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  1. Steve Bruce

    I keep hearing Bruce spouting that the players can't handle playing at villa and it's overwhelming. Anyone buying this? I can understand with some players but majority should not be fazed. I mean after all we are hardly Man Utd or arsenal. I know the atmosphere at home can be heavy at times, but I just can't grasp how shit people turn out once they put the claret and blue shirt on.
  2. Pre-match thread

    A draw is no good.
  3. Pre-match thread

    1.1 which will do nothing to please the fanbase. You can already feel the negative energy surrounding the game.
  4. Steve Bruce

    If we had showed something last night then I would of been reluctant to say this is it. We were shocking again last night and I just can't see anyway back.
  5. Steve Bruce

    We were lucky against Colchester.
  6. Steve Bruce

    I looked this morning and was expecting something, but it was all positive talk etc.
  7. Steve Bruce

    It's the way we lost tonight that did me. If we had played well and had a go fair enough, but there was just nothing.
  8. Next Aston Villa Manager

    We need an honest manager.
  9. Tony Xia

    Rodgers won't come but Martinez? Who knows.
  10. Steve Bruce

    Wish people would stop the personal insults. Let's stay classy.
  11. Steve Bruce

    I admit it's best he leaves so we can try and rescue the season. We need a decent manager who can do the job because otherwise we are going nowhere. Thing is Bruce was proven at this level, but maybe it was just too much for him.
  12. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    Why what happened then?
  13. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    They will be shocked as to what they are seeing. We are dog shit even in the championship.
  14. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    Make sure you pick it up.
  15. Steve Bruce

    It's not just Bruce who is the problem.