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  1. I've done it a few times. There is an achievement for going unbeaten, so they do make it possible. I find you need a pretty decent squad to get it done though.
  2. I was just thinking how we have became a bang average championship side, but I've changed my mind last minute. We are a dog shit championship team.
  3. Different players, different managers, different owners, but we are still producing the same shit every year. I'm lost as to what it's going to take to turn this shit around. The blame has gone from top to bottom, but the same issues remain.
  4. Soo glad i didn't renew my season ticket. I can just turn this shit off and go do something else. I feel so disconnected from all things Villa at the moment, shame really. I guess the poor state of the team over the last few years has just worn me down.
  5. I love that the premier league teams have soo much money to burn. Just offloaded Ross Barkley to United for £45m + 50% of next sale. Too easy.
  6. Oh yeah, in my Villa game they can go deep into a season without taking their first loss. They have just sacked Klopp in my save and most of their players are ageing, so i hope that's the end of them.
  7. First game in the premier league. Don't know what i was worrying about
  8. is that attendance correct? Under 30,000 for tonight's game
  9. First season in the Championship and i don't know how, but i'm killing it. I think if i do get promoted then the Premier league might be a bit too much. Just take a look at Man City's current team. No way i'd compete against that.
  10. Strikers not scoring seems to be the theme of this years FM. I've had some of the best strikers go 5-6 games without a goal.
  11. Easy pay day. Got that 50% on next transfer too.
  12. Tell me about it. Currently in league one with Kidderminster. I'm going to be promoted and i'm dreading it. So far i've got by with frees and really cheap regen buys. I'm just not getting enough money to spend, so trying to survive in the championship is going to be real tough.
  13. Wasn't even close hahahaa
  14. I sold grealish to Leicester for £16m. He's ok , but Jaden sancho was available for £20m, so no brainer to make the swap. Also managed to sneak 50% on next transfer on grealish deal. With the amount some of these players are getting bought for, this years game is worth trying to add that clause into every transfer you can. Easy money.
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