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  1. Things you often Wonder

    I've watched Hippos eating meat, on tv of course. Love watching animal documentaries with my favourite being crocodiles.
  2. The Film Thread

    Watched 'Non Stop' last night with Liam Neeson in it. Decent film, but then again he's done a few decent films.
  3. General Chat

    Some of the lingo used by the youth of today baffles me. One I fail to understand is the use of the word 'bare' I had bare food last night or I bet that cost bare money.
  4. Things you often Wonder

    As a mixed grill is my favourite meal, I don't think I could give meat up fully.
  5. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    That's one way to avoid paying the bill
  6. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    Would just like to say the support I've had on here is unreal. I don't even get this off my mates. Anyway goodnight everyone.
  7. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    Cheeky sod my wife has already said she's going to be controlling the money from now on.
  8. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    Thank you.
  9. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    Sorry for hijacking this thread with my shit.
  10. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    Got a concert on Wednesday and I'm going to do it sober and clean and also my kids birthday party Saturday which I'm not drinking. Party is at the miners club and there will be plenty of parents drinking, but I've been asked if I'm going to be ok and I've said yes.
  11. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    No, nothing at all.
  12. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    He's quickly becoming very irrelevant which must be hard to deal with when you're a rock star.
  13. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    That's a big fear of mine and something me and my wife have spoken about. Either way I will hold myself responsible if my kids abuse drugs. I know a few old deadbeats and their kids have followed in their footsteps. I also know a few respectable people who have had trouble with drugs. I've had a reputation for drugs going back to my late teens so the damage is probably done regarding people gossiping, but that's not important.