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  1. Heaton MOTM. Could easily have been 9 again they had so many clear cut chances. Defensively we were as bad as ive seen in a while. McGinn was ragged again today. Grealish poor by his standards. Wesley im afraid just doesnt cut it- had so many chances to prove himself but he hamstrings us. Kodjia has to be given a go now. Cant stick by your signing any more Deano, swallow your pride. Need that chequebook out in January.
  2. Remember prematch presser Deano saying no one will get an easy day at VP thats for sure
  3. We had so much momentum and good will in the summer. Frustrating that when a player is as poor as Wesley it breeds toxicity in the fanbase who in turn feed negativity onto the pitch and undo that momentum
  4. Doesn’t matter how you dress it up, its a massive waste of £22m. The big man has an awful touch and positional sense. So easy to defend against. Still in it. This Leicester side are impressive though, they are beating everyone this is no fluke. If we come out second half with the bit between our teeth we can maybe grab a draw here. Need more from McGinn, not had a great 4/5 games. Needs to be deeper. Nakamba has been poor. Crazy decision from Mings and Smith not to make the change. You cant run off a hammy
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