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  1. If I have to watch a YouTube explainer video to break down what I've just watched then I'm tapping out. Yes Westworld, I mean you. I had no desire to watch season 2 after doing all the first series. Different timelines my arse.
  2. Did you hear the fake Villa fan come on Wed or Thurs night say Matty Target was f****** Jack Grealish? Got cut off rather quickly.
  3. Usually the yoof of today. A right good clip round the back of the head would do wonders.
  4. I loved this show. Season 3 seems to just stop a bit early and it looks like its been cancelled, a real shame.
  5. Giant do some nice E-Bikes, but a decent spec one will set you back £2k. Not cheap, but if you fit a deristriction box to the motor then you can hit speeds that a 50cc moped can do.
  6. I saw some fat tub of lard jogging round the pitch during that Soccer Aid match, with Chunkz wrote on his shirt. I'll take a punt at it being the same fella.
  7. The Alienist S2 is rather good, maintains the high standards of S1.
  8. New Doves album out today, and rather good it is too.
  9. Middle Eastern countries seem to have low crime rates and very harsh penalties? Is that due to religion/culture rather the fear of being caught? Sorry, I haven't checked the stats in advance.
  10. Its so bad, that its actually funny. I wouldn't want it any other way now.
  11. Yep. Battlefield surgery at its finest.
  12. Mortgage brokers, anyone here swear by them or prefer approaching the bank/BS themselves? The reason I ask is that I saw one yesterday and the lenders she showed me on her screen were not the same as the ones I found on moneysupermarket, in fact hers all bar one were offering worse rates. If she can't get a AIP with the cheapest one them I'm going to tell her to forget it and I'll do the leg work myself.
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