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  1. Prefer the early kick offs - this is taking forever to come round.
  2. Would prefer we just put 3 or 4 goals past them TBH.
  3. There's a few here to aim for! Villa have started a season with four successive league wins for the first time since 1930-31. They have never won their opening five games. Dean Smith's side can equal the club Premier League record of five consecutive victories, set in 1996 and matched in 1998. Villa's current eight-match unbeaten streak is their longest in the Premier League since a run of 10 games ended in October 2011. They can win each of their opening three home matches of a Premier League campaign for the first time since 2006-07. The Villans are the only clu
  4. We've never started with 5 wins. This would be record breaking. Have done 12 unbeaten at the start iirc but always a draw within the first 5.
  5. Every team ever has dropped points. Would be more than happy with 10 from this run, 6 or fewer would be pretty poor.
  6. In all our gloried past, we have never won the first 5 games of a season. Time to re-write history.
  7. I'm all tingly excited. Can't quite believe we'll put out another cracking performance...but if we win, oh my days.
  8. It's nonsense - Longest current run without being relegated. Seemingly specifically designed to exclude us. I think they were hoping that Southampton, West Ham etc would be so grateful that they'd back it instantly where we might raise more objections (as we have over extra subs etc). Good to see that West Ham have come out against it (at least for now) because it wasn't even discussed with them. It's truly shocking on so many levels. Without the power grab, there are some good proposals, but it'll never get through like this.
  9. From those interviews you can see that Southgate just doesn't understand what Jack does or how he plays. He can't comprehend the skills and so goes back to talking about what he does understand which is Mount's running and pressing. When asked about Jack his brow furrows and you can see him really trying to explain but failing and ending up with the 'has to get into those areas more' comment. Well Gareth, it's your job to set the team up to allow that, mate. Just like LeTissier and Hoddle in the past - journeymen managers can't understand how they can play the way they do so can't work
  10. Looks like it was 1930/31. We're not very good at starting seasons. 1932/33 Went 11 unbeaten, but 3 wins then a couple of draws. 1962/63 Had 3 wins, then lost. 1998/99 Went 12 unbeaten, but drew to Everton first followed by 4 wins.
  11. When did we last win the first 4 in a season?
  12. Yeah - I'd prefer he had an amazing season and we move well up the table. Who knows - then as a major part of the 'project' he might feel it's worth staying, but if not we'll get decent money for him and be in a position to attract a good replacement. He's been so key to the upturn in our fortunes since lockdown.
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