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  1. Well...he made it past Christmas.
  2. Always loved Tammy. (Don't be snaking on us now...)
  3. Looking forward to this. Interested to see how Kalinic and O'Hare do and if Hogan can work finally.
  4. Surely we need some rotation at some point. We'll start picking up more injuries if we're not careful.
  5. New keeper + a couple of reinforcements in Jan then who knows... Looking at the rest of the season I'd worry about Leeds and Stoke away. No reason we can't win all the rest. Obviously highly unlikely that we will, but taken individually you'd fancy us going into them. No doubt this'll look foolish after a dodgy result tomorrow but I'm in an optimistic mood.
  6. May be the Xmas celebrations ongoing but I still think top 2 is possible. A big ask sure, but Jan and Feb could see plenty of movement throughout the top10.
  7. Your account's been hacked mate....
  8. Bench is starting to look pretty young these days.
  9. Then presumably also a similar easy run that this time we can smash...
  10. Sure. If by 'running away with' you mean 3pts ahead of 2nd place with less than half the season played.
  11. Man this is exciting again. Please just start a bit faster and get at them from the off.
  12. Going to be an exciting few weeks. Have the possibility to go 5th on Friday and although everyone else above us have pretty easy games I would be surprised if they all win. Then there are a few clashes between the current top 6 so points will be dropped. Keep in touch through the next 4 games and in Jan we can up the pressure.

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