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  1. It’s games like today I wish we still had Chester. Just to have leading the team. DD time to repay the faith DS has shown, lad. Was hopeful. Now worried. 0-4
  2. Ticket office had a few people in it just (I popped to the store)
  3. A ST, winger and big CM beast will be nice.
  4. The fans are here are utter trash. A good friend of mine is a Watford fan. Reason being is because her grandad died not too long ago and was a massive hornet fan. Her grandad basically help raise her and she seen him as a father figure so obviously hits nerve for her. I watched them best Wolves in the semi-final with her last April and as soon as that whistle blew it was mine and my friends objective to get her to Wembley. Not just for her but for her grandpops and just knowing how much it would mean, win lose or draw. Struggling to get tickets I did similar to what we have had on here on VT down the years of outside fans looking for advise or even tickets for a friend in a similar or unsimilar situations. I’ve been active here since 05/06 so figured it a safe heaven on these kinds forums. All I asked was for guidance on potentially getting tickets, explaining why. Wow! What a backlash I got from the lot of them (minus 2/3 users). It was rotten and I received some horrible responses that I won’t even repeat on here because frankly, it was disgusting. Watford are seems as a small, family friendly club but man, I didn’t seem that way. Anyways I got the tickets in the end and she went to game a cried from start to finish and not because of the result but because of the feeling of being there for her, her grandad and family. Football is more than we realise sometimes. I’ll have soft spot for Watford because of my pal but I after my experience on that forum and the fact TD plays for them, I’m not a fan deep down. Oh and MOTM Nakamba or Pepe.
  5. Giving OG a 18month deal, with bonus for staying up, relegation release clause. It’s a no brainer. sadly I can’t see it happening.
  6. Reports we are back in for Giroud as his inter move has stalled. Suso throwing everything at him apparently for wages and bonuses etc. Daily Star though so massive pinch of salt.
  7. start a striker. Take jack off the left. Win. Thanks.
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