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  1. On Sky Smith says “we need a midfielder and an attacker ,we will see if there is someone who can fulfill both roles and hopefully we might get one more in” So , Smith seems to be thinking only one more coming in .... and a couple out . true we shouldn’t finish 17th but we aren’t going to be causing Burnley any sleepless nights in pipping them to 10th this season either .. resigned to watching Hourihane, Trez and El Ghazi in our starting 11 at numerous points this season , when I had dreams of them being given the odd 10 mins here and there . Disappointed all in all if it prove
  2. looks much better on my mobile and is more user friendly , so thumbs up there Desktop.. guess it’s just a case of getting used to it ... which from someone who still refers to Zimbabwe as Rhodesia and starbursts as Opal Fruits , could take some time
  3. an e-bike feels like cheating to me , a steep Hill I want to feel the burn and test myself as a climb it ... if an e bike Is for commuting , well we already have things called cars that can transport you effortlessly from A to B , and a flat cap and driving gloves makes you look far cooler than Lycra
  4. Long as you aren’t wearing Lycra and causing a 3 mile tailback on the A320 during rush hour as you and your mate pretend you are in the peloton then , yeah go for it bit of exercise and enjoying some fresh air perfectly normal But cycling next to the cycle path built specifically for you , acting like a militants as you chase someone for 16 mile to confront them for not giving you 60 foot clearance ( and sharing the whole event via social media to bask in the glow of moral righteousness) or riding on a pavement shouting get out the way / ringing a bell when you aren’t actually permi
  5. I'll be honest and say I've not followed the story and also, BGT is not something I watch so I didn't see the performance .. but reading their explanation of the performance it was "The performance contextualised COVID-19 and racism as two diseases inflicting British society" . Diversity seem to have felt this UK racism was best contextualised by restaging images that took place in the USA of a white policeman kneeling on the neck of a Black man ... I mean it's an image everybody knows , but it doesn't really reflect what they claim if you ask me .... but that's by the by , I th
  6. Least we forget 5 years ago today @blandy accidentally deleted The banker loving, baby-eating Tory party thread
  7. Actually, I don't think they could How are the bad guys and the obligatory notch on the bed post supposed to know who he is when he mumbles the immortal "The na mumble , Bo mumble , Jam mumble Bon mumble "
  8. Yep , Vikings let me down for the clean sweep ...
  9. Same old same old , but glad to see that one out as I’m sure we’d have conceded at this point last season Not sure that was ever a pen but good debut for the keeper and also a good debut for my heart as for the first time in ages I didn’t have to squirm in my seat every-time the ball went near our area . Targett worried me though , he always seems to be wrong side of attackers and switches off , time we upgrade on him at some point Trez showing why we seem to be signing 2 wingers , hopefully we will only see him coming in from the bench from now on Luiz ended the season w
  10. Nope none of that , the only German you hear in it is actually quite well woven into the film , it’s more about Hanks character on his first crossing and how he deals with events , 90 min long film but it seemed to zip by , which for a Hanks film is nothing short of a miracle
  11. Anyone else use the app for this ? all my week one scores are showing incorrect values , havertz scored 2 points , Salah was 20 etc No biggie just curious if it’s only happening to me
  12. Saw Greyhound last night Empire kinda low scored it as it didn’t offer any background on the characters but I really liked it ... they avoided the cliche of boom boom boom underwater sequences as the subs were hunted and it was just a fast paced film as Hanks character goes about his job. The film deserves a wider audience than it will presumably get on Apple TV
  13. Someone tried this a few years back for a TV show had a special suit made and oxygen mask etc .... they aborted when the snake started to break his arm if i recall
  14. Playing at 25% tonight treating it like the pre-season friendly that it kinda is but some of his touches tonight have been sublime ... can’t wait to see him playing at full throttle
  15. we will be too good for him next season , he’s not a top 6 team player
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