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  1. This is free with Xbox December games with gold.
  2. Good luck with that one. They have already said on twitter that any fixes for career mode has missed the window for the first patch that isn't even out yet. I'm guessing with the amount of issues with career mode it's going to be a while.
  3. Feel totally deflated. It's so frustrating to watch.
  4. I've decided to give this a miss for now. My friend who has started playing has been in the queue since 6PM and is still in the queue. Think i've made the right decision.
  5. rode our luck at times, but i don't care, 3 points, baby!
  6. I've done it a few times. There is an achievement for going unbeaten, so they do make it possible. I find you need a pretty decent squad to get it done though.
  7. I was just thinking how we have became a bang average championship side, but I've changed my mind last minute. We are a dog shit championship team.
  8. Different players, different managers, different owners, but we are still producing the same shit every year. I'm lost as to what it's going to take to turn this shit around. The blame has gone from top to bottom, but the same issues remain.
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