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  1. We’re in a great position this window. We don’t actually need anybody in January - so we can’t be held to ransom. If one of the targets becomes available then we do it, if not we wait until the summer.
  2. I think 4-0 flattered Southampton massively at the time. They scored 3 worldies and pretty much scored with every shot they had. We weren’t great, especially 1st half but on chances created we should have taken a point at least.
  3. It would be great to find out whether or not the club plan on streaming under 18 and under 23 games any time soon.
  4. Waiting for John Percy to tweet like...
  5. I guess we’ll hear something from the British reporters soon if it’s true.
  6. This was tweeted not long ago from someone I follow on Twitter who has been a pretty reliable ITK in the past. They have a private account so I can’t share the tweet. When you plant a seed. Ignore it for months. Come back and it’s a huge tree. Yeah kinda like that.
  7. Time to re-open the Rashica thread? Max Bielefeld (Supposedly a SSN reporter from Germany - with almost 10k followers) has tweeted this: Sky Info: Bremen's Milot Rashica is in advanced negotiations with Aston Villa. There are still a few details to be clarified. It is very likely that the transfer will go through until the deadline tomorrow #TransferUpdate#SkyTransfer@Sky_SvenT
  8. Much better performance and result against Norwich tonight.
  9. As tenuous a link as possible, but both of these accounts made reference to “Kevin” not far apart. Tammy Abraham’s first name is Kevin...
  10. I’m not actually bothered about losing out on Wilson, but it bothers me that we’ve wasted time on someone that never really wanted to join anyway.
  11. I wonder who is next on our list...surely a bit of due diligence would have told us not to bother wasting our time on Wilson?
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