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  1. Majority of hospitalisations are anti vaxxers that's a fact and are a young majority. Any anti vaxxer is in the mud right now.
  2. United out the mud lol. Traditional United comeback aswell.
  3. Fonseca gonna be laying the groundwork for Jose to eventually take over.
  4. Victor Moses playing good. Always suprised nobody offered him a route back to the premier league.
  5. Daka hattrick to bring it back from 2 down.
  6. Ajax smashing Dortmund bit alarming for the quality of the Bundesliga.
  7. Shakhtar got the Brazilian C team playing. How've they got so many?
  8. Who they gonna replace Bruce with? I see the Jose Mourinho talk has started but surely its too soon for him.
  9. He was brought on for his energy i get that but he is also very inexperienced and naive. This game reminded me of his lazy blocking which let TAA get the winner in the 2-1 vs Liverpool last season when he came on.
  10. Dean is an idiot i give up with the guy sometimes i really do. We need a substitution couch to handle our subs. I mean we got a set piece couch so why not somebody who actually understands meaningful subs.
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