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  1. Indigo

    Kortney Hause

    Hasn't been mentioned but I thought he was great last night, right up there with the best performers in the first half and (as he should have) looked a cut above the players he was up against. If he were a brand new signing as opposed to a returning player there'd probably be a bit more furore about it.
  2. Indigo

    James Chester

    That Chester often gets judged so harshly for some below-par performances where he was more or less the only centre back at the club and playing through a by all accounts career-damaging injury is absolutely staggering. At a club where Alan Hutton was given a pass for years for "always giving 100%" Chester should be absolutely deified for what he did for us in comparison. Not to mention he was brilliant before his injury too. If nothing else he'll be very good back up for an otherwise inexperienced group of CBs we have, I'd keep him because we're not going to get enough for him to be worth the loss.
  3. Quite disappointed by the away kit on first look, withholding full judgement until I see it in person but it just looks like an unfinished template. The idea was great but the execution less so. In terms of the design I think the home kit is fine, but just that. I personally don't have the same pining for the "traditional" claret body/blue sleeves as many do (last seasons was the best we've had since the 90s at least imo), but it just looks like a safe design. I'd imagine it'll look ok in games.
  4. Indigo

    Douglas Luiz

    I think some people are getting too bogged down in the terminology and taking the "defensive" in defensive midfielder too literally. Most sides play with a designated sitting player and we aren't any different under Smith. I'd imagine Luiz is being signed to play the role, to remove the need for Jack/McGinn to drop deep and to dictate the pace of the game.
  5. Indigo

    Douglas Luiz

    Seems like this is legit anyway from how widespread it is, quite happy with it as everyone that's actually seen him play more than just his games vs Barca/Madrid is talking him up highly. Not arsed about the buy-back clause, it's common for any "big" club to insert when selling a young player (I remember the same skepticism when we bought Adama...that went well) and in reality as others have said if we get the level of performance out of him that means Pep will want him back at City then I think we'll probably have done quite well for ourselves all things considered.
  6. Indigo

    Ezri Konsa

    Can't say I've seen that much of him outside of his games against us, where he seemed decent outside of when Kodjia tore him apart for the first equaliser at Villa Park. Is quite highly thought of though, his style of play is in our wheelhouse and he has worked with Smith previously, so it's a signing that would tick a few encouraging boxes. I personally get the impression that Chester might be a member of the playing staff in name only and won't feature much if at all for us again due to this injury. With that in mind I still wouldn't mind another CB signing in the mould of Cahill on a short term deal on top of Konsa were it to happen as it'd offer us a decent bit of balance in that area (plus a reported £12m for both would represent good value given how much we'll still probably have to spend in other remaining positions).
  7. I'd prefer Butland because he's got age on his side and there's not much between him and Heaton in terms of quality, but under the circumstances I'd be very happy with Heaton. Proven to be a more than competent keeper at this level and we should get at least a couple of seasons out of him for a relatively cheap price, which is important given the number of players we need to sign vs the amount we've already spent. There's always a possibility we can go back in for Butland eventually anyway, be it January or next summer. As good as he is most Premier League sides are already sorted in the position, so outside of ourselves and probably Bournemouth I can't think of many sides that are going to be looking to sign a new first choice keeper.
  8. Indigo

    Tyrone Mings

    Finally. I do understand where some people are sceptical regarding the fee as I was of the mind that £15 million was a fair amount but...it doesn't actually matter in this market as mad as it may sound to some. Ultimately I'd rather Villa paid the extra amount on a player who - as others have said - is already settled in the squad and who we know can hit the ground running. If it was as simple as "finding gems from abroad" literally every team would be flooded with Kantes. We have been and probably will continue to make up for it with good business elsewhere, but sometimes it's necessary to pay for something you know you'll be getting. Bournemouth fans can try to laud it over us but the fact is they've paid similar amounts for Solanke and Ibe as we have for Mings and I'd know which I'd rather. Glad this hasn't dragged on too much, still a lot to get done so that we're ready personnel-wise for next season.
  9. If players of the quality of Andre Gomes are going for £22 million then we really shouldn't be paying similar amounts for some of the players we've had tenuous links to so far.
  10. Elmo is criminally hard done by on here. He was great during the run in and probably our best player across the three playoff games. I find it bizarre that there's such a strong sentiment for Steer to keep his place while people would bin Elmo. I'd happily have him as back up next season.
  11. Indigo

    Wesley Moraes

    Must be prefaced by the obvious - and important - points that I've never really seen him play outside of the odd highlights here and there (/obligatory YouTubing upon hearing this news), and that so much of whether a player is a success or not hinges on largely intangible things like settling into the league etc...but I like the look of this signing. As much as anything it just shows that there is a clear recruitment plan in place outside of the oft-suggested and reported moves for some of the better Championship players just because they're the easiest link to make. It's become clear that Tammy won't be happening so we've moved quickly for a replacement that in theory has similar attributes and as a result will mean it'll be a smoother transition for the team to not depart too much (if at all) from its existing style. It fills me with a bit more - possibly naive - optimism than a signing like Maupay would as it just looks a bit more thoughtful. Helps too that he seems to be highly-regarded and didn't come particularly cheap relative to his notoriety to the average fan, suggests Smith et al have a good deal of faith in him being a success. They've me on board anyway as I've not been given much reason to doubt them thus far. Just the 8 or so more to go now...
  12. Obviously a largely hypothetical squad but it gets more unconvincing for me the further up the field you go. As much as folk seem keen on the Brentford pair I'd be sceptical personally if they were our main two additions in terms of attacking players. Don't mind the idea of the Phillips signing. He has a bit of a howler in him here and there but he showed a lot of growth this season under Bielsa and would probably fit into our side well. Saying that I think another midfielder wouldn't go amiss as we'd still be a bit light on quality in terms of depth. We really do have a lot to do this summer...
  13. I would say that's kind to Tomori and harsh on Keogh. Tomori got dragged right out to the wing when he really didn't need to be and left the space in the middle for El Ghazi to eventually make a move into. Keogh was ultimately left to man the centre half position by himself.
  14. Indigo

    Scott Hogan

    Not likely if his one game against them was anything to go by.

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