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  1. I just don't see us taking points against the big clubs and I think that will be our undoing because every other bottom-half club seems to get a few points off of them. Case in point - Newcastle beats Chelsea, CP draws Man City and Watford draws Spurs today.
  2. Hopefully Barca, Real or PSG so then I can buy a kit with his name on it (RE: Grealish leaving the club)
  3. Who did we cull? Our team was made-up of loaned players. I would argue we should have gone for more players with Premier League experience, but that's hindsight. Was absolutely raring to go with our squad back in August.
  4. I like Luiz and think he will eventually be a very good player. The immediate issue is that for all the good work he does, he makes 2-3 howlers in almost every match that eventually result in goals or good scoring opportunities for the opposition. Football is not a sport where you can spot your opponent goals and easily recover from it.
  5. Great result. Nyland very confident and the back line is solid. The two defensive MF are the big worry. Nakamba is lost and every game Luiz makes a blunder or two, which at this level gets punished. Obviously need some attacking options as well.
  6. Nakamba really providing nothing. Defensively not doing much either.
  7. Was deflating when the commentator said, "Just seems like Fulham wants this more." Games shows we really have little depth. Lansbury, Jota, Nakamba not good enough. A lot of the others can't really do it without the likes of Grealish or Mings.
  8. Ultimately we need to find a way to win 6 out of our remaining 17 matches. If we can get 3 of them before March, we'll be in decent shape, otherwise it will be an extremely stressful Spring.
  9. He is world class. Best player at the club since probably Dwight Yorke.
  10. You know its ridiculous when the commentator is calling him out. Loan/sell him to the Championship.
  11. Great half. If we avoid silly fouls and cheap give-aways in the second half we will get 3pts.
  12. Exactly. Only a few weeks back supporters were doing back flips over Nakamba, Guilbert, Engels, etc.
  13. I'm absolutely stunned at how much we have fallen-off since the first few months where we looked like a respectable side.
  14. We were very poor and lucky to win. We were raving about some of these same players a few weeks back, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt and attribute their dip in form to a lack of confidence. Need at least 1 win in the next 2 matches.
  15. good result...draw against a big 6 side a step in the right direction.
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