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  1. The lino does not flag because of VAR I think. Exactly, after the fact stretching of wording to cover ones arse.
  2. Vagueness of language. Laws should be concise and explicit in their language. What does ‘played‘ mean in this regard? Surely pass or clear deflection. He challenged Mings. Mings controls the ball and is challenged by the offside player. I’m dumbstruck.
  3. Same ref who overturned the Trez pen against Brighton?
  4. We’re on our way... Great video and great YouTube channel btw.
  5. Remember his debut against Wigan...
  6. *2 Palace players. Such a smart defender, knows when to win a foul and how to use his body to even the odds against more powerful, taller or quicker opponents.
  7. I absolutely wrote this guy off, to the point that I was happy to see him sold in the summer. I even questioned his attitude after a bit of tantrum after being subbed. I think he just loves playing. Fast becoming an integral part of the team, offering a lot of balance. His timing, work-rate and ATTITUDE are unmatched by anyone in the squad.
  8. Anticipation is amazing. I remember a dangerous cross he blocked. He was down just before the arsenal attacker struck the ball, timing it perfectly.
  9. We’ve just won 4 out the first 5 games. We turned Leicester over the week before. Hammered the champions the week before that. I don’t know what you mean by ‘Dean Smith’s style of player’ I think everyone needs to chill out, it was one performance that was poor for 30 mins or so. We capitulated after going a goal down. Lost our head and became very emotional. A hangover from that championship Elland Rd game I reckon. Epitomised by Mings. Let’s see where we are after 10/15 games worth of performances shall we.
  10. Maybe. Or maybe he’d have offloaded him. Make no mistake that the players assembled either play the way he wants or they’re surplus. Great coach though. Anyway this is a Dean Smith thread...
  11. I do worry about this also. With the comments that have come out from Smith regards getting subbed off at Chelsea, playing the 90 mins and getting in that England squad. We should make decisions that are in the best interest for Aston Villa, if thats concomitant with Barkley then great. But does he become undrop’able and unsub’able? Regardless of performance. Grealish is similar but he has a lot of trust in the bank. For me it’s not a problem atm, as he proved against Leicester but if he has a run of bad games and remains on for the full 90, as a fan I wouldn’t be happy.
  12. @villalad21 posted once or twice after beating Liverpool 7-2. Now we need to rename this thread VillaLad’s Marcelo Bielsa appreciation thread 15 hrs after the Leeds game
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