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  1. I think the PL teams doing well in European competitions is a good indicator of how it compares to other leagues too
  2. Text from Sky Sports app:
  3. Yeah, that Preston goal was soft as hell
  4. Scott Hogan starts for Stoke tonight vs Preston.
  5. I agree and would go so far as to say it wasn’t even rash, he just put his foot in the wrong place to try and slow himself down and it was wrong place wrong time. It’s done now. We move on and I for one and so glad we have Heaton. £8m ... still think it’s a bargain.
  6. Didn’t like it at first but it is growing on me slightly... will wait til I see it in the shop but might even buy it. Anyone know the dates for release or anything? Also, is it just me or will the Villa badge virtually be on your shoulder when you wear it? Seems very high.
  7. I’m not sure a cross always means a head height pass, I think any long pass from wing to the box would be classed as cross for the purposes of stats.
  8. Also, stats wise we’re 5th overall for crosses in the PL, behind Liverpool, Leicester, Burnley and Spurs. So I think it’s just a matter of time and tuning in to each other’s runs etc. It’ll just take time, one goal (hopefully this weekend against Everton) and I think he’ll really kick off. PL Stats
  9. I think August will be tough, and perhaps even September. We need to stick by the team and the manager even if it get very tough as I’m pretty such things will pick up after the team gel.
  10. I think Targett would be better. Taylor did seem physically and mentally shaken immediately after that horrendous tackle on coleman, and it’s bound to play on his mind. I don’t think Taylor made any real errors so far, but I think Targett should come in this game.
  11. I’m a little nervous about this one, three losses in a row would be quite bad for morale but I think most would respect that we’re building a new side here and that a good performance is key. I really hope we can squeeze a win out of it here, a packed VP under the lights will help. I think we can win, but we will need to find a way through their midfield. They played a five man midfield against Watford at the weekend which included Richarlison and Sigurdsson, and Gomes seems pretty solid too. I think I would go: Heaton Elmo Engels Mings Targett Luiz Hourihane Trezuguet McGinn Grealish Wesley Although if Coleman for them is playing is it worth playing Taylor to scare the crap out of him!?
  12. His stats were excellent. I still think his first half was poor though, the stats don’t show the goal given away, the amount of space for Wilson to shoot, or the shanked clearance that was nearly an og. Fully respect your view, but it is interesting how people see the game differently. I still think he will be excellent for us and come good but with a bit more drip feeding in to the side. I do seem to be in the minority when I said he was awful! Perhaps in La Liga that sort of mistake wouldn’t have been punished, or perhaps it was just unlucky.

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