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  1. They have spent millions, but my point is, the early signings like Kompany at 6 mill, created the bedrock for the bigger signings......they got the chassis right first, before they put the body on. Its the chassis that i think we are struggling with.
  2. You see Nakamba, much different to me.....i think he loses his man too easily and players go past him too easily.....his reading of the game is patchy...in terms of dominance in the middle, which is what its all about, I am yet to see, what I was expecting from him, whether he improves, i have no idea.
  3. Our best players like , Jack Grealish, Gary shaw, Brian Little, Gareth Barry, Sid Cowans all came through the youth system.....even Dwight Yorke, Andy Gray and John Gidman,David Platt were young hopefuls that cost modest sums. I don't think it is wholly and soley down to finance, I think in the main its down to vision, Nous and development. What Finance has Sheff Utd had, until recently?, same for Leicester and Burnley, Southampton, sell very well to help their finances.....Bournemouth have done a sterling job, until this season as have Brighton in previous seasons.....We did it in the late 70's, we had no money, just bought prudently and we bought the right types of player, with character to form a TEAM...not a bunch of individuals, chasing around at times like headless chickens. We ourselves have never been big spenders and we have had some very decent players in the past, bought with modest sums....Its more about spotting the right player to do the job in the team, sure money is required at times, when that last piece in the jigsaw is sought......I see full backs who can't stop a cross coming in consistently, How is that talent spotting? how are we paying these people for such low grade work. When was the last time we went out on a limb for a CDM and bought quality in that dep't.....we just ask an average midfielder to play the role and hope for the best....Man City paid £34 mill for Fernandinho, that is how they value that role...maybe that is beyond our capability, right now, but we should know in the future where to aim for....I am not convinced we do, even with the money. We have just spent c £140million in the summer.....it was only a few seasons ago we had a large influx of french players, we were all waiting to come good and the people responsible for buying were subsequently sacked......another load of doe, down the pug hole. This is not working.
  4. There ain't nowt queerer than Folk Dave.....Don't spoil your enjoyment for a few Morons. When you get the Chief Medical Officer defying the rules.....is there really any Hope....Talk about double standards, she just invented it. The Human race is a Kaleidoscope of personalities and nothing should ever surprise you, to keep a tight rein on all, is nigh on impossible......I think where possible they should find a way to name and shame them.
  5. TRO

    Dean Smith

    I don't know enough about what's out there. Pochettino or Villas Boaz, just as a stab in the dark. Really, just want Dean to get us to defend better.
  6. TRO

    Dean Smith

    We can't sack Smith now....too much uncertainty in the game. but I don't want him sacked anyway......I want him to be able to get us to defend as a team.
  7. TRO

    Dean Smith

    Well it kills the monotony of self isolation.....I just missed that bit off. somebody has to keep this site going......It might be a killer disease, but it won't kill my passion for Villa. Ps At least you can't get in to a row, answering your own posts.....now doubt some will think I can
  8. TRO

    Dean Smith

    So be it. The successful managers create the role by definition......They create their own power base, who is going to overule Klopp or Pep on football matters?......even Chris Wilder, now. Its all a matter of opinion, but I think the role we have is retrograde, despite it being popular on the continent. Of course it does beg the question of the relationship between the head coach and the DOF on transfers.....If and I say If, the DOF has the upper hand in transfers, it won't work....Thats assuming the head coach has it right too.
  9. What it does Dave, is put in to question their judgement. They both no doubt are extremely good at their jobs.....but Oh! For that priceless commodity of common sense.
  10. Because we don't do it right......as the old saying goes....the definition of insanity, keep doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. There are many examples in the premier league of why modest teams have stayed up and in my opinion, we haven't learnt much from them......there are many defenders or defensive minded players in the league, outside the top 6 we would turn our nose up at, because we are committed to signing continental lightweights from sub standard leagues, who show different, when they come to us....players who can't stay on the ball or taken out so easily....players who shy away from taking players out, its not in their psyche, unless you sign big or get lucky....like Kompany was. its all very well seeing players show their skills in other leagues, but when they come here, they face opposition who stop them playing. when are we going to learn?
  11. Not written them off, no.....I just don't think in terms of dominant force, they are what we need....maybe squad players. They don't stop the opposition from driving through the middle of us.
  12. Mings to a degree....Luiz and Nakamba not in my book. Samatta, still a bit early to tell.
  13. apologies.....you enlighten me. anything close to vidic will do for me.
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