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  1. I suggest the badge could be improved by a few minor tweaks. The lion should be standing in front of a shield displaying Robbie Savage's severed head. The lion should have the severed head of Robbie Savage in his mouth and be standing on a pile of severed heads that resemble Robbie Savage. Just a suggestion.
  2. Hancock's Half Hour. Still funny and relevant to today's world. The London 2012 Opening Ceremony. I fully expected our Olympics to be an embarrassing shambles. I was wrong. The show blew me away and is one of those shows that will always be in my memory. Villa European Cup win. I was only 11 but I remember every kick. Sitting on the floor in front of a TV that was tiny by today's standards. House. Not everyone's cup other tea. But it's unusual for an American comedy to use sarcasm athe it's core. Fawlty Towers. You started it. Operation Good Guys. A lesser known improvised Police comedy. The Clangers. It still reminds me of childhood. The World At War. This should be on the curriculum for every schoolchild. Lawrence Olivier's commentary is just stunning. Deep Space 9 - the dominion wars. I hate 90% of Star Trek but these episodes were fabulous. Morecombe & Wise Christmas Shows. So many classic moments and so many memories.
  3. I am on holiday with Mrs Lifeboats in Cyprus. A few days ago we were pondering a visit to a tourist attraction. "Don't worry," declares Mrs Lifeboats "I saw that yesterday. I know where it is". She is to navigation what Myra Hindley is to babysitting and I should have known better. So off we trot and 15 minutes later we arrive at the local bus station. I am thinking something must be wrong because Mrs Lifeboats regards all forms of public transport as disease ridden cess pits. Is she really taking us on a bus ride? "Err.........I saw this yesterday and thought it must be a tourIst attraction because of ALL THE BUSES THAT KEPT ARRIVING FULL OF PEOPLE.
  4. You are not alone. You are feeling low at the moment and that's not the right time to make any decisions. Get help. Get out of the house and do something. Cookery courses are always good. You get to meet new people. Even if none become friends you have still learnt a skill that will help you make friends. Life can be shit but the alternative (in my opinion) is nothing
  5. I recommend 1 of these 3 options. I have done all. Stay at Disney Hotels. They are expensive but you get the benefit of free Disney transport. Stay on International Drive. Cheaper than Disney but a bit further away. Most hotels provide some transport to the parks. Restaurants are cheaper than Disney. Rent a villa. The cheapest option for large groups or out of season. I normally go in November and can rent a private villa for about the same as a decent hotel room. But you need to rent a car. Self catering is much cheaper if you use it for breakfasts and evening meals. It's hard to beat the 14 day Disney passes for park entrance.
  6. Cuckoo clock = DEFCON1. Although my team has absolutely nothing to do with this......some new matters have emerged. I am due to go abroad for a month on Saturday. But the date changed at short notice. The cuckoo clock installer was unaware of the date change. I understand that this is just the tip of the iceberg and was planned to occur during my absence. I held a meeting and said that I would be disappointed if it went too far. One of the team reminded me that in 1990 he went on leave and I made a trifle in his desk drawer. He's correct. I did. Sponge, jelly, custard, cream and sprinkles. I am now wondering what the hell is planned during my abscence.
  7. It's been almost 2 years since I posted this story. Since then the offending cuckoo clock was removed. Peace was made and both departments put this behind us. Today a complaint hit my in-box. The annoying cuckoo clock has been reinstalled in our rivals office.
  8. 10 Leeds players stand motionless and let Villa score an easy goal. That's fair play. 11 Blouses do the same with Alan Hutton. That's because they're sh1t.
  9. Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerooooooooooy Jenkins.
  10. There goes my plan to have Sarkic getting his first Villa hat trick as a centre forward.
  11. Its not clear to me if it's 10 players or 10 outfield players. That makes a difference to us. If it's outfield players it's clearly to stop teams playing goalkeepers out of position just to see out the season
  12. If we get through the playoffs - we get to see Smith put together a team to keep us there. I think he can. If we don't - we get to see Smith put together a team to win the Championship without spending a forune. I think he can. My cup of optimism is definitely half full.
  13. Which is why I didn't use the word! There was absolutely no need to do so and I knew I would cause offence if I did. I think you may have misinterpreted my usage of the word "discussion". It was meant to imply a sensible and proportionate face to face communication in context. It was not meant to infer it would be reasonable in forum post that might be considered a discussion.
  14. A perfect answer. In the original Dambusters film the squadron had a dog with a racist name. I should be able to tell people what that word was if we are discussing the topic of outdated language in films.
  15. The problem with mental illness is that you try to resolve your problems but your illness stops you making the best decisions. If I had a broken leg I wouldn't ask to be treated by a doctor who was under stress, worried about the future and anxious. Yet someone with a mental illness will try to self help and/or self medicate. Get help. Get help with your finances. Get help with your underlying condition. Get help with your stress. All the best @Chindie. You are not "mental". You are ill/injured and that's nothing to be ashamed of. Been there.....done that......denied I needed help......reached crisis.....swallowed my pride and got help. My only regret is not getting help sooner.
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