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  1. tonyh29


    Mrs H and the kids are away in Hungary so I'm home alone this week 2 am this morning i get woken up by someone playing the piano in the boys bedroom (badly i should add , thus my first instinct was that it was the boy and he'd somehow come home ) I went in there and the Cat was walking up and down along the keys having the time of it's life ... weird thing is it's an electric piano and the cat has to have physically located the on button and pushed it down in order to make it work ... but its why cats are cooler than dogs , all dogs can do is say "sausages" for Esther Rantzen , mine thinks its Andre Previn poxy thing then woke me up at 6 am cause it was hungry ... she's not in my good books this morning
  2. not this bollocks again .. but just so you you know I'm not Agnetha Faltskog , thus I don't date people obsessed with me but to address the false accusation , it was quite easy really , When I saw the posts and discussion around it I typed Glyphosate into Google the very first result under Top Stories is an article that mentions all about the product and some background , I didn't need voices in my head , private text messages from Tory HQ or even A bloke from Twitter to tell me here , I'll even help you find it as i know how tiresome it can be to use a search engine sometimes
  3. tonyh29

    The Film Thread

    about 40 mins into The crying game
  4. he said " Eton gang" I'm sure I don't have to point out the obvious flaw in your post the Eton influence isn't really there any more , Mays cabinet has the fewest privately educated people since Atlee in 1945 .. The labour shadow cabinet probably has more children being privately educated than the cabinet these days
  5. how many of the current cabinet went to Eton out of interest ?
  6. Labour Shadow Defra Minister David Drew is on record as saying The view in Britain is that it should be re-licenced and Labour will support that (as indeed did it's MEPS ) granted they didn't push for 15 years , but seem to be hedging their bets a little by issuing statements about science based findings and being mindful of any new findings I was under the impression it was 2022 before anything could be looked at though ?
  7. you'd think the EU would ban a cancer causing product what with them having much higher standards than the USA , I'm sure it being a German company and Germany being the country that pushed the Commission proposal to renew the glyphosate license for five years was just a coincidence
  8. tbf I think its just a word used in the things that piss you off thread that has kinda worked its way into the mainstream rather than any sinister tones , but fair enough I'll endeavour to avoid using it going forward
  9. He went on a Daily Mail rant on QT and then it transpired he’d been previously praising them and attempting to get work with them I was trying to wittily suggest your daily mail jibe was worthy of the Heil itself and you could work for them , hey ho guess we can’t all be Stewart Lee tbf you have then readdressed the post and I shall endeavour to reply to it when I get to the office tomorrow and pretend to be busy at work
  10. He doesn’t have policies only aspirations ...
  11. tonyh29

    The Film Thread

    yeah that's the one .. didn't realise there was a previous film ?
  12. tonyh29

    The Film Thread

    Saw Unfriended last night it's not being reviewed well but it's a decent effort , I feared the worst when the cinema was full of teenage kids who were babbling away and using their phones during the first few minutes , but even they soon got sucked into the film and became engrossed in it few shocks , twists and turns , some Final destination style deaths , all highly improbable , but hey welcome to Hollywood It's not the best film you'll ever see , but worth a watch and i and my fellow cinema audience all enjoyed it