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  1. BleedClaretAndBlue

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Hull away wont be easy for them. Hull have goals in them. Leak a lot too, but still potential for upset there
  2. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Weekends Football 20/22 April/Midweek Football 23/26 April

    As much as i dislike Liverpool, they look the real deal this season. Roma have made it easy for them last half hour, but they just created about 10 goalscoring chances with ease in that time
  3. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Weekends Football 20/22 April/Midweek Football 23/26 April

    Unreal to maintain this level all season. Starting to remind me more and more of Messi.
  4. BleedClaretAndBlue

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Yeah, a lot saying the snow conditions were the same for both sides, well yeah thats true, but if there was no snow im pretty sure we win that game. So i do blame the conditions for that loss. All in the past now, looks likely it will be Fulham who miss out on automatic despite a 400 game unbeaten run. Bring em all on and hopefully the pendulum will swing our way
  5. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Lewis Grabban

    Excellent performance again today. He has slotted into our side with ease, also has become joint top scorer in the championship today on 19 goals.
  6. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Match Thread: Ipswich v Villa

    Doubt it with Hogan on
  7. BleedClaretAndBlue

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Annoying. Ive always felt Derby are shite, but still, they have bottled it big time again. Really wanted them in the semis. Hopefully they can turn it round
  8. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Pre match thread

    Yet our best and most influential player is risked. Ride them challenges Jack
  9. BleedClaretAndBlue

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    I remember about 10 games ago, in the middle of their unbeaten run, a lot of people saying they cant go the rest of the season unbeaten, wont happen. Well it looks like they have given their remaining games. Hats off and respect, been superb and deserve promotion. Unless we meet at Wembley. Then they deserve nothing.
  10. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Players you've completely forgotten about

    Mauro Camoranesi
  11. BleedClaretAndBlue


    Yeah defo want a Stoke win tonight, cant stand West Ham, but just cant see it. Bringing in Lambert to rescue your season is extremely naive on Stokes part.
  12. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Pre match thread

    No need to now, 8 day rest since the last game. He looked like he needed the rest on Friday night having played Saturday-Tuesday-Friday
  13. BleedClaretAndBlue

    Weekends Football 14/15 April /Midweek Football 16/19 April

    Funny how so many big games all fall on the same day in Europe today: Wolves v SHA (not ' big' but hopefully a BIG demoralising defeat for sh) Lazio v Roma Schalke v BvB Ajax v PSV PSG v Monaco Benfica v Porto Anderlecht v Brugge Celtic v Rangers
  14. BleedClaretAndBlue

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Tough game for Fulham next, we might aswell dick Ipswich by 4 or 5 and go for 3rd now
  15. BleedClaretAndBlue

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Mitro again