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  1. Not worth getting too invested in any one player in the Academy, as youth development is unpredictable. JPB and Archer were hardly talked about even up until a few weeks back.
  2. Pete's honorable mentions are starting to annoy me . Just stick with the three (holy trinity) points.
  3. so far his play is much improved from last season, but still feel he misses on a lot of fairly easy passes.
  4. We look like a proper side. Really enjoyed that half.
  5. Needs to be the answer to McGinn
  6. Unfortunately we are in transfer market purgatory where the players we need to bring in to challenge for Europe will command top dollar and the ones we want to move on - there is hardly a market for. Let's take Traore as an example. He bought him for around GBP 17M including add-ons. Based on last season (7 goals, 6 assists) he should probably be worth 25-30M now, but which club would potentially pay that much for him? He is not good enough for the Greedy 6 and the rest could not really afford him. I feel this will become a reality to our management in the next few windows and we will focus much more on promoting the Academy players and scouting for players with high upside like Konsa.
  7. It's going to be like Antoine Griezmann at Barca scenario.
  8. With the likes of Young and Barry, he's really gone under the radar until now. Looks to be ready to be our 3rd choice striker.
  9. Great window in my book and I trust the club management. Last transfer window fans were clamoring for us to sign Brakley permanently and to buyout Luiz's ManCity buyback clause.
  10. Yeah. They even have the wrong number for Sanson and I don't see Patterson listed despite a few appearances for the U23s.
  11. Bedtime here. Look forward to a Sanson review in the morning. Enjoy the match.
  12. You mean like we did with Hourihane last season? If Strasbourg are paying his full wages, then guess we don't have too much to lose, but I rather not extend the drama.
  13. Don't really get this. Either sell him, keep him in the squad or terminate his contract if he is desperate to leave.
  14. I must have been watching another game.
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