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  1. Last Villa player to score international hat trick? Benteke?
  2. Dean Smith, "Conor, you've won us a penalty, got an assist and scored a cracker, but that simply isn't good enough away from home in this division. I expect at least two of each of those per player per game!" Just kidding SGC, but surely he cant be dropped given its Brighton at home. If we were playing a top top team then maybe. I think it would also go against putting in performances to prove your worthiness for first team spot.
  3. Absolutely no chance. Unless the start of this season is a flash in the pan. He could likely go on to be a top all-action goal scoring midfielder for the next ten years. That's £100 mil min in my book. In terms of a decade of high quality performance. I dont even know what the money means now anyway. If we get £60 million does that mean that we would then spend £60 million more on players than we first would have? It doesn't seem like transfer money is an issue currently.
  4. Ye, I just saw he was away with Brazil but didn't know which age level.
  5. Oh no, ye I agree. I think every team are the likes of team we should be beating this season. Other than Liverpool perhaps but they cant just win every game forever. I think it's a great time for us to be playing them soon.
  6. Me and my lad cant make it. How does it work with season tickets, you get money back for your seat from the club, and the seats are resold?
  7. So, we're 15th going into the October international break. Would you take 15th now if offered it for our end of season place?
  8. I cant get my head around Ashley Young still starting games for them, and being their club captain. He was good for us ten years ago. Wouldn't want him at Villa now.
  9. Is he the penalty taker, or was it because he was on a hat trick? I'd have Hourihane taking them.
  10. Can he be recalled and then loaned out to a league one club? Cus this seems pointless.
  11. I dont think its beyond the realms of possibility to get 4 points from City, Liverpool and Wolves games.
  12. It's still too early in the season to be talking about top and bottom half like that. Most of those would be bottom half if they hadn't beaten us.
  13. What's the got to do with enjoying supporting Villa?
  14. So important that we quickly learn to protect leads and to close out games. If we do that we'll be fine. If our matches had finished on the 70th minute so far this season, we'd be 3rd in the league.
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