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  1. Fair enough. But why not just make it 33% of any stadium? It would help smaller clubs and bigger clubs and keep them the same level of ‘empty’...
  2. Why 4000? Why not a percentage of the grounds capacity? Strange number to pick. 4000 at VP will be like a ghost town, but 4000 at turf moor would be much more full.
  3. Right, get Hourihane on for McGinn and El Ghazi on for Trez now. We need a goal or two so we have to change something
  4. Still think we’ll get another goal... whether or not we concede another story
  5. Maupay is a little word removed, so glad we didn’t sign that little s***house
  6. They are missing Lallana these first five, they can’t get it through the middle at all. They do have wide pace though so still dangerous
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