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  1. Not against Barkleyy but still think we still need another defensive minded midfielder.


    Don't kid yourself. Any business is a good business if it makes money Irregardless of Fosun's own wealth.


    I don't think their owners care about progression its more about cleverly milking money through transfers. I would imagine Nuno has the safest job in the Premier league.


    Surely gonna need a bit of a clearout. Got alot of players to fit in a matchday squad.
  5. Rasica, first choice CM, CB to challenge Konsa is all we need.


    Mendes cut for Jota must have been huge. wouldnt be suprised if its 15 mill+.
  7. So what I said is hyperbole yet you say Samatta 'wasn't great' 'not a scoring threat' opposites to what he should be. But that's OK he pressed for 60 mins,Utter drivel.
  8. Surely Rasica can play upfront if need be. Still desperate for a CM in my eyes can't have Connor starting majority of games.
  9. He just massively let us down after the league returned. It's when we needed him to save us and he offered nothing and people like Trezeguet stood up instead. Pretty unforgivable.
  10. In other words Bremen have spotted us well overpaying for Watkins and Traore especially and have moved the goal posts and now are looking to squeeze us for a few extra mill.
  11. Someone did say a well known number 8(Barkleys number) who hasn't been mentioned yet.
  12. Another striker being Tammy right?? I mean if Chelsea bring on Ground in the second half surely he must know his time is up.
  13. I ain't against the transfer but the reported price is puzzling. The guy is way out of form and also in comparable to Rashica's price it all makes no sense.
  14. This wouldn't be a bad signing if he was cheap around 10 Mill but for the prices mentioned its no from me.
  15. I hope he's good, does seem a little mad to pay 20 mill on a keeper who had 10 really good games only.
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