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  1. Ha ha. Anyone under 30 wouldn’t get either of these references!
  2. My Luke1977 shirt fits pretty well, and it’s my fave for years. Probably since the Nike one with the round collar (09/10?). I got a medium and it fits fine. I’m tall and it’s just about long enough so all good. Didn’t like any of the macron ones, the under armour were fine looking (but the colours were way off) so I think the Luke ones the best for a long while.
  3. This is one of the best posts I’ve read for such a long time. It really sums up football to me, and more so, Aston Villa. The Villa extended family is a close one, and I’m so glad you had a good time. Next year we should do a big Swedish/VillaTalk meet up when you’re all over!
  4. Regarding summer transfer window, if we managed to permanently sign Mings, El Ghazi, and Tammy then that would be an amazing start. I think Tammy is less likely though as Chelsea have their transfer embargo so will likely need to hang on to players for squad depth. I would make a good DM a priority, Whelan and Jedi will probably move on and we really need to find a new, good, deeper lying midfielder. Then if we can get a proper, quality LB and another striker (even if we did get Tammy too), then that would be a good window. But without knowing what league we’ll be in it’s very hard to guess what will be our priority.
  5. They are dirty bastards but that wasn’t a pen! Come on now Villa!!
  6. Nice to see Jacob Ramsey on the bench, I hope he can come on and get some minutes without us being desperate.
  7. This is false. It was actually caused by his first ejaculation.
  8. John McGinn’s heat map will warm us all up
  9. Very much so. I’d love a win! Getting excited now!
  10. A draw wouldn’t be a terrible result against another in form team who are below us in the table. Saying that we’re at home, why shouldn’t we win!
  11. The two sides were: FA Cup final 2015: Given Hutton Okore Vlaar Richardson Cleverley N’Zogbia Deph Westwood Grealish Benteke The firstt game of the season, 0-1 at Bournemouth in August 15 was: Guzan Bacuna Richards Clark Amavi Veretout Westwood Gueye Ayew Agnonlahor Sinclair So just the one player and it was Ashley Westwood. But we did have the same manager in the genius that is Tim Sherwood.
  12. I know it’s a cliche but the old ‘form is temporary, class is permanent’ axiom is true here. There’s more one hit wonder about Hogan than any sort of enduring ability. Shame, he’s got a good attitude and I wanted him to be really good, he’s just not.
  13. I didn’t think so. I thought FFP had put an end to that sort of thing.

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