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  1. He is, but I never hated him as a player. The effort was there, he just had next to no ability.
  2. Is Reina in some way ineligible?? I can't understand why we wouldn't play our strongest team here. Reina has been superb.
  3. That's the 4th or 5th time you've mentioned a players looks. I'm starting to think the 'sir' in the title is misleading..
  4. This joke would carry more weight if half our squad wasn’t injured. Good effort though.
  5. People look past the stats when judging players. It’s about their all round game.
  6. Wanyama at the right price would be a solid move I feel. Somewhere around 5m and it gives us a bit more experience and resolve in midfield.
  7. He really doesn’t have everything. He’s poor in the air, weak, can’t tackle and makes mistakes. I’ll rewrite it. He has the potential to be a good player. He’s shown he can score a few, he has a decent range of passing and looks technically sound. A bit more experience in this league will help him a lot. Drinkwaters arrival will take some pressure off him and Nakamba.
  8. I’d much prefer an inside forward to an out and out striker. Basically, someone to play the role Trezeguet is now.
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