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  1. So now it has changed from worst player on the pitch (which was Billing btw), to worst villa player. As others have mentioned, he created 6 chances today, got an assist in passing the ball to Luiz and on a other day could have had two goals. The lad is still adjusting to the premier league.
  2. That's not true though and I think you know it. He wasnt great by his standards but worst player on the pitch? Come on
  3. Looks to me they are out for a meal and the loser of the game pays the bill.
  4. I've had the same since yesterday. On android
  5. Queen - dont stop me now (70's I know) Dont stop Mings now He having such a good time, he's having a ball. Dont stop Mings now When he goes up for corners, he's certain to score.
  6. He won't last the season. Fraud of a manager
  7. I wouldn't say that is all true, tonight his corners and free kicks were dreadful, worse than Westwood dreadful, his passing was very sloppy and on a couple of occasions he went for unnecessary difficult passes when much easier options were available. He has massive potential, but is having a spell where he just isn't performing in the position he fills.
  8. Not really, he just had a shit game. For the position he plays he should be doing a lot more than "winning free kicks" He should be dictating games, pulling strings, but he doesn't. That doesn't make him a scapegoat and he shouldn't be devoid of criticism if he is having a bad spell.
  9. He did the same thing during our poor spell last season, almost like he has been told to draw the foul. He seemed really frustrated yesterday and personally I would have subbed him off Lad has so much talent it's easy to see why he stays on the pitch thoigh
  10. Sensible to loan the kid out. Won't get a great deal on minutes here and his performances for us this season really showed he has missed a year of development.
  11. DrUnKeNbUm

    John Terry

    I was against it before the season started but seeing how unorganized we are at the back we need his leadership and him being a left sided CB means Chester gets to play right CB.
  12. Ohhh we've got Jackie Grealish Ohhh f##k off Daniel Levy Ohhh Villas going all the wayyyyyy
  13. I expect him to sign a new contract more than ever knowing the mirrors reporting history
  14. Reading this thread seems like I am living on another planet. I am certain it has been confirmed by our new owners that Jack is not for sale at any price. Reading some of the posts on here people are still certain he will leave! Would our new owners really make a statement like that and then go back on it 24 hours later?!
  15. Jesus some of you are mental... If he's not in the team it's a sign..... If he is in the team it's a sign..... Jack could literally score a goal, grab a fans phone whilst celebrating and get a gif of Leonardo Di Caprio from the wolf of wall street saying "I'm not f@#@%ng leaving". Then score the winner in the last minute and as a celebration get Hutton to tattoo on his forehead "I'm not leaving" Then in the post match interview answer every question as "I'm not leaving" and you would still be sceptical! For the record that's 11/1 request a bet
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