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  1. Lynch version was released on the 15th March ( though most sources have it as the 22nd hence my post ) the Beatles recorded it in a studio on 11th Feb , Lynch recorded his version 26th Jan But the Beatles performed it on tour and recorded a demo of the amended version that Lynch used at McCartneys home prior to the recordings I guess as Bicks says it’s ambiguous but Lynch was in effect covering the song that he heard the Beatles play
  2. Opinion is divided on the matter you say it isn't , everyone else says it is
  3. the telescope is perfect for a Grayling " I see no ships" gag
  4. for you know who ... UK single release on this day in 1963 of 'Misery', by Kenny Lynch. the 1st cover of a Beatles song
  5. I thought he was a close pal , what with him being the only other Barry Town Supporter
  6. Was probably Bohemian Rhapsody , I always get the urge to shoot a music video whenever that comes on as well
  7. Genie energy ( through a subsidiary Afek Oil) actual got award the rights in 2013 for exploration in Syrian owned Golan Heights , wouldn't that put it in the Obama era ? Indeed Obama even received a request from Assad asking for serious peace talks and what it would take to return the Golan Heights to Syria ... and whilst Kerry was sent to Israel to put it to them , nothing seems to have actually progressed on the subject , despite Israel being surprised at how much Assad was willing to concede over the subject . Also , as recently as Aug 2018 Russian troops were based in Golan , perhaps this sovereignty move is intended to remove Russia and Iran from Israels border ... as well as a grab for oil which goes without saying
  8. Dunno , it sounds like she is in her last days .. yeah I know we’ve been saying that since the election , but I think this time it’s for real, even her whip and deputy PM are briefing agaisnt her
  9. I know it was only Lancashire but Surrey’s Will Jacks hit a century off 25 balls today , included a max 36 off the over quickest century in professional cricket by an English player and only 20 , must be something in the water in Surrey
  10. Interesting proposal from Denver to replace the onside kick
  11. It’s not really near the bar areas but if you went to Margaret island or Nyugat railway station then you were within spitting distance of it
  12. Missed this post yep it’s at the end of the number 2 tram line on Falk Miska Street , the word is he was part Hungarian related to Miska Falk .. see what they did there Been there a good few years I’ve got a picture of it on my phone dated 2014

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