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  1. Haha, thanks @omariqy. Funnily enough, similar source. But like I’ve said, I can’t promise anything will happen, there are massive variables at play and what I’ve been told could be completely duff information. TBH, apart from all the smiley faces and trophies, this has been a bad move on my part. I’m going to get pelters on here if nothing happens. Thats thug life though I suppose.
  2. Agreed re. the movement but I actually thought his hold up play was quite poor to be honest. I thought it was noticeable when KD came on a couple of times how much better and stronger he was at this.
  3. Damn right I will be. But then if Friday doesn't happen, I'll probably just delete my account and come back under the guise of Delphinho1234.
  4. Honestly, dont know. My bet would be a left back. Doubt it's Che Adams! I do Haiku's now, too.
  5. Fabian Delph really let me down when it comes to my username. I've been stuck with this shit for years.
  6. Ha, no. I misspoke. He reckons 2 signings and Mings isn’t close. He won’t be either of those signings! To be fair, this bloke called the Monk sacking well before it happened. Reckoned Monk didn’t even know Jota had left and that Coventry were now groundsharing with them. That was the catalyst. If he’s wrong about this week, I’ll fight him.
  7. I genuinely do not know. The person that told me reckons 2 signings this week and one of those isn’t Mings. He reckons one on Wednesday and Friday. It could be wrong, but he’s a mate. This isn’t some Agent Dave Jenkins bullshit and he himself may have been fed nonsense so who knows. Anyway, I’ve peaked your interest. I’m what this thread needed. I’ve brought it to life. It was dead before Delphinho arrived earlier today.
  8. I’m putting my stellar villatalk reputation on the line for it. Wednesday’s the day. This could backfire horribly.

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