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  1. Frobisher

    Steve Bruce

    Another negative amongst many against Bruce is that we sign Bolasie and a few days later shaft his old friend Albert. Hardly going to inspire the guy is it?
  2. Frobisher

    Tony Xia

    Ok, fair. I've misconstrued your and @WaccoeOnline's intentions, through my own filter of hurt at our crap situation.
  3. Frobisher

    Tony Xia

    You and me both Tro. You and me both.
  4. Frobisher

    Tony Xia

    Well, it seems like they think they're helping us by sharing all their bad experiences through the years. I don't necessarily think it's helpful, but other fans do, so fair enough.
  5. Frobisher

    Tony Xia

    Mate, we're drowning, proferred hand or not. Unless you've got a spare £100 million in the other hand, then I take it all back! As I've said in another post I'm probably being oversensitive. I guess it's just hard to take going from competing for promotion, to being on the verge of being out of business, and then having guys saying "it's going to get worse and worse and worse".
  6. Frobisher

    Tony Xia

    Maybe it's a bit of both
  7. Frobisher

    Tony Xia

    I wasn't trying to moderate and wouldn't expect their posts to be removed. I'm probably being oversensitive, but it feels all too much like picking over a corpse.
  8. Frobisher

    Tony Xia

    To me at least, and I'm sure to most others, it's clear we are DEEP in the shit. How Leeds fans descending on us like carrion will help, I'm not really sure.
  9. Frobisher

    Tony Xia

    I'm under no illusion about the terrible, terrible state we're in. I don't think you're wrong that we're screwed. I find your continual, highly-detailed descriptions about the heartache we're in for strange and entirely unsympathetic.
  10. Frobisher

    Tony Xia

    Why do you keep posting this stuff, you ghoul?
  11. Frobisher

    Pre-match chat

    It has been foretold.
  12. Frobisher

    God of War

    I put on a Twitch stream of this to see how it played and within a minute some dick had left a message with a donation that spoiled the entire story. Ah well.
  13. Frobisher

    General Chat

    And if the baby comes out wearing glasses, you can call him or her the Understudy.
  14. Frobisher

    Life After Death?

    Alone in the wilderness with ten pissed up women. Heaven confirmed.
  15. Frobisher

    The Careers/Jobs thread

    Keep going. I was in 2 jobs I detested for a decade. Every second seemed to last an hour but I needed the money so had to keep going in every day. The way I got out was to work at stuff outside the job that would eventually get me a job I wanted. It took a while for those efforts to pay off, but in the meantime the act of improving myself gave me hope, which made the daily grind that bit more bearable. Good luck and I hope you find something else soon.