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  1. I think Potter would be great for England. Small thing but compare Potter’s to Southgate’s ‘the coaches voice’ tactical breakdowns.
  2. Maybe with more options in the squad, differing formations will be considered. Smith strikes me as the type who would want to embed a new formation in preseason.
  3. I do wonder why people are struggling to grasp this.
  4. Just got in and heard of this. Was it definitely cardiac arrest as being suggested here (administration of CPR)?
  5. What do you think about the JWP rumours?
  6. According to Gregg Evans, when Jack is with his dad pregame they play Atomic by Blondie to get Jack pumped up. Could there be a terrace chant in this. ...Oh your hair is beautiful
  7. Same agent (or rather agency) as Jack.

    Jed Steer

    Beat him before he even put the ball down.
  9. Didn’t he also score 20 goals in Belgium on loan last season too?
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