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  1. Last night was the reason we had to be relegated its taken years, and a lot of collective suffering, but wow. Villa Park at its very best. Fans/Player/Club connection finally rebuilt. Lets keep it moving.
  2. Fans have been superb great to see VP full again on the regular
  3. Lol everyone goes straight over to Wes as they know he's liable to pull a gat out his waistband
  4. Engels and Mings block everything. Brilliant from them again
  5. They look frustrated, similar to spurs in the first half. Hopefully we can keep that clean sheet. Pleased for the big man getting off the mark. We grew into the half, its nice watching this team grow together. You can see theyre all learning how to play with one another. Jota and Wesley have had a great understanding since preseason.
  6. Marco Silva is sniffeling, fidgety and sweaty. Hes been on the packet
  7. McGinn being dragged back in posession. No foul ffs

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