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  1. Quite a clever move on our part to go for him now. With the new contract still not signed at Arsenal, this will put massive pressure on them to give him a huge contract. He only broke into the team around Christmas time and he’s a youth player so he’s probably only on around £10k per week (give or take). We’ve probably spoken to his agent and said we’ll give him a 5 year contract on 80k (ish) per week. Arsenal will now need to match our offer to him or risk him running down his contract. Then they have the problem of other players wanting the same deal (Saka, etc). They’re not known for splash
  2. I think that was because Caen didn’t really want to sell and the loan back for the remainder of the season (we signed him in January) was the only way to get them to agree to the deal.
  3. He works for TalkSport. He doesn’t know anything.
  4. Unless there is a release clause in his contract then I can’t see this one happening. Signed a new 5 year deal last year, would cost £50m I think. Can’t see it happening.
  5. It’s actually Kerr Smith. Someone for the academy I guess.
  6. It’s just not happening...Smith should be under big pressure now. But if we were going to replace Smith it would have been when we finished 17th, not 11th or 12th.
  7. This is one thing that really bugs me. We always seem happy to accept defeat, we’re far too easy to play against.
  8. This is so sloppy again today. You really have to start questioning what we are doing in training all week. We look like a bunch of strangers.
  9. I agree with this. Purely on the basis that some of the football and results were incredible in the first half of the season, I’d give Smith next season with another 2/3 new signings to see what he can do. I think everyone would have been more than satisfied with 10th at the start of the season. Squad depth is a real issue, but we’ll get there. Lange will have had a full 12 months when the summer window opens, and we’ve been safe since around Christmas time. So there are no excuses for a lack of planning time. Let’s see what the summer brings.
  10. Seems like we might be coming to a crossroads as a club. Is a bottom half finish good enough after a) such a good start, b) the amount of money we’ve spent since promotion? We keep hearing about how ambitious the owners are. Will they be happy with this? Ultimately we are still a one man team. Would Smith have even got us promoted without Grealish? I think the answer is no.
  11. If this is the best that he can serve up without Grealish, then if the owners have genuine top 6 ambitions then I doubt he’ll be here long term.
  12. He offers us nothing at the moment, I’d rather give game time to one of our youngsters.
  13. Why he keeps bringing Barkley on I will never know. So poor again all round. We’ve spent the best part of £200m since promotion and we’re still awful without Grealish. We’ve made big strides since last season, but the last month has been nowhere near good enough.
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