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  1. turvontour

    Dean Smith

    Its just very nice of villa to give the job to an Englishman AGAIN (what’s that, 3 out of the last 4?) and him being a villa fan too is a nice touch. Grealish and Dean Smith applauding the Holte End sounds lovely, it means a lot to them personally I’m sure. I know we’re not competing with these clubs, but you just look at the likes of Man City, Chelsea etc, who will likely never employ an English manager again, and presumably still only have English players because they have to fulfil a quota. Barkley, Delph, Drinkwater etc.
  2. turvontour

    Dean Smith

    There's something i dont like about the fact he is a villa fan. I mean its vast majority great, as he loves the club, and im onboard with him being manager, but its a weird angle/distraction for me. All the media mentioning it at the top of their headlines and the OS going with "he's one of our own". Obviously it had nothing to do with his appointment, and is purely coincidence.
  3. turvontour

    New Manager Speculation

    I really dont like the idea of Terry as manager.
  4. turvontour

    New Manager Speculation

    £6 million sounds like a lot for Rodgers. But then you think that equates to half a McCormack......
  5. turvontour

    Jesus Garcia Pitarch

    Sounds like he'll be really useful in our search for a new manger.
  6. turvontour

    New Manager Speculation

    Monte Carlo or Star City?
  7. turvontour

    New Manager Speculation

    This really really wound me up on talksport the other morning when Hoddle was on and he said, "wouldnt it be great if Villa could get an English/British manager, because they dont get enough of a chance." As if we're some sort of experiment or charity. Its not like you see Man City, Chelsea etc clambering to get English managers, and i wonder why. I wouldnt have been quite so annoyed but 2 out the last 3 of our managers were bloody english.
  8. turvontour

    Thierry Henry

    Just to clarify, has Henry ever managed?
  9. turvontour

    New Manager Speculation

    And Nyland in goal?
  10. turvontour

    New Manager Speculation

    Well we have some of the best players in this division.
  11. turvontour

    Steve Bruce

    Leave Steve
  12. turvontour

    Awful Loan Signings

  13. turvontour

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Preston

    It really doesnt matter that Whelan missed that late penalty as we've still been able to extend our unbeaten run. 2 in 10 now i believe.
  14. turvontour

    Steve Bruce

    How much of last seasons (relative) success was down to Terry? Chester all over the place now, Grealish off the pace etc.
  15. turvontour

    Steve Bruce

    Why? Is the aim to draw every match and scrape safety? We need to win football matches, and we're not. One in ten is it. Its not like we just drew at Leeds either.