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  1. I haven't been to Dudley Zoo for decades. I remember them keeping an Orca in a pool that's now consider too small for seals. I also remember the Polar Bear just standing in the middle of his concrete cell constantly swinging it’s head. I can see that zoos are suitable for certain animals. They also have a role in conservation. But I fear that many zoos use conservation as a convenient justification.
  2. I have a mixed up saying that is strangely accurate - Don’t cross the burning bridge until you get to it. In this circumstance it is pointless worrying how she took your news unless she wants to see you again. Your next goal should be to have a really good date and not mention “the thing”. Show her it’s not something you will be talking about all the time. Only talk about it if she asks.
  4. Keep it simple. Contact her and say "I really enjoyed our last meet up. Do you want to arrange another?" Cross that hurdle before trying to think further ahead.
  5. Right................let's get this courier problem sorted. Let's nationalise all the courier companies and form one massive company responsible for delivering mail. This mail delivery company cold employ men on bikes to delver post each morning, just as day is dawning. Trust me Tom. Its a winner.
  6. We could have large buildings that keep the items we want. We could put these large buildings in the centre of town. People could travel into these areas and pick up several items at the same time. We could call them something like "Shops". By travelling into these shops and picking up 10 items I would be cutting courier deliveries to my house by 90%. Trust me Tom. Its a winner.
  7. Maradona. "Like A Virgin" is bound to be the Christmas Number One.
  8. I originally wrote the topic title as “affordable”. Someone else has changed it to “cheapskate”.
  9. How do I change the topic title? It should say "........worth getting"
  10. An alcohol flask. This beauty is bigger than a hip flask but smaller than a normal drinks flask. Its either got my favourite single malt if its for me or a cheaper blended one if its a social occasion. It just feels so luxurious.
  11. A thin cotton scarf. I got this as a present and didn't think much of it. But its come in so useful. Its been a towel, flannel, face mask, head covering, bandage and so much more.
  12. Leatherman Wave. I keep this with me and its come in handy so many times. Its worth every penny to have something that will sort most small DIY and repairs. Worth every penny.
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