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  1. " Dancing on the ceiling ! " (Lionel Richie, 1986).
  2. Phew! What a relief we didn't lose another six pointer. I'm still worried about Smith saying last weekend after the horror show that "Danny will make us a better team". That sounds like he'll stubbornly persist with starting him, so as not to appear to have made a bad decision with this acquisition.
  3. 4.43am, can't sleep, worrying about this latest ordeal instead. :s I tried to get a ticket for this match but the allocation was just for season ticket holders or fans who went to away games last season, which I totally understand, fair enough. I'll just have to go to a home game instead, Sheffield United next month.
  4. Mate we won't get away with it, even if one of them cunningly wore an outfield shirt instead of a bright green one, sooner or later the ref would probably notice and say to that keeper 'Hey you! What's your game?!'. And we could get in trouble for breaking the rules !
  5. Lawro's also predicting 0-3. I think I can just about handle that as losing by three goals is only a mini-thrashing, as opposed to "a damn good thrashing" (a Basil Fawlty), which is defeat by more than three goals. It would be frustrating though considering they've already beaten us 3-0 this season, in the reverse fixture. :s I just hope that Charlie Nicholas isn't very good with predictions, he's gone for 0-5. Good grief. : (
  6. I've watched Sky's highlights and I love what the commentator said about us today: "Aston Villa are scrapping to survive but... they're doing it in style!". Nice. : D More style please guys, in our remaining league matches !
  7. In the BBC live text today some other Villa fan said the same, that Smith shouldn't be playing Grealish on the wing. It will be interesting to see if that changes or not in the next few weeks. I suppose a bit of our loss of confidence is probably due to Mings being out, as he's such a confident person and a vocal member of the team. Hope he's back on New Year's Day By the way, who's Sheffield United's centre forward??? And if only we could have signed him in the summer. : (
  8. Yes, impressive stats from him. Considering that he's a midfielder and that he's only actually started 8 league games this season, three league goals is a good return! : D
  9. A few days ago I posted that apart from being great at free kicks he's pretty good at shots too but that he'll only get a few shots in the Premier League... which now seems a bit negative of me because actually maybe this left foot wizard doesn't need more than just a few shots! Well played Conor! Hope to see him in the starting line-up at Vicarage Road on Saturday.
  10. We were lucky today, true, given that Norwich played better than us.:s And we now face the daunting task and high pressure of needing to win away at resurgent Watford on Saturday to climb out of the relegation zone, but... looking on the bright side, someone posted at the start of the season that with a bit of luck ten wins may be enough to stay up, and we've just got halfway to ten wins exactly halfway through the season. (And at least we're doing so much better than 2015/16! 2015/2016 - 3 wins from 38 games 2019/20 - 5 wins from the first 19 games).
  11. What a relief that's finally all over! Those last 26 minutes plus five of injury time were up there among the most stressful of my life. Good grief. I felt sick. :s I think I might faint... [falling over noises. Crash. Bang. Faint]...
  12. He's great at free kicks. But free kicks are only one part of the game, only one out of many. :S He's also pretty good at shooting, including long shots, but in the PL he's only going to get a shot now and then.
  13. You've got a good point there, the EFL have let LFC down badly, surely they could have rescheduled the date for tonight's match... they could have put it back by a few weeks and the date for the final too.
  14. It's nice to be the only team into the League Cup semi-finals for 24 hours! The remaining six teams can look at us a little enviously. But I wonder if Smith will play our second team again in the semi or if he'll go for our first team this time.
  15. On top of the relief of having four wins at this stage, I like the fact we've now got four of the 'big six' away games out of the way just 14 games into the season. And with Stamford Bridge coming up next that will be five out of six just 15 games in. We wouldn't want those five games towards the end of the season in a relegation battle!
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