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  1. There was a moment on Saturday where a Leeds player whose name escapes me had a shot from outside the box that was floating towards the top corner albeit without the pace or conviction on the ball to realistically beat most keepers and Emi plucked it out of the air with complete ease. Hinchcliffe on commentary described it as "for the cameras" despite the fact Martinez caught it, which usually doesn't go hand-in-hand (forgive the pun) with that phrase. Not saying it to get on his back but Hinchcliffe making that error just put in perspective how much Martinez is the antithesis of that label fu
  2. I don't think he's missed many "sitters" or clear-cut chances, if anything I've seen strikers more prolific than him miss more of them this season such as Vardy (speaks to his quality the amount of chances/goals he still has regardless though). The only real criticism on that front I could have of Watkins is that he doesn't have a huge amount of those half-chance type of goals you see the more ruthless strikers add up over the course of a season. That's how forwards who are at that next level rack up 20+ on a consistent basis. At the rate he's improved at though it wouldn't surprise me if that
  3. Indigo

    Dean Smith

    Never done a job on the opposition tactically y'know.
  4. I love Marvelous, still gives me absolute palpitations when he's on the ball but once we went a goal up early it became his sort of game. There were occasions last season where he looked like he could be the complete package for us (aka Norwich away) but I think for the level we're approaching he's the perfect squad player. Great performance on the whole though.
  5. It happens so much on this forum where people with legitimate criticisms of players, coaches etc get overly defensive despite nobody actually disagreeing with them and claiming that over the top, ad hominem attacks don't exist. Not to say anyone "hates" him, but I've seen plenty of people in match threads etc (granted not the most sensible places at the best of times for all of us ) just call him a "prick" and whatnot which is just a bit crass and can certainly come across as such. I think Barkley has been off the boil for weeks, wanted him on the bench and agree with all the measured cr
  6. Indigo

    Dean Smith

    I'd rather people kept it consistent at least. Some of the disrespect Deano has gotten in the last couple of weeks is insane ("if I'm allowed to say that" ), if anything it'd be more embarrassing if we went from "tactically inept", "clueless muppet" etc to doing a 180 based on one victory. 8th after 24 games with games in hand over most around us, I'm happy to be one of the happy ones myself.
  7. Brilliant again. No surprise.
  8. Indigo

    Dean Smith

    Hope all of you Bielsa disciples will be able to handle this OK. Can't be easy to have a "clueless muppet" tactically outdo your boy.
  9. Interesting to see how patient Smith is being with Sanson, seems very much as though what Purslow said was true that they essentially signed him early so he'd be fully bedded in for the start of next season. This game could go any way for me. For all the doom mongering about us and hyping of Leeds here I'm friendly enough with a few of their fans who think Struijk and Roberts are awful players (cue both of them having blinders now), which might go some way to aiding our midfield woes of late assuming they're playing there. Wouldn't surprise me at all to see Barkley come on later in t
  10. I get we're out of form and stylistically Leeds pose a bit of a dilemma for us but dear god some of the fear and paranoia in here for a game against a side below us in the league is borderline nauseating. A sure fire way of putting in a turgid performance here is if Smith picks a team filled with central midfielders being played in random positions purely based on work rate in a desperate attempt at stopping what Leeds do. Even if that worked in one sense it would leave us so utterly ineffective in possession ourselves that it would completely defeat the purpose anyway. Wouldn't mind
  11. Not only that, but you can just imagine so many of the same people suggesting it writing him off as not being good enough if it went badly.
  12. Tammy Abraham has played two seasons in the Championship and scored 48 goals across 78 games, to call him "less than convincing" at that level is extraordinarily harsh given not only did he start those seasons at only 19 and 21 years old respectively, he's subsequently put up respectable Premier League tallies. Some folk might not think he'd be a success for us now but c'mon like.
  13. I think there's a lot of merit in the idea he would've been best served being eased back in off the bench rather than sticking him straight back into the starting XI seemingly with the hope of playing him back into fitness and form. For all the other doubts about him what there isn't any disputing is that there's quality in there, and if he had've been introduced after an hour or so when games had become stretched there was probably a better chance of seeing that from him, which in turn would be a boost to his confidence too as it seems to be lacking at the moment. Easy to say in hindsigh
  14. I agree with you but there's levels to it I suppose. My main issue with him right now too is 100% that he isn't performing in the manner you'd expect him to that would even partly make up for what he lacks defensively. He's been slow and ponderous on the ball and has been as much a reason as anyone as to why we've been so poor in possession in recent games, which for me has probably been even more cause for concern than how we're playing off the ball as one feeds into the other and only serves to give the defence more work to do. I thought he did well against Arsenal but that's been sandwiched
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