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  1. Puff piece about JG on just now. Don't recall anything like that when he was here.
  2. Maybe they did, and none of the targets came off? Would you rather a crap DM just so we had one, or wait for the right one to join us?
  3. Because it's a Cazoo brand colour, check the background colour of Cazoo Twitter profile pic.
  4. I mean fair play but did he do that tattoo himself?
  5. Works much better for Chukwuemeka (1 or 2) Carney, Carney Carney, Carney Carney, Carney Chuk-wue-me-ka! I'll see myself out.
  6. It's up now, but you're not gonna like it.
  7. As an example, calling him Carles Gil X 2 is not constructive criticism. The guy was injured in pre-season, ever likely he's off the pace a little.
  8. I believe the current vernacular is "Cry more" Fam.
  9. Doesn't make sense with the trademarking of the Las Vegas Villa(I)ns, just last week, does it?
  10. Doug must have a certain level of English as it's a condition of his visa, he passed an exam during lockdown in 2020. From interviews with Deano around that time it seems Doug's not the most confident when speaking English though, so probably didn't want to in front of the cameras as others have said.
  11. England - 2021 Jim something I think his name was
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