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  1. Don’t judge me , I’ve been on that desert island a while
  2. My dreams always involve me a desert Island and the Swedish tanning team **** getting to 65 if this is what my dreams are gonna turn into
  3. tonyh29

    General Chat

    My mate did it on a recent lads weekend ... thankfully he pissed out on the balcony rather than all over the hotel room but he has no recollection of it ...his girlfriend confirmed he does have a bit of previous on this
  4. The lack of autopsy and false rumours about him being depressed etc could certainly substantiate the notion of it Wonder if any Russians were visiting Wilmslow cathedral in June 54
  5. I watched the imitation game the other day and did my usual read up on the events afterwards ( fact checking ftw ) There is a case that he didn’t commit suicide the Apple next to his bed was never even tested for cyanide and there was no note , indeed the only note found was a to do list for the next day or two he had however been working with cyanide and may have accidentally poisoned himself Guess we will never know for sure
  6. Talking of stag do / dressing up Flew to Budapest last night and there was a stag do on our plane ... seems the blokes decided on dressing up as spice girls no matter how close a mate , id have faked my own death to get out of that one ...
  7. You sure it was Corbyn ? The guardian had letters of support from many Jewish people regarding Chris Williamson that were removed following an approach from the BofD , haven’t seen anything pertaining to Corbyn on this the complaint was that the guardian reported them as Prominent members of the Jewish community , which they weren’t and many of the supporters had already been expelled /suspended from the Labour Party for anti semitism ... and some of them simply didn’t exist So as conspiracy’s go , it’s possible there isn’t one ?
  8. No Foakes at wicket keeper - shocker from the selectors but expected
  9. There are rumblings from America that Darroch was leaking confidential info to a US journalist , seems it would have been bad form to investigate him ( Five Eyes protocols prohibit intelligence monitoring of allies. ) so the leaks seem to have been a handy way for the Americans to make this go away but we are getting into conspiracy theory territory here
  10. ah yes that famous election victory .. who can forget it I think most have woken up to him and only the fan boys remain loyal .. but with the turmoil in the Tory party he's only one ̶p̶o̶l̶i̶c̶y̶ aspiration away from fooling people into voting for him
  11. tell that to Brian O'Driscoll
  12. I’d be more inclined to agree if you weren’t on record as saying Boris would never lead the party as he’s too unpopular
  13. tonyh29

    General Chat

    we just need a cabbage shaped like a "Thingy" instead of a turnip to complete the sketch
  14. barring any major cluster **** ( so a good chance ) Brexit should be done by any GE , so the Brexit party become irrelevant ..unless they are going to be campaigning for us to re-join

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