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  1. I was in my second season. Lucky for me he was still at Salzburg
  2. Did you see the angle on the second goal? Crazy.
  3. Also check this offer i got from Barcelona. £2m under his value. Roles reversed and id get quoted near 200m
  4. Make sure you have exited out of the game before selecting the beta option from the drop down menu
  5. You have to opt in to get patch betas. - Open Steam - Go to 'Football Manager 2020' within your Steam Library - Right-Click on the game and select 'Properties' - Select the 'Beta' tab - Via the 'Select the beta you would like to opt into' dropdown, select 'public beta' - Click 'Close'
  6. New patch beta is out on steam. Seems like they have fixed the over the top balls and players missing 1v1's
  7. I have managed to get a few youth players, but have to pay compensation. I just have to be lucky that they're available when im searching. If they're at a foreign club i just keep low balling the offer in hope the player gets unsettled and i can pick him up for a more reasonable fee rather than something stupid like £130m they keep offering.
  8. I have been using him as target man. He misses loads of 1vs1's, but that's because the match engine isn't the best.
  9. Oh yeah, 100%. Most of the fun comes from finding those hidden young players with amazing stats. I think most my time is actually spent searching for players rather than playing games.
  10. Yeah, i think they said they're looking into it, but don't expect a patch till new year.
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