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  1. I wouldn't bet on it - Taylor got waltzed past numerous times against Wolves.
  2. He probably weighs 12 million pounds at the moment
  3. Not sure completely ignoring injured players is great man management to be honest.
  4. We may have players virtually signed on the dotted line but their current club is waiting for a replacement in so won't sanction the move. Think of it like buying a house, you have no control over the chain above you so you have to wait for completion. It doesn't matter the relative values of the houses in the chain above or houses other people may be buying. You may also get gazumped (Piatek/Spurs). Alternatively, you could rush into getting a different house with no chain and not end up with what you really wanted. (Benteke/Murray/Sturridge)
  5. Whoever Trevor Morley is, he's talking horseshit.
  6. Wouldn't be very super if he was in it...
  7. The best is: ----------------------> £50 --------------------> £50 -----------------> £49.99
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