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  1. Lescott playing the role of the lifelong City fan. What a glory hunter!
  2. Completely destroyed in midfield. McGinn, Luiz and Ramsey just not good enough. One of them at most should keep their place next season. Maybe Luiz with better players beside him. McGinn needs to be on the bench. Sansson needs to step up and be better next season. Otherwise, we have another 6/10 in a position we are loaded with the same. Konsa casually allowing Zaha to turn on the edge of the box was a death wish.
  3. Redknapp is hilarious. Souness spends two minutes explaining how a deflection took McGinn’s goal into the corner. Next sentence from redknapp; “it’s a great finish placing it in the corner”!
  4. I guess I think some goals are more avoidable than others. And I think some of the last gasp goals we have conceded recently were particularly avoidable with a bit more aggression and desire to block the cross / shot. Other fans may be saying the same about their teams.
  5. What is the real Aston Villa? We had 25 points after 13 games, on course for over 70 points, and being lauded as the next club to trouble the top teams. Now we look more like a team that narrowly avoids relegation.
  6. Yes, our league position is baffling considering our clean sheet record, which is easily top 4 level. Losing games is one thing but the galling thing for me is that we are now throwing away points by individual errors and a lack of focus. Ramsey today not sprinting out to the immediate danger, Mings last week (although we got away with that one) and McGinn jogging to block the cross against Newcastle. Whatever about Smith as a tactician, I’d like to see him clamping down on these moments where our players seem to switch off.
  7. This is down there with any of the stuff we produced under McLeish, Lambert and Bruce. We have gone from looking like Champions League contenders to one of the worst teams in the league, and it’s not all down to missing Grealish. Going to be a very strange summer if we finish the season like this.
  8. Sorry to be an irritant. I don’t think I’ve ruined too many threads and I actually don’t post that often, or use Twitter or Facebook. I just don’t get the thinking that Elmo was always our next choice but I won’t say anymore about it.
  9. We can debate it all we want but it’s bizarre to suggest Elmo was always ahead of Guilbert in the pecking order when he played about half as many games as Guilbert last season. The games Guilbert didn’t play were mostly injury led or a few games at the start of the season when Dean stuck with Elmo and Taylor for loyalty or continuity. Guilbert picked up two or three injuries later in the season but was generally our preferred right back when fit. Dean even went with Konsa over Elmo after restart when Guilbert was nursing a knee injury. We then went for a better player in Cash, which is fair en
  10. Is this a serious comment? Guilbert was clearly our first choice last season. He started the majority of games at right back and the vast majority of games when he was fit.
  11. Crazy decision. We are now reliant on our third choice right back.
  12. It’s early days in this season but on our current trajectory, we look like we could easily jump 7-8 league positions for the second season running. That’s reflective of a rapidly improving outfit and should see us quickly outgrowing the sort of players we have been linked with in recent windows. I don’t see us buying squad players to sit on the bench but it’s also difficult to see how we can improve much of our first 11 without moving onto another calibre of player, which is what I expect to see next from this beautiful juggernaut. Maybe not this winter but hopefully in the summer. I think mar
  13. He looks good but it’s very early for some of the plaudits being sent his way. We’ve had three league games and he’s had major howlers in two of them. Luckily, he got away with them. We wouldn’t have been so forgiving to Nyland.
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