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  1. BleedClaretAndBlue

    James Chester

    True but I think one of the first steps needed, to give us a chance, will be to play players in their natural positions. Back to basics and all that. Because 9 games in and we look all over the shop.
  2. BleedClaretAndBlue

    James Chester

    Well below par this season unfortunately. Same with Jack. Maybe can regain some organisational confidence alongside someone who knows the role, like Collins if he is to sign a short term deal
  3. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Christian Purslow

    Pull your finger out lad
  4. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Steve Bruce

    If Steve Bruce and Glenn Roeder were the last 2 managers on earth id have Roeder
  5. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Steve Bruce

  6. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sheff Wed

    Yea. Was thinking midweek this is our first win in 6 league games and we were only 2 points off 2nd place. We havent actually lost any ground on where we want to be today, instead just let the trailing pack stampede all over us to get infront
  7. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sheff Wed

    Imagine getting Bolasie on as soon as our tails were up and the whole ground was on a high. Im sick of seeing such a leaky defence. We look like conceding every attack. Where is the organisation across the whole of the side. It all seems a mixed bag of hit & hope and it proves that way every single week. Angry with it all again just hoping thats it now. This whole thing is like a broken record now. it needs changing before everyone loses the plot.
  8. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sheff Wed

    He needs to resign. Absolute filth he should get paid to be dismissed.
  9. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sheff Wed

    Bye Steve. It hasnt been a pleasure. No style of play in 2 years. Never going to have one. That goal tho
  10. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Match Thread: Villa v Sheff Wed

    Nothing sticking up top. Everything is slow and at one pace with us, build up is telegraphed. Chester out to Elmo, back across to Chester, sideways to Jedi who thinks he's playing golf just pitching balls straight into touch. Get Bolasie on. How much more of this can everyone take.
  11. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Pre-match thread

    Glad Condog keeps his place again. Manic & The Strip to come on and stretch them second half and open up some spaces for Jack to operate. All looks positive. 1-3
  12. BleedClaretAndBlue

    James Collins

    Get Delaney back too then we can have a Welsh back 4. Fifa chemistry Winner
  13. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Match Thread: Villa v Rotherham

    1 win in 6 championship games. Bar Brentford all against trash level of opponent. Owners with ambition wont settle for that surely
  14. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Match Thread: Villa v Rotherham

    Weve tried quite hard to keep up our no clean sheet record.