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  1. The guy that reads out the team sheets at the ground, does he genuinely not know the opposition players names. Or is it like a piss take, as if to say, who? He reads out the teams as if he's new to football and foreign names.
  2. I loved that tonight. Looking up from the lower north to see half of the Trinity on its feet jumping up and down was something I hadn't seen before. Particularly in play, and it not being against a local rival. You feel a togetherness. Cheers to Everton by the way, we've been through a lot together historically and they helped us out tonight
  3. Marco Solva unprompted said it was a tough game, a competitive game, a very hard place to play football and a good atmosphere. The question posee to him was about how they lost 2-0 from all the chances they had, and he moved straight to talk about the atmosphere. I think that it shows that the support levels do have a very slight bearing on things.
  4. League cups on it's way out isn't it, such a shame as always liked the competition and we've done well in it historically. 3k and 5k at Wigan and Blackburn last night, in what 25k to 30k stadiums? Just well supported reserve matches, not cup ties.
  5. Oh, great. Didn't know the draw had been made. Dont remember us ever playing Crewe.
  6. See Rudy Gestede put in another goalless performance for Boro tonight. He's scored about 10 goals in 100 games for Villa and Boro combined. Was weird of Boro to buy him off us for decent money.
  7. I'd say they're about as good as Brentford.
  8. Unused sub. Thought this might happen. He needs to be playing.
  9. Mustafi to Villa for £99 million. We really are getting ripped off this window.
  10. Just seen on the Cardiff forum they have a thread named "Bacuna is poison". Poor Leandro. I know they dont spend huge amounts, but I'm staggered that he is a starting midfielder for Cardiff.
  11. turvontour

    Ezri Konsa

    The Konsa and Terry songs are more lads in beer gardens/on trains/in stadium concourse songs, rather than actual terrace songs. A bit like German bombers with England. I'm opposite end to the holte and can sometimes hear the Terry song, but only seems like a few sing it, I may be wrong? The f**k the Albion song was just insane in the playoff semi. Over and over again, throughout the match, easily the loudest chant. Dont want to sound like a bore, but there's what, 5000 kids at the games, roughly? I dont want everyone sat in their seats throughout the game clapping politely, you need some banter, but the aggression and language of that song isn't right.

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