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  1. Mazrim

    Keinan Davis

    Kodjia will start in Abraham's absence, but I have faith in Davis to weigh in when required. Obviously I want Tammy back asap. The kid not only scores regularly but he's totally plugged in to how the team plays. His runs and hold up play create space and chances. But Davis can do that probably even more effectively and Kodjia is a better finisher. We're not toothless, but we're better off with Tammy as the better all round striker.
  2. I don't think we should think too much about what did or didnt happen before 2 or 3 months ago. That wasn't the same team, so the comparisons dont really apply in my opinion. That Steve Bruces' Villa failed to beat a so called top 4 side is of no bearing, such is the difference in coaching, leadership on and off the pitch, playing style and personnel.
  3. Mazrim

    Dean Smith

    The Club don't put them out. Leeds do.
  4. Dont buy a Bristol City player. They will come covered in cardboard and cost 10 times their value.
  5. Mazrim

    Dean Smith

    Morley, Sid, Yorke, Platt, Young, Grealish...
  6. Bruce being manager and Grealish / Axel being injured for months makes Leeds injury concerns trivial in the Calamity stakes. Its like comparing the Towering Inferno to an overheating 1979 Austin Princess.
  7. McGinn generates more energy than Yorkshire on his own. Not convinced Viva.
  8. Explain how they are better than us, right now as things stand?
  9. Agree there. Leeds, Villa & one of the Sheffs should be at the top table. Forest too.
  10. So you say. They press high. So what? More space to play in behind then. I dont need to watch Leeds more. I just disagree with your appraisal. And I would definitely fancy our chances now. Man for man, we're better in my opinion. Hasn't been that way all sesson. Is now.
  11. Oh, we wouldn't be sitting back. I think your defence and midfield would be all too aware of that. What you have to remember is that we've changed our manager, staff, playing style, half our first choice XI and more besides this season. If we'd started the season with this set up I reckon the table would look a bit different at the top. Leeds deserve to go up. But be thankful for Sheffield Utd hitting a slump and injuries and Villa being transitional. Might have been different otherwise. Still, its about time Leeds got back into the top flight. Hope we see you there next season too. If not, the year after.
  12. A lot of your fans, including ones I know, and pundits reckon it was your best game. Regardless, you're stuttering to the finish and we're not. I think your bluster is misplaced.
  13. And we're not the same team. At all. Ask Leeds if they want to play us now. If they keep coming at us, we'll kill them on the counter. Different ball game. In any case. I think due to the injury problems hitting Sheffield Utd, Leeds will go up automatically. So won't be our concern. In the playoffs at least. WBA I guarantee will be dreading facing us.
  14. There isn't one way to do it. Getting a veteran like Cahill to work alongside a core of younger potential seems like sense to me. And er, while Cahill wouldnt be cheap, do we look like we need the money?
  15. Indeed. The thing that separates is how many times your day comes around.
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