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  1. Anyone who thinks he won't celebrate scoring against us is absolutely deluded
  2. There isn't. The only people who care are us. Fans from other teams don't give two hoots
  3. Another baggies then! Errrm has anyone noticed they've been shit for decades Welcome new coach
  4. I remember when he was so pissed off in training he actually joined in the game and showed a few of our players up ffs
  5. Pull the trigger John Gregory style? If man titty got banned from Europe they'd sue whoever decided that into oblivion. Also Jack would hand in a transfer request - "I've always been a big fan of Chelsea"
  6. Great maybe we can sell him for 150 mil in 5 years time
  7. I honestly thought he might be off when in one of the last games of the season Luiz overhit a pass to him and the camera picked him up saying 'can't believe these f'ing shit balls man'
  8. If Jose can manage Roma to serie A title... That would definitely be up there with his other successes
  9. Yeah this like the message he's sent to Chuk etc is if you break through and have a couple of good seasons you can get the big money move to shitty
  10. A league 2 side under 16's could give England women a good hiding. No shade on them it's just a different world
  11. I thought it was morrisons?
  12. Another example, different type of player but a player Spurs signed who was almost universally panned in his first season and had good flashes but did look terrible. Luka Modric
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