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  1. tonyh29

    General Chat

    Wowsers that’s impressive
  2. Bet Southgate still doesn’t pick him ... he’ll probably prefer someone whose played something like 6 mins for Chelsea instead
  3. tonyh29

    Pepe Reina

    I actually think he’ll be disappointed with their goal , wouldn’t necessarily say he was at fault just seemed a bit slow getting his hands down which I think the pro that he is will disappoint him
  4. Followed up the worst debut in footballing history with another shocker if we can’t send him back at least give him some time on the treadmill before we throw him back in the team
  5. tonyh29

    Dean Smith

    Tough one , beat Watford Tuesday and things look a little better ... lose and we are in deep shit I turned off at half time , that was possibly the worst 45 mins of football I’ve ever seen and nothing was going to make me watch any more of it ...glad to see the players at least responded second half and got a point
  6. Take him off he’s nowhere near sharp enough for this level
  7. That yellow card suggests one week hasn’t restored him to match sharpness !!
  8. And yet you tell the jocks that and Sturgeon gets all huffy about tit
  9. 8 off the over and out ... shame he didn't stick around and put up a bigger score but England need quick runs about now so job done in that regard
  10. Curran thinks he's playing in a t20 by the looks of things
  11. tonyh29

    The Film Thread

    wasn’t that impressed with 1917 , I mean sure it looked good and was will filmed but the script / plot was a bit weak ... it was like a poor mans Apocalypto at times, decent film but dunno just didn't do enough for me ...
  12. Was she the one on the momentum ballot for endorsement with no other candidates ?
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