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  1. Mazrim

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Ditto you heard 4 or 5 or ditto you were bombing down the M40?
  2. Mazrim

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I could have sworn he said 4 or 5 but I was bombing down the M40 at the time and may have misheard.
  3. Mazrim

    Steve Bruce

    You're right that we dont have strikers to lump the ball to. That's why it's so frustrating when we do it. And we do. I wouldn't say it's our MO but it happens too often.
  4. Mazrim

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Clark can **** off.
  5. Mazrim

    Steve Bruce

    I look at other teams, see that they can take a throw in, keep the ball more than 3 passes, not get dissected with straight balls through the middle time after time, move the ball purposefully forward without kicking it 50 yards to an imaginary giant and think that we might do a bit more of that. The grass isn't always greener. Playing sexy football doesn't guarantee results. However, can't we expect a bit better than the oafish clumsy football we see too often from Bruce's Villa? Football is supposed to be entertainment. And while I dont think we're slacking on training I do think the value and nature of that training is questionable considering how unprepared and sloppy our players seem. Balanced against that, and to be fair to Bruce, the preseason has been turbulent and less than ideal to say the least. I like to think things will imprive as they get into the season. I also remember how Bruce's limited tactics cost us dearly last season where more sophisticated teams like Wolves and Fulham succeeded. And Cardiff....
  6. Mazrim

    Carabao Cup 2nd Round Draw

    SKY and Talksport believe this anyway.
  7. Mazrim

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Odegaard is exactly the kind of player we should be looking at. He could be our Neves. If there were no question marks over him at all a move here would be out of the question. He was, and still could be, one of the brightest young talents in world football.
  8. Mazrim

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Nobody will play every match and if Moreira misses out for Bunn on a particular matchday squad so we can use somebody else, fine.
  9. Mazrim

    Steve Bruce

    We'd still need a striker and wide midfielder.
  10. Mazrim

    Steve Bruce

    Bruce should be furious. It's his team though. Sorry, how they play is down to him. Entirely.
  11. Mazrim

    Steve Bruce

    We've won 3 games and I still want to cry. We're just so poor to watch it gives me a nose bleed. The Gods are with us, but for how long? Sorry. I think we need a change. Time to part company with Mr Bruce in my opinion.
  12. Mazrim

    Match Thread: Yeovil v Villa

    Kodjia has come on for a fight. Thats nice.
  13. Mazrim

    Steve Bruce

    Well, I've seen enough.
  14. Mazrim

    Match Thread: Yeovil v Villa

    Tuanzebe hasn't been that bad. He's playing with dogshit players like Taylor and Elphick. Not used to it.
  15. Mazrim

    Match Thread: Yeovil v Villa

    Elphick is so flat footed he may as well be aquatic.