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  1. Is one reading too much into this?

    John Terry

    Very pleased with this. Will hopefully put the rumours of potentially joining Lampard at Chelsea to bed. I think he wants to make it in his own right.

    John Terry

    That winds me up too, but I never want to come across as a pedant. Plus the fella that always refers to it as the ‘premier’ or a ‘premier player’. Angers me beyond reason and I just swallow it down
  4. I see, I can follow that. However, it could be equally true that Hause is not done, which I believe is the most likely reason. Honestly, I think these won’t be settled either way until the players return from holidays. There is no need to disrupt their breaks. Which is what I guess your reasoning kind of alludes to. What is clear to me is that the Mings transfer does contain more huddles than Hause’s, which was a pre-arranged fee.
  5. No to be fastidious, but what’s lead you to conclude this? I cannot follow the logic
  6. I’ll be honest I don’t rate Kalinic from what I’ve seen, both here and at the stuff from Gent and international. He looks very cumbersome and lacking in agility and I don’t think these natural tendencies improve by settling in. Unpopular opinion; but I prefer/preferred Nyland over him
  7. Just like Brexit then ...
  8. You shouldn’t neglect the power of symbolism. Grealish embodies the new villa, and as such is the ideal captain. Besides we need leaders all over the pitch, which Mings would be one of if he signs.
  9. Moor-Ra-ish with Portuguese pronunciation to my knowledge. But pao pao queijo queijo Wesley is preferred and cool
  10. I think it was as close to going under the radar as is possible in the modern climate.
  11. Don’t whether the work permit thingy has been posted.
  12. You forgot the standard winky face! If we could recoup anything back on him it would be fantastic business. Is his stock high enough to be worth a punt by some championship club? Clearly wages are an issue. Maybe a swap deal for Che Adams

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