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  1. TRO

    Dean Smith

    I think you will find the work was modest at BMH ....Players have touched on the issue. I don't think the drive and intensity was there. I think we ALL know now....some obviously cottoned on before others like me.....and give him too much latitude.
  2. If its Dean Saunders, i think he's too old .....and Dean Smith is doing ok, to attract Ron Saunders.
  3. TRO

    Steve Bruce

    He is a bit like Red Adair.....only useful in a crises. I think he is only likely to get a job that requires an arrest of poor fortunes as opposed to a mid table team looking for a challenge. His style really does proceed him, like Pulis and Big won't lend itself to a decent job.
  4. TRO

    Steve Bruce

    With regards to Henry ....In hindsight so do I. I just hope that if we have a wobble, folk stay with him.
  5. TRO

    Dean Smith

    what are you getting off Father Christmas?
  6. It takes all sorts....but hey, its his call.
  7. TRO

    Jonathan Kodjia

    You may have a point......but then being competitive kicks in with most players. even if a player is not on his game, he can be a nuisance to the opposition. (or as Rodriguez demonstrated a battering ram.) I could not see Kodjia scoring that goal. Its work rate for me and a players perceived committment to it. The frustrating thing is, he has talent......but without application, talent is wasted. I love a trier....he leaves me a bit short.
  8. TRO

    Jonathan Kodjia

    I think you are right, we will need to keep him until the summer, even if to prevent him scoring against us like Grabban and injuries and suspensions are so unpredictable. Tammy will not be left out that quickly......his work rate would be sorely missed, he leads the line and shows effervescence in his play, his enthusiasm is infectious to us. Kodg does not do that with the same dedication and courage. Albion, clearly targetted Tammy as the player to go to.....He will have better games, but he is 21 and his overall game is superior to Kodg.
  9. Do you know what VLV......that is the most exciting thing of all.
  10. TRO

    Dean Smith

    Having seen what i have of late, I am glad too. but Dave. Its a different playing field in what Bruce came in to, to what Dean came in to.Imo. I am not trying to compare, because its clear the difference in philosophy....but in 2016 we needed to stop the sloppy goals against....The problem was he was unable to morph the team in to what Dean has. I still think he deployed too many to defensive duties and that caution was his ultimate undoing. We have come a long way from that and the club was ready for Deans style.I have been blown away with what he has achieved so far.....but we still have work to get us to a nailed on promotion team. Its sometimes difficult to pick out particular sections of evolution and dwell on it.....its all part of the journey. e.g Vic Crowe played his part in Ron Saunders halcyon days with the kids he left him with.
  11. You will probably glean from some earlier posts that yes, i stand corrected. I am blown away with what Dean has done so far. I did say during Steve Bruces stewardship that i had no idea what was exactly going on at BMH suffice to say, i seen the same errors week in week out.I had my suspicions, but thats all they were. without getting in to an ungrateful debate, i still see defensive errors too, in some of our games. I love Dean Smiths approach and I will be keen to support him during any dark days or reversals.....but i still feel compelled to point out deficiencies, if i see them. Blues, Forest and Albion.....we showed some poor goals, against....that will be difficult to catch the top 2 if we continue give away soft goals that in the main emanate from not tracking back....not exactly Rocket Science more to do with positioning and a tenacity of mind to recover and not leave it to team mates. For sure the 2 clean sheets against Derby and Boro...were magnificent. If we can be mean at the back allied to our fluid offensive style, we will have cracked it. We have c20 games from Jan 1..... i just hope we can bring in the right re-inforcements. I think Dean has worked wonders in such a short space of time and despite my comments are a match for any team in the league......I'm just looking to win every game, which i know is perfection.
  12. When we enter the transfer market in January.....I hope the half time team talk from Darren Moore ,will echo in the ears of those that have the job of bringing new players in. " Lets get the ball out wide, and bodies in the box" now we all know the implications of what that means. Despite Dean playing some fabulous football, we need to nullify the likes of that statement much better than we are, if we want to go up.
  13. You have just taken the words out of my mouth.....They knew exactly what they was doing. That was a training ground conflab. The pre-requisite for a goalkeeper is Bravery, they knew we had a weakness there and it was the last roll of the dice. We need a new Keeper, one who is imposing and would not succumb to that kind of bullying. Sadly, words get around and it looks like they have his card marked in this league.
  14. TRO

    Jonathan Kodjia

    You are bang on the money. In the past, we secured results on the back of just individual brilliance.....we still do to, but have added a team effort too, hence goals coming from all over the team. We do not JUST rely on individual brilliance, so Kodg is not quite so indispensible. We have to be aware that much of our best players are loanee's....but I would re-deploy our assets much better. Its clear to me in order to secure promotion, we need consistency as a key element.....I don't think Kodg is positively consistent. He has a face like a well smacked ****hole.....full of melancholy.
  15. TRO

    Jonathan Kodjia

    The mental approach is bone idle.....and it finds its way to his legs.