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  1. Roy Keane's rant probably shaved 5M from his transfer value.
  2. He is the defender equivalent of David James. A calamity in him every game.
  3. Absolute quality. Luiz shows that you need to give players time to settle in.
  4. Mings really is a curse in disguise. Far too cavalier for this level. Was actually a decent half until the 2nd goal.
  5. We gave it a go. That's all I really ask for when watching a Villa match.
  6. Useless stat but we have not conceded a goal in 6/9 halves since the restart. Maybe too late, but our defending has improved.
  7. Think Villa sponsorship agency sent Sportpesa CEO our kit as a feeler to gauge their potential interest. This is often done by agencies. The CEO took the liberty of posting the kit on his Instagram. There is a fantastic video that went around of Chelsea's agency sending out sponsorship box to potential sponsors when they eventually signed with Yokohama tires. Each box cost like $10K and included a portable video player that showcased a personalized video of all the benefits the sponsor would get. It was really impressive!
  8. Decent half, but you can clearly see that Wolves are a cut above. Think they will dominate in the 2nd half. Thought Nakamba was poor and would bring in McGinn early after the break.
  9. If we sell those 4 players we will bring in about GBP100M minimum. Presume that will be reinvested into the squad.
  10. With results going our way, I believe we only need 9 points. Not sure where those wins are going to come from. Will probably need 1 shock result, 1 out of CP, Everton, Arsenal, and a win versus West Ham. The 6 points we lost to Bournemouth really stings!
  11. We have a great looking Championship side. Looking forward to next season.
  12. Anyone else get really irritated when someone says "Perennial" Big 6? Only a few years back it was the Big 4. Short memories.
  13. Think we need 11 points from the remaining 9 matches. 3 wins and 2 draws. Hard to see where they will come from. Best bets Newcastle, Palace, West Ham and perhaps Arsenal if they are out of contention for the European slots. But three of those matches are late in the season and our confidence may be shot if we go into them on a long losing streak.
  14. Reina, Elmo and Trez in for Nyland, Hause and El Ghazi. Konsa and Mings the CB pairing. I believe Reina's experience is more of an asset to the team right now than anything Nyland might offer.
  15. Thought we were decent, but we are too blunder prone. We have to work hard for our opportunities but our opponents get them gift wrapped. Can't see us staying up.
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