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  1. We played very well against one of the best teams in the world. We still lost, as you saw when checking the score after the game.
  2. A really good half, looked balanced and occasionally dangerous. Nullified their attacks and possession. Another half of exactly that would be very welcomed!
  3. Yeah, if it’s just a cut then you’d think that would be easier than a muscle problem
  4. It think a high enough bid, maybe 17m would’ve got him... there’s always a risk but it’s one I would’ve taken
  5. The back four seems so much more confident, as am I, without Nyland there
  6. I’d probably pop Vassilev on for Trez at half time, he’s been completely ineffective so it can’t hurt
  7. I think these drinks breaks are stupid, even if they are necessary some days, but I do like seeing the coaches speak to the players and update tactics etc
  8. Imagine if we can get a draw out of this. That would be an unreal result.
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