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  1. Better full backs will also help that. Modern full backs assist plenty. Especially when your midfield dominates as we would hope ours would. Let's start with buying the best young full backs we can find. That have potential to be top flight players.
  2. Yeah and Jack was the talk of the town for the 1st half of the season. I'm not denying Fernandes has been great. I just wouldn't swap, nor do I accept he's a level above Jack.
  3. Fernandes is in better form but I wouldn't swap. Jack is capable of genuine magic. I don't think Fernandes is. Very impressive, tidy and consistent player for sure.
  4. Mazrim

    Louie Barry

    They looked pissed up or hungover against Man City. Might be an ideal game to play him. For the record, I'm sure they will be back on it against us.
  5. Hey. Jesus never said that.
  6. Mazrim

    Dean Smith

    I'm always behind Villa managers because why wouldn't you be as a Villa fan? But I have been desperate for Smith to succeed more than any other since Brian Little. The state of the team at the moment. Well, its not good. There are many factors. We had to buy a new swuad and make it gel instantly. Very difficult. But then again we played with more swagger and cohesion in the early part of the season. Results snd VAR were harsh to us. We played with something like a plan. Yes, we gave away far too many goals but I could forgive that as long as we kept playing attacking football and tried to tighten up. I dont see any of that now. Recruitment has been poor or bizarre. We have to accept that prices are crazy. Still, we have not had much value for money. We could have bought Cahill, an experienced player to solidify the back line but we bought 3 youngsters instead, and Mings who played mostly as a left back in the PL when fit. OK Smith isn't entirely to blame for recruitment. They all should be removed from that role. They have faiked miserably. One decent goalscorer could be the difference in surviving and we spent nearly 40m on Wesley and Samatta. Wow. But the fundamental issue for me is that the team look aimless. You can have bad or average players doing better than this if they're coached well. We dont even look coached at the minute. Therefore, with great sadness, resignation and regret. Its time to change the entire bacjroom stafg. Again. Its just not working. We cannot squander the opportunity these owners present. It might be too late this season. But it has to happen now.
  7. There's no way we would entertain anything like 50m. That's what Man Utds average right back went for. We're talking about, arguably, England's most talented young player. We're under no obligation to sell him as far as I know. Not for a cut price deal anyway.
  8. Mazrim

    Dean Smith

    This sums up how I feel.
  9. Still cant bear to read match threads. Later.
  10. One of the form teams in the run in. Watch this space.
  11. Mazrim

    Douglas Luiz

    We've been relegated once in like 30 years. This is why Souness was a shit manager. Idiot.
  12. Most of the pics show various Leicester players being outmuscled by Davis.
  13. Mazrim

    Tom Heaton

    I doubt Man Utd will sell him. He could be No1 there soon. Brilliant keeper. Pickford is good although his permafurious face annoys me. I would have Henderson, Pope and Heaton above him currently though. He has been poor this season.
  14. If his best offer is outside of London, Thats where he'll go. Not saying it will be Villa but its possible.
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