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  1. It must be so hard planning for summer transfer windows, with so much uncertainty over which division we will be in.
  2. I'd bring him on begginging of second half.
  3. Yea it's a real good one, as mentioned above Wretchs is worth a listen.
  4. Have you listened to his fire in the booth?
  5. I honestly believe we will play better without a crowd
  6. He is our current scapegoat, it's not very nice to hear in the stands. Must play on his mind when he hears the groans.
  7. Wesley Moraes, he was terrible them 2 games, wonder what he is doing now?
  8. After his mistake it would have been easy to hide from the ball, but he came deep and was always looking to receive the ball. I think he will be fantastic.
  9. 2 lucky goals for them, but it is easier to play at 2-0 down with no expectation, need to be in these games for longer than 40 seconds. We will be fine though
  10. I am sure i watched the game with you today. Never again.
  11. I like Conor and I think he is a valuable member of our squad but his delivery is his biggest asset and we never utilised it in this game.
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