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  1. I hope he comes back reinvigorated after a spell out of the side. That can only be a good thing for us to win without him in the side. If he comes back in it’ll be on merit.
  2. I love Emi! What a brilliant keeper and a brilliant bloke! One of my favourite signings for years. Absolutely genius to bring him in
  3. The pitch is like my local park... ... except with more drug dealers and dirty needles
  4. What’s going on with Raphina’s short shorts?
  5. Shout out to Kodjia there... I’d forgotten that legend existed!
  6. They’re doing the best they can, imagine laying a pitch on nothing but shite
  7. I think Anwar has had a flutter on himself to score a hattrick
  8. Just worked it out and I think it’s a goal in the PL every 18mins!!! **** me. Also, Emi is a god
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