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  1. Indigo

    Wesley Moraes

    I think it's gotten to the stage now where Brazil should call up Keinan Davis to replace Wesley.
  2. Indigo

    Wesley Moraes

    ...or how certain people who said he wasn't good enough jumped the gun?
  3. Indigo

    Douglas Luiz

    With the caveat that I only managed to catch the last half an hour or so I thought he looked great in that period. He obviously interprets the role of a sitting midfielder differently to Nakamba but he was doing exactly what you'd expect from a player who does so as he does. Spreading the play, getting it between the lines to the more attacking players etc and looked more confident doing so than at the beginning of the season which is a good sign that he's settling in a bit.
  4. He started Alan Browne over him, not Whelan as they play in different positions in midfield (or at least have been for Ireland). Was a widely criticised decision to not involve him too.
  5. Unbelievable today. What a player.
  6. We're absolutely blessed that Brighton went down to 10, we were appalling beforehand. VAR allowing we've the chance to make the most of it and need to keep the momentum going in the second half.
  7. Indigo

    Douglas Luiz

    Check out @AVFC_Religion’s Tweet: Good strike, keeper might need to have a word though...
  8. He's played plenty as a deeper lying midfielder. Plays there for Brazil U-23s, was being talked up as possibly being Fernandinho's understudy had he gotten a work permit, and literally said in an interview when he signed for us that it was his game to take the ball from the back and start moves. He can play and has played in different roles in central midfield but it really isn't nonsense to talk of him as being that sort of player when there's plenty of evidence that points to him being that.
  9. Yeah I mean we're all Villa fans but in the grand scheme of things calling out moronic racism is definitely more important than us picking up three points against Norwich. This stuff just isn't on, misplaced endearment for our own players or otherwise racism is racism and everyone partaking in that song is an embarrassment.
  10. Indigo

    Tyrone Mings

    The goal was a dodgy one from both him and Heaton (who could have reacted a bit quicker and been more convincing when he actually did) but I thought he was brilliant otherwise. Numerous blocks and clearances - the same things which were being cited as reasons he was great a few games ago. Not understanding the criticism outside of the goal.
  11. What a signing Nakamba looks by the way, such a tidy player on top of all the great defensive work. Love the guy already.
  12. This game has been wild so far, we're that vulnerable ourselves at the back that we have to get out there second half and try to build on the lead, which fortunately enough looks very possible because they're even more dodgy than us. Great from Wesley outside of the penalty (which McGovern did very well with to be fair to him), he's such a confidence player that I hope that doesn't negatively impact him too much though. Please don't pull a Villa, Villa.
  13. Should have taken that first time, get Keinan on immediately.
  14. Would have liked to see Luiz come in for Hourihane as he probably influences general play more while Conor is the more dangerous off the bench, but otherwise can't really complain about going with the same team considering how well they did in the first half last week. It's just a matter of putting it together over the full 90 which we've struggled to do so far regardless of the starting XI. We've got to take some points over the next couple of games and really couldn't have asked for a better opportunity against Norwich than we've been presented with here. No pressure lads...
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