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  1. So it's in our hands to go top of the league on Friday night. Is that right? Seems odd to be saying that about Villa in December, especially after losing 3 straight home games.
  2. I dont think he is likely to ever be a starter for us going forward, but what we have been desperate for is different options off the bench. Providing he returns to the sharpness he showed in the Burnley game prior to injury, chucking him on for the last 20 mins when chasing a game is better than what we currently have.
  3. What an assist from Archer. Ran the length of the pitch with it.
  4. Being reported he will be back in March. So well over a season out.
  5. You cant have 25,000 turning up at Old Trafford though, with loads of people on the trams. I agree on the points being made of how it's an advantage to smaller clubs in bigger divisions. If Bournemouth were still in the Prem, 4000 would basically be their ground half full.
  6. Was watching the game at home on Saturday and my missus said to me when Konsa scored, why aren't you cheering. I said you dont know if it's a goal yet. Equally I didnt show any emotion when the penalty was awarded. When the other team kicks off is when you can properly celebrate.
  7. It's going to be an X factor like audition. Loudest singers to get the seats.
  8. It's good that there are 4 of them too that are this bad, and not 2 or 3, as at least one of them is bound to turn it around. You cant see two of them finishing above us if we were to have a poor season from here.
  9. Re. The pitch, March hit that winner on a half volley as the ball bubbled up off the turf as he hit it. Would have been interesting to see where it would have gone without the bobble.
  10. In 3 different away countries nowhere near here. I said it when I saw those fixtures. Ridiculous scheduling.
  11. It's when you know it's not your day. That ball getting to Welbeck and him finishing after running from the half way line also. Fair play to them.
  12. Felt to me like Grealish, mcginn, Luiz and Mings were a bit jaded. Only 5 or 10% off their usual but in the premier league it makes the difference. Although this is massively contradicted by Trez had also travelled for internationals. He was everywhere but his end product was poor.
  13. Is that genuinely how it works? If they review a penalty decision and its overturned, its then a free kick to the defending team?
  14. What I dont get is, how is it a free kick to Brighton?
  15. Its interesting, I felt he played against Iceland, Ireland and Wales slightly within himself, a bit like how he played against Burton earlier this season. But against Belgium he played how he does for Villa in the league. I suppose ultimately, Iceland, Wales and Ireland, all with weakened teams, are max championship standard? Whereas Belgium would by CL in the Prem.
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