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  1. I can't remember where I read it, I've read so much Villa related stuff in the last few hours, but he is the most bought player on fantasy football this week
  2. , I got this from bet365 site, so I guess they collect stats. There are 20 teams with 11 players plus I'm guessing on average 2 subs. So that's 260 players. to put him in perspective Jack Grealish is top 10 in the Premier League this season for: Goals Assists Key passes Big chances created Dribbles attempted Dribbles completed Shots in the box Shots on target Blocked shots Fouls received Tackles won
  3. My bog cistern was filling too high, kept leaking outside from the overflow. The ballcock had slipped and needed adjusting. It's a small job but a right bugger to get at. Hadn't got a spanner to adjust the nut, and my adjustable wrench was too bulky to get in between the flushing mechanism. Ah bugger, couldn't work out how to get at it. So I went to make a cup of tea and ponder. I went to get a spoon from the drawer, What did I notice, a nutcracker, hadn't been used for about 20 years. It worked a treat, small enough to fit and enough grip to loosen and then tighten the nut. having writ
  4. Just Looked at the Leicester forum, I think they see it much like us, Tight game, could go anyway. Loved this comment though Can't wait to go back to thinking Grealish is an overrated cheating **** rather than wishing he was in the England team.
  5. not sure if that's true. I can't imagine Trump sharing anything.
  6. I'm afraid you will disappointed my friend. To you,, me, teammates and opponents, this space/Time continuum is a 3 three dimensional proposition, but for a select few other extra dimensions exist where space is observed before it occurs. As Lorentz explains in his 1904 model "The Principle of Relativity, according to which the laws of physical phenomena must be the same for a stationary observer as for one carried along in a uniform motion of translation, so that we have no means, and can have none, of determining whether or not we are being carried along in such a motion.One can en
  7. I read a Fulham fans opinion somewhere,can't really remember. I've read so much about Jack these last few days. Anyway his take was He destroyed us in 15 minutes, he then destroyed Liverpool, then he destroyed Wales.
  8. Well they all said he needed to change club to be an International. I think he should change to Germany or Spain
  9. Can't believe I've ever thought this before. If Jack was playing for us, I think we'd beat England.
  10. The Beeb did a select your England team for tonight. Jack and Tyrone made the team. I liked this bit Aston Villa's Jack Grealish, who made his England debut against Denmark last month, was the most selected player overall. England team selected by fans
  11. Just think, This will be the first time in his career, he will have had the same manager and coaching team for two years. Probably the best we've had for ages. Imagine he'd had Pep as a coach from 17 onwards, instead of the dross we've had. Anyway don't forget, tonight 8pm ITV The Jack Grealish show.
  12. I'll not be watching. Instead I'll tune in to the Jack Grealish show on ITV 8pm, should be good.
  13. It wasn't Leeds or Villa that worked it out it was Valencia I think in the European cup. Plenty on RAWK (Why is called Rawk, where's the white come from) saying that.
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