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  1. S

    Douglas Luiz

    Deadly Doug II, let’s hope he is good at bicycle kicks.
  2. Another win for BP today with a spectacular goal from Erik Figueroa. Don't know if I am allowed to post a link to it but here goes! https://www.fotbollskanalen.se/video/3913536/figueroa-med-spektakulart-mal-fran-halva-planen-mot-oster/
  3. S

    Stan Petrov

    Imagine him coming on at the 74 th minute in the first game with new ownership. A real f you to Randy. VP would be rocking.
  4. I have been thinking about the attitude of the players today and reflecting on the information that has been recorded in the media; specifically regarding the view that certain players should be playing champions league football. Now please bear in mind I am not a football manager but a mental health nurse so I am basing my idea on behaviour. I think for too long now we have had managers who have been battling against relegation and poor results. Our players have become disheartened, and in an attempt to build confidence the managers have talked up the quality of the players - privately and publicly. A problem that I see with this is that the players are used to being told that they are too good for relegation positions. They are unable to see what we can see, they are not good enough. They don't accept responsibility for the league position. Then a new manager Remé comes in and tells a few home truths, encourages players to take responsibility for the disappointing season(s). The players do not like this and we have a reaction from key players like Gabby and Grealish. The way that Grealish responded to the sacking of Remé supports my view.
  5. I moved to Stockholm about 6 months ago so have been getting to know it a bit recently. You can book the bus from the airport in advance, I think it might be a bit cheaper but not sure. You can buy a return and it is valid for 3 months you just print out a boarding pass type page with a qr code and show it to the driver, he/she will scan it. The company is called flygbussarna. For getting about in the city you can get a tourist travel card, there is a sl shop in the central station - which is connected to the bus terminal. Otherwise you can buy them at pressbyrån shops and these are everywhere. The buses do not accept cash but you can buy single travel tickets with the sl app. The travel cards that last a certain time ie 24hours, 48hours etc are also accepted on the shuttle ferry that goes between slussen and djurgården (where most of the museums etc are). I don't know what time the metro stops running, but I think I got home at about 4 on Sunday morning using it last week. I do not know when the trains to solna stop though. I would recommend pharmarium in Gamla Stan for a cocktail, if you like that sort of thing! It is nice but pricey and you probably have to book - this can be done online.
  6. The theme tune was written by HOYT Curtin
  7. Heskey finally got a shot on target then, took him bloody long enough. Supposed to be contending for a place in the World Cup squad? You must be having a laugh.
  8. Use whatever vegetable is seasonal, and preferably take them out of the ground just before you use them. Get some fresh baby beetroot and slice the stalks so that they are only about a centimetre long (this stops the beetroot from bleeding). Wrap them individually in foil and roast them. Take them out of the foil and peel them (the skin will fall off in your hands). Beetroot is actually quite a nice vegetable when it isn't pickled, adn this is my favourite way of preparing the vegetable. I quite like aubergines, courgettes, roasted peppers, red onion, carrots, whole garlic cloves (remove before serving) and tomatoes in the summer with a barbecue and a nice old speckled hen. Eat with barbequed trout and baby potatoes.
  9. WARNING: this may appear as if i am rambling through a drug fuelled hallucination in fact i don't need drugs. This is a very sensible argument; for thousands of years we have experimented with different drugs, the type chosen was largely dependent on location. Here in the UK we have a long history of abusing alcohol- not having ready access to some of the other naturally occurring mind altering chemicals like magic mushrooms, salvia, THAT cactus etc etc... The UK then decided to take over the world, and as alcohol was generally accepted we came back with newly discovered drugs like cocaine and these were accepted with arms wide open, for a while- then banned. Alcohol is deeply rooted into the history we have created and the vast majority of the population loves a drink so public uproar would follow it's banning. This being said Alcohol in itself is a particularly harmful drug, whilst detoxing from alcohol serious care is needed. People are not advised to detox at home if they live alone or are likely to spend periods of time alone. People requiring an alcohol detox will generally use (be prescribed) benzodiazepines to surpress the brain to prevent often fatal seizures. Heroin detoxification does not have these restrictions- a bit of pain (and sleeplessness, alternating body temperatures etc- Not advising it still VERY difficult) Do we really want to give out the message that another drug is potentially safe by allowing the police to say this- Alcohol is a very widely used substance throughout society BUT i would wager that pills is restricted mostly to the rave/dnb scenes- You probably wouldnt pop a couple of pills before a night in flares/reflex/fab n fresh but would use alcohol. It is best to stop ecstasy from being thought of as safe and spreading. The argument here should not be about the potential danger of the drug on an individual basis but for society as a whole. We have a responsibility to protect people- and probably encourage the safe, responsible use of alcohol rather than irresponsible use of drugs as a way to escape from our lives- are they really that bad? FWIW- i like a drink as much as the next person and the above mentioned is merely my opinion and should be treated as such.
  10. He was talking about the Young deal as if he knew something about it and saying he thought 2 people should follow. He said he would only be guessing the names if he were to name the players IIRC.
  11. I was thinking about this last night after what Mazrim was saying.
  12. I agree it does look solid, but where are the goals going to come from?
  13. People would read to much into it and say DO'L was trying to manipulate the figures to make him sound good. I suppose if you count the difference in numbers that are available to play for us between this year and last you could count loans that actually returned to us as players in.
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