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  1. For you, all 3,000 players that never made it at Villa are world class.
  2. This is very true. I remember being beaten a couple of times by Brentford under Bruce and everytime Woods ran the show. It was so so so simple just to tweak it tactically and press a little higher and make sure he didnt get time on the ball but Bruce couldn't figure it out. It was moments like these that made me really question Bruce as a manager.
  3. Really feel for Bolton fans. Imagine if this was us. They might not be the biggest club in the world but I'm sure they have a fair few fans who feel the same passion for the club as we do for Villa. They don't deserve this. I could go into a bigger rant about football in general but there's really no point. Hope the game goes ahead and they get a fair chance to try and win 3 points.
  4. If we go up, we need to keep the spine of the team, whether that be on loan or by buying the players in question. If we go up and do this, I think we'd have a great chance of really pushing on in the prem if we could add 3/4 premier league quality players. ------------------Abraham------------------ ?-----------------Mcginn-------------------? --------------Grealish--?------------------- ?----------Mings-----Tuanzebe-------? -----------------------?-------------------------- Might be difficult but those players above are winners and fighters. UTV.
  5. If you’re 31, like I am, you will/should have seen Merson, McGrath, Yorke, Barry to name but a few. Mcginn’s great, but he has nothing on the players above (yet).
  6. I don’t think he should be dropped but he was awful against Rotherham. He seems to have 1 bad game in 3/4 matches and when he’s bad, he’s really bad. The ball bounces off him, he gives it away and moves tend to fall down when it gets to him. I like him, I think he is a real asset at this level and his workrate is admirable. If we go up however, I wouldn’t spend 25/30m on him, or at least it would be a gamble if we did. I just don’t think he is a premier league striker yet and if he is, it would be for a team low down in the table. He certainly isn’t going to be playing for Chelsea anytime soon. He starts for us all day long though, one decent performance from Kodjia isn’t enough to convince me he should start ahead of Abraham. He should start with him if anything.
  7. I do love it when the Scott Hogan thread gets bumped. He’s a dreadful footballer.
  8. I think you completely missed his point.
  9. I think it will be important to finish 5th this season to avoid Sheff Utd/Leeds. I'd fancy us to beat anyone on current form but they will both be difficult over two legs. I'd back us to beat Baggies, no sweat.
  10. To be fair, @villalad21 has made my day at work way more interesting. For that, I thank you.
  11. Just imagine if Hourihane had played and we'd beaten them 7-0. Their morale and confidence would be completely gone.

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