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  1. TRO

    Steve Bruce

    So you didn't see the Bristol City Game? Not saying you are wrong, just maybe forgetting a few decent games....it is better now of course. I just wonder if we are being a bit mean, seen as the football now is so much better. Personally.....I didn't like the football under Martin O'Neill, some great incidents and goals and 6-6-6 was a tremendous return.....and compared with Ron Saunders era, i was less encouraged.....but hey its all part of our History.
  2. TRO

    Steve Bruce

    Dave I feel I have to answer, but don't really want to because I am so enjoying Dean Smiths Tenure. I get that you don't like/rate him...but I struggle with your reasoning. We were 90 odd minutes away, One goal resigned us to a life outside the Premier League as disappointing as that was....24 wins in the season and 72 goals scored and 42 against 83 points.....I concede the football now is far more convincing and what has been achieved by Dean is remarkable under the circumstances. The reasoning I struggle with is " Miserable Failure"....Do you mean it was miserable for you, because you was expecting to go up?.....or do you mean the failure was of a miserable nature? Personally, I would describe a season like the one where we managed 3 wins under Lambert as a "miserable failure" not missing out by 2 goals in a final.....I would call that just Failure, without the adjective. PS In all my days watching Villa since 1959......I have never expected promotion, always hoped for it, such is the topsy turvy world of football where so many factors can trip you up....I don't expect it now and we are on the back of the greatest run in our History, because football has twists and turns, injuries,suspensions,form drops etc,etc...not to mention freak goals and freak incidents. I am very Happy with Dean and glad the decision was made.....but I will never look down my nose at Bruce, he had a go and failed to get us up.....miserably failed no not for me....I enjoyed the 24 wins, but not so much the style of football. I think we have a manager now, where I would concede the future looks brighter and the football more entertaining and convincing....and I just want to be grateful for that. But taint the last guy, no not for me...I would imagine Dean himself would be pleased with some of the players he left, even though Dean has improved them.....I would prefer to be gracious, with him, it comes around you know.
  3. I know the criticisms, and folk aren't wrong....but Hey, he scored and secured 3 points.....when a few others had chances and failed. The frustrating thing is, we have few players who could execute that dribble in the second half, shame he didn't finish it off.
  4. He had a red in the tunnel. just kidding.
  5. TRO

    Scott Hogan

    I think some fans are waiting for something to click with him.....sadly, its not going to happen with us.
  6. TRO

    Scott Hogan

    If West Ham had not come in for him, we may not have been influenced to pay so much. I think in those days we didn't have the courage of our own convictions. There is no aspect of his play that encourages me....sad really.
  7. TRO

    Scott Hogan

    Maybe we had the last Laugh....getting Dean. Its like they had our trousers down.....Then we had theirs down.
  8. It might not be a good idea to relax, although to some degree we may have to.....We need momentum going in to the play offs. However, Leeds and Norwich are looking a bit jaded.and with Sheff Utd breathing down their necks....The pressure will be on them.
  9. 1-0 or 6-0 =3 points. Professional job, despite the sore nails.
  10. Incredible....I guess the work Dean was doing when we was struggling, was this.....it just hadn't come to fruition.
  11. putting themselves in the shop window for a top club.....us.
  12. TRO

    John Terry

    I think that is a fair comment...However, we do not know the details of the remit, which could have had a bearing, that's me being kind.....I don't think SB would have been able to win 10 wins on the spin, I really don't. I just think Dean Smith is doing more in developing the team and improving on each players weaknesses....He just seems more in tune with moving the ball around than SB. like you allude to......Dean being a good manager, does not make SB a bad one.....just not as good IMO. Dean still has to show his prowess in the transfer market,( so far so good) subject to funds available and FFP not restricting him. I just hope this can carry on for him, I really do, because he has the hallmark of developing a really good side with us, in time.
  13. TRO

    Anwar El Ghazi

    There is always an element of inconsistency with wingers generally.....Sir Alf knew that, thats why he played without them......Dean is just trying to get " more" consistency from him, which is great....talented player.
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