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  1. Ha , I clicked the link and thought it was youtube showing me an advert to start with , eventually realised it was the song ... way to mellow me for but not offensive on the ears . I thought that with "Spangled" , who i drunkenly discovered at the isle of Wight .. the song /band probably won't get anywhere , but live they had a real energy , especially the lead singer who was bouncing around all over the stand .. but I'm a sucker for guitar solos in upbeat songs You'll hear if you click the link , they probably should have formed 15 years ago and they would have got far more coverage and airplay ,
  2. Ouch i like music just not anything written after about 1996. But , from the list of artists she collaborated with I now know why I’ve never heard of her …
  3. was it guilt after after taking his wife out dancing and shagging the night before ?
  4. There used to be a magazine you could pickup that told you every contest ( and if it required them , the answers) ..also gave you the address to write to for those contests that didn't require a purchase . I think there have been quite a few contestants on game shows over the years who have bene on 3 or 4 of them , guess only a limited amount of people actually want to be on TV .. One of the easiest places to win free stuff is Absolute radio , my mates rings up quite frequently and probably wins about once a month
  5. I went to Turner field many years back .. not been to Truist park Have they banned the "chop" yet ?
  6. was it just me who said "who" to themselves as they read this
  7. The humiliation of Jack by Southgate continues
  8. I'd keep , I dunno £30m for myself and give the rest away to family , mates , charity etc .. Setup an animal foundation protecting Sharks and Red Pandas ( well 2 foundations as I guess pandas and sharks won't really get on) And i'd pay the bagpipe player who lives near @Bicks , to play an hour long Beatles melody on the bagpipes every day . it's a nice problem to have but i reckon with the backgrounds / upbringings of me , my my mates and family it would ruin us .. its an obscene amount and hard to be comfortable having imo .. I wouldn't be against winning a million or 2 , it would change your life but not to Bruce Wayne proportions .
  9. RHCP tickets for London secured not seen them live before so looking forward to it ( waits for VT to say they are rubbish )
  10. on a similar vein , I watched one on youtube the other day for the producer who made Heroes (Bowie) you listen to the different layers and think WTF .. and then they blend it all in and Bam
  11. If she never won another match in her life she’s still achieved something fantastic … but from what I’ve seen of her I think she will comfortably win more slams , it’s been a whirlwind few weeks for her , with lots of attention and hype , she looked grounded enough to deal with all that long term though .
  12. It’s strange , back in the days of Frank Bruno he was the plucky bloke who the nation took to its heart cause he came close to winning a few times , ditto Henman to a degree , Euro 96 and so on and now suddenly we’ve become a society that thinks abusing an 18 year old in her third tournament is acceptable, or abusing young men who missed a penalty in a Euro final etc unfortunately the genie is out the bottle with regards to giving the morons a voice but I’d love it if these platforms took a stance somehow and didn’t give idiots a platform .
  13. Born in Kent , lived in Surrey for 44 years but they way some posters refer to me as a cockney shandy drinker I’d imagine people think I sound like Danny Dyer . the clues were there but when I met @chrisp65 I was quite surprised at how Welsh he sounded to the point I was expecting the rest of the Treorchy Male Choir to turn up at anytime .
  14. I’ve not read the book etc but from the trailer I watched I couldn’t help think I was just watching another Star Wars film just without light sabres ? I’ll still go see it , be great to finally find out what it’s all about having heard of dune for years and years
  15. Just back from Bond is it fair to say it’s the worst Bond film ever ? i mean it’s not really a Bond film , everything you loved (or hated) about Bond has been removed … , it was like a nod and a wink to every Bond film whilst doing everything they could to make it as un-Bond as possible .. and then what you were left with was a kinda jumbled mess that made no real sense . It has some moments , it’s not terrible … it’s just not really Bond You know how when it’s late night and you are channel hopping and Casino Royale is three quarters of the way though and you really should just switch the tv off but you stay and watch the rest of the film even though you’ve seen it 20 times …. I just don’t see anyone ever wanting to watch this Bond film a second time …guess I’ll know the answer to that when it’s on ITV3 at 23:00 on a Thursday night in a few years time
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