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  1. He's seen as a easy target when in possession too, The opposition swarm him when he has it knowing there's a very good chance he will miss control it.
  2. Slimani not in the Monaco squad looks like its happening?
  3. Behave yourself , All those players you mentioned are typical final 3rd trickster dribblers. Jack Dribbles all game anywhere and rarely loses it or gets fouled, His touches are so deft his close control is in a whole new universe of skill.
  4. Best dribbler in the world, who else agrees?
  5. Mad how so many Leicester players swarm the person with the ball.
  6. Stonewall handball for me , If you got your arm up and it hits you in the shoulder youve used the length of your arm aswell.

    Wesley Moraes

    Why did we buy someone with such a lack of football ability? Thats what we gets me the most ,all the best teams have good technical players and we get this lump.
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