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  1. Hutton miles better than anyone else so far.
  2. Sam Johnstone

    Big meh from me so underwhelming.
  3. John Terry

    There's only one full kit wankkkkkkkkkkker!
  4. General Election 2017

    Whats 'whatever force is neccessary to save lives' then? a nuke?
  5. General Election 2017

    He has clearly said in the past he is against police shooting to kill and now has had made a clear u-turn on that statement.
  6. General Election 2017

    Corbyn choking
  7. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Would still like Pantillimon as our goalie and would be reasonabley priced.
  8. Sam Johnstone

    No thanks prefer to look elsewhere.
  9. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Dan Crowley
  10. Midweek Football 10/13 April

    Shocking defending by Barce.
  11. Arsenal

    No name takes penalty over Benteke?
  12. The Aintree Festival / Grand National 2017

    I had One for Arthur at 28/1 thanks to Conor tipping him back in January.
  13. Adama Traore

    He's shocking, Swansea got a proper dud of us there.
  14. Scott Sinclair

    Celtic are prolly bottom half championship but the rest of the spl is more like league 2 that's why they cake walk it.
  15. Weekends Football March 31/3 April

    Ospina rushing out and tackling Bellerin more than Sane really helped.