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  1. If we win this it will be four wins and a draw from the first eight matches, which would be pretty good after losing the star man in the summer and then being without explosive Bailey so far apart from just two brief appearances as a sub.
  2. As the next match v the magpies will probably be much more difficult, at least we managed a PL win against them just before their Saudi takeover! Something good about this season so far is that after seven league games we still haven't gone more than two in a row without a win, which is great for maintaining positivity. (In 20/21 we didn't go more than two PL matches in a row without a win for most of the season, which was fantastic!)
  3. I hope you're right about this, I want Buendia and Bailey to start again ASAP and Traore to come on from the bench earlier in games (like after 65 mins for example).
  4. @TheAuthority If Ollie had a serious look on his face after the goal I wonder if it may simply be to do with VAR, maybe he's very conscious of the possibility of a goal being chalked off these days for one thing or another. We can't celebrate as freely as before. Since two seasons ago, every time I see a Villa goal go in on the BBC livetext I stay looking at the score and the minutes gone for a few minutes, and if our goal still shows when the minutes updates only then do I feel able to properly celebrate. :<
  5. @alreadyexistsyeah maybe time wasting was a deliberate part of Martinez's antics, taking up as much time as possible to make it a long build-up for Fernandes and thereby increasing the pressure on him? The other thing from Martinez, playing mind games with Fernandes and distracting him by asking Ronaldo loudly why he wasn't taking it, could perhaps be called unsporting behaviour but I don't know if a yellow card can be given for that... Lots of keepers have used mind games before a pen over the years, in one way or an other.
  6. Yeah this is tricky, if Hause stays and Tuanzebe joins permanently then, although they're good, they'll both face the possibility of being only 4th choice CB. And this playing 3 CBs currently might be just temporary... It could just be the standard 2 CBs again in the formation next season.
  7. Emi Cash Konsa Hause Mings Young Buendía Luiz McGinn Traore/AEG Watkins * Traore or AEG to replace Buendía and Ings to replace Watkins with about 20 to to go.
  8. I'm wondering if that's the highest over the bar penalty miss I've ever seen in the top flight !
  9. Targett must feel relieved and very grateful to Hause because effectively he very nearly lost us two points with the sitter he missed !
  10. But we haven't beaten Man Utd at Villa Park since 1995 (the Alan Hansen "kids" match)! So that's the big one, beating them at home. I do wonder if it will ever happen again! It might not.
  11. Wow! What a finish to the game! They were so likely to get a penalty in added time given how long it had been since we last beat them. I just can't believe they then missed it! So which miss was worse: Off-Targett's or Fernandez's?
  12. Come on Villa! Loved the 1st half stats in the end: Chelsea 4 shots, 1 on target v Villa 5 shots, 3 on target. Not bad for our second string apart from Cash! : >
  13. I can't wait for him to get a first league start and hope this might be next Saturday at Old Trafford if (and I guess it's a big if) his thigh is ok again tomorrow or by Tuesday/Wednesday...
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