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  1. VillaJ100

    Tony Xia

    So it seems Tony is just the front man for some unknown Chinese investors?
  2. VillaJ100

    World Cup : Group D (Arg, Ice, Cro, Nga)

    He looked like a bit of a hard case and he seemed to get across straight away that he wasn't going to be disrepected
  3. VillaJ100

    Birkir Bjarnason

    Come on now. Iceland's centre backs consist of one who plays for Rostov, and the other is 35 and just been released by Aberdeen... And they've kept Messi, Aguero Di Maria etc down to one goal?
  4. VillaJ100

    World Cup : Group B (Por, Spa, Mor, Irn)

    Best game I've seen in a long time. God looking at the Spain team they have some absolute titans in nearly every position. Portugal took their chances despite being outgunned, and CR7 love him or hate him the guy is one of a kind.
  5. VillaJ100

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    We need to use the loan market properly. Look at some of the shockers we've had, like the Lesser-Spotted Ilori. Even Tuanzebe last year, while I hope it did the lad some good here, he didn't exactly contribute greatly. We need loans like snod who can come in and hit the ground running.
  6. VillaJ100

    Time for a takeover

    Doug Ellis isn't coming back, he's ancient. Put it this way he's that old that when he was born, we were by far statistically the most successful football team in the country ever.
  7. VillaJ100

    Villa and FFP

    There must be some bollocks to get around FFP. Like say Tony is legit loaded, why not say Villa are selling the 'Ultimate Fan' package, for the person who loves the club the most, you get the seat next to the owner himself! Incredible opportunity at just £100 million for 2 seasons. Oh look who's bought it, Tony's best friend and fellow business owner who's just had 100 million invested into his company in a in no way related deal.
  8. VillaJ100

    Tony Xia

    Could it be a prestige thing with China allowing money to leave? If we had gone up Xia might have been able to argue that he should be allowed to take cash oit as it's prestigious. The championship isn't
  9. VillaJ100

    Going Under ?

    He probably saw that Newcastle bet the bank on promotion and it paid off.
  10. VillaJ100

    Going Under ?

    It's a bit bad on all the Chinese businessmen who were kind of encouraged to invest in sports clubs due to the presidents interest in sports yet now they've bought some they are told 'no' and they are basically going to wither and die as theres no funding.
  11. VillaJ100

    Going Under ?

    The kids won't save us. They are in their late teens and early 20s, any sort of decent talent would have broken through in the championship or at least impressed on loan.
  12. VillaJ100

    Going Under ?

  13. VillaJ100

    Tony Xia

    I think he's took a leaf out of some former prem owners books and tried to buy a club with no money. Gillette and Hicks did it with Liverpool. Borrowed 300 mil, bought club, spent only what the club made and increased the value of club, sold it for 700 million. All without putting in one penny of their own money.
  14. VillaJ100

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    In my experience villa have had mixed results at best with players from the Irish league.
  15. VillaJ100

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    About the transfer embargo if we break FFP, why don't we just say **** it then and keep the same squad?