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  1. Ratings & Reactions: Preston v Villa

    Big fan of that.
  2. Steve Bruce

    Its a good job that we dont have more derby games or we'd have to settle for a point more often. Blues are a relegation standard team.
  3. Ratings & Reactions: sha v Villa

    Hard earned point? We're not trying to avoid relegation are we. We need two points a game of which we are five points behin at this stage. The game todays fixture equivalent in the premier league would have been Liverpool or Arsenal v Swansea or Bournemouth roughly speaking. Couldnt see them being happy with a point. The two points lost could see us miss out on automatic promotion come the end of the season.
  4. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    I dont understand the mentality of those saying that today was on OK/acceptable result. On that basis, a point at Preston will be fine then too as we are away and they are a decent side? Oh look, we're outside the playoffs again.
  5. Ratings & Reactions: sha v Villa

    Because to go up automatically you have to win the majority of your games. Today we were playing one of the worst teams in the league. Its a bad result unless your aim for the season is to be in and around the playoffs.
  6. economic situation is dire

    Sorry, thats 700 a month for three days per week. Bit its still crazy. Absolutely zero incentive for my missus to go back to work. Can understand why people dont bother.
  7. economic situation is dire

    The cost of childcare is simply insane. We've been quoted £700 for three days per week.
  8. Everton

    Failing to replace your Belgian striker who scores half your goals.
  9. Pubs

    Drinking before the game. Isnt that what the early kick off is designed to prevent? Limpid you animal!
  10. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Why is Milwall v Blues being played on a Saturday evening? Just seems stupid to me. Similarly to last Saturday us at Wolves.
  11. Things you often Wonder

    When will Christmas start to be phased out? 200 years from now? 500 years? Hardly anyone I know has a clue what Christmas is anymore, in its truest sense, and yet the ‘celebration’ of it is getting more and more grotesque/extreme with time. I went to church Sunday and Wednesday every week as a child, and prayed every day, my parents still go occasionally. I probably wouldn't class myself as a Christian now, I'm not sure. I love Christmas. But I love the excuse to binge eat and drink for days on end, I love the presents for the children, I love the relaxed attitude to work for a complete month where our office focuses on Secret Santa, parties, games etc (and I love that that’s accepted), I love the time off. But my actions/thoughts make absolutely zero reference to the subject/topic in hand at any point across the period; it’s truly bizarre. I refer to the phasing out of Christmas as presumably there are fewer and fewer practising Christians in the UK each year (or even those that identify with a religion), while smaller religions such as Islam will grow, and therefore the need for weeks off work, lavish parties etc will be no longer necessary? Or is it too important to the economy and will be protected?
  12. Things you often Wonder

    Semi serious point/question - can you drink alcohol while you're driving, providing that you're not over the drink drive limit?
  13. Things you often Wonder

    Ye, I just feel that as a driver I've missed the clarity on this somewhere. People I speak to have different views on it. You're seeing these drive-thru Costas and Starbucks popping up everywhere now which only encourages drinking at the wheel?
  14. Things you often Wonder

    Are you allowed to eat/drink while you're driving?
  15. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I think that psychologically it tricks me into thinking that im not eating a packet of crisps as im only eating 3 or 4 crisps at a time. But if i do that 10 to 15 times, ive probably eaten 2 to 3 bags of crisps. The idea of the crisps being accesible with the lid is also a factor. You know where you are with a bag of crisps. Youre either eating or not. Pringles is like an ongoing bag of crisps. I dont usually swear but theyre pringle bastsrds.