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  1. Overall they do have deficiencies, they are WIP like us......but we are talking about something they do well and give teams a hard game because of it.
  2. They are probably in a better financial position than say sheff utd to enable them to buy players to swell their squad.....to create rotation.....to continue with their intensity. but you are right, its whether they can keep it up.....but you can only worry about one game at a time. They did it the championship and are still doing it..... However, there are many factors, to a good team, I' m just mentioning one...but an important one Imv.
  3. Its not the league position.....its what they do on the pitch in games ,the drive in their play is relentless.
  4. I don't really like them as a club.....but i just can't help, being blown away with their work and running.....they are on the balls of their feet all through the game, so alive to the games dynamics.....I just can't help being impressed with them.
  5. Just watched the Everton game.....So impressed with Leeds running and workrate...it opens so many doors in terms of opportunities to score and deny the opposition and helps with the essential luck, every team needs.....its funny how they say the harder you work, the luckier you get. whether they keep it up or not, its working right now. They all look as fit as a butchers dog.....good luck to them.
  6. Just saying what we can get better at, not idle criticism. The irony for the disputed penalty, it was the complete reverse of our situation.....its like heads you win, tails you win for Brighton.
  7. Just a question.......Was we unlucky or just too much standing off?....not tight enough. it just seems very coincidental that so many teams get lucky with worldies....luck is random, this seems like a pattern. Targett lacks athleticism for me......he links up well in the final third, not very stand outish with his defending.
  8. TRO

    Douglas Luiz

    I am not saying, he is a bad player....but i clearly don't rate him as highly as you....not at present anyway.
  9. TRO

    John Terry

    Just anout my take on it......thought this was a closed book, sad it has to rear its ugly head once again.
  10. TRO

    Douglas Luiz

    I think the fear of Man City triggering Dougie's buy back claused is unfounded. I have no fear at all of them considering such a move.
  11. TRO

    Douglas Luiz

    I agree. But i also think Liverpool and arsenal never pressed us like the teams did in our last 3 home games.....We do struggle with teams who press us. its ironic that at their best Liverpool are one of the best pressing teams, but i think their edge is nit quite there, maybe van Dyck is a big miss. personally, i think we lack players in the squad who can deal with it well.I think we have a lot of players very similar in style, we need some contrast. where i think you are right, McGinn can deal with it at times, but his form is very hit and miss......He plays well, we pla
  12. TRO

    Ross Barkley

    having his leg off next monday.... sorry, I could'nt resist it.
  13. TRO

    John Terry

    Brexit was won, but it didn't stop there either. when is any book closed, these days?
  14. Dave, My Dad was from Dublin, when he arrived in the City, He lived in Aston initially.....He took me to the Villa and Blues alternately, but we lived in Small Heath by then......someone asked why I chose Villa. I said when the players came out only one team made the hairs stand up on my neck....and it wasn't Blues. been a fan since 1960. BACK ON TOPIC.....been a fan of Jacks since the first time I saw him.
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