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    There a reason why it’s called a Jamaican hangover... I smoke strictly from my vape, so no combustion, and I still feel a little groggy in the morning until I get going. That being said, it doesn’t measure up with the horrors of an alcohol hangover. Nowadays it takes me days to recover so I moderate my drinking.
  2. Maybe, just maybe, he hasn’t had a summer transfer window to address those problems?
  3. Unreal. Why don’t you just go and “support” some other team?
  4. Let’s be honest, we were the better team tonight and we’re outdone by a generally more solid and in form side. Our problem is some utter tripe players like Taylor, Whelan and terrible disappointing defending by Chester. Smith needs time with this group to improve patterns of attacking play as we passed it all night but struggled to find the cutting edge. Patience and support is key. January can’t come soon enough, we need some serious investment. Our failure to reinforce the defence was a criminal decision this summer.
  5. Unlucky safe journey.. team seem to keen pass and make an impression to me. Not the slickest but pleasing so far.
  6. Just paid £6 to pay for the AVTV stream here in Austria.. highly recommended!
  7. I'm afraid money talks, especially in this game. So if you can't beat them, join them!
  8. I'm currently on a 2 week work visit to China. This makes my visit all the more sweet. All this nonsense about China being this evil communist state with its people living in fear bla bla.. What a load of nonsense, fuelled by our own western propaganda. This is an open, forward thinking country with big ambitions and the money and manpower to fuel it. And it's one of the most capitalist societies I've come across. Yes they sensor some of the web, not ideal but if our governments could they would do the same. And it's argued that they have been filtering it already. China is what the US and EU would aim to be, two states smeared with more than fair share of sinful activities. Any ways, not to digress, but welcome to Dr Xia. The potential for us to now tap into this market can only be a big thing. Football is popular here and as has been posted already, they have ambitions to succeed. Our glory will be a vehicle for this in my opinion. UTV
  9. Borg also happens to be my surname. It's a very common one in Malta, so perhaps he might also have Maltese ancestry. Chuffed to have signed a 'Borg'.. Let's hope he goes further than others like Fabio Ferraresi, who remembers him?
  10. Just got back from watching the game here in Malta. Birkirkara didn't look out of place and were unlucky to have not made it through. They made West Ham look average... On this showing and the previous leg I think they will struggle next season.
  11. I finally got round to playing this after a break from gaming and finished it last week (on PS3). I thought it was fantastic. The storyline, graphics, gameplay and screenplay (better than some Hollywood movies even) made it the best game I played on the PS3. A more grown up version of Uncharted. The AI at times was a little odd but overall, as Ingram put it, it was Superb.
  12. Was it rumoured that he was on big wages before? And that why he was frozen out? I'd be interested to know whether he took a pay cut to stay at the club although I imagine that is unlikely. I am happy for Alan his attitude after being frozen out for so long was exemplary and rare in players nowadays. He is a tough player and I like his rough style, a beard would be immense. Go on Alan you know its the right thing to do.
  13. I am meeting people in Nepal after 4 weeks so I don't want to venture too far that is my only issue. In hindsight starting in Mumbai would have been smarter but to be honest my decision to travel was off the cuff and literally booked some tickets a few weeks back. I'm not the most impulsive of people and never thought I would travel but I have time on my side after finishing a fixed term contract and thought why not? I will gladly update this thread on any gems I find. I've heard about some interesting lassis in this area of India that I just have to try ....
  14. I am about to embark on a trip to India and Nepal myself for 6-8 weeks. It's my first trip so I am not the best person to give advice but I have been advised to stick to a region and really explore it. Part of India's appeal to me was it's diversity and I hoped to explore all regions but maybe ill do so again in the future. We've decided on a rough route starting in Rajasthan area. Land in Delhi then Agra-Jaipur-Pushkar-Joidphur and maybe further west to Jaisalmer. Eventually we will make our way further north to maybe Rishikesh, then head to Varanasi, stopping at Lucknow on the way. From Varanasi we head into Nepal. We have also decided not to prebook much aside from a few night in Delhi on arrival. A few people have suggested to go with the flow and be flexible and I quite like the idea of that.

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