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  1. If anything happens to Watkins you will be. And nobody said we have to play one at a time. Wesley / Davies / Barry could be a great supporting cast. Or it could be that one never recovers fully, one struggles to score and the other isn't fully ready yet. I'd be very happy with another one.
  2. He's a dribbler, fast as lightning, outrageous vision at times, great shot, goes down a bit too readily for my liking but has all the tools we're looking for. Was on a trajectory to the absolute pinnacle a couple of years ago. Floundered a bit at Valencia but might just need a move to reignite his flame. Still young. I'm down.
  3. All agents should be made to fight eachother in a gladiatorial arena with briefcases full of money and a suit of armour made from a pound of flesh. To the death.
  4. Maybe he just isn't good enough to stand out at the top level. I doubt it, but it does happen. I never believed he was the next Mahrez or close, but certainly thought he'd make more of an impact. Still time.
  5. Mazrim

    Dean Smith

    I'm all for switching it up more, but this would be a mistake I reckon. The space behind the wing backs, with a defensively ponderous midfield too. Jesus, no. The full backs are attacking enough already and they enjoy space because they have wingers making it.
  6. Mazrim

    Dean Smith

    The way I see it is: there's nothing wrong with criticism as long as its balanced. We've been mostly good or very good this season, with flat periods where we've lacked some gusto. So I'd expect the comments to reflect that. It's not perfect, but the journey from near disaster to the fringe of the elite, when looked through a wide lens, is quite amazing. If you see mostly negative comments, it's not right. Likewise, when everything is positive, that's not true either. But when you think about where we are as a club right now, it's fair to say many fans turn a blind eye to the rough e
  7. It's one of the most pathetic things I've ever seen. I would have laughed in his face if I was there. What a jackass.
  8. Just thought I'd say that I hope Roy Keane gets buggered by an amorous elephant. I'd also love to knock his square head off. Oh yes, Souness is a soulless goon with zero charisma. I hate him.
  9. Ollie was great. Very impressed with Traore and Anwar. Barkley played well. Caught napping for their goal though. Much more like it in general. Everybody had a solid game. Luiz was drifting again but lovely interception which started our second goal.
  10. I wouldn't call it putting Watkins wide, but as the more mobile of the two with license to pull wide. With Jack in a free role behind them. I like the idea of that, at least as an option.
  11. He's OK. I don't know what he'd offer more than what we have to be honest.
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