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  1. It’ll be a real test of FFP… is it just to keep the poor clubs poor, or will it stop the rich clubs being rich… we shall see?
  2. Yeah, definitely, he just needs time and games to bed in. The talent, ability and drive is all there it seems, The Norwich fans did say that he’s better out wide didn’t they? Or was it that he’s not good out wide and has to be central? I forget now.
  3. No that isn’t what mediocre means, it means average. We are far, far above average in the football league system. It doesn’t mean being content not to push on. (I agree we’ve been anything but though under these owners!)
  4. Mid table in the premier league isn’t mediocrity to me. We’ve been down in the championship for three seasons, some teams have slid down to league 1. To me mid table in the premier league is being in the top 10 teams in the country, which when we were probably only just in the top 35 a few seasons ago feels like we’re making progress and back where we belong. To forge ahead to top 6 or 7 takes money, good investment, good leadership, and some luck. My point is people say ‘mid table mediocrity’ often and it does roll off the tongue, but we have to think what being mediocre really means in a football pyramid where two or three awful seasons and you really are down there in the middle.
  5. I think we could’ve taken them… and that’s the frustrating bit
  6. Such good pressure from us, come on Villa. Ings has been tracking back so well! What a player!
  7. Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Who was first to guess Xisco (thong, th, thong thong thong)?
  8. Morning Villa fans! My son woke me up at 5:30 which is fairly standard, but on match days it just means longer to wait until we’re playing! Feeling a bit pessimistic about this one… so I would be happy with a draw to be honest as it would keep our unbeaten streak going and would be ok away from home.
  9. Two good goals there! Good lad
  10. He must’ve been good before Man U bought him? I honestly hadn’t really heard of him I don’t think
  11. Martinez doesn’t score many for us either
  12. I’m surprised how many have voted for Bruce to go, although they’re dog shite, I can’t see Mike Ashley pulling the plug. SB is happy enough in his rut and won’t make too many waves… “who else are they going to get?”
  13. Exactly. If you flip a coin five times and it come up heads, the next flip is still 50:50. I know that I’m over-simplifying the way humans respond to defeat, but still… Spurs form in all comps is: WLDLDL, so they’ve not won in five games.
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