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  1. I think the question was how can anyone vote Tory. So I guess they believe Labour are worse.
  2. Perhaps because, as the polls suggest the alternative is worse?
  3. Not necessarily so, I would guess the unions would make a standing order. And those figures end 30th of September. If the unions pay at the start of the month or at the end , who knows, I very much doubt they pay quarterly particularly if it was in an election period. If its at the start of the month you could add an extra £2.6m to labours funds or £1.7m if it's the end.
  4. Well I am sure you would accept about a 4% difference is a small amount. And I would imagine the unions would probably pay by a standing order. I can't imagine they have someone looking at donations and say we'll send some now, can you. Whereas the Tories go on fundraisers and ask people to donate, which is likely to be more sporadic.
  5. But that lists only donations over £7.5K per individual. Public fund donations are where union donations are listed. If you look at that here This is the last quarters list and shows Labour with an extra £2.5m from unions So as I say the figures are near enough the same.
  6. Doesn't that exclude Union donations though. If you add on that it's near enough the same
  7. All he had to do was say No I didn't or I watched it later and he wouldn't have looked as though he was lying. I will emphasise looked. Doesn't mean he was.
  8. They won't move to the UK that's for sure, nor Germany or France. Luxembourg or Malta are strong possibilities.
  9. They haven't paid it yet, it sits in an escrow account. Both Apple and Ireland are appealing. The Irish appeal is interesting because their appeal is based on the EU have no right or rules to interfere with a nations tax rules. And Apple don't pay 5% it's closer to 0.005%
  10. I doubt that Americans want to break up the EU. How else could they sell Billions in Europe only to pay less than 5% tax in Ireland.
  11. It seems the EU attempt to tackle Multinational corporate tax avoidance has hit another blow, They proposed a new rule which would make large companies publish how much profit they make in each country and how much tax they pay. Of course Ireland amongst others blocked it. Currently corporation tax accounts for about 7%of the UK tax take Ireland has doubled in the last 5 years to 18%. Just over half of it is now paid by just 10 companies. Another 10 countries have set themselves up to be low tax havens. Apple won't know where to move next. So much choice.
  12. I think I said it was infrastructure, But I don't think it's going to be fairly negligible either, 15 years to to build that much infrastructure is it, It's not just hospitals, It's the same with schools, Brum has over 400, so thats near enough 3000 schools to build.
  13. I don't thinks a case of immigrants making it worse, it's more a case of numbers. Less than 15 years ago our population was just 60m. Now it's over 67m. So what is affected is infrastructure. Birmingham, and I use this as an example because it has near enough a million people, has 42 hospitals of varying sizes, some very big some not so. Nevertheless. 42 hospitals for a million people. Now the uk population has grown by 7m, just to stay level we should have probably built 294 new hospitals across the country. I know it's not like for like and some efficiencies could be made, but surely we should have built 200 by now. But we haven't.
  14. Absolutely you have far more pluses than minuses in my book
  15. my guess too. But it goes back to my original point, Daily Mail, racist brexit, forriners , it's accepted, part of the norm. We can even joke about it now. But call Jezza an Anti-semite, bloody hell that's serious.
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