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  1. Yes, those last two games could be a bit tricky. :s On the other hand, our next opponent's one of the most ideal we could possibly have, because Blackburn are more or less safe now but are too far away from the play off places. Out of all the 24 teams maybe they have the least to play for at the moment.
  2. Hahaha And we'll dust ourselves down.
  3. I'm surprised that Middlesbrough have now gone as many as six games in a row against us without scoring, wow. That is shocking ! :s
  4. Yeah I just noticed that too, how embarrassing to not have a single attack shown in the three minutes Sky highlights! :s There must be about ten of ours though, nice!
  5. Great stuff. And this sentence just reminded me of the great Ron Manager from The Fast Show! He used to talk a bit like that.
  6. Wow, so the last two league games with Boro at Villa Park were draws, and the last three away were Villa wins!
  7. I felt quite optimistic before last night's game against Forest, maybe actually a bit more than I do about this Saturday's against Middlesbrough, because Middlesbrough must be sick of us, they'll be out for revenge! :s Revenge for us winning three of the last four games with them, especially 3-nil at theirs and knocking them out of the play-offs. So that might be dangerous. Come on Villa!!!
  8. Ha! Well that'll teach you for scoring 5 at our place!
  9. Pele?! Oh no!! He sounds worryingly good. : (
  10. Good! Phew!! What a relief after he ruthlessly ruined our comeback in the reverse fixture, the meanie. :<
  11. Nice! It's exactly the team I wanted. Come on you lions!
  12. Thanks Tractor Boys and Paul Lambert! Well done! Their 1-1 draw at Bristol City tonight is another little bonus for us going into the game tomorrow, even more incentive than there was already. Come on Villa! Please stay on track.
  13. Are West Brom's shirts made from actual Tesco bags?
  14. If small heath alliance ever get back into the Premier League, do you think they'll change their name to Big Heath Alliance?

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