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  1. He looks good but it’s very early for some of the plaudits being sent his way. We’ve had three league games and he’s had major howlers in two of them. Luckily, he got away with them. We wouldn’t have been so forgiving to Nyland.
  2. No problems there then with the way Targett is playing at the moment. Taylor can’t be far off him at the moment.
  3. Lampard now being quoted saying RLC is likely to go out on loan this week to get games as he is unlikely to get them at Chelsea.
  4. Exactly. Compare that to Sheffield United, considering what they did last season. Huge swing in perception in just a couple of games.
  5. We need to get our midfield into this game. Very lucky to be 2 up.
  6. Ok, saying bedding in is nonsense was an overstatement. But I do think its importance is over stated. In this case, I think it would be bizarre not to start Traore. Most of us have been crying out for over 12 months for better quality in wide areas, mostly borne out of the frustration of watching El Ghazi and Trez (acknowledge both scored important goals which fans are grateful for). Fulham is a winnable game that we could rely on later in the season and I believe we should get that extra quality Smith and Terry have been talking of on the pitch ASAP and see what they can do. We are still
  7. I can’t comprehend how we would go and spend £19 million on a new wide player and still start Trezeguet ahead of Traore. Surely Smith will start Traore. He has to. None of this bedding in nonsense. Get our best players on the pitch ASAP. We lacked creativity against Sheffield United.
  8. Rashica definitely done? What have I missed?
  9. Donald Trump would appear a humble gentleman next to those two.
  10. Sky coverage is pretty embarrassing to be fair. They seem to be copying and pasting from Twitter. Rob Dorsett was on last night discussing our pursuit of RLC and Barkley and why, one might ask, would Villa want another midfielder when they already have seven. Went onto discuss Lansbury being surplus, Grealish having a free role and Jota, El Ghazi and Trezeguet being used in wider roles. Completely omitted any mention of McGinn and Luiz who are our actual starting midfielders and would be the competition for those positions. I was in disbelief watching such incompetence.
  11. Yeah if Barkley or an equivalent signing arrives, it’s better loan him. But I’m very tempted to see how he’d perform if we give him a few games now. Some youngsters just thrive and never look back. We seem to have this habit of loaning our young players for years, having never really tested them in the first team, and never really knowing if they can step up. We then end up selling or releasing them at 23/24. Not saying that will happen to Ramsey or that a loan wouldn’t help his development but with the squad we have today, I’d play him before Nakamba / Hourihane / Lansbury.
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