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  1. He's very deceptive. Brazilian, yet plays football like an out of form Geoff Horsfield.
  2. This is where I am with him. I really wouldn't begrudge him a move to a top side after yesterday. I'd hate it, and do struggle to picture him in another teams shirt, but that was the first time I've felt that Villa are holding him back. He would have ran the show for Leicester if he had been on their team. Hopefully he's here til the end of the season, we stay up and then it's up to him.
  3. Other than a lack of footballing ability he also appears to lack intelligence and maturity, which if both were good, could aid his performances slightly. I just read the end of your post, which I hadn't fully read, and see you do mention maturity. It seems that when he has a bad shot or loses the ball he gets upset and often jumps to the floor, or remains down feigning injury. In his defence though, a number of our players do that.
  4. You really think we wouldn't have an extra 6 points with Abraham in the team? Wesley hasn't had a decent attempt at goal in about 2 months. Last shot I remember him having was the penalty and rebound at Norwich, whenever that was. Maybe I've missed some things but we simply cant afford to carry him anymore. I'd start Kodja or even el ghazi up there next game.
  5. But this is becoming the problem. If we dont take any points off the top half of the table teams then theres huge pressure on us in these games.
  6. I reckon we'd be 5th or 6th in the league with Tammy up front so far this season.
  7. That's how I perceived Abraham to be treating Andre Green on a couple of occasions last season. Given where the two are now, it kind of makes sense.
  8. We need to start winning games we dont deserve to win. And/or start picking up points against top half teams. Easier said than done I know.
  9. I'm sure West Ham fans were saying its unlikely Chelsea will lose back to back games given their great start to the season. We're just too used to being Villa fans. Haha. We dont like playing teams doing well because..... and we dont like playing teams doing badly because.....
  10. Wow, so 70 years. Will be quite a feat.
  11. When did we last average over 40k for a season?
  12. They're only above us because we didn't beat either of them. If we had beat both of them we'd be knocking on the door of the champions league. Crazy margins this season.
  13. I know, right. I dont think he's great by any means, but is now adding goals to his game which is so important for us this season if Wes isn't to get more than 10-12. He'd have 3 in 4 in the PL if Grealish's leg was half a yard the other way.
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