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  1. I know. It's very frustrating for fans. I get it, you're trying to keep the opposition guessing, but every man and his dog knows Grealish is out until at least the International break, if not longer. I said it from the start, as soon as a timeline on a return isn't set, it means it's a bad injury. I do find it funny how they come up with these novel ways of extending the length of time he's out. Every press conference, it's the same narrative, only with a slight change. 'We'll see how he is later on today' 'He's still in a bit of discomfort' 'I'll speak to the medical staf
  2. Me too. There will come a point though where the board start to look a little bit more seriously at league position having given him 100m to spend most transfer windows. I honestly don't think Smith can believe how lucky he has been with Villa. Not in terms of performances/progression, that's the result of hard work and knowing what you're doing. I mean in the sense of getting the job and being backed the way he has. Genuine question, how many other managers are out there that get to manage the club they support, get backed to the hilt with transfers and get the full support of the people abov
  3. Luiz isn't at the level of a top 6 club yet, no way. Has the potential to be, but he's been very inconsistent and average at times this season.
  4. Still a real issue. It’s anyone’s guess as to who our best midfield three are.
  5. I don’t get football sometimes. That tackle on Watkins when he ran through was awful. In a game where the slightest brush of a players shirt sleeve results in a free kick, how is it ok for a player to run across and body check our player with zero intention of playing the ball? Like, what are the officials doing? Why isn’t that being looked at? Really frustrating.
  6. I much prefer a 6 and two 8's. Or a 10 that isn't Ross Barkley.
  7. I'd argue El Ghazi's was worse tbh.
  8. I don't think Luiz is a DM. I think he's done ok there and certainly at the back end of last season, looked very good, but it's an area we can improve on. I'd like to see Luiz given a chance to play the no.8 role rather than the player that sits in front of the back 4.
  9. Damn right, bud. I'm hoping for another 80-100m to be honest.
  10. Bissouma - Go all out for him in the Summer. He would dramatically improve us. Super player.
  11. He's also the kind of player that would be happy to play second fiddle to Watkins and remain a PL player. I've always liked him too.
  12. It was probably the worst 45 minute performance from any one of our players this season. If I remember correctly, he was taken off at half time, something Smith never does with his players. El Ghazi has really grown on me. He should start on the left for us, no doubt at the moment. That performance I mention though was paticularly bad.
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