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  1. colhint

    John McGinn

    No the male Khaleesi. or is he Jon Snow? be a good chant, wouldn't it? Lord Commander John McGinn.
  2. I think I'm going to watch a Britney Spears video. I don't like her, but today everyone is going to get some love
  3. colhint

    Dean Smith

    If he had we'd be promoted by now.
  4. colhint

    Alan Hutton

    That wasn't a tackle, he was still celebrating so he went for a game of ten pin bowling.
  5. colhint

    The complete and utter chants thread

    I think we should get our own SJM song. Perhaps by the proclaimers, hometown touch. Maybe with the words He will run 500 miles and he will run 500 more
  6. colhint

    Gun violence in the USA

    I think people should only comment on this thread if a week goes by and no mass shooting. That really would be news.
  7. colhint

    John McGinn

    now a Villa man works
  8. colhint

    The History Thread

    I was a small kid then. It was the first bit of news I could understand was important. The scenes were harrowing.
  9. colhint

    John McGinn

    That's not a heat map. It's a nuclear explosion. Love the guy.
  10. colhint

    John McGinn

    Maybe we could make a play on the Scottish Cafu song. Steven Gerrard the English Mcginn
  11. colhint

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Parking idiots. I went to the Post Office. There is a parking bay for 5 cars. 2 cars parked so awkwardly they took all 5 bloody spaces. What goes on in their brains I have no flipping idea.
  12. Oh I don't, just seemed Xann did a few posts earlier with the Brits and the Greeks
  13. May have? The head of the ECB was a former managing director. I wonder what you need for proof?
  14. You make it sound like the EU have nothing to do with Goldman Sachs. Isn't Mario Draghi, a former Managing Director now the head of the ECB. Or Issing who helped create the Euro an advisor to Goldman Sachs. I'm sure there are plenty more examples of the EU in bed with GS.