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  1. thejoker

    New Manager Speculation

    I’ve always thought JT would make a good manager (natural leader, etc), but for some reason it seems like much more of a gamble than Henry to me.
  2. thejoker

    New Manager Speculation

    I was really annoyed when they kept Bruce in the summer (but could see why they did it). Most of us could see this coming though and it seems like a big wasted opportunity now.
  3. thejoker

    New Manager Speculation

    If Henry is out of the running then it’s got to be Brendan Rodgers for me. It’s a no brainier if he wants it.
  4. thejoker


    I wonder if he will have a change of heart in January if Henry becomes our manager?
  5. thejoker

    New Manager Speculation

    Spot on. Nuno was linked with Man Utd last week. There’s no way that link happens without his 18 months at Wolves.
  6. thejoker

    New Manager Speculation

    If the owners are chasing Fonseca, then surely with the links to Mendes, they must have received some kind of encouragement to pursue it.
  7. thejoker

    Steve Bruce

    Surely today is the day. I see absolutely no point in waiting until after the Millwall game. The atmosphere will be toxic if Bruce is still there. Much better to have a caretaker and at least have everyone united.
  8. thejoker

    New Manager Speculation

    That would be random to say the least
  9. thejoker

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    We won’t get top 2 with Bruce, that is quite simple. But with the right appointment we could. We’ve still got all the top teams to play, so if we beat them, we close on them.
  10. thejoker

    New Manager Speculation

    I’m not sure Dean Smith would drastically improve us quickly. Took him 4 years at Walsall and 18 months at Brentford to get the teams playing how he wanted. I’d take him, but I wouldn’t expect him to promote us this season.
  11. thejoker

    New Manager Speculation

    It doesn’t actually say Bruce has 2 games to save his job. Just that he MAY have the next 2 games, then a decision will be made. He could win the next 2 games and still be sacked in my opinion.
  12. thejoker

    The NSWE Board

    I would hope that they now realise a change is necessary and are working hard in the background to find the best replacement. If not, we are screwed.
  13. thejoker

    Easah Suliman

    Oops....wrong thread
  14. thejoker

    Ørjan Nyland

    Truly dreadful keeper. I can’t believe we actually paid cash for him.
  15. thejoker

    Steve Bruce

    Scouting Cahill accordingly to the rumours. A complete waste of Bruce’s time though because I will be amazed if he is still our manager in January.