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  1. Surely a championship loan is best for him this season?
  2. We cant sell Trez though. Isnt he likely out until next year?
  3. Can improve too, 2 to 3 years younger than Grealish.
  4. Where are you seeing a market for Cantwell?
  5. I really haven't got the energy for another signing right now.
  6. Ye if you think Vardy and Aguero are 4 or 5 years older than him.
  7. This has been my thinking throughout this. It's easy for us as fans to say why would you leave, but ultimately to us Villa is an interest. Its Grealish's job/life.
  8. No Gs in the club shop apparently. Read in to that what you will.
  9. Yes, and also that this happened this summer window, and not any of the last two or three.
  10. He's showing him what level he is on on SNAKE! The diving get. Oh hang on, we're not in other football yet.
  11. If this drags on another few days, might he play Saturday? That would be an odd atmosphere, if still not resolved either way.
  12. Any one know roughly when back available to play?
  13. 2 questions; Could he be converted from a wide forward to a striker, in the same way Watkins was? When will he first be available to play?
  14. £200 mil transfer kitty this summer in addition to Bailey and Buendia? Or 130-140mil?
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