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  1. Champions League Draw Last 8

    Bad draw tactically for Leicester, would've loved to see them play Barce and go out with a bang.
  2. Midweek Football 20/24 February

    Stones totally mugged of by Falcao
  3. Internet Nostalgia

    People threatening to hack you through ICQ Speed hack was real and not a myth
  4. Match Thread: Villa v Newcastle

    was just coming in to post the immortal villa phrase 'we do **** all from corners' when Tish scored.
  5. Weekends football 16/18 September

    They have Shay Given in goal lol.
  6. Ratings and Reactions: Ipswich v Villa

    They just blocked everything.
  7. Weekends football 16/18 September

    Henderson actually scores one from his 50 shots per match he usually takes.
  8. Marc Albrighton

    Is it classed as being released when you reject a new contract in favor off doubling your wages though? p.s i understand ur just typing what paddy powers twitter put.
  9. Other Football Transfer Talk Summer 2016

    Prolly FFP wrangling.
  10. Transfer Speculation Summer 2016

    Mcmanaman err no thanks.
  11. Other Football Transfer Talk Summer 2016

    13 million for Ryan Mason ?!?!! and we're being partially mocked for 11 million for Kodija wtf.
  12. Transfer Speculation Summer 2016

    Never in for assombolonga(sp)
  13. Jonathan Kodjia

    Yay 2 season's later we buy a hopefully decent centre forward.
  14. Ravel Morrison