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  1. The Heil have Jack out on a romantic date in Dubrovnik tonight , thought he was back training ?
  2. They are still there , like the one in my post below , just only the chosen few can still see them , it’s been disabled for everyone else
  3. could be like the Suarez buyout clause ,that never existed , but was rumoured to be £40m Arsenal basically bid £1 over it to see if it did exist or not ..and found out , that indeed there was no such clause maybe Citeh are doing something similar ?
  4. this I would have said continue as things are , but someone has removed the gif button , so " continue as things were , before they were changed"
  5. Well exactly , these people are too high profile to be swanning around London unnoticed but that was the 5th Dec , Man City were at home to a Fulham that day , I thinks we’d have noticed if their manager wasn’t present
  6. I'm not doubting your info but , its a bit strange that during a tier 4 lock down in London , all these people got together for a meeting in London and nobody saw them ? you can't even test your eye sight in Bernard castle without 2875 witnesses running off to twitter ..
  7. I do that sometimes with schoolmates , old work colleagues etc and then randomly bump into that person in Tesco or the Pub a couple of days later ... Doesn't work when I lie awake thinking about licking peanut butter off Ana de Armas , but tbf I doubt she shops in Tesco , so i can't fully dismiss powerful forces at work
  8. I'm finding it hard to disagree with you tbh I think i just watched too many episodes to walk away , i needed to know what happened ... i should have known nothing ends after one series and i'd get suckered , but , even the series 3 finale made me half want to watch a series 4 , just to get some closure I hate TV sometimes
  9. For all mankind season 1 , season2 not so much but its still worth sticking with it film wise , Greyhound I thought was really good , but don't think it has many fans
  10. he may be liked by the fans at Chelsea but he isn't particularly liked by the big wigs , he called them all words removed to their faces when they sacked Wilkins and is generally viewed by them as a "nightmare" I'd never rule anything out in football , but I'd be surprised if he went to Chelsea anytime soon .
  11. I quite liked Manifest series one , series two not so much but of course I’ve been suckered into season 3 , which is meh of the highest level by god they better end it there
  12. I saw Corinthians play Ajax there … literally just happened to be playing the day before Villa played Feyenoord In a pre season friendly and Amsterdam was our base camp so went along to the game … impressive stadium , least it was back then , it was probably 20 + years ago now
  13. Sent an email as i was going out the door on Friday to book a courier for Monday morning .... so far so boring thread However just double checking the address details and have now noticed that instead of writing " please can you ring her ..... " I've written " please can you rim her " guess I'd better send another email before the driver gets too excited
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