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  1. The argument would be that the club is complying with these rules by these very actions. Both sales at market value. Both players are prospects. There would have to be some clearer defining of ‘good faith’ and ‘circumvent’. I suspect villa have a full body of evidence of good faith compliance. Such as, Luiz sale at less than market value. Restricted January window. Demonstrating a clear framework for growth using rules as guidance. Proposing an increase in loss limits to be in line with inflation at last AGM. Through the proper and correct channels. All acts of good faith imo. Did spurs act in good faith towards Forest when they low balled offers in for Brendan Johnson before last years deadline. Only to pay market value after the deadline, for Forest to then get a points deduction.
  2. Quoted from an Athletic article named Transfer-deal sheet published a few hours ago. Under a section called what we’re hearing.
  3. He has pretty much said that he was done at Villa by this point.
  4. I don’t think I follow. Both teams played 37 games. Villa gain 3pts for win at Brighton. Spurs gain 3pts for draws against Chelsea, Liverpool and City. Then another 3pts for win at Burnley. Villa - 70pts Spurs - 66pts
  5. I agree with your assessment. The ‘enjoy him whilst we can’ comment, not so much. We’re constructing something special.
  6. If I remember correctly, the ref allowed West Ham to continue in their play. Only stopping when the attack broke down. Don’t want to hear about West Ham being unlucky or that we cheated. They were out-played for the large majority of the game. They scored a massively deflected ‘hopeful’ goal, then had a brief period of set piece pressure. Zaniolo was a big part of our performance.
  7. Ocampos to Fulham looking likely. Seen him mentioned in here a fair few times. Especially with the Monchi connection.
  8. I believe it was the combination of the speculation of a release clause (from the belief that he would not renew without one, sigh) and Liverpool twitter suggesting £40 million would be a fair price.
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