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  1. Indigo

    Dean Smith

    I'd moan about VAR if I thought there was a chance we'd have done something in this game otherwise. Love Dean and what he's done for us but this is genuinely horrendous. Defending like this runs seeping than playing staff unfortunately.
  2. Indigo

    Dean Smith

    Given the circumstances you couldn't have really expected much more from us yesterday, we were always going to have to ride our luck and make the best of any that came our way given how much of a better side City are, just a shame we didn't get much of the latter. Unfortunately I'm finding it hard to take the positives I should be out of it because it's just another example of us being a nearly team this season against one of the top sides, when we failed to get results/build on almost getting them vs Arsenal/Spurs/Liverpool etc it gives me less confidence that we can turned yesterdays performance into results going forward. Hopefully we can though and McGinn's return can spring some more life into us also. We need to get on it quick given the disastrous results around us in the league at the weekend.
  3. Indigo

    Villa Podcasts

    Sad to see TVV go, was definitely my go-to. Disagreed with Dan's shouts from time to time but they were always quite reasoned a had a good dynamic going, you could kind of see it coming though even if the given reason for it here has only just happened. Good for Tom anyway, as said above he comes across as a great person so all the best to him. Any decent alternatives out there? I gave Dan's one on The Athletic with Gregg Evans a go but as much as Evans seems a nice guy I wasn't really arsed listening to him justify the million strikers he was linking us to at the time. It might be better now that we're out of the silly season of the transfer market.
  4. Indigo

    Keinan Davis

    It made sense to play him here to get his match fitness back up, but he's clearly made out of wafer unfortunately for him and our striking options.
  5. Indigo

    Dean Smith

    The thing that has been the biggest red flag for me recently is both how we deal with being pressed and also go about doing it ourselves. I love Smith but it does worry me that for a manager who has a reputation for playing a possession-based style our ball retention is awful whenever a side presses us both home and away (obviously to a lesser extent with the former). At the weekend we'd try to play it out from the back and would have no real options or movement once they pressed, which ended up in endlessly hoofing it out for throw ins and just inviting more pressure on ourselves. Defending is about more than just dealing with the other side's attacks, and we're making the defence work more than they have to by being pressured into losing it in dangerous areas. Same goes for when the opposition has the ball. Compare how Brighton with 11 men often found it so easy to play it out against us at Villa Park with how much we struggled at The Amex. Southampton was a similar story. We're not making teams work as hard for possession as vice versa and it's making life a lot harder.
  6. Indigo

    Wesley Moraes

    Not really having the claim that people only dislike personal attacks when they're directed at someone they like. Bruce had well and truly burned bridges when his time was up with us, still doesn't really justify a lot of "fat and useless" shouts from fans, same with some of the stuff that Nyland got prior to his injury last season which was honestly a bit embarrassing to read, regardless of how poor his performances were. I know social media is a law unto itself but the case was the same when Villa posted a happy birthday to Neil Taylor last year, torrents of personal abuse for someone whose only crime is not being up to standard at left back. Every fanbase has it but I really don't think we help ourselves sometimes.
  7. I mean all going well he's not even going to play is he, but as we've seen over the past month or so playing with a recognised striker is just better for the overall balance of the team than playing without one (despite Engels apparently being a better option up front than Wesley...), in which case getting him in on a free in case the worst happens isn't the stupidest decision in the world.
  8. Indigo

    James Chester

    Love Chezzy, he's been a quality player for us and what's more sacrificed who knows how much of his career to play when Bruce's sheer negligence meant he felt he had to. I'd love for us to keep him in whatever capacity, be it as a player or his post-playing career, but if he wants to play first team football that should be respected as it's probably the least we owe him...BUT doing so without a replacement in some shape lined up seems worryingly careless on our part. If we're playing a back 3 then 4 first team centre halves is pushing it a bit, here's hoping it doesn't bite us on the arse but this is Villa so I look forward to Lansbury having to deputise there at some point.
  9. Indigo

    Ørjan Nyland

    Can't lie, I'd still rather Reina in the final if he continues as he has vs Brighton/Watford, but I love when players of ours mug off the more (putting it nicely) miserable sections of our fan base. Between Hourihane getting boo'd and bouncing back last season to the worst keeper in our history having a stormer tonight. Good times.
  10. Kourtney Hause just liked this on Twitter, and what is this thread for if not baseless speculation...
  11. Indigo

    Douglas Luiz

    Put respect on this man's name
  12. Indigo

    Douglas Luiz

    Love this guy. Some of the criticism is fair in that he can be inconsistent, and gets caught napping on the ball without moving it quick enough at times, but that's the kind of thing you'd expect from a 21 year old that is in his first season in the Premier League. Under normal circumstances it'd be less of an issue as he'd be eased into life in the league but unfortunately our situation dictates otherwise so he's having to learn the hard way. He's our best (fit) midfielder outside of Grealish though, and I think he should play more often than not as for his occasional faults he just offers us more on the ball than our others do in terms of retaining it and actually providing an option. It's more than you can say for other players but he never shies away from showing for the ball, one of the faintest silver linings from the Watford disaster was him showing some bottle when others didn't and even at 3-0 always dropping for and demanding possession in the shallow hope of making something happen. Until Drinkwater gets up to speed (if he can) Luiz does what he's been brought in to do better, he showed that when he came on and the KDB-lite assist for Jack just topped it off.
  13. I'm not one for getting on individual players' backs, but considering how much some people are I think Konsa has gotten off pretty lightly this season compared to others. I don't get it with him to be honest.
  14. Struggling to understand how often we're failing to simply keep the ball in play here. Almost every pass down the line has gone out for a Brighton throw in.
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