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  1. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Conor Hourihane

    First hat-trick from midfield since Conor Hourihane
  2. BleedClaretAndBlue

    World Cup : Semi Finals & Final

    Lloris is brilliant but loves a brainfart
  3. BleedClaretAndBlue

    World Cup : Semi Finals & Final

    Croatia have been superb. Their deliveries are exceptional from Rakitic & Vrsaljko. You know you're lucky when the shot count is 1-7 and you find yourselves 2-1 up.
  4. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Jack Grealish

    How many times last season did we hear "we have planned for all eventualities; if we dont win promotion, we have a plan in place; we're on course to be in line with FFP; etc, etc.". Biggest steaming pile of horseshite ever. Chancers just wrecking our club. Going to take an age to recover, cant believe this has happened to us. Think this season will be more painful to witness than even 15/16. Just hope the kids can step up to and form a side we can be proud of. Think midtable would be a success the way things are shaping up.
  5. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Thought he was going Juve
  6. BleedClaretAndBlue

    World Cup : Round of 16

    Croatia and Spain out please today its coming home
  7. BleedClaretAndBlue

    World Cup : Group F (Ger, Mex, Swe, Kor)

    VAR is really becoming annoying. Another blant pen not given, thats about the 6th theyve got incredibly wrong. Boateng pushes Berg from behind and affects his balance before effectively tripping him in not winning the ball. Add that to That Dudley Boyz 3D on Mitrovic last night. The Harry Kane ones, Argentina vs. Iceland trip, handball against Poulsen. These are ones just off top of the head. Hope a potential final isnt ruined by a glaring error by VAR ffs
  8. BleedClaretAndBlue

    World Cup : Group D (Arg, Ice, Cro, Nga)

    Croatia have been an excellent side for a long time. I get a sense that they feel its their time right now. Brilliant performance, their shape was flawless all night. Well drilled side who will take some stopping imo. They have so much energy, strength and invention in that side. Their pressing game was forcing Argentina to buckle all game, even at 2 and 3-0 in the 90th minute they were chasing down hunting the ball in packs. Ruthless, shame Bilic is with ITV this tournament; wanted to see his reaction
  9. BleedClaretAndBlue

    World Cup : Group G (Eng, Bel, Pan, Tun)

    I really hope there is an explanation as to why VAR has awarded pens to every bloody nation at the WC so far but turn a blind eye to 2 blatant ones for us. They surely cant say they didnt see it with 18 different angles to see a defender with no eyes on the ball spear, and then sleeperhold Kane to the floor. And i wonder how many of those bugs got hoovered up by Kane during those 90 minutes. Good job really because Sterling looked like he was about to be eaten alive by the plague
  10. BleedClaretAndBlue

    World Cup : Group C (Fra, Aus, Per, Den)

    Just not going in for Peru. Feel a bit for them. Denmark such a meh team
  11. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Steve Bruce

    In an ideal world Brucey, we'd say thanks but your approach is not good enough, we were just too big a club for you, and you failed last season, just, but the failure still counts. But.. since our financial peril has come to light, we could do without more uncertainty and chaos so you may stay with your safe, yet grubby pair of hands. Just keep us afloat until we can embezzle some more money out of China, then we can replace you no problem. Cheers guvna'
  12. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Pierluigi Gollini

    Was sure Micah was going to pop up in the background somewhere throwin up gang signs
  13. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Jack Grealish

    For as long as I can remember, whenever we have decent players, they always go and there has always been an inevitability about it. It hurts each and every time when all we've ever wanted is for the good players to want to stay and build something special to get this club back to the top. From the Yorkes to the Milners, Youngs, Bentekes, whoever, when theyre good it sucks, it always feels like we get stabbed in the back (Fabian). But the one big difference now is that Jack Grealish is the one who actually wants to stay and would probably accept earning 5x less than he can easily get in the Prem, because he is as die hard Villa as the rest of us. But this is the time we're in supposed financial meltdown and dont really have an option. Its heartbreaking stuff. Going to be excruciating if he is to be tearing things up in a dirty Tottenham shirt, but I will follow his career closely and wish him the best. Brilliant talent.
  14. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Keith Wyness

    Transfer policy has been cancerous for far too long. Why cant we employ professionals for important roles within the club. So many bad decisions. Yes, hindsight is a brilliant thing but youd think wed get lucky and stumble upon some good appointments somewhere in the past 10 years where competence is actually practiced.
  15. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Going Under ?

    RIP AVFC. Its been a pleasure. Sort of.