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  1. TRO

    Steve Bruce

    Yes, but how many has he lost through no fault of his own.....He has had players simply not do it for him...like Lansbury and Hogan. I accept he has to take responsibility for that. Its not a clear picture, there are many arguments and counter arguments.
  2. TRO

    Steve Bruce

    Problem for me is......I don't think we are looking for a centre Half? raving nuts IMO
  3. TRO

    Steve Bruce

    So The Goalkeeper is ok? The left Centre half position is ok? The left wing is ok? The right wing is ok? The central Striker is ok.....Although I think Kodjia is coming back slowly.? That is half the team Terry.....sorry mate, we are nowhere near ok.
  4. TRO

    Steve Bruce

    Yes and No. The 2 years we talk about is generally a time scale that reflects our frustration.....The truth is except one major signing of Hogan, he hasn't botched many signings.....In that time he has had injury problems of key players that have gone on for long periods....and now an exodus through mismanagement. from above We are still wrestling with last seasons issues....that cannot go unsaid....as much as its a pain in the arse to all of us. The truth is as much as I want to blame somebody...... he has been dealt a duff hand, in the main. I don't know what the state of play is, regarding signing players....are the loans easy or are they nigh on impossible?...I don't know?. What i do know is this team is not promotion material in the state its in. We have too many players not contributing to winning games, they are coasting or nondescript......The eye of the tiger is with 2 or 3 players maybe 4 ....thats all, its not enough to win promotion. I think it will cost him his job eventually.....He needs to find a way of getting players in to add value to the team.
  5. TRO

    Steve Bruce

    I have defended Steve Bruce as you all know......and I am not turning on him now.....because for whatever reason, I still think the team is not right, not balanced, not right. However, He is beginning to sound like Paul Lambert or Steve McLaren. It won't last for long.....He needs to show more control over things.....if the players are not doing as he says, we need to know......because you can only go so long protecting them. Steve McLaren, looked a joke of a manager tonight and spoke accordingly.....SB needs to be sure he doesn't get dragged in to the same camp.
  6. TRO

    Steve Bruce

    I can't argue.....but we currently don't have a winger who can beat a man.....so that would possibly be another striker redundant. I think if this level of football continues.....questions will be raised in an area, most on here will like.
  7. TRO

    Steve Bruce

    Yeah, they are statements that make me cringe quite frankly. However, the 2 years is right.....but in that time it has been stop start due to various problems, injuries to key players and the near collapse of the football club, not to mention the club was a pure ship wreck. Look ....I am with you this football cannot go unabated infiniti....I may vary my opinion of the source of the fault, but the low grade offerings, I am with you all. You think its Bruce, in terms of the coaching.....I think we have too many players not good enough, that is causing play to break down. I think one of us is right. I don't see the present owners procrastinating for too long, because you are right, its gone on for too long.
  8. TRO

    Steve Bruce

    Biesla its early days , He has a good reputation, but had a 44% win ratio at Bilbao......Bruce has 48.9 with us. Darren Moore better equipped than Bruce? Pulis, is he much better than our guy?, they couldn't wait to get rid of him from Smethwick.....I think Pulis is ok, But SB had the upper hand last season. IMO we have more weak links than them teams, but in certain positions we are stronger.....Albion have Gayle and Rodriguez up front stronger than us. Lets see what SB can do in the loan market and see if it improves us.....if its still the same, then maybe he will be looked at.
  9. TRO

    Steve Bruce

    Your are right, but there is no doubt.....we have the wobbles. There is no edge to us and we are holding it together, by certain players quality.....others are woefully off form or not up to it......as a team we are totally imbalanced.
  10. TRO

    Steve Bruce

    I simply disagree.....There is more to a football team than a midfield. In relation to midfield we have taken 1 step forward and the rest of the team 2 steps back. If the manager is holding us back.....I feel confident the owners will deal with it. We are presently wallowing in unforced errors in every game.....no team can afford that......and furthermore when we are not making one, we look like we are ready to, randomly. It seems in the main Terry and Johnstones composure, missing, has left us shaky and unsure.
  11. TRO

    Steve Bruce

    I am not defending Bruce here, because I am totally pee'd off with that.....When you have a team on the ropes and fail to finish them off is piss poor. I still think we have too many players not good enough for a mixture of reasons......and he is trying to get players in.....I hope they are better than the goalkeepers, because at present they look worse. To be fair, He has had his building blocks toppled over during the summer, but McGinn does look a coupe....but we are short of about 4/5.quality players. I don't think these owners will hang around, if they think SB is not up to it.
  12. TRO

    Steve Bruce

    sadly, that is a cop out from the football managers book of excuses. They all say it. This team in its present form is simply, not good enough, some players are, most are not. I am sure, these games will not go on too long with these new owners.
  13. TRO

    Ratings & Reactions: Ipswich v Villa

    I didn't see the game today.....but I can connect with that post. you said it.....We need players in.....and of merchantable quality.........Quick. Steer looks the better of the 3 keepers, which is worrying.
  14. TRO

    Steve Bruce

    well, it wouldn't be a lie would it?
  15. TRO

    Jonathan Kodjia

    because, we haven't got anyone else.