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  1. The way Polly would flirt with O'Conner was an embarrassment. I bet she'd give him a gob job under the desk if she was in the studio with him. I also remember Pat the Doghead, he'd ring in most nights when they walked the Championship a couple of years back.
  2. My partner heard this first hand from a Doctor on the COVID ward in the QE this week. This whole idea of 12 weeks in between doses is complete bobbins.
  3. Its the midlands football phone-in version of the Jeremy Kyle Show. I bet Pete the Blues fan only has about 4 teeth.
  4. Any chance of Steven Avery or Brendan Dassey getting a pardon? I'll get my coat.
  5. I'm ready to complete next week but currently arguing the toss of a extended warranty on the gas central heating boiler that the vendors seem to be incapable of transferring in to my name (the T&C's say you can do this).
  6. My other half's sister (nurse QE) had both Pfizers. 3 weeks apart.
  7. I'm giving up on the Mon-Thurs slot after being an avid listener for years, its really gone downhill since Reago left and Franksy cut back. Fridays only for me unless someone posts something special worth going to BBC Sounds for.
  8. I didn't think the Ed Norton Hulk film was that bad. But Iron Man 2 & 3 plus Age of Ultron were utter, utter tripe.
  9. Starts at the 25min mark on BBC sounds. Comedy gold. When he brings Churchill into the conversation, oh my bonkers.
  10. Ok, so I know a bit about the mobile networks at VP. Voda have a basic system installed in the stands, should allow a lot of users to browse data during peak times, don't expect lightning fast speeds though. EE & 3 currently using a small streetworks type pole on Witton Lane. Only suitable for a few hundred users max. Its completely swamped on match day and provides a terrible customer experience. Internet browsing virtually impossible at half time. BUT....EE are currently putting a 4/5G system into the stands with a couple of gigabit connections, huge antennas in 2 corners of th
  11. stuart_75


    PIA user here. I can select apps to not go through the VPN if I wish. A feature I find useful.
  12. From the trailers I've seen I think exactly the same. I just don't get what its supposed to be about? I'll wait for the reviews on here before dipping my toe in.
  13. Interesting video, many thanks. I'm close to 60k on my 2003 3.2 Boxster so I think I'll get the clutch and bearing swapped at the same time. Probably set me back best part of £2k.
  14. Who's the old boy Villa fan who always gives a shout out to travelling away coach number 1? I don't mind listing to him at all.
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