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  1. I think Sanson was actually signed because he offers exactly that as well as being able to contribute offensively. He would sometimes play as part of a double pivot for Marseilles and very much excelled in terms of defensive contributions. For reference, the below is from FBRef, which is a handy website that provides scouting reports on players vs counterparts that also play in their position across the top 5 leagues. Outside of some quite extreme exceptions Sanson actually compares more than favourably and has generally excellent defensive statistics. Think we're nowhere close to have seen qu
  2. I'd be stunned if the club had spent a lot of money and time devising a recruitment strategy only to then start trying to spend £60-80 million on English players already playing in the league.
  3. Anguissa is the only Fulham player I'd be particularly happy to see us sign, personally. In the limited times I've watched them this season he's the one player that looks like he could comfortably operate at the level we're pushing for, as well as having done the business for a top 6 side in Spain last season. You'd imagine that if a signing such as him or similar were to happen it'd have to be facilitated by some outgoings in that area of the pitch given the numbers in that 6/8 position.
  4. Considering how much Lyon fans slated Joachim Anderson I'd like to see some kind of venn diagram based around how many Villa fans think he'd be a good signing that also wrote Traore off before he'd even kicked a ball for us.
  5. Yep, have seen it said a couple of times on here about McTominay yet United fans' general opinion on him is that he's a box to box player and the most needed signing for them is an actual DM who can remove the need to play both him and Fred together.
  6. I do get what you mean. This place isn't directly comparable to social media but I think if we want to hold it to a higher standard then the only difference shouldn't be just that it's ok because the players can't see it. There has been stuff down the years that's been of that level about people that really don't deserve it and we could all probably do with being cognizant of avoiding it.
  7. Indigo

    Dean Smith

    Played well on the whole but it's the fine margins you get stung by against good teams and that's what happened today. Silly decisions in isolated moments from individual players let us down, hopefully the squad can take encouragement from the performance and not let the result knock us back.
  8. Let himself down there. Was playing well up until then but his teammates' reaction says it all. Absolutely stupid decision making.
  9. Fine margins against good teams like this. We've played well but poor decisions from players in individual moments have let us down.
  10. As if it was a dive lads. I love Dougie but that was disgracefully shit. What is he playing at ffs.
  11. Think we've been great on the whole so far but these lot always pull results out of the bag and we can't have nice things.
  12. Traore gets an offensive amount of stick. He's an absolute dude, a maverick that is beyond tracking back because he's calculating how he can manage to rabona one in from the halfway line. Just enjoy him.
  13. It's part of the problem with the "I haven't seen any abuse, just feels like you can't criticise anyone anymore brigade". This stuff demonstrably exists and the least we can do is call it for what it is whenever we see it and remove our own egos or stances on players/managers. Fair play to him for speaking out about and bouncing back from it. Stuff like this makes you appreciate Mings more and more. Been a great player for us but he's worth so much more than just that.
  14. Think for need to follow your own advice man.
  15. With you on that. Personally I think his performances were so off that my hunch is that there was more at play than just a questionable attitude given how cumbersome and incapable of the basics he was for a period, but as you say I'm sure we'll have more of an idea based on the decisions made by those who actually have the answers on this one.
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