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  1. I guess in its simplest form they still lost 5% of their votes since 2105 ... your chart very conveniently starts at their peak share in 1997 , it probably would have been fairer to start at 1983 where they polled 44% and steadily grew that % until the 1997 peak .... it suggests perhaps that a fair benchmark for Labour in Copeland with an incompetent leaders is around 44 to 46 % ? In terms of pinning it on someone .. I guess whoever made the campaign all about the NHS should be the one that falls on their sword ...
  2. Favourite city?

    only city I've been too where you can walk down the stairs to the underground and still be walking 1015 minutes later to reach a platform worth it though for the William tell type overture they play as the tube arrives
  3. tbh I don't know how the Lib Dems came up with their prediction ... for Stoke people were calling it based on a snap shot of looking at the piles of paper in the various trays , it maybe the libs did something similar in Copeland rather than canvasing ? On QT around 10:30 a labour win was kinda being predicted for both constituencies , and even on-line people started to call it as a Labour victory initially , seems they were calling it based on the ward they were in and not the rural wards ?
  4. I'lI try and find the link later but I read an interesting article that appeared to show that even in Vote leave areas around 60% of labour voters were voting remain I suspect this desire to follow the will of the people and Corbyns own personal desire to leave the EU will go down as the final nail in the party's coffin Edit - seems Hanoi read the same article and beat me to it !!
  5. Wonder what the chickens think the Villa score will be tomorrow
  6. UKIP and their non-racist well informed supporters

    Do we move UKIP into the dead pool thread now ?
  7. The lib dems on the ground seem to think the conservatives have taken Copeland ?
  8. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    knowing my luck it will be full of backpackers and vegans .. think I'll pass
  9. UKIP and their non-racist well informed supporters

    I would have thought the recent coverage of Nuttall has been music to Labours ears and ended any chance of a UKIP win in Stoke mind you I thought the Cox killing and the desire to link it to Brexit had also scuppered any chance of a Brexit win either , so nobody should listen to my predictions
  10. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    My mate met some girl on a lads trip back in July .. he'd been out to see her twice since in her home country ... but it fizzled out ... he saw her 3 times (inc the original meet) , the last time was back in December Saw him this morning and said oh I see that girl you met is now in a relationship ( the joy / curse of Facebook) ... and he went mental at me saying I'd ruined his day , saying he didn't want to know things like that ( he's still friends with her on Facebook and as it keeps coming back up on me feed as people comment I'd say it's almost impossible for him not to also see it when he logs in ) and he was really angry and upset and said he hadn't got over her Now you may think my moan is going to be about him and his over reaction (both to me and to someone he's barely met ) ...but No todays rant is about me and wishing I would shut the **** up sometimes ... I'm sure it will heal but I can't help think that things are going to be awkward between us for a little while
  11. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Those obese Americans can't catch anything can they
  12. I'm not sure why a republican bomb in Londonderry is linked to Brexit ... what am I missing here ?
  13. the F-35 is a strange one , I don't think I've ever seen a plane with so many false rumours attached to it .. the best one being it couldn't fly in the rain !! a lot of the myths about it have been debunked but even so it seems they will always stick . Ultimately, the F-35 is experiencing the problems typical of many other planes and nothing more I saw one fly at Farnborough this year , got to say that it's hover capabilities appeared to be a huge step backwards from the Harrier , it's on paper easier for the pilot but it's functionality looked a bit flawed in a combat situation ( takes 15 seconds for everything to engage ... and presumably another 15 to disengage ) As for the engines this was knowledge as far back as 2014 /15 (unless this is a new story you've and those plans are being ripped up and new ones being put in place ?) ... ... Pratt and Witney own 49% of the company in Turkey ,(I'm not sure if that matters in the event of Turkey going rogue ) and probably is a reason why Turkey got the deal ....The good news is (or was ) that Norway and The Netherlands go online with the engine maintenance program 3 years after Turkey (2018) so by 2021 we can get them repaired by our new Trading partners in the EFTA Italy have the airframe contract if I recall ..but we are allowed to handle these out of an RAF base in Norfolk if Italy don't have capacity !! all sounds rather bizarre either way .... Edit - seems Pete beat me to a lot of it !!
  14. Chris Samba

    Can't wait for the Samba / Richards centre back partnership to save us .... almost makes you pine for Zat Knight
  15. The Film Thread

    Hacksaw Ridge tonight ... hadn't seen any reviews on this and assumed it was "just another war film" ...once I got it out my head the lead role was Andy Murray and sat back and enjoyed the film , I have to say it was pretty darn good. the basic premise on the training and platoon not liking him has been done countless times and the film ran the risk of being a bit of a stereotype , even if true , but then along came the battle scenes to take it all the way up to 11 best film of the year so far ... might actually be hard to top it unless they make "Beach Volleyball detectives 3 "