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  1. tonyh29


    seeing that reminds me I once had to judge a sausage contest , there were entries from all around the world .. The English ones were the best and The German ones were wurst
  2. tonyh29

    2018 Holiday Plans

    we were lucky enough to be in Hamburg the other year when Slagerfest was on ( think that's its name) .. so we got a whole day of street parades and parties , and probably spoilt us a little , interesting about Düsseldorf though , I was only really passing through and had an afternoon there but it didn't look all that exciting .. might have to give it a google
  3. tonyh29

    2018 Holiday Plans

    we were considering Munich for a lads do in August .. a German friend told us it wouldn't be very good and not what we'd be expecting surprised me a little as I've been there before ( 15 odd years ago though ) but I remember it being a good night out ...what was the verdict after your bash out there ?
  4. tonyh29


    hopefully the hurricane will have passed by then and they've had a chance to restore water to the island and fix most of the hotels
  5. tonyh29

    Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    Dispels the myth around it being calorie free then
  6. tonyh29

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I knew I remembered you from somewhere
  7. tonyh29


    Smells like bream spirit
  8. tonyh29

    Alan Hutton

    I'm not a fan but he did Ok last season when called upon that we aren't signing better is probably telling of our financial situation , but if it means we save a few million to put towards replacing Hourihane in CM then its a very good (re)signing for the club
  9. tonyh29

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    cross country was an excuse to head into the woods supervised one teacher to about 30 boys ..... so, we'd sneak off have a crafty cigarette and then rejoin the pack as it come around the loop once I stopped hanging about with the smokers group , turned out I was actually quite good at it and I used to run competitions for the school , right up to when the knees prohibited me from running I enjoyed nothing more than going out on a long run in the rain and getting splattered with mud
  10. tonyh29

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    got around to doing my expenses and for my hotel in Brum the other month , looked at the bill and they've manage to make the car parking look like I purchased an adult movie it's listed as Room - Misc - Paradise City - £10 I went to lengths to point out to the girl in accounts when I passed them to her that it wasn't an adult movie but a car park ..... and from the smirk on her face when I left I can tell she does indeed think it was an adult movie . but , on the plus side I've now learnt that she will re-reimburse me for adult movies on my expenses should I ever enter a legit claim for one
  11. tonyh29

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    that's how you get in the Scotland team now isn't it ?
  12. tonyh29

    World Cup 2018 Betting

    Iran to get out the group is my outside bet .. but then I very rarely win football bets
  13. tonyh29


    it's ok to eat fish , Cause they don't have any feelings
  14. tonyh29

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    take it to the Bolitics thread Jeremy
  15. tonyh29

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    our school split the sport , Football one week , rugby the next , then hockey nobody wanted to do rugby so we used to kick the rugby ball around like a football , when it came to hockey we used it as a football and didn't hit it with our bats needless to say , soon it was changed to football , football and football I like that my school was soo crap we could dictate to it