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  1. James Chester

    Bruce said he was playing with flu yesterday. 4 days off now for the whole squad.
  2. Pre-match thread

    NY stadium is Rotherhams dump 10 days rest, lets use it well, get clean bill of health and get at these. Cant let up now, will be our hardest game of this set of 5 fixtures. Although in isolation a draw would be a good result it will also be a disappointment, need to keep the pressure on and own this league now.
  3. The Manager thread

    So much hype around the guy. Looked the business until Everton went on the poach. Probably end up in Italy, Milan could do with some fresh ideas.
  4. Wolves

    Well they are having a blip, no doubt about that. Goals have dried up, just 1 in their last 4, against not the hardest of opposition in fairness, which read like this: Wolves 0-2 Forest Swansea 2-1 Wolves Barnsley 0-0 Wolves Wolves 0-0 Swansea Not the best set of results, but they have set a very high standard all season, so although unexpected I suppose they were due a sticky period (insert oooooh gif). Ipswich away and Sheff Utd at Molineux next aswell, hopefully a few more points dropped then we'll see if they can see it out under a small bit of pressure. Imo they have too much quality in their squad not to bounce back and see it out now. They really arent our concern until we realistically have them in our sights if we ever do at all in these remaining months. Im not greedy, ill be more than happy with second.
  5. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Barnsley

    Dont think we're going down this year mate
  6. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Barnsley

    Old habits creeping in 2nd half. A lot of sloppiness but otherwise a very good afternoon for us with other results. Well done Scotdog, 4 in 3. What a bargain.
  7. Pre match thread

    Will be a good barometer to gauge our automatic promotion chances today. Got a lot of the hard work done in terms of the last 3 games that were all tricky on paper. Whenever we get ourselves in a position like this with a home game like this to capitalise on, we've been known to take our foot off the pedal and not show up. But I think tbf to Bruce, our mental strength is finally beginning to improve, if the way we managed that forest game is anything to go by
  8. Robert Snodgrass

    Think he's enjoying himself here. Seems to wear his heart on his sleeve, proper Scot;- dont think he wants to play for those trolls of owners they got over there
  9. Pre match thread

    I dont think theyre as bad as people make out. They actually played alright when we beat them at their place. Will be tricky, as always when we're expected to win. Think it will be a marginal win. 2-1 with plenty of squeaky bums
  10. Robert Snodgrass

    They just reported on SSN that West Ham have failed in trying to recall him, told no chance by Villa due to no recall option. Cheeky fkers. If he helps get us up, brilliant. Wont be too fussed when he goes back in the summer. He's been brilliant lately, but was equally poor before that. Probably due to those ribs but its been much more like it of late. Stay fit and fire us bk to the prem, then we'll see what summer brings. Could be that he wants to come here and could tell WH as much. But either way, with money to spend in the prem he'll be replaced.
  11. Lets all laugh at Newcastle (again)

    Sob on the tyne, bitchez
  12. Arsenal

    You do know finishing pretty much anywhere in the premier league nets you about £67 billion thesedays? We need to get amongst it next season its a bloody must! Im sure theyll be fine. Besides, even with money, they dont like to fritter it away on footballers. Much better off sitting in that account gaining all that interest
  13. Pre match thread

    They had a good result but we should have too much. Time for SH to stop fkn about with single notches and start hittin a few braces
  14. January transfer window 2018

    Yes you should, as it already exists