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  1. Pre-match thread

    I would take a draw if offered now to be fair, but I do think we will win this one. We have enough defensively and enough going forward to sneak it. We are top of the form table over the last 6 games even with the WWFC loss, and were 3rd over ten games so we’re still an ‘in form’ team as far as I can see. And we’re at home, and Kodjia is getting back to full fitness, Snodgrass is getting better each game, Hourihane has come on a lot this season, Adomah is unplayable on his day... I think we’ll win. 2-0 Kodjia and Adomah (possibly one of which being penno).
  2. Pre-match thread

    I don’t think we should make big changes, we have a side that have been working well together, so I think we should stick with it. I would start: Johnstone Elmo. Chester Terry Hutton Snodgrass Hourihane Whelan Adomah Kodjia Davis
  3. Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    I think we've played ok... Wolves we good, were away from home, were doing ok. Get a cheeky goal next half and it's ours to win or lose
  4. Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    James Chester's left eye is virtually closed... might have to see samba after half time.
  5. Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    Think we're playing well. We are away from home against a decent Wolves side, this probably isn't going to be 0-4 to us... we might have to grind it out. Davis doing really well then.
  6. Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    Come on Villa, let's do this!!
  7. Pre match buildup

    I think this will be a tough game, anyone under the illusion we should be tonking every team 0-3 needs to accept that sometimes we will have to grind out hard results... I think this will be a 0-1 to us. (Not saying anyone in particular has that view it's more a figure of speech)
  8. Pre match buildup

    Fingers crossed playing in a less familiar role will mean he (Hutton) lacks the confidence to bomb forward, and perhaps relies a bit less in instinct for positional sense... which can both only be good things.
  9. Pre match buildup

  10. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    P Q R S T... damn, you're right!
  11. Pre match buildup

    Really? I think least risky, and I use that in the same sense as you, is RDL. To me Hutton doesn't have the tactical awareness to switch sides, whereas RDL has played there before hasn't he? I might be wrong obv, I suppose Hutton has the most recent match experience as De Laet has been sidelined for a good while and hasn't played many mins at all this year.
  12. Pre match buildup

    Sounds like bruce has ruled out Bjarnasson at LB too... I like the lad but he's terrible in that position (and I'm yet to see one he's good in). Hutton or RDL for LB, sound fine to me. Needs must.
  13. Massimiliano Marchesi

    Also, wasn't this guy the "Sheikh of Muscles"!?
  14. Massimiliano Marchesi

    I had no idea either, thought he left with RDM.
  15. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    That's not true, during the summer when we were in the PL we were always top, just ahead of Arsenal.