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  1. Maybe just for travelling reasons. Only thing I can think of! OH and bigger changing room at home
  2. Frustrating one this. Really was buzzing when we signed him as I always rated him when I see him play for Forest. I did keep an extra eye out for him as I have a couple of pals who know him well from the Hertfordshire area. It just never seemed to work for him at Villa. It could of been the then managers system mixed with the injuries or could of been an enemy of his own downfall with lack of effort but I really wouldn’t want to speculate that as he comes across, and I’ve heard first hand, he’s a really down to earth and honest bloke (flashy trims and tattoos aside). I think Smith ac
  3. No intensity. Need to be a lot better. Leicester couldn’t be much worse either
  4. England’s loss. Our gain. Southgate won’t be in charge much longer. Cream always rises.
  5. With no solid links I just see us waiting till Jan seeing as it’s a short window turnaround this season. Again just a hunch.
  6. deeps

    Villa Podcasts

    I like TVV. I like Dan and Tom. The northern Irish fella on the other hand....
  7. deeps

    Villa Podcasts

    I enjoyed all of these during lockdown with my crates of beer in the sun . Kendrick is actually a funny guy on a lot of the pods they do.
  8. Either agent talk or the fee has dropped and we are in.
  9. With the Jan window open in a matter of weeks I think we are saving some funds to see where we are come then. Just a hunch.
  10. Well, we all know how we’re really going to be watching these games going forward. Massive joke and I am disappointed no other clubs took Leicester’s stance on the matter.
  11. Never going to happen. How Parry is involved with football still is beyond me. Also, as much as the idea is ridiculous it did annoy me that Southampton and West Ham are seen as a bigger outfit than us or Newcastle.
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