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  1. I did the count for my Local Authority today. I don't normally bother because I like my bed too much. Something happened relevant to a question @chrisp65asked me earlier in the thread. Contrary to popular belief your vote is not automatically disregarded if you don't use a "x" to mark your selection. However, your intention must be clear. One ballot paper had 4 candidates marked with a "NO" and the remaining candidate was left blank. It was probably @bickster vote. He always does something to annoy me. My first opinion was that it was unclear and therefore would be spoilt. But a d
  2. In 30 years time which one of the Hogwarts Teachers will be accused of being a paedo? My money is on Horace Slughorn. He invites schoolboys to parties in his chambers and teaches them how to make ""love potions" with his "magic wand".
  3. I can give you an answer but not one that's definitive. Anything could happen during the polling process and you cannot have a rule to cover every eventuality. In this circumstances an emergency print of ballot papers would be obtained to replace the incorrect ballots. Until they arrived I would advise people of the error and ask them to annotate the ballot paper with the relevant name/party if they wished to vote for them. As to what would happen.........it depends how many people were impacted and for how long. This is then considered against the margin of victory. I
  4. People who died from beheading apparently produce headless ghosts. They seem to be a relatively common ghost. People who died from having a red hot poker shoved up their a-hole don’t seem to follow the same ghostly rules. Are there 2 different unions?
  5. The ballot paper numbers are on the back and its surprising easy to take a photo of someone carrying a folded ballot with the number visible. One thing I know from experience is that the Police react quickly if called to a Polling Station complaint. Today they attended my sleepy, backwater location twice without even being called.
  6. Unlikely. Its discouraged and I would advise against it. If you disclose how another votes or publicise the reference numbers on the ballot you could be in trouble. I have a glass of whisky in my hand and have no intention of reopening the handbook to look up the official answer. But I would advise against any photography inside the polling station. You might inadvertently commit an offence and not realise.
  7. I have just deposited the ballot box at the count. Today consisted of 60 minutes of basic admin and 3 minutes of exerting authority packed into a 17 hour day. All to produce a result which hasn't changed significantly in living memory. Our democracy is wonderful but its ridiculously expensive.
  8. First disgruntled voter of the day. I woke briefly and leapt into action. He believed he had the right to vote here despite not living in the area. It gave me 10 minutes release from tedium.
  9. The room we are using is a well furnished village hall. I have my own armchair and footstool! Biscuits and gifts have not maintained their early levels. It's a hard life.
  10. 1 hour, 6 voters and 2 packets of biscuits as presents. If this average keeps up I shall have diabetes by the time polls close.
  11. I only do it because: 1. It's a day off from my job as head of Taxi Licensing. 2. There's this one bloke that always takes the piss out of me. I wipe his ballot paper around the toilet bowl before giving it to him.
  12. I am presiding officer at a village hall a few miles from home. Its normally a pleasant job. Let's see what it's like with COVID restrictions in place.
  13. Mrs Lifeboats read in the news that the Italian Government is hoping to put a new floor in the Collesium. She was chatting about it and saying that she didn't think it right to add something that wasn't there in the first place. I found that an odd statement and a very confusing conversation ensued. It became apparent that she thought they were adding another story to the building. I suppose it is due for a capacity upgrade. Executive boxes and an electronic scoreboard would look good.
  14. Take it easy. My meds make me sleepy but it lessens over time. Sometimes sleeping is part of the healing process. You become mentally exhausted and your mind needs that down time. There are very few illnesses that aren't helped by sleep, rest and taking a break from life's worries. Keep us updated.
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