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  1. Never in the field of human football has so much been talked about one little football club, by so many.
  2. I like him as a player and think he can be effective but hes not worth silly money. There will be more than a few players we can look at who would be better value in that position.
  3. Based on the fact he has already been talking about retiring and been quoted saying he "can't wait to see the back of it". Is he the sort of player we want to put maximum effort in going into his 30s? Perhaps the ignorance is yours?
  4. Elmo maybe although Id like 2 right backs ahead of him. Taylor is just not good enough. I'd have got rid if we were still in the Championship.
  5. Mazrim

    Tyrone Mings

    Noel Whelan is such a clearing in the woods. Why is he being quoted in the press every day now? A no mark player and even less significant post career.
  6. To be honest, I rate Butland higher than Pickford. Hope this comes off. Sounds like it will.
  7. Who is the next big german ball playing centre half who would rather punch his nan than concede a goal?
  8. Please. Enough about Terry. ...who was the best Centre Half in the PL since McGrath.
  9. Sounds like the Winner of some kind of Brazilian ass pageant.
  10. How old is he now? 50? Do the Weetabix Gang get a part of the fee? I always thought he was a bit of a thug too. Very intimidating for a Weetabix, with his braces, Doc Martins, stonewashed tight jeans and cropped wheat haircut.
  11. Can we have a filter on the word Fulham please? Lots of clubs have spent lots of money on lots of players. Because Fulham made a bollocks of it and went down doesn't make it the norm. Its not like we have a choice. Smith and Co were left with a squad that was not fit for puropse in the PL. Half of it was just enough to get promoted. Of that, we had to borrow half of them. So we were always rebuilding this summer. Fortunately, we're in the PL and have wealthy owners so we can afford better players. The alternative was to bring a misfit bsstardised ageing squad into the PL for the sake of continuity. That would have surely ended in humiliation. The good news is that Smith is used to rebuilding squads in short order. He's done it wherever he's been. He wont be phased by having to do it again. So if we get the squad playing cohesive football, it will not resemble 'a Fulham'.
  12. 130m doesn't even get you a useless overrated gobshite now. I mean Paul Pogba.

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