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  1. You kill 3 Grandparents and get one free?
  2. I might use it once but I doubt I’d go regularly.
  3. Rocky Johnson 75 Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson’s father and ex WWE wrestler. Died after being hit by a sledgehammer, crashing through a table and landing on a sack of drawing pins........probably.
  4. Legally never declared dead. But the people who bought my old house are laying a new patio, so.....................
  5. Jeff Hardy (Wrestler) Paul Gascoigne (Police siege negotiator) Bam Margera (Jackass) Madeline McCann ( Hide and Seek World Champion) Jon Venables (Murderer)
  6. Murderer. Terrorism is the practice of spreading fear and terror amongst the community. Unfortunately the press help the terrorists by spreading that terror. I lived through the era of the IRA pub bombings in Brum. One of my best friends is Irish. He and his family were treated terribly. I saw it happen and it broke my heart. I don't think everyone who commits crime wearing a black balaclava is an IRA terrorist. I don't think every black guy in his 20s who stabs another black guy is a gang member. I don't think every Italian who commits crime whilst wearing a nice suit is in the Mafia.
  7. He was a convicted terrorist. But this was being called a terrorist incident before anyone knew anything about him. If he'd have stabbed 3 people in his local mosque would that be a terrorist incident? What about if he stabbed 3 black youths in a subway? The press have concluded this was terrorism. It could easily be that he had a personal grudge against certain individuals. At the moment I view him as a murderer who was quite rightly shot dead.
  8. Whether someone is a hero is dependant upon opinion. For instance the heroic Afghanistan Freedom Fighters who resisted the USSR invasion. The UK and the USA armed them and taught them how to make improvised roadside bombs. They passed on their skills to their murderous terrorist children who resisted the USA invasion. Like it or not, the loser on London Bridge is a hero to some. But I am not sure why we are classing him as a "Terrorist". Dare I suggest that a white man stabbing people who attended the same conference would be "unhinged", "warped" or "mentally ill".
  9. I think the problem is that people link hatred of the Israeli state for hatred of the Jewish people. The western powers support Israel and tolerate actions that would be condemned if they were done by a Muslim nation. I don't think Corbyn hates Jewish people as a race. But by criticising the politics of Israel it can be taken in that way.
  10. I had a career, then a spinal injury, then a life. I met my wife in 1993. Every time we've passed a trophy engraving shop since then I've said "That must be a really good shop. Look at all the trophies they've won." She laughed the first time but never again. I hit the big 50 next year and can't decide whether to have a party, a watch, a holiday or just let it pass without a fuss. I wonder whether dyslexics get worried every November when their cocks go black at 2am.
  11. But I travel on a ski lift. That's a form of public transport that other people are probably on.
  12. I travel in a lift. That's a form of public transport that other people are probably also in.
  13. But......I travel on a horse, on a sledge and on a bike. Would you say you traveled on a submarine or in a submarine?
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