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  1. Not McGinn’s day is it.. misses a golden chance to nearly drop us in it. Needs to come off.
  2. Why can’t we stretch teams enough when we’re one man up!? I don’t get it. We need AEG on and move Jack in the middle.
  3. The threaded through ball just now to Taylor... so sublime. Taylor didn’t even see it at first.
  4. Thanks for sharing, this is a great read. As the writer suggests from the analysis - "Watkins has scored every goal imaginable this season. " - this should excite us and probably justifies the hefty fee. I'm afraid that this is the going rate nowadays and by the looks of it, we might look back on it being a snip if he bangs them in and keeps us up. Really excited!!
  5. I’ll reserve judgement until it’s modelled by the players. I reckon it might look decent actually. it’s retro revival and all the rage. Although somebody with a pot belly might look hideous in it...
  6. The lack of threat from set pieces is depressing.
  7. Toothless wingers (Grealish aside) and no forward. It’s criminal to be at this stage of the season without a recognised forward. In the premier league. It’s bordering on gross negligence.
  8. Why can’t we break 10 men down? Over such a long period? I don’t understand it.. when teams sit back we look a little hopeless
  9. I also noticed this.. he did not look happy but he seemed to be seething with himself more than anything. It’s nice to see that none of them were happy to concede even after 5 goals up.
  10. We look so much more balanced going forward with Targett at LB, lots of great delivery coming from him. And Nakamba has been excellent.
  11. Couldn’t agree more.. we needed his creativity. We looked toothless in that second half.
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