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  1. Watkins set the tone for a very good performamce at Goodison. Think we’ll lose unfortunately, but will be nice to see what Davis can offer. He knows this is his big chance
  2. Hopefully Atletico get over the line, they deserve it and have been top nearly all season. Real have been really average for a while. Was it last season they lost 3-0 at home to CSKA Moscow in the CL?
  3. I remember when the rumour broke on twatter just before the Leicester game. It said he’d be out around 3 months and it was the same injury as he had in the championship. Then Deano has consistently said its not a serious injury and not long term. Who’d have thought the rumour would be the more accurate detail. Cant wait for the ordeal to be over with. Its been a horrible few months watching us struggle to perform. Cant wait to put this trauma behind us now
  4. How good is Olise at Reading as i can safely say ive not watched a single minute of them this season.
  5. They should send the FA refs to Bundesliga, Italians to Ligue 1, French to England, etc, and swap them round every season. Just do something because there is such an unjust sickening taste left in the mouth over here practically on a weekly basis with the decisions. Dont know what its like around Europe but it cant be this incompetent.
  6. Sick of the officiating in this league. Its got 10x worse with the introduction of VAR. And that is some going.
  7. Smells like Corruption blatant pen for the Greenwood handball Enough for a pen on Ollie; certainly not worthy of anorher booking. Oh so predictable.
  8. Matic coming on to kick lumps and slow it up with tactical fouls
  9. At least 6 mins been wasted here bet they still add on 3 max
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