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  1. It does sound crazy but United have Lingard, Mctominay and Pogba. Are they much better than our 3? I like our midfield 3. We just need to sort out the wingers and the fullbacks and we’ll be just fine.
  2. I don’t think Man City would care one bit, mate.
  3. Lol, I was thinking that.
  4. Not getting a game because he’s rubbish.
  5. Elmo isn’t a bad player. He’s mr consistent and probably the ultimate pro. I do find the Guilbert situation odd though. He played the entire pre season and looked very good so I can only assume that the coaching team are worried about him defensively to the point they’re unwilling to just throw him in to a league match.
  6. You can stick them in with his 20 shit performances in the championship. Ive said it in a previous post but this guy is average. He had 2/3 very good games last season and was distinctly average, if not poor, in the rest of them. Our wingers and full backs were our weak link last season with our spine (Grealish, Mings, Tuanzebe, Abraham, McGinn) rescuing us and winning matches on their own. I find it really infuriating we’ve started the season with El Ghazi, Taylor and El Mohamady having spent 150m. To an earlier point, if Smith doesn’t trust Jota, I’d push Grealish out to the left in an inside forward kind-of position and bring either Nakamba or Hourihane into midfield. El Ghazi is too inconsistent. Until he can show the ability we saw in the playoff final on a regular basis, he needs to be benched.
  7. He probably isn’t in the team because he can’t defend. We don’t see the behind the scenes, day to day work. He looked good pre season in an attacking capacity but looked a little suspect in defence. sigh.
  8. Huge mistake. I’m not being funny, but if Wesley’s job is to hold the ball up, you might as well get Davis doing that because he’s brilliant at it. Wesley doesn’t look like a goalscorer, might as well play Davis instead because he isn’t either but does the basics better.
  9. This season was always going to be about how good our scouting was. We needed 10 new players, which we got (fair play), but those players needed to be good enough. As things stand, they don’t look to be. We’ve spent 14m on a left back who isn’t playing, 26m on two defensive midfielders when it still looks as though Hourihane is the best option there, 22m on a striker who keeps falling over... etc. etc. Don’t get me wrong, these players may improve but as things stand, it looks as though we don’t have enough goals in us and we’re easy to score against. We don’t have time for players to need 10-15 games to gel, they needed to hit the ground running. Worried.
  10. Not sure it’s on Smith, but we’ve spent 150m and we’ve started the season with Taylor and Elmo at full back. I find it bizarre. What’s the point of signing Targett?
  11. I still can’t work out what he did there. Superb goal.
  12. I thought he was excellent against Spurs. Really looking forward to seeing what he can do on Saturday! We could have a very good player on our hands here..
  13. He was pretty average for most of last season to be honest. I remember him having good games against Bristol City, West Brom and in the playoff final against Derby (where he was superb). Apart from that, he didn't ever stand out. I get players are inconsistent but I've seen very little to suggest he'll ever be good enough to be a starter week in, week out in this division. You compare him to the likes of Mings, Grealish and Mcginn who are clearly cut out for this level, there is no comparison. I'd go as far as to say he's our most overrated player by fans on Villatalk. Expect to get pelters for this post but I don't buy into the love-in for him.

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