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  1. I know Some don’t realise that the Muslims will still be able to come into the country.
  2. As we are on the theme of horror movies, and Halloween in general. This film was the inspiration for a band that was to become Black Sabbath.
  3. I find the whole thing a pain in the arse. I’ll be glad when it’s over along with bonfire night and those bloody fireworks.
  4. For the first time ever i’ll be voting Labour. Some of the discussions I’ve had with work mates, and my mum about it are borderline insanity. Immigrants and Corbyn are the two main issues they have.
  5. A question for some of the older folk on here. Are you and your Wife/Partner still as much in love now as you were when you first met? Don’t be scared to spread the love.
  6. Don’t be such a snob. A pub full of piss heads is a proper pub.
  7. The semis are going to have United, City, and possibly Leicester in them. Hopefully we beat Liverpool. Try and avoid City in the semis.
  8. Decent draw at home against a weakened Liverpool team who won’t give a flying shit about the game. No way should this game be moved to suit Liverpool. They either play it in the original date or they remove themselves out of the competition. All because they have some meaningless foreign tournament abroad.
  9. There was more than 34k there mate. No way was there 7k empty seats. Saying that I couldn’t see the whole of the upper trinity, although from what I could see it was pretty much full.
  10. Flat game and a flat atmosphere for both sets of fans. It seemed neither team had to work hard and it felt very much like a friendly game not a local derby cup game. Also 34k there? There was way more than that. Anyway at least we won. Nightmare getting home tonight.
  11. Providing they field a weak team we should have enough to beat them. Our cup teams have been pretty strong so far. This game is way down on the owners priority. We can afford to field a much stronger team than they can.
  12. Yep, I thought exactly the same. They should have had members yesterday and season ticket holders today which is fair for both.
  13. Will these go on sale to season ticket holders to purchase extra ticket?
  14. I’m glad the bastard is dead, but I assume they already have someone to take his place.
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