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  1. Well, maybe. But more likely that with a majority the Tories will continue to gerrymander and game the voting system in their favour. See introducing voter ID. All from the Trump/GOP playbook. With Labour having lost Scotland and being pretty much unable to get a majority we will either have decades more Tory governments or things will have got so bad that we're all buggered anyway. [That's the spirit!] Anyway - sure I'll say it again but make sure you vote early on Thursday. All to easy to go out for a drink this time of year and forget to vote / miss the cut-off. Vote early > go to work > drink (or other vice of choice) and pray enough people have realised how bad this could be. You never know, we might wake up on Fri 13th to the news Johnson, Raab, Redwood and more have lost their seats.
  2. Pretty sure that most people predicted us to finish somewhere around 14-16th and to be happy with that for a first season up. That's where we are, after a very tough run. And also pretty sure that by halfway we will be comfortable with a bit more of a gap to those below. With respect to getting points off the top teams - we've been pretty close playing them mostly away and come the end of the season I'm sure we'll have a couple of scalps to look back on and a record similar to the other bottom half sides. But really I couldn't care less where the points come from as long as we stay up - hopefully comfortably. Really can't understand people soiling the sheets after we lose by a goal away at Chelsea and draw at Utd. Get a grip.
  3. 9-10 points from the next 5 + a cup win against Liverpool kids would be an excellent end to the year. And however outplayed we were last night, keeping the goal difference to -1 is also important looking at those below and immediately above us. I'm expecting a merry football Christmas.
  4. What a gumby. Just remembered I agreed to go to the pictures tonight. Last time I went on a night villa were playing went in when we were 1-0 up at arsenal. Sorry lads.
  5. No idea which way this will go. Feel a bit confident and a bit worried.
  6. I'll be more than happy to get a point here.
  7. I did it too and found I am 6.7% brexit party* and now I want to top myself. It is always interesting how much more people agree with green policies but often don't vote for them. Though I suppose those filling out these sites are quite self-selecting and have to have an interest in policies in the first place. *(TBH their NHS policy seemed much the same as the others)
  8. Or alternatively - look at where our ceiling could be with a bit of tightening up.
  9. 1 Chelsea 2 Liverpool (clue is 'if eligible' - to exclude all the Norwegians) 3 swansea
  10. Exactly my position. I've voted Green in a safe Labour seat, but don't want to risk there being any chance of an upset so will be lending my vote to Labour. Our MP is a good one and pretty moderate - my vote is for him rather than Labour in general. And anyway, there's bound to be another election before long!
  11. It's always worth voting - whatever your views and your constituency. Even voting against a huge majority shows that there is opposition and different views (and can help save their deposit). The choices are pretty grim currently but IMO you need to grit your teeth and vote tactically to stop the Tories wrecking the country for generations to come. As mentioned up thread, probably the least worst outcome is another hung parliament that should force another referendum and maybe a way out of this. Whatever happens we are going to have years more of this mess.
  12. rubberman

    Dean Smith

    Excellent news. Now lets get Ole binned this weekend to add to the fun.
  13. Get at them from the start and their crowd will turn on Ole. Same side as Newcastle for me. You can't drop Conor for the quality he brings to set pieces in what is likely to be a tight game.
  14. Looking at where we are I am still confident. It's easy to see a run of 3 losses before Newcastle, but they were against teams in 1st, 3rd and 5th. Over the last 6 games, only the top four have more wins than us. We have won more than Utd, Arsenal, Spurs as well as our closer competition. Utd away will be our best chance of winning there in years. Chelsea away will be tough as will Leicester at home. Sheffield away hard, but not frightening. 4 points from these will keep us very much on track is perfectly achievable IMO.
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