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  1. Next Aston Villa Manager

    Lovely, impassioned post. But do you really want to hear the Mellberg out chants in 10 months time? I'd give him a bit longer to get experience and for villa to sort itself out.
  2. Steve Bruce

    It SLAMS shut @ 23:00 on Aug 31st.
  3. Pre-match thread

    Can we please have one of the kids instead of Gabby. Thanks.
  4. Steve Bruce

    Yep. But I suppose it gives them another week to approach the next fella, working on the assumption that Bruce > no-one / caretaker. Not sure many will agree with that, though on current evidence I wouldn't want Calderwood to step in even for a week. Our recent caretakers have been worse than the sacked manager they replace.
  5. Premier League Predictions 2017/18 - GW2

    Name Home Team Away Team Guess Villa 0 1 Norwich Norwich Swansea 0 2 Man Utd Man Utd Bournemouth 1 0 Watford Bournemouth Burnley 1 1 West Brom Draw Leicester 2 0 Brighton Leicester Liverpool 3 0 Palace Liverpool Southampton 1 0 West Ham Southampton Stoke 1 2 Arsenal Arsenal Huddersfield 1 0 Newcastle Huddersfield Spurs 2 2 Chelsea Draw Man City 2 1 Everton Man City rubberman
  6. Tony Xia

    Yeah... it's the first bit surely. Sadly.
  7. Tony Xia

    Well - Bruce is certainly hampering Villa's available strength, so out he must go.
  8. Next Aston Villa Manager

    What's Thomas Tuchel up to these days? Maybe he fancies a sleeping giant challenge and wadful of cash.
  9. Pre-Match Thread

    Seems legit - I just put a fiver on Reading to dull the pain so a win is almost assured.
  10. Steve Bruce

  11. Steve Bruce

    With all the Bruce out chat, we seem to have missed that our possession over the last 3 games has been 51% v Hull, 59% v Colchester and 65% v Cardiff. We're winning the possession! WINNING!
  12. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Would be more like 15-20 minutes.
  13. Pre-Match Thread

    Game night. Good - haven't had a must-win game in a while.
  14. Steve Bruce

    Isn't this likely to be a misprint on the OS - taken from the quote about not being ready to play 2 strikers? Anyway - tonight: I'd take scratchy 0-1 win from an own goal or penalty, but a performance that sees the back of Bruce. Win-Win.
  15. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I'd hold off committing to any transfers for a couple of days if I were the board.