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  1. Came onto the thread for the first time since it was created and Dave and Nick are still peddling Tammy??? Top commitment lads, I suppose. See you in January.
  2. You mean totally dominated 60 mins of the match which both managers corroborated at full time? We were just extremely unfortunate and lacked cutting edge. On another day we win 3-1. They have a £98m striker who gobbled up 2 of their 3 proper chances, the other was a defensive cock up. Reducing Chelsea at home to 4 chances is hardly "can't defend" levels is it?
  3. So a 6 year window? **** me the man's a bonafide genius.
  4. Two German Benders = One Darren Bent?
  5. I'm confident that once up to speed, Buendia will provide just as many chances for Watkins than Jack did. He was talking about Jack creating chances for Ollie so this makes absolutely zero sense.
  6. Was totally shut out by the Chelsea defence. But the benefit of this was the space and opportunities consequently afforded to Ollie Watkins.
  7. Yeah Man U might as well be a write off. 5 points for me. I think we will get a bounce-back win against Everton next week and then a point against Wolves and Spurs. Arsenal are likely to have turned things around fully by the time we meet them. We needed that to be in the first few weeks for us to roll them over .
  8. Willy Boly's albino cousin I think.
  9. Steero113

    Louie Barry

    People, he's not being recalled. He has to learn what it takes to break into a side, even if they're struggling. Be patient and an opportunity will arise, he just has to take it when it does come. If it doesn't work, he comes back and we reassess. This is development football in a nutshell.
  10. Looking very good this season. We have some competition for places building, I like it. Him, McGinn and Konsa were very unlucky to be on the losing side today, especially a 3-0 scoreline which did not reflect the match.
  11. Steero113

    Jed Steer

    Your contribution to this forum? I concur scholar, I concur...
  12. Very interested to see how wing backs works out.
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