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  1. Definitely- there were clear times to pull Wesley out the firing line and we couldnt
  2. This Bournemouth result is the sort that gets a manager sacked. Would they do it with 6 games to go in a few weeks? And with how much they owe him?
  3. Apart from nylands mistake I think we were the better side and could have won one nil. Mcginn wasn't up to speed and grealish was pushed out the game. It's easy to see Sheffield United and forget what this side has done this season.
  4. Lots of talk about the premier league restarting, but I haven't really seen yet how the championship or league 1 will start. If they can't I wonder what they will do?
  5. Its amazing how many ex pros and pundits are trying to convince themselves that home advantage is just about the fans and totally discount the facilities/pitch size/familiarity etc. I think this will go ahead but any pretence that the game is for the fans in the stadiums is totally dead.
  6. That Independent article has zero quotes. Nothing will be agreed until they hear government advice and meet next week. I listened to Barber from Brighton speak very clearly earlier on that he will not support neutral venues because of the harm it would do them in their right versus relegation. As much as some people would like people like him to be seen and not heard they will need to overcome the clear opposition to the idea. The EFL is also challenging the notion that the premier League restart is the great saviour of English football.
  7. If that's a hoax it's a good one, but if true I reckon that's what the EFL are saying and probably not agreed with the premier league yet.
  8. I can see them getting the premier League done at neutral venues, it would be bad but I can see them doing it. What I can't see is them starting the championship or lower leagues again. Surely the scale of venues, policing and required testing/doctors rules that out.
  9. I don't think it's true only the bottom three would. Brighton have spoken out publically about that they wouldn't support relegation unless completed and west ham initially pushed for it to be ended with Brady's statements. So that's 4 maybe 5 of the 6 needed to be against it with many yet to declare publically. I think though they are going to push this through behind closed doors, and it'll be celebrated. That is until the first round is complete and everyone sees just how bad atmosphere less games truly are and/or players get sick or fans start to congregate. Then widespread public opinion will turn.
  10. Saudi is way worse than Abu Dhabi as a regime. Newcastle fans can be ok with that but if they don't accept that truth they are ignorant or in denial. A lot of companies and people make peace with it and I am sure the Geordies will but they should accept criticism of their owners will come with this. I've been all over the Middle East (requirement for work- wouldn't go there on holiday) but I won't go to Saudi.
  11. He was dealing with a failing team, with people used to hands off management and no scrutiny. In that situation sometimes there's no turning people around. I thought they weren't that bad- the size of the job was enormous. It just shows how much damage bad owners can do to a club from top to bottom. Yes they got things wrong for sure but I bet there's tons worse out there.
  12. Next week is huge. I know we are all down from that result but we are still out the zone so I have hope. It feels like it's going down to the last game to me.
  13. I love my mini collection- my kids like picking one at random off the shelf and then cycling through the games. I've got a retro pi of course but theres something about having the right controllers and the nostalgia of the (albeit small) box. For above if you did want to revisit the playstation- I had seen classics go as low as £20 at one point, and then if you google "true blue mini" on amazon you will find loaded usbs for sale. Theres lots of different collections and they are plug and play. You can do it all yourself but if you arent keen on hacking- finding the roms etc its a cheap way to get the playstation classic to actually have some good games on it.
  14. Hopefully stay out the relegation spots these next 2, then a critical Christmas week. If we are in form then we could be moving up the table with a buffer.
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