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  1. Did Roberto Carlos have a trial? Or is that a myth?
  2. Does anyone know how long usually you get to choose to renew your current seats. Is it like a week or a month roughly?
  3. It's annoying that we're going to have to do a load of great deals just to get to the same team that played in the playoff final. That's the problem with loans I suppose.
  4. That's a sure fire way of seeing the cabbages return to Villa Park.
  5. When are season tickets available to buy again, and is this the same for renewals?
  6. You really should write that letter. Was the only negative of the day for me.
  7. I like him. But ye hes the only one that really comes across in his interviews as another clubs player. Said he wanted to enjoy his last few hours with the lads.
  8. This is as about as "there or there abouts" as it gets, right?
  9. I thought he was absolutely superb today.
  10. Also, interesting to see Tuanzebe kissing the badge in the celebrations. I know it doesnt mean anything in this day and age, but good to see what it means to him.
  11. Brilliant day. Mcginn and El Ghazi were great, but i felt Elmohamady for motm. Barely put a foot wrong. Oh and my young lad getting a pic with Ian Taylor topped it off.
  12. Weirdly confident, not arrogant, but assured. Arguably akin to how Villa have been going about things for the last few months. Im usually the ultra pessemist.
  13. Hourihanes like a box of chocolates......

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