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  1. I cant help but wonder why we had to wait 2 weeks to sign Samatta. Maybe another deal or 2 fell through and he was next in line? I still think another striker is being lined up. One that we will have to wait to the last minute for.
  2. What Samatta you, hey? Gotta no respect? What you tink we do? Why you look a so sad? 8m a not so bad. He's got decent pace. Ah Samatta you face.
  3. Mazrim

    Louie Barry

    Our new Academy head is getting the band back together.
  4. Still want Bowen. A couple of strikers. A powerful midfielder and a left back... And another centre half ...
  5. Not fussed with Nzonzi. Never saw the big deal in his prime. We'll see but I think we need energy and drive more than a big lump in midfield. I don't see the point.
  6. "You simply wont believe how far the Birmingham Mail can shove their rag up their arse". "This Solihull housewife earned £5,673 a week shoving the Birmingham Mail up their arse". "These pictures of people shoving the Birmingham Mail up their arse seem fake. But they're not". "These tragic photos show what happened just moments before the Birmingham Mail fatally shoved their worthless rags up their arse".
  7. Gregg Evans knows nothing. Whatever Villa are or are not planning, he is not aware of it.
  8. Mazrim

    Dean Smith

    No I agree. Rather than say I never see a plan, I should have been clearer and said it happens too often. Especially in the last 2 months. There are excuses for some of it. Im not denying that. And I'm not getting on Smiths back. Today he got a few things wrong, but he isn't working with much.
  9. Mazrim

    Dean Smith

    I'm not saying pull the plug. But compared to a couple of months ago, I'm not seeing much evidence of coaching. Its just a bit aimless atm and I'm wondering why You can have shit players but still see evidence of a plan. Where's the plan? Need to see more than this.
  10. Wesley needs a striker with him. I think then you'd see his value. We intended to get a striker to play with him. I'm convinced of that. When that didnt materialise, Wesley had to do the job himself and that's not his game. He's a fulcrum, not a target man or poacher.
  11. Are there lots of strikers who would want to join us? Yes. Are they all suitable? No. Probably a very small percentage. Are there strikers we want that, because they are high profile, might need convincing to come/ extra shmoozing? Possibly, yes. Are there 3 parties in a deal, including greedy duplicitous gobshite agents making even simple deals unnecessarily complicated? Yes. Is it more important to get it right for the next 5 months than the next few weeks? Absolutely. Do we all want the best possible players we can get in this window, even if we have to wait and go short for a few games? I would hope so. Is it worth arguing over? No, but in lieu of news, why not.
  12. The Benteke talk is distracting us from all the other transfer chat...
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