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  1. Dust has settled, we got the 3 points and they missed the penalty. But I really dont think that the Hause handball should be considered a penalty. Hes basically stood with his arms where they are, the cross comes in and its deflected on to his arm, which hasn't moved. I wouldnt want to win a penalty in that manner in the same way you dont want to concede one that way.
  2. The starting eleven we had v Man U, is it still both the youngest and most with homegrown players in the league?
  3. I dont think they're free hits at all. I suppose it depends what we mean by free hits. On the one hand I kind of agree in that I wont be devastated if we lose any of those fixtures. But equally I think we should be targeting 8 to 10 points from them. It's not like us in the premier league years ago when that was a nailed on 2 to 3 points max. We took 7 from them last year and were very much in most of the games until the last few minutes.
  4. It would literally be the worst idea if this were to happen, or even trialled, absolute carnage. And this is from some one who would like a beer in the stands.
  5. I dont get the petrol thing. Once you've got petrol thats it right? Or is it people filling up cans? It's not like people are moaning about queuing to fill up, filling up, then just driving 500 miles to then join another queue later in the day when they need more. People arent driving any.more than usual? I dont get the maths of it I think I mean. It's not like toilet rolls where people could stockpile hundreds.
  6. I'm not just a massive advocate of his, but how exciting is he now?! Wow!
  7. It's why he has so few assists, bad decision making, always wanting to shoot even when theres players much better placed.
  8. Thanks for posting this. Pretty much what I wanted to say. Overnight, they added more than 50% of seats by switching grounds. Would be like us increasing to 60k plus this season and wondering why theres 15 to 20k empty seats. It's better that it's not filled by glory hunters, but it will do increasingly if they sustain their current position.
  9. What a brilliant half of football he played. That driving run and shot I hadn't seen from him last season. Looks stronger and more purposeful this season. Keep it up!
  10. His brother seems way more of a goal threat than Jacob.
  11. I must have missed it, but has he fully retired from football? And Elmo too?
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