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  1. John Terry

    We even sung "he's won more than you" to reading fans on Tues who were calling him shit
  2. U.S. Politics

    whilst I don't wish to detract form the case you've put forward , Lee was opposed to monuments, specifically Confederate war monuments .. he went so far as to say countries that erased visible signs of civil war recovered from conflicts quicker ...that by keeping these symbols alive, it would keep the divisions alive
  3. U.S. Politics

    Some interesting 2016 stats here if anyone is interested .. 2015 and 2017 also available sone frightening stats all in all on that page as a side it does appear that more people are dying of headshots in 2017 than 2106 so it suggests Americans are becoming better shots ....
  4. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I think you need to go and get your eyes tested .... oh wait
  5. Tony Xia

    It's a bit shit to tweet a cryptic clue that you are thinking of sacking the manager , so it can only be a message of support .... unless he's already been sacked but the final terms are being drawn up before any announcement ?
  6. Glenn Whelan

    Remember how it was the fault of having Bacuna alongside him guess not
  7. best I know it's the airlines validation method rather than any govt policy etc ... but , I flew from Belfast to LHR the other month and showed no ID what so ever ... my mates did have to show their passports / ID to get their boarding passes from the BA desk , where as I'd checked in online and already got mine on my phone , so it could be a flaw or a one off When I've done domestic from LHR they take your photo as you go through the initial gate and scan your boarding pass and then they match the photo up before you board the plane , but there wasn't any evidence of this at Belfast
  8. Conor Hourihane

    from a very low benchmark that was just about his best game for us last night ... needs to do a lot more though
  9. Andre Green

    Doesn't do it for me , probably needs to be in a team with more confidence about it so I'd bench him for now
  10. Steve Bruce

    He won't turn this around so get rid I fear for anyone taking over though as they are inheriting a pile of crap
  11. Glenn Whelan

    Did we keep the receipt , can we send him back
  12. Glenn Whelan

    Did we keep the receipt , can we send him back ?
  13. Pre-Match Thread

    bugger ..someone just offered me a ticket and I said yes before I could think about an excuse for not going oh well , I'm sure it will be a stormer of a game as the players look to respond after the humiliation of Sat
  14. that's a wee bit rascal'ish with the truth isn't it ? ... it lists other and then asks you to name them .. Jacob Rees-Mogg was written in under the “Other” category as the choice of 142 respondents. If he had been in the survey, he would have come second the survey also states they only named 11 candidates , but could have had a lot more
  15. that's your perspective , if you ask someone who isn't ABT you might get a different answer