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  1. Douglas,Mings,Engels looks like a mad boss trio.
  2. Moise kean looks well of the pace made about 5 fouls since hes been on.
  3. Commentators have labeled 'battle of the beards' Jota vs Gomes
  4. Heaton Guilbert - Engels - Mings - Targett Nakamba - Mcginn - Luiz Grealish - Trezegeut Wesley We Need to try play more like Spurs really in my eyes.Could swap Connor for Nakamba also.
  5. He just gimps us as a team by being so poor attacking wise.
  6. Total domination 2nd half sad if we get nothing out of this.
  7. Targeting Mcginn with professional fouls, Too many crosses
  8. Yeh all optismism vanished.

    Douglas Luiz

    Most exciting signing for me, however any new details on the contract?

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