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  1. HKP90

    Wesley Moraes

    Ahem, bringing this down a notch. I was looking at a heat map this morning of Wes while at Brugge, he appears to play much much deeper than Tammy, and with back to goal more. Didn't see the Minnesota match, but I was thinking that with Jota, Grealish and El Ghazi, he could make a false nine sort of role work. His goal rate would suffer a bit, but I think we have some potent weapons in midfield and on the flanks.
  2. Does that squad count include Hogan?
  3. We still need an actual breathing DM in the team. Not sure why things have stalled there, it’s the crucial position for me. Hope to christ Douglas is in the bag. It’s concerning both with this transfer as it was with Phillips that a lack of progress might signal that things are not getting over the line. If we start the season with Thor there, things will get ugly real fast. Conor even more so. I wonder if DS sees either Engels or Hause as being able to do a job there? We have a few ballplaying CBs now.
  4. Cool. I get the click bait stuff. Nebulous unverifiable comments like ‘we’re considering a bid for’ or ‘villa are turning to so and so’, but reporting an actual event that didn’t happen like a meeting, could they not get done by the pcc for that? That’s demonstrably false.
  5. The Mirror are reporting that we’ve been in talks with Sturridge. That is quite a specific statement for clickbait. That would be a massive mis-step in an otherwise quality window for me. I wouldn’t want him anywhere near the first team.
  6. HKP90

    Douglas Luiz

    It was all pretty believable until you said ‘special segment on motd’. They’ve always hated villa, they’d put us on bbc2 when everyone else is on bbc1 if they could.
  7. Can’t stand Shane Long. Remember watching him on TV when he was at baggies diving like an absolute twunt and thinking that the only time I wanted to see him in a villa kit was when we swapped shirts at the end of a game after we’d beat them 8 nil.
  8. HKP90

    Dean Smith

    Yeah, not the place. Back on topic all faith in DS, and Given the number of incoming players, which will take time to bed in, I certainly won’t be giving him any stick during the first couple of months of the season, even if things don't go out way. Think we’ll really see the capabilities of the team during the second half of the season.
  9. HKP90

    Dean Smith

    I get where you’re coming from, but how many teams have fan bases that say ‘defensive football, wasting time, kicking the opponents in the nuts when the refs not looking, long speculative balls over the top to a clod-hopping journeyman, thats what we’re about. That’s the **** FC way’. Except Wimbledon, obviously. All fans think that there is a historical imperative at their club to play the best football ‘the world has ever seen’.
  10. HKP90

    Dean Smith

    Don’t really understand the affinity thing. It only really exists in the fanbase as far as I can tell. The main mistake that MON made was to misjudge the fans and play a weakened team in europe. That’s really what did him in, and all that talk of ego, personality etc etc wasn’t much of a problem when we were beating Arsenal and we were fighting up in the champions league places. As someone above said, the only thing that matters is results. End of.

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