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  1. Yes! I just watched Peru win a very tense penalty shootout against Paraguay to get through to the semis. The 'blanquiroja', Peru, are my South American team. Can they get to the final for a 2nd time in a row? (Please not Brazil again, please!)
  2. Oh my word, where's the creativity? Yes, Philips had a great game in the first match, v Croatia, but then didn't really play well in the next two. There needs to be Mount or Grealish for some creativity from midfield.
  3. Pretty defensive. Or how about this sneaky one-nil 5-4-1 bad boy even? ... Pickford James. Walker. Stones. Maguire. Shaw Chilwell. Henderson. Rice. Philips Mings
  4. I'll take it ! At least then I won't be jealous of Greece (and Denmark, Portugal, France, Spain, Germany... ) and we will have actually won a major tournament in my lifetime. Let's just get on that Euros list, that would be a start.
  5. Beating Germany in the knock-out stage of a major tournament is a bit like Villa beating Man Utd at Villa Park in the league. It doesn't happen. (And hasn't happened since the last ice age). Oh well, never mind, thankfully it's only a game! :<
  6. Kick off time here in Bolivia midday and I have to vacate my hotel room by midday, then catch a bus from La Paz to Oruro, three and a half hours journey, old smartphone stopped working a few months ago, still haven't got round to replacing it (oops. But even if I had, I don't know if a UK network would work out here). So I'll spend the journey looking at Bolivia whilst on and off thinking about the game and assuming that we're going out against Germany yet again as usual but not 100% totally sure, so it will be a long wait to find out the result ! : s
  7. What I mean is, Mount and Grealish are probably our two best creative midfielders (along with the impressive Yorkshire Pirlo). I think Mount has kept Grealish out of the previous two games and we were lacking creativity against the Scots. I'm not saying Southgate will start Jack, I'm just saying that surely he really should start him now.
  8. Mount out, Grealish in, surely?!
  9. I've managed to get out to Bolivia in the hope of then getting into Chile but now it looks like Chile won't reopen its border for another 3 months! :s And it was stressful and expensive getting out here with the PCR test and covid travel insurance. Tricky times. And Bolivia are pants at football, they've lost both their opening games in the Copa America. But it's an adventure to be out here.
  10. Bamford in training, part 2
  11. If he signs for us I hope he scores from a direct free kick v Southampton in both league games next season and that we win them both, one of them 4-0. See how they like it. Ha !
  12. It's not every day that we see a rooster in pink trousers waving its arms about.
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