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  1. Give Skype for business a whirl and then tell me Skype is shite!
  2. I thought The Force Awakens was the best of the latest 3. The last two films being absolute dog shite (and I consider myself a Star Wars fan boy)
  3. stuart_75


    Anything other than this would be a total injustice to the sport.
  4. Puzzling accent to say the least. I've just finished watching the series. 5.5/10
  5. I read a couple of reviews saying it looks great but no idea was going on. That was enough for me not to bother acquiring it.
  6. So stuck with it and finished the whole season, not bad after all. Timothy Dalton is good along with the Brendan Frasier/Robot character. Worth checking out if you can "acquire" it. Also started Counterpart. First 2 episodes are showing promise. Reminds me of the TV show Fringe meets Jason Bourne. JK Simmons knows how to act, so that's a good start.
  7. Truly awful. Mind boggling that this was going to get a cinema release.
  8. stuart_75


    Took top brass at ESPN and Disney to tell White to stop being a knobber and cancel it mind you.
  9. Yes, its fantastic. I thought it would get more of a mention on here.
  10. Watched the first 2 episodes of Doom Patrol. Meh. Hope it picks up.
  11. No idea what accent that was supposed to be. Bits of Irish, American, Geordie....allsorts. Apart from that not a bad effort from Richie. Who was the MILF who played Mickey's wife? FAF!!!
  12. Sounds like you have some mentally ill bitches at your gaff.
  13. Netflix - Apollo 11 Simply amazing.
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