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  1. Tony Xia

    Oh dear. That's what Villa does to you... Heal up, Dr T.
  2. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Yes. Particularly at the start of the season when his sides are always awful. Still think it's a long shot that they'll improve much though.
  3. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    It's one thing for Boro to say that - another to enact it. They've barely scored this season and have half a team bought from our dismal days. Doesn't inspire confidence that they can buy well even if they do splash the cash. I think they'll be more Norwich than Newcastle next season. As long as Silva goes elsewhere, Hull will struggle and Sunderland are us a year on. The main challengers will be current Championship sides IMO.
  4. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Glad Fulham stayed down. With Palace staying up, it's my nearest ground for away games.
  5. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Before we get in any new players, and on the assumption Bruce is going nowhere, can we get in some new attack-minded coaches please.
  6. Championship Predictions 2016/17 - Results

    Top work @chewie - it's been good fun. What a pathetic final round! I was obviously on the beach for the last couple of weeks, but congratulations to @daniel for top consistency. Happy to have clung on to second though.
  7. Will we give Bruce and the team a clean slate?

    I'm not really sure there's much to say. Overall Bruce's reign has been uninspiring and disappointing so far. Bad runs have been bad. Good runs have been almost as bad. But we start next season with him at the helm, hopefully a few decent additions and expecting (and needing) promotion. The target of 2 points per game is pretty obvious - drop behind that for more than a few games and it's New Manager thread time again. Ideally along the way the football will get better, we'll play as a team, we'll be confident and attacking and we'll give a few sides a good thrashing. Deliver that and 100 points and I'll polish the slate myself.
  8. Name Home Team Away Team Guess Villa 1 2 Brighton Brighton Brentford 2 0 Blackburn Brentford Bristol 1 1 Birmingham Draw Burton 1 1 Reading Draw Huddersfield 2 0 Cardiff Huddersfield Newcastle 2 0 Barnsley Newcastle Norwich 1 1 QPR Draw Forest 1 0 Ipswich Forest Rotherham 0 2 Derby Derby Wednesday 1 1 Fulham Draw Wigan 0 2 Leeds Leeds Wolves 1 1 Preston Draw rubberman Tempted to just do the opposite of Daniel for every game, but hope that I can just consolidate 2nd.
  9. Championship Predictions 2016/17 - GW45

    Dreadful last round. Need a strong week... Name Home Team Away Team Guess Cardiff 0 2 Newcastle Newcastle Barnsley 1 1 Burton Draw Birmingham 0 1 Huddersfield Huddersfield Blackburn 0 1 Villa Villa Derby 2 1 Wolves Derby Fulham 2 1 Brentford Fulham Ipswich 1 2 Wednesday Wednesday Leeds 1 2 Norwich Norwich Preston 2 0 Rotherham Preston QPR 1 1 Forest Draw Reading 2 0 Wigan Reading Brighton 2 0 Bristol Brighton rubberman
  10. Steve Bruce

    Speaking only for myself - that is where I am, and it seems like a number of other posters have a similar view. I don't think you can firmly back him on either the results or performances to date. The extenuating circumstances for me are that he has a) inherited a massive ****, b ) come in mid-season and c) made wholesale changes to the squad. I think he's sorted out some of a). The c) part he brought upon himself and acknowledged that in Jan he made too many changes too soon. And because of the b ) part, he's been changing things on the fly to get the best results he can but it's been game to game with limited opportunity to develop things in training. This is where he gets a pass for me, but where the pressure post-summer ramps up. He'll have time and resources to get it right. And if he doesn't, then he'll have to go.
  11. Steve Bruce

    Spot on. I hope the players are sent off with targets for the shape they need to be in when reporting back and expectations for what they are not supposed to get up to. Ideally we will have identified the 3 or 4 key players we want to bring in and will get that business done fast. Spend the rest of the window sorting out the 'outs', while working on the way we want to play next season. Really hope we get to start the season with a couple of home games, (not on TV!), so we can get early momentum established. Also on my next season wishlist is to administer a couple of routs -> 4+ goals. I'm still in the meh camp about Bruce. I think he's done a lot, but also not enough. Needs to start strong next season - there'll be no excuses.
  12. Pre-match Thread

    Nope. I want us to win. Would still like us to finish as high as we can. SHA can go down on the last day losing to Bristol with Blackburn winning at Brentford. Final day relegations are much more satisfying (when it's not happening to you).
  13. Pre Match Thread

    Aha. A must win game. Haven't had one of these for a while.
  14. Championship Predictions 2016/17 - GW44

    Name Home Team Away Team Guess Norwich 1 2 Brighton Brighton Brentford 1 0 QPR Brentford Bristol 1 1 Barnsley Draw Burton 0 1 Leeds Leeds Huddersfield 1 1 Fulham Draw Forest 0 2 Reading Reading Rotherham 0 2 Ipswich Ipswich Wednesday 1 0 Derby Wednesday Wigan 0 1 Cardiff Cardiff Wolves 1 0 Blackburn Wolves Villa 1 1 Birmingham Draw Newcastle 2 1 Preston Newcastle rubberman
  15. Pre Match Thread

    Cheers BOF - that's what I suspected. Lot's of away games there though (clutching at straws).