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  1. Genuine LOL! Theres me thinking he couldnt be anymore stupid. How on gods earth does he think anyone is gonna buy that jip?
  2. lmfao. to think i genuinely still felt hope.
  3. If Remi whispering a few sweet nothings into the lens is enough to tickle your pickle, then you're a lucky man Stevo985!
  4. What do you want, an honest, emotive interview or a scripted, media trained speil? It was clear to me that the players were giving their all last night and after how Remi's been treated by the board (which the players no doubt will have read in the media) his 'not quitting' mantra is motivation in itself.
  5. I have an odd buzz about his return... I think he'll score twice.
  6. Sounds silly maybe but off the back of watchable form, it'll be interesting to see the teams body language and overall game tonight. Remi will have been with them since travelling up (perhaps yesterday) atleast. Could go one of two ways, Remi stays regardless of being mugged off and he tells the players to blow all but positive speculation outta the water by digging in, using the media outpour to fire them up and prove otherwise, beckoning not particulary a win, but positive play. Or hes going, from which the players may have an idea, regardless of a few 'professional performances' our energy, desire and effort suffers.
  7. Alotta this 'Boycott the club and it will suffer even more...' is wrong By not giving an already financially ept business model more money? especially recent developments have shown that financially we're in pretty good form. Player Morale? We're done boys, some of the players efforts havent gone unnoticed, perhaps a few new arrivals would have given them a shred of 'oomph' but barely - If anything, a few are playing for the sake of jumping ship at the end of the season at this point, surely? Garde airing his betrayal in the press will only upset aston villa 'the team' as opposed to aston villa the business. Lerner & Co quite clearly have an agenda that to them, is worth the tyrants of abuse that they now face aswell as media backlash. They will never, ever, ever feel the same about our club as we do, which is understandable, but what really hacks me off is the lies, lack of correspondence and disregard of responsibility. In an ideal world, we would leave VP empty, a few season ticket holders would drape a huge banner across doug ellis' empty seats, that summarizes that while we support our team/manager we will no longer be bent over and shafted by the long arm of Randy & his merchants. Im **** gutted at all this, I really am...
  8. No because apparantly all we need is a striker, everyones attacks the final third until the final whistle, according to a few handbags!
  9. Remi mate, try getting the boys to attack the ball once in a while? Sick of this chump's redundant, backward ball, non-attack-when-we-have-nothing-to-lose tactics.
  10. These redundant tactics are gardes problem. Constantly not attacking the ball. Dull as dishwater.
  11. Feels like another one of those defining turning point games, then again what game doesnt these days? Weirdly nervous and excited for this one.
  12. knowing our luck i can see us coming close then regretting not bending over backwards to bring someone/a couple in to tip the scales in our favour. Queue the uproar if that becomes the case.
  13. Callum

    Adama Traore

    Couple days ago remi was hopeful of a saturday return, wasnt he?! Surely the first thing a club does is throroughly asses the injury. How has it taken us some 5 days to figure out he has a broken bone?
  14. http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/aston-villa-stan-collymore-urges-10677932 Real desperate times, but Im glad someone in the 'public eye' has said it.
  15. Fair point and I get that, I dont fully understand the ins and outs of the business but jesus, do the supports have literally 0 leverage when it comes to ownership? Is he even still actively selling?
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