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  1. I think on balance Derby should be easier, but the complacency worries me. The danger of thinking we just have to turn up to beat them. Only just got past yesterday. Sure it'll be moot by tonight though.
  2. I'd almost prefer Leeds. There's too much danger of complacency against Derby and its hard to shift gears as we've seen over the last couple of games. Everyone would know they have to perform to beat Leeds.
  3. Changes. Big team talk. Let's get back into this.
  4. Blitz them from the start. Please. And look after Jack.
  5. Walking the dog in the sunshine (to the pub). Early dutch courage. Think it'll be fine, but an early goal would really help. I'd start with Whelan, sub Hourihane as last game. We need control to start with. I'd be tempted by Green to start to try to get in behind them and keep them honest. From recollection Albert's done well when he's come on later. Otherwise, as you were.
  6. Yes, it's fine. We're going up. Jack screamer at Wembley to seal it. Written in the stars.
  7. Derby have managed to keep their annual bed-wetting quite late this year, but will certainly piss the sheets on Sunday. Boro's to lose.
  8. I'd rest Jack for Leeds to mitigate the injury risk. Bring him back for a nice gentle run out against the champions when neither of us have anything to play for. McGinn plays Leeds, until/unless he gets a yellow. Prob rest him for Norwich to recharge the batteries. Otherwise not too bothered, maybe give a couple of others a game off, but don't think we need wholesale changes. The next games just need to avoid injury and bookings, but if we can keep winning as well, that's a bonus.
  9. What is our current ppg with Smith and Grealish? Must be quite special.
  10. Yep - over 10 games Leeds are 4th in form. over 8 games they are 10th and over 6 games they are 12th. They are plenty vulnerable. Surprisingly it is Derby who are coming back into form now and might even be able to turn over a demoralised Leeds. (If they don't manage the usual choke).
  11. So ideally 7 games to go. We are just not going to win 15 in a row. But we need to win the last 3 (or at least 2 of them) and probably 2 of the remaining league games. So that makes Norwich or Leeds a 'must lose' game. Errr I think. Maybe draws would be enough to make the not losing streak still realistic.
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