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  1. Pre match chit chat

    I actually think we’ll sneak a cheeky win here, we’re hard to beat which is an asset that’s he’s to come by in this league and although last game was a nil nil, we’re still managing to score a bit even with our attacking line up severely hampered. Come on Villa!!
  2. Pre match chit chat

    This should be the VT tag line.
  3. Pre match chit chat

    I had too, then I looked at this fixture last year to see the result, and my jaw dropped at the line up!
  4. January transfer window 2018

    I agree his confidence is shot to pieces. Gutted for him really, perhaps he should’ve stayed with us longer and then got a move to a bigger club.
  5. Pre match chit chat

    When we played this fixture last season, Aug 2016, we drew 0-0... look at this god awful side that turned out! Gollini Bacuna. Elphick. Chester. Cissokho Ayew. Westwood Gardner. Grealish McCormack. Gestede (Gestede replaced by Kojak at 28mins!!)
  6. Pre match chit chat

    Is hogan back then? If so I’d go for this: Johnstone Hutton Chester Samba Taylor Snodgrass Whelan Hourihane Adomah Hogan Davis
  7. January transfer window 2018

    Weird isn’t it? I still think he’s better than Lukaku. (Sorry for the OT).
  8. January transfer window 2018

    Which Gabby though? The shit one we’re stuck with now or the one from 2006-09, because I’d have him!?
  9. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Come on Reading, a Bacuna free kick to seal the deal plz!?
  10. Pre match chit chat

    Ahh, gotcha. Fingers crossed it’ll go ahead.
  11. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    A win tomorrow and we’re 4th. That’s exciting, as we’ll be 4 points off second too. Come on Villa! I do wish we’d kept Baker, but we needed to get a fee so fair enough.
  12. Pre match chit chat

    VP has undersoil heating so unless it really snows like hell tomorrow I doubt it will affect things. Wouldn’t be surprised if some other games at smaller grounds are called off though.
  13. January transfer window 2018

    That’s totally what an ITK poster would say. Edit: I’ve never heard of Drexler, is he as good as Draxler?
  14. FA Cup 3rd round draw

    Awesome. Woking or Posh, should be a fun one.
  15. Sam Johnstone

    Not quite sure if that has any bearing on our potential capture of him? I imagine all it means is that we won’t get him for free if he does want to sign permanently, and we want him.