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  1. TRO

    Dean Smith

    or fortune favours the brave.....where have I heard that before?
  2. TRO

    Dean Smith

    just Debating hippo....its good to talk
  3. TRO

    Dean Smith

    Then I am confusing things....because I agree on that point or the 6 pointers. But maybe you underestimate "fight" and maybe I over estimate it. was it Gary Player who once said " The harder I work, the luckier I get".....fight does not eliminate it entirely, but it raises the odds of you being lucky. Look everyone has their opinion about " fight" and the levels of it....its clear we differ.....but just as 1 example amongst many, when you lose so many second balls, not just against Leicester, I question the levels of fight amongst other things of course. Well that game will be interesting for me.....but I can tell you like us that we were a tad unlucky against the scouse....I don't think they have lost away so far, might be wrong, but that would do for me if it was Villa.
  4. TRO

    Dean Smith

    good minds think alike
  5. TRO

    Dean Smith

    hardly a good example, unless exaggeration was intended. I'm not saying its irrelevant....I'm saying it more irrelevant than what you say.....listening to you no team who is lesser would ever win......How did we win The European cup?...that Bayern Side was far superior than us, if you can't see our qualities of those days, then fine, I am banging my head against the wall. Better teams give you less space, yes.......but I'm talking about when players have the space and the ball bounces feet in front of them and the initiative is lost...I am surprised you haven't noticed....it happens so often, with some players more than others. Look, we do some good things, score some good goals.....but to highlight some of our shortfalls, you are drawing me in to labouring the points.......If you can't see or appreciate the issues just say so. When you concede as easily and as readily as we do....you have to look deeper at the source.....it doesn't happen because all the disciplines are adhered to...it happens because things are not being executed properly. Someone said to me during the game....we are playing well, but we are not doing this, that and the other.....I said " well, we are not playing well then are we"....he said " yeah, I guess you're right" I am not trying to talk the thing down, I want Villa to do well as much as the next man.....but you simply cannot expect to see basic issues at fault and ignore them as if they are not there, just to stay loyal or pacify your enthusiasm. I love to see Villa play well and wax lyrical, when its deserved.....but any discerning fan will admit to our failings on Sunday, despite them being the team they are.....People talk about Vardy and the talk is right....but I thought their No 4 was outstanding....he caught my eye. I thought if we had played anywhere near our usual 1-2 would have been about right, in fact at half time facing the Holte, I thought we may have got back in.....The challenge from Elmo late on Jonny Evans was comically incompetent....if you can't see things like that, lets just leave it. In Fact any corners we have against us or free kicks ,I cringe until the danger has gone, such is the inept way we deal with them. Sure Jack is worth the entrance money in general and that's mainly what keeps the entertainment alive.
  6. TRO

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    Nah....that was years ago the game has changed
  7. TRO

    John McGinn

    I think he has simply lost form.
  8. TRO

    Dean Smith

    you baulk....that's a bit rich. some of the things haven't changed in football from 40 years ago.....I cringe when I read that.....even some of the so called formations were tried years ago, just regurgitated and modernised and some think its new. First touch, keeping possession, not giving the ball away, winning your duels/battles.....being aware of who is around you, showing aggression. Do you honestly think all these are all today's football......they've been around since the game began.....Graeme Souness talks about it all the time about Arsenal, too passive, don't work hard enough or tough enough......Leicester, is hard work, they work hard as well as their talent. working hard is not just running around and chasing shadows.....its getting tight and contesting every ball and working smart.....running OFF the ball and looking for passes....our lot are static at times and wonder why they get closed down. Chelsea also out worked us, not just Leicester. I think your view on working hard is suspect.....Jack works hard granted...look long and hard again at the rest.
  9. If we never scored another goal all season, but never conceded, we would continue on our point a game sequence....and probably stay up. totally hypothetical, I know......but brings home the importance of defending adequately.
  10. needs to be Hause now instead of mings.....but, worth a try.
  11. I Know Collymore is a desired taste.....but he does say, it looks like Wes is not being coached. I have to say, by now, I though we would see some improvement in something he has.....but I think he is getting worse, not better.
  12. I think this will be amongst the tough ones we have just had. I look how they play and I look how we play and I think, we will be in trouble if we play as we have been. Newcastle came and did a job, we are not capable of doing....and further more a job the fan base don't want us to do. I would take the draw now, but I think Sheff Utd's effervescence and intensity, will be too much for us.....we have too many players struggling. However, I just want 3 points.
  13. TRO

    Matt Targett

    should have been red.
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