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  1. Went to the final yesterday. It’s made me more nervous about next week.
  2. Watch Ashley Cole roll back the years come the 27th Their forward line worries me, massively.
  3. Think the atmosphere got to some of the players. We have to be better next week.
  4. What injuries do Derby have? Didn’t see any. Sure Waghorn will be back.
  5. He’ll be fine with Albert or Green running at him.
  6. Mount is a player. See him playing in the prem next season either way
  7. So Ashley Cole will start the final of derby win?
  8. I feel like Leeds thought they just had to turn up tonight. Derby have been wonderful. They battered Baggies too. If they do this, don’t think it’s a walk in the park lads. They got some talent in attacking areas. Echo someone on here, don’t want to lose but would rather lose to Derby than Leeds.
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