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  1. alreadyexists

    January transfer window 2019

    I think he just isnt fully match fit yet, once he is I think he’ll be a huge asset. If I’m wrong then I’m wrong, but I can’t knock the previous management as I was all for signing him.
  2. alreadyexists

    Yannick Bolasie

    Some people were complaining that he wasn’t starting and that it was ‘bruce like’ to start Elmo. I agree with Dean, Bolasie isn’t fully match fit yet. Despite the goals he’s scored so far.
  3. alreadyexists

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Automatic is still totally possible. It’s hard, but this league is hard. A couple of wins, and one bad week for whoever is second and it’s all open. Even Cardiff last year won their first 5 (or was it 6?) games and still looked like fading away a couple of times later on. It’s a long season.
  4. alreadyexists

    Dean Smith

    We’re only two wins (and a draw) behind second, that’s by no means insurmountable. If we were second now, I’d be nervous about anyone within 3-4 wins of us, if we play 2/3 games in a week sometimes. One bad week (injuries, international duties, bans, cards) then that 2 win buffer really slides quickly. Lots to be positive about
  5. alreadyexists

    Match Thread: Villa v Swansea

    Good first half, probably should have had a second goal too. Been good in attack and at least logical and pressing when not with the ball. Promising stuff.
  6. alreadyexists

    Pre-Match Thread

    I dreamed we won 7-2... you never know.
  7. alreadyexists

    Pre-Match Thread

    Good side. I wonder if Smith will be tempted with Adomah though with his Championship pedigree? I think Bolasie and El Ghazi are better but Smith might prefer Adomah. I would love to see Kodjia squeezed in too, but where and who do we leave out?
  8. alreadyexists

    Micah Richards

    I wish he’d just go away!
  9. alreadyexists

    Pre-Match Thread

    Blimey mate, that sucks. Glad it’s finally done and you can go. You missed the entire of RDM, and Steve Bruce... you didn’t miss much! Bet the Mrs was chuffed.
  10. alreadyexists

    Dean Smith

    I agree. Lose two or three on the bounce and the gates will soon dip again, but I don’t think that will happen.
  11. alreadyexists

    Pre-Match Thread

    I’m going to hazard a guess a Dean Smith’s first Villa team then: (not the team I’d choose as I’ve seen Nyland play). Nyland Tuanzebe Chester Hutton Elmo Bree Hourihane McGinn Bolasie Kodjia Tammy
  12. alreadyexists

    Pre-Match Thread

    Or was it just a bit of harmless dogging on Witton Lane at 3am?
  13. alreadyexists

    Pre-Match Thread

    What did you get banned for Rugeley?
  14. alreadyexists

    Christian Purslow

  15. alreadyexists

    Dean Smith

    Think of the Spanish pronunciation; Jesus = Hey-soos which is where Suso comes from I assume.