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  1. Yep all the talk of us rolling over against the 'big teams' needs to change Thursday. They ain't no big team same points as Burnley. It's a must win. We've messed up so many times. Shef and Ncastle were there for the taking. Losing twice to Bournemouth borderline unforgivable. And I'd swap the Leicester cup and league results in a heartbeat (2-1 league win and 4-0 Cup loss)
  2. Not necessarily they'll be knackered financially
  3. This league is no great shakes. We've been absolute horse shit and will only go down by a fraction. And I agree. These 'big teams' have been the ones to do us over
  4. I can't even bear to think Whelan in this league jesus christ
  5. If we stayed up it will be one of the most remarkable survival stories ever
  6. We are a bit of a poisoned chalice. It's one of the hardest jobs in football as you have to reestablish a former top 8 team back there.
  7. Well judging by our complete inability to score we have to hope Benteke has some mental break and forgets what team he's playing for and bangs in a couple of own goals
  8. The saddest thing is he won't be a villa player when makes his england debut.
  9. I think bar man u every team has been done over by it at some point, but us more than anyone.
  10. Lmao var just exists to give man u a penalty a game. F'ing farce
  11. Anyone know how he's doing? In a normal season he'd be missing out on preseason as well soon wouldn't he
  12. Early in his career they thought Cissokho was going to be the next Maldini. And I think Michael boulding has a goal in every 2 villa games
  13. Looked dangerous then bu Wijnaldum ballsed it
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