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  1. I knew he’d be a shite player because he wears clobber like this
  2. Liverpool 4-3 Leeds Leeds 1-1 Man City Villa 0-3 Leeds Leeds 0-0 Arsenal Everton 0-1 Leeds Some pretty impressive results in there having just come back up
  3. At least he was complimentary of us after the mauling
  4. You know Klopp is angry when he starts gurning
  5. Probably just catering for the LDN club. Aston Villa are merely an afterthought
  6. Thats as awful as back to back defeats get for Palace after thumping Leeds. Bruce strikes again, actually unbelievable the points he’s amassed last season and this given the anti football that side play
  7. Its pretty disrespectful at this point. Whats it been, a month, 6 weeks or so since he signed a new 5 year contract? What other player would have constant transfer speculation instantly after signing such a deal. Maybe the media could take a look at the fact his club is progressing at a decent rate, just as he was promised, and maybe put 2+2 together and realise they could spin a story positively about AVFC for once. God forbid a big club can nurture a world class talent, who is a fan, and actually want to keep hold of them with ambitious plans for the near future. Does my nut in
  8. Couldnt have described Leeds better myself
  9. Its clear to see he is scoring too much, too often. Sign of a greedy player, thats something he needs to work on; until he stops scoring goals he’ll always be crap
  10. Dean will surely back his £19m signing to deliver in the next few games. Got to give him a run of starts you’d think. He has obvious qualities, one being his dead ball delivery. Just have to hope Jack can be as influential if he is moved from the left because I dont think he was as soon as he was moved on Saturday.
  11. Lansbury didnt make the PL squad, come on romavillan you’re having a mare in this thread
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