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  1. Gave up after the 2nd episode, so you've done well to get to episode 8.
  2. The Radio WM phone in is pure comedy gold, a must listen. Last night 2 different bloosers had timed in minutes how much air time Villa fans were getting compared to their sad pathetic selves. Polly is over 80 and needs gassing to put her out her misery. Eddie the boggie is hilarious. I'd love to know who Alan the Villa fan is as he cracks me up every time he rings in.
  3. Watched the first two episodes of Black Summer on Netlix. Meh.
  4. The BBC has this habit of self promoting/hyping/advertising its own shows constantly on its website, BBC Breakfast and One Show etc, eg Line of Duty, Bodyguard, Fleabag to name just 3. These "flagship" shows are rammed down my throat so much that I just refuse to watch them, so its counter-productive in my opinion. I'd much rather explore Netflix and find a show myself off my own back.
  5. They have special beer glasses that fill from the bottom.....
  6. Binned FB off 4 years ago (deactivated account) then a month ago finally saw the option to have all my data & profile deleted from FB. This was the second best thing I've done after getting divorced.
  7. I stopped watching this when Rick left, I saw that as the final nail in the coffin. Have I missed anything?
  8. I've been doing time restrictive eating/intermittent fasting with the odd prolonged fast of 48hrs every now and then. I must say I feel great and still exercising. Give it a try for a couple of weeks, if its not for you then try something else.
  9. Some Blooze mong just rang up Franksey complaining that his Preston v Blues game was constantly interrupted by Villa and Baggies goals! So funny. He wouldnt be ringing in if Boro had smashed us.
  10. Top tip. Dont follow these cretins on social media and all will be well with the world.
  11. I've seen the whole season. If you liked SOA, then you'll like this, its basically a Mexican version.
  12. Another vote for Papa John's here. Never had a bad one from the Bromsgrove branch. Also paying at the counter and collecting provides the best prices/deals.
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