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  1. Perhaps in the next ratings thread we could have MOM Managers performance Refs performance VAR performance
  2. But It does seem to imply that Tories are against it, don't you think? Given that he suggested it's in their DNA to vote against the environment.
  3. This must be a new one. I get that Labour / EU are all workers rights, nurses, homeless, foodbanks, education etc, but I've never heard they were the saviour of the planet before.
  4. Long term leader? She's been a member of the labour part for 50 years. Can't think of anyone who has been her leader for a shorter time. And why is she facing deselection? She's been an mp for 20 years. What has she done wrong?
  5. colhint

    Tyrone Mings

    He's cooler than the ice box in a refrigerator in an igloo.
  6. Thy need to be attached but not part of. That way we can rent them coaches, facilities etc. All helps with FFP.
  7. Who are our Center backs. I've heard of Harry Maguire, but who's givenawayby Keane?
  8. colhint

    Dean Smith

    I think it's spelled delighted.
  9. Not sure that's true. BSE can't be treated. Maybe mistaken but I'm led to believe it's 100% fatal.
  10. Maybe, It's got me wondering if Gammon is a pan European epidemic.
  11. I'm sure that's true. But how does she desribe herself. Is it Argentina or Latin American. Of course the other side is on my travels people would always introduce me as English or a Brit, Same with all the other nationals I worked with. German, French, Italian Spanish. I can't ever remember a time when we were introduced as Europeans.
  12. No I can't. I worked in Joeys for a while that's probably the most cosmopolitan Sub saharan city. Didn't matter what your ethnicity, everyone identified by country. Same when I was in Asia. And don't think for a minute any Mexican or Canadian would ever describe themselves as North American.
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