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  1. I’ve given this place a miss for a few weeks and after reading some of the comments in the majority of the manager and player thread/s Im very glad I did. Jesus wept! He’s a developing talent playing his first 3 games in the premier league. Which can be said for the majority of our players (and coach). As has been said, had the space to play his game tonight and looked lively when he was on. We need a range of options throughout the squad, and he’s a potent one to have IMO.
  2. Will find out in 3 mins what the score is with transfers
  3. Yeah, my understanding too. Long reads, quality opinion pieces and reports. Decent journalism. Paywalls are the future of good journalism due the death of print, the move online and focus on ad driven click-bait pieces that are ‘free’. Still think the fee is the issue with Benrahma, and it’s whether a compromise can be sort there.
  4. Of course, perhaps if the deal contained sweeteners to be structured in such a way. I agree with sentiment though I don’t think they’re desperate to sell.
  5. Beyond football, I always though Totti was looked down upon as being a bit coarse and a simpleton by the rest of Italy. Am I wrong in this judgement?
  6. It would depend on the specific details, my reasoning is that if it was to happen, a loan to buy with the further spread of payments as well as amortisation is most likely. This is due to our current spend and that loans are more prevalent in Serie A, and teams seem to be more open to them (see Nainggolan To Cagliari for instance or Higuain to Chelsea last season). However, it is most unlikely: Belotti signed a recent extension, has 100,000,000€ release clause, the owner stating he is happy to not sell, the player seems reasonably happy, his previous comments on moving to a bigger club (‘champions league’) and being given game time. It’ll be an amazing signing though!
  7. Its probably become a superstition for him. I think many players have somewhat illogical prematch superstitious routines. I personally couldn't care less TBH.
  8. Does Dion Dublin say Grealish is 6 ft 2??

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