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  1. Vanity purposes. All the women want his name on their shirt
  2. I really want us to have a manager that stays 10-15 years. Rarity thesedays yes, but even with a few failures, sticking with one identity and instilling a culture will be worth it in the long run. Might take 3 years to start bearing any fruit, but I just want to see how it unfolds. Because the sack and new man in approach is absolute carnage.
  3. Best case scenario is Samagol fires us to Wembley & the Red mancs somehow overturn that 3-1 deficit by getting a few City players sent off or something and everything goes their way. Then a repeat of 94’ and not 2010 in the final.
  4. Just praying Villa Park finally witnesses the win its deserved over these dossers this season. It has to be time, surely.
  5. You just cant beat the feeling of a 95th min winner in front of the Holte in a game of that magnitude. The adrenaline going through my body when that hit the net and the following 10 mins is why we love this game. Look at Watford now, 19th and crestfallen. Funny old game.
  6. Cant believe it GTFI. Totally deserved. Crowd played their part well done to each and everyone in attendance. Nakamba MOTM- came in for a lot of stick lately but that was immense tonight from him. Reina and Mings brilliant, Konsa and Hause second half stepped up. Thought Drinkwater did alright too tbf. Massive win against the form side. Most clean sheets in the league but we showed the fight and spirit required to get over the line in the most dramatic of fashion. So pleased for everyone connected. I didnt lose faith in the matchthread, vindication is sweet. A lot writing us off but Smith deserves credit for firing up that side tonight to dominate a huge game and get a very welcome result Deeney, Whats the score? Deeney Deeney whats the score Have that you smug bluenose chunt
  7. Least we deserved. Where we lack quality you certainly cant fault the effort today. Been brilliant and what we've been crying out for for weeks
  8. Since Pearson came in Watford could have beat Liverpool, best performance from a team at Anfield in donkeys they missed about 4 sitters. Since then they dont concede and are unbeaten. We’ve outplayed them and showed more fight in that first half. Very unfortunate to be behind imo. Its not lost yet, we turned the tide last game lets see what happens
  9. That result is fine. Rather that than Brighton pulling away no?
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