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  1. Same to you Dave.....we got our present, right. great result.
  2. Personally, I love it.....when a player, who is in doubt, with everyone, comes in a smacks us in the face with a performance like that....it takes character....so congrats to him and the coaching staff, for helping him. Douglas Luiz for me is a different type and he will come back fighting, a rest may do him good.....if he treats it with positivity, it coukd be just what he needs.....I think he needs to play, further upfield, but that is just my take on it.
  3. Its just sour grapes.....i have sat on the doorstep of it for years, with the noses and the Albuyan.....just rise above it.
  4. Luiz has to fight for his place.....but or me he is different to Nakamba....they could both play in the same team. Luiz is better passer or the ball.....Nakamba is a better enforcer.
  5. Thanks VLV Its the 3 points for me.....but i was heartened by the way the lads refused to be steam rollered, by a very capable offensive team. for me, it was a real savvy performance.
  6. I was heartened particularly by Nakamba's performance....still recognising the performances of the others, like Mings. its what i have been waiting for.....really impressed with his contribution. Leeds just simply didn't have their own way with us like last time....Bravo to Dean, for changing it. Marvellous, was simply Marvellous.
  7. He is a specialist....he just does one job, in a team of 11 but boy, he does it well. I thought the defence was awesome too.
  8. I hope Nakamba now becomes a serious contender....not just a forgotten man. this is a squad and we need certain faces for certain games....and this was evident. He has shown his credentials tonight and the team needs them at times....the midfield had balance and numbers.....it was much more believeable to me. i often talk about balance.....i saw it tonight.
  9. I don't subscribe to the slagging off of Leeds.....They are a good side. We beat them, with a real savvy performance.......lets just move on. We are Aston Villa, lets remain gracious.
  10. Some seem think we need one in every position? Nakamba was a breath of fresh air, this evening.
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