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  1. Indigo

    Dean Smith

    To be fair, if we're to call this scenario finishing 8th then I don't think Arsenal nor Everton fans would agree that their sides displayed particularly consistent traits at all, and their records in those seasons speak to this also. In fact our points tally from last season would have us finishing as high as that and in one case even higher in the last 4/5 seasons.
  2. Indigo

    Dean Smith

    Everton have never been relegated from the Premier League, and in the years leading up to the Ancelotti appointment had finished in Europe, regularly been a top 8 side and had spent £25+ on numerous players. I think that so many fans are putting us in the conversation of "if they could why not us" is only a testament to the work that's been done at Villa in such a short time frame to be honest, because given the context the comparison doesn't really hold up otherwise.
  3. If all the evidence it takes to be branded an utter knob is to chew gum and occasionally make mistakes in your job then I'm glad I don't have to deal with some of you in the real world.
  4. Luiz is most definitely a 6 for me. Looks out of place whenever he's played elsewhere. His absence in that area has been more than noticable in every game without him this season.
  5. Indigo

    Dean Smith

    Also this Potter debate is frankly weird. I rate the guy a lot but over 3x into the season last year we were as many points off CL places as Brighton were off relegation. Context is key, let's see where we are soon enough and we can properly appraise then, that goes for the manager as well as isolated players people like to point blame at.
  6. Who overrates him though? He's so widely described as overrated by so many Villa fans - nevermind random Englanders that slate him sans his good Euros showings - that if anything it's gone the other way, meanwhile Konsa seems to get overrated/unfairly judged against Mings despite all statistical evidence suggesting the contrary. I don't think it helps anyone really.
  7. Indigo

    Ezri Konsa

    I'm not one for getting on players' backs at all, but given so many are more than keen to do so I'm regularly surprised by how easy Konsa gets let off in comparison to others. Cracking player but he needs to do more for me given how high his ceiling is, particularly in possession where outside of being astonishingly good at winning free kicks he plays it too safe and can be as much of a reason as any why we struggle against teams who even marginally press us.
  8. Indigo

    Dean Smith

    This really is such an important point if spending is going to be such a deciding factor for people in terms of where we "should" be. Context is key and when considered you see how much of a mountain it is to overtake these sides, even when they're flagging as Arsenal and Spurs have, the head start they've had is absolutely enormous.
  9. Indigo

    Dean Smith

    I really don't think people appreciate the distribution of talent in this league. There's varying degrees but almost every single team has a manager and several players of proven quality worth a lot of money that are capable of hurting any side they play against. The margins are extremely fine, particularly in the general region we're in where there's many teams jostling for position.
  10. Agreed thoroughly. Have criticised him myself as recently as yesterday so it's not as though I think he's "immune" from it like some of these folk often suggest, but this line is trotted out so often despite there only being evidence to the contrary. So odd to me.
  11. Indigo

    Dean Smith

    Also just on the Smith not being "the guy"/NSWE being ruthless, efficient decision makers, as much as they've been terrific owners and I couldn't have asked for anything better, I'm not exactly sure the grass will be greener. It seems to be generally accepted wisdom that Henry was right up there as a priority for them (and some of you nutters if I remember rightly) back then and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Purslow targeted similar. Like many would want Galtier and we'd end up with a Terry or Lampard (or Gerrard, who in fairness is building his reputation well but certainly isn't a no-brainer).
  12. Indigo

    Dean Smith

    The main issue for me is that we just don't have the flexibility in our squad to play this system right now if something goes wrong in terms of an injury etc. The wing backs are the key in this formation but Cash is the only one who has the dynamism to get up and down the line and carry the ball. Targett doesn't have that and thus we had little going on down that side, and once Cash had to go off we had absolutely no means of clearing the ball properly as any outlet was now exclusively through the middle and easy to smother and press. In that sense I think the subs killed us but as we've since learned all of them were enforced so hard to place much blame there. Being wise after the fact I'd say it would have been an idea to bring on a winger for Cash and change back to a 4-3-3 with Konsa moving over to right back, as that surely would have invited less pressure upon us than a static back 5 with Nakamba in front who is ostensibly another defender himself. I wouldn't be surprised if this formation is persevered with and Bailey starts playing on the left as he did vs Everton, as that's one of the few ways to get most of these main attacking players in the team.
  13. I love the guy and all but there was a moment - not sure if it was caught on camera as I was at the game - where Wolves had a goal kick and as he was running back to get in position he picked the ball up and threw it back over Sa's head as he was lining up to take it...whilst already having been booked. Thought he was on for the stupidest sending off at all time but Oliver surprisingly let him off the hook. Could have killed him there, was a prime example of him not managing the game well but I've no doubt in his ability to bounce back.
  14. Yeah, I like Targett and don't really have any issue with his performance when taking in context the kind of player he is, but at the same time I think he's the biggest weakness in this formation in possession as he just isn't dynamic enough as a wing back. He's not exactly fast and doesn't carry the ball at all himself so we have next to nothing going on down that whole side of the pitch. Playing in a 4 again and I've no qualms at all with him really.
  15. Proving just how important he is this season.
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