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  1. Burnley, West Brom, Sheff Utd, Fulham, Newcastle, Brighton and Crystal Palace are definately worse than us this season and have very poor bench options once injuries start to kick in. I really fear for Brighton, Fulham and West Brom and I cannot help but see this season as Sheffield United doing their version of a Huddersfield.
  2. Steero113

    Louie Barry

    Please, don't taketh the lords name in vain
  3. That's also a SHIT TONNE of fouls lol
  4. There are literally 0 links from anyone even close to credible to suggest we are looking at bringing someone in. You have to remember we have now gone the equivalent of 12 home games without a fan attending. That alone is a huge revenue loss and points to this being covid-19 money I'm afraid.
  5. Did you not see the god damn tits???? The fish??? For the love of cod.
  6. Do you just sit on threads muttering close thread? It's literally the only thing you've had to say.
  7. I live in Exeter and I can confirm its **** shitting it down, looks like Dhaka not Torquay
  8. So we have 10 mins to see if the Leverkusen thing is real?
  9. Come on boys we haven't resorted to following planes have we???
  10. Fairly sure thats exactly what we did - consider it. He joined Hertha when he made his mind up, it was widely known that he wanted playing time with Ibra coming in. What's your point?
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