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  1. Luiz is a 6 regardless of what his physical stature is. He's largely played in that position in both his club and international appearances (he plays there alongside Casemiro with a 10 in front for what it's worth), and even said himself that it's what he sees himself as. Think some are having a bit of myopic view of what a "DM" is in modern football as these days it can take many forms, be it as a deep lying playmaker or your more limited "destroyer" types. I think it would've certainly helped to have maybe signed a more physical presence in midfield (though we couldn't do it all in one wind
  2. Indigo

    Dean Smith

    Agree with all of this, it was particularly noticable in Jack's performance as you say. Only concern I'd raise aside from that is why we were so aggressive in our set-up compared to other games this season. I understand we were playing at home to a weaker side but ultimately if we played as we did vs Arsenal and came out of it with a similar result then nobody is complaining. Brighton try to play football in a manner that would have played into our hands (at 0-0 of course, not when they were leading and went to 6 at the back) had we approached the game the same as we did even against Fulh
  3. Indeed, and I wouldn't expect to convince anyone who indulges in such criticisms that they're weird (the criticisms that is, not anyone personally). All I can say is that even to objectively go off stats there really isn't much at all between Mings and Konsa, so in that sense it just seems lop-sided to have Mings slated for everything from his ability to his mindset while Konsa is lauded by comparison. The only thing I can't accept at all is this "thinks he's better than he is since England" notion, he literally plays the same way he did when he first joined and makes the same errors, only now
  4. Indigo

    Ezri Konsa

    Yep, it's definitely more indicative that how we were set up was ridiculous, but I just had to point that out about Konsa in particular because it's especially poor and not the first time I've seen him do it. Even if our line is that high, if he's positioned where he's meant to be there's an at least slight possibility he can cover that ball in behind but it is what it is. Hopefully this is a learning curve because that sort of reckless defending is the exact opposite of the foundations that have given us success in other games this season.
  5. I better clarified my point above but in short I think stuff like him chewing gum, "thinking he's better than he is" and the utter nonsense that in fairness you don't really see on here of "his politics distracting him" are examples of this. I also don't agree at all that he gets away with a lot, definitely not on this forum. Ultimately this is a bit fruitless because I'm evidently going to have a different take to you, but every time we concede a goal this thread is flooded with posts while - and I caveat this by saying I'm a fan of his - Konsa largely gets a free pass in comparison. He'
  6. I don't mean to sound dismissive of any criticism - no player is. Just making the point that if you go through this thread or social media (my mistake on that one I know) a lot of it is guff based on nothing but guesswork. For what it's worth though I think at this moment he's better than Konsa, even if Ezri has a higher ceiling. One just gets stick for things that the other doesn't despite similar errors being made by both at a similar rate.
  7. Barely played any minutes, in brief cameos has had more than encouraging moments as well. I find it utterly bizarre that opinions on players based on absolutely nothing tangible can gain so much traction. As you say it's weird behaviour.
  8. So much of the criticism Mings gets is unquantifiable nonsense. It's so weird.
  9. Indigo

    Ezri Konsa

    I know going for Mings will be the done thing here and I don't want to get on anyone's back in particular as I think the first goal is more so the fault of the whole defensive like but...what is Konsa playing at for it? It was similar to one of the goals in the Southampton game where despite being the right sided centre back he finds himself within touching distance of Mings on the other side and leaving an enormous gap/no cover. It happens worryingly often andsurely needs addressing quickly
  10. What is Konsa doing so far over on Mings' side there? Similarly massive space that he left for Cash's handball in the Southampton game.
  11. Brighton are a good side and well-drilled in their approach in the games of theirs I've seen this season, but they also just lack the individual quality to really make a difference at this level and in a few games it's that which has held them back rather than just being flat out unlucky as they were against United. This will be a tough game and it would be the most Villa thing ever to stumble vs Brighton when we've been so impressive against better sides, but removing that pessimism that comes with the territory we have more match winners and are just generally in a better space than the
  12. I see Mings get more stick on this forum than anywhere else (outside of daft racists on social media that barely even warrant a mention) which does seem a bit strange. I don't really watch England games outside of the odd time when either him or Jack play, but last night a couple of mates of mine/folk on Twitter were giving Mings credit so here was me thinking I'd come here to see the same thing. Speaking of the England game though, what I saw from Trippier made me even happier with us signing Matty Cash having been linked to both.
  13. Indigo

    Ezri Konsa

    I'm the same, not one to stick the boot in on players myself but given some of the stick others receive I think Konsa gets off lightly at times. Has a high ceiling potential wise and I'm certain he'll grow to be a good player at Premier League level but in an ideal world I wouldn't have minded getting in a centre back to really give him a challenge to keep his place.
  14. I'd agree if it weren't only directed at completely over the top and pretty scathing takes, never mind that it was more or less reflective of some of what was said anyway and not really misrepresentative. Replace "lumbering mess" for "donkey" and it would have been verbatim like. You find it frustrating when people find it risible that stuff like that gets thrown at players unjustly, I find it frustrating that that happens in the first place. C'est la vie.
  15. I thought I made it pretty clear that I was jokingly exaggerating with that. Ah well. Although in saying that people have absolutely said one part of that, and he's also been labelled a donkey on top of it so in retrospect it's not even that far off.
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