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  1. I said on another thread j think Giggs will be the last player-manager in the Prem and that was only for about 3 games
  2. Really dropped off the last couple of seasons.
  3. The thing is they haven't even really suffered for it. All it would take is them to get the right manager and transfer policy and they'll be right back at the top, instead of being in terminal decline like they should be. I want at LEAST 2 points off this shower this season! But I know they're just saving some Eduardo No-Hoper to make his debut score 2 screamers then end up at Grimley Town
  4. Surprised they don't wheel out the old 'still young and developing' line about him
  5. Stoke are in for a long old season. Might do a Sunderland
  6. Can you imagine if he starts playing for the national team? He'll be worth about 150 mil
  7. I was thinking before El Ghazi had his shot that someone should shot from 20+ years as its only Pickford
  8. You know what it was only a handful of games but him and Vlaar looked really solid together before Senderos got injured.
  9. You always get some Barry Shitbag player who either hasn't scored in 3 years, or it's their debut etc score some bloody worldie against us
  10. Luiz might be like Sanchez when he did that chipped through ball in his first appearance and we thought he was a hybrid of makelele and pirlo. Only this time there is no chipped through ball
  11. That's just a nod to their unofficial slogan - "Small Heath, we've been shit since the continents were Gondwanaland"
  12. I agree Adriano could have been an absolute titan of a player a real atg.
  13. On the other hand Adams, Neville and Moyes disaster tour of Spain has put English management back about 50 years on the continent
  14. It always looks nice on TV but then again I've watched trainspotting as well
  15. That was ridiculous. He was the last man and completely took out Gabby from behind in the box nowhere near the ball. Absolute cast iron red

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