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  1. Smith needs to chat with Gareth Southgate, if Jack can get in the squad (poss 5 sept game) then it’s another plus to stay here, shame England games not till then (if it goes ahead). We are in a strong position as a club (finances, contract, still in prem), unless he forces a move which I don’t think he will. 80m is absolute min, only time I would accept lower would be City, 60m plus cancel Luiz buy back and Foden whatever happens, it can’t drag on, only a short pre season so ideally ins and outs done early
  2. Need to go with ‘must win’ again, even if a draw could be enough, we need same attitude so need to keep it in our hands. That being said, I think we will draw but stay up, some last minute goal at either here or Bournemouth keeps us up.
  3. Big plus for me, a couple of times I saw the Clenched Fist come on attitude for a tackle, or good piece of work, bit of grit and determination which I think helped massively with keeping the clean sheet, something I have not seen too much of in other players.
  4. I wouldn’t have expected any other answer, and I think there is a lot more truth in his answer than we think - ie a lot depends on, if we stay up and who comes in for him, still all to play for from our point, stay up and show him we can improve he will stay
  5. For all his turdiness I would wager he would have scored the AEG chance. back on subject, I would have had McGinn off for Nakamba, and prob would have gone guilbert not AEG. The moment the commentator brought up how many we conceded in last 15m and we only had 8 to hold out you could tell it was coming.
  6. For me it a little bit of everything, the way I see it: - Promoted 1 year to early, I don’t think that was in the plans. - A lot of the players (imo) were on the list for a year in championship to get us up (Konsa, Jota, Targett et al) as we had to fill the squad so got them in. - We then took a risk on a few, those who (again imo) would stay if relegated (Wesley, nakamba, Luiz, trez). - We wanted that 1 Top Drawer player - just don’t think we could convince the ones we wanted or were massively priced out of it (which in one way is a plus). What we banked on was an early ‘run’ of form, a few surprise results to help everyone settle in (language early season was definitely a barrier for some) It just never happened, football can be very much a ‘momentum’ thing especially for those without A squad of worldies. Injurys and League position scuppered January plans, And again resorted to taking risks (what we don’t know is who made the final calls on Drinkwater, Samatha, Borjan). On the pitch, the way our Forward never seems to be the furthest forward, or how we play it round the back until we get closed down and mings rush clears or we get to half way line and turn back, how we don’t pass into space and rarely move the ball quickly is 70/30 Coaching/Players, at some point even if you are coached/Set up that way, players can take on some responsibility. I don’t think (on paper) we are in the bottom 3 in quality, even taking off my claret and blue tinted glasses I feel we SHOULD have had enough to be around 16-14 place. We lack a natural Leader on the pitch. So whose accountable - Board -> Smith -> Players I kinda want smith to stay, but I would want a better number 2 and a leader in the squad. If we stay up, I think even 2-3 shrewd signings and we have the makings of a decent mid table team. If we go down I don’t see many leaving (Grealish, Mings only) and we then go from +1 on the plan to -1 year. I don’t see many managers out there in our reach who would be any different (calling for Poch etc in plain crazy).
  7. The best I can predict (not the best that can actually happen)
  8. A bit of urgency is needed, speed up the play everything is always slow, slow out from mings, slow set pieces - only time we move the ball quicker we create half chances - it’s not rocket science
  9. Drinks break, 25 to go in what is a must win game and he just stands there dithering to himself - no wonder the players have no fight
  10. Wisn he would put as much effort into tactics, team talks and motivation as he does moaning at officials (who by the way largely favoured us) - so far out of his depths it’s becoming funny
  11. Tbf we have prob been the better team without threatening - but that’s what you get for having a striker on pitch. Need to play quicker and higher up, not out of this yet
  12. That’s not the case, it’s 3 points for Top 25% of fee for All previous season transfers (Mitrovic was 20m), or 2 POints for top 50%. (You can also get 3pts for wages which again is top 25% - same rules). Needs 4+ points, so we absolutely needed one of either fee or wages
  13. There is a good reason why this clown never got many minutes at Burnley FFS
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