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  1. If accurate that’s excellent, and even more reason for people to have the vaccines.
  2. How less likely are you to catch and spread Covid if you’re double jabbed ?
  3. I’m not so sure. It is encouraging, but I’m not sure what’s behind the drop . Think I read 132 died yesterday , but how many of them were on the way out anyway I’m not sure .
  4. My missus gets her second jab tomorrow which I’m glad about. Just hope she’s ok from it as we go away early Saturday morning.
  5. Not a Slipknot fan, but Joey Jordison was a machine on those drums.
  6. @chrisp65 we are off to Porthcawl on Saturday for 7 nights. Bit OTT I know, but it’s an holiday. Any good around there?
  7. Yet there’s still plenty of people talking like the vaccines are a bad thing . It’s their body I suppose , but I’d like to know how many of the anti vax brigade smoke, drink, or take drugs, and you may as well throw in eat shit all the time .
  8. Money talks, but I don’t think this is about money. It’s more about silverware and playing at the highest level, which would be champions league football. He’s been more than loyal to us, and I honestly wouldn’t begrudge him a move away. Saying that I still think we have a very good chance of keeping hold of him.
  9. Yep, it’s the follow on concept from “Welcome To My Nightmare” which I got outbid on.
  10. Three more to the ever increasing collection Alice Cooper Deep Purple and one for the housewives, Mamas And Papas
  11. The man , the myth , the legend, the seed sower
  12. All the best to you and your family Dom. Keep fighting mate.
  13. Materials have rocketed. Unless you can rob it off site or somewhere, it’s a bad time to have anything done at the moment.
  14. Great second half. Honestly thought we were beaten going in at halftime.
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