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  1. Gun on show, or hidden ?
  2. We had phone call from the school yesterday asking if we wanted to send our youngest back into reception class(nursery) as they are opening that back up. Missus was unsure, but I said no chance.
  3. What ya reckon to his trailer trash Seahawks hat? He wouldn’t last two minutes round Ruge with that hat on. It’s a Rams stronghold .
  4. They are irritating . In the summer I usually wear tennis socks, with nothing else on .
  5. It’s a leftie thing isn’t it, wearing sandals, and no socks . Back in my younger wilder days, you’d know if I was out on the town looking for trouble, because I’d wearing my John Wayne boots and cowboy hat when I wanted a good bar brawl.
  6. Thank god for that. Another week over. My back is in bits. Was running on empty for the last hour or so. Need a big breasted woman to rub my back for me tonight.
  7. I watched the highlights over Xmas of that game against Sunderland in the cup. He was brilliant wasn’t he. What a really exciting villa team that was, and that away strip was beautiful. Tranmere in the semis , talk about a rollercoaster.
  8. Does anyone remember his debut for us? I can’t recall it.
  9. He also played for United didn’t he? Remember being a youngster and getting up to watch him play for Australia. Back then you’d follow countries that had villa players playing for them. I think we all followed Ireland in the 94 World Cup for that reason alone.
  10. He was a really good GK. Forgot all about his dodgy kicking, but yes superb shot stopper. He went off the rails a bit, I remember right .
  11. What did his tweet actually say ?
  12. Once a Brummie , now a scouser, say no more
  13. Quality Street Salted Caramel Truffles Had a box of them at Xmas . Slowly been getting through them which indicates I’m not massive on them, but they are a weird one in terms of how nice they are .
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