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  1. Literally a surname list of Peaky Blinders characters if you didn't know any better. McBride is the muscle, Lindley the brains...
  2. And in the games I've seen him in he looks like he's sulking and playing for a move... All that smiling, joking with and working hard for his teammates and confident body language just shouts of unhappiness
  3. Steero113

    Paul McGrath

    Gary **** Pallister? Are you taking the piss?
  4. Is it? Seeing as 90% of this entire forum is based on opinion and speculation I would suggest its the furthest thing from the literal definition of 'ludicrous'. Many others on this site have suggested it is perhaps even a logical reason as to why both Barkley and a large proportion of the playing squad have put in lack-luster performances after the Covid shutdown. I posed a question to gauge people's interest in buying Ross at a certain price IF he keeps up this sort of renewed form for the rest of the season... Hardly ludicrous
  5. So what your saying is.... We're going to be signing Gareth Bale this window?
  6. Someone needs to edit this up in a similar way to this all time classic
  7. Yeah he's stood next to Johan Lange of all people
  8. I can't be bothered to actually scroll through the pages but this comment has been copied verbatim every summer since 2016 on this thread. It's exhausting.
  9. Sorry (I know this is the Bertie thread) but..... WHAT?
  10. It was a speculative question to which you did not offer an answer.
  11. If Barkley comes out and plays well the rest of the games and at the end of the season Dean says he's had long covid this entire time, does that constitute enough of a reason as to why he was poor for 3 months? Would that be enough for us to consider him at £20m?
  12. I couldn't give a Fekir or there who comes to Villa as long as it's along the same lines as last years recruitment but with the added step up in quality our league position and owners wealth should bring.
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