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  1. maxjackle

    Jack Grealish

    If he stays I think we'll go up. Yes we'll lose some of our players but I think a team with Grealish, Chester, Hourihane Kodija and hopefully Green, O Hare and Davis will be good enough.
  2. maxjackle

    André Green

    Any update? I was hoping he could come in to give adomah a rest
  3. maxjackle

    The Rémi Garde thread

    Garde's team selections are much more in line with what I would personally pick than Sherwood. Lets see how he does in the rest of the season to decide if he's the man to get us back up.
  4. maxjackle

    Relegation Thread Version...99?!

    That was the game where I lost final hope. Let's just hope for some home wins this season and bringing some belief back to the club to help next year's promotion push. Hopefully Garde or whoever else is in charge sees we have to get rid of a lot of these players- how we have ended up with a team with hutton, clark and richardson starting is beyond me. Even if we can't recoup any money on them and have to play youth players as their replacements- lets just do it.
  5. maxjackle

    Relegation Thread Version...99?!

    On Saturday eve I was sure we were down. I was looking at grounds for next year, and found out how many games newcastle were on tv when they went down (15) to start mental preparation. Today though I'm starting to believe maybe we can do it- I mean 7 points sounds a lot but it is possible with a good run in that series of fixtures around xmas.....
  6. maxjackle

    Adama Traore

    I think its more likely that he either a) hasnt settled in england, b is injured or c) is crap in training.Why buy him in the first place if you're worried about his wages going up after a few games.
  7. maxjackle

    Weekends football 30 October/1 November

    Lukaku's cross for Kone- awesome
  8. maxjackle

    Relegation Thread Version...99?!

    I switch between thinking we've had such a bad start that we won't be able to catch up to thinking we are only 4 points off with a ton of football to be played. Any kind of new manager bounce and sensible team selection should see us at least be in the fight.
  9. maxjackle

    Pre-Match Thread

    Going for penalties with that line up.
  10. maxjackle

    Relegation Thread Version...99?!

    I think we'll be in a battle again, but don't think we'll go down. I believe our squad is better than previous years and it will settle. Its tough right now with the results we have had, but I see some light at the end of the tunnel in the shape of Adama, Gana, Grealish and Gestede.
  11. maxjackle

    Christian Benteke

    Thanks Christian and good luck. You were too good for relegation battles, now prove you're good enough for real, barca and the elite.
  12. maxjackle

    The FA Cup Final Pre-Match Thread

    On the train to west hampstead, only gooners on this train so looking forward to seeing villains. Nervous as hell and need a drink!
  13. maxjackle


    Looking forward to the scarves! I read today that MOMS are trying to get a sex pistol type flag for this as well, Surely that would clash with the scarves? Also not a fan personally of the flag design- surprised the club allowed it.
  14. maxjackle


    Straight on at 8.50 online - gone for the lower tier, just hoping I'm not too far down! Good luck to all today and tomorrow in getting tickets.
  15. maxjackle


    Like a few people- wondering if aways and fa cup are included in the criteria. No way to get through to the ticket office at the minute though- just engaged tone.