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  1. It's from Nixon. He holds the world record for made up transfer rumours. It's his job.
  2. I think he'd be a good squad player- not every player we sign can be for big money and this is one the the manager knows well. If he gets his form back of 2 years ago it could be a bargain
  3. maxjackle


    Worked in the end- site went down for 5 mins then came back up. Always a panic buying these tickets!
  4. maxjackle


    Im getting a not on sale error after looking at seats. Any idea how to fix? Keep refreshing?
  5. maxjackle


    Got my ticket but so annoyed it's early. Pain for me to get too plus I had plans for Tues as well. Arghhhh
  6. Assuming we are 4th or 5th does that mean we play later on the Saturday and then on the Weds (The B fixture?)
  7. I think for a chance of automatic we need to beat leeds and go on a big winning run like last years 7 wins asap. Im confident of play offs but lets see how this christmas goes. Lots of games in a short period.
  8. maxjackle

    Dean Smith

    Its been a week. Ever started a new job? How much did you influence the company that first week?
  9. I worry Bolasie wont be fit this season for the impact we all hope for.
  10. The wrong sub. He is not the man when you need the ball held up. I dont think its going to work out for him here.
  11. maxjackle

    Dean Smith

    The Hogan substitution was a mistake but you can see changes in style already.
  12. maxjackle

    Dean Smith

    Happy with this- felt like we needed an attacking coach and we have one. Ive read that brentford article and dont really see the problem. He wont be buying players, we all know the style of football we want and what we need is someone to execute it. Plus hes from the area and has proved himself at champ level. If we're giving anyone a shot at stepping up a level why not him?
  13. I would love Olof as assistant to Rogers
  14. This guy on the left Bolasie on the right. Jack/mcginn/hourihane/thor rotating in the centre. Should be the best midfield in the championship.
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