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  1. What’s wrong with him?! Mount did look pretty sharp when he came on against a dispirited Wales who were 3-0 down and ready for bed. But Wales didn’t start out like that. They were up for it and were in the game. Grealish, with that assist, was the one who broke their spirits. So strange to not see it recognised.
  2. Nice one on getting it published so quickly. I haven’t subbed to a Villa podcast since the excellent Aston Villa Review ended, but keen to bask in last night’s euphoria a little longer I had a listen earlier. If it wasn’t there this morning when I had that impulse to listen I’d have probably not bothered at all, but instead you’ve added another sub, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. It was a really good listen and sounds much more polished than being just a few episodes in. Good work, I’ll be listening regularly from now on.
  3. Gabby was just on Talksport. Well worth a listen. He got asked if Villa had been inspired by Leeds... somehow they’re getting credit for our wins now. Gabby gave them their answer though.
  4. I haven’t posted on here for a while but this one really got me. A man at the peak of his powers who faced a cruel situation with such dignity. So cruel.
  5. Worst I've seen for a long time. We were outcompeted from start to finish.
  6. Have you thought about writing? I've been reading your posts for years, and you're one of the most eloquent posters on here. You summarise complex topics with ease and you're clearly a deep thinker. Something like Copify could be a good place to start. It's a marketplace for businesses that need copy. You have to apply to join, but I'm sure with your qualifications and skills you would breeze through. It's a convenient way of building up a bit of a portfolio and earning some money. It's how I got started in the industry. I work in this field, so if you want any advice, you're always
  7. He did. And he stabilised us, so I agree he wasn't all bad, but if he had got us up, we weren't built to last and never would have been. Edit: I was always positive about him and wanted to support him as manager, but with hindsight I was wrong. There were better options, as Dean Smith demonstrated.
  8. This is like the VT version of the Avengers.
  9. I didn't have Annie Lennox down as a cricket fan.
  10. There are a couple of players who are building a career in the game - McGinn and Abraham - while the rest are at the height of what they'll achieve for the rest of their careers and it shows. Ignoring quality, the hunger isn't there. In the concourse before the game I was watching the Wolves-Leicester game and there looked a near certain goal for Wolves until Madison came steaming from nowhere to block the chance; our midfield just don't seem to have that commitment.
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