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  1. Money - Making it and saving it

    I could spend 6 months on a binge filled holiday of cocaine and hookers and still not spend $15,000 what sort of bills cost that much ? I don't think Corbyn has ever supported the ISA to be fair
  2. I think Gary Oldman should give the BAFTA he received last night to Power its a yellow and nothing more ... be interested to know why the ref appears to even have written his name on the yellow before changing it to a red ....
  3. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Michael Portillo train prog on BBC just now Flying Scotsman
  4. What do you drive?

    I got my Hybrid couple of weeks back for a while I got around 90 mpg from it , but now I use it as you would use any other car , I'm getting a round 34 mpg ... I could get more if I could be arsed to plug it in but for the 18 miles it gives me ( which is more like 12 when you actually drive it) , its frankly not worth it ... I do charge the battery off the engine on long journeys but even that is more novelty of watching the little screen show me what the car is doing and I'm sure I'll soon get bored of that on the plus side I get free congestion charge and my company car tax dropped from 32% to 9% ... and I only had to sacrifice .2 of a second on my 0-60 in order to do so as per my above ... I fit in this category
  5. Josh Onomah

    With CC being such a tiny place my seat in row 3 wasn't far from the touch line ... so from my view point of being about 10 feet away from him , there was a ball that came into him that the Fulham player was committed to and was going to always draw a foul ( like a sort of Alan Hutton tackle where you win the ball but you also take a bit of the man with it ) ... Onomah managed to avoid that situation by simply pulling out of the tackle and Fulham came out with possession for a ball they should never have won and that seems to sort of sum him up for us , I just don't think he'd committed to the cause and I'd rather not see him in the shirt again
  6. Ratings & Reactions: Fulham v Villa

    Bit too square pegs in round holes for my liking today crested nothing , deserved nothing , got nothing fingerd crossed we get it right for Tuesday
  7. Match Thread: Fulham v Villa

    We’ve come for the draw ..: remains to see if we can Sheff U it and nick one at the death tv stat inside the ground said Fulham have 73% posession but we’ve had more shots (off target)
  8. District Line Shut

    I came in on the district line around 11:30 and it was fine then amusingly the German bar I’m in has signs saying home fans only and it’s 90% full of villa fans
  9. District Line Shut

    I came in on the district line around 11:30 and it was fine then amusingly the German bar I’m in has signs saying home fans only and it’s 90% full of villa fans
  10. Racism

    I’d say more to do with ignorance tbh
  11. Racism

    I thought it was simply that Pakistani’s tend to be living up North in poorer areas with no real prospect ?
  12. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    I thought the way to beat Wolves was the Warnock kick them way as they don’t seem to like physical teams ? trouble is we don’t really play that way that said we look a far better team at the moment than we did in the fixture earlier this season
  13. André Green

    He goes missing a lot in games , more so when the team around him is crap I.e like at Reading earlier this season thats not necessarily his fault but we need the manager to well errm manage him and protect him ... and Bruce looks as though he will do that accept he's a decent player learning his trade and that his time will come
  14. Possibly interesting maps...

    I just recalled reading that a vote was passed to say all federal stuff had to be in English ... which I took to then make it the official language ... could well be that they still don’t have an official one tbh
  15. Possibly interesting maps...

    English only became the official language in 2006