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  1. Cuz it gets annoying when the resident Brentford spokesmen pipes up on all matters Brentford.
  2. The money Wolves payed to end their deal has gone straight into our back pocket.Did someone say Hause on a free ?
  3. Lets all get off the AJ Hype train.
  4. It's all down to him really. Since he came back he rallied the club behind him and we went on a unbelievable run.How he didnt win player of the year is beyond me.
  5. Mings and El-Ghazi are a must.Then 5-6 new players LB ST ST RW CDM CB
  6. What does it mean Tony being there then?
  7. Least we should get a fair game now.
  8. Thought it was game over guys.
  9. Leeds rocking, they're all over the place.
  10. Must be well fun being the fourth official and getting abuse from people like Warnock every week.

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