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  1. Haha No, not the enemy, I wish them well and was born in Chertsey, though not going to see them on Sunday.
  2. I'm worried about Jack Marriott, he can be really dangerous, he went on loan from League One Ipswich to my home town team, National League Woking, three times from 2013 to 2015 and of course he scored in virtually every game as he was ridiculously out of place in the fifth tier. But then he went on to score a lot of goals for Luton and Peterborough in League One.
  3. robby b

    Jed Steer

    We love you Jed Steer, we do. We love you Jed Steer, we do. We love you, Jed Steer, we do. Oooh Jed Steer, we love you !
  4. Over the bar, nooo! It didn't even hit the bar. : ( At least a penalty should be on target. Oh dear, poor old Albert. And the BBC said Green "offered very little" in the first half, yikes! I wonder who could take their place in the final for the better???
  5. The air conditioning in his office is rubbish.
  6. Just saw a photo on the OS of Hourihane running off to celebrate his goal, with Abraham and Taylor running not far behind him, and then there's El Ghazi on the left of the photo, facing the opposite way, just standing, but bending down with his hands on his thighs, blimey. He must have been exhausted. Well, I suppose it was sensible of him to take the opportunity to have a little rest for a moment and conserve as much energy as possible.
  7. robby b

    Jed Steer

    Flying save of the century from Superman Steer! Well played Sir!
  8. Yes, and also we're the third highest scorers in the Championship this season (behind only West Brom and Norwich) so we've proved that we really are good going forward. I think the number of times we scored three or more was quite impressive.
  9. I think he's been pretty good for Wales and I just remembered his Cruyf turn wonder goal v Belgium in Euro 2016. But I don't know if he's been good for the Baggies this season... but just saw he's scored 4 goals out of 25 appearances in the league, don't know how many assists.
  10. That dribble he made through several Leeds players in the first ten minutes, wow! That was electric, it was like Jack or even Cristiano Ronaldo.
  11. That is so funny! Thank you Brumstopdogs for making me laugh so much!
  12. Ha! Serves him right. And if he wants a career in acting then he can go and work in a theatre instead.
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