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  1. I'm on holiday. The hotel is brilliant but the dinner menu has been translated by someone with no knowledge of English. Today I ordered "Sheep Paws" which I correctly guessed was Leg of Lamb. This was accompanied by "Some Vegetable" which surprisingly was garlic mushrooms. For dessert I ordered "Snail Milk" purely to satisfy my curiosity. It was a cinnamon whirl pastry with cream.
  2. Unadopted roads aren't normally a big problem. It simply means the council accept no responsibility for maintaining them. If a pot holes appears you shouldn't expect them to repair it. It's up to the people who use that road to repair it or just ignore it. As a rule of thumb councils tend to adopt roads that lead onto an adopted road at both ends. Even dead ends might be adopted if they are used by enough people. The main reason for not adopting is if the road doesn't fit in with the council's wider policies. For instance if the road is a shortcut that screws up their preferred traffic flow. If a road hasn't been adopted for 15 years my gut feeling is that there's a problem. But is it a problem to you? If that road were in a terrible state of repair would it matter to you?
  3. It does fall over. The Clangers stand it up again.
  4. Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream? Winnie The Pooh (or someone with a similar name)
  5. Only a complete vase would spend £215 on that knob.
  6. How many uncooked lobsters were liberated when the Titanic sank?
  7. Did you own a mine and try to scare people away by pretending to be a headless miner? Just a hunch.
  8. The bible has a clear view on gluttony. Those pages must have been missing in his copy.
  9. I took my god daughter to Disneyworld. Her dad and I played a game. Who could get the most inappropriate photograph with a Disney Princess without causing moral outrage or being asked to leave. I won with a superbly timed photo where I am on my knees behind a delighted Snow White and I have chocolate smeared on my nose.
  10. Sod Brexit. Let's make Villatalk great again by resolving the real questions that are tearing this country apart for decades.
  11. All offences have a theoretical maximum and minimum sentence. But there are sentencing guidelines that outline the "typical" sentence. It then just becomes a calculation. For instance if you plead guilty at the first opportunity you get a reduction. If you plead guilty just before the trial you get a lesser reduction. I agree that this system benefits the hypocrites and the liars. But I am a big believer in the saying that it's better for 99 guilty people to walk free than 1 innocent person to be wrongly convicted. Therefore it follows that it's better for 99 liars to get an advantage that 1 truly regretful person not get an advantage. The funniest thing I ever saw in court was a witness who was asked if they promised to tell the truth and answered "no". That never happens. He thought he was hilarious. The judge disagree. A day in the cells made him realise he wasn't so damn funny.
  12. It was 10 weeks rather than 10 months. The normal range for that offence is 12 to 26 weeks if its seen to be the most serious category. The judge said that he was arrogant. That's guaranteed to get a sentence increased. I am guessing he'll be deeply regretful and full of humility at the appeal. If he's not I expect him to be sentenced to the maximum possible sentence. He'll be made to become the next Blues manager.
  13. It's hard to give advice because what one person likes another might not. Text - I really enjoyed the date and it would be great to meet up again. When are you free? Its polite, light and necessitates a reply. If she's interested she'll reply. If she does, ask her to suggest a place for your second date. If she is unsure then familiar surroundings will help her relax. Enjoy.
  14. My GP offered me the MMR inoculation. I don't pay for my prescriptions but it would only cost the prescription charge at most. Ask your GP about the Polio and TB jab. It's better for the NHS to give you the inoculation than to treat 2 nasty diseases in the future. I've travelled abroad and Interacted with children with measles because I thought I was protected. I've just been lucky.
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