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  1. I think that exactly the problem. He was played as a defensive midfielder and was a bit shit. Whenever he's played further forward he has delivered. For me h'es still in credit this season.
  2. Sounds like maybe he had some dodgy backers. Think it might turn out that he has been disappeared.
  3. Haven't seen him playing this season, but Benrahma's stats look a bit shit. I know he was coming back from injury, but we're in a position to set our sights a bit higher now I hope.
  4. Ha. We won't be bringing in 2 wingers in Jan. We have 3 for one spot as it is.
  5. Please don't get injured.
  6. Confident neither he will want, nor the club need to let him move in Jan. Hopefully we will be in a reasonably safe position by then. What happens in the summer depends on where we finish IMO. Go down and he'll be gone. Scrape survival and it'll be touch and go - depends who comes in for him and where they are - but i'd think only one of the very big clubs would tempt him and if it's Utd, they would need to have turned their season round. Finish around mid-table and I think he'd stay.
  7. If you value a cup win over PL survival, sure - that makes sense. I don't. Otherwise there is a) an equal chance of getting injured in cup / league games, so why risk key players in the cup (which we have limited so far), and b) the 2nd string have the same opportunity to prove themselves in the League cup, which is now meeting PL sides anyway, and c) if we will 'definitely' rest players at some point, make it the cup games. A cup would be great, but it's a pretty slim chance and IMO shouldn't distract from getting points in the league. YMMV.
  8. Nope. Rest them in the cup games. Focus needs to be on survival in the league this year. Maybe reconsider later in the season if the situation is different, but it's far too early (after 8 games and 2 international breaks) to start resting first choices in the league.
  9. U mad bro? We shouldn't and won't rest players against either of these. Throwing away the chance of any points in a league game is a ridiculous idea. We'll go in hoping to win. There will be plenty more upsets for City and Liverpool through the season and there is no reason why we can't pull one off.
  10. Agree it's highly unlikely. Spurs away next, Bournemouth (h), Everton (a) - 6 pointer!, Chelsea (h). They could be in deep shit by then.
  11. For me, the current bottom 8 will be the one's fighting the relegation spots. Hard to call who will go down - Watford might yet 'do a Palace' and recover. Everton look to have a stink about them, but might have enough quality. Newcastle & Southampton are weak. Ideally we pull away a bit and settle into the Wolves/Burnley/Palace/West Ham/Man Utd (lol) section. Won't really know till Jan how it shakes out.
  12. We'd certainly be up there. I'd definitely fancy top 2, but doubt we'd run away with it - it's just too unpredictable. As with how we finish this season, it depends how the squad continues to develop, injuries etc.
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