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  1. alreadyexists

    Pre-match thread

    Oh man... this sucks. I’m so pessimistic about our chances lately.
  2. alreadyexists

    Pre-match thread

    Exactly. Like we did for the last 20 mins against Brentford... but that didn’t work either so what’s his plan?
  3. alreadyexists

    Pre-match thread

    Nice to see andre start, hope he can make an impact and claim that spot as his own.
  4. alreadyexists

    Pre-match thread

    Does this mean Jack is in the match squad? EDIT: I’m guessing not as Nyland is in there too and he’s deffo still injured.
  5. alreadyexists

    Pre-match thread

  6. alreadyexists

    Pre-match thread

    If we are as god awful as Weds night then we will definitely lose. Unfortunately I can’t see us improving enough to win tomorrow. feeling so pessimistic.
  7. alreadyexists

    Ratings & Reactions: Brentford v Villa

    God that was appalling.
  8. alreadyexists

    Match Thread: Brentford v Villa

    God we’re awful.
  9. alreadyexists

    Pre-Match Thread

    Enda Stevens in their starting line up, is it just me or does there seem to be an ex-Villa player in every team in the Championship!?
  10. alreadyexists

    Tom Carroll

    You’re right. Tammy was fairly poor in that Swansea side and he’s tearing the Champ a new arse hole.
  11. alreadyexists

    Leroy Fer

    Nice pun. Or is it IRONy?
  12. alreadyexists

    Tyrone Mings

    I think it sounds more like a Chinese restaurant just outside Ellesmere Port.
  13. alreadyexists

    Tyrone Mings

    Tyrone Benteke.
  14. alreadyexists

    Tyrone Mings

  15. Typical of Bruce to sign another defender! Bruce out.