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  1. I thought Nakamba was just protecting his face, the ball came that quick, his body shape looked distorted....it was just reactionary, not an attempt to stop a goal. The rules seem to change so often.....i think the decision was correct.imo.
  2. When a loose ball hit the corner flag and never went out, and we cleared.....i knew then it was our night.....never seen that happen before, always goes one way or the other. But Nyland was incredible.
  3. They make me nervous.....but they are developing that knack of knowing how to win....crucial trait. that was a real toughie over 2 legs and all.
  4. TRO

    Scott Hogan

    players like him, we should....I can't think of a better player to loan them.
  5. TRO

    Callum O'Hare

    He is diminutive so he needs to fill out like Maupay and get used to the physicality of the game. but lets not make the same mistake, we made with Bannan and Albrighton.....plenty of time to make a decision.
  6. Hause has his faults, but his aerial ability, is an asset.
  7. me too....I thought the second half " fight" was so reassuring and encouraging. That will prove to be a watershed moment in our season.....Atmosphere, was something else.
  8. TRO


    You missed a real humdinger.
  9. TRO


    Fine, Mark....thanks for your take on it.
  10. TRO


    are you at the game tonight?
  11. TRO


    and we both know who that is, right?....there's a dictionary on line, if that helps. you. ps I can see why you have more posts than me
  12. TRO


    well ,if I did, I was wrong and Apologise for that aberration. you clearly have more patience than me, to trawl through all my posts looking for angle to prove your point. I'm off to watch the match now.....can you excuse me to visit some more interesting stuff, before,I leave.
  13. TRO


    Stefan....I am going to the match shortly. I don't think we have ever agreed on much....its been funny, but shall we just put a halt to it now. Its clear to me we are wired different and that's not derogatory or an opinion.....I think its a fact. UTV
  14. TRO


    I could say the same. No I didn't, I challenged him for challenging me.....much the same stance, I have had with you. I don't really want to get in to dialogue with something between another poster and me, if you don't mind....it smacks of ganging up.
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