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  2. I was broke, with much of the players it seems, after Southampton (a)
  3. I know. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to offer £500,000 per week wage to anyone
  4. Who, has just also been released by Swansea
  5. I genuinely don’t know. I suppose the transfer is subject to work permit. It could be risk free potentially as you either get the player or you don’t make the transfer. I really don’t know the contract law or the process surrounding a transfer. As an aside it is a market that I think is underused. It seemed that there used to be a South American wonder kid always moving to Europe, usually Serie A, in the last decade. This could still be happening but as I’m not as wired in to international football as I used to be, I don’t notice. If not, you’ve got to wonder why, especially in a modern football age where every competitive edge seems to be utilised. Perhaps this is due to WP complications and ‘homesickness’.
  6. Would WP be an issue this close to end of window? Or would the club risk a rejected WP after the fact, with no transfer made.
  7. I’ve given this place a miss for a few weeks and after reading some of the comments in the majority of the manager and player thread/s Im very glad I did. Jesus wept! He’s a developing talent playing his first 3 games in the premier league. Which can be said for the majority of our players (and coach). As has been said, had the space to play his game tonight and looked lively when he was on. We need a range of options throughout the squad, and he’s a potent one to have IMO.
  8. Will find out in 3 mins what the score is with transfers
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