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  1. Villa wouldn't have even been in the playoffs.
  2. We spent very little time in the relegation zone with him in the team. We were struggling sure, but most of the bottom half are struggling. I think he could well have contributed to us having another two or three points minimum had he been fit this year.
  3. What is the expectation if a player or players test positive as and when the PL restarts. Will it just be treated like an injury and the player is out for a few weeks, or is that team no longer able to play matches?
  4. This is where I am with him. I dont think he or others expected him to play as much football as he has at this level. We bought 3 or 4 £10-15mil midfielders in the summer. The reason he has played so much is because they haven't been the standard we'd hoped. He was never going to make a McGinn or Grealish type impact.
  5. No but we win about 3 times as many home games as we do away games. With us having more home games left to play than away games, we are at a disadvantage if we cant play in front of our home crowd. Not a level playing field.
  6. That's literally what Leicester City chant for every opposing keepers goal kick.
  7. What, seriously? At home too. Sheff United win about one game in three. They've been made to look good by the crapness of the rest of the league.
  8. I'd agree with that if we didn't have a game in hand.
  9. Haha. I kept thinking of comparing football with eastenders while I was writing the above, how football kind of isn't even a real thing, particularly just as a supporter who attends games for entertainment purposes. Playing and coaching it personally is slightly different I guess, but not important at all given what's happening.
  10. A stat I saw a couple of years ago had the championship as 5th highest attended league in europe.
  11. Why does football has to survive somehow? It will obviously survive but doesn't have to straight away or in current form. I dont get this urgency. Why do you suddenly need to have 15000 people inside Villa Park. Football is a huge part of my life; I have a season ticket, I play and I coach, but to me it is pretty much the least important thing right now.
  12. I cant see Douglas Luiz playing for us in the championship. I dont rate him particularly, but I think he would try to move on.
  13. Arrgghh man. Was thinking about this the other day when looking at the league table. We would be as good as safe and they would be as good as down if we had got the better of them this season. I know you can can pick out any game or combination of games and say what if, but Bournemouth doing the double over us seems particularly painful.
  14. So based on that we are about 50% now in 2020, or will very soon be at 50% or below. They're not going to get rid of easter any time soon, surely?
  15. How long things like easter will carry on for in to the future. With fewer people going to church, does it just carry on anyway with fewer people knowing what it is? I'd love to know if you asked the population what it was, the figures youd get back.
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