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  1. Food for thought. Jack Grealish never allowed for true Smithball to thrive. He drew freekicks and slowed play down massively. I remember Smiths Brentford knocking it around quickly and incisively. Maybe this 2021/22 Aston Villa will be on another level
  2. I think he ideally wants to be in an elite Aston Villa team at the top. But I think his mind is clear now. He’s known for a while that he’s an elite level player and needs to be playing at the elite level. Getting that taster at the Euro’s would have rubber stamped it. If Pep and KDB are calling for you personally, and the richest club are willing to spend a record figure to obtain you, he’ll be buzzing about that. Its sad but he didnt want to gamble waiting 2/3 more years hoping we can get to where Man City already are. They can offer him everything now and they want to make him their record signing. No more moves breaking down because Ahmed Elmohamady cant control a ball on the run.
  3. Whod have thought in a million years the day we knew Jack was leaving we’d all be smiling. I love these owners for that. Also, whod have thought the day we were signing Leon fkn Bailey, it’d be the 3rd biggest story of our day
  4. Be disappointed if we dont win the league and smash 100pts tbf
  5. NSWE are next level. Lange is proving a creepy smiled beast in this game
  6. Grealish U Turn incoming. Told he will only make Villa bench now though
  7. WTF. Silly Season is on point this year
  8. Surprised by how many dont know much about him. This is honestly a next level signing for us, he’s unreal and I think the only reason ive dealt with the Jack situation as well as I have. Now watch him turn into Royston Drenthe for Everton
  9. Funny that the “faith clause” actually existed and is what lost us our superstar
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