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  1. I don't think he'll run again. He will be prosecuted on something well before then.
  2. Americans need to learn how to properly take the piss. They should change the 1st Amendment, to you have the right to take the piss against a government acting like a Cu*t
  3. Young man there's no need to feel down I said young man pick yourself off the ground
  4. Forget left or right, black or white or any divisive point. We are going through probably the third worse health crisis, after bubonic plague, spanish flu, maybe cholera. whichever way you look at it it's pretty damn bad. The US is probably in the worst position of all 1st world countries. People can knock the eu or uk, but we are in a much better position than the US. So on this subject alone, Trump has to be the worst president.
  5. Trump has partially got his wish. Simply by leaving office, he may not have made America great again, but it'll certainly be better.
  6. I can't answer that, I have no Idea. What i do know is that Brazil agriculture tries to export to the EU but tarriffs are imposed, So any imports are levy'd with tarriffs
  7. Let's be fair you have absolutely no evidence for that. I don't think i like the rules of a club where everyone has to agree to get something done. I infer you do, I would guess then when Austria voted against country by country reporting proposed by the EU so they had at least an idea how bad Amazon etc were at avoiding tax, which the EU lost by one vote, you would think this a good idea. What would your thoughts be on Jack getting fans player of the season, what if some voted for Emi. perhaps there should be no player of the season in that case.
  8. one was looking at why manufacturing might move to Brazil , 35% tarrif the other is how agriculture imports may affect farmers. Surely you can see that.
  9. Tariff would be comparable to the uk, in fact identical, as we were part of the EU.
  10. you have more up to date info than I do, fair enough. But it isn't a few environmentalists who have complained, It's the Irish farmers association, who think it's going to cost them 750m a year. Also copa-cogeca are massively against it.
  11. could that possibly because the 35% eu tariff
  12. well we could negotiate a deal with Murcasor, which includes Brazil, one of the top 10 economies in the world, the EU can't. Austria's objection was about agriculture.Same for the Irish. They will never agree. and you only want one to not sign.
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