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  1. Cough ** boy George video ** cough
  2. Greyhound I thought was really excellent , though I think a few people have disliked it . For Mankind season 1 was quite good , I’m struggling a bit with season 2 though , but some of the subtle timeline shifts are interesting , They aren’t particularly integral to the plot it’s just subtle background tv news whereby you’ll notice John Lennon wasn’t assassinated and so on
  3. Could have written that myself , just with more spelling errors and poor punctuation. I might slightly differ with you on “sitcoms” though ... as I’m a fan of Simpsons , family guy and a few others that I guess would get classed as “sitcoms”
  4. I don’t profess to be an expert on Sushi , but when i went to Japan I was told the best Sushi is a few days old as it gives time for the amino acids to release and flavour it
  5. If I’m in a 50 zone and the car in front isn’t doing at least 51 I swear like Malcom Tucker at them , it’s particularly noticeable with old people when the price of fuel goes up 2p a litre and they think that means they need to drive at 30 through a 50 zone to get back in profit . but we are in my favourite subject here... if a child jumps in front of your car at 30 mph you can kill them , whereas if you were doing 20 mph they might live ... however if you were doing 40 mph in that 30 zone you’d be 100 yards up the road when they jumped out into that particular spot and well out
  6. Never watched Big Brother , probably never will , thus I have no idea who this woman that just died is ... I have heard of Jade Goody as she was front page news for being a racist ... must confess I did watch Big Brother in Hungary when I lived there ...mainly because they decided to bring a porn star in to sleep with one of the contestants , who basically did a vinegar stroke followed by an apology as it had “been a while” what with being in a house for about 3 weeks .... next day they invited his long term girlfriend into the house after he’d just humiliated her on national tv an
  7. The bishops cock ? edit - guess I should have read the rest of the thread before posting ... way too slow
  8. Have the same conversations with my mum... did you watch strictly last night ? Me - No, I’ve never watched it .. her - well one of the dancers did a thing with their partner and got 4 perfect 10 scores and it turns out they are seeing each other outside the show and having an affair . me ... never heard of them , still don’t watch the show , still don’t care her ... oh , did you see I’m a celebrity, one of the people me - let me stop you right there every bloody week we get this sort of conversation with whatever celeb crap is showing ... a part of me actually
  9. a poor game that was pretty much a non event. I can’t even pick a man of the match it was so nondescript , smith has his work cut out in the summer wrong formation and team again
  10. Carragher is an idiot... it can’t be off as Cash made an attempt at the ball !
  11. Just been to get myself a drink from the fridge , in doing so I’ve edged past Traore in terms of movement in the first half .
  12. Given the boards plan of investing in the brightest young talent , when do we think they will push through to the first team ? Does Barry go out on loan to the championship next season with a view of being a starter at villa the season after , or do we drop him in the first team squad next season , in which case we won’t be dropping £40m on someone in that position, given we also have Wesley ( and Davis to a lesser extent ) ... and so on for other positions , Ramsey is likely to be in front of £14m Sanson next season and both are arguably going to be behind Doug and McGinn , if we invest on u
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