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  1. Noice. Be good to finish the season how we started.
  2. I'd take 5 points from the next 3. They are all likely to be pretty tight. A full week's break should help and get everyone a bit of a breather after the last 2 weeks.
  3. Left Back, Right Back and 1 centre back. 1 DM (assuming Luiz stays). Personally would be tempted to see if we can improve on Barkely for the money he'll cost, but will give him a few more weeks to get back up to speed. 1 striker 1 (fast) winger. If we get European football of some sort next season and we will also be in a really good position to have good cup runs and we want to push on up the league, there is going to be plenty of playing time for a squad at the level or above our current first team. But don't expect this to happen in one window.
  4. They'll put up some resistance. We'll win 2-0. Fact.
  5. Oh god - I hadn't even considered that might be a thing. I don't think he's got the right fit though - like Dyche - little risk hopefully
  6. Would be very happy with a point. Will be very interesting to see whether the enforced break has helped some vs the fatigue that others who've had covid will surely feel. I think the last 20 mins will be very tough. Come out strong to start, see if we can snatch a lead, then nailbiting to the end.
  7. Wish him all the best and hope it works out well. Has been a key part of our last few years, but obviously isn't going to take us any further.
  8. After the fixtures were announced I did a forecast and posted that we would be 5th by Christmas, before dropping to finish 10th. I thought that was slightly optimistic and never thought we'd be there with 2 games in hand. Assuming we manage to finish the season, it could be anywhere from 3rd to 10th now, but I've started to see us mentioned as European contenders in the press. An amazing season already - let's hope it continues.
  9. I agree. it's annoying me too. We should have been in the top 4-6 for the last few weeks on the same number of games instead of mid-table. I suppose it helps keep expectations a bit more grounded and gives an element of surprise, but I want us to be being talked about like Southampton and praised for how we are doing.
  10. We're likely to be tired. Would be good to go all out to start and get an early goal. Hopefully be able to rest some legs later in the game. Still fancy a win.
  11. Interesting article on the Beeb - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54984207 Could a club from outside the 'big 6' really win the Premier League? A few snippets -
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