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  1. GK - Pope , Henderson, Pickford (3) Defense - Maguire, Mings, Stones, Konsa, Chillwell, Shaw, Trippier ,TAA (8) Midfield - Henderson, Rice, Phillips, Ward Prowse, Maddison, Grealish, Sterling , Sancho, Mount, (9) Striker - Kane , DCL, Rashford (3) Would play this: Pope Tripper - Maguire - Stones - Chillwell Rice Hendo Sancho Super Jack Rashford Kane Frustrating so many play on the left wing
  2. I just watched a video with Harry Pinero and Jack. Jack said before the Liverpool game he had an injection(pain killer?) so didn't know how he would feel, So maybe its long term shin problem hes been nursing and its finally got too bad.
  3. Fabinho looking like a donkey there tbh.
  4. They gotta change that rule from your torso and not the shoulder as being offside.
  5. If that is true what does that make all the other leagues? utter utter shit i guess?
  6. Yep his stats on whoscored are insane for the 4 matches he's played so far. Strasbourg must think we are mad.
  7. He's our best midfielder for me and it baffles me Mcginn is played over him. For me Douglas is a perfect box to box player to play next to a DM in a 4-2-3-1. He can drop deep and defend and even play the quarter back role and then shift into attack perfectly, I defo dont see him good enough as a stand alone DM as he isnt combative enough for that role.
  8. Red card check was atleast 3 mins odd but only 4mins of stoppage thats utter bullshit shouldve been atleast 6.
  9. Barkley was gonna come on before the sending off , now their down to 10 hes sat Ross back down wtf??
  10. Well he got his wish as Dean has just said he won't travel to Sheffield.
  11. Hope he's atleast on the subs bench for Sheff United.
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