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  1. Honestly, how far off is he from this level. It’s mind blowing. I don’t even think he is championship standard.
  2. All out attack. Play Davis and Vassilev up top. Grealish and McGinn in behind. Targett and Elmo as wing backs. Luiz sitting. **** defending. Let’s go for the 5-0 win. Dont bother with Samatta, Trezeguet, El Ghazi, Nakamba or Engels. 42m of garbage.
  3. Totally agreed. They shouldn’t have better players, but they do. That’s our fault.
  4. I love the way so many people compare us to Sheffield United and how they’ve performed this season as a way to highlight how we’re underachieving and should be doing so much better Sheffield United are a better team than us. They have better players. Just because they’re not fancy foreign signings or international superstars, doesn’t mean they aren’t better players. They were better than us last season and they’re better than us this season. We finished 5th, and we spent 140m only to make us a weaker team. We have no right to be anywhere near them in the league given the players we’ve signed. We fully deserve to get relegated because we’re a very poor team with no identity and no defining qualities.
  5. It wasn’t necessarily a Fulham as we didn’t have much of a squad and had to sign players. That doesn’t mean whatever we did was better than ‘doing a Fulham’ though. It was probably worse. Any club that thinks Trezeguet is good enough for this division thoroughly deserves to be relegated.
  6. When we’re mathematically down, I hope he drops El Ghazi and Trezeguet from the squad and they never wear a Villa shirt again.
  7. Remember when we didn’t sign Benrahma.
  8. A draw for Watford is a good result for us. I’d have taken that at the start of the day.
  9. This is where I’m at. If they sacked Dean, meh. Don’t really care. He’s a good bloke but he’s cost us points at times this season with his subs. The real issue is with the squad though. Last summer was an unmitigated disaster. That’s on Purslow and Suso.
  10. We start every match with at least 7 players that aren’t good enough at this level. Thats on him. I’d rather see him go than Smith.
  11. He has. He’ll have learnt just how shit our signings have been.
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