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  1. I just read a post in this thread about us getting off lightly if we only concede four. Good grief. Have a nice summer holiday everyone, see you in the Championship.
  2. Bless! The most gentle, sweetest lion ever !
  3. The BBC think it will be Hourihane on the left side of midfield and Luis on the right side. Out of those two and the full-backs, I wonder if we'll get better running down the wings and crossing today than from El Ghazi and Trez.
  4. robby b

    Ezri Konsa

    But the reason he didn't track Gayle straight away is because he was looking behind understandably at Almiron who was charging towards the penalty box in acres of space totally unmarked! You can't mark two players at the same time, especially when they're so far apart! Konsa should have been able to track Almiron because Mings or Hause should have been on Gayle. I don't agree with Dean Smith for putting all the blame on Konsa.
  5. I can't help feeling a bit bad for Konsa, being singled out by Dean Smith for their goal. Having watched replays carefully I don't think it was entirely his fault, I think one of the midfielders and/or central defenders is partly to blame too. To be fair Konsa seems to be the only Villa player who was aware that Almiron was fast approaching in the centre of our half, totally, worryingly unmarked, there's no Villa player anywhere near him. In the replays Konsa glances round at him before deciding to move towards Gayle. If Carroll had passed to Almiron instead he'd have just waltzed through on goal with just Nyland to beat. No wonder Konsa got distracted from Gayle. He can't mark two players at the same time! One or two of his teammates have let him down there. I think he was caught in two minds for a second, wondering which one of the two Newcastle players to go with.
  6. And please tell me it's also not impossible to get a win from this! Because that's what we need. A draw probably won't be good enough. We've now gone 7 (seven) league games in a row without one. It's not just about the three points... going on a winless run like that must sap confidence little by little, we also badly need the massive psychological boost that a rare win would give us! I just hope that the qualifying for the CL pressure might get to Wolves (to counteract the relegation pressure that is likely, to whatever extent, to get to us).
  7. Maybe it's high time to give Jota a second chance. I was a bit annoyed with Ashley Preece of the Birmingham Mail after the Chelsea game, he wrote that Jota did nothing of note during his sub appearance. Ok so very nearly scoring a late equaliser with that volley is nothing of note? (Thankfully Sky noticed that it was only inches wide).
  8. I just saw that Wolves are 6th in the table and annoyingly close to qualifying for the Champions League. Ah. So they have a little incentive at Villa Park on Saturday. Great, perfect, boo. : (
  9. Yes. That happens to me too! Except that I'm not positive this time. I was before Sheffield Utd. and Chelsea, but not before this one.
  10. Morning campers. Let's hope that today all 11 players play with the sense of urgency that they should! I only saw the AVTV highlights of the Sheffield Utd. game but Lawro said of our performance that there was no massive urgency. :s Maybe they could try to play each match as if their lives depend on it?! I mean on top of playing with the knowledge that the club's premier league life depends on how they play.
  11. Flippin heck if that fiendish Bournemouth win tomorrow and we don't then we'll be in even deeper trouble than we're in already. What a tense day we have coming up, again !
  12. I think I'm going to faint... [ falling over noises ]
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