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  1. I'd say he has definitely retired ... I think the broken ribs and collapsed lung this season just took too much out of him , he was declining but not been the same since he came back and yesterday sadly that was all to painfully obvious .. Winston has just turned 27 and had a year at the club to learn the plays , Id be surprised if he isn't the QB next season ..hopefully with a few cameos from Hill
  2. Shocking way for Brees to go out .... thanks for the memories and enjoy your retirement
  3. Now onto the main event .... not confident , but let’s see what happens
  4. is the expectation he'll be as good /nearly as good as Mahomes ...or hoping for better ?
  5. Maybe the Jags etc will pass on Lawrence and let Atlanta have him at 4 to balance it out Saints seem to be going with Winston next season ... just turned 27 , could be a good move unless we can trade up somehow and grab a hot draft prospect
  6. Yep never get these people who want to have conversations on a train with 40 people listening in... ring me when I’m on a train and you’ll kinda get me say yep , maybe , yep , ok , smell you later
  7. tonyh29

    Do you read?

    I tried LOTR on my commute to work many years back ... couldn't get into it and gave up ... The fantasy genre just isn't really my bag rather than a damning indictment of Tolkien , though I did complete the Hobbit on my ZX Spectrum 48
  8. I do , here is a picture of me from breakfast this morning
  9. tonyh29


    I knew that ... then I went back to page 1 and found out how I knew
  10. We have that in our office with the leave one sheet of toilet paper on the roll trick ... you just pray that someone else had needed bog roll before your next visit and has replaced the roll
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