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  1. The Baggies fans on Twitter are looking might salty about all this... one kept saying ‘just wait for the court case’... if there is a court case it’ll be between them and Barça. We’re the innocent bystanders in all this.
  2. No I know you tend to watch a fair bit of youth footie though so thought I’d ask. I’d be interested to know your thought if and when you do SGC. I’ve seen sporadic matches of our U23 team, over the years but haven’t seen Barry yet (have we played against him for W Brom?)
  3. @sir_gary_cahill have you seen him play sir? If so, any thoughts?
  4. Might pop a quid on him scoring on his debut!
  5. Transfermarkt has him at 1.83m so 6 foot bang on pretty much. Not that it seems to matter going by his highlights, he smashed the headers in no bother
  6. It is pretty unbelievable isn’t it!? No striker, injury crisis, and 10 points from 15 in the last 5 games!
  7. We’re 6th in the form table... that’s pretty **** incredible! https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/premier-league/formtabelle/wettbewerb/GB1
  8. Leicester 3... I think west spam might go down. I think them, Bournemouth and Norwich.
  9. Norwich losing now, and so are West Spam... just need Utd to pull one or two back now.
  10. Probably bluenose clearings in the woods jealous of us winning
  11. Do you not think he’ll be in for Bournemouth? Or maybe even the Leicester semi?
  12. Even at the time I think I took it as him not being happy with performance/fitness. I’d doubt many players like being subbed but three games in to a loan would be a bit of an odd time to publicly show anger at the manager. Benefit of the doubt anyway.
  13. I think those ratings are a little harsh on Guilbert and Drinkwater John... neither were great but I would say Guilbert 6 and Drinkwater a 5. All subjective though of course
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