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  1. Must be well fun being the fourth official and getting abuse from people like Warnock every week.

    Formula One - 2019

    No surprise Mercedes are fastest, people believe there bullshit every year.

    Formula One - 2019

    Mercedes always sandbag in pretesting tho and its always the same old Ferrari look the best line which is put out year and year.
  4. Chris Sutton seems desperate for athletico to beat juventus on the commentary.

    Crypto currency

    My Ark wallet which is version 1.5.1 reads my balance as 0 and wont connect to the peer. Is it simply out of date or is there some connectivity issue ?
  6. Lol how Awkward can Rodriguez be even lays there thinking damn have i got away with this?
  7. Henderson loosing his head Vs Hazard lol.
  8. Just came in to say that lol. Now they're 1 up expect them to sing to the hilt.
  9. Kodija Tammy El-Ghazi Hourihane Whelan Mcginn Hutton Chester Tuanzebe Elmo Nyland Jack to be rested or brought on if needed.
  10. KAZZAM

    Ritchie De Laet

    He'd be my first choice right back with Hutton LB.

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