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  1. I saw the worst of humanity today. Twice in 2 minute. At a “local shop for local people“ the man in front of me licked his fingers before sorting out the exact change for his purchase. The checkout assistant told him that she was not willing to accept it. He started to make a scene. I told him in no uncertain terms to leave without further fuss. At this point he realised that public opinion was against him and left. I moved to the head of the queue and the assistant thanked me for intervening. She then said “I can’t believe it. He was English not a foreigner.” I left without buying anything.
  2. I am a Civil Servant and a key worker. I am close to the edge now. We have no hand sanatiser, no antiseptic wipes and we’re all crammed together in one office. Colleagues who care for elderly or ill relatives are being bullied to come in against their will. Work has gone up 10 fold. Workforce has halved. I am not stupid enough to walk out. But I do feel the stress is making me ill. It’s a time of crisis and I want to help. But no-one seems to give a damn about supporting us as we support others. For the first time ever I have tears in my eyes because of work. It feels better just sharing that.
  3. Everyone is panicking including governments. Bad decisions are being made because of that panic. Self interest is far too prominent in decision making. Poland keeping anti bac that is needed elsewhere is no different to toilet paper hoarders in the UK.
  4. Anyone who worries about conspiracy theories should read up on “Occam's Razor”. Putting it very succinctly, the simplistic explanation is normally correct. It’s a wonderful problem solving and thinking tool. We use “Occam’s Razor” at work and it’s always introduced by someone saying “Is that a zebra?” That’s because of a living example: If you hear hooves coming rapidly towards you from behind it’s extremely unlikely to be a zebra. So why would anyone assume it’s a zebra without having rock solid proof that it is? The simplest solution is that it’s a horse, you should expect it to be a horse and you should do whatever is the right thing to do with a horse. Nb If you live in Africa on a zebra farm please ignore this dangerous advice.
  5. This is a great question and one that is going to get harder to answer as the weeks go on. We’d all agree that you’d let someone fix a blocked toilet, repair a leaking roof or repair a gas leak. But what about more marginal choices? For instance - Annual servicing of gas appliances? You can do without it in 99% of the cases. But what’s the biggest risk? CV19 or gas leaks? Hmmmmmm.......::
  6. I agree. But the key word you have used there is “part”. But they are using a lot of methods that we are still not adopting. For instance everyone can have 2 face masks per week. Drive through testing was begun and they were testing 12000 per day average. I agree that our society would not have agreed to everything they did. But we would have agreed to some.
  7. Boris and the Conservative party are expecting to come out of this as heroes. But they delayed actions that have put countries like South Korea in a much better place than us. They also spent a decade attacking the NHS, social care and benefits. Every 1p they saved over the last decade now costing us 10p. Its nice to see all the support being put in place but when this is all over it needs to be paid for. Let’s not make the same mistake and pay for it by massively cutting the things we are now relying upon. CV19 has happened. CV22 might. Hopefully this will make people realise what is important in life. It’s not cutting taxes for the super rich so low that it allows Richard Branson to F off to his own private island and beg for more money to fund his businesses.
  8. As Coventry are using St Andrews I think the post office should allocate an extra postcode to the ground to help the Coventry fans feel at home. May I suggest CV19.
  9. The Daily Mirror front page describes CV19 as an “emergency unparalleled in human history.” It’s not Black Death. (Note - If I am proved wrong on this there will only be 4 people left alive on this forum to remind me how wrong I was.) In the 80’s the papers told us that we’d all get aids if we went swimming or used public toilets. In the 90’s they told us that the Millennium Bug would cause worldwide disruption. In the 00’s Pit bulls were going to savage our children. Every school child needed a stab vest. Mobile phones would give you brain cancer. In the 10’s ISIS was going to take over all the oil producing countries and rule the world. Why do we allow these people to cause panics that are far more serious than the actual problem?
  10. Great marketing and a useful gesture at my local Lush store. They are inviting people in to wash their hands and giving away free soap to anyone who does.
  11. That’s 15 doors you touched which are regularly touched by ill people. That 15 floors that your shoes touched that are likely to be contaminated. You then walked into your home. That’s 15 rooms full of potentially contaminated air that you breathed in.
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