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  1. Think Hourihane definitely could help us in certain matches, but then we would need to have a "horses for courses" mentality - which is not really Smith's style. Anyway good to see our loans doing well - will mean we get some value when they transfer out.
  2. Can we please stop it with the "don't change a winning side" nonsense! Our setup was poor to begin with against this opponent.
  3. Didnt think it was a bad half, but our midfield just cannot seem to create anything. Ramsey is the obvious choice to be replaced 2nd half.
  4. Wish Smith changed it up a little to keep the players hungry. Positive is we have a decent looking bench.
  5. Going into the season most of us would be ecstatic to sign him for around £30m+ and after the first few matches maybe even £40m+. Too many question marks now...
  6. This game will tell a lot about where we are as a team. A European level side should comfortably win such matches.
  7. Great result. Good tactical adjustments by Smith. A bit concerned about our inability to win second balls and hold on to possession.
  8. Good half. AEG and Nakamba playing really well. AEG could have easily had one more. Feel Ramsey looks a bit lightweight out there - maybe bring in Samson for him in the 2nd half. Still frustrating is that we still seem to lose most second and 50/50 balls.
  9. They've been bypassing him and not thinking about him lately.
  10. yes, but it's been about 4-5 recent matches where this is happening.
  11. By no means am I comparing us to Sheffield United - we have way more talent then they ever did, but I feel similar to them at the end of last season and this one, our formula has been found-out by opposing teams. We really need to change things up tactically and in terms of personnel. Smith so far has not shown flexibility.
  12. Lucky to get a point. We are consistently losing second and 50/50 balls. Squad needs rotating.
  13. Teams are tactically better setup for us. We need to adjust accordingly.
  14. A silver lining in Luiz's under-the-radar performances this year is that it may mean Man City will not take-up his option.
  15. Think we are due a game where we are on the front foot. Feel the Arsenal victory and the one week gap between matches will give us a big lift. We will win this 0-2.
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