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  1. Albert Hutton Taylor Maybe recent weeks have done this to me but I have zero confidence
  2. So when will this Norwich bubble burst like we all thought it would.
  3. Can’t see Leeds not going up. Derby, not the first time I’ve said this when I’ve seen them, look meh.
  4. LB. CB. CDM. That order for me. I think we will only see one more in. Hope I’m wrong.
  5. Massive blow for the Baggies losing Barnes.
  6. So did Dean not rate him either?
  7. Chelsea don’t want to sell
  8. Massive massive boost this. Chelsea don’t want to sell so he won’t be going elsewhere as he doesn’t want another loan move. This should boost everyone now! Good las, Tammy
  9. deeps

    John Terry

    Would still walk in to our back 4

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