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  1. I didn't know that.....thanks
  2. TRO

    Ian Taylor

    Good job he's at Villa......At Liverpool they would have had his watch
  3. TRO

    Ian Taylor

    He's a Top Man.....very engaging. Always has been.
  4. I have never really understood it properly....so bear with me. After seeing the last summers world cup, I was quite surprised and impressed to be honest. Which led me to thinking, why don't we all have a women's team attached to the main football clubs. They play at Home when the men play away from home, pardon the pun. As I understand it the Women's teams are not attached to the football clubs......maybe they should be.
  5. TRO

    Tyrone Mings

    I think managers do have favourites......but to give them the benefit of the doubt, usually how they train in the week and is their style commensurate with how they want to set up? good trainers with a professional behaviour usually endear themselves to managers and vice versa.
  6. TRO

    Tyrone Mings

    Well....Managers learn too. I think he has done ok with England so far......but last night required conkers and I think he took the easy option. No one wants to criticise individuals, but we could all see it and the panel on Sky. I get it that managers rarely change centre backs during a game, but maybe last night if he had, we may have got a result, that second goal was embarrassing.
  7. TRO

    Tyrone Mings

    I like southgate, but thought he lacked balls last night......everyone and his grand mother could see the issues. managers get paid big, to make big decisions......I thought he was too passive and going with the flow.
  8. TRO

    Tyrone Mings

    Its fairly uncommon granted, but that pairing was poor last night....i thought keane was particularly poor.....and cost us. centre backs have to show an element of aggression, Keane didn't.
  9. TRO

    The NSWE Board

    Its a gamble either way.
  10. TRO

    Douglas Luiz

    some strike......We have a few now that can strike the ball from distance.
  11. TRO

    The NSWE Board

    Dave....I would prefer to think our owners know how to conduct their business to their liking and comply with the rules at the same time.....it sounds more concillatory than " play" after all.... nods as good as a wink to a blind man.
  12. TRO

    Dean Smith

    He must be very pleased with himself too.
  13. TRO

    Dean Smith

    Getting up was hard.....staying up is harder. but i do think we are getting progressively stronger.
  14. TRO

    The NSWE Board

    Now we have......Wes & Hourihane
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