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  1. meh , I'm just making sure people are not making things up .. see Theresa May saying she wanted her cake and to eat it that she is being quoted as saying in this thread even though Corbyn seems to be the actual politician that said it (about May, obviously) but rest assured if I check this and find it was outside of a reasonable time frame of a couple of years , I shall be back
  2. Ah .. now I feel stupid more so as you'd explained it in a post before I made mine (I genuinely missed it ) sorry ... have a picture of a cute cat by way of apology
  3. I suspect if you ran a poll on WWII films Bridge on the River Kwai would be competing for the Top 5 , maybe even Top 3 so again your argument is way off and to try to make a comparison to Lesotho cinema is , well daft really ( OT but Lesotho actually donated 24 spitfires to our war cause , it was called Basutoland at that time but you get the idea) and to think I cut you some slack when you mentioned concentration camps and decided not to labour the point .... I get the comparison Boris made , I was just surprised a man like yourself didn't know that the Nazi's weren't the only people with POW camps
  4. tbf it was the reference that I didn't really understand Boris referred to WWII and people sorta came up with a Nazi link , which , well just seemed a huge leap ... for example we had POW camps in Wales though I can't vouch for if beatings took place or not ... , though tbf people were trying to break into them to escape Wales
  5. When you get some time you should watch Bridge on the River Kwai ...
  6. So that's both main party leaders then
  7. Now there's no money ? Hasn't it been under funded for about 6000 years ? as per previous posts Corbyn can't easily renationalise the railways whilst we are in EU , nor can he fund it and the NHS with some magic beans
  8. U.S. Politics

    They were called Bradford Northern when I used to regularly go watch them play in the late 80's / early 90's .. for shame I didn't even know they became the Bulls until I heard they folded the other week Dennis Rodman might register as the man (Basketball player) that went to North Korea and is "close friends" with Kim Jong Un ... he was in the news for a little while on the back of taking a NBA team of retired players to the DPRK
  9. I'm in a meeting so can't browse the internet fully at the moment so can you link to direct quotes where she has said this ? I saw a photo of a notepad belong to some junior person and I'm aware that Corbyn has said May wanted her cake and eat it , But I don't recall May actually saying it ?.... as she is banging on about it , it shouldn't be that difficult to find though ..thanks
  10. U.S. Politics

    He's from Wales , they haven't reached the 90's yet
  11. Steve Bruce

    Has anyone compared our results since we appointed Calderwood to Brightons results since he left them ? I'm not saying it's Calderwoods fault and presumably Bruce earmarked him as the person he wanted , but are they compatible with each other in the way that each other work ? Is it just something else that takes time ? my " gripe " with Bruce is he appears to be tinkering too much , play x at home drop him for away games , drop Westwood then bring him back , ditto Gardner , I don't think it's good man management personally he probably over reached with his targets , Jenkinson , Schup and others from the Prem who we are rumoured to want so that's back fired a little on us ...as Trent said in another post if he thinks Lansbury is his number one target then fine let's go get him , but if he isn't then let's wait until Aug and get the players he does want we won't go down nor are we going up so let's see what the likes of Green and Davis can do rather than seeing what the likes of Gabby and McCormick can't do ...
  12. U.S. Politics

    But it appears you want me to The article I did quote refers to Obama has been saying it for years , fair enough I can see it's not worth pursuing so you probably won't be interested to know that Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both also made similar comments about NATO and countries not paying their way , as did George Bush in 2006 ... there are lots of things to beat Trump over but it seems comments on NATO spending and relocating car plants aren't two of them
  13. U.S. Politics

    That wasn't what you said though
  14. U.S. Politics

    To quote Obama