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  1. Overcooked 2 is great fun on the switch.
  2. Wooo! I really want this season to be voided. It makes total sense to just void it and if you have to, promote the top two in each decision, then the season after just relegate a few more to restore the balance. The situation with contracts will get ridiculous otherwise. I don't really care if they hand Liverpool the title. It will be kinda funny if they win it because it is so tainted!
  3. But surely they could waive this? The whole thing stinks tbh
  4. To be honest, and I know this is wrong, but Jack could pretty much do anything and I'd still love him. He's such a baller.
  5. First thing I thought when I read this story - Hopefully he'll stay in the summer now.
  6. I’m getting married on July 25th. What are people’s thoughts.. is this thing going ahead?!
  7. This country is going to be absolutely on its knees in 10 days time. Still though, how about that Al Boum Photo. Might make it 3 in a row next year.
  8. I'm in a similar situation. Are you confident you have bought the house you're buying at a decent price because the bottom could fall out of the housing market in the next couple of months? If you've already sold your house then it really wouldnt be a bad idea to bank the money and live with the in-laws with no pressure for a couple of months...
  9. My thoughts exactly. Nurses choosing who lives and who dies based on age in hospitals but it’s ok, Liverpool have got Burnley at the weekend. I really couldn’t care less if the season is finished or not at the moment. The league should be postponed indefinitely until this world war finishes and people aren’t dying in shopping trolleys in hospital.
  10. He also seems to really like Villa. Well, that’s the impression I’ve got from him when I’ve listened to him.
  11. I also want to go on record and say that I don’t rate him as highly as Iast year. Being our best defender isn’t exactly a compliment. I think he’s an average PL defender tbh.
  12. Mings?! Far and away our best defender.
  13. I’m not at all surprised. Anyone that thinks Wesley and Trezeguet are cut out for this level needs a career change. Muppet.
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