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  1. One potential issue with having such a young U23 team is that very few in the squad are physically (perhaps mentally too) ready to step-up to the first steam, thus we will have some major challenges if we have a big spike in injuries to first team players.
  2. What's the status of Shakpoke? Don't see him in the lineups or on the official website.
  3. I actually thought he was OK today and had some good moments. However his limitations are pretty clear. Still scratching my head as to what led to his recruitment and the fairly exorbitant fee we paid for him.
  4. Think we'll have a lot of freekicks and corners in the 2nd half, so would be good to get Hourihane on.
  5. Entertaining half and we definitely have offensive weapons. If we can be more disciplined at back in the 2nd half, I envision at least a draw. Frustrating part is that we seem to lose that extra focus for the lower tier clubs. No way Mings would have been so far up if we were playing Arsenal.
  6. Would quickly sign-up, if anyone offered 3 more years of Jack at the club. So literally in the same "bracket" as Messi and Pele
  7. Think our team will be exhausted from the international matches. Perhaps Smith makes some changes to the starting lineup as a result. Don't see this ending well. 3-1 BHA. Would take a draw if offered.
  8. Bukayo Saka will join Villa before Grealish goes to Arsenal.
  9. Wolves to discontinue with Adidas and will sign a kit deal with Castor. Hopefully, Nassef can get us in with Adidas once our Fanatics deal comes to an end. https://www.sportspromedia.com/news/wolves-castore-kit-deal-saracens-rugby? Interestingly, Wolves is only getting 1M a year from Castor. They are a long way away from being an attractive club marketing wise.
  10. Fair points. Looks like he could be our Totti then!
  11. Given his age, nationality, current form and contract status, his market value has to be £150+ now. Probably only four clubs could realistically afford that - MCFC, PSG, Barca and Real Madrid. Perhaps Chelsea or MUFC too, but there is no guarantee of them being in the UCL in the seasons ahead - which would be the major motivation for Jack to leave his boyhood club.
  12. Ridiculous that international matches are being played, let alone 3 of them in a week. I anticipate some tired players for this one. Luckily there will be 9 days gap until the next match against West Ham.
  13. Luckily we had our "dreaded second season" in our first one.
  14. I'd go for a quality Striker and then send Wesley and Davis out on loan as both of them need regular minutes. Then a CB cover and let one of House and Engels leave. Other than this it would basically be finding replacements for players that will be off in the summer MF (Hourihane); LB (Taylor); LW (El Ghazi?), but this is not urgent unless we already have an injury crisis on our hands.
  15. This game will set the tone for the next seven. Really need to get a result here - hopefully a victory. As others have said - Brighton are a decent side and we better not underestimate them.
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