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  1. Christ, are we the most negative despair infused fanbase in the league, or is it just this messageboard? Genuinely good luck to you, but I’m out of here until we either go down or stay up. I may also in the meantime enjoy watching football.
  2. That’s a bit unfair. Smith has never hidden when we’ve played shit.
  3. And we lost. What’s your point? We played good stuff against a top side and scored twice. Today we’re playing Southampton. We have it in us to score, if we score we can get something from the game.
  4. Putting my tin hat on here, whilst we are obviously playing cack, at times we played some great stuff against spurs in the first half, and that was one game ago. We need to make some changes here, and Soton are right up for it, but we spanked Spurs at times. We can still get something out of this.
  5. This thread is ludicrous. Big Sam? Jesus Christ.
  6. That’s garbage surely. I remember Levy taking the p***. Just because you put in a low ball offer doesn’t mean it is in any way realistic. He can think he ‘nearly signed him’ as much as he wants.
  7. Sweet. Express making s*** up as usual.
  8. I have Mark Bosnich’s and a couple of others (Maybe Ugo?) autographs somewhere from a pre-season friendly away against Falmouth Town in 1995 or 1996. It was all quite embarrassing. I was about 15 and all the players looked pretty bored. All polite tho’.
  9. Sure I heard somewhere that we would be the second team to do it? Stand to be corrected. I’d settle for boring 3pts tbh
  10. You realise that getting results is no excuse for wrongdoing? Actually maybe in these dark times that’s not true any more.
  11. Might have a better team. Not a better club. Everything successful about them came from shady Russian gangsters. When I was a kid they had the same sort of status as West Ham or Crystal Palace now.
  12. Jack has a £60M release clause? Clicky
  13. Interesting. Is that a public website, i’d like to check a few players.
  14. I’m not sure we need an overhaul. We did some hard yards last summer to bolster numbers and clear out our ageing squad. I think we just need to add some quality in key positions, using what we have as backup/rotation. Same if we go down really, but from a less prestigious list of targets. I think if we go down, we’ll be well placed to dominate the Champ.
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