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  1. I’ve paid my £10... I must be a total mug.
  2. I think the key is in the wording, the offence is denying a goal scoring ‘opportunity’ ... it isn’t denying a goal, it’s an opportunity that has been denied through foul play. I would say it is a red card by the letter of the law, if Egan plays fairly and doesn’t pull back Watkins then there is a goal scoring ‘opportunity’ there.
  3. I think this one is dead now which is a shame but can’t see it happening now.
  4. They showed it a couple of times live during VAR checking and it did look like a penalty. Soft, but from one angle in particular you could see Targett caught the players trailing leg... but it was soft and the attacker made the most of it. I do agree it was a penalty though.
  5. Anybody else think he looks like Russell Kane?
  6. I thought he had a touch of Joe Bennett about him too...
  7. It’s a byproduct of 24 hour rolling news, in this case sports news, that they have to just gabble a load of rubbish to fill the time.
  8. The U18s have won two in two games now: Link
  9. I don’t know how long these things take, I remember with Wes last year the announcement to international clearance took weeks... but I suppose each case is different.
  10. I’m thinking maybe a 1-1 draw now... which I would take, but obv prefer a win.
  11. I thought the announcement by the club was that he’d signed ‘subject to international clearance’ ... has that come through now? If not, he won’t be able to play even if he’d been here weeks.
  12. I didn’t realise this was on Thursday this week, I thought it was a week Thursday. Great stuff, more football!! Bristol City: another fan base that seem to hate us for no particular reason other than we’re **** awesome.
  13. Just watching Southampton vs Tottenham... it’s the battle of the shite kits. They’re both bloody awful. I know kappa aren’t to everyone’s taste but I’ve really liked the stuff from last year and this year. Including the training stuff which I think is the best we’ve had for a bit.
  14. Yeah, it’s one of those where if the bone had snapped and taken the brunt of the damage the ligaments might have survived... sadly not as it’s such a bad injury.
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