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  1. Nout to do with your comment personally. I think Smith got the players that were agreed upon last season also. Just don’t think viewing transfers as ‘x’ persons man is helpful. Optimistic or pessimistic. I just think it’s a dishonest way to support a stance. I think we have a transfer roadmap jointly decided and many potential transfers from a variety of sources put forward. Then a decision is made as a team.
  2. Why do we dissect transfers like this? It’s a prelude to attributing blame. All are made by ‘committee’. We win together and we lose together.
  3. What was interesting, was the tactics smith employed in the game at Anfield after project restart. To me it seemed we played a high line with a lower forward press, basically making the point of engagement a tight and congested area in the middle of the pitch. We lost 2-0 but I felt we performed reasonably well. Of course, they weren’t as motivated to get points after wrapping up the title. As a fan though, I was impressed with Smith’s willingness to think outside the box. I think Trez starts for he tracking and work rate, plus he seems to cause the bigger teams problems. I wouldn’t
  4. Hickey had a decent debut by all accounts, would have been interesting competition at LB.
  5. I would say it also the combined form since project restart. The seasons seem to have bled into one.
  6. Does his crossing seemed to have improved, hitting low across goal early. Was that a feature of his game last season?
  7. I believe they’re a championship squad (with or without Dallas ) with a championship manager. Extremely lucky to get promoted and haven’t strengthened.
  8. I actually think they pressed us from the front reasonably well. He suffered because of it. Not his best game. Will his ‘stamp’ result in a retrospective ban?
  9. You also told us not to be surprised when Fulham beat us tonight.
  10. Didn’t realise the weirdness of this signing. A double transfer effectively in the same transfer window. We signed him from Reims after they had triggered his release clause (half the price of what we paid) following a successful loan the previous season. Don’t know how I missed that.
  11. This is all getting very Totti-esque, and I bloody love it.
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