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  1. I think Brooks will be here if Bournemouth don’t win the POs (I think they will mind, myself).
  2. Where’s the dude with the early line ups
  3. Jack is out. Please say it ain’t so.
  4. Could well be spot on! Spurs to get their second in the 64th
  5. Awful. Awful. Awful. Playing with Trez in games like this is like playing with 10 men as well.
  6. So Arsenal above us now. Leeds down our necks. We only ourselves to blame. No Jack gives me no hope. I’d take a point if offered now. Can’t see it. 0-3 Kane x 3
  7. Hi all. Thought I’d share, KitBag’s eBay store is selling the away kit for £23 with free shipping. Stadium fit.
  8. Barkley almost had 2 assists, don’t get the hate. Shocking performance
  9. Is the pro shirt 2 sizes up from your norm (like the stadium ones being one size up)?
  10. Looking forward to SB’s pre-match ‘I won’t let you finish asking a question and I will talk over you before you try to finish asking your question’ comments and thoughts.
  11. He been using Vassell’s drill?
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