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  1. Dreeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmm on... He's world class.
  2. If the above actually happened i'd be so happy i'd fund nights out with Lange from now until the start of the season. The coke, the drink, hookers, the lot
  3. I assume you mean the grand total of 1 player that Liverpool have sold to Bournemouth out of 26 player sales in the last 3 full seasons? Solanke for 19m in 2018/19... Hardly Eddie Howe propping them up is it
  4. Especially when there was a clear improvement in him in the final 2 games before he was injured for the rest of the season.
  5. I'm seriously sick of people like you having a go at a signing before he's even had a chance...
  6. Double his stats for the season ( he was injured almost exactly half way through) and he scored 12 goals and 2 assists... Above Maupay, above Pukki, above Lacazette, above Greenwood and one goal behind Richarlison. When you compare his signing to say Joelinton who couldn't score in the conference or Haller who is possibly the biggest disappointment of the season your sensationalist comments on Wesley are laughable. Give the guy a **** chance and support the club...
  7. Totally understand what you're saying here, seen him get to the bye-line hundreds of times only to go and miss the **** taggart.... Very frustrating, could be good with end product
  8. Would take Buendia all day every day over Benrahma
  9. Agree mate... agree. I just felt that Wesley with what i saw from the Norwich, Watford (yes i know we lost 0-3) and then Burnley game on new years day that he was really starting to get into solid positions, gain an understanding with Jack and the midfield and gain some confidence. If he had carried on with his early season performance we would have been looking at 12 goals in all comps for the season. People on here are talking about £40m for names like Kelechi from Leicester and Origi from Liverpool with a similar goals to mins/games... If he had continued his improvement you could have (all hearsay of course) seen say 15/16 goals in all comps at which point we are talking about Abraham which most of us would shit the bed for right now. I want a top striker to come in like the rest of us, i love this club and i want to see us back in a strong position. But for the love of god give the big fella a chance when he comes back and don't write him off because i think he was just starting to show what he could do!
  10. Yep, people on here don't give Wesley enough credit...
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