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  1. 22 weeks was the legal position according to some lawyer I heard on 5 live the other night ... was along the lines of legislation would take 11 weeks ,a week for transition and then a 10-week campaign. which I guess equates to feasible timeline , dunno ?
  2. tonyh29


    maybe you've been eating beef sausages ?
  3. tonyh29


    so the latest is we should only eat equivalent of 1 cocktail sausage of meat day !! they can jog right on , I use more meat then that to clean my teeth
  4. even our back 4 is quicker than you
  5. tbf Risso kinda suggested it it in his post and It was him i was channelling with my reply , I wasn't intentionally putting false words in your mouth so my bad if it looked that way
  6. Looks like Blandy is showing Tory sympathies , you are being way too generous
  7. going a bit OT but there is an interesting read about it here ( source being a Tory one so add salt as required)
  8. Don't forget to collect the royalties cheque @OutByEaster?
  9. the far right was enabled years ago by a systemic (perceived at least) policy of ignoring the "average " working person , long before Brexit was even an annoying buzz word .. Crime and immigration suddenly became the topics dominating the news , , suddenly all the parties were falling over themselves to be the "tough on immigration" party and the "British jobs for British workers" party .. when the labour MP campaigning in Crewe was putting out leaflets asking "What do you think is the biggest problem facing the area?" and offering "immigration" as a tick box reply you know society is in trouble My overall experience is that the country on the whole has become way more tolerant , my generation went to predominantly white schools , our friends were all white ... now my regular circle of friends includes Iranians , Indians , Syrians , South Africans , more European nations than the British have fought against , heck even Northerners ... My daughter started a new school in September , her new circle of "bestest " friends has more nationalities than a Benneton advert , it doesn't even occur to her that this is even a thing and rightly so ... kids are growing up judging you on what music you listen to (lucky for you @bicksteryou aren't at school ) and what clothes you wear .... your skin or religion doesn't even come into the equation but as Risso said , 1 MP gets killed by a nutter and the view is that the UK has lurched right ..Some people are quick to point out that we are being brainwashed by the media or by Russia and then push their own views given to them them by their independent freethinking websites that don 't focus on the negatives and force their agendas on them , no sir none whatsoever Britain was more broken , more divided under Thatcher than it ever is now , it's just the vocal minority have taken over the asylum and demand we listen to them .. and bizarrely we seem happy to
  10. Confidence that she isn’t Jeremy Corbyn seems to be the answer to that one
  11. Not checked the maths but the Internet seems to be saying May won the VONC by 52% to 48 % Twitter presumably will start the campaign for a rerun of the vote tomorrow
  12. I thought the “arrangement “ was saying we would basically be capped at 2018 flight levels to each EU country ... with airlines predicting a growth for 2019 this would mean they would have to to cancel some potential new routes / schedules ... but the cap is number of flights not number of seats so nothing to say you couldn’t hypothetically run an a380 between London and Paris to make up for the lost extra flight you can’t add !!
  13. tonyh29

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Thought I once read that Bigelow and Cameron wanted Bob Hoskins to play wolverine .. which probably fits closer to the original version of Wolverine ... but would seem weird with the benefit of hindsight their version had money issues and never got off the ground
  14. tonyh29

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I can understand that conclusion from the POV of smashing a book down on a killer spiders head rather than twatting it with your kindle but how else do they mean physical books are superior ? From my view I’ve moved over to digital books , one is I can read it in bed with out Mrs H mumbling at me to turn the bedroom light out so she can sleep and secondly is I can turn the backlight up a bit and read the poxy print without having to succumb to reading glasses which printed books are forcing me towards ( I refuse to have reading glasses before I’m 50 , I just refuse )