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  1. But.... Abraham - 26 Goals, 3 Assists Hourihane - 8 Goals, 11 Assists McGinn - 6 Goals, 9 Assists Grealish - 6 Goals, 7 Assists El Ghazi - 5 Goals, 6 Assists Kodjia - 9 Goals, 2 Assists
  2. I reckon he’ll have at least the same, if not more, transfer control than he did at Brentford.
  3. Interesting, any vids of this knocking about? Maybe I'm seeing something that's not there. But, he looks dejected on and off the pitch, like his head is not at Villa anymore. IDK, that being said, given the form of Green and Adomah, you'd reckon he's got to play RW.
  4. Liked by Jack also. Need to be promoted to keep hold of him. At least we won’t be rinsed fee wise either way.
  5. It was a knee to Dawson’s head and I thought the exact same thing. Looked accidental but given his reputation, and with reffing mentality of evening the odds, looked like he feigned the severity.
  6. Completely different game. WB nullified us perfectly.
  7. Confirmed by our very own ITK kit guru @NurembergVillan no?

    Mike Dean

    Yes Yes! Football, Britain, the world is going to the dogs. Rosy retrospective nonsense. Reads like you’re suffering from a healthy dose of declinism.

    Dean Smith

    It’s a non-story for me, it’s what the bench is for; mid game adaptations. Besides, Jack being told at HT to remain high up the pitch and stop dropping deep to collect the ball also had a massive impact.

    Dean Smith

    Or a bad, depending on your persuasion.
  11. I’m sure Higuain’s was an 18 month loan. Reading it now, it was contracted that Chelsea could extend for 19/20 season. Wonder whether that bypasses the embargo. IDK
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