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  1. Always enjoyed the soundtrack to this.
  2. I am just sat here. No one in, no tv on because it’s only free view. Just sat looking out of the window .
  3. Have you seen the videos from palace. Hardly worth shouting about is it.
  4. 24 tickets left . Can’t see it making season ticket holders .
  5. I’ve been lied to for 36 years then. Sunday has always been church day and Monday has always been the start of the week.
  6. Is this game on Sunday the 7th of December or Monday the 8th of December????????
  7. Monday the 8th of December then .
  8. I don’t think we should take the moral high ground here . Our fans did the same at Palace away .
  9. I’m not denying it isn’t. That’s why I said a few posts back that I wish I was better at that kind of thing and it’s something I should improve on. They are only young once.
  10. You’ve either got it or you ain’t .
  11. I never liked reading out to the class in school, so it’s probably carried on. That doesn’t mean i am comparing my old class to my kids. It’s just something I’ve never had enjoyment doing. My wife on the other hand is good at it, and puts on all the different voices needed to identify characters in the book and show emotions.
  12. Yep, loads gone tonight . Won’t make general sale.
  13. 35 is close enough. 30 is close enough, but 37!!. Miles off.
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