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  1. The best is: ----------------------> £50 --------------------> £50 -----------------> £49.99
  2. Kids don't necessarily follow their local club!
  3. Seems like Villa can't win... Last year: "Doesn't look like a Villa kit, it doesn't have blue sleeves" This year: "Hmm, claret with blue sleeves - bit boring"
  4. i thought that was Rooney...
  5. @NurembergVillan Does the kit resemble the graffiti one in the ad?
  6. Aston Villa Review was best with Villa View a close second. Villa View would be even better if Dan Bardell could stop his habit of..............pausing in the middle of sentences.
  7. Wasn't his fee 9mil rising to 12? I wouldn't have thought he's done enough to trigger the higher fee...
  8. You can say that again.

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