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  1. TRO

    Dean Smith

    That may be so, but anything other than that, would be selecting a period to prove a point. Its what they have done as a whole, is what matters. i.e .....you can't win 10 games on the trot and start looking at win ratio's.....they are designed to evaluate the warts 'n all.
  2. TRO

    Dean Smith

    its not a case of getting stick, its your opinion, so you shouldn't. But how can it be measured...its just someones perception. just an interesting comparison of 2 managers at their respective clubs, but contrasting perceptions, but the numbers don't back it up. Steve Bruce 96 games....29.2 win ratio. Graham Potter 94 games 29.8 win ratio. and yet the perception of the 2 managers is colossal in difference.
  3. My concern, still lies in midfield.....if we can crack that, we win the game.....we need some 7-8 performances there. Ings and Watkins, obviously need to click, but they would put concern in to any team.
  4. but in the same manner, it didn't work for England, it doesn't always work for us either. You can't always play too many attack minded players.....it works in theory, but not in practice.....I know, its a paradox, but sadly, it is. What does work....is the attack minded players you do pick, make sure they are on their game and hungry.....if poor decisions, like leave Harry Kane on, in his melancholy state of mind.....there is no doubt for me, that a team struggles. or take your brightest spark off and lose 2 players in doing so,Jack and Shaw, who is normally a huge threat.....that too, compounds the struggle.
  5. To be fair, his goal scoring record is hard to ignore. and anyone, would be forgiven for playing him. what I don't get, is when you play him and he dishes up that......Southgate , should be ashamed of himself allowing that to go on for as long as it did..... and then to top it off, he takes off the brightest spark of a threat......its scandalous. I fear, Jack will say the wrong thing and he will be dumped.
  6. Won't you come home Leon Bailey, won't you come home. We need you to cross that ball We need you cookin' Leon, We need a goal with a fine run to top it all. Ain't it a shame, for no show again Leon Bailey will you please come home.
  7. I honestly thought ( and there is still time) that Pep would add goals to his game, playing with so many talented players. The thing for me though, is Jack likes to play the ball and get it back.....They don't do that so much at Man City or England, compared with us. Maybe the playing with so many talented players is misleading. I have also thought in view of the amount of fouls Jack Draws, why don't he draw them in the box? We as Villa fans, all know Jacks talent....but if he wants to rub shoulders with the Elite, He has to score more goals.....otherwise, he will just be another talented player, who is wonderful on the eye, on the ball.
  8. doesn't like him, or doesn't rate him?
  9. Ok...but why was Hojbjerg in the position he was in, to score the goal, if we was winning all the battles?....He is a midfielder, who has ventured forward, why was he allowed in that position unchallenged to do that? I know its only one incident, but I saw more, than just that. When opposition midfielders have licence to threaten around the 18 yard area, its a clear indication to me the midfield has been breached. but hey, just my opinion......I agree with the passing too, though.
  10. I can't quite get my head around these Sovereign Wealth funds being the resource that these clubs PSG,Man City and now Newcastle, have. something just doesn't sit right.
  11. I can't argue with that....but I think, The human rights issues, might carry more weight amongst the elite managers and players, than we initially think.
  12. I agree Paul....I was talking recently and touching on last night. I accept, he was playing more like he did at Villa, ironically getting hooked, when he plays better.....but they still rarely played the ball back to him, like Villa players did. I fear Jack will be an enigma under Southgate.....and I don't see Southgate winning anything as International manager.
  13. The Monster has been created and its difficult to know how to regulate it, now....Its a game off the pitch now, as well as on it. competition has eked out new frontiers, and it is difficult to see how corruption will not engulf the game.
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