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  1. Mandy Lifeboats

    Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    A work colleague drove to the Vets. It was only as he was standing at the reception that he realised he hadn't taken the dog with him.
  2. Mandy Lifeboats

    In Sickness and in Health

    Greet the doctor with a firm handshake, look him straight in the eye and say "I hope neither of us hurts one another today." It focuses their mind.
  3. Mandy Lifeboats

    In Sickness and in Health

    Been there. Done that. Not as bad as you think. As @Chindie says the stuff they give you to empty you out is very effective. As for sedation. I had sedation for a different proceedure. They started with a light sedation and it was still an unpleasant experience. So they increased the dose. I don't recall anything for about 30 minutes. I came around feeling like I'd just woken from a normal sleep.
  4. Mandy Lifeboats

    Possibly interesting maps...

    Didn't it get renamed Craggy Island?
  5. Mandy Lifeboats

    The VT 2018 Christmas Thread

    Happy New Year All I'll be spending the evening at home with Mrs Lifeboats and several bottles of Afghanistan's finest Chardonnay.
  6. Mandy Lifeboats

    Set Top Boxes - Sky Compatible

    Help!!!!! I have many skills but dealing with technology is definitely not one of them. I have a 15 year old TV and Freesat from Sky (which I understand isn't the same as Freesat?) I want to buy a new TV but the present TV and Sky box are so old that they still use scart connections. Therefore I want to get an updated box with HD. I don't really understand if set top boxes are automatically compatible with SKY Freesat? Many of them say Freesat compatible but I don't know if that includes SKY Freesat?
  7. Mandy Lifeboats

    Totally useless information/trivia

    All mammals, regardless of size, take an average of 21 seconds to empty a full bladder. Either your God created them that way, or its a trait that shows mammals evolved from a common ancestor.
  8. Mandy Lifeboats

    The VT 2018 Christmas Thread

    Merry Christmas All. We went to friends for Christmas dinner, but they don't know that we did! Half way through cooking dinner our electrics tripped out. I reset the fuse board but the oven was as dead as a door nail. Some friends who live around the corner are away on holiday and I have a key. So we loaded up all the food, took it round to theirs, finished cooking it, then carried it back. The miserable sods had turned the heating off. Nor was there any fizzy on ice. Worst Christmas hosts ever.
  9. Mandy Lifeboats

    Best and worst hotels you have stayed in?

    Best - A city facing room at Shangri-La @ The Shard. Nastro Azzurro in Sorrento. Worst - So many to choose from that I can't remember. I once stayed in one in Middlesbrough where the bed was supported by 4 beer crates; the locals in the bar made it clear we were not welcome and the owner sat with us a breakfast wearing a nightie and dressing gown. He didn't look good.
  10. Mandy Lifeboats

    Drones at Gatwick

    The most dangerous places for a drone to hit a plane are the nose and wings. Therefore every plane should be equipped with a series of spinning blades in those vital areas. The blades would be powered by petrol engines and would spin so fast that they would shatter nearby drones. I'm thinking of calling the device a "Professional drone repellor" If only I could think of a shorter name. Trust's a winner.
  11. Mandy Lifeboats

    Investing - the stock market and more

    I've just purchased £100,000 worth of pumpkins. The sales figures have shot up recently.
  12. Mandy Lifeboats

    Possibly interesting maps...

    I would guess that it's the actual size/shape of countries rather than how they appear on the standard map. I guess that because the equatorial regions are displayed more accurately than the poles?
  13. Mandy Lifeboats

    VillaTalk Deadpool 2018

    Dynamite Kid was one of my childhood heroes. But the more I learnt about him the less I respected him. I'm still sad he's gone.
  14. Mandy Lifeboats

    Possibly interesting maps...

    Yep. Much of the law is illogical. That keeps me in a job! I have just checked and its still the same today. Kent Police are the only UK Police Force permanently operating outside the UK.
  15. Mandy Lifeboats

    Possibly interesting maps...

    This was the position in the 90s and probably still is. By agreement UK Police cover trains from the UK to a line on the French Platform. Vice versa for Le Police. But it's a wonderful agreement as it allows both Police forces to vary from that in reasonable circumstances. French Police can Police the area if necessary. Luckily we are both in the EU and if that agreement were challenged an EU court could rule on the matter. Welcome to the world of Brexit.