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  1. Well we should be OK having like the 3rd richest owners. It looked like SHA was going to the wall late this year anyway. If anything this has saved them as they will just be all 'muh coronavirus' and be let off.
  2. Calling it 'Swine Flu' is as much a misnomer as calling the 1918 flu Spanish. For instance the Netherlands called it Mexican Flu not Swine Flu.
  3. It's a bit crap to have esports pros playing against someone. Should be a squad player or none at all
  4. While you're right it's just meat, pigs and cows have been bred for humans for thousands of years meaning there's pretty much no hidden nasty viruses that haven't jumped over. The meat they eat in China is from wild animals and having various types of dead and live wild animal from all over comingling is just a bad idea.
  5. I think the USA will be absolutely raped by this. Private healthcare so people will work until they are nearly dead and would insurance cover corona? And an attitude of it won't happen to us. I wouldn't be surprised if over a million died there
  6. In the end it will just be natural selection. Most of them will eventually get ill and a few will die.
  7. That can't be true surely? Otherwise all the 10's of thousands of people cured in China would be now infecting people en masse
  8. Also with China you have ever component of the massive government enforcing the issue. Also the open secret that if you were flouting a direct order to isolate you'd end up in some gulag never to be seen again. I really hope that it stops these disgusting eating habits. I saw some videos of the markets in Wuhan, Jesus Christ it looks worse than medieval. I think the world could have a decent case for reparations from China for all the repercussions, they are to blame. People trying to throw shade on Trump for calling it the 'Chinese Virus' but he's not wrong, just impolite. I have to admit I'm more worried about the financial implications than the buy itself. We have barely recovered from the bailout which wasn't that expensive despite what the politicians say (government money turned into bank shares which were later sold for a relatively small loss). However this will be very, very expensive. Like World War expensive, two of which emptyed the treasury which we had filled by conquering a third of the world for 150 years before WW1 and 2. We could be paying for this for decades.
  9. Such a shame. If we had him from the summer I think we'd have at least another 8-9 points.
  10. Di Matteo had a track record of championship promotion with Baggies
  11. VillaJ100

    The NSWE Board

    Angel was let down by having to play with half wits like Vassell
  12. Looked terrible and Mourinho stock will have collapsed after this.
  13. SmITh TeaMs PlAy BetTEr SeCoNd HaLf Of tHe sEAsOn To be honest our chance was when we first came up. All three promoted teams were an unknown entity and you have to take advantage of that and catch teams cold. We NEARLY did it several times as we played very well yet inevitably lost, usually to some late shitty goals. Norwich looked like they might, with the man City win etc but couldn't manage it. Sheffield have managed to do it yet maintain their form, I don't really watch them so not sure why I presume variability in tactics. Whereas we have been figured out completely now and get turned over every week. Every opposing manager will just be like 'lads this is what they did last time etc'. Going 3 at the back helped a bit as it was a surprise but now that's been figured out as well.
  14. Sort of player who'll leave for 3 mil in a years time for a Greek club
  15. We've said for years we should be sponsored d by someone like Jaguar or Cadbury. I don't think they want to know
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