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  1. At 4-0 I saw him pull back a Narch player just to stop him getting into our half. Took the yellow card just to break up any momentum, something we've lacked in a few of our collapses; notably at the Emirates. He's influential, streetwise and fights tooth and nail for our cause. Really impressed with his attitude. Great player to have around.
  2. We have looked excellent in an attacking capacity in the last 3 games. Scored 9 could have been many more. Targett has made a big difference, as has the tweak in system getting Jack more advanced aswell as fitting Conor in. Really enjoyable watching us again after those stale performances against Palace and WHU.
  3. Our owners, CEO and manager are all seemingly on the same page. To me, the club seems very stable now. They can see we are heading in the right direction; you will always get an entitled idiotic group of fans who expect instant success. Anyone who has lived and breathed every second of the shitty journey that has been the last 7-8 years will be grateful to see the light at the end of the tunnel now.
  4. 4 league defeats on the spin 5 in last 6 going back to us beating them. Lost to 2 newly promoted teams theyve played so far. natives not happy. Its a slippery slope when fans constantly want to change managers. So glad we've done our cycle and have found stability now. Its good to be in a good place
  5. Cant see utd winning, theyre as bad as Newcastle. 0-0 written all over that. City must be due another 8-0 today hopefully
  6. 9 goals in the last 3 games we're beginning to look like the attacking force Dean Smith wants to build we do concede far too many chances, but we have two guys at the back there who will throw their bodies at everything great result, 5-1 away from home against anyone is impressive. Great goals they were too, pleased for Wes, Jack & Conor- Douglas' was just top drawer. Shame we didn't get the clean sheet but teams can only score off our mistakes it would seem. Happy international break now unlike the last one. Massive game when we get back
  7. What a **** goal. Villa with that Brazilian flair today
  8. Pleased for Conor, goal and assist in the Prem now. Deserves it for his journey thru the divisions
  9. Prince Willy picked the right game to bring the family too. His boy is loving the Villa
  10. It makes sense thats what happened as Vertonghen was left out altogether against us in the stands for no apparent reason and Eriksen on the bench looking a misog. Poch swerved all questions as to why too.
  11. Its just annoying that we've fluffed our chances in the games we should have won. Generally pleasing performances but today we have to make it count. Brighton game suddenly looking harder but i still fancy us at home. International break hopefully mess up any momentum they get today.
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