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  1. Indigo

    Dean Smith

  2. Indigo

    Jonathan Kodjia

    He's just not a left winger imo, I find it weird that people seemed to think he'd be better out there than through the middle when he had previously been great for us as a striker and there wasn't much evidence of him having played elsewhere. He's a mercurial player but he's also great physically in terms of being able to hold it up, as much as he can be frustrating he has all the elements of being a good striker when he's on song. You lose a lot of that from him when he's stuck out wide, particularly because he's not a natural creator of chances for others and that's what you'd primarily be expecting of someone playing there. Playing someone out of position isn't conducive to getting them back in form. Tammy's great and I don't think I'd swap him for anyone else in the league, so even though Kodjia is probably too good to be a back-up striker in the Championship I think that's what he should be for the time being if we're playing this formation. Especially when Bolasie is actually able to start games. From a selfish point of view it gives us better options off the bench too.
  3. Indigo

    Alan Hutton

    I don't think a select few people who presumably haven't rated him for a long time (can only speak for myself but I haven't) expressing so is indicative of a fickle bunch of fans. Presumably the same people that have always thought he was good still do so, considering there's posts in here from the past few days praising him. In fact there's people that to this day think he's our best right and left back. I personally wholeheartedly disagree but c'est la vie.
  4. Indigo

    Alan Hutton

    It speaks to how bad we've been and how low our collective expectations have gradually become that Hutton has been consistently playing for us for so many years and it's been largely accepted. I usually try to avoid being critical of players but he's one of few I have to make the exception for, he honestly holds us back and the fact that the only positive that can be attributed to a player playing for a club of our size is that "he gives his all" probably says that he shouldn't actually be playing for us (and even then, there are examples down the years where I'd suggest he in fact hasn't given his all. There was a pretty cowardly red card vs Chelsea in the season we went down that comes to mind). Only echoing what Trent says but our right side is openly targeted by other teams because he can't defend, and all he offers going forward is physically getting forward without producing anything outside of the odd anomaly. Needs to be one of the first replaced for us to kick on imo, it's important we have full backs that can 1) defend competently and 2) receive the ball on the move and be comfortable on it under how Smith wants us to play and Hutton definitely doesn't provide that.
  5. Indigo

    Axel Tuanzebe

    Thought he was MOTM tonight personally, didn't put a foot wrong and is improving with every game. Outside of not being particularly strong in the air he looks a real all-rounder at this level. Not only does it make Bruce's stubbornness in persevering with him at right back look increasingly bizarre as has been said above, but it also shows how harsh some fans were to almost completely write him off based off a few games where he was shoe-horned into a position he clearly wasn't comfortable playing in.
  6. Indigo

    Jack Grealish

    Imagine how many we would have won by had he been dropped.
  7. Indigo

    Jack Grealish

  8. Indigo

    Dean Smith

    How anyone can claim to not notice the quite demonstrably different manner of playing Smith is trying to implement is beyond me. That's not to say it's being done well or successfully, but it's inarguable that there's more of an emphasis on passing it out from the back and pressing higher/more aggressively. For what it's worth I don't think we're too far off, but the players that hold us back really hold us back, and I don't think you can get away with trying to play like this when only maybe half the team are capable of it. Hutton is dreadful, Elmo is a solid player but not dynamic enough as a winger, Taylor is mediocre etc, these players are meant to be outlets/dynamic/capable of carrying the ball but it's too static and if anything hinders the likes of Jack. I think we'll get there eventually, and even with the players we have now we'll still push on once Smith has more time to work with them, but it'll be very difficult be muster a meaningful promotion push if we can't swap some players out for more capable replacements.
  9. Indigo

    Jack Grealish

    The problem is the players playing in front of him re: releasing the ball quickly. When there's a pass on he gives it and often gets credited for perfectly weighting passes, but often times the runs being made are lacklustre, Elmo is a good player but not exactly blessed with offensive prowess as a winger, and Adomah's have been poor all season. When there isn't a pass on it's hard to keep it moving quickly. McGinn is equally as "guilty" of this as Jack is also for the exact same reasons though doesn't tend to come in for the same criticisms.
  10. Indigo

    Dean Smith

    Bringing Hogan on seemed weird under the circumstances alright, even discounting the fact he was shocking anyway. Not the most discouraging loss we've had all the same, not that that says much. You can see what Smith is trying to implement but he's barely a week into the job and had to prepare for two games, one of which last night away from home to a team further along than we are in a similar type of style. I think we'll get better as the games go by but it's clear that some of our players just aren't suited to the game he wants to play, on the ball at least. For a team that wants to play a quick, short passing style we have too many players that aren't dynamic or capable of taking the ball on the move. I think Taylor has played well defensively but on the ball he's too static and slows everything down, and the less said about Hutton the better...he's the one that needs dropping more than anyone. Elmo is a perfectly good full back in this system but again he's a bit limited as a winger when we're attacking. We'll get there eventually but I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up being a case of just taking stock until January, if it's possible for Smith to do some dealings. I really don't think we're far off personnel-wise it's just that some of the players that don't fit really do hinder us, we just haven't had enough effective outlets when we're attacking so are struggling to kill games off.
  11. Indigo

    Alan Hutton

    I know he gets cut a lot of slack because he "gives 100%" but I can't believe he's still starting for us in 2018. He's not good going forward, he's not good defensively, he's not quick, he's awkward on the ball, and he has been for years now. For all the laughs about the amount of right backs we have at our disposal I can't accept that he's the best of them.
  12. Indigo

    Scott Hogan

    Absolutely embarrassing cameo. The laziest player on the pitch by an absolute mile once he came on, and to think of the amount of stick Kodjia gets for apparently doing the same thing...
  13. Indigo

    Jack Grealish

    Set pieces aside he played perfectly fine, albeit far from his best. He's going to come in for undue criticism as he often does now but he was at the centre of everything positive we did going forward with little help from anyone around him. He's 23 and isn't the type of player that is going to win a game by himself, which is essentially what we ended up relying on him to do by the end of the game.
  14. Indigo

    Axel Tuanzebe

    How many Jedinaks would it take to head a clearance with the requisite force for it to fly straight into the opposition's net?
  15. Indigo

    John McGinn

    There are times where he gets caught on the ball in positions where my heart is in my mouth, and for some of the stick Grealish gets for holding onto it too long I think McGinn can be even more guilty and in more dangerous areas at that. But on the whole you can't really say anything other than he's been a great signing for us, the guy's engine is non-stop and he's the type of midfielder that will really suit the type of style Smith will be looking to implement. Think we're a quality deep-lying player away from having a perfectly balanced midfield to go with him and Jack.