arrive at the ground? I'm taking my daughter and she is desperate to meet Jack Grealish.
  11. Or maybe our manager is a bit shit. Playing the same formation that hasn't worked for nearly 3 months. 3-0 down at home and not making a sub till 70 minutes, and then bringing on a defensive midfielder. Let's be honest, he just isn't up to the task.
  12. He won't last the season. Fraud of a manager
  13. I wouldn't say that is all true, tonight his corners and free kicks were dreadful, worse than Westwood dreadful, his passing was very sloppy and on a couple of occasions he went for unnecessary difficult passes when much easier options were available. He has massive potential, but is having a spell where he just isn't performing in the position he fills.
  14. Not really, he just had a shit game. For the position he plays he should be doing a lot more than "winning free kicks" He should be dictating games, pulling strings, but he doesn't. That doesn't make him a scapegoat and he shouldn't be devoid of criticism if he is having a bad spell.
  15. Tuanzebe was excellent. Hourihane was busy and passed it around well, that's about it for the positives. Negatives, Taylor, Nyland, Hogan, El-Ghazi, Hutton and Grealish were dreadful. Hogan and El-Ghazi get a pass as they haven't played much at all this season, but the other 3 have no excuses, Hutton and Taylor will not fit into Dean Smith's style of play as Hutton can't pass and Taylor has to take a touch every time the ball comes near him. As for Grealish, thanks for trying in the last 10 minutes but my word you are quickly becoming a liability, doesn't score, doesn't create, slows the play down way too much when he has the ball. I would drop him on Friday and go with McGinn and Hourihane in the middle. I can already see what Dean Smith is trying to do with this team. I can't wait till he can get some of his own players in
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