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  1. Well we paid £25m for a proven PL striker who turned 29 last month… I think that’s great value. Also, why would we panic buy when we have until 31st August to buy players? This is a player Man City we’re considering to replace Aguero if the Kane thing doesn’t happen! (Joelinton was £40m wasn’t he? And Haller was the same?)
  2. You’re probably right mate, I was just offering a different take on it perhaps
  3. Ah right, I thought it was the other way around! Oh well, we will see. What about Buendia too, is he out and out right wing or is he more central?
  4. Yep I agree mate. It’s the end of an era, but that just means a new beginning. We’re Aston Villa and we’re bigger than any player. UTFV!!
  5. I think similar but I think Bailey will be left with Ings centrally behind Ollie.
  6. I don’t see what is so good about Cantwell, and I think we can do better BUT… and it’s a big BUT… isn’t that what a lot of PL fans said about Jack when we were saying how incredible he was? Cantwell is only 23 and the Norwich fans absolutely love him… maybe they’re right, they have seen the most of him after all.
  7. It’s come and gone with barely an ounce of news.
  8. I don’t know Johnathan David, is he really good?
  9. I think this: Emi Cash Konsa Mings Targett Luiz McGinn Buendia Ings Bailey Ollie
  10. I saw earlier that since Pep joined City have spend £1billion… all that blood and oil money…
  11. BBC reporting £25m fee too… even better value.
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