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  1. Clear of Bosnich and Friedel in my book. Bosnich was my childhood hero, Friedel was a safe pair of hands. Emi is on another level. Proper all rounder with no weakness. After 24 appearances I can confidently say he is the best we’ve had in the PL era.
  2. Be amazing if he comes back like he did in the Championship and just starts owning the league again pushing us into Europe
  3. Top performance. Never afraid to shoot and as fans thats what you want; have a go. Thought he was excellent and deserved to be the matchwinner. I want Grealish back as an 8 to accommodate Anwar starting on the left. We saw the return it yielded with Barkley out. Jack can be just as influential in the middle.
  4. He must be sitting and thinking hard after that result. Gone from a bench player at Chelsea to a bench player at Villa. Needs to show his desire to get back in in training instead of thinking he was a given to start. Grealish can hopefully liven him up
  5. What a win. If we can get some back to backs now we’ll be in a great position. 13 clean sheets. Another Marvelous shut-out (4 from 4 starts) El Ghazi MOTM, closely followed by Nakamba & Mings who all get 8.5/10 Konsa honourable mention Emi safe as houses again Set the score straight with those scamps, still no double for them Grealish back soon; id put him back in the middle to accomodate AEG on the left tbh Well played Deano making the changes that were necessary and getting the result we were hoping for. Top top performance, buzzin with that. Le
  6. Anwar sorting his hair out for his victory interview speach
  7. The most frequent sub in English league football history
  8. Targett has got a meanstreak in him thesedays I love it
  9. Been excellent without the ball. As we had to be today
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