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  1. Match Thread: Newcastle v Villa

    Just waiting for their second just before HT to round the game off.
  2. Match Thread: Newcastle v Villa

    I like Birkir's attitude but he has been poor. He's like a headless chicken.
  3. Match Thread: Newcastle v Villa

    Bjarnnason off Grealish on plz.
  4. Prematch Thread

    I'm hoping for a win obviously, but I am expecting a loss. And quite a punishing one at that. Come on you Villa boys, earn the right to wear that shirt.
  5. Steve Bruce

  6. Match Thread: Villa v Ipswich

    Here we go again, win please lads.
  7. Steve Bruce

    I still think Bruce is a good manager, I don't think that a bad run starting when our best players were at AFCON and continuing when we've got four or five new players on the pitch is a reason to say he's not the right guy. I think he's great.
  8. Pre Match Thread

    Dreamed that we won 2-1... might put a quid on it.
  9. Pre Match Thread

    Can't really be bothered getting my hopes up for this one. I hope we win but I'm not expecting it to be honest.
  10. Match Thread: Nottm Forest v Villa

    Bruce has only touched the ball once and he held it up well to be fair.
  11. Match Thread: Nottm Forest v Villa

    Codger... he was going for an atomic strike
  12. Match Thread: Nottm Forest v Villa

    Elphick looks leaner than before.