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  1. People are asking if Brazil international Douglas Luiz is better than Coventry midfielder O'Hare?
  2. I dont think we have a high enough 'rating' do we? I think you need to be a uefa 5 star stadium and we're a 4
  3. They'll probably put Hogan in a school uniform and change his name to Barry Bellingham and ask for £25 mil
  4. The commentator for the match last night said along the lines of 'here we go, Madrid in the famous white kit known the world over... and chelsea in the equally as iconic blue' I was like ffs pathetic
  5. Play 30 games a season and get a large tube of salt n vinegar pringles and 50g Drum baccy?
  6. Yeah even now they are - the other day I saw a tweet saying 'streets won't forget the 4 game cazoo championship battle'
  7. I think Samatta was the final nail in the Pitarch coffin
  8. I can see the 'promotion-relegation' being a playoff amongst the winners of the 8 highest ranked leagues in europe, with the winner going into a 2 legged game vs the team who finishes bottom of the ESL.
  9. Levy a genius? Didn't he waste most of the Bale money and it was basically Kane coming through that saved their arse?
  10. While it stinks, surely the Co efficient should start from scratch? Why this arbitrary 5 years? Why not 40 years? 50?
  11. The punishments will be like the UN in Team America 'What you gonna do Hans Blix?' 'Well we are going to write a strongly worded letter'
  12. Godwin's law is infallible
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