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  1. That's fine and I'm sure you did have that completely balanced viewpoint, but it doesn't really disprove the point that far more than one bloke were throwing out completely outlandish and reactionary opinions on Jack's ability at the start of the season, and that it's all noticeably quieted down now.
  2. To be fair if you go back far enough to earlier in the season there was a lot more than just one person saying it. All of whom are notable by their absence now, or at least that opinion anyway. Jack will continue to prove a lot of people wrong in the coming years imo, the guy is far beyond this level and will keep proving as much for the rest of the season. We're lucky to have held onto him for this long, never mind if we somehow managed to do so next season (assuming promotion is beyond us...).
  3. Indigo

    Scott Hogan

    Cue Wilder now being at fault for not playing to the strengths of a player that can't control, pass, or offer to even receive the ball...
  4. If he could get himself up to speed relatively quickly then Tuanzebe and Mings would be some partnership during the run-in. Both excellent on the ball at this level and their styles would compliment one another so well. Just a shame it hasn't been able to happen already.
  5. Remember when he was overrated
  6. Having him back at all is a massive boost. I suspect these will be the last 12 games he'll be a Villa player for so it'll be good to see him play as much as possible. He wasn't at his best at the start of the season but was still our best player, just received unjust criticism based on the expectations placed on him. Particularly once he found form he was levels above anyone in the side and it's really been felt during his absence.
  7. Feels crazy that 10 years has already flown by. Remember that day very well, after throwing the Europa League there was a sense that we had to make good on our promise in the league to justify it. We were on course for a fairly routine win that day - Carew's goal in particular being a highlight - until we royally Villa'd it. I didn't actually see the Whelan goal as only being 15 at the time I had to bow to my dad's seniority when he insisted we had to leave early. Thought it was a job well done until we were walking outside the Doug Ellis and Stoke fans suddenly started going ballistic...
  8. Indigo

    Glenn Whelan

    The fans have somehow managed to be even worse than the team this season.
  9. Ball got played through to him at the edge of the box, he was clean through one on one with Buckland but panicked and blasted it over upon receiving it.
  10. If ever there was a sign that confidence is shot it's that from El Ghazi. Jesus Christ. Clean through on goal and does that. Tammy Abraham must be wondering why he's even bothering with this shite.
  11. I despair for certain sections of our fan base at times. I understand that every club has them and you can't help it, but this season alone has reflected so poorly on us. Cabbage Gate was embarrassing, today with Hourihane was ridiculous, and even comparatively minor stuff I've found myself cringing at like the needlessly personal and insulting replies to Villa putting a tweet up wishing Neil Taylor a happy birthday the other week has contributed to this borderline if not already toxic atmosphere. Sometimes we don't help ourselves.
  12. Indigo

    Alan Hutton

    The longer we give the likes of Hutton a pass for "trying/passion/giving it 100%" the longer we'll remain as shite as we are. There are Sunday league players that try their hearts out every week but I wouldn't have them playing for us at right back. He was a liability in the Premier League and he's gone on to be just as much of a liability at middling Championship level. Roll on the summer.
  13. Indigo

    Dean Smith

    If there's a way of disproving your own point that our squad is good, then listing Alan Hutton as evidence for it is the way to go about it.
  14. I think the signings have been good and we're in a better place for them (do not understand the complaints about Carroll at all myself), but christ on a bike I cannot believe we're going into the business end of the season with Hutton and Taylor still as our first choice full backs. I'm counting down the days until this hellish existence ends.

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