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  1. robby b

    Tom Heaton

    To think that Alan Partridge is a Villa fan! (And Tom Hanks too. And Prince William. This club is great!)
  2. YES!!!!!!! Mobile battery ran out at work in 6th minute, just got home from work, just saw the result, fantastic! Get in Villa! So happy!
  3. 1-3 at home to Everton, that brings back a bad memory, I was at Paul Lambert's first home game (horrible day, 0-3 down at half-time, boo). Really hope we don't lose to them this time! :s
  4. As Guilbert was really good in pre-season, maybe Elmo was selected last Saturday because of having some premier league experience already.
  5. robby b

    Wesley Moraes

    Also at the risk of going off topic... Zig and Zag ! Dem girls dem girls they all love Zig and Zag.
  6. robby b

    Wesley Moraes

    Ah, I see, so it's the whole of January then. Well anyway, I'm not saying Kodjia can't or won't be able to get back to his 2016/17 standard if his ankle has healed very well, maybe he will, fingers crossed. And maybe Wesley will do well and score enough goals, and not get injured, fingers crossed!
  7. robby b

    Wesley Moraes

    If Wesley gets injured or doesn't meet requirements, how easy or difficult will it be for us to get a top striker in the January transfer window? I can't remember how long that window's open for. The Sky reporter who has reviewed our transfer window today has said our weakness is up front and I guess they're right. It's now our main risk and our big question mark.
  8. robby b

    Douglas Luiz

    Ooh, this cat's strong! It's not like that ginger one with very poor balance, the one that falls down at the slightest touch (in a Patrick Bamford way).
  9. robby b

    Douglas Luiz

    All this work permit hoo-ha must have been stressful for him, half his hair has turned white !
  10. Thanks very much for the info. : ) Oh well, I'll call the Villa ticket office again as soon as I see the tickets are on sale (maybe next week) just in case anyway. It's a pity I have very little chance because I'm not going to buy a ticket from the Palace ticket office to sit with the home fans! For a start that would feel a bit weird and uncomfortable. (I was in the middle of Wimbledon fans twice when Villa played at Plough Lane and I remember feeling a need to 'keep a low profile'). I might let a sudden loud cheer slip out if we score. :s Oops. And I want to live! Sounds like I'll probably just have to go up to Villa Park instead asap. Exciting! Actually my friend's son is confident, boisterous and quite laddish... maybe he wouldn't feel scared, and as you say, character-building! That's a good point. My first ever football match was when my Arsenal fan dad took me to Highbury when I was seven and it was against... Aston Villa! (I'd told him I liked Villa, he can't have been too pleased!) I remember feeling quite scared of a few very angry men in the crowd who were shouting things very angrily. And I was intrigued by a few strange and interesting new words that I'd not heard before!
  11. This is the nearest thread I could find that relates to my query... I'm going to try to get a few tickets for the game at Selhurst Park next month... One of my mates is interested in joining me with his 11-year-old son, they're both very new to going to football matches. The last three Villa games I've been to were all at Villa Park, I haven't been to a Villa away game since I was 13 (at Plough Lane, twice). Please could someone tell me what a typical Villa away crowd is like these days? I mean, can it get very aggressive (towards the ref, opposition players and home fans) and very sweary? Or is it generally more or less family friendly and ok for an 11-year-old? I feel uneasy about being responsible for my friend's young child feeling scared or hearing the most x-rated language being shouted out around him. If anyone can answer my questions I'll be really grateful.
  12. robby b

    Douglas Luiz

    I wonder if we still have that player liaison officer who was giving our foreign players one to one English tuition. I can't remember her name now. I think she's a qualified and experienced EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher. If she's still with the club I hope she's a really good EFL teacher!
  13. robby b

    Douglas Luiz

    I agree, well said ! "If she was a president she'd be Baberaham Lincoln".
  14. There's a great Minnesota diary entry from Callum O'Hare today on the OS, wise beyond his years. Sounds like a really good lad with a great attitude. Fingers crossed for the next few years of his promising Villa journey.
  15. robby b

    Douglas Luiz

    " I drove all niiii-i-i-ight... to get Luiz's signing confirmation. I drove all night, to see the permit through. I drove all niiii-iiii-iiii-iiii-ight... I drove all niiiigh... etc... " Cyndi Lauper, 1987.

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