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  1. maxjackle

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    I think for a chance of automatic we need to beat leeds and go on a big winning run like last years 7 wins asap. Im confident of play offs but lets see how this christmas goes. Lots of games in a short period.
  2. maxjackle

    Dean Smith

    Its been a week. Ever started a new job? How much did you influence the company that first week?
  3. maxjackle

    Pre-Match Thread

    I worry Bolasie wont be fit this season for the impact we all hope for.
  4. maxjackle

    Scott Hogan

    The wrong sub. He is not the man when you need the ball held up. I dont think its going to work out for him here.
  5. maxjackle

    Dean Smith

    The Hogan substitution was a mistake but you can see changes in style already.
  6. maxjackle

    Dean Smith

    Happy with this- felt like we needed an attacking coach and we have one. Ive read that brentford article and dont really see the problem. He wont be buying players, we all know the style of football we want and what we need is someone to execute it. Plus hes from the area and has proved himself at champ level. If we're giving anyone a shot at stepping up a level why not him?
  7. maxjackle

    New Manager Speculation

    I would love Olof as assistant to Rogers
  8. maxjackle

    Anwar El Ghazi

    This guy on the left Bolasie on the right. Jack/mcginn/hourihane/thor rotating in the centre. Should be the best midfield in the championship.
  9. maxjackle

    Glenn Whelan

    I read Bolasie tried to take the ball. Dont know if its true but he would have been my pick.
  10. maxjackle

    Glenn Whelan

    I dont think I will understand what just happened as long as I live
  11. maxjackle

    Steve Bruce

    That has got to be him gone
  12. maxjackle

    Steve Bruce

    What a missed opportunity with top 2 dropping points. The first half was horrific and he has to go now
  13. maxjackle

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I hope he is a first choice level player but I know nothing about him. If he is a reserve it could make sense FFPwise if Elphick goes on Loan and his wages are lower (which surely they must be).
  14. maxjackle

    Steve Bruce

    Has to beat Sheffield or I think the majority will turn. From match days I don't think the crowd are there yet but it's getting closer.
  15. maxjackle

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Need to win next week to be on a reasonable points total from these starting fixtures.