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  1. UK government advice - If the shark wears a mask it safe. We can’t force it to wear a mask but good old shark common sense is needed.
  2. I've just been given an informal telling off for slipping this small passage of text into a much larger document reviewing my team's activity in the last 3 months. "We decided to use a few hours to ensure our safety and get a COVID test. We all crammed into John's Fiat 500 and set off. We found a packet of extra strong mints in the glove compartment but alas there was only one left. We rationed ourselves to five sucks before passing it onto the next team member. On the way back from the testing centre we popped into KFC and shared a half price cardboard bucket of chicken grease which helped save the economy. It was a fantastic day and enjoyed by all. Next month we are planning to get tested for chlamydia. I just hope my cough has gone by then." I'm very impressed that anyone actually read the very dull document and spotted it. Work is so much more enjoyable when you're nearing retirement and no longer care.
  3. The government handling of COVID has been terrible. But the intelligence level of a large percentage of the UK population makes me despair. The Eat Out To Help Out Scheme is such a stupid idea. Help the industry. But don’t do it in a way that encourages people to gather together without social distancing. Yesterday I went to a local restaurant intending to have lunch. The place was packed and there was no social distancing. So I didn’t go in. £10 off my food isn’t worth CV19. But the number of people in there made me shudder. What the flock are they thinking? I doubt we will go back to a full National Lockdown. But as soon as the kids are back at school expect to see massive reversals, new restrictions and more “local” lockdowns.
  4. 16-17th. But I’d hope we are a comfortable distance from the relegation places. Perhaps 6 points clear plus a much better goal difference. I’ll revise my opinion immediately if we sign a striker with proven goal scoring ability and Premier League experience.
  5. I've had a pleasant day out walking across the Severn Bridge into Wales and back. I was surprised how much it moves about when you get towards the middle. Well worth a few hours on a sunny day.
  6. The government didn’t have a clue last time. It was utter chaos. A few weeks earlier Boris was shaking hands with COVID patients at a hospital. Anyone who thinks we’ve done a decent job reacting to COVID is deluded. It’s been a failure in so many levels.
  7. I’m a civil servant. We were planning for a second spike in January 2021 caused by Christmas and winter. That then moved to November. We’re now working on October. But the government seem determined to avoid a national lockdown even if that means imposing lockdowns in cities and not rural areas. We’ve been discussing what “easements” need to be abandoned and what restrictions need to be reimposed. But the big change from March 2020 is that we are working on geographic variances. I am finding this a bit scary. In one breath the government is gradually relaxing restrictions. But behind the scenes we’re all working on plans for a second spike that’s going to be worse than the first. I am a big believer in “Plan for the worst” but at the moment it feels like we are doing that because it’s the most likely scenario.
  8. @MCU I assume you have a script or a rough idea what you are going to say? If so, sit in front the mirror and speak the words out loud. Don’t run it through in your head. Verbalise it. Your first try will feel awkward, silly and stressful. You will make mistakes and stumble over your words. But carry on repeating the words out loud. You’ll get to the stage where it no longer feels so strange and you’ll be more relaxed and make less mistakes. Don’t record yourself practicing. We all think our voice is weird and isn’t how we hear it in our own head.
  9. I purchased a new mini for Mrs Lifeboats yesterday. Not my idea of a good car but it will keep her happy. How much profit is there in something like a mini to a main dealer? They knocked £1800 of the list price by email just to get me into the showroom. Then they threw in £900 of extras for £250 and a few other odds and sods to get me to sign on the deal. Does anyone pay the normal list price? How much could they go down before it’s not worth their while?
  10. I'm a Civil Servant. I have been asked if I want to take up a loan to the Test & Trace. It's a 2 year secondment. We're in for a long haul. My colleague has been offered a secondment to a team planning for a January No Deal coinciding with a Covid spike. We're not out of the woods yet.
  11. I am in no way qualified to advise you. But I have been on medication for nearly 20 years. What is it that makes you want to come off medication if you need it? Is it side effects? Or is it a stigma of being on medication.
  12. We call it the North Sea because it's a sea to our North. What do the various Scandinavian countries call it?
  13. That song has an interesting story that inspired the lyrics. Paul Young gave up one of his eyes to give his blind girlfriend sight. Let me explain........ “I’m the kind of guy who gives a girl the eye. Everbody knows”. Clear evidence of eye donation. “By the look in your eye I can tell you’re going to cry”. Clear evidence of his now one eyed girlfriend. Fact.
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