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  1. Probably still too many people just to die though.
  2. Viruses can’t multiply and replicate themselves, they need a host cell (human in this case). If someone is immune their cells effectively block the virus from using the human cell to reproduce and mean its dies without having multiplied. So as I understand it, an immune person can’t be a vector. Herd immunity starts after about 60% of the population are immune. But that would kill a hell of a lot of people before we got to that stage. You’d have to have 80%+ of the population having it, and 60% survive for that to happen, and 20% is a shit load of people to die (edit: it would be about 1.4m people in the uk... staggering numbers) I’m not an epidemiologist that’s just my understanding!
  3. Bored of this football ban already!
  4. If the season ever starts again...
  5. Right, nobody cough near SJMG!
  6. I think we can win this... just for a feeling in my waters.
  7. I would totally go for Reina. Nyland did well in the league cup run, but he’s not our best keeper for me. I would say a bigger dilemma is how we set up defensively in numbers. It is a difficult one to predict, I wouldn’t mind seeing a 451 again to be honest, but it depends if we have the personnel to do that
  8. We’re 22/1 to win 1-2... I think that’s pretty generous considering their form. Popped a couple of quid on that
  9. I think we really, really need to win this one as it will help with confidence and form. I wouldn’t say ‘must win’ but it’s pretty bloody important to get something.
  10. He won me some money on Sunday! Thanks Ally. Might have another couple of quid on him to score against Leicester too.
  11. Or possibly a WWE Wrestler
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