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  1. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Hardholme prolly
  2. Weekends Football FA Cup 3rd Round 5/8 January

    Bristol City showing up all the half assed Premiership clubs who just give up vs city.
  3. Matched Betting & Betting Offers with Matchedbets.com

    The guide on the mobilebet free bet is wrong states a single to qualify when it is a combo bet to qualify.
  4. Xmas Football 26/28 December

    Good finish by Sterling tbh,changed foot at last minute.
  5. Weekends Football 22/23 December

    United deserve that for wasting them 3 amazing chances.
  6. Match Thread: Villa v Sheff Utd

    Grealish needs to keep showing for the ball our only chance tbh.
  7. Weekends Football 8/10 December

    Conte needs to give up with that silly 5-3-1-1 formation.
  8. Yep was straight red easy then, what the ref saw i have no idea.
  9. Wtf was pep doing with Nathan Redmond then??
  10. The Film Thread

    Robocop is a cheesy B listed film not even in the league of them other Sci-Fi films.
  11. Ashley Williams only got a yellow for all that?
  12. Ahmed Elmohamady

    Pure Squad player never should be starting over others.
  13. Robert Snodgrass

    Lol, not easy to make out his face on your phone.