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  1. Episode 1. Great postings from Villatalk History with absolutely no context.
  2. The sounds like PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder). Seek help If it continues. Like most illnesses it’s easier to sort out if treated and not ignored.
  3. Still posting in the same thread.
  4. British Boxer Ben Whittaker says he has 2 ambitions. He wants to win a gold and become Mayor of Wolverhampton. How much evidence do we need that repeated blows to the head can impair cognitive ability?
  5. @limpid please disregard posts above. I have discovered it. Thanks for your help.
  6. I am not sure what you need for operating system? Is Android and Apple sufficient or do you need something more specific?
  7. I have used several browsers including chrome, Samsung internet and safari.
  8. I did read the text in red. But as I am not “reporting a problem with the website” I did not interpret that as applicable. I access Villa Talk using an I-phone and an android phone. Either or both methods would be useful.
  9. I notice that quite a few people have an entry of text at the bottom of their posts which is entitled "Signatures". I can't find this in my own profile. How do I set one?
  10. Yesterday in Magistrates Court........... The accused got drunk whilst on a lads night out. They were all in fancy dress. He got belligerent when a Constable suggested he should proceed home without delay due to an excessive level of intoxication. Accused: “PC XXXX was provoking me.” Magistrate: “How?” Accused “He kept calling me Dr Spock.” Magistrate “But you were wearing a Star-Trek uniform and a pair of false ears?” Accused “That’s Mr Spock, not Dr Spock! I tried to explain. He just wouldn’t listen.” De-fund the Police. Monsters.
  11. I don't think it is. The locals look far too sophisticated and classy.
  12. I post on behalf of the elder members of the forum. Been there - seen that loads of times. We've even seen substitutes being number 12, no advertising and keeping the same strip for more than 1 season and dragons landing on the Holte End roof.
  13. The expression " a shed load" meaning a large amount. Does it derive from: A lorry which has shed its load? Or An amount that's as big as a garden shed?
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