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  1. If you think that after gullibly believing Grealish was staying because of an incognito Leeds fan/NFL ITK and cryptic messages from random DJs that I'll take my information from a former Apprentice contestant...then you're absolutely correct. Welcome JWP.
  2. I yearn for the day some of you get over this "philosophy" obsession like there cannot be exceptions to the general rule. Just because Ings and Young don't fit a certain profile doesn't mean that they aren't worthy, sensible signings. Just get on board with it lads we're winning the league.
  3. Between also being heavily linked to JWP and Cantwell I'm wondering exactly what Deano has against Norwich and Southampton.
  4. Tuanzebe is an absolute no-brainer for me. Little cost so we can spread the funds elsewhere, knows the club and has a style of play that fits, was excellent when he was at Villa and despite limited minutes hasn't exactly been poor in the meantime.
  5. Let's just say for the sake of the example that the links to new players are accurate and in the - extremely unlikely - event we could pull them off, how would we be feeling relative to last season if we ended up with the below? Martinez, Steer, NEW (?) Cash, Guilbert, Konsa, Tuanzebe, Mings, Hause, Targett, Young Luiz, Nakamba, JWP, Sanson, McGinn Bailey, Buendia, Cantwell, Traore, El Ghazi Watkins, Abraham, Wes/Davis + youngsters
  6. Just please no tribute video or massively fawning posts from the club about it is all I ask.
  7. The closer to the season this drags on the worse a position it leaves us in and that's the main thing for me now. If he was so set on going I wish he'd have just done it as soon as possible rather than dragging this out, I do think we can more than bounce back from it but in the short term I'd have been a lot more confident had we a month or two to prepare for the season without it being a dark cloud hanging over us.
  8. The last week supporting Villa has had more twists and turns than the season itself probably will. What a time to be alive.
  9. I sense that his dad could become a peculiar nuisance in the future.
  10. Have enjoyed the past couple of days of renewed confidence and positivity around this situation as I've even let it sway me at times, but I'm still quite resigned to him leaving. Just don't have a good feeling about it. Whatever the case I just wish it would be over with either way. Can't be underestimated the implications it could have on our season and for it to constantly drag on like this surely isn't helping anyone involved.
  11. Redemption day for @nick76 Happy to admit I've almost wanted us to be in for Tammy purely for how angry it'd seemingly make a large number of people.
  12. Cringing at the lads badgering him in that video.
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