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  1. Rugeley Villa


    Well, Duck, Feral Cat, and Fish are all available from the local Chinese takeaway, so be warned.
  2. Rugeley Villa


    God couldn’t have planned it any better. On a serious note the virus has probably been started from one of those live animal markets. Very bizarre nation.
  3. Rugeley Villa


    It won’t get the birth rate up in China. Is it still one kid allowed?
  4. Rugeley Villa


    We got through the Ebola crisis which I thought would wipe us out, so not too worried about this. Not nice for anyone who catches it mind.
  5. Or was it? You know what Doug was like years ago.
  6. There was only 400 more at that Tranmere game. The whole atmosphere and vibe at the club at the time was much different though i’ll admit.
  7. Great win, and proper scenes at the end. What I enjoyed also was the atmosphere. It wasn’t a particular great atmosphere, but there was an edge about it. The Villa fans weren’t putting up with no shit off anyone. We let our players know when we weren’t happy and we let the Watford players know we weren’t happy with their time wasting. It was very moody which added to the game. The players showed a lot of character and fight which is good to see.
  8. I know Some don’t realise that the Muslims will still be able to come into the country.
  9. As we are on the theme of horror movies, and Halloween in general. This film was the inspiration for a band that was to become Black Sabbath.
  10. I find the whole thing a pain in the arse. I’ll be glad when it’s over along with bonfire night and those bloody fireworks.
  11. For the first time ever i’ll be voting Labour. Some of the discussions I’ve had with work mates, and my mum about it are borderline insanity. Immigrants and Corbyn are the two main issues they have.
  12. A question for some of the older folk on here. Are you and your Wife/Partner still as much in love now as you were when you first met? Don’t be scared to spread the love.
  13. Don’t be such a snob. A pub full of piss heads is a proper pub.
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