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  1. nepal_villan

    The Next Club Crest/Badge

    Something like this. Claret Lion, blue shield and Aston Villa spelled out. And no star (feel it's tacky - we are much greater than any 1 trophy or title).
  2. nepal_villan

    Adama Traore

    Anything that helps us win immediately, I'm happy with.
  3. nepal_villan

    Summer Speculation 2015

    Is this Sherwood driven or the new sporting director - Hendrik Almstadt?
  4. nepal_villan

    Tom Fox

    Like that he did not talk about UCL and BPL titles. Pragmatic approach.
  5. nepal_villan

    Trying to register fan club

    Trying to register a fan club in Nepal, but no response from the AVFC Lions Club. It's been 3 weeks and they haven't even confirmed my account. Any suggestions on what to do next, who to contact? Thanks
  6. nepal_villan

    Tom Fox

    Hope Fox changes our dreadful club badge.
  7. nepal_villan

    Jack Grealish

    Very impressive yesterday against Huston.
  8. nepal_villan

    Summer Speculation 2014

    French International Gomis signs with Swansea of a free. Would have been a good pick-up for us.
  9. nepal_villan

    Philippe Senderos

    Great to see our players excelling at the World Cup.
  10. nepal_villan

    $200 Million Takeover

    From a branding perspective I just can't see RedBull taking over the club. If Hull City can't even add Tigers to their name, no shot RedBull will be able to rebrand the club as they please. All their properties have identical colors and the RedBull name features prominently.
  11. nepal_villan

    $200 Million Takeover

    Too philanthropic. Would not burn cash on "soccer" club.
  12. nepal_villan

    $200 Million Takeover

    Think one guy with loads of cash and a massive ego would be preferable to a consortium.
  13. nepal_villan

    $200 Million Takeover

    While I like Lerner, not sure I agree. He'll probably just sell it to the highest bidder to cover as much of his losses as possible. If he was going to make a tidy profit then I could see him being more selective about the new owners.
  14. nepal_villan

    New Club Crest Ideas

    I really like these ones. Color combo is soothing to the eyes. I'd go with the one in the middle but with Aston Villa instead of Prepared.
  15. nepal_villan

    New Club Crest Ideas

    Right on. There were choices for the club name 1) Aston Villa 2) Aston Villa FC 3) Aston Villa Football Club 4) AVFC and the three choices for the name in full split the vote and as a result AVFC had the highest votes at like 35%. And thus we got AVFC on the badge.