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  1. Agreed but 50k a week for a back up keeper is an insane amount of money. I don’t think we’re there yet. Much more sensible to get a young keeper in who is competent and happy to learn from Emi on 5-10k a week.
  2. Anyone coming here to try and compete with Emi isn’t going to play much.
  3. I think the obvious area we could improve on is left wing back if we persist with the 3-5-2 (Unless we have plans to plan Bailey there). I like Targett, but think he's suited more as a left back than a left wing back. Maybe a reserve GK aswell. I still think we'll go big on a central midfielder in the Summer.
  4. And the fact he was a burly centre half at Walsall doesn’t exactly scream ‘glamour’. I love Dean Smith. I’d love him even if he had been sacked after we lost to Leicester a couple of seasons back and he was on the brink. He’s given us this club back and if for whatever reason he does leave and the next manager continues with the progression, let it be known it was Dean Smith who built the foundation for success. What he’s done for this club can’t be underestimated, regardless of the backing he’s had. He made us believe again.
  5. It really would. I thought he looked a bit tired against United at times. We have lots of options so it’s important we rotate him as well to avoid burnout.
  6. Thoughts on this? Martinez Konsa Axel Mings Cash Luiz McGinn Targett Buendia Bailey Watkins
  7. I wonder if we’d be a better side with Buendia playing as a 10 behind Watkins/Ings in our current formation? Personally, I’d have him behind Watkins, but it’s a tough call to leave Ings out.
  8. One thing I will say is, you can’t keep dropping him after he puts in a good performance. He’s going to want to leave if we do that. Time and time again, he comes in, plays excellently, and is then immediately dropped. Personally, I think he keeps his place in the 3 if we persist with this formation. He’s not as quick or as good with the ball as Tuanzebe but he’s stronger and better in the air. I guess you could play either or depending on opposition but he’s not going to sign a contract if he keeps being benched.
  9. Maybe Ramsey and Ings benched and Buendia and Bailey in?
  10. What a legend this bloke is. Never lets us down and the best player we have in the air at the club. In a 3-5-2 I’d have him in there everytime ahead of Axel because he doesn’t lose anything in the air and he’s also a massive threat from set pieces at the other end. Really likeable character and a fantastic squad player. We should be giving him a new deal.
  11. I think we’re all glossing over the main issue here.. How the hell does he fit Trezeguet into this side?
  12. He’s been superb this season. Absolutely superb. I had my doubts as to whether he truly belonged at this level but he absolutely does and then some on current form.
  13. How does he fit into a 3-5-2 I wonder?
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