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  1. Senior steward for me, had an ear-piece in. Perhaps works for the club, as opposed to the company they contract stewarding out to.
  2. Started the Reading game IIRC
  3. From the highlights, looks like he is working well in their system but also

    Dean Smith

    That is not clear to me. I would just consider it smart re-evaluation. If you decide to continue with Smith, he would get full backing to shape his squad and the season to develop his style. I think the time for this evaluation is definitely the summer. To back him unequivocally and unquestionably in the summer, as a 'back me or sack me' through sentimental illogical reasoning, only to part company in October, seems counter-productive to me. Furthermore, backing after thorough analysis should, in my opinion, instil Smith with more confidence. I should be clear, I'm not advocating that Smith isn't the man to carry out the rebuild, just that the situation be analysed, based on the new information available. He should to be the best option, of all available options. We need to be ruthless in this regard.

    Dean Smith

    I’m currently ambivalent toward Smith. I appreciate the need for Smith to assemble his own squad. The squad is very imbalanced. However, that privilege needs to be earnt. The club need to be ruthless in this regard. If I was in charge I would be considering what options are available at the end of the season, to carry out the essential rebuild needed. Next season feels pivotal; kick on and build a squad capable of mounting a serious challenge or become mediocre Championship plodders. I would be essentially re-interviewing Smith for the head coach position, analysing his January transfers and team performances this season whilst quizzing his plans for next.

    Dean Smith

    I have found it frustrating that Smith has kept faith with the current crop of players, even praising the professional old heads in the squad. Despite this, I think he’s being pragmatic, and will act to dismantle and rebuild, with Suso, the squad into one that can play with the purpose and energy that is required. Indeed, yesterday evening the mask slipped when he simply mentioned that Brentford have players that can pass and move, the implication being that we don’t.

    Dean Smith

    Absolutely ridiculous statement. If you think they performed as they did solely because Of Maupay, then I’m lost. You think if we swapped Maupay for Abraham tonight, then we’d have dominated the possession and play in the final 3rd tonight? Honestly? If anything Brentford were wasteful with there half chances, perhaps Abraham would have won it clearer from them. This thinking frustrates me no end. These idiotic buys (see Kodija, McCormack and Hogan) have to and will stop. Wake up, we ain’t got the parachute payments to be spunking 15-20 million on one player and funding Brentford’s move to their nice new stadium. No individual player is going to come in and sort this out. We need to buy mutliple players with energy and tenacity, who can actually pass and move. Not the leading scorer, overhyped championship flavour of the season every transfer window. Jesus wept.
  8. Swansea are in a decent run of form but Leeds (somewhat like us), appear to not lose easily. Reckon that'll be a draw, although overall I think Norwich and Sheff Utd, (with the blades winning tomorrow) will get autos. Ipswich look completely lacklustre at the moment. We're going to need a good '7/8 wins out of 10' run to be proper in there (like Bristol's current form), you would reckon. Too many draws!
  9. We are where we are by our own doing.
  10. I think we may well offer him a 1 year extension, however he may well get a longer deal elsewhere and considering his age might take that up.
  11. When you consider his inability to get in the first 11 at Motherwell, what a disaster this signing has been.
  12. You joke, but perhaps the sentiment is not to far from the truth.
  13. Fair enough, I’ve not seen him IRL. Just going off what a few have said and his whoscored ratings. I think he’s a solid Championship squad midfielder though and we should be getting some cash for him.
  14. Thought he signed a contract until 2020. BBC Article
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