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  1. Indeed. Shame we have shipped the 2nd most.
  2. Go down - Jack goes. Stay up skin of our teeth - I'd say 50:50 Stay up 14th or above - definitely stay. In April Dean and the owners need to sit down with Jack and outline the future - what they will invest, level of players they want to buy and see if they can sell him the dream. As long as Villa are moving up it might be enough. But if we don't keep fast enough progression, then he needs to move on. But when he does, anywhere below City, Liverpool or the top European sides would be disappointing.
  3. Norwich are done. They have to get 2 more wins (+ overcome GD) than everyone above them. While 40 points would be good to get to, I still don't think that much will be needed. A lot of 6 pointers coming up.
  4. But maybe the selling club, if already not that keen on losing their star player, don't want to accept those terms. If we go down and have to sell Jack we're not likely to say to the buyers - sure pay us the £80m in a few years time - we'll need it for our own FFP purposes. Sure, it's possible, but pretty tricky to get through IMO.
  5. I had a go, but there are so many matches that could go either way between the bottom half I ended up giving everyone draws and it was a load of nonsense. Still such a long way to go and plenty that can change through injuries etc.
  6. God, I hope we get him back for the last few games. Will really sooth the nerves as we will no doubt be in full on squeaky-bum time.
  7. Given that the simple transfer of a English 16 yr old, for relative peanuts, from a club happy to lose him, to a club where his former coach works and that his family support is still taking over a week to complete, I think it's unsurprising that top class forwards / first team starters have taken a bit longer. IMO.
  8. Think this is most likely. Really need to come out of the blocks fast and ideally score early to put them under pressure. And keep the ball away from Deeney.
  9. My feeling is he's not that keen and we are last resort, but also the only ones offering the right cash. So it will come down to the last few days and whether others up their offer - might still happen but unlikely.
  10. Terreur is usually accurate I think. From here
  11. Perhaps not bargain, but not that high relatively these days. And had he not got injured and scored 12-15 goals this season it would have been pretty decent.
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