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  1. I'm assuming the people who spent hours analysing the planning permission on Dominic Cummings parents house are probably having wet dreams about investigating every planning application law this statue has broken
  2. Some people will indeed view the new statue as the ideal monument to the symbolic act of toppling the statue of a slave trader , but (caveat I've not followed the BLM debate that closely ) weren't there some questionable objectives with the BLM movement that are not really something a lot of people would feel comfortable commemorating ? So , some of those people, who aren't all gammons and racists ,who were probably ambivalent are now potentially going to be a bit irked by it ? Jen Reid might just be your run-of-the-mill activist and not a diehard Marxist , but I'm sure someone is currently trawling through her Internet history looking for dirt. On the general debate , I think it is a mistake to automatically adopted this default position that everyone objecting to the statue is a gammon or a racist ... My view has been that the existing Colston statue was probably right to come down , but the way they toppled it was wrong (Its well documented I'm not a fan of mob rule taking the law into their own hands ). The artists stunt today is quite provocative and should spark some more debate and awareness, which is a good thing, but ultimately the statue has to come down (correctly and not carried out by a baying mob ) .... or they could go through the process of having it approved like any other statue would be . The people of Bristol were promised a consultation of what should go on the plinth ,who knows, they might be proud of the statue and want it to stay in place. That opinion is neither gammon , nor racist , but in effect the conversation is already essentially fingers in the ear and la la la I can’t hear you ..quite sad really , I think its important discussions should be had .
  3. I don't know about back in the day of the Colston statue , though Wiki suggests his statue was proposed by a charity and funds raised via a public appeal ... But now its kinda exactly how it works , there are planning applications and public consultations for statues ..
  4. I guess the ultimate irony will be loads of activists turning up to defend the statue from football fans that said , It was a few individuals who took the criminal action to bring down Colston, and one individual who seems to have decided to replace it with his work , whilst its a powerful bit of publicity for the artist , its not really how a democracy should work ... if the public want it to stay then great but I fear they've just created a huge target for the racists by doing this
  5. Like 90% of our team , he's way too slow for modern football , always looks like he's running in treacle .. during that brief spell on Sunday where Palace remembered they were in a football match , they had a break away and by the time Hourihane got back from their half , the game had ended and the Palace team were on the bus back to London To his credit he tries hard and has never let us down but he'd be better suited to American football and a special teams role where you can bring him on as required .
  6. tonyh29

    The Film Thread

    I’d have happily seen more of Milla
  7. Well yes that’s why I wrote what I wrote .. you seem to be reading a different post when answering mine edit - actually I guess tI didn’t quite make it clear that the rice company were behind the latest change , just the earlier one , but I’d have thought it was obvious enough .
  8. Through their marketing they upgraded uncle Ben to the chairman of the company back in 2007 ... guess 13 years later society has decided that didn’t go far enough and the brand is changing again ... no biggie brands evolve all the time without eroding anyone’s rights , chances are most people won’t even realise
  9. We got stuck in for a change , never gave them a chance to settle and it worked , Zaha was ineffective , and the rest of their midfield made ours look world class at times ... Legs started to tire and their subs brought them some energy but thankfully Agent Benteke taking that open goal from Dann stoped it being more nervy than it could have been Elmo brought some stability and experience to the team and pushed LuIz for MOTM ...
  10. tonyh29

    John Terry

    Terry was kinda forced on Smith by the board , wonder if the plan was to groom him for the job long term ? guess all will be revealed in the next week or so once the fall out from our relegation kicks in
  11. tonyh29

    The Film Thread

    Watched “can you ever forgive me” tonight .... what a great film , never thought I’d be sitting here saying I enjoyed a film with Melissa McCarthy in it but she is great as is Richard E Grant who plays Richard E Grant . You get a few films that you’d happy watch over and over again and this one makes the list , wish I’d have watched it sooner
  12. Oh well lock thread see you in a couple of years Prem league thread
  13. tonyh29

    Tyrone Mings

    when we go down we should be able to get £5m for Hourihane then
  14. tonyh29

    Dean Smith

    I can't speak for others, but we could have at least gone down with a fight ... We are playing for our survival here , we basically spent that second half playing Football **** manager in "don't hurt us" mode , some sort of fear that if we tried to tackle or heaven forbid try and score United might punish us and go for 5 or 6 nil ( a scoreline that it probably should have been anyway ) it's a team going through the motions , they look lost , Dean looks lost , if he was a cat you'd have taken him to the vet by now and had him put out of his misery . Reading back through the individual player threads on this forum for the season , even when we weren't winning there was some optimism that players looked quite decent , with the exception of Luiz nearly every player seems to have regressed the longer the season has gone on .. i guess 2 points from 30 will do that to a player , but to my mind it also shows the manager and his coaches are failing in their jobs ... Norwich are doomed , but from watching them , although they lack in quality and play some suicidal football at times , they are fighting for their manager , i think they believe in their manager .. you can't say the same for our players 4 games to go , We need to be feeding these players raw steak and poking them every 5 minutes with a cattle prod before the Palace game, so they go out there angry and fired up ..instead Smith looks the sort that will give them some chamomile tea and tell them everything will be ok . The job of getting us out the championship next season and developing those young players , needs to be with someone better than Smith and better coaches , in my Football **** Manager opinion
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