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  1. which makes me think this wasn't a spur of the moment decision from him....he has wanted this for some time...thats why last ditch persuasion wasn't going to have any affect. The money to us, just softens the blow. who knows, Leon Bailey could be explosive and inject the pace in to the team many of us have craved.....we did have a slow build up at times.
  2. £300,000 x 52 x5 says...............So what. Sad, but true.
  3. but sometimes the parents themselves, promise themselves the world.....How many times have we heard of over hyped kids, where their promise plataeu's too early.....its the name of the game.
  4. much will be aired in due course.
  5. I think he will.....but £300,000 x 52 x5 = £ 78,000,000 Maybe he won't....his career is Guaranteed.
  6. PR...He wanted an easy exit.
  7. That 5 year contract ....If his camp insisted on a buy out clause last season after the failed Man U bid..... it was an arrangement imo.....He gets his exit to his liking and we get a huge wedge. so last season was just a charade and this move was semi arranged/ hanging around, all along. Not moaning at £100 mill.....but just thinking this has been on the cards for some time. Our view of him has been manipulated.
  8. Jack has been the golden boy, who has given us many happy moments, but some of his play was overlooked too, due to his stature with us. I am now looking forward to a more balanced team, moving forward and I hope Dean can give us that. I'd be very interested to hear Deans true inner thoughts on the matter.
  9. He was as good as gone a while back.
  10. I have a suspicion you could be right.....He will be different under pep, how different, I am not sure, heard they want him as a No8, thats Gundogan's shirt.....We'll have to see, but who cares.
  11. I hear the plan is No 8 and pep is to improve his defensive skills.
  12. Its tricky, I know. I'm kinda resigned to getting on with life without him......like all the new signings.
  13. particularly with on going shin issues.....they don't easily go away. its like osgood - schlatters disease in as much it keeps rearing its ugly head.
  14. I think we are getting ahead of ourselves....but worth a try.
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