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  1. Hahaha Mate, that guy is a cartoon, yeah. I want those Man U fans gone. Don't wait till Spurs, yeah, mate. Gone. They are out of their depth, yeah.
  2. From Robbie ‘bellend’ Savage. Linko Good to see that when he retired from stealing a living as a footballer, he managed to steal a living as a pundit.
  3. Think we’d have won it without the El Ghazi injury
  4. Decent point, feels disappointing tho’.
  5. I hate United. I hate their ginormous sense of smug entitlement. Lets finally get that smug grin off their prawn encrusted gobs. Going to buy Jack in Jan? Do one. I could take it from other genuinely quality sides, but United still think they just won the league.
  6. Career stats don't suggest it's his strength though, and a few on here were complaining he didn't shoot more. Maybe it's coachable?
  7. Agreed. But one issue- if he’s an inside forward he needs to get on the scoresheet much more often, particularly if Wes is reverting to his deep role. If not we’ll be way too reliant on our midfield scoring goals.
  8. And those little cuttlefish things. I’ll get my coat.
  9. Just watched the highlights again, Jack really is phenomenal. It’s no wonder we struggle without him. He’s at the heart of everything, and it seems like he’s maybe even got a yard of extra pace this season.
  10. Bugger. Lets hope he falls out with Son before Jan.
  11. Henry, Shearer or Klinnsman for me.
  12. Who’s likely to be out of favour at Spuds now Jose is there? Anyone know much about their squad?
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