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  1. Young was a utility signing. I said I hoped for 3 starters at the beginning of the window - DCM, AMC, AMR - and we have signed one of them so far - Buendia. Two big signings to come I feel.
  2. Regardless of the opinion on here, the club will strengthen that area in this window and Luiz will have to work extremely hard to get back into the team. I actually think Nakamba was above him in the pecking order towards the end.
  3. He’s shown his ability at a time when other clubs and players had come back from a long covid lay off and probably weren’t at their best. That and the teams we were playing had little to play for. Im not writing him off, and agree that there is ability there, but if we want to continue to progress, we absolutely need a better defensive midfielder and if we do sign one, I can’t see Luiz playing as an 8.
  4. What an odd comment. He isn’t even in our top 5 players at the club now. Overrated by so many because he’s Brazilian.
  5. Not really. The fact he plays for Brazil has no bearing on my opinion of him for us. His dip in form lasted 38 games. We need better in that position and the club will address it this Summer.
  6. I still find it weird that whenever people mention Ashley Young, they talk about him as a fullback. I get it, he was forced to play there at United and it kinda stuck, but it’s a travesty that Ashley Young never left our club and became one of the best wingers in world football. At his best, out on the left for Villa, there can’t have been many better left sided forwards out there. He was electric. He’d square his man up, he could go either way and his crossing was on another level. The way he whipped it in with pace was a Strikers dream. Has he had a good career? Absolutely, but t
  7. I'm back! So, do we have this yet? ----------------Watkins------------------ Grealish------ESR---------Buendia -------------McGinn--Sarr-------------
  8. Fair point. One thing I would say is, if Croatia didn't have any sustained pressure or remotely looked able to beat us, we probably should have had more than 2 shots on target... Hopefully we smash Scotland and play well. That's what I really want to see. I want us to beat a decent team and make it look easy. I have no confidence at present that we'll get past a Belgium or a Spain.
  9. It really wasn't and we'll suffer later in the tournament because of this selection. We should be able to beat Croatia by playing a third XI.
  10. I think Villa fans are in this horribly unique position whereby we know we have a real chance of winning the tournament if we play Grealish. Other fans and pundits are calling for him to play, I get that, but they don't really know. Not like we know. If I'm honest, it's really affecting my passion for the tournament. In a weird way, I wish it was happening to another clubs player. Like, if it was Harry Kane missing out, it wouldn't bother me as much? That make sense? I'm probably being a bit childish, but I'm struggling to fully immerse myself into matches when I know our best playe
  11. Maybe it is my good man, maybe it is.
  12. I disagree I'm afraid. Yes, we need to win, but we also need to build momentum by playing our best players and those players need to gain an understanding on the pitch so that when we face the better teams in the latter stages, we've given ourselves the best chance to win. We should be able to beat Croatia with the players that didn't even make the final 26 man squad, that's how much depth we have. Beating them and only having 2 shots on target is not an achievement. It's literally the least i'd expect. We have Kyle Walker playing ahead of Reece James. We have a right back playing l
  13. Yeh, Peru's lockdowns have been a roaring success.. Maybe we should lock down forever. Keep the people safe?
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