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  1. Coleslaw is just wrong . Awful shite
  2. Even though I have little uns I don’t like Halloween, and dislike bonfire night even more . CHRISTmas is where it’s at for me and October the 1st is the run up to it. For me it is anyway
  3. Keep well away. I’ve heard female Leeds fans have hairy armpits and smell like the shit house door on an old fishing trawler, especially certain parts of the body .
  4. Page didn’t like it but understood the sentiment of the song. It was not a direction he wanted to pursue though
  5. Written by Plant to his son who sadly passed away whilst he was on the bands 77 tour in the US . I don’t mind it, but the chorus is a bit repetitive. A lot of songs came alive when they were played live with Since I’ve Been Loving you being one of them .
  6. That’s the actual song that was playing when I posted . When Zeppelin got heavy they were heavy. The album in question was the pinnacle of the band. Went downhill after that .
  7. Just listening to led zeppelin physical graffiti on my record player. Double album. I don’t think side 1 or 2 ever got topped in terms of heavy rock. It’s so big and brash sounding. Custard Pie The Rover In My Time Of Dying Houses Of The Holy Trampled Underfoot Kashmir every song is gigantic. Not sure you’ll ever hear a more powerful drumming performance. Unbelievable sound they managed to get, especially Bonham on drums .
  8. Can definitely feel the change of weather at work, and we’ve had the heating on at times this week . Still wearing shorts at work and also out and about .
  9. I once read an article years ago which was on about brummies in general don’t tend to enjoy live shows as much as other cities wether it be sport, music, comedy etc . Not sure how accurate that is
  10. Brummies certainly have their own identity I think . Not ones to hype themselves up IMO. Proper salt of the earth types . Regarding it being a shit hole. Yes like every other big city there are plenty of rough places, but I think it’s changed itself into a more vibrant place. Plenty of nice areas and things to do.
  11. Dog is fine . Slight dehydration and Inflamed stomach . Diagnosed it as gastro summat or other . Anti sickness tablets and a course of antibiotics and he should be fine. £180 less in the bank mind . In all honesty that’s not too bad , I thought it would be more. More importantly dog is fine.
  12. I bought two last night . Couple of Dennis Wheatley novels. Easy reading really. I’m trying to get back into it, as it really helps mentally and spiritually. Time is an issue with me but I can make time I think . I’ve still got some books that were bought for me that I haven’t e en started. One of them is IT by Stephen King. I’m just not sure it would interest me much and it’s pretty lengthy, but I should give it a go as I’ve heard it’s a good book.
  13. Our eldest French Bulldog has had to go to an out of hours vet this morning. He managed to get hold of the sister in laws smokes the other day(Monday) Since Tuesday/Wednesday he’s been throwing up quite a bit . Perfectly fine within himself but throwing up. This morning he’s taken a decline. Won’t eat or drink and very lethargic and won’t move much. Obviously dehydration is kicking in which is dangerous. Can’t risk waiting until tomorrow to see local vet , so had to bite the bullet and get him in to out of hours up Stoke . Hopefully they will give him antibiotics and he’ll perk up in a day or two .
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