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  1. TRO

    Dean Smith

    We have. what will I be looking for tomorrow? a positive result obviously, but I want to see an effervescent approach, a team going after the ball and winning duels, organised when we don't have it....closing down in small groups and denying Sheff Utd the oxygen they thrive on. I want to see effort and a willingness to run, not stand off and watch.....I want to see us take the game to them.
  2. TRO

    Dean Smith

    i think you could be right.....but i hope not.
  3. TRO

    Dean Smith

    I would take 12th right now.
  4. very nostalgic.....was our finest days.
  5. TRO

    Dean Smith

    I do understand the sceptism in relation to Dean Smith, its not unfair, from where he has come, its natural....but he has only just started in real terms....That sceptism we have will dissipate in time, with good results, he can build his name with us, he has the backing. My take on it is he has created cohesion and stability in the club, I get it, that some folk want a bigger name, but with the support of the owners which is amazing, he can build that name with us.....who was Ron Saunders, before he came to us, but he made his name with us. I am still abit uneasy with the defensive side of our game, but was mightily encouraged with Deans approach after lockdown.....I too want to see swashbuckling football, but I equally recognise there are times in games you have to be resolute and composed when we haven't got the ball( watch Brighton today, that is exactly the way).....playing with the ball as opposed to without it and vice versa, throws up contrasting dynamics and its getting that balance right that establishes us as a premier league team/club. I think we learned so much after lockdown about the game without the ball, I hope it transfers in to this season. If we can be quicker to the ball, win second balls and improve our anticipation to turn the ball over, we will move on to another level.....I am encouraged by the signings so far, not ecstatic, because there is much work to do, but the character or the team is changing too, for the better....I also think there is a much better platform for the academy kids to be introduced in certain games and providing that composure is paramount in their development. The signs are really good, but we are WIP still and the progress is incremental.....sure we all see weaknesses, which is normal for a WIP team, but the progress is equally as tangible. I hope we avoid a relegation battle, baring long term injuries to key players, I think we will, but we have to be so self driven to secure points and in terms of league table set realistic goals to nurture self confidence.
  6. by Norman "Hurricane " Smith......who was an sound engineer for the Beatles.....John Lennon used to call him " Normal"
  7. well Elmo lost his man against Burton hence the early goal and in many other ways, I like Elmo.....The worry of attacking full backs is not getting tight enough in challenges for cross field balls but we must tighten up on that ball to the far post.
  8. some folk on here wouldn't even contemplate it.....McArthur and McCarthy was picked out as 2 CDM's marshalling and shielding in front of the defence, doing the mundane stuff, disrupting and disturbing passages of play. If the ones we have can do it fine, we will see. I also observed tonight ,how many goals are scored at the back post by full backs not picking up their man....ball watching instead of closing down and challenging. I fear for us at set pieces and when we haven't got the ball.....but lets just see what happens.....I hope I am wrong.
  9. look at the determination and physical competency of Shaw, not to mention the sublime skills.....nice to see a centre half score with a header too.....those halcyon days....shame about the pitch....they wouldn't cope with that these days.
  10. Wow....dig deep NSWE. Not much to argue with,though.
  11. I think we need to get the Rashica deal wrapped up......assuming we are really after him, the strong physical midfielder, yes and the left back cover, yes......but not sure how much money, we have left in this window.
  12. TRO

    Saïd Benrahma

    I think if you play on the wing, you have to get away from players, not massage the ball. pace is a crucial element of a good winger, not everything but an important ingredient....Harvey Barnes types create havoc....I think Rashica looks similar, for what I have seen.
  13. I'm putting my wotsits on the line.....but i think Watkins will prove to be a really good signing. I think his ability to move in to dangerous space, read the play and give options to midfielders will be paramount. I think his reputation for tap ins, will be paradoxically his forte......worldies are great as a spectacle, but serial goal scorers get the mundane ones too.....I think he will be an "always there", kinda striker. I could be wrong of course, but i have a good feeling about this lad.
  14. TRO

    Milot Rashica

    Not as painful as ending up somewhere else and pulling up trees. ps we need to get this done.
  15. I just want us to come out of the traps and be quick to the ball, pick up the second balls and secure the initiative.....just amongst many other things. do that and we have a chance to secure points.
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