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  1. Milosevic with the goal, how wierd all these goalscorers helping us today
  2. Derby will nick 6th the way things are going
  3. Millwall are one of those sides who can upset anybody with their style of play. League position means little, will be a tough game, just fancy us to create a little history though infront of a full congregation. Villa 3-1 Millwall Our Den is better than yours.
  4. We havent beaten Millwall in years. Even when we were im the Prem I think they knocked us out a cup tie.
  5. We've done something not done in over 100 years. Brilliant, bossing it right now. Lets hope it counts towards something. UTV
  6. So many flappers didnt you know we win EVERY GAME now
  7. Dont worry that was clearly our bad half. Dean Smith always gets a reaction people
  8. For first season back it is yeah, beating spurs, united twice, chelsea, liverpool, FA Cup semi, plenty of good days in there. They can quite easily compete with the best sides in the Prem on their day and have proved that all season. Beats where they were a few years ago and im sure we'd all take that right now
  9. Yeah lets stay in the championship under strict spending caps because we're scared of losing every week in the prem. Clubs go through different eras and periods of success and failure. Getting up is the objective, then building on that with ambitious people running the club aswell as an ambitious manager (also a fan) is the dream. And we have that. Give your heads a wobble! We could go on to do great things in a few years if we get things right. Just look at those Dingles up the road to see what can be achieved under the right circumstances and direction. Dont know about some of you but this is my first experience of Villa being down in the second tier and despite us being a big fish and expected to wipe the floor with the rest of the rabble down here, it bothers me that we've been here 3 years now. Big clubs should act that way and bounce back straight away, even Newcastle did it twice, West Ham etc. The longer we stay away the more irrelevant we become to the rest of the top flight and thats a sad state to be in. Im dealing in hope we will get it right under this stewardship if we get promoted, everything is in place. We will rise again, just hope that opportunity is given to us this time and we wont have to wait God knows how many years.
  10. Really think this will be a formality today, they know their down, even if they play with freedom and find some inner strength somehow before kick off they're still no match for us. We have look focused and ruthless for a good few weeks now
  11. Parkinson has all but accepted relegation given their position and said fringe players will get a chance tomorrow. No reason for us not to add a few onto the GD really 5-0 Villa
  12. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11688/11697194/championship-clubs-demand-efl-policy-change-on-financial-transparency
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