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  1. Omg! What an incredibly nerve-wracking game that will be if that happens! Like the play-off final in terms of stress only maybe even worse.
  2. And when are we going to be playing that Sheffield United???! I want to buy my ticket! Hoping it will be soon with still a possibility of staying up! :s
  3. Out of all the games in the season Mings gets ill for this one. Ffs! Could he not have been ill for Crewe in the league cup instead?
  4. So now we just need Engels, Hause and Konsa to all play the game of their lives to prove us wrong about being done for without Mings. No pressure then lads.
  5. But what I don't understood is this... When approaching a first team return following serious injury, can a player get fully fit again just from playing some reserve/U21 games? Or do they need to then have several first team starts before reaching 100% fitness again? I guess he needs to take it easy in the first reserve/U21 games he plays in, then step it up a bit in the next and then in the last one before returning to the first team, actually play like he does in the first team in a PL match (even though the match and players around him won't be PL intensity).
  6. Brilliant comedy! This little kid's face! ( = Yikes! I'm seriously in trouble, I'm outta here!). : D
  7. But beating Man City isn't anything so special anymore this season, I think Spurs were the sixth team to have done so now. Still, yes, their confidence will be high (as City are after all the champions and an incredibly expensive team), but that could perhaps play into our hands a bit if we're lucky, in that there's potential for them to be a little complacent and over-confident. I just hope it will be a case of the... er... Brucey's "after the Lord Mayor's Show" for Spurs.
  8. If we somehow manage to win this and Bournemouth don't manage to win their tough next game at Sheffield United then we'll leapfrog them back. For once I want that pesky Sheffield United to win! :s The whole team needs to think back to the character and energy they showed in the first game of the season and how close they went to beating Spurs then, and remember that that was away, this time we have the home advantage.
  9. Oh dear, I can't find my match day horse tranquilizers.
  10. There are already extended highlights on Villa TV, on the OS. They actually put them on there last night. Fast! : )
  11. 7 wins out of 24, almost a third of our games, that's what I was hoping for at the start of the season (in order for our results to be average compared with the rest of the teams). With 3 more plus 6 draws from the remaining 14 matches that would give us the 40 points total, which is usually enough to stay up. (I do appreciate that it might not be this season though! It's so close in the bottom half at the moment!). :s
  12. " Dancing on the ceiling ! " (Lionel Richie, 1986).
  13. Phew! What a relief we didn't lose another six pointer. I'm still worried about Smith saying last weekend after the horror show that "Danny will make us a better team". That sounds like he'll stubbornly persist with starting him, so as not to appear to have made a bad decision with this acquisition.
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