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  1. That sounds a bit strange, he doesn't just wear one sock. He wears two like everyone else so it should be Socks Boy.
  2. That's true. But it would look nice for a few hours or maybe a whole day though, wouldn't it? I could take a photo, frame it and put it on the wall!
  3. If only we were the 12.30 match and not Chelsea, then we'd have a much better chance of going top of the PL for the first time since 2011. Oh well. At least we were top once, back in the mists of time, better than never, I suppose. I think I read somewhere that only one of the current PL teams has never been top of the top flight table and if I remember rightly I think it's Brighton!
  4. (That's got me quite confused. It doesn't take much).
  5. Oh dear, Dean Smith has just announced that Engels hasn't trained, due to his thigh injury. This is worrying that he's still injured, he's been injured for ages now! :< Let's hope Hause can be match fit again soon!
  6. Yes! Very good comparison, I agree, both great and brilliant, unpredictable dribblers (maybe they themselves didn't always know what they were going to do next either, which can be a weapon! Crazier legs than Crazy Legs Crane). I used to love watching them play for England too, exciting players.
  7. Hope Jack will be ok for Saturday with just two days rest! :s Well at least he got subbed, that 14 minutes plus injury time less than he could have played might help a little.
  8. The most graceful Gresford the world has ever seen !
  9. Only days to go. Into single figures now. Progress.
  10. Only ten days to go now. : s I really hope we sneak back into the top four! And if we win then we'll go above either Liverpool or Leicester.
  11. Remember how we also started well in MON's first season, with 13 points at this stage, just 2 less than this season. But in those seven games, though we didn't lose, we didn't score more than two in any of them. Contrast that with this season, having scored three of more goals in four of the first seven games! Wow. It's exciting to be a high scoring Villa again, like in the early 90s with Dwight Yorke, Dean Saunders and Dalian Atkinson.
  12. How strange that we've not conceded a single goal in our three away games but have conceded nine in the four home games! : s I wonder if this isn't just due to Fulham and Arsenal playing badly against us and Leeds and Saints playing so well, or us being so good on the counter this season, but also partly to do with no home advantage from fans anymore. But on the other hand a few of you have pointed out on here that neither do the players have the extra pressure and stress that can come from their home fans. So who knows?! I guess it may also partly be a bit of a freak occurrence, a strange co
  13. Ah! Thanks. In that case, I'm wrong, yesterday wasn't the first time we've beaten Arsenal by more than two goals in a league game in my lifetime. But no wonder I didn't know this as I was born in 73.
  14. Ha! : D Yeah and he's really loud and annoying and badly needs to go on a lot of anger management courses and eat less sweets (as they can't be helping his anger issues). He and the yellow top man are both scary but in contrast the three guys at the back are nice.
  15. Aston Villa are back ! I think that's probably the first time we've beaten Arsenal by more than two goals in the league in my lifetime! (And 'I'm no spring chicken'). And have we just won the first three away league games of the season for the first time in our history?! I was gutted when we went 2-0 and then 3-0 down against Leeds and then even more at 2-0, 3-0 and 4-0 against the Saints, but now to have five wins from our first seven sounds pretty good! : )
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