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  1. After all the games where we should’ve got more than we did this season, and the points dropped here ant there because of VAR it poor reffing... I’m happy to take 3 points when perhaps we only deserved 1. Sides that get relegated lose those games, sides that have enough to stay up win ugly when they need to.
  2. Absolutely thrilled. What a finish to a game of football. Lovely to be on the winning end of a last min goal. Is Mings ok? Was worried to see him hobbling about a bit for the last 20 or so.
  3. Ten mins til the team is out... feeling nervous now. Why does the international break always seem to come just when we need to keep momentum? Seems to have been that way for years.
  4. I would take a hard fought 1-0 grind out win today. Would love something more convincing but Brighton are a strange side that could pull something out of the bag.
  5. If anyone at the clubs reads this post I’m a chartered planner and would love to work with the club on any future projects!
  6. So far we’ve won 2 in 8, which is obviously 25%... which in the end with a few draws would get us to the mythical 40+ points. This is probably the easiest of the next 4 games, so a win here would really take the pressure off the next three (Man City, Wolves, Liverpool). If we don’t win this one I could probably see us going 4 without a win. I think we can beat Brighton, they’re a good side but if we play like we know we have the ability then we should see them off.
  7. Wow! Amazing mate, nice one! You’ll love it
  8. I personally doubt he’ll ever go back to Man City, the clause is likely just a ‘belt and braces’ move on their part to cover any loss they were worried they would make.
  9. I still don’t think it’s actually for sale! Unless both of us can’t find it. I want to actually see it in the flesh before buying but like you say, it’s deffo a grower.
  10. Absolute morons. The chant is rubbish, racist and not even remotely funny. If they sing it again kick them out and ban them. I’m proud of my club and hate when idiots tarnish it.
  11. Totally. The way Farke went on about it after the game it was like they were only able to field 7 players...
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