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  1. I hope they're shit for decades after cleaning up throughout my teenage years. It makes me glad to see this gigantic rotting husk of a club they've become. Yes I was jealous!
  2. Sometimes you don't need any money at all. Hicks and Gillette borrowed every penny to buy Liverpool, then paid the interest on with the clubs profit and after a few years sold it for like 3 times what they paid. Making about 400 million for not one pence spent.
  3. I don't think Real Madrid have anything to worry about FFP wise
  4. VillaJ100

    Ethan Ampadu

    I think Purslow said we're not LOOKING to loan players in. Like you have a mate who isn't looking for a bird but if Claudia Schiffer rocked up he'd get on that.
  5. VillaJ100


    Let's hope the mismanagement turns into financial disaster, I'd love to see Man U especially crash and burn
  6. I was at that Notts County game it was a cracker.
  7. VillaJ100

    The pitch

    That's kind of what I was implying haha
  8. If work permits are so difficult how can Chelsea hoover up so many young players?
  9. VillaJ100

    The pitch

    I've learned from this the pitch is made of several hundred layers of various sands and soils. Who knew.
  10. Oh I thought they mean sold Davies for Knight
  11. Erudite is a type of ore from which you can mine undiscovered gems of players you can then built a champions league winning team from
  12. And Van Nistelrooy we were close to I believe? Imo he needs to be No. 9. Mcginniesta is no. 7

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