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  1. All this hype just because he played 3 games for England. Seen him linked to everyone and anyone now. Think Southgate was doing us a favour after all.
  2. For me Dean lost us the game when he bought Traore on. We should of replaced Barkley with Nakamba and play a flat 3 man midfield. We should of just been tough to beat and less attacking and also try to soak up their attacks. We were clearly depleted in energy in the midfield from the internationals and the load needed to be shared around alot more. I worry Dean just doesn't learn and fails to adapt and why he'll never be a top manager I hope this isn't true but time will obviously tell.
  3. Would take a minor miracle for Dele Ali to make the euro's. And surely not what we need.
  4. Was pretty obvious Sterling and Rashford wasn't injured.
  5. Maguire trying to do stuff in midfield is really annoying me.
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