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  1. Meh..... They are not my cup of tea anyway, so didn’t think I’d like it.
  2. Going to be a tough one, but we are at home. Will Smith go with the same team? I think he may . 1.1 and we are off the mark.
  3. He’s been crap the last two games. He had crap moments in the championship too. I’d drop him next week and see if that gives him a kick up the arse like it did before(I think). The potential is there though, he’s just very hot and cold.
  4. It’s fair to say we were unlucky with their goals. They got a penalty straight away, and then they had a right bit of luck with that second goal. Anything we hit just missed or was saved by their keeper. I’ve got no issues with Smith at all. Infact we are playing better than I thought we would be. I’m enjoying watching us that’s for sure.
  5. I’m not against what you are saying. Infact I was surprised Targett wasn’t playing today, or at least brought on. Maybe introduce it against Everton Friday? I can see why Smith would be reluctant though.
  6. It’s not that I’m dead against Wesley. He’s just got no competition for that position upfront . Kodjia is nowhere good enough and Davies will never be a goal scorer . We’ve literally got no one to come on for Wesley if he’s having a bad day or bad run of games. I’m happy to continue with the big man, but you need another striker in just to give us options and something different.
  7. I thought Maupay was the safer bet . Or should have got both in.
  8. I thought he played well first half, but not so much second half. I’m not convinced he will get enough goals though, well not yet anyway . He may need a season in this league to get him to improve as a player. He was too deep for me today. I’d like to see how he is in another month or so before doubting him too much.
  9. That’s the thing isn’t it. Personally I think Trezeguet will be more effective then Jota will during the season. I liked Guilbert during pre season, but Elmo played well today . I really don’t think the defence is the issue at the moment, but in the same breath I’m not sure if we are playing our best team either .
  10. You can’t fault Taylor at the moment. The last two games he played well. He’s certainly a grafter. I honestly thought he would be a massive liability in the prem. He’s not much good going forward mind, and that showed at times today. I would have brought Targett on the last 15-20 mins.
  11. Elmo and Trezeguet work well together down that right side.
  12. We never gave the game up one bit. It just weren’t to be today . We were unlucky at times .
  13. This is the important thing. Need to get points before it becomes too much of a thing .
  14. Weren’t much in the game at all. Bournemouth won’t trouble the relegation battle as I think they will stay up easily enough ..

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