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  1. JWP would be a great signing, some people on here are laughable if you think he is just a good free kick taker - he would improve us no doubt, we have said all along a couple of smart signings - this too me would be great (don’t get me wrong still want a Midfield General).
  2. Couldn’t agree more, I would take just 1 signing this year as long it was this - don’t ask me who though, not sure they make them like viera/Keane anymore
  3. Enjoyed game, loved the way they always tried to play. Raikhi was pick for me, closely followed by Young and Revan. Barry showed grealish esque control and seems to glide across pitch, Youngs running was very Ollie like - Chuck although not his best game just has that awe about him. No one let themselves down, like many have said not all will make it, but by the way we have started to conduct our business we are increasing the odds.
  4. Ideally competitive, finishing 7-10, same as this year performance wise (on a whole I have liked our style and commitment) with a few shock results and no real beatings. As many have seen before, mid table to top is the hardest to break. A decent cup run and a few youngsters getting minutes. Europe would be great at the end of it, but more important is not to risk it all and drop bottom half again.
  5. This is him playing ‘CAM’ versus Spuds Point being, he is best suited where he finds space not drawn into a typical position IMO, we have to be clever enough to adapt - on the left target/mcginn often cover, if he is in middle then mcginn bombs on like at Spurs.
  6. He really needs to learn his lessons, yes we have progressed with him but we won’t go any further unless he learns when and how to change things - doesn’t just mean subs, but shape - anyone who watches football can see what was going to happen. Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Far too predictable.
  7. Not an overreaction to tonight, seen it last 10 games - on par if not worse than anything we served up last year. Too many passengers and weak links, massively overachieved first half of season. Hardly play ball in front of players or to space, when you have to retreat half a yard to get the ball you can’t move it quickly, something we rarely do - get away with it with Jack as his close control is amazing, and he can carry the ball forward. Too many walkers as well, at one point we had 3 just meandering back whilst Spurs jogged past them, yes spuds got lucky with one or 2 bits of cl
  8. Rare off day, although don’t think has been that great recently - only Barkley was worse for us today
  9. Or people rate a bit of passion and fight, which we needed last year and he showed - maybe not the greatest player but I felt he never let us down, people will mostly favour a full back with heart who likes to bomb forward - both he had/did in abundance. For me offers so much more than Elmo, who slows everything down - but hands down matty cash is a better player than both of them smashed togethr
  10. Lol he is a long way from being ‘shite’, people really like to go to the extremes. I actually think he is trying to hard to play himself into form, he seems in the last few games to try and take on what Jack does and come deep to get ball, he needs to be up near Watkins more. I don’t see an ‘attitude’ I see someone who looks frustrated and questioning himself, he may not get stuck in but he does not shirk a shift.
  11. Need a bit more bite, on a whole not terrible (or at least no worse than last 4 games) - making the ‘one man team’ excuse to predictable. sanson on for me, either Barkley or Barkley off!! Put AEG through middle with Ollie, And go a bit narrower. One thing I really don’t like is how slow the defence is in moving ball forward, becomes far to telegraphed.
  12. Totally this - our best midfield 3 should not be set in stone, it should be adaptive depending on opposition, fitness, game plan , form (yes there are times when other factors affect a player) etc - 6,8,10s We have finally amassed a good group of players here now, with some good young talent coming through.
  13. Airing on the side it was frustration with himself more than anything when he came off, overall wasn’t that bad today getting sharper and minutes under his belt will be good for him - let’s not forget who we have actually played (and there form) since his lengthy lay off. Like others have said, was respectful to Ramsey and Deano, and was still watching the team wanting the win. jury is still out for me, but he does have class - and cream will always rise to the top at some point
  14. Saw someone call it in COVID thread - it’s this game and the Arsenal one were we were gonna feel the affects of the 10 days off due to COVID - should have switched it up, but we not in the league of winning all our games. WHU are a good unit this season.
  15. Couldn’t agree more, peeps quick to jump on for any (perceived) mistake but was brilliant today (especially liked the celebrating a block)
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