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  1. That’s my thinking too TRO. It’s a shame, but there’s a time for sentimentality and I don’t think this is it. But like I posted earlier in ther thread, if Jed is better he’ll take his chance when he gets it.
  2. Morelos is thought to be keen to make the move to English football, but it is understood Rangers will be reluctant to sell. piece of piss
  3. I hope so, that’s like £15m plus at least 99pence, they’ll snap our hands off
  4. Always makes me laugh ‘are set to table...’ just make the offer!
  5. So we’ve signed/nearly signed: Hause, El Ghazi, Jota and Wesley I think we need at least: GK, 2xCB (Mings?), RM (Benhrama?), LB, and maybe another Striker. So I reckon if we spend: GK £20m 2xCBs £25m RM £15m LB £10-12m ST £15m that would take total spend to around £125m We need that at least in my eyes, more would be good (like RB, another wide player, etc).
  6. I’m not sure where the £20m price came from... seems to have been repeated quite a lot but not sure where it started.
  7. I think less, probably only £1-2m ... shame but I think that’s realistically what we would get for him. Last year of the contract too I think?
  8. £3m doesn’t get you much these days! Think it’s a good bit of business.
  9. Great stuff. Young, capable, and keen to play. Pleased he’s joined, so welcome Kourtney! Not the best player I’ve ever seen but we can’t spend £20m on every player.
  10. The Italy v Spain U21 game is on and there’s some fantastic talent on display there. If I was a scout I’d be making a list and handing it to Suso. The quality on display is mind boggling for such young players.
  11. I know it’s a highlights reel, and it’s just YouTube and they’ve just picked the best bits... but bloody hell, there are some good saves in there. Not to mention some good goalkeeping, positioning, reactions.
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