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  1. They would be exporting to neighbouring countries who have the same resource. To export further they would need to pay countries in between to transmit that electricity. That is both expensive and complicated. Its a bit like saying why doesn't UK export rain water to Africa?
  2. When I moved to my current home, I mentioned to a workmate that there was no red light district. "Why look for professionals when there are so many keen amateurs?" was his witty reply.
  3. Magnetic sofa cushions for better forts.
  4. We would draw a chalk circle on the path and all place equal numbers of marbles inside the circle. We took it in turns to fire other marbles into the circle. You got to keep any marbles you knocked out of the circle. How the school holidays would fly by.
  5. The cleaner has heard through the grapevine that I found her predicament amusing. Relations are frostier than ever. In a very unfortunate coincidence** my phone was playing “Love In An Elevator” when she came to clean my office today. ** I defy anyone to prove otherwise.
  6. Surely the correct answer is whichever one you grab first that seems near enough. You are not a real man until you have a large box of mixed screws that are remnants from various other projects. "They might come in handy one day"
  7. Rosa Parkes and Martin Luther King?
  8. The last helicopter out of Saigon?
  9. Poppycock. They aren't even using wooden 12 inch rulers. New-fangled high-tech games like this cause teens to become violent.
  10. That’s not Shakey. That’s Sue Perkins.
  11. My niece told the teacher that I was a satanist and she wanted to be one too. She meant Atheist.
  12. I put that in to see if anyone would notice. it’s not true by the way. The bat wasn’t fresh at all.
  13. I didn't post at the time. Things I have crossed off my list in the last decade are: Flown along the Grand Canyon Gambled in Las Vegas Visited Disney World Visited Egypt Eaten fresh bat soup in Wuhan Visited Pompeii and Herculaneum Been to an NFL game in the US Stayed in a city view suite at the Shard Seen a Space Shuttle Launch
  14. Here's a blast from the past. Who posted their list on here and which ones have you ticked off.
  15. The Russians have an updated one. Its hard to translate but its about killing a defected spy and his family using only a single Novichok coated door handle.
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