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    I really think its due to letting leads go and dropping so many points. It effects confidence even if it is against the 'big teams', when other also rans are actually beating arsenal and spurs its makes us look bad or like bottlers. Norwich was the last game we looked really confident going into.
  2. We need to hope we stay up then - otherwise the money for our players will be silly low not silly high.
  3. Yeah I think Xmas will be make or break. Table looking pretty grim. The shit thing is we've actually played quite well in the first 11 games, with only 11 points to show for it. We might not play that well in the next 11 which is very worrying.
  4. VillaJ100


    Wenger looking likely to be next Bayern manager, would be a good fit.
  5. He must have only been young though under o leary?
  6. Wasn't he another player just a bit too not average enough for o'Neill? Probably got in djemba djemba to replace him, Davis then plays about 1000 games for Southampton
  7. VillaJ100


    You know you can't Joe Kinnear. I'll get coat
  8. We do in the reverse fixtures don't we? Lol
  9. Watford will be fine now idiot Deeney is back although I'd love to see his face if they went down
  10. I really don't think it's mentioned that they are bluenoses. In the first season the Irish bird asks 'what's all this' when the pub is rammed early afternoon and tommy says something like 'these are just the good old lads off down to St Andrews later' he doesn't then go on to say he's also a massive zulu.
  11. If they are arguing that the contract was invalid... In that case I want every single players contract in the league from our rivals looked at from all the times we've missed out eg. Arshavin farce when we were pushing for 4th, the year we got relegated, when Cardiff wolves and Fulham got promoted etc and if there is a single inconsistency I want us to get millions in compensation
  12. I watch it to be fair. In series 4 they want to see who is from Brum and who isn't so the question they ask is who plays in goal for blues and villa? (At the time it was Tommy Jackson for villa). And I thought I'd be screwed here as it took me about 5 minutes to remember camp plays for blues they'd have shot me
  13. I'm not too fussed, it can only benefit us as he's less likely to get injured or tapped up. The only negative is if it affected his motivation which I think he's too professional for that.
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