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  1. the moon will lose its orbit and come crashing to earth missing by just 6 feet, Smacking me and every other person over 6 foot on the head.
  2. I think Biden will win, not a crushing victory but not far off. Trump is pissing off people all over the place. There are big spikes in covid19, and it's on the increase there. Lockdowns are being applied again, if this goes on for a month or two, we'll be into september, not far from polling. There is also the huge support, rightly so, for BLM. which is going to hit him big time. I think historically it's the poorer voters who don't turn out. I think they will in much bigger numbers. There is the situation where it is alleged the Russians were paying a bounty to kill us military, and the US loves it's military. Trump knew about this. Thats a lot of military and ex military families to be pissing off. There is also the effect of people like Katie Porter and AOC, who are killing it in congress. Freshmen going on major talk shows. I read in the case of KP she has a campaign chest 31 times the size of her opponent and none of it is PAC money. There is also the possibility of a video turning up of Trump in a compromising situation just before the election.
  3. They say a womans work is never done. I wonder if that's why they get paid less.
  4. I think people now more than ever should consider what they are posting. This isn't should we play 5 at the back, or Tories v Labour. This is peoples lives and livelihood we are talking about. Don't spread gossip or lies. People will spread that even further. Read proper news and go by what the majority of scientists recommend.
  5. But that's the worst case scenario.
  6. where. Please show me one and I'll retract.
  7. I can''t find any report suggesting those numbers, That's pretty irresponsible posting stuff like that.
  8. not really, but it does seem to be a big split. People saying there is no chance of a deal
  9. It's not going well in the EU budget talks. It seems some countries want to increase the budget, to meet spending plans, and others don't want to pay anymore in. EU leaders at odds over filling €75bn Brexit shortfall There appears to be a clear division between the wealthier nations and the rest.
  10. but in momentum, they appear to be more mobilised, twitter wise and vocal. Just my opinion.
  11. I don't think they have to, as long as they remember it at the time of the leadership vote.
  12. It seems the leadership race is turning a bit ugly. Labour accuses Starmer of data breach The Labour party has formally reported members of Sir Keir Starmer's leadership campaign team to the Information Commissioner, accusing them of hacking into the party's membership database, the BBC has learned.
  13. *****, really? Bollocks to who? UK citizens? Unless you think you are wiser or superior to the many of course.
  14. I thought about this a little more, and I'm not sure how dual citizenship would apply. I don't know for sure, but I would think a second nation has to be in there at some point. I don't know how the EU could be classed as a nation. Without it there is no dual anything, just a UK citizen. If that's the case the EU couldn't differentiate between those who sign up and the rest.
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