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  1. How is it that covid19 has reached every corner of the globe now, yet Beijing and Shanghai are open for business?
  2. Theyd have to factor in our game in hand, which theyd have to assume we’d win. Default home side given 3-0 win. Safety confirmed.
  3. So lucky we were saved when we were. Cant thank NSWE enough for making us basically debt free. Shame theyve been let down big time by Suso. As long as they maintain interest, which I think they will regardless if we go down or not, we appear in very good hands. If only we could just get it right on the pitch
  4. Straight out the David James school of bloodrush started off well but has been a liability in the last few games. Guess the low standards have kicked in like they do all players after being at Villa for a few weeks. Nyland should start against Chelsea. Not that it will make much difference
  5. We are without doubt the worst team in the division despite Norwich being below us. They actually resemble a football team that can string nice footballing moves together
  6. embarrassment after embarrassment this season. Just nowhere near good enough. Everything goes against us, VAR, ricochets, last minute miss-controls, shoulders that are handballs, absolutely everything. Add to that we are A shocking group of footballers and are as bad as anything ive seen since the last group that went down then we really never stood a chance
  7. In what world was Sokratis not a handball but that blatant shoulder was? VAR at it again
  8. Cancel the season. theres a killer virus about you know
  9. I was more hopeful in the cup final than i am now. Its going nowhere football. Change it
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