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  • Posts

    • The Tim Sherwood Thread
      By TRO · Posted
                                               So If you don't know what our best team is ( and I don't.....but I'm not the one criticising the manager) how can you say, he is picking the wrong team                                           Tom fox did not have his arm up his back, he took TS on with no past experience.....he must have seen something, don't you think.
    • The Tim Sherwood Thread
      By villa4europe · Posted
      The comparisons are laughable LGV and Man Utd obviously have very different targets to us but they are 2 points off top, 1 point clear of fifth having played 2 rivals for their position and 3 points from it We're 4 points off our target, and that only if our target is stay up, which sherwood told us it wasn't, he said we'd never have to worry about relegation again, after 8 games we're 6 points off 12th, we've played four of the games we won last season and have 1 point from them I would say give him time but I've seen absolutely nothing to suggest he'd do anything with it, we aren't getting better, we aren't taking baby steps and gelling, we're getting worse, going nowhere, anyone saying give him another 5-10 games, what are you expecting to happen in those games? Him to finally find his best 11 and a formation that works? Because in the last four games we've had three maybe even four winnable games and we've seen six line ups and six formations, complete game shifting subs at half time twice, and apart from one half vs championship sha we've been **** awful I just don't see where the improvement is coming from unless there is some sort of miraculous penny dropping moment from sherwood, and we aren't that lucky The only penny dropping moment will be from Tom fox and it's going to come too late
    • The Tim Sherwood Thread
      By TRO · Posted
                               Well you can't please all of the people all of the time.                          Irrespective of what I write folk will have their own opinions.                          Let me make a few points.....In the summer many fans on here were very pleased with the summer transfer dealings despite, not seeing some play, there was much excitement, nothing wrong with that, now you are saying they are his signings which is correct and when I ask what his best team is..... you say he is the manager, he should know.                            Now I know that is correct, but there is a little bit of selective value here ..... one minute, we are praising for a good summer trade, next we are castigating for poor selection, but at the same time, not saying what WE THINK he should have done.                            "We have been a terrible football team for years now"......and we want a rookie manager to come in and Gel 12 new players and at the same time lose 4 of your arguably best and with 8 games gone call for his head.....Hmmmmmm                            Some of the negativity actually relates to him getting the job in the first place.....nothing to do with results......just come out because we are losing.....He got the job with no experience.....Thats down to Tom Fox, He must have known his background, didn't he?
    • The Tim Sherwood Thread
      By Mantis · Posted
      There are plenty of clubs who have had terrible starts and persisted for longer. Not that I'm arguing we should keep Sherwood of course, but I don't buy into this idea that Villa are somehow unique in refusing to get rid of under-performing managers. We don't even know that the sack isn't looming over his head either.
    • What's your tipple this evening then?
      By maqroll · Posted
      Maine is becoming recognized nationally as a mini Mecca of pretty cool microbreweries. Some very nice beers being made up here.
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