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  1. Jermaine Beckford. Kill me now. You can criticise them sometimes, Jermaine.
  2. What do I need if I think they are both equally rubbish and want neither in the squad?
  3. Wheels are off. Thank the lord for the first half of the season.
  4. Players get injured but the thing I’m worried about is how shady villa are these days when being honest with timescales. I hope it’s not more than two games. Gutted he’s missing Leeds as I really can’t take them doing the double on us.
  5. He is out. Now we need to know what with and how long for
  6. Amen. Plus he was just on soccer Saturday. In training gear
  7. As MJ said. Plus they’ll just delete the tweet after to keep their ‘record’ clean. Not a single journalist has reported anything, yet Dave from Walsall knows all. If 1 person knows and it’s spreads like this, it would’ve been picked up by at least one outlet out there. The need for a tweet to ‘blow’ is people’s enjoyment and goal in life these days. If the FPL is the new holy grail they are usually spot on with injuries and knocks. Nothing on Jack being out. Cash was out for a year not long ago. Barkley was out the squad not long ago. Rashica was nailed on at one
  8. And McGinn removed Ollie . It’s a game. Plus some have a double fixture week I believe.
  9. FPL is the source now? Fml
  10. This on top of Jack’s insta posts and his interview this morning on the website.
  11. Can we blame individuals when the whole team has be ?
  12. Awful. Lucky to be 0-0. Can’t even begin to think on how to change it. Only positive is we surely can’t be any worse 2nd half?
  13. Stop scoring. Stop creating chances. Stop being another outlet to take the focus off Jack. The moaning whenever a team lineup is mentioned these days is bloody outrageous.
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