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  1. Matty Targett is on for a hat trick of OGs He also created the OG in this fixture last season.
  2. Archer definitely deserves some gametime whilst his confidence is high and Ollie is misfiring. Deano needs to show him no-one is undroppable. Bit disappointed a JPB hasnt really been given a chance yet, we didnt need to keep playing without wingers at home to Wolves. Still, its a long season, plenty of time to find some alrernative formulas.
  3. Having Ings at the club seems to have brought the worst out in Ollie, like he’s trying too hard to prove himself. Dilemna we have is Ollie isnt great in a 2 and Ings isnt great on his own.
  4. We’ll be donning the 3rd kit. Hopefully we’ll get a few results in it unlike last seasons
  5. Its good to see True Geordie slowly morph into everything he hated the way he used to go on about City. If you cant beat em join em
  6. Staveley is so scary to look at. Very unsettling
  7. He lost his license so shouldnt be driving full stop
  8. Yeah, they have a decent XI with everyone seemingly fit. They scraped wins against Norwich and Burnley, played well for a half in their derby before getting dominated at Brighton. Palace I expect will give them a decent game
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