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  1. It would be a huge coup but I’d love someone like Tchouaméni from Monaco. If their money troubles are as bad as some say then we might have a chance. I think he’d probably cost about £30m but if we’re only getting 2 or 3 key players then that could be ok.
  2. It’s an interesting one... I think I’d start Davis, just to give him a go from the off. But that said, I’d like Wes to get some minutes too and maybe even a goal for confidence.
  3. Anwar seems to play even better during Ramadan (play off final, end of last season, goal against Everton this year) ... so I suppose they just let the player lead and if they feel good then go with them. I think there is dispensation for Muslims who have to travel/work ... so maybe it counts in that?
  4. I don’t wish to player injured, but if Fernandez was to snap a leg... wouldn’t that be great!?
  5. Harry McWire is sat down again! he’s goes down like a Greek police man
  6. Looked like a foul throw from Shaw there, don’t both feet have to be entirely behind the line?
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