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  1. In that PM interview Smith also said that Barkley is working really hard to back to 100% fitness. Makes little sense to me.
  2. Looked like he was playing 4-2-3-1. With Sanson in that advanced role and Luiz and McGinn sitting. Either way it ain’t working, and has not been for a long time. I feel like squeezing and slapping Smith. I cannot for the life of me work out how after seeing that first 45 mins, he refused to change the system.
  3. Flawed logic. Cash had only just returned last week. Cash has trained all week. He’s back and will be in the side today.
  4. He dropped TAA though. Southgate must see something in Dier that others in the squad can’t offer. Konsa is such an international CB though, pure grace and intelligence.
  5. It’s breakfast, lunch and dinner
  6. With Wesley, Traore and Grealish potentially out. Perhaps could work with Barkley as the 10, and AEG as the other CF. With the legs behind Barkley maybe he could be accommodated to shine as an attacking outlet. I thought Barkley provided some much needed attacking guile against Newcastle (in a similar formation).
  7. Happy to be corrected but read he’s got 2 years and a club option extension of 1 year left. Essentially meaning 3 years and 3 months left. Besides, I’m sure the club will be negotiating a new contract as we speak.
  8. Really have to start with a high intensity. We gave Leicester such an easy game after they had travelled after Europa. Let’s not repeat that mistake. I suspect Jack won’t play, and we’ll see him after the Int break.
  9. I wouldn’t say ‘bored’ per se, but for successful individuals this rich it becomes about legacy.
  10. Smith actually said we shouldn’t have won or rather didn’t deserve to win over the whole game. “We didn’t deserve to win the game over the 94 minutes. It wasn’t a game for the purists, it was a bit of an ugly game with not many completed passes and not many clear-cut chances. “They probably had the better chances, but when you score a goal like we did in the 90th minute you should go and see it out.
  11. I dunno maybe he just needs a bit more lube.
  12. As was for my eyes too. I am most disappointed with his lack of energy and work-rate. He seems nowhere near winning a duel, if you compare to Sanson (pre-knock) and Ramsey. For certain, the balance of McGinn, Luiz and Barkley does not work. Really frustrating that Smith seems to persist with this. Although, he is now not trying it in a starting line-up. I would not be adverse to Barkley been returned to Chelsea, much is my distain of his performances at the moment. Was hoping it was injury or fitness but surely the 'training-minutes' trope can well and truly be dismissed now? Although Smith wa
  13. With the red mist lifted from yesterdays 2nd half performance, the result was not too bad. Rather it was the Sheffield United result, if we had won that game, we would have taken 7 points from the previous 3.
  14. I did think he might do this. I would. Fear factor. It’s at home, so no unnecessary travel for Jack.
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