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  1. Did he play in the friendly with Liverpool? Could give a hint as to when he’ll be ready for the prem
  2. It seems everyone’s afraid of Fulham atm, but it’s worth noting they haven’t won a playoff game in six attempts, (they came into them in form last year too) don’t think we should fear anyone!
  3. Really wanted to see him in CM with Jack, they’ve always linked up well when they’re both on the pitch, so hope it’s a good pairing tonight
  4. Friedel Walker. Melberg. Laursen. Bouma. Milner. Barry. Delph Yorke. Benteke. Young.
  5. Absolutely immense today. Owned that part of the pitch all game
  6. Supposedly has a bad cut on the top of his foot
  7. Thought he looked bright today, but we’re always going to lack pace and creativity in attack with a CM pairing of Whelan and Jedinak
  8. Derby bottle it every single year, so I wouldn’t be so sure, still a lot of points to play for! We just need to come out of December still in touch with second
  9. Finally signed, so good bit of news! https://www.avfc.co.uk/News/2017/11/15/davis-signs-new-deal
  10. Think he'll enjoy playing with Davis, the relationship was forming, could even have had a goal if he made his run half a second later
  11. Johnstone Bree Chester Samba Taylor Onomah Hourihane Adomah Lansbury Green Hogan Think it would be good to keep rotation to a minimum, give Lansbury and Hogan another chance to build some kind of relationship
  12. It looked like a monthly subsciption as in, just breaking the year cost into a monthly fee, rather than having the option to just pay for November if we're not on sky much that month
  13. Would be good if you could opt in/out for certain months after Sky have announced their schedule for the month ahead, atleast you'd be able to see whether your getting good value for that month.
  14. Johnstone Bree/Elmo Chester Terry Taylor Whelan Lansbury Hourihane Adomah Green Kodjia That would be it for me, just need to make sure Lansbury and Hourihane get forward enough to support Kodj
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