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  1. Given our circumstances with still no Jack and poor form I'd be happy and very relieved today with a 2-0 loss. I mean happy not to be thrashed!
  2. robby b


    Follyfoot mentioned some anti-semitism in the original version of The Shooting Star, which I think I may have read about vaguely some years ago, this is regrettable and especially as it's one of my favourite Tintin adventures, it's so good, it makes my top five. My number one favourite is the atmospheric The Seven Crystal Balls, the one with a professor's big house in the woods during a storm. And my other faves are its sequel, The Temple of the Sun (in Peru) plus The Broken Ear (somewhere in the Amazon rainforest) and The Black Island, the only one in which Tintin's in England. He actually sp
  3. I've noticed this thread is in the "bolitics" section. Interesting word. Seriously through, I really hope Biden makes a breakthrough with the gun madness in the U.S. One of the things I loved about Obama was how much effort he made with gun control, but it was so difficult for him to make progress, so frustrating.
  4. robby b


    Ah. I didn't know about Hergé becoming a Nazi collaborator, yikes! :s That is really disappointing to find out. :< Thank you Follyfoot for letting me know, I'll have to read up about that, e.g. what kind of collaboration. I just hope that he deeply regretted that too in the follwing years. In Hergé's fourth book, The Blue Lotus (just three years after Tintin in the Congo), Tintin actually stands up against racism. A white Western man says something very racist to a Chinese guy and hits him with a walking cane... Tintin goes over and shouts 'brute!' at the other white guy and bre
  5. robby b


    Hahaha! Classic! Yes, I remember the yeti stealing the captain's whisky. Someone should have warned the yeti: never ever steal Captain Haddock's whisky! Swedish, nice! Are you Swedish then? I like those little circles above letters, and the umlauts too.
  6. robby b


    Hey MJ, is that you playing the guitar in your photo? That's one of my other interests. It looks like a folk guitar (steel string), that's what I've got. I just wish I lived in a detached or simply semi-detached house, sigh. Then I'd be a lot less inhibited and would be able to play a lot more often. :<
  7. robby b


    Great! Yeah, sadly that first book, Tintin in the Congo, clearly is racist. But at the time when it was written, in the colonial era still, 1930-1931, it apparently didn't raise that many eyebrows... when he wrote it I guess Herge maybe didn't appreciate that he was being racist, he was a product of his racist era and an average reflection of that Belgian/European society. But he should have thought things through better. Just as bad for me is how cruel towards animals it is with its glorifying of hunting and above all a few cruel, sick scenes, which I have to try to forget and rega
  8. robby b


    Ah, The Crab With the Golden Claws, a real sea adventure in which we meet the naughty Captain Haddock for the first time. : > (He gets just slightly too drunk in that one, as poor young Tintin soon finds out!) :s I saw that Tintin film in the cinema, it took a while to win me over, partly because it made lots of big changes to the original story, but I did like it, I found it impressive, it's actually amazing cinematography.
  9. robby b


    Are there any fellow Tintin comic book fans on VT? And have any of you been to the Tintin museum in Belgium? I'm a massive Tintin fan, I first discovered them when I was about 12 and I have the whole collection. I've never been to Belgium but really want to finally make it out there for at least a few days in the next few years. At the top of my places to visit list are the main square in Brussels, the main square in Bruges and... the Tintin museum. (Sampling some delicious Belgian beers will also be a highlight of the trip!) It would also be great to visit the chateau in the Loire V
  10. That's a good point. I think they'll want more though! Hope I'm wrong. They failed to give us "a damn good thrashing" that day, it was only a mini thrashing in the end and it was only against the kids too.
  11. I'm absolutely dreading the strong desire for revenge that Klopp and the Liverpool players are bound to have. I have a horrible feeling they'll be very fired up. And they just beat Arsenal 3-0 too. I'm really dreading this game. : <
  12. Sorry, I got mixed up about when he joined us. I'm not saying his English is really bad, in some ways it's actually quite good or ok. His fluency, vocab and pronunciation are quite good, but I noticed in a post-match interview yesterday he just didn't put verbs in the past tense (though referring to the match) and this is important. Till recently I was an EFL teacher for 16 years and it's not hard to learn the main verbs in the past simple in English, there's no conjugation to learn. But yeah, I do appreciate it's harder for an Arabic speaker to learn English than a European language spea
  13. If it was a gun then I think I've got it... maybe he was saying 'be quiet' to those who have 'shot him down' with criticism. But I'm not convinced that it was definitely a gun. Maybe he simply wanted to point to his mind.
  14. I wonder if his message was maybe an answer to a criric or critics who had suggested a lack of intelligence, and he was saying 'shut up, I am intelligent, that was an intelligent goal' or something like that (as he was pointing to his mind). Oh, actually, I can't remember if he put one or two fingers to his head. If it was a gun then maybe he was saying 'be quiet' to people who have 'shot him down' with criticism.
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