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  1. There was always one house wasn’t there that all the kids were scared of. All kinds of tales growing up whether it be scary or not. The only thing I got told by my elders was to not take any sweets off old men.
  2. I tell you what I’ve enjoyed watching lately. That new pottery show on a sunday, which is really cool.
  3. I think they built the Great Wall of China in 3 days .
  4. When I was 9 me and the boys smashed my dogs head in with a brick .
  5. I can’t wait for the next animal mutilation story .
  6. Oh that wall. I always looked at that wall as an employment opportunity for the Americans .
  7. Yep, they paid the mortgage off years ago. Mortgages didn’t take a lifetime to pay off back then. House worth around £150k and he’s got a fair bit in the bank too. If he lives long enough they will have the lot. It’s shit but nowt can be done.
  8. I reckon it’s the Indians. They have spread it so there is an uptake in Indian food worldwide and people stop eating Chinese .
  9. @maqroll we’ve all done things we regret. End of an era tomorrow. My grandad moves out of his home of 50+ years. The home will be put up for sale to help fund his care. Had some great memories there and it’s mad how much the street has changed in terms of people moving out/in. I guess that’s life though. Spent my childhood and a few years of my adult life there. I will admit it’s not been the same place since my gran died 9-10 year ago, but it holds some very found memories. Another chapter closed.
  10. I was being sarcastic mike. I was making out rob was the skinny one and the Jim Morrison looking type was the singer .
  11. My wife got diagnosed a few months back with Emotional Personality Disorder. She lost the plot a few months back and had to go to a specialised place for a couple of weeks. It’s certainly not easy.
  12. Are you basically saying Xela should hook up with this single friend of your wife? Only my child here too, and I’ve always been happy in my own company. If me and the missus broke up I’m not sure how I’d feel in terms of wanting to be single or not, but I certainly don’t have to be with someone to make me feel better. I know people who cannot be on their own. Quite sad really.
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