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  1. We are seeing a power shift from North London to the Midlands.
  2. Agree. I've never put much weight to anything written by Evans or Preece. Always speculative and with convenient outs to cover themselves.
  3. Don't care about age as this is a short-term signing. As long as he is better than Elmo and Taylor I am OK with it. Presume the objective would be to fill in until the likes of Kesler and Revan are ready to step-up. We still have Guilbert, Konsa and Hause that can play the fullback positions if needed.
  4. I want Manchester United at home. Think we'll beat them.
  5. Our number is from the Championship, but even if it is now closer to 20M, we are still miles away from the top clubs in terms of Matchday revenues. Commercial revenue is an even wider gap.
  6. Not fan related, but I would like to know if the club feel there is a realistic path to close the revenue gap with the Greedy 6 or will we simply have to punch above our weight and play in consecutive UCLs for that gap to be closed.
  7. Some here need to appreciate that Southgate is not going to just pick the 11 most in form players or 11 best players. If that were the case then Konsa should have been selected to the squad over Mings. The idea is to put together a lineup that is balanced and gives the best chance to meet the team's objectives. Feel Southgate achieved that yesterday - as much as I would have loved to see Grealish start/play.
  8. After Sterling scored, I don't feel Grealish was needed. England just had to close things out.
  9. Just donated to a few of my favorite podcasters (MOMS, Price of Football, Football Today, Dan Carlin) on Patreon. Any plans to go down that route? Maybe can help fund some quality microphones for the boys.
  10. This goes both ways, no? We were fortunate to get wins versus Wolves and Southampton and the draw against WBA.
  11. Looks like Inter Milan is trying to tap him up
  12. Feel Brad Young is more like for like to Watkins than Barry and of equal quality.
  13. I'm also fine with him leaving if we can get 30M +
  14. That's what a decade of shit signings will do to you. Only getting used to our new dynamic.
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