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  1. remember, they don'y clatter in this league.....stealthier, snidier and use their hips very well or in the case of refs like Oliver, just push you in the back for every challenge....we'll get used to it. more prudent in every way....including cheating.
  2. some of the old un's have been asleep in that stand over the last 10 years, poor souls.......they have a new team now......On Waking....one asked "if Ron Saunders was back"
  3. Brilliant Summary..I felt a "like" wasn't enough.....there should be a " Brilliant" button
  4. Coleman was pushing him in the back with every challenge, Oliver just allowed it......I thought Trez was ok but will get better, when he settles properly.
  5. The class run never hurt either.....Harry Kane type.
  6. If you wasn' such a big hard, 70's style centre half.....I would call you a T**t.......but seen as you are, I think you are a very intelligent fella.
  7. I hear all the excuses from Everton.....I actually thought they played well and were a tough side, sure they missed a few chances in front of goal, but we do on occasions too, who feels sorry for us or uses it as mitigation for losing? I hope as fans we are not going to accept all season, that if we win we have met teams on a bad day......thats bollocks for me.....We won because we scored 2 good goals and got the win and in the cold light of day its the only stat that matters. If they had won , with exactly the same play.....they would all be saying how good Everton were. We played a good team last night and came out on top.....thats all we need to know. ps funny how Eddie Howe now see's the win a VP as a good win for them ,despite having many developing years in the division.....Opinions and attitudes towards us will change as we get results in our favour. pps When Man City get there customary win........ at VP and its 0-1 and pepe says we had to struggle for that, I will know we are progressing.....I could say 1-0 , but that would be expecting too much.
  8. It never fails that one......Every picture tells a story.
  9. he thought they meant the corner of the net.
  10. I would like to hear the old call in Unison of.... Villa are Back,Villa Are Back....Hello,Hello Those dulcet tones move me. Ps Probably the loudest I have heard Villa Park, last night.
  11. I think you are right, but I think he has the footwork to play the smaller ones too...as you say the thinking defenders, I am and always have been dubious of small centre backs and Goal Keepers, not to say, there has never been good ones. Thats what I saw too, and probaly after the exquisite finish, the most satisfying aspect of his game, he was a real Talisman for us.
  12. I wish the Holte End would do that rendition again ......despite last night being fantastic.....its has a kinda stirring emotion.
  13. TRO

    Wesley Moraes

    Yes, ........Scout it is. Have to take my Hat off to you mate.......I was hoping for a performance like that from him......He was amazing in so many different ways. We could have a real star on our hands.

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