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  1. Spurs link surprises me as the have Winks who is twice the player. Saying that I rate Philips over Dier.
  2. Maybe this one is dead now?
  3. Who blinks first on this, us or Stoke? That’s how this seems right now. I reckon it could still happen. We are most likely looking at throw loads of add ons which are putting stoke off. Unless we loan him with the option to buy? Paying a big fee up front for the loan. FM mode
  4. Stale? When he came back in the team he kept them up with his saves and clean sheets. Made Joe Hart look like an Sunday league keeper (some would argue....)
  5. I still think we will get him. We are now 3/1 so odds drifting. Could be a decent little bet
  6. Kappa is on another level to Macron. It’s not even close. Not one thing Macron did for us was either nice or good quality. At least Kappa has history and heritage in the game. Kit is fine IMO. Could be a lot worse Joma springs to mind.
  7. Hope so. Even the baby blue t’s Matt and Hause were wearing looked the same (believe Smith wore the same without the iron on badge in his interview on AVTV).

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