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  1. It’s just a non starter on so many levels. Why would he move to a team on the down, from a team on the up? Spurs would never pay the kind of money we’d be looking for. We paid £33m when he was a Championship player. He’s now an England international. We’d be looking to double our money at least…plus the owners wouldn’t want to sell another big name so soon after Grealish IMO, especially to a potential rival.
  2. I think he said he’s happy with our squad. Didn’t rule out more signings. Smith said we would have signed Buendia even if Grealish stayed, so we must have at least £40m left to spend if we want to.
  3. More a case of him wanting to go from what I can gather.
  4. That’s disappointing then, maybe we expect Bogarde or one of the other youngsters to be ready in 12 months, so this is just plugging the gap.
  5. I really hope that there is an option to buy this time…
  6. I get the impression that he’s not planning a long stay at Villa. But thats ok, if he rips the league up and leaves in 2 years then we’ll probably more than double our money and re-invest again.
  7. Yeah, let’s move on…I wouldn’t want to pay £40m for Cantwell if we got £200m for Grealish.
  8. I’m fairly sure we announced Buendia a few weeks before he officially signed…
  9. Great news. A last throw of the dice to convince Grealish to stay - or his replacement? I’d love 1 more season please Jack. Watkins Grealish - Buendia - Bailey
  10. I’ll be gutted to see him go, but if he does leave, then we need to do what Spurs did when they sold Bale - sign 3/4 top quality players to improve the squad. It has happened to other teams and they have gone from strength to strength - Leicester being the obvious example. Jack Grealish is not Aston Villa, if he leaves, we move on.
  11. If we can get anywhere near £15m for AEG then I’d take it. Scored plenty of important goals for us, but bar the odd game, his general contributions in open play aren’t up to much. He’ll probably only be on the bench this season anyway and we have Philogene-Bidace that could take his squad place.
  12. Not sure what ‘more than live’ means, but quite interesting from Alan Nixon.
  13. A bit less disappointing…
  14. Collymore was with Jack's Dad at the semi-final...
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