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  1. He was as commanding and composed as VVD at times last season. Yes, it was the championship, but this is someone who has hardly played any football at all in 2 years. To come back and be an instant leader, and organise our backline to look as solid as anything I've seen in years is worth £20-25m easily in my eyes. His injuries will hopefully be behind him now and we can look forward to a fantastic investment and have him for his prime years.
  2. Very pleasing news. Love having him around the club and his presence will inspire all the new signings. UTV
  3. Heung-Min Son suspended from back end of last season 0-3 Gresford, Wes, Meatball
  4. yes JV, and if Wesley had stayed there until age 29, thered probably be a reason for that too.
  5. Never been impressed with Kalinic, anything was going to be an upgrade on Nyland, but he wasnt much of an upgrade. Theres a reason he's only played at a level as high as Gent; looked nervy when playing I thought and never filled me with much confidence. Think we paid over the odds because he became Croatia's #1 by default. think Bardell said on his podcast it was more Suso getting him in than Dean Smith.
  6. A lot of people think we should be looking to just survive, but I genuinely feel thats a small club mentality. We know we're a big club, we're back where we need to be- whats the point in just surviving? Attack the league and show ambition, thats the clear message im getting from the guys at the top and DS. Actions speak louder than words, and the actions early on in this transfer window have been very promising. Flood the team with quality, around SJG and SJM, we wont go far wrong. The fact we released so many players before getting any in shows how confident we are to get this right.
  7. this one is quite telling aswell, guy on the VV, is pals with Chester I think. Has some inside knowledge.
  8. Announcement next week people are saying, for whatever reason. Butland has followed a lot of Villa related people on his twatter, and doesn't he already live in Brum? Looks to be done as far as I can see. Like that we are signing a lot of players that will have resale value. Its as if we're living in a parallel universe whereby AVFC is being run properly finally.
  9. Grealish absolutely should be captain. He's been brilliant since obtaining the armband, led by example. He is the posterboy of this club, everyone in the squad looks up to him, including the older heads. The orher players all seemed to put in more because they know how much it means to Jack and they dont want to let him down above just putting in performances for themselves. He's clearly extremely proud of being captain and has took to it brilliantly. He's vocal on the pitch and isnt afraid to put a rocket up anyone if the standards drop. Off the top of my head Adomah got blasted at the Hawthorns for wasting posession, and in the play off final, watch back when Mount puts Bogle in and he shoots hitting the side netting- Jack goes straight into Hourihane and lets him have it for not closing Mount down earlier in the play. These are people he clearly gets on with yet he is captain of AVFC first and foremost and will demand high standards. Its a masterstroke by DS you only have to look at where we are today, and the record since he took the armband.
  10. Yeah Jaoa Felix, he's next
  11. I cant wait for that opener at Spurs now. Hopefully we'll have a great big side full of beastly bastards and spurs wont have a clue whats about to hit them. All led out by Super Jack with the prem badges on his sleeves (under the angry birds), the camera goes across our starting XI like they do prior to kick off, all XI have their steely gameface on, know the gameplan and we go out there and shock the world. What a difference 12 months make, thanks for letting me dream again.
  12. Must be true, if you listen carefully, you can hear a sob on the tyne
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