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  1. colhint


    Need them to draw this weekend. Don;t want teams below you winning
  2. colhint

    Wesley Moraes

    so the last line of sweet Caroline is no longer so good so good so good. now it's Wesley Wesley Wesley
  3. That's not really the case. The Tu Quoque points out the counter argument is illogical. If I were to say to my son it's bad to smoke and he replied that I used to. The salient point is it's wrong to smoke. If someone suggests there is a problem with antisemitism it is incorerct to say others have a problem. The logical answer is yes there is a problem or no there isn't. The philosopher Westphal suggests only the guilty can find comfort in others being just as bad or worse. Unless there is no antisemitism in the Labour party Tu quoque applies
  4. I made a post on another forum. Quite succinct and appropriate. I checked back a while later to see if anyone had responded. When I checked I realised although I had written it I hadn't actually clicked on post. So I did. It took me to the post. In the gap between me writing and posting a couple of other posts occurred. Boy did the timing of me posting make me look almost a genius.
  5. I was going to tell a joke about Sodium but I thought Na
  6. Not sure what like to add to this. It's just a like that pretty much sums up my feelings. Well said.
  7. But it's not just this government Labour introduced some and so did the EU and by default 28 other counties seem to think it works
  8. I agree to a point but why do all these people seem to agree that getting a message on packaging works.
  9. But this type of message must work to some degree though, mustn't it? The Governments of both colours and the EU use it on loads of stuff , from high sugar /fat foodstuff to how bad cigarettes are. They wouldn't do that if they thought it made no difference.
  10. Funny old paper the guardian isn't it. They run this 3 days ago drug gangs recruit children Then a few days later invite David Lammy to say it's racist
  11. Oh I know i'm only joking and taking the mick out of Man U. I still think he should be our penalty taker.
  12. What's the chance of Man U putting a £50m bid for him next season?
  13. The only story I can remember about Diana Dors was when she was on some promotional stuff opening supermarkets etc. Her real name was Diana Fluck. The guy who introduced her was in a right tizzy. Didn't want to make the obvious mistake with her name, this was before she changed to Dors. She was a bit late and he was really flustered. Don't get the name wrong he kept telling himself. Any way she finally turned up, he was so relieved he went on the podium and said Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Diana Clunt

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