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  1. BleedClaretAndBlue

    England v USA/England v Croatia

    Sterling and Kane both fluffing golden opportunities in the space of a minute
  2. BleedClaretAndBlue

    James Chester

    Congrats on your comment making the mail article
  3. BleedClaretAndBlue

    James Chester

    Be interesting to see how Chester copes. He is after all a guy who never ever gets injured. That could be a good thing or a bad thing. Im going to stay optimistic and think that his body heals at a rate of 100x quicker than that of a normal human
  4. BleedClaretAndBlue

    England v USA/England v Croatia

    Actually looking forward to the game tomorrow. Has to be first time 1 game can decide whether you win a group or get relegated. Finally a manager who picks form over names, actually brings results and a bit of excitement to a nation starved; who would've thunk it
  5. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Dean Smith

    He's worked his way up, impressing wherever he has been and earned his chance at a big club, ironically, his club too. And he's taken to it like a duck to water, unlike the previous incumbent who used to bleat about getting a chance at a big club. His coaching abilities are already working wonders and its pleasing to see all the players comment on how much they are enjoying the sessions and the new style being implemented. Everything is a perfect fit, its bloody romantic, and im very happy that the first appointment made by our new owners, has been the right one; which speaks volumes considering all the wrong ones made by the previous regimes. We, AVFC, have finally landed on our feet, I truly believe that.
  6. BleedClaretAndBlue

    James Chester

    Just when things are starting to click, and at the worst possible time with the next 6 fixtures coming up. Typical. Pray they both alright and can recover. Guess we'll find out soon enough
  7. BleedClaretAndBlue

    James Chester

    Well thats gonna be a massive inconvenience if we are without him and McGinn for the scum. Hate international break.
  8. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Blose pre match

    I smell a beat down. 1 defeat in what? 13 games for them? Best form of their miserable existence, whereas we've been below average most the season and still sit above them. 4-0 Villa, get back suckers
  9. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Weekends Football 9/11 November

    Best team ive seen in the league so far. Very impressive last year too for a newly promoted side. Expecting a comfortable 3-0 for them tonight
  10. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Derby pre match

    Its a great chance to make a statement. Derby have made plenty themselves this season so to produce a convincing result in their back yard would announce 'Dean Smiths Aston Villa' in a major way. Really craving that feeling tomorrow evening
  11. BleedClaretAndBlue

    The Game's Gone

  12. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Derby pre match

    I would. Dean Smith isnt going to turn himself into cabbage target practice overnight with Bruce like decisions like that.
  13. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Derby pre match

    Its massive really as a loss really starts to open up a big gap
  14. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Derby pre match

    Really need to sort the away form out. Its becoming an issue again. Like Smith said these are the games the players should live for. Cant afford to give silly free kicks away around our box with Harry Wilson putting them away for fun atm. Need a big performance with no mistakes, Nyland. 2-2 i reckon
  15. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Villa and FFP

    Its not UEFA we deal with though is it? Its the EFL