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  1. Dear lord. I've waded through pages of crap from a WiFi-less patch of Greece. I'm opening another cold one and watching the sunset.
  2. I agree. Those who were going have gone. Anyone left will be here for depth - there's no realistic way we would be buying a first team and reserves in one window. We've done/are doing a huge amount as it is. + need to keep some excitement for Jan / next summer depending on how everyone beds in and performs.
  3. Tbh, I'm going to be very disappointed if they are not all done tomorrow. I'm off to Greece for a couple of weeks of sketchy WiFi so wading through 40 pages of fish puns is really going to rustle my jimmies.
  4. TBF after that we had the money tap turned off, almost went out of business and have been in the championship for 3 years, with severe FFP issues. Not entirely surprising to be breaking it a few times 8 years on when we finally have cash again.
  5. rubberman

    The NSWE Board

    Shrewd move financially it seems. Hopefully includes buyback clauses when/if they move on though.
  6. rubberman

    John Terry

    Excellent news. Shows we have some solid and hopefully exciting plans in place
  7. Pleased that we've got a good time to bed Wes into the squad.
  8. This is going to be such an exciting summer. No-one knows what our recruitment team are up to or how much we're going to spaff. Hope there will be a few more random Wesley's. And hope to McGrath they work out.

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