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  1. You're forgetting if they lose a couple in a row Steve uses the old 'pull wir socks up' line which grants you two 1-0 wins despite zero shots on target (one deflected shot one own goal)
  2. They'll have an uptick in form soon sadly. Too many decent players who'll nick a couple wins when the chips are down.
  3. I think man u will drop harder than Liverpool though. I don't think they finished outside the top 5? I think man u could bottom out in a relegation battle if this carries on
  4. The year we went down was because we lost whatever fragments of a quality spine we had left, Delph Vlaar and benteke all went.
  5. Long may it continue, I hope that actual permanent structural problems to the very core of the club set in that are irreversible
  6. I'd argue against that after his pathetic performances after he signed his last contract.
  7. VillaJ100

    Dean Smith

    So statistically 50% worse than we managed last season! Smith out!
  8. Hope gabby paid for his ticket the freeloader has rinsed us enough
  9. Is it me or is this xG thing a complete farce. It's so inaccurate. Doesn't it have Newcastle on like 8 points or something. It may as well be 'We asked fat Barry down the pub and he said Liverpool might score 3 against United'
  10. This is the first season we've got two stoppage time winners since 1994-1995.
  11. I hope now this crushes Watford as they've basically got on a mad winning run, but are STILL in the relegation zone after today. Gives a sense of inevitability about it. Massive game against Bournemouth. And we have a striker for it!
  12. Deeney scoring v us is retardedly easy money at the bookies
  13. VillaJ100


    I know mourinho used to always say he wanted to emulate del bosque who he looked up to - win 3 different leagues, 3 champions leagues with 3 clubs, then the euros and World Cup as manager.
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