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  1. Pre-match Thread

    Nope. I want us to win. Would still like us to finish as high as we can. SHA can go down on the last day losing to Bristol with Blackburn winning at Brentford. Final day relegations are much more satisfying (when it's not happening to you).
  2. Pre Match Thread

    Aha. A must win game. Haven't had one of these for a while.
  3. Championship Predictions 2016/17 - GW44

    Name Home Team Away Team Guess Norwich 1 2 Brighton Brighton Brentford 1 0 QPR Brentford Bristol 1 1 Barnsley Draw Burton 0 1 Leeds Leeds Huddersfield 1 1 Fulham Draw Forest 0 2 Reading Reading Rotherham 0 2 Ipswich Ipswich Wednesday 1 0 Derby Wednesday Wigan 0 1 Cardiff Cardiff Wolves 1 0 Blackburn Wolves Villa 1 1 Birmingham Draw Newcastle 2 1 Preston Newcastle rubberman
  4. Pre Match Thread

    Cheers BOF - that's what I suspected. Lot's of away games there though (clutching at straws).
  5. Pre Match Thread

    Anyone have a handy list of results with / without Kodjia? I fear without him we've barely won. Will need a clean sheet and keeping 11 on the pitch and might sneak a 1-0.
  6. Championship Predictions 2016/17 - GW43

    Ah balls. Killer combo of being massively busy + suffering from man flu and I've missed the gameweek. Might well just have Newcastled it.
  7. Championship Predictions 2016/17 - GW42

    Name Home Team Away Team Guess Wigan 0 1 Barnsley Barnsley Brentford 1 1 Derby Draw Bristol 1 1 QPR Draw Huddersfield 1 0 Preston Huddersfield Norwich 1 1 Fulham Draw Forest 1 0 Blackburn Forest Rotherham 0 2 Birmingham Birmingham Wednesday 1 0 Cardiff Wednesday Wolves 1 2 Brighton Brighton Burton 1 1 Ipswich Draw Newcastle 2 1 Leeds Newcastle Villa 1 1 Reading Draw rubberman
  8. The push for the Play offs ?

    I know what you mean...anything can happen. Though 6 from 6 is a safer bet then 18 from 6! But my point was that given the already extraordinary run we have to go on, I'd rather Leeds took points off 2 teams in our way (per your post above).
  9. Adama Traore

    It seems unlikely we're going to benefit from his sell on clause now.
  10. Steve Bruce

    Haven't heard much from @JE- in this thread recently.
  11. The push for the Play offs ?

    Leeds only need 6 points from 6 games to stay above us. Not an easy run at all, but it finishes against probably relegated Wigan. Would prefer that they beat Preston and Norwich along the way to help us out.
  12. Championship Predictions 2016/17 - GW41

    Name Home Team Away Team Guess QPR 0 2 Brighton Brighton Birmingham 1 2 Derby Derby Blackburn 0 1 Barnsley Barnsley Bristol 0 2 Wolves Wolves Burton 0 1 Villa Villa Cardiff 1 1 Brentford Draw Fulham 1 1 Ipswich Draw Leeds 1 1 Preston Draw Norwich 1 2 Reading Reading Forest 0 2 Huddersfield Huddersfield Wigan 2 1 Rotherham Wigan Wednesday 1 1 Newcastle Draw rubberman
  13. The push for the Play offs ?

    Who knows...We were pretty unlucky against Huddersfied - had enough chances to win that - and the last goal conceded before that was Newcastle in mid Feb so I think it's pretty hard to know what will happen when we eventually concede again.
  14. The push for the Play offs ?

    Now that would be some end to the season!
  15. Pre-Match Thread

    Later please.