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  1. I agree Scot manager is basically a semi-retirement gig so long as you don't get poleaxed by everyone you'll be in the job a good while. Sadly Eck couldn't even manage that
  2. Surely they had replays available in the 70's?
  3. I agree but on the last point I think we've had more than just him play that way, he was just the only one who admitted it
  4. I can't understand why people are Luddites about this. It shod have been introduced as soon as cameras could film and replay the match instantly (the 70's?)
  5. VillaJ100


    If Liverpool win the league even if Salah goes they'll be able to get someone else in.
  6. I can't see Brazil on anything other than yellow and blue... It was bad enough with the yellow shirt white shorts!
  7. VillaJ100


    That is absolutely ridiculous. Remember Rivaldo as well. Guy was tearing up the world Cup then acted like a right div.
  8. Haha that's true. I would have thought it would be to go up though and spend bugger all, go down, stash the money, go up again with same squad another big load of TV money and then have a tilt. I'm sure baggies and other yo yo clubs did this.
  9. I'm bloody petrified that the Villa way will be pissing all these league games only to baulk in the playoffs. I agree Sheffield over Leeds, they seem to me to just be on a season long hot streak. Thin squad reliant on a couple of key players, especially Sharp. They did the same thing last season but fizzled out just before Xmas.
  10. Regarding Europe I don't think I've ever been as pissed off. Sometimes teams finishing 8th were getting in.
  11. They should be thanking their stars they have 70 on the board. I can see a total collapse in form but I think they will just cling on to the playoffs
  12. I will say he did seem to outwit Rodgers in cup semi helped massively by some inspired performances. That was the high water mark though by a long way.
  13. It's almost as if putting the national stadium in the Midlands would have been a good idea!
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