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  1. How many L’s from a Biesla walkout?
  2. Thank you, in thinking about picking one up and looking for nostalgic reasons to push me towards it, has anyone played football manager o the switch? and what are the new Pokemon games like if anyone has played them?
  3. Can you buy the old pokemon games in online store or what not for the switch?
  4. I’d take the chance to get a mortgage and villa get relegated to be fair, let alone a £1m win
  5. I’ve always wanted a brown sauce flavour crisp
  6. I was thinking to myself yesterday how I wish just 1 journalist would call out his ‘My city, My club’ nonsense then today I see Ash’s opinion piece. I’m all for it, last year proved the game is nothing without fans, yet we are just supposed to accept any drivel that comes from a players mouth and expect it as gospel. The last time Jack played in front of a full villa park we didn’t know if we would survive in our first year back in the Premier league.
  7. With about 9 players out from the first team I am happy with how we have started.
  8. On stage with Stormzy at Leeds last night.
  9. Well he has burnt his bridges on the elusive Brentford to Aston Villa transfer
  10. Very good today, tracked back, took on his man.
  11. He was a nobody the year we got relegated, I don’t know why people want us to be grateful that he stayed with us after that? He is lucky we never swapped him with Blackburn.
  12. Why was he booed so much by the Barrow fans?
  13. Such a short career, surely if you strive to be the best just don’t drink for your professional career?
  14. Has anyone played spiderman remastered? Looking at re buying miles morales so I can buy it, never played it originally as I had an Xbox last gen.
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