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  1. Lancashire had a very good side back then .
  2. Remember him well. I don’t know why I supported Lancashire, but I was massively into them at one point. Atherton was the captain at the time .
  3. Probably Robs missus. They do say things change once they get married.
  4. Tell people you didn’t have a stutter?
  5. Unless you have a diverse taste then it’s probably not worth while. Most of, if not all of my taste is based in Rock I’d say.
  6. Ozzy solo always goes next to sabbath on my shelf. Some people sort their albums into genres.
  7. Probably uses them to clear the dog shit up .
  8. Rugeley Villa


    Same with a few of my mates. They smoke it everyday, and sometimes at work too. I’ve never been into the cannabis lifestyle. The words you describe it is how I see it too, and it just doesn’t do nothing for me. I find they spend a fair bit of money on it too, so it isn’t cheap. I don’t know how people can function when they are on it all day everyday. I find it very frustrating to be around people that are stoned as ****.
  9. Just wondered What sabbath albums you got?
  10. I once made a similar joke to my grandad a few years back. He snapped back at me to watch my mouth. He weren’t happy
  11. The general public can’t view it online then?
  12. I think the “The” will probably be dropped. So The Who for example will be under W.
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