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  1. I know, but I feel a Keegan coming on. Lets beat them 6-5
  2. Think I would go 4-1-3-2 here and hit ‘em with everything we have offensively. We’ll probably concede, but I think we can hurt ‘em more. Maybe have our wide men drop a bit deeper as outlets, and play Doug as a holding player with instructions to find Bailey and whoever plays Wide left (depending on where we play Emi 2) with simple balls. Have Bailey running at them from deep. In fact I’d be tempted to play Bailey wide left, Traore wide right and Buendia in the middle and scare the shit out of them with our running game.
  3. HKP90

    Dean Smith

    Smith’s biggest problem this season is Covid, injuries, and international tournaments.
  4. HKP90

    Dean Smith

    Our first team (if we even know what that is yet) desperately need minutes together. We absolutely will not see what this team is capable of for a while yet.
  5. HKP90

    Dean Smith

    Well the sale of our best player won’t help.
  6. Make no mistake Everton are a decent side. I think people are underestimating them here. They are unbeaten, and know how to pick up points. Rafa knows his onions. That said depending on which Villa turns up, i’m hopeful we can scrape it. But it will be close. Only one goal in it I reckon.
  7. Agreed. Bent was at one point a quality player. Was very excited when we bought him in.
  8. HKP90

    Wesley Moraes

    Wesley thinks Ben Mee deliberately tried to hurt him. I actively hate players that try to hurt other players, because you are directly attacking that person’s livelihood, and that of their family. It’s why even when he coached Villa I could not abide Keane. Both are lowest of the low for me. Mee never even apologised to Wesley. And that tackle robbed him of his chance at success on the big stage. Scum.
  9. HKP90

    Dean Smith

    It’s all about drama. Drama sells papers. Drama does not result in successful football teams.
  10. HKP90

    Dean Smith

    When their last investments are actually fit enough or in the country enough to play in the same team together then they/you might have point. We've not even played close to our first team yet. Not even close. Hah.. return on investment.... Anyway the owners have more money now than they did in June, so maybe they also need to redefine the word investment.
  11. HKP90

    Dean Smith

    Why in the living sam hell is anyone looking at the table after 4 games. Any team that makes major organisational decisions after success or failure in four games never, ever, ever deserves success.
  12. One of the key takes from the weekend is that we have a system that contains both Ollie and Ings that can be effective. Just have to find a way to play Ollie Ings Bailey and Buendia together!
  13. Also, I can see why folks on here were suggesting we get Edouard. He is going to get a shed load of goals. Quality.
  14. You summed up my feelings exactly. I try everything to not dislike people as a rule, but he is so fundamentally dislikeable and smug. As you say, respect his talent, but almost uniquely amongst elite sportsmen and women I find him unbearable to watch. He's the Oasis of sport.
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