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  1. Things you often Wonder

    Just saw an advert for Nintendo switch is it just me that thought having a teenage girl doing a wanking motion as she “milks a cow “ wasn’t the best idea a marketing team have ever come up with ?
  2. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    But then you miss the chance to make every other parent feel bad on Facebook by constantly posting about how your kids are better than everyone else’s
  3. Preppers

    I don’t drink at home so mine would probably be bottles of Pepsi max which still gives me more cred than craft beer
  4. Week 14 - Seahawks v Gus Bradley

    Beer must be really cheap in Jacksonville the way the fans were throwing it at Richardson
  5. Week 14 - Seahawks v Gus Bradley

    Seahawks going down fighting ...
  6. VillaTalk Deadpool 2017

    Hang on ... I had him on my list boom get in and obviously sad news and condolences and all that
  7. Park Life: AVTV Live

    Click the mute button and then click it again
  8. The cynic in me thinks her release has already been secured and he’s just flying out for a photo op .... guess we will see
  9. The Film Thread

    I’m not offended that you didn’t read my post about it honest ... sniff i thought it was meh as well
  10. Define fair proportion of our society ... I don’t listen to LBC but it appears to be a sample size of one caller on that clip ? its kinda funny in a way if someone made your statement and replaced English racists with Muslim terrorist the VT liberals would be choking on their lentils and jumping on that person for his ignorance ... but call Brexit voters racist and ignorant and the same people don’t bat an eyelid
  11. The Concert/Gig Thread

    yeah I could have got some but I wanted Standing tickets , probably should have just got seats and been done with it ... looking at going to see them in Prague or berlin instead ..**** the touts
  12. would they be the same people saying all planes would be grounded and that we'd have no food in our supermarkets
  13. The Concert/Gig Thread

    tried to get Pearl Jam tickets on pre sale the other day .. 1 second after they went on sale ... no standing tickets available thought maybe they weren't putting them on pre-sale , so logged in today for general sale , 2 different ticket sites , got into both a second after they opened ..not a single standing ticket available However ..they are available on our partner site for an inflated price rocket polishers
  14. that's a good post Pete ... only part I sorta disagree with , is that in the same way that Brown didn't cause the global meltdown in 2008 and wasn't to "blame " for it , the Tories aren't necessarily to blame for austerity ... just about the whole of Europe adopted it , Germany didn't really give most of them a lot of choice .... heck once Balls U-turned on it we even had Labour and Tory arguing over who would cut the most to solve the deficit (until Corbyn came along and decided he's just make us pay using the same money 16 times over ) the US via various stimulus bills went the other way and on paper their economy recovered better than ours / the rest , but all they've done is push a shit load of debt into the future (higher interest payments which will slow growth in the future) ... you can argue we didn't get the same growth , thus austerity didn't work ... but that also ignores the fact that in Europe we were seeing a big downturn in our primary export market... the Tory's may have cut deeper and longer than they needed to , that's the discussion to be had , though as it usually involves the words ideological ,evil , moral compass and social conscious my eyes glaze over and I go and play crossy road instead From my limited understanding austerity seems to have also been a major factor in Merkel not getting a mandate or being able to form a government ( immigration being the other factor ) ... hence my reluctance to call it a Tory austerity any more than I'd call it Browns financial crises