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  1. Leaving my sons school last night and a Goshawk ( we think , having looked on the web at birds of prey ) swooped down from above straight into the bush by us and came out carrying a mouse in its beak and flew off obviously I’m gutted for Mrs mouse and her kids but it was pretty damn awesome to see that happen right in front of our noses ... gotta love nature
  2. The Who playing with school classroom instruments
  3. As the article said , there doesn't appear to be any malicious intent by anyone so other than perhaps one for the conspiracy theory thread , its not really the fault of the Tory councillors , which seemed to be the suggestion from your post .... though morally there could be a case made that they should have all resigned at the first council meeting. If I've read it right , then for every conservative you need to remove 2650 votes and then add 265 back on ... on that basis quite a few of them shouldn't be elected , assuming the person didn't make the same block vote error with the other candidates ( for labour it would be a factor of 3 , Indie on a factor of 4 ?) If I've googles the right person then Susie Kemp gets paid £167 ,000 a year for her job with the council .. she should foot the bill for the legal challenge or election re-run as her last act before she resigns
  4. Incredibly bad luck that you cropped the article just before the very same person being quoted goes on to say
  5. Ah guess you’re a St Peters boy then ? a rare season when i get to go to Wembley twice in a week to support a team , 2 wins would be nice
  6. I looked into this today at work ( to see if I could make some frivolous GDPR complaint ) and it seems that where as you usually have to give direct consent for companies to use your personal information , for political parties you have to specifically asked to be removed ... and in the event of an election they can ignore your wishes and still contact you anyway
  7. You have seen him at Villa Park haven’t you no joking apart I thought he’s been a key man the past few weeks
  8. I think Dawson clearly did as evidenced by his reaction ... The shirt pull for Derby’s penalty today seemed tame compared to the attempted theft of McGinns shirt yesterday but again I can see both being given ... and not given
  9. Their leaflet came through my door this morning , under Claims of negotiating a better deal with the EU than the one currently on the table it said something like our preferences are a better deal , a General election and if all those fail then a people’s vote
  10. Comes down to do Derby have a clogger to shackle Jack ... Huddlestone is probably that man but I doubt he has the legs to start at Wembley how we deal with Mount will be interesting , Whelan played a huge part in that 10 game winning streak but Wembley is a big pitch if he’s feeling his age
  11. tonyh29

    Dean Smith

    I think with 13 games to go i said Smith would have to prove in those 13 games he was the man to take us forward I guess he’s just about done that let’s hope he can just get us one more win though
  12. You heading to Wembley on Sun to watch Chertsey Town or are they the enemy for you ?
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