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  1. I grew up working class but I've never understood how being a complete peasant is something to brag about? Being poor doesn't make you a good person or worthy of respect. In the case of blues fans it probably means you're a completely thick word removed and f'ed about all through school meaning you could get either no or a crap job at the end of it
  2. Losing tonight I think has killed any small chance they had
  3. Building the Hogan statue out of the finest papier mache as we speak
  4. It is strange all around... Its been a long time since Ashes to Ashes ended, 10 years? Maybe if they got their stakes on they could have done an interquel feature film or something set between the two series. Also TV has changed and it's not exactly a PC show...
  5. That's a shame and very annoying. It is worth a watch though, especially if you like Life on Mars, just for the detective action series part if nothing else
  6. There is some talk about another series of Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes. While i liked the show i thought it was pretty well wrapped up (in the main - some questions of course but the main one sort of addressed). I don't know where they could really take it
  7. Honestly I feel mobility has been our big problem for donkeys years even all the way back to o Neill days
  8. Think it was 78 points and Arsenal finished 2nd. They pipped spurs on the last or second to last week. Ironically it lead to more Wenger out pressure as their fans thought as all the top teams were crap arsenal should have capitalised
  9. I'd hate that as he'd shithouse enough points to stay safe. At this point I think the only manager I'd get back in for SHA would be Zola
  10. Remember at the start of the season when city looked all at sea
  11. Pompey was because they all had absolutely stupid bonuses in their contract for winning a trophy thinking it would never happen. They they did and it nearly bankrupted the club
  12. Yeah an ever present and one of the biggest clubs in the country going down is no comparison to some piss can of a club going back to their natural bottom feeding position
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