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  1. Week 7. Any Given Hundley

    they've already had their season highlight by playing the Saints , they must as well end their season now
  2. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I'm more pissed off that this "discovery" was made back in 2008 and that hey maid has been living on Mars for 9 years on the plus side , she probably still think Aston Villa are a decent team
  3. that sounds far to sensible for me to have posted it .. I must have left my keyboard unattended Only thing I'd say is yougov had Corbyn on 35% back in June , so he's actually losing support
  4. U.S. Politics

    there may be some smoke out there , but tbh I don't think Zervos is going to bring him down .... at cursory glance her story smells fishier than Baldrick's Apple Crumble
  5. Christmas Party Season 2017

    they are free in our office , at that price , I've yet to find a flavour no one wants !!
  6. Christmas Party Season 2017

    Ours are a bundle of laughs , a meal somewhere nearby cause the staff all want to be able to get home by 22:00 I cancelled secret Santa a few years back cause someone thought it would be funny to buy the dyslexic man in the office a Brain Trainer book .. the irony being he then asked who Brian Trainer was !! oh and then the Quality Department lady will bring out a quiz for us all to complete , that the Print department guys always win cause she leaves the answer sheet under the copier thank **** it's only once a year The days of my banking IT Christmas parties where we run up a £5k drinks bill and I was found laying across the railways tracks at London Bridge station and waking up in hospital seem like a lifetime ago ....
  7. Christmas Party Season 2017

    3 mins !! .. get you Mr Bragger
  8. The Apprentice 2017

    presumably the team that designed this robot were on the losing side
  9. I know , I guess I was sorta still in how things would be different without the Tory's mode , even though they all seem to be implementing the same stuff over the years seemed a bit harsh on Grayling really as Hammond finally signed the deal and Grayling only came into the job a year ago
  10. you did no such thing ... you stated why people who vote Tory are blah blah blah , with no mention as to who or why you vote , you could vote Greens for all I know I've also helped you out by putting in bold the bit I was commenting on regarding the anyone but Tories line ... you quite rightly say it's stupid , I was just observing that lots of posters in these threads openly clam ABT ... I'm sure they probably appreciate that you think them stupid
  11. I'd be asking some major questions of the government that made them the preferred bidder .... back in 2009
  12. your last sentence is kinda amusing as the political threads here are predominantly occupied be posters who "aren't Corbyn supporters" but express a view of anyone but Tory
  13. sounds like the bod on the radio was rehashing an old spectator article I read somewhere .... I think they are making predictions based on a lot of "what if" assumptions , doesn't mean they can't be right , but equally doesn't mean that usually sceptical people should abandon all process of thought and jump on their words as proof we are **** ..more so when the OECD themselves ended with a get out of jail caveat
  14. Things you often Wonder

    same , though not like a chimney ... I'll have a couple if I'm in a bar that allows it , no way am I going outside to stand under a lean to with a B&Q heater though also , depends which group of mates I'm with as well , as the main group , surprisingly , we don't have a single smoker amongst us