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  1. El Ghazi with some seemingly accurate and purposeful corner and free kick deliveries against Leeds. He is also the penalty taker.
  2. Yep, more purposeful right? Better to bring on when winning.
  3. Man, I begrudgingly agree with a lot of that. You say it directly but it's true.
  4. Ye absolutely. It's just strange it's so night and day.
  5. That's a wind up right? They're exactly the same as us points wise this season minus playing us.
  6. I know its easy to do in retrospect but how different does that table look drawing twice to west ham?!
  7. A really intelligent footballer l. The way the commentators kept saying he was close to another yellow. No he wasnt. He was in complete control.
  8. Salute Smiths braveness. Nice one gaffer.
  9. I dont know what's real and whats fantasy anymore.
  10. There isnt a quatifiable value for players is there, isnt it more of a feeling? Well I suppose it's an offer thats either accepted or rejected ultimately. Maguire goes to Leicester for £10mil, then two years later goes to Man U for £80mil. That £80 mil figure could have been £60mil or £100mil, or equally £20mil. Theres no maths behind it.
  11. The squad is very weak beyond the first 11. Central midfield aside where theres seemingly 6 or 7 vying for the spots. Hause, Elmohamady, Davis, El Ghazi/Trezeguet, Taylor come in to the team to replace an injured or suspended Mings/Konsa, Cash, Watkins, Grealish and Targett. That's a set of mid to top half championship players (as an average) replacing a set of top half premier league players (as an average). That's not even our "squad players", they could easily be starting games or are atleast first sub change. It's a miracle that we have not had any more than 2 of the first t
  12. Do we know how long he is out for?
  13. First full house will be emotional.
  14. It was Matic and the reluctance to book him in that match that wound me up. He came on and committed 3 bad fouls in the space of about 10 minutes.
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