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  1. Just thinking, if we are able to return to full or near full capacity next season, are there still to be the same number of games televised, and staggered kick off times like we have now?
  2. I really hope we dont get Liverpool in the final, and their youth team get Covid, and so we have to play their first team.
  3. I really dont like the platform and support that liverpool and man u get on sky through the likes of keane, neville, Carragher, souness etc. I rewatched the 7-2 game the other day, and what should have been a celebration of a great result is tainted slightly in commentary by Carragher purely talking about it from a liverpool weakness angle. I find it weird him and neville commentating on their teams games altogether. Also having to listen to Souness at half time in the 7-2 also ranting about the length of the grass. Its kind of links to the whole protection of the top like you say.
  4. This is where I am. Not even slightly optimistic. That Barkley free kick second half was in a great position. I'd probably have el Ghazi hitting it if it was my choice.
  5. Again today, we're so ineffective from dead balls. We could really do with picking up a corner or free kick taker in the summer.
  6. If that is given as a penalty at the end there, would it have been overturned by var?
  7. He simply handed them the game, from a losing position. Pogba going away from goal with nothing on. Here have a goal, and another a few mins later. It's not naivety because he did exactly the same thing against Pogba already this season.
  8. If you're saying that Grealish had got injured the day before the season started and was therefore out for the best part of a year, then I'd say we finish about where Newcastle are now. The defence is good enough to ensure we would pick up enough draws and odd wins. We would likely also have addressed that we are missing by far our best player in the January window. People like Merson annoy me in the media saying Villa will go down next season without him. As if A) we make no attempt to replace him, almost like he never existed, and that B. we dont improve the rest of the team, like we ha
  9. Wouldn't imagine he'd play again this season as only a couple of weeks left and he isnt back in full training is he? No point rushing him back for final two games for him to make it worse.
  10. For the assist from Traore too, would have been goal of the month contender.
  11. Becoming mr. Dependable.
  12. Its interesting that isnt it re. Yellows. Seems happy to go long periods of games on a booking. A lot of the bookings he picks up are within his control. Not reckless fouls.
  13. That's fair. But when AEG is bad hes very bad. I think his first 4 out of 5 involvements with the ball tonight were being dispossessed or turning the ball over. I was pondering exactly this question while it was happening. Does him scoring a goal today offset the poor all round play?
  14. Looks like his legs have finally come back tonight! That clever shift to win a foul late on was great.
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