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  1. I am a big believer of getting youth on loan for a season- I don't see more than 1 or 2 being major squad players next year. I think we are looking at 22/23.
  2. I like it but I can never match with randoms... Like ever on Xbox. Is that me or the game?
  3. How can they not be convicted if theres evidence they kicked him in the head after he is tasered? I get they could argue about the excessive tasering saying it took time for him to go down or something, but how can this be argued against?
  4. Beaten by a better side. Simple as that. With Grealish there's always a chance but that team today was always going to struggle.
  5. Has it been said anywhere how the extra 5 are calculated? Would England get an extra place every season, or is it some strange rules across all of Europe. Last time I checked there were more than 5 countries in Europe- so do they just pick who sold the most shirts in Asia that season?
  6. I'm firmly in the kick them out camp. The league would have less money, but it still would get a decent TV deal and there would be a readjustment on wages, fees etc. It would work itself out. Whereas if these teams get to play in this sponsored closed shop it is the competitive end for every other team domestically. I also think they over rate their worth. I didn't watch the premier League when we were in the champ, and I bet a lot of fans won't watch this super League of it's something they never have a hope of taking part in. Yes the plastics in Malaysia, but the English fans across the
  7. Actually thought he was better today than usual, but he has not taken the creative pressure off Grealish this season and that was his job. I actually wonder if he is just permanently injured now. Smith doesn't trust him to start clearly.
  8. Sometimes you see some real flair with him, and then sometimes it's like today. A good squad player but replaced as a starter next year I think.
  9. It was always a long shot, and our chances went when Jack got injured. We just don't have the squad yet, and it was always a long shot to catch two of West ham, spurs and Everton. Let's remember we have been terrible for a long time, and if we get top ten that would be a real improvement.
  10. We were only going to get into Europe with some serious luck over injuries. You could argue that our first team is good enough for sixth or seventh but does anyone really believe our squad is good enough? The drop in quality when the first team is out is huge in certain positions.
  11. Saint Maximan would be a great signing- we definitely need another quality attacking option. I hope Wesley is back soon to give us time to assess him in a relatively unpressured season end. If he does well it fills one of the slots.
  12. Was very poor today, nowhere near his standard from this season
  13. This is exactly where I am. As it's short I'll give it a few more episodes, but I didn't enjoy the premise.
  14. I like Conor but he's been unused recently and I bet he sees the writing on the wall.
  15. Listening to his interviews I'm starting to get flashbacks. I think they have a real chance of going down.
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