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  1. I was introduced to one of the Gladiators cast at a corporate event for the NIA. A colleague didn't watch the show and misheard the introduction. He spent the rest of the evening calling him Wilf. No-one corrected him. Not even Wilf.
  2. @Chindie You might be entitled to Employment Support Allowance, Universal Credit or Personal Independence Payments. I'm no expert but Citizen Advice and gov.uk both have information. Check them out. Don't assume you are not entitled. The only thing you stand to lose is the time it takes to make the claim.
  3. Hal Blaine died at the age of 90. He never played with Spinal Tap. Coincidence?
  4. Red nose day at work. It's that time I dread. Boring ##$&### who spend most of the year being as miserable as sin suddenly decide to do something "wacky" to raise money. A toss pot wearing pyjamas to work is still a toss pot. I am not amused that our accountant is wearing a red nose. He's an accountant. He is there to do boring paperwork and generally obstruct everything we do by refusing funds. Take off the red nose! You always get one idiot that takes things to far. Finding my car decorated was just annoying and added 15 minutes to my journey home. I like a joke. Work is normally a real laugh. I like practical jokes. But don't be a miserable git 364 days of the year and then expect to be considered hilarious when Lenny Henry tells you to.
  5. Let's all just hope and pray that SHA next game is quiet and free from hooliganism. Otherwise the league might throw the book at them. Does anyone know if Millwall have a reputation for trouble or hold a grudge?
  6. Classic sign of PTSD. In the next month you'll wake up in a cold sweat after terrible nightmares. In the next year you'll withdraw from society and become a drifter. In the next decade you'll be recruited to do a covert mission for the Highways Agency to look for survivors of RTA. Well......that's what your no win no fee lawyer will tell her insurance company.
  7. There is no advice I could give on such a personal matter. But I hope it helps to know that others are reading your posts and empathising with you. All the best.
  8. My grandad forced a low flying German plane to flee back to Germany by shooting the pilot with his service revolver. It was 1976 and he couldn't go within 2 miles of Birmingham airport ever again. True story.........
  9. My Great-Uncle landed in France a few days after D-Day. His unit was told to press inland around known German strong points. He was walking across a field when there was a huge explosion. He woke up in a hospital ship on his way back to England. His light shrapnel wounds soon healed and he rejoined his unit which was now on the German border. Again they were told to press into Germany avoiding any strong resistance. Another explosion from nowhere and he woke up on the way back to England again with light shrapnel wounds. He fought in 2 battles, invaded 2 countries, had 2 wounds, never saw a German and never fired a shot in anger.
  10. We have employed a new colleague. She is from Germany. She has just been given her National Insurance number. It begins S S Ouch.
  11. Sadly I can't see the Patriots losing. I hope it's either a great game or the Patriots dominate and I can get to bed at a sensible hour.
  12. A guy at work is being driven mad by his computer. When he types he gets random letters appearing and CAPS LOCK keeps activating for no reason. Despite several IT visits they can find nothing wrong. It might be something to do with the guy who sits opposite who has plugged an extra keyboard into a spare USB port. Every so often he just hits a random key or turns on CAPS LOCK. He unplugs it as soon as IT are on the way. Perfect.
  13. Jeremy Hardy was one of my all time favourites. Just hearing him sing on ISIHAC makes me smile. His brief appearance in Blackadder Goes Forth is also a favourite. A sad loss.
  14. I am posting this because of the embarrassing story rather than the health related aspect. A few years ago I was enjoying my early morning testicle scratch when I noticed a lump that wasn't there the night before. I know that lumps that develop quickly are rarely serious so I decided to book in with the Doctor the following day. Eight hours later the lump had grown dramatically and was hurting like hell. So I walked rather gingerly into A&E. The only Doctor available was female and she asked if I would rather wait for a male colleague. I was in so much pain that I declined any delay and she was soon examining the area. By now the lump was as large as a testicle. Three testicles in a bag designed for two is obviously problematic and she had to ask me to identify which lump was the odd one out. It turned out to be a blocked tube which had burst and become infected. Antibiotics and a bit of draining sorted me out. Fast forward two weeks and our new neighbour knocked on the door to introduce themselves. It was the A&E Doctor and we both recognised one another instantly. "How are your testicles?" was her rather unique neighbourhood introductory line.
  15. @bicksteris spot on. The current act and the previous one do not compel you to disclose. They just outline situitions where it's permissible without being prosecuted . For instance you can disclose anything if you feel it would help prevent or detect a serious crime, prevent harm to an innocent party or is in the general public interest. There are thousands of bits of law that compel you to give information. There is also the over-riding ability for me to see a judge and get a court order. With a court order I can do whatever the order says and take whatever the order says is necessary. In all cases like this the first question you should always ask this 2 part question: "Is this a request or a legal obligation?" "If it's a legal obligation please state the legislation or provide me with the court order." Any legitimate and credible authority will be able to provide the order or quote the broad legislation they are using. Always remember that the law expects you to be a "reasonable man". If a reasonable man knew something that would prevent serious harm to another or prevent a serious crime you aren't going to be prosecuted if you divulge that to a relevant authority.
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