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  1. Will be interesting to see how much the infection rate goes up and also the death rate.
  2. Boris looked rough. He also didn’t look great just before he got diagnosed. I’m pretty confident that he was pretty ill off coronavirus. Loads of people pull through though, and he would have been priority.
  3. 2/1 that the baby has bigger legs than Dom.
  4. I got lost but found America in the end. Pretty crazy.
  5. Not sure if people know this because it’s not being reported. Many people old and young who enter hospitals with covid 19 are recovering .
  6. Yeah watched something of his the other night, and the comments section was very bizarre with people latching on to his theory . There are definitely conspiracies, but not every bloody time something happens
  7. David Icke knows his onions
  8. Tbf Mooney I don’t think it generates much money either, so god knows why it’s still being allowed.
  9. There are some who put the economy ahead of human lives regarding how long the lockdown should be. I have no problem with the lockdown being for 12 months if that’s what it takes . We should be worrying about what’s in front of us first, instead of what happens once the virus has passed. By all means have people working on economic strategies to help once we kind of get back to normal, but people shouldn’t be mixing the two up together and trying to figure how what’s best to do for the country and it’s economy.
  10. I stopped being in denial. We only had to look at Italy and Spain to know what was coming . Weren’t too worried what was going on in China, but was concerned . Things have progressed quite rapidly.
  11. I started taking it seriously about two weeks ago . Before that though I weren’t socialising anyway, so not a lot has changed for me at the moment apart from no work.
  12. That’s very disturbing and surreal. Also noticed Italy has had a climb in infections and deaths after it seemed to be dropping.
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