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  1. thejoker

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I don’t think it’s the kind of thing that a club would ‘announce’ really. It hasn’t been denied by anyone, and Bruce alluded to it in one of his press conferences saying he was happy to work with any agent.
  2. thejoker

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I’m surprised we haven’t signed more Mendes players, not even linked to anyone.
  3. thejoker

    Joe Bryan

    I’m not really sure how anyone at Bristol City can call Villa arrogant when your own manager called you “a Premier League team in training”. That’s arrogant.
  4. thejoker

    Joe Bryan

    Disappointing, but considering we thought we might not have a club a month ago I can’t say I’m too bothered. Onto the next one. We’ve still got until the end of the month to get someone on loan too.
  5. thejoker

    Top level appointments

    Kenyan would certainly show that the new owners mean business.
  6. thejoker

    Villa and FFP

    That’s the FFP precident set now then. They can’t just fine (and transfer embargo) QPR and then start deducting points from other teams that break the rules. I guess it’s up to our owners whether they do things sensibly (which I think they will) or just say ‘f*** it’ and pay the fine.
  7. thejoker

    Steve Bruce

    Who else is left at the club to make decisions on transfers? No one that I could name. I can’t see Bruce being a long term option (he never was). He was brought in as a quick fix to get us promoted fast. I don’t see the point in letting him sign more 30 somethings who we won’t be able to shift when he eventually leaves.
  8. thejoker

    Steve Bruce

    I think Bruce can count himself extremely lucky to still be in a job. He said himself last season that he’d probably be out of a job if he didn’t get us promoted. I do think it is a bit of a stop gap though, if we start badly he’ll be gone. I guess the owners are giving themselves some time to assess things, which is sensible. Hopefully they don’t give Bruce free reign on transfers though.
  9. thejoker

    Time for a takeover

    It would have been nice to hear about the target for this season, whether they will be appointing a CEO, new scouting structure, do we have to sell players, etc. We still don’t really know anything yet.
  10. thejoker

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I wouldn't bring Snodgrass back personally. He was generally good for us, but he's far too slow for a winger. I guess we'll be bringing in some younger players now.
  11. thejoker

    New Manager Speculation

    I just hope people don’t get on his back if we’re not in the top 6 after 10 games. If he does come in, he’s got less than 2 weeks to assess the squad, make signings and put over some of his ideas to the team. It’s not going to be easy for him. Having said that, I’m all for getting rid of Bruce from a football perspective. He was never going to be a long term option for us. He was brought in to get us up quickly. He didn’t. It’s time for us to move on.
  12. thejoker

    New Manager Speculation

    I doubt it very much, Walsall we’re second when left and would almost certainly have been promoted had he stayed.
  13. thejoker

    Steve Bruce

    The only scenario for me wanting Bruce to stay would be if it meant Grealish staying. If Grealish leaves anyway (he might according to John Percy) then I see absolutely no reason for Bruce to stay. Keeping Grealish happy is the only thing Bruce offers right now imo.
  14. thejoker

    Jack Grealish

    He is definitely close to Steve Bruce. But then Bruce could have told Moxley this to put pressure on the new owners. It’s a ready made excuse for Bruce “we had to sell our best player, he wanted to stay , not my fault, etc”
  15. thejoker

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    We were favourites before the start of last season too...