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  1. We badly need the McGinn from the start of last season, I have a feeling a lot will depend on that tomorrow.
  2. Considering we're at home tomorrow, I'm a bit concerned that out of the 14 matches played so far, 9 of them have been away wins! :s So it looks like home teams are missing the fans advantage quite a lot. The other five were home wins though, not a single draw yet! Draws are so passé.
  3. We did get out of the bottom five, we were up to 11th at one point, I think it was after our back to back wins against Norwich and Brighton. That was very brief in 11th place though, and I agree that it was a constant struggle of catch up until that week. Also we quickly fell back into the bottom five soon after. Yes, getting off to a good start is important !
  4. These clips show that he's not just pace, they also show his high level of skill with plenty of really good ball control. And he's more twisty and turny than a twisty, turny thing! Tony Morley-esque.
  5. Quote: Just remembered how much hatred I have for Aston Villa Not even going to read that. Awful fanbase. Quite some arrogance for a team that only avoided relegation because their keeper is a cheat. God I hope we smash the arrogant **** rocket polishers. Despise that club Yeah, totally understandable that this Sheffield United fan hates us evil Villa fans. Not disproportionate at all. Abu Hamza, Ted Bundy, Saddam Hussein, Aston Villa supporters... all the same.
  6. Our kid Woaksey going well with the bat, again, for England v the Aussies! : ) (Villa fan, good lad). I think this decider match is in the balance though...
  7. Yeah, they're still not letting it go! Sly Sky, typically stubborn, always stirring things up.
  8. We're still a top half team, yes! Just. Let's enjoy that while it lasts (until next Saturday).
  9. We could have done with fans for next Monday. I'd have tried to be one of them if coronavirus hadn't come along! It's been too long since we beat the Blades, boo. :< Well I know it wasn't last season or the one before, I think it was the one before that, 1-0, maybe a last-minute Snodgrass wonder goal. Was that the one?
  10. The first round of matches has gone well for us with lots of teams who are likely to be, or might be, our rivals in the bottom half losing: Fulham, Southampton, Leeds, West Ham, West Brom, Sheffield Utd and hopefully Brighton too. That's like a little headstart for us. It's intriguing that five of the seven home teams have lost (with only Liverpool and Palace winning at home). It may well be six out of eight by 10pm with Brighton currently losing too.
  11. Yes, because only 14 of the 23 appearances were starts, the other 9 were as a sub. And if it's true that he wasn't played as a forward last season but as a right side mid or a RWB then there's that in his defence too (for only scoring one goal).
  12. Or Berty T. Or good old Bertie Bassett. He's Villa's favourite asset.
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