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  1. I think your source is misleading here .... we won't lose 7% of our GDP , there are some estimates that it would grow 7% less than if we stayed ... i.e that could mean that the UK economy still grows, but more slowly than if we remained in the EU
  2. Alas my kids outgrew it so i've not been for years ... not Woking related but check out Zero latency though if you like Laser Quest ..not been but it looks pretty decent
  3. Woking is about 4 miles from my home and until Andrew mentioned it I never knew it had a Pizza Express ..they should start paying Andrew for all the promotion work he has been doing for them
  4. tonyh29

    Dean Smith

    Was interesting to read an interview with McGinn where he said he was being better coached than he was at Hibs , the inference i took was that Smith and Co are drilling the players on their roles and what not , so I think thats a positive. just need to see the results , I think we can assume Everton , West Ham and Spurs aren't going to be relegation rivals and some of the other clubs are starting to put a bit of daylight on us ..and that run of Man U , Chelsea , Leicester , Sheff U , doesn't scream easy games at me
  5. That was kinda my point I have heard of Swift as that "shake it off " song was played everywhere I went a few years back , but no clue on the others My teenage daughter went to see Kiss in concert the other week and saw Metallica back in the summer , Mrs H29's influence on her I guess she's always playing that kind of music in the car
  6. Just saw a video on a facebook feed video .. the video starts with some text "5 of the biggest names in world football come together " .... First up Terry Henry , so yeah fair enough good start , arguably the best player to ever play in the premier league however , next up Danny Rose , Gareth Southgate , Jermiane Jenas and Peter Crouch you can **** right off with your biggest names there its about mental health which is why it shouldn't piss me off as the intent is clearly good ....
  7. She's playing Mad Cool in Madrid this year and a few other festivals around Europe so i think you could be right I've been looking at festivals in Europe for next year as we went to Mad Cool in 2018 , and had a real blast , we had Pearl Jam , Depech Mode , Queens of the stone age , Kasabian . MGMT , Snow Patrol , Jet, nine inch nails , Eels plus many more fast forward to 2020 and they have Taylor Swift , Billie Elish ,Alt-J ,Jamie Callum , Nothing but thieves and many others I've not heard of talk about a waste of a festival
  8. tonyh29


    The town square area is pretty enough with lots of bars and restaurants , its kinda in the old town so also has the bastion , couple of nice churches and look scenic look out points ..the invention factory might be interesting if that's your thing .. Kadriorg park is nice for a walk about and also where a lot of the museums are based ( again , if that's your thing) No real "wow "factor though , other than the women ( but I doubt they will be wearing the skimpy outfits they were wearing in July when I was there ) if you are feeling adventurous then take the Ferry to Helsinki for the day , there is a big(ish) market along the front as you come out the ferry terminal and you can eat Reindeer in some of the restaurants if you want some novelty value ... there is a Tractor restaurant that is quite famous within walking distance ( called Zetor i think) where you can have mousse of smoked reindeer , reindeer soup , reindeer steak ..other meats are available though so fear not
  9. tonyh29

    General Chat

    A man that knows what he wants .. young kid did something similar to me when i was in the Gambia , he came up to me on the beach and said I live in very poor family and don't have many clothes so when you leave could I have one of your old t-shorts ... But not the one you wore yesterday , can i have the Nike one you were wearing on Friday please this was about 1990 , sadly these days he'd probably want my T-shirt to use as a tent
  10. Cardinals robbed there ,was never a first down and then next play 49ers get a touchdown when they probably would have been kicking
  11. Starting to feel a Tony tiny bit better about last weeks result now , Falcons on fire at the moment
  12. I won’t shake that image from my head now every time I listen to “At the unfairground”
  13. tonyh29

    General Chat

    Nice one Pete I Agree , I wasn’t the only car around when Keith ( I learnt his name a bit later) fell over , it looked a bad fall as well ... I was the only one that bothered to stop , which sorta pissed me off a little , I thought people were better than that was something similar in Guildford the other month , man in a wheelchair had come out of Sainsbury’s had a trolly full of shopping , but was clearly quite distressed , everybody walked past him and looked the other way ... quick chat with him and it turned out he wanted a wheelchair access taxi , none of the companies he called had one readily available .. i rang a few with not much luck but one told me that Guildford station legally had to have some on the rank , so I drove down there spoke to the taxi driver with a wheelchair ramp and told him the situation , he pretty much wound his window up and ignored me , thankfully the second driver said yeah no problem I’ll follow you to him and off we went ... wheelchair man (Paul) essentially does all he can to be normal , wants to do his own shopping just had a mare that day with the taxis ... he gave my daughter one of his donuts as a Thank you , so she got an important lesson in one good turn deserves another People are often quite generous when it comes to giving money but don’t appear to want to engage with the people face to face like they will catch something off them.
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