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  1. Sam Johnstone

    No thanks prefer to look elsewhere.
  2. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Dan Crowley
  3. Midweek Football 10/13 April

    Shocking defending by Barce.
  4. Arsenal

    No name takes penalty over Benteke?
  5. The Aintree Festival / Grand National 2017

    I had One for Arthur at 28/1 thanks to Conor tipping him back in January.
  6. Adama Traore

    He's shocking, Swansea got a proper dud of us there.
  7. Scott Sinclair

    Celtic are prolly bottom half championship but the rest of the spl is more like league 2 that's why they cake walk it.
  8. Weekends Football March 31/3 April

    Ospina rushing out and tackling Bellerin more than Sane really helped.
  9. Champions League Draw Last 8

    Bad draw tactically for Leicester, would've loved to see them play Barce and go out with a bang.
  10. Midweek Football 20/24 February

    Stones totally mugged of by Falcao
  11. Internet Nostalgia

    People threatening to hack you through ICQ Speed hack was real and not a myth
  12. Match Thread: Villa v Newcastle

    was just coming in to post the immortal villa phrase 'we do **** all from corners' when Tish scored.
  13. Weekends football 16/18 September

    They have Shay Given in goal lol.
  14. Ratings and Reactions: Ipswich v Villa

    They just blocked everything.