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  1. Frightingly good performance from Phoenix.
  2. Need to see an example of skinny fat. I'm bamboozled.
  3. Sick of the Royal family being portrayed like some sort of Mafia in the media. Isn't the ginger knobber allowed to hand his notice in? The way the BBC & papers go on you'd think The Boss has dug a couple of holes in the desert for Mr & Mrs Sussex.
  4. So what was the real lady like from purchasing? Munter?
  5. I agree with everything you wrote here. (The Mandalorian is great though)
  6. I had to switch the subtitles on for him becuase I thought he mumbled a lot. Very good season though.
  7. Netflix documentary about that fella, and very good it is too.
  8. This happens every time they are in the shit last day of the season. Spawny beyond belief.
  9. https://tellymix.co.uk/tv/417716-the-great-pottery-throw-down-to-return-on-channel-4-with-new-look-series.html It wasn't a dream............
  10. I'm sure I saw an advert for celebrity pottery wheel making. Or did I dream it???
  11. Usenet, Astraweb, Sabnzbd, Sonarr. Once you have these ducks lined up in a row, the episodes magically appear on your computer every week without fail.
  12. All depends on the possibility of DHUTWU?
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