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  1. alreadyexists

    Match Thread: Play Off Final v Fulham

    I’m pretty sure that’s the end of it, and we’ve lost. So gutted, I really thought we would do it.
  2. alreadyexists

    Match Thread: Play Off Final v Fulham

    Come on you Villa boys!
  3. alreadyexists

    Pre-match chat

    Excellent futurama gifs today Marv
  4. alreadyexists

    Pre-match chat

    Blimey this is big. Getting so nervous now. 52 apps at Wembley for us 2 apps for Fulham.
  5. alreadyexists

    Pre-match chat

    I just hope someone is prepared to venture down the left, and that there is a good ball in for someone and that it must be and then it is someone.
  6. alreadyexists

    Pre-match chat

    Congrats to them, hopefully it will be a double celebration. So we won the European Cup on their 24th wedding anniversary!? That’s so cool!
  7. alreadyexists

    Pre-match chat

    My 8 week old son had his jabs yesterday so he’s been up all night tonight bless him... but it’s had the added disadvantage that I haven’t even had sleep to speed up the arrival of kick off! Man this is dragging!
  8. alreadyexists

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    It is a pretty unique scenario, and I don’t think there’s a game English football like it. There are other play offs obviously but none with such a rich prize. We certainly haven’t been in a game of this weight/magnitude/importance for a good long while. It won’t just be season defining I have a feeling it’ll be the defining point of the last 5-10 years, and the next years too.
  9. alreadyexists

    Pre-match chat

    Had a nightmare last night that we lost 0-1 with a goalkeeping error in the 87th minute. I’m rubbish at predicting things though, which is why I don’t really gamble, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be wrong. If I’d dreamed we’d won I’d be more worried.
  10. alreadyexists

    Pre-match chat

    One more sleep!
  11. alreadyexists

    Robert Snodgrass

    I’d forgotten about him, what a player! Don’t think he missed a minute...
  12. alreadyexists

    Robert Snodgrass

    I would say the best loan player we’ve had in the last ten years? His contributions this season have been so, so good.
  13. alreadyexists

    Pre-match chat

    It’s pretty close and there are no certainties in football. I thought Fulham would beat Blues on the last day of the season but they didn’t, I didn't think we’d beat Wolves, or Cardiff, or Bristol City but we did... I didn’t think we’d beat Boro at the riverside but we did. I didn’t think Derby would beat Fulham at Pride Park... but they did. You can never be sure in football, and neither team has anything to ‘fear’. It’ll be a competitive match, and then one team will win.
  14. alreadyexists

    Pre-match chat

    Tony Moon!
  15. alreadyexists

    Steve Bruce

    Bang on mate.