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  1. Sorry, but cant stand the scratchcard/lotto thing in petrol stations or small supermarkets like tesco express. Also, Why do they go through the rigmoral of making them scratch? Or wait a few days for the numbers? Just tell them there and then, "You have gambled £18 on a combination of scratchcards and lotto tickets, and the computer says that you have won f all. Thanks. See you again. Now i can serve someone who is buying their lunch." Presumably people dont want to be scratching away at the counter with a 2p?
  2. Way way way worse than that are people who buy scratchcards at these places, "I'll have a number 4 and three number sixes. Oh and whats the jackpot on the number nines, they're new ones arent they? Oh and I'll have a lucky dip on the euro millions." Ffs do your gambling at the bookies or online.
  3. Bookies now have us at the same odds as Leeds to be promoted. February me would tell you to F off. Unbelievable. Fair play Smith and the boys.
  4. Goalkeepers have been playing out of their skins against us recently, but part of it is that our shots arent quite accurate enough, thus giving the goalkeepers a chance. Al Ghazi a good example. Lots of well hit shots on target recently but not quite accurate enough to beat the keeper. Hourihane as well, so many point blank chances straight at the keeper last week. Davis another example.
  5. Am i correct in thinking that if we had beaten Leeds we would be four points behind them, with them still to play. That just incredible when you think how bad we were for a third of the season.
  6. Im a bit like this. Love going to matches at the mo knowing we are likely to win. Those last 5 years in the PL were horrible, when you see drawing at home to West Ham as a good result. Oh and those inevitable 4-0 defeats to Tottenham. Christ. I want Villa to go up but only because of the financial pressure that we're under if not and that outside chance that we could do a Wolves. Also for the standing of the club and the fans from further afield that cant access the games so easily currently. Im far happier seeing us beat teams at this level. Just looking at the faces around me in the first half of that Derby game. Everyones in the toilets singing at half time. Hugging random strangers when Grealish scored that volley. Sheff Weds away recently. The jubilation. Thoroughly enjoying this division at the moment.
  7. Why are the keepers constantly made to play out? Ten mins in here at Watford and both keepers have had kicks blocked, because of overplaying. One resulting in a goal.
  8. turvontour


    How many tickets for this have we actually got? Is it upper and lower?
  9. Ye we didnt turn up at Milwall last season once our league position was sorted. Also remember a home game to Burnley about 5 years ago, again lost as we had already stayed up (i think)? Seem to remember not caring about the result.
  10. Well ye, in an ideal world, Leeds and Norwich win their next few games, and Sheff U lose theirs. So then we play both Leeds and Norwich with them hungover. Far more desirable than having Norwich coming to VP needing a win to clinch the league. To be fair, i havent seen any data to suggest that teams are poorer having just won the league. It just feels that way.
  11. Could do with Sheff U falling away now as A) would be great to play Norwich and Leeds with them both already promoted. I think we've got the measure of Sheff U, and the rest (despite playing poorly against them this season).
  12. Is it OK for someone else to use your season ticket? Would be in the same age/price bracket as me.
  13. Ye sorry, just noticed that. Its more the point that we are in a battle with Derby, Bristol City and the teams below for two playoff places. West Brom currently has little bearing on anything.
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