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  1. We kept him here for a reason. I'm sorry, but if he's not going to play in front of Nakamba and Hourihane when someone in the position he plays gets injured then there is no point in keeping him here. He should have gone out on loan. This is the perfect opportunity to play Ramsey. He plays without fear and he has lots of energy. He offers so much more than Hourihane and now is the perfect time to bring him in if you don't want to tweak the formation and bring a like for like replacement in for Barkley. It's just poor management from AVFC if he isnt given a chance because this should be
  2. Why can't he make an impact? He has the energy and the desire to get around the park and prove himself. Conor's set pieces aside, he offers absolutely nothing. He's invisible in games. If we're going to keep Grealish on the left, chuck Ramsey in there, see how he does.
  3. I think that is what we'll do. Again, McGinn will need to be disciplined if we're to win games. We'll be too open if both him and Grealish push forward.
  4. 'gets his chance', lol. You make him out to be a new, high profile signing who has yet to get a run out to show us what he can do. Conor is an excellent servent to this football club but is a championship player at best. He's way off it at this level and I can't enivsage he is going to make much of a difference if he is given a start. He certainly won't fill the Barkley void.
  5. Being linked to City for £100m+.
  6. Or the fact that it was an absolute sitter missed by Watkins.
  7. He could hit that ball another 100 times and not connect with it like he did. Really frustrating.
  8. We need a big strong defensive midfielder. When the onus is on us to break teams down at home, the opposition walk through us.
  9. Awful today. Absolutely awful. Love big Ty though, hopefully he comes back from this.
  10. We don’t play a system, nor will we ever, that allows us to play someone like Traore in behind the striker. He has been brought here specifically as a right winger and that’s where he will play. I’m trying not to overreact but he is so laboured and one dimensional, again, just as he was in all the clips we watched before he signed. I’ll back him, but he needs to be a lot better than that. The one signing I didn’t want tbh.
  11. No point beating Arsenal and Leicester away if you can’t back it up with a decent performance against the poorer teams at home. It’s frustrating and there are a lot of players on this pitch who need to have a look at themselves after this performance. It has been very poor at times. Still, we’re much improved and we won’t go down this season. Villa are on the up, just frustrating that we have blips and setbacks like this.
  12. Slow, one dimensional and played just as he does in all his YouTube videos. Shock.
  13. Maybe, but we’re just not a good side when the expectation is on us to go and break teams down. We’re much better away from home when we can break.
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