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  1. Engles back on Sunday please Happy to play anyone up top accept Wes. Needs a kick up the ass awful tonight. We move on
  2. I know strikers are usually confidence players but surely Kodjia is worth a run out here. Wesley is just infuriating a bit and I hate to say it.
  3. Crowds dead. Chelsea haven’t been any better, we’re just backing off. We’re dead.
  4. It’s coming if we don’t wake up. Can’t get out our half.
  5. Life savings on a Tammy goal or 3. Mount has a face I want to punch so he will score too. 4-1 loss is my prediction
  6. This time last season we were 12th in the championship. We’ll be fine. Losing 3 first team players before the game is bad enough let alone the disruptions after the game started.
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