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  1. TRO

    Steve Bruce

    I would put it, that they would agree.....else history is "fake news"
  2. TRO

    Steve Bruce

    I appreciate the point.....but "incredibly dumb" is not how I would describe it, that seems a tad harsh to me.....misjudged I would say, without knowing the full details of the financial implications and the pressures he MAY have been under from his superiors. wasn't we close to signing Harold Makoudi,? maybe he thought it was done and was instructed to free up wages who knows, Goalkeepers were coming in too and Jed Steer was no where near flavour of the month at that time. We don't know what pressures he was under to balance the books financially and judging by past events ( Hindsight) it wasn't very pleasant. Unless we both know the full facts why these decisions were made is difficult to make a measured comment. but to make out that Elphick and Steer ( at the time) was the answer to our ills is fanciful IMO......I concede they both come back better equipped to help us, but that was then.....IIRC Elphick made a few rickets just before he left us for Hull. I have never set out to defend SB unconditionally and of course he has made errors.....Dean will too.......Its the inability by his detractors to mention anything good he has done that prompts folk like me, to remind them. I still think on the road back to recovery, he has played a part.....Thankfully, Dean has picked up the baton and looks like he is poised to make a much bigger impact. Ps To use things like that against him, when its not clear the motives is an indication of folk who just didn't like him.....but he's gone now so its all hot air. Lets watch the rebuild and wallow in that. PPS to all those fans that wanted Steve Out and Dean in, were spot on.....congrats to them for their foresight.
  3. TRO


    Lets be fair Andy , most fans hate other clubs out of jealousy or because somebody has slagged their team off. We have been left alone for quite some time because we was no threat to anyone, suddenly the haters have raised their ugly heads.....now the possibility is ,we could be. I have only One teams interest at heart, I guess you do too.....I love Aston Villa, I don't have any energy left to hate another team.
  4. TRO

    Steve Bruce

    some of them Dave, some of them......don't bundle in those that appreciated some of his work and didn't have a pop at him and he knew that. Those that did have a pop at him, find it very convenient to lump in the rest of us that didn't, to support their stance. lets be clear here, I was ready for him to go when he did....but i don't look back in anger, pardon the pun.
  5. TRO

    Steve Bruce

    when this board is popular.....you know the transfer front is quiet.
  6. TRO

    Steve Bruce

    I'm not sure how you come to that conclusion.....seems like speculation to me. I too didn't like the football under Steve Bruce and I don't think he can be compared with Dean Smith in terms of training ground prowess.....I don't think Steve can improve the individual performance of players like Dean can, but there are always exceptions, i am talking generally speaking......So far, Dean has shown to be far more enterprising than Steve, but I would suspect he would be happy with some of his signings.....There is more than one element to a football manager, some are good at some things and not so good at others, but it doesn't necessarily make them **** at everything. However, Steve Bruce has a fair record in the transfer market....sure he signs some duffers like all managers....but i find it particularly interesting How both managers can't get a tune out of Scott Hogan when Dean did at his previous club....could it be the player himself? Ross McCormack was a classic case of a lack of due diligence and research, that could relate to more than just the manager as with Richards.
  7. TRO

    Steve Bruce

    I think he has just explained his view on that Dave......SB did his best, ultimately it wasn't quite good enough, just like a horse losing out to another by a nose.....The loser still ran a good race. In a converse situation, Norwich went up with mainly free transfers, so why does Steve Gibson bellyache about teams spending money.....Money/Resources is a bit of a cop out in some ways, not to be dismissed entirely, but only part of the success equation.....you then have to buy the right players and blend them.....Liverpool is another good example, how buying the right players (irrespective of the cost), improves the team The folk that defend Steve Bruce do see the flaws that seem to vex you and others, but we see and report on the good bits too......I am not a betting man, but I suspect Dean Smith would agree with us.He too would respect the good bits Steve managed to do. If someone just doesn't like him, no one is going to change that, If someone doesn't like his style of football, like me, that won't change.....but 24 wins in a season which ever piece of mitigation you want to sling at it, is something to be pleased with.....I would be, if I presided over 24 wins......It never got the coveted prize and that was disappointing but probably a blessing in disguise in all honesty.....but to give him no credit for partly rebuilding our reputation, No,Not for me, that's unfair in my book. PS As for the argument about slagging off the fans, my understanding it was only a small section,He referenced,who was having a pop at him.... not the entire fan base......and as you well know Dave, fans of any club can have very different views to each other, such is varying personalities being as they are.
  8. TRO

    Steve Bruce

    very well put.....perspective at last.
  9. TRO


    Wolves are a fine club, with a fine team.....but whether they are or whether they are not, is no business of ours. We have a job of rebuilding our status and that's all that should interest Villa fans......If other fans see fit to have a poke at us for doing that, bully for them, ( Oops sorry for the pun) ignore them.
  10. I read somewhere that Aston Villa feel Jed Steer is not ready for the Premier League, (despite his heroics in being instrumental in getting us up), its a valid point. I know Aston Villa News now is all click bait.....but I feel that statement is not far from the truth. If we have any serious intentions of staying up, we need a top class keeper, with dominant qualities. I also know, some fans have said its not priority, we have more pressing demands, I disagree......Its top priority in my view
  11. TRO

    Wesley Moraes

    we have to see him play for us......Hogan looked good before we signed him.
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