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  1. Leicester surely gonna be after a couple of wide players in the window surely not gonna persist with 3 at the back. I mean past Harvey Barnes theirs pretty much no quality.
  2. He's gonna just have to take cortisone injections(again? He referenced in a video he'd had injections) if the problem reoccurs. Southgate won't take him Match unfit to the Euros regardless of his talent. I just hope he can get over it as it'll be a short break until preseason and next season.
  3. But the problem is we are the Minority vs the big 6 Fanbase. And we always be shouted down by Plastic fans who muddy the water with there bias/bullshit views. Personally i think Refeering needs a huge overhaul and they need to be trained better. They need to be adverse to influence and take a bigger control of the game.In the end these are just random guys who just come through the leagues and do an 'OK' job and nobody questions there integrity.
  4. United are masters of the dark arts of football and we must learn, remember and improve next time we play them.
  5. Err nah how about you accept other people have other opinions. Suck that up.
  6. Yeh but Pogba was pretty much goading him into making the tackle. Waited for him to move then put himself inbetween.
  7. We are so naive. They were always gonna look to cheat us out of it.
  8. Chelsea and Man city gone for some wacky line -up's and formations. Man city looks like a 3-3-3-1.
  9. Everton at the soonest then if he's back in training tommorow. All things well.
  10. Yep Arsenal are shite I honestly believe Villa are a better team than them nowadays. 9th/10th best team in the league and still nearly got to the final though.
  11. KAZZAM

    Ezri Konsa

    Was hilarious in this interview with Harry Pinero Clowning on McGinn not scoring enough and Southgate not messaging him yet.
  12. Adam Smith guy has clearly been reading our forums a bit too much. Went one step too far with Phillip Billings ffs.
  13. But people have said the top 6 are poor this season hence the Premier league is poor. But if they are dominating Europe that's obviously not true and in reality the other teams in the Premier league are just stronger. And thus either argument means the Premier league is definitely not a poor league and is infact by far the strongest league. The Messi vs Ronaldo era is over the premier league is only going to rise and rise.
  14. Possibly and yet the Premier League is poor/shit according to lots on here.
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