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  1. Rugeley Villa


    No worries mate, i’ll answer as best as I can.
  2. Rugeley Villa

    Pre match thread

    Remember this. I think the same group got a good hiding by a few villa.
  3. Rugeley Villa

    Pre match thread

    Same with Leeds ain’t it?
  4. Rugeley Villa

    Pre match thread

    Embarrassing ? Just people being confident, and why not? Leeds are a good team, but we’ve been playing Class lately under Smith. We are at home too. We are also a massive club, and one of the biggest in England IMO. Talk us up, not that classless lot . FFS, I really don’t see the problem with any posts on here. Come on man.
  5. Rugeley Villa

    Pre match thread

    Same here, I’ve been in their end twice. We have them as our last away day, so might be worth fans registering up with them for the home end, as our end will sell out quick being last away day.
  6. Rugeley Villa

    Pre match thread

    Be a few Leeds in home areas I’d imagine. I’m surprised they put this on general sale if I’m being honest. They have good away support when they are shit. When they are doing as well as they are, away tickets are like gold dust. I’ve seen a few of them on twitter saying they are in home end. They have fans all over, not just with Yorkshire postcode, so it would be hard for our ticket office to identify if they Villa or Leeds. Desperate for Grealish back, although I do believe we are much more capable without him than we were on Saturday. I do fancy us tbf. They have won the last 5 I believe. Big game with two very big clubs. It’s certainly got a big game feel to it.
  7. Rugeley Villa

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Stoke

    For how overrated people say Grealish is, we just ain’t the same team without him. He’s playing better under Smith. Is he back for Leeds? I was on a roof from 8.00 until 1.30, so although I was freezing in the ground, it weren’t as cold as it was at work that day.
  8. Rugeley Villa

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Stoke

    Our home support this season, especially for Saturday games has been very good. Even struggling under Bruce it was good. The fact that we are playing well, and have a realistic chance of promotion now will keep the fans flocking. I thought the fans on Saturday were good in keeping with the team. The atmosphere weren’t that bad considering the conditions, and we weren’t playing well.
  9. Rugeley Villa

    Pre match thread

    Not overly concerned at all. I expect us to be much better than Saturday, and they will have to be very good to win. I think we will win this. 2.1 Villa.
  10. Rugeley Villa

    Horse Racing: UK jumps

    He will win a few big races then he will come nowhere in a few. You’ve got to get him on his day, but in horse racing that’s hard. The same with Zubayr. Frodon loves Cheltenham, so it’s even more annoying. Tbf, a few could have won it easily on the day. Guitar Pete was also one I was looking at. I won on the footy yesterday, so it weren’t all bad.
  11. Rugeley Villa

    Horse Racing: UK jumps

    Mate, the same here. I was undecided on Frodon or our man. Went against Frodon based on Baron Alca’s form. He was 10/1 when I was looking at Frodon.
  12. Rugeley Villa

    Horse Racing: UK jumps

    I was on him.
  13. Rugeley Villa

    John McGinn

    I honestly dont think he is capable of having a stinker of a game. Ok, it might not go for him some days, but his work ethic is unbelievable. I think he’s absolutely Class. How good is he? Not yet proven at the highest level, but I think he’d walk in at least half of the prem teams. My favourite player at the moment. We have a few fan favourites at the moment, but he’s so unique as a player, and is a bit of a throw back to years gone by. A proper footballer.
  14. Rugeley Villa

    The VT "It's the weekend!" thread

    I’ve got a shitty cold. Worked yesterday until about 1.30, then managed to get to the game. Was meant to work today, but got cancelled thank god. Yesterday on the roof was painful to the point, I was nearly in tears. Chilling out today watching footy .
  15. Rugeley Villa


    Only around 1600-1700 left. Looks like a sell out. QPR is going to be a big crowd too.