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  1. thejoker

    Wesley Moraes

    An £8m transfer fee in 2011 is probably equivalent to £20m now.
  2. He did break the John Terry to Villa story last year too. He’s as reliable as anyone.
  3. Fulham also signed a load of players that the manager didn’t want. That won’t happen at Villa.
  4. I think we will still sign loan players, but they must be with an option to sign permanently.
  5. thejoker

    Tony Xia

    I’m not sure you can say Xia didn’t care (he was at the playoff final don’t forget). But he clearly didn’t have the resources or knowledge to carry us forward (and yes, he made a complete mess of everything). But whether you liked it or not he did spend a lot of time on social media interacting with fans, trying to build a rapport that was missing for years under Lerner.
  6. We realistically need to sign 10 players this summer. They can’t all be £20m+ signings. We need to build a better squad. This is a good start in my opinion.
  7. I massively believe in Dean Smith. Whoever he wants to sign, I am happy with. There’s probably only a couple of players (Adomah and Hutton being the main 2) that he hasn’t improved since joining us.
  8. And it will be lovely not losing to Brentford live on Sky.
  9. And the Steve Bruce Championship love in. It’s weird because I’ve not seen anything from any of the pro-Bruce reporters in the past 24 hours.
  10. I mostly agree, but I think we will need another central midfielder too. Lansbury is not good enough for the Premier League, and I’m unconvinced about Hourihane being able to step up. I’d probably want another centre back too, maybe someone like Cahill with experience to help us establish ourselves again.
  11. thejoker

    Dean Smith

    I love Dean Smith. I hope he’s our manager for the next 10 years.
  12. It’s amazing that one game can define the course of history so much. We’ve gone from potentially selling Grealish and McGinn and losing all the loan players, to keeping them both and having a transfer budget of £100m. After the business Dean Smith did in the awkward January window, I can’t wait to see what he can do in the summer window with a healthy budget. Should be an exciting summer.
  13. I don’t know for sure, but I always presumed the buy out clause was only valid if we were in The Championship.
  14. Onomah would be better off with a coach like Smith (ie. someone that actually coaches), he won’t improve much under Bruce.

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