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  1. robby b

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Hull

    Today I was happy to see Green back partly because he reminded me of Baron Greenback (from Danger Mouse. And his pet caterpillar Nero).
  2. robby b

    Pre-match thread

    Regarding Albert, it's frustrating, given that he did offer enough going forward in the first half of last season. And as a result I think he scored about eleven or twelve in the whole season so he must have been one of our two top scorers along with Grabban. So basically we need our first half of last season Adomah back.
  3. robby b

    Pre-match thread

    Tina? What's she got to do, got to do with it? Genuinely confused (as usual).
  4. robby b

    Ratings & Reactions: Swansea v Villa

    I don't agree that it was a woeful penalty, I won't call it fantastic, but I agree with the BBC that it was firmly struck and heading for the corner. It was a great save from Nyland, he dived down really quickly and got two strong hands to it, at full stretch.
  5. robby b

    Ratings & Reactions: Swansea v Villa

    Yes, I don't see Leeds losing or drawing more than half their next six games, which is what we'd need, even if we won all six of ours! And we still need Norwich to lose or draw a few. :< At least we're still close to the play off places. : >
  6. robby b

    Ratings & Reactions: Swansea v Villa

    Haha. It's the fjords I'm pining for. Well, I'm just thinking at least he will renew the competition in the full back department.
  7. robby b

    Ratings & Reactions: Swansea v Villa

    What a relief to get three points again! And well done Nyland! And Hourihane too, but I wonder when Grealish will be back, and Taylor.
  8. robby b

    Lovre Kalinić

    I just read Dean Smith's press conference on the OS, he says that Kalinic "distributes really well" and that "he's good with both feet". That's a very welcome statement from the manager, I feel a bit less worried now, following a few people's concerns raised earlier in this thread, plus the five years contract.
  9. robby b

    Lovre Kalinić

    Regarding doelman van het jaar, FA rule 17.4. "... but the goalkeeper shall not be allowed to catch the ball in a large jar". Damn! Just our luck!
  10. Yes, it's ok, I've said sorry to Dem for my post being unusually negative, to be fair, I decided he did actually have a point there! : D Some people though, when learning a bit more about their club's history, can occasionally feel curious about a few unwanted records, not just all the happy records. Anyway, come on Villa! Beat those pesky Stokeys yeeaaahhhh!!!
  11. Like I said, I started thinking about that Liverpool game (as I was wondering how I felt about them winning the PL this season) and I just thought that I wouldn't be surprised if that was our worst result at home in the league ever. But apparently, you think that's wierd, Demitri C. We hit rock bottom that day and it's important for this team and future teams not to equal or beat this record again (losing by six or more goals at home). I was simply thinking I never want to see that result again. Ok?
  12. So maybe 13-1 is our biggest win in all competitions then. But the 12-2 against Accrington Stanley in 1892 is our record league win, according to I should buy that official history book, it sounds good. The records lists I found on the internet yesterday were a bit limited.
  13. I was finding that out too. : ) 12 - 2 at home to Accrington in the 1800s, I think (in the league).
  14. Thank you! So we've never lost by more than six goals at home in the league, hoorah! : ) I'm off to celebrate. About that 2-2 with Bolton six days later, maybe the Villa players had a bit of a telling off from the manager after the 1-7! :s
  15. Because I spent nearly half an hour trying to find the answer on the internet and I couldn't find it anywhere! One of my best mates is a Liverpool fan, I was just wondering about that defeat in 2016. Let's just hope we don't lose by that much again this century!