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    Glenn Whelan

    Indeed, it needs to be determined whether our own long term projects can actually cut it. However, they will need sustained run of games in order to develop. I really hope Smith persists with Bree at RB, for instance, and does not panic, putting Hutton at RB as the experienced head. I cannot for the life of me understand why JDH is not replacing Whelan in his squad role. Furthermore, there needs to be a clearer pathway from the academy to the 1st team. At the moment it's too comfortable to pick up a relatively big pay check with zero pressure playing boys football, even as a 21/22/23 year old. Its counterproductive and is creating a conceited false culture. This needs to be achieved either by a larger number of loans or first team opportunities with Villa, we need to be more ruthless in this regard, if you're not pushing for 1st team/loan option at good league 1 standard by 21, its time to cut lose. It did worry me to hear that Smith said that one of the reasons he pulled O'Hare was to 'protect' him. Look at the age in the U23's this year: Lyden (23) Suliman (21) Doyle-Hayes (21) O'Hare (21) Green (21) Hepburn-Murphy (21), I think it's sink or swim time here. Daniel Johnson left us in his 23rd year, having not made a 1st team appearance, and Gary Gardner is still under contract with us at 26 years old, having very little impact.

    Kortney Hause

    I have a feeling he will turn out a very astute signing and will be a fine player, for some reason his frame and gait reminded me of Ehiogu. He will grow into match sharpness and I also see similarities with Axel's early games. It was a very difficult game to come into, considering a severe lack of match fitness, yet I understand Smith's reasons, even if they were wrong in hindsight. Wigan were incessant with their press, had high in-game confidence and we were struggling badly all over the pitch.

    Dean Smith

    It seems this has been being said for soooo long now though.

    Dean Smith

    Of course, players and individuals fight for right to allow tatics to have an effect. It’s the foundation, the cake if you like. Tatics are the icing and the cherry on top, players in the right positions to hurt or nulify the opposition. However it means nought if the individual players constantly lose their battles. The best teams do both. Bielsa yesterday converted to 3 at the back after Derby when 2 up front, in order to have a spare CB. However, this wouldn’t have made a jot of difference if his players didn’t fight in every phase of play. You need the foundation first then build upon it. I should clarify, I was perhaps being a little presumptuous and thinking ahead. I was analysing with the hope that Smith can introduce this desire and energy, and beyond that build upon it. I still believe he can implement a successful style with the right recruitment. Perhaps it’ll only take a few individuals, a good mentality is contagious.

    Dean Smith

    I totally agree with your prior astute assessments regards desire and energy off the ball. There is a distinct lack of fight in individual battles (bar McGinn), most concerning in the middle of the park but just as much out wide. Just look Wigan’s opening goal, pathetic by Taylor to be beaten so easily and the lack of desire and awareness of both BB or Hourihane to read the danger and close down the shooter. This is without considering the pattern of the game. Constantly conceding the initiative, due to lower work-rate, energy and a level tenaciousness than Wigan. It feels like the basics are lacking to be build upon. You have to compete before you can start building the more technical aspects on top. It’s manifested by City and Liverpool (Leeds in this division), they earn the right to play as they do. I still think that we don’t have the players to do this consistently, especially with the injuries. So I do think it’s about recruitment. I do think Smiths sees this and hope he acts to resolve it. Although, I thought Bruce would remedy this, and his issue would be building upon that foundation. What I will say about Smith, is that I am a little concerned about the tactical inflexibility seemingly shown so far. We are far to reliant on playing to a wide player early and hoping his individual brilliance can beat his oppponent, it’s happening and breaking down far to often and is to easy to defend against. However, this is secondary to the fight and desire off the ball. I will hold real judgement though until he has a preseason and his own recruits in. He will get next season for me to prove his worth, barring a complete meltdown this season (relegation battle).

    Lovre Kalinić

    Fella, Nyland was getting some abuse after his debut, which ironically was against Wigan (only 2 conceded) by his 2nd/3rd game he was getting called ‘shite’, a ‘disaster’ and ‘Poundland’. This was replicated in the stands, against Wigan in Nylands debut there were groans, grumbles and shouts of abuse not encouragement. He was seemingly blamed after Jedinaks dreadfuly short back pass. As the season progressed he became the major reason we were losing games and conceding, this was all behind the same ‘abject’ defence, which offered him very little protection. It just seemed like people had made their decision and his face didn’t fit. His fast thinking and distribution was a massive positive and raised the tempo of our play and he also made some great reaction saves, yet this was overlooked. People were far too critical of him and didn’t give him time before jumping on his back. There was a real sense of zero credit given. This culminated as some seemingly ‘celebrating’ him getting a serious injury. I get it, you have to land on your feet at a big club in the championship but I just think it’s hypocritical that Kalinic is not measured by the same stick. He hasn’t looked commanding, hasn’t claimed crosses, he’s condeced 6 in 2 games and he looks sluggish, his positioning looks suspect and his distribution has been poor. I’m not advocating that we should start criticising Kalinic. He needs time, and he’ll have both positives and negatives to his game. We as a fan base just seem so impatient and hyperbolic. I, for one, wish Nyland was an option to push him for the No. 1 spot and was certainly not happy or indifferent when I heard of his injury.

    Dean Smith

    I think the only teams this ‘change managers regularly with relative success’ applies to is Watford and maybe Chelsea, and even then it’s the timeframe of ‘season’ not months. Leeds have been turd for about 10 years and have only got 1 appointment right with a world class coach. What you’re advocating for is what every club does anyway, don’t get ‘relative’ success and the manager gets the chop.

    James Chester

    Never grips his teammates, shouts, commands or organises. Unfortunately, he isn’t a leader on the pitch. These deficiencies are exemplified with team performances over the previous 5 games.

    Lovre Kalinić

    I still think had Nyland performed exactly as Kalinic has in the previous 2 he would be getting criticised. Besides we really are missing Nyland’s distribution. I’m willing to give Kalinic time to adapt. However, I didn’t like the value in this signing, given his age and his cumbersome performances the handful of times I’ve seen him. I am hoping he can at least command his area and be become a dominant calming influence, Nylands biggest critism. On a positive note he does seem to be vocal, we really need a vocal organiser at the back, with time comes confidence and hopefully he can give out some rollickings.

    Birkir Bjarnason


    Kortney Hause

    I think the idea was to have a centre back who could break through the 1st press and get Wigan turned. Didn’t work and he was closed down efficiently, but let’s not forget he hasn’t played much 1st team football for a while.
  12. Spot on. Also, we only need to look at the money we’ve spent on Hogan, McCormack and Kodjia (relative success). We’ve tried throwing money at the problem and it isn’t working. There will be zero value in the Maupay deal. There needs to be a fresh and considered approach to transfers. Hopefully there is a structure being put in place to sign the “Maupay” from Saint-Étienne instead. Considering our links with some of left field targets in the media so far, I would say that is the case. Although linked to Maupay, I think it’s just 2+2’ing by journos. We’ve spend £££ on current flash in pan before and the Smith link.

    Villa and FFP

    I don’t think Neil Moxley has a full understanding of the situation, either way.