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  1. Short answer is More ICU beds more testing so you can get people to those beds earlier but also the average age of those infected in Germany is much lower than other countries , 49 v 60+ in neighbouring countries, although young people can die from it they do have a better recovery rates ... long answer is in this NY Times article
  2. Although it isn’t a team accomplishment thing I guess you’d be hard pushed not to agree Brady deserve a spot , but Rodgers over Brees , WTF !! presumably the vote was only open to cheeseheads or something ? Brees holds just about every QB record there is ... and in the decade concerned beats Rodgers on most stats .
  3. OT but that video was one of the first videos I saw on the Internet way back when Netscape was a thing ... the squelching of whale meat landing on people
  4. The new Shadow AG is an unelected Lord ...surprised it’s not been mentioned seeing as people have strong views on such matters...
  5. be interesting to read it if you have a link ? I saw a traffic light approach to " normality " being discussed but it didn't have any timescales attached to it .. this approach could carry a bit of weight as one of the authors of the paper outlining it was a Chief advisor to Johnson when he was Mayor of London
  6. They used an E gate surely ? , I can't see them letting people just walk straight in the country with open turnstiles ?
  7. I think even that is tricky ... go back a few weeks and it was why can't we be like Japan and South Korea .... Japan is now at the brink of declaring a state emergency could be months \ years before we find out if Sweden was right or wrong
  8. they make some great 5G technology apparently I agree ,I went with China as it was topical what with the failed testing kits mentioned a few pages before
  9. The "made in China " label on it tells you that
  10. tbf Corbyn did that ... just they were united against him I watched the Andrew Neil interview with the candidates , and Nandy and LB looked out of their depth .. Starmer seemed much better equipped than those 2 , from reading this unbiased thread it's clear VT think he will wipe the floor with Johnson , and is already our next PM ... but i think they are overlooking Johnson's record by doing this .. I agree it kinda baffling how Johnson has got where he has , but he clearly has something more than just the public are thick , going for him
  11. they have a population of circa 9 million .. we have a population of circa 66 million , so I still don't think its a valid comparison tool tbh
  12. I've done a few trials with clients using Zappar that could even negate this as it allows you to rotate 3D images of a product and change its colour , style and so forth ... there is even an option of wearing headphones so you could hear what noise a product makes when you turn it on , use it or whatever
  13. the failed kits were from China , if the internet is to be believed .. the Welsh contract was with Roche according to Drakeford ... but Roche deny such a deal ... could still be shaninigans going on , but these aren't the duffers you are looking for Plyd Cymru are the ones going with the Gazumped line , nothing seems to be clear at this stage though
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