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  1. Marseille been moving mad with the transfers in. Surely expecting some late window fire sale?
  2. Barce, Real, Juve skint. Chelsea and City start buying players for 100 Mill a pop. World football is changing. Will the Premier league become the defacto super league?
  3. I like Danny Ings he's very Harry Kane like. Has unreal finishing and prolly better pace than Kane. However the fee we paid 25-30 mill? And the contract length(3) is worrisome. I mean that's alot of money and I worry he'll end up leaving eventually on a free(Heaton's 3 year). Not sure where he's gonna fit it.
  4. He's dead too me if he leaves. Total snake worse than Delph.
  5. I still think we should buy Bruno Guimares from Lyon and partner him with Douglas Luiz as our midfield two They've been playing together in the Olympics like that and think it would solve our DMC issues.
  6. Hardly breaking news though is it? Our set pieces would improve 500% if we actually had someone who could take them.
  7. If he's similar to Percy then he knows nothing just a tap in merchant.
  8. Doubt it not many in premier league history as fast as Gabby.
  9. Everton fans seem pretty upset by this one. They've been obsessing over him for a few years.
  10. How long does he have to isolate? Anyone know? That seemd like isolation training.
  11. Is he back in training tommorow?
  12. Could see Winks on loan to saints if JWP left.
  13. Barronwaste called Barkley, Bertie and Emi Martinez long before they were in the news. So he really is proper ITK.
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