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  1. I think he’s still second choice, but Konsa has done well enough not to be dropped for no reason. It sends the right message; perform well in the team, take your chance when given it and the place is yours to lose. It is a shame for Engels though as he’s a great player.
  2. I think we should start the same as against Man Utd other than the two forced changes: Heaton Elmo Konsa Mings Targett McGinn Luiz Hourihane Trez Wesley Grealish
  3. I know there is no firm link and it’s purely speculation but I would love Giroud to come... but it is very unlikely even with him wanting a move (rumour) he is likely to get offers from CL teams in Europe.
  4. I personally don’t think Ballotelli has the right attitude to fit in to this Villa side and would likely be a fractious influence on team spirit... might be wrong though
  5. But then this squad were mostly babies or not even born in the 92/93 season when we we rivalling for the title... I hope they can play without fear and really take the game to them. that said I they are underachieving for the strength of their squad. In short, would love a point, probably a loss, but there’s always a chance!
  6. I was in the upper Trinity but didn’t see any of the bottom filling cup machines. Maybe they are rolling those out periodically so could improve soon
  7. I’d probably take Rashford too, but only because I think he’d fit in to the side as we are
  8. Oh I know, I really rate Konsa, just saying it would’ve been a belter of an OG
  9. It would’ve been a hell of an OG, a proper shank
  10. It’s likely been mentioned before but the wait times for food and drink at half time are borderline ridiculous. I got up from my seat and was in the queue for the half time whistle, with perhaps 10-12 people in front of me, it took 20 mins to get to the front or order a bottle of coke and some chips, and about 3 mins to get the food and pay for it... surely they could serve people quicker and make much more money?
  11. I think I would probably line up, if Engels is back(?), like this (if no Engels then Konsa has done fine): Heaton Guilbert Engels Mings Targett Luiz Marvelous McGinn El Ghazi Welsey Grealish
  12. Thought they’d got the date wrong by 19 years for a second until I realised its 24 hour clock!
  13. Such a shame to hear this Terry. I had a similar experience a few years ago when I was on my own and late to my seat (by a min or two) so apologised to the people in my row as I squeezed past everyone was fine but one bloke went mental and was pretty horrible, called me all sorts of names. So I watched the rest of the game inside on the tv and it took me, from memory... about 18 months to go back to VP. I have a massive fear of crowds anyway, so it wasn’t the best experience! Anyway, I would say from my own experience, I wish I hadn’t taken me so long to go back. So I would encourage you to go back as soon as you can, and maybe sit in a different seat or stand? All the best bud
  14. Big Wes has shaved his bonce! Would love him to score against NUFC on Monday.
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