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  1. If you believe the rumours, we were planning on signing a striker that would have easily broken our transfer record before it fell through at the last minute. We may well revisit that one.
  2. No to Mitrovic for me. We need a versatile striker and at least one winger or forward who gets in the box to support a striker. One who scores goals. I'd look at finding the next Lewandowski and Bowen.
  3. I enjoyed the summer. Haven't missed all the overreaction, excessive negativity and ridiculous hyperbole.
  4. Mazrim

    Douglas Luiz

    Yep. This one wont struggle with 12 piece jigsaws.
  5. Maybe hold his dog to ransom? Get an 8 on whoscored or the next time anybody sees it will be in a Tesco ready meal. I could see that working.
  6. So you're all convinced we're done then? Why, because Gregg Evans said so?
  7. Yes. I cant believe we're signing Rando Mbloke
  8. No way. We have a squad of heartbreakers as it stands and if thats it, I'll still be delighted. But it won't be it.
  9. If it was Wolves they would be landing at Doghead International.
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