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  1. Mandy Lifeboats

    Things you often Wonder

    Can anyone tell me what that film was that had all the Gremlins in it?
  2. Mandy Lifeboats

    Things you often Wonder

    Can anyone tell me the name of that 80s American sitcom where an ex baseball player ran a bar? Cheers.
  3. Mandy Lifeboats

    The Careers/Jobs thread

    I've felt like that in almost every job I've done. The nagging doubt that you have done the wrong thing and wanting to go back to something more familiar. But if the last post was so great, why did you even consider the new one? I'm not saying that you shouldn't do it. But don't do it yet. On a practical note is there someone who does a similar job who seems to be a success? If so go and talk to them. Ask them if you can put 15 minutes aside every week to chat. I do that "old hand" role for my organisation with any new managers. Most feel like you. The ones that don't tend to be overly confident. If you can't find anyone in your own organisation drop me a private message with your email. I certainly know NOTHING about software development. But I have 30 years experience of dealing with people's bullshit.
  4. Mandy Lifeboats

    Parking Charge Notice

    Wow. That's one of the better looking ones. Make-up not put on with a shovel.
  5. Mandy Lifeboats

    The Careers/Jobs thread

    A retired friend is going for a job as Santa at the local shopping centre. He doesn't need the cash. I think he's just a weirdo who will probably be on a register some day. Anyway............... He knows the interviewer asks the question : What would you say to a child who asked for his dead mother to come back for Christmas? Wow.............. Anyone got any ideas? My suggestion was to say "Yep. It's guaranteed" as you will never see them again. Apparently that wasn't helpful.
  6. Mandy Lifeboats

    Parking Charge Notice

    No courts in the UK have gavels. It's one of those TV myths like horned viking helmets and attractive flight attendants. Just sayin'
  7. Mandy Lifeboats

    Parking Charge Notice

    It's illegal to lie in a legal matter. It's called perjury if you lie to a court. If you lie in the lead up to court it's perverting the course of justice.
  8. Mandy Lifeboats

    Villa and FFP

    I didn't say that was a GOOD idea! Our various owners don't have a track record of successful long term strategy. That's why we are in a certain Creek without a certain propulsion instrument.
  9. Mandy Lifeboats

    Villa and FFP

    Either the board has a brilliant way of working around FFP or we're gambling everything again. Sadly I think it's the later and we're going to be well and truly badgered next season. The only thing I can think of is that the board have asseseed the potential penalty and think it's going to be a transfer ban. But with the players we have under contract we can cope with a year without new players.
  10. Mandy Lifeboats

    Parking Charge Notice

    Read between the lines. It's illegal to lie but there are easy to find excuses that have succeeded in the past.
  11. Mandy Lifeboats

    Parking Charge Notice

    Unfortunately it's almost impossible to give advice as you don't know if the company will bother to take the matter to court. Of course would be completely wrong to lie as that can be perverting the course of justice. If you Google "KFC parking charge" you will find many news articles about excuses that people have used to get these charges cancelled. For instance there are several articles blaming a long queue and/or a delay getting food which lead to KFC cancelling the charge. Maybe one of these applies?
  12. Mandy Lifeboats

    VillaTalk Deadpool 2018

    Al Matthews RIP. A real life Marine Sergeant who also appeared in Grange Hill and Aliens. God's gift to pub quiz masters.
  13. Mandy Lifeboats

    Liberal elite erotic spasm cheese n wine party

    If Vince Cable and Nick Clegg had a time machine》》 1934 We have a wonderful chance to govern in coalition with the National SocialIst party of Germany. 1939 Although we said we'd never invade Poland we have. Ooops. Sorry. 1945 The Nazi Party would have killed more Jews if they had governed alone. 1947 War? I don't remember any war.
  14. Mandy Lifeboats

    Things you often Wonder

    Springsteen using the term yellow man is the least of his worries. Based on theselected lyrics he should never take his laptop to PC World for repair. 》》》》 Hey little girl is your daddy home. Did he go away and leave you all alone. I've got a bad desire. I'm on fire. Tell me now baby is he good to you. Can he do to you baby the things that I do. Only you can cool my desire.
  15. Mandy Lifeboats


    Every profession has a small amount of idiots who misuse tools at their disposal. The problem with the Blue Tops is that those tiny numbers have deadly weapons at their disposal. A bad plumber might flood your house. A bad Blue Top could kill you. Tasers are "less lethal" firearms. They will kill. But so will truncheons and mace. Much though I think Tasers should be banned, that should only be done when there is a safer alternative. For the average Blue Top facing the average thug with a knife the Taser is the safest option for both parties.