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  1. It certainly is. Minus the beard.
  2. You’ve misunderstood black sabbath.
  3. Not all evil acts commited are the devils work. I mean look at all the evil that has been done in the name of God. I didn’t base my belief in the devil based on that anyway. There are I believe demonic forces that enter our world. You fight these forces with God and the power of Christ.
  4. I have not facts or proof, but it’s just a spiritual belief. What made me realise that I was religious was when I realised that to believe in the devil then you must believe in god surely? I don’t believe the bible word for word and I don’t think people should live by it word for word.
  5. I get how people can get hooked into religion emotionally. It’s kind of like a comfort thing.
  6. I wouldn’t say I don’t believe it no. My belief system is that there is quite possibly a god. I believe in the devil and evil, so it makes sense that I believe in god and good over evil. I believe that there is power in Christ. In terms of higher power then I suppose you could have all sorts of things whether it be personal or not. I think if you reach out to Jesus and open yourself up on the religious path then you will be guided by Jesus and the light and love of Christ.
  7. If I’m being honest, no I don’t believe everything that is in the bible. I do believe in a higher power though, and I think religion can guide people in a positive way.
  8. You might not think it now, and I know this might sound simplistic, but YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS. Love hurts mate and we all handle things different. I’m like you in the sense that the no small talk or even the no how are you kind of thing would hurt me. I’d want conversation just to be able to hold on to something.
  9. I have no evidence. I like every other person only has a belief. Show me the evidence that it’s not true?
  10. There Is No One Like Jesus There is no one like Jesus, Our Savior and Lord The message is timeless The price we could not afford. On the cross He bore our shame Suffering, He died, Our souls to reclaim. Three days later He rose from the grave Purchased our pardon, We are no longer enslaved.
  11. You’re on about the tart. Have you ever tried the bakewell pudding ?
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