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  1. It is vital we bounce back straight away. And I mean top 2 too. With Leeds and Baggies nearly over the line we could do with Brentford or Fulham winning the PO’s. I think if Brentford fail to go up their team will be ripped apart. With 3 of those teams out of the league it looks a very average league compared to the last 3 years. Recruitment and holding on to players is vital. It’s all good a CEO saying we won’t loan players and now have assets etc. We need to hold on to the ones we want to (minus Jack obvs). I am gutted to be back in this league.
  2. They’ve lost 4 in a row. Have wolves, United and spurs in their games after us. I just can’t see us beating them on law of averages. They are a solid side. Hope I am wrong.
  3. Can’t see Rafa coming here. Would be my first choice though
  4. deeps

    Dean Smith

    Looks a defeated man in his post match.
  5. deeps

    Douglas Luiz

    Going to be a proper player. Shame we’ve f’ed it this season to not have him here next season. Don’t read too much in his quotes, lost in translation and all that. He’ll be off and it’ll be a move he deserves.
  6. Only criticism I will give him his he is not a captain. Not that it’s his fault why he has the arm band. We need him to find some form on Sunday.
  7. deeps

    Dean Smith

    I don’t believe he has it in him to bring us back up first time of asking. We need a Newcastle season (our first season down there) and no messing around. Maybe he needs the time off also given the sad news he had a few weeks ago too. I like the man but the way we approach games now is just asking for a peppering. The approach and lack of intensity for the 2nd half killed it for me today.
  8. Smith crushes his confidence post lockdown by dropping him for Davis.
  9. Can’t wait for Smith to wait for the third before changing it. **** go for it
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