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  1. Bosch Goliath Startup Sneaky Pete
  2. Another vote for The Irishman here. Superb piece of story telling.
  3. stuart_75

    Nvidia Shield

    I dont use a shield for my Plex server (I use a windows 10 machine in the spare room) , but I know its a supported device. Have a read here... https://support.plex.tv/articles/221099988-setting-up-and-managing-plex-media-server-on-nvidia-shield/ There are plenty youtube videos running you through the whole process. DM me if you have specific questions about Plex, I'll do my best to help.
  4. Just bought the next model up off the De'Longhi Refurb Ebay store for £190 with 12 months warranty.
  5. stuart_75

    Nvidia Shield

    Put Plex Media Server on the Shield and watch your locally stored media everywhere in the world remotely.
  6. Just started Gotham, 2 episodes in and it seems harmless fun. I have Pennyworth ready to watch too but not heard much about it. Can anyone here recommend it?
  7. stuart_75


    You sir are a legend.
  8. I know this will be laughed at by most the music snobs on here, but Shed Seven at the O2 on Friday night was rather good. Great 90's nostagia for a 44yr old like myself.
  9. I watched the first episode last night after reading all the comments on here over the last few weeks. Still don't know what to make of it. Not sure I can be arsed to watch the rest of the season.
  10. I don't think he would break a sweat to be honest.
  11. Netflix have updated their app on the Roku devices, and guess what its now even worse. Great work Netflix.
  12. Youtubers "fighting" each other is borderline WWE in my opinion. Have to agree with previous comments about why should we respect people who have made money? The majority of mongs that subscribe to their youtube channels think subscribers = money = success. There lies the problem with society.
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