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  1. deeps

    Pre-Match Thread

    Defo won’t happen.
  2. deeps

    Dean Smith

    The worry is the fact we actually don’t draw games either.
  3. deeps

    Dean Smith

    With no JM JG TM, zero chance. We were early on our promotion CP said but going down is a good 3 years again, at least.
  4. deeps

    Dean Smith

    That interview is embarrassing
  5. deeps

    Dean Smith

    Team is shot of confidence. No idea what the game plan is. We are predictable - pass across the back 4. Give it to Jack and hope he does something. Smith was an attacking manager, he’s gone all against his morals. We don’t change games quick enough, always when we go 2 down or on the 60th min mark. Really looks to me that the players don’t want to play for him. And don’t get me started on the zonal marking.
  6. It’s simple sometimes, football. We’ve been found out. People know we want to pass across the back 4. Then pass to someone in the middle. Look for Jack. Pray. Repeat. For the first time I really think we need a change in a coaching team.
  7. I get what you mean but it’s now the point we need to score 3 or 4 to win as we cannot defend. Maybe actually going for it, changing things up, not being predictable would give us a chance to actually win a game again
  8. Do think a new manager could give us a chance. No idea what the game plan is and haven’t for months. Poor all round.
  9. We would never defend like this under SB
  10. All to play for. Enjoy tomorrow win or lose. It’s what we’re in football for.
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