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  1. Indigo

    André Green

    He was injured for the majority of his time at Portsmouth. Whilst he was out they were top of the league with two of the best performing wingers in it in Curtis and Lowe, so they were hardly going to immediately drop them once Green was back fit (which has also only happened recently, it's worth adding). Remains to be seen how well he'll go on to do here but to base anything against him off his game time at Portsmouth would be extremely harsh.
  2. While I agree with the general sentiment re: our blooding through of young players, some of the examples given are without context and a bit disingenuous. We were a Premier League team when we let the likes of Lichaj, Johnson, Bannan etc go. Just because they'd possibly get into our team several years later now that we're a middling Championship team doesn't suddenly make it an enormous oversight that they were let go at the time, especially considering that they themselves play for middling Championship teams. That said, I'm all for giving a couple of our current youngsters a go ahead of some of the senior players that are offering absolutely nothing at the moment. Personally I don't think O'Hare or JDH are ready yet, but the only way of finding out is trying them, and if it's at the expense of Whelan and/or Bjarnason then the beauty of it is that it truly can't get any worse so the risk is minimal.
  3. Indigo

    Jonathan Kodjia

    Kodjia going is no loss but apparently Alan Hutton is fine for this level and Scott Hogan should be given endless opportunities to get it right. No wonder we're as shite as we are.
  4. Indigo

    Yannick Bolasie

    I'm in the same boat. People are so fixated with his wages that it's clouding any objective judgement on his performances. Obviously they are excessive, but he's a player that went for £30 million in the Premier League so it comes with the territory. Wingers are inconsistent at the best of times, never mind ones that are playing at Championship level. I think we've much greater problems than how inconsistent or otherwise Bolasie has been.
  5. Indigo

    Jack Grealish

    Another reminder that some people actually wanted him dropped earlier this season. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Indigo

    The Championship thread

    Never thought I'd see a worse full back than Alan Hutton but my word Lowe at left back for Derby has been dreadful here. Passes being played to him on the ground yet his first touch somehow brings the ball up to head height. It's almost impressively shite.
  7. Indigo

    André Green

    He has been very unfortunate to be fair to him. As was said Portsmouth also signed Ronan Curtis off Derry in the meantime who has started like a house on fire and been one of the best players in the league in that position, so even now that Green has returned to fitness it'd be illogical for them to put him straight into the starting eleven.
  8. Indigo

    Scott Hogan

    We can't persevere with giving him chances, he's absolutely a lost cause at this stage and now that Davis is fit again should be 4th choice at best in his position. The old cliché about strikers low on confidence is that chances don't come to them, or they can't find a bit of luck where a ball drops or an opportunity presents itself to them, but he's actually had those over the past few weeks and has just failed miserably at taking them. We're not going to make back anything near what we paid for him so might as well just cut our losses as soon as possible.
  9. Indigo

    Tammy Abraham

    I'm still hesitant to fully allow myself to believe anything until the window is closed as we've been burned before and regardless of what Abraham may have decided, there'll always be agents at work looking to do what's best for them. That said, this looks pretty good and is a massive boost to us considering how much of a lost cause it looked. I think those that have said he wouldn't be much of a loss are way, way off the mark. The goals (and the ratio of them) speak for themselves, you can point to missed chances but the fact is we're a Championship side and strikers that doesn't miss chances don't play in the Championship. Abraham scores more than he misses and he scores a lot, the goals he has - and will - scored and the amount of them have been invaluable and I suspect irreplaceable at this level. We've got to make the most of this while we have the chance now and get in the quality where we need it. The goals scored should be sorted, it's just the other end that needs fixing. Get in a good left back and a proper DM (a right back would also be nice but I doubt we'd go for one seeing as we've three already in the squad), and by the time Jack gets back we might actually be fit to challenge for promotion. Then obviously we go up, sign Tammy permanently and he scores a couple of hat tricks against Wolves next season as we saunter up the table *wipes claret and blue spectacles*
  10. Indigo

    Tammy Abraham

    Why must my emotions be toyed with like this.
  11. Indigo

    Kortney Hause

    I understand the general frustration with our over-reliance on loans but I think in this case a loan to buy makes the most sense. The guy has barely played at all in recent seasons and I get the impression that he's only being brought in for depth anyway. We need another centre back because we're so short in the position numbers-wise as opposed to quality, which is more of a pressing issue at full back (both sides) and defensive midfield. I'm all for saving some money on loaning Hause in for cover (plus the option to buy dictates that we'll be signing him anyway should he be good enough), while left back/DM take priority in terms of permanent signings (...and possibly a striker but I'm trying not to tempt fate ).
  12. Indigo

    Henri Lansbury

    I think to play McGinn in the deep role loses so much of what makes him effective for us. You're limiting what makes him so influential if you make him the sitting player, he should always be used in that energetic box-to-box role. But the whole discussion on who should play in that position just highlights how badly we need to sign a specialist player for that role. I think Whelan gets some harsh stick sometimes and that he'd be fine for many teams in this league, but he really sticks out like a sore thumb in the midfield of a team that tries to play with Smith's preferred style. He's too slow on the ball and needs 3-4 touches when we need to be moving it quickly, and holds us back when we're supposed to be playing it out from defence by not being nearly proactive enough when looking for possession - you'll often see him marking the opposition's number 10 even when we have the ball. The balance of our midfield looks all over the place but it only really hinges on getting a proper DM to fix it. We then suddenly have good options elsewhere once Jack is fit again where players can play in their proper roles, rather than wondering who would be best to shoehorn into being the sitter. I presume we'll have to bring one in from abroad, as I can't really think of anyone in England we could realistically sign (from the PL/Championship, anyway) that fits the brief of being defensively competent and mobile, while also comfortable on the ball and able to pick it up off the defenders and dictate the game.
  13. Indigo

    Pre-match thread

    Surely it's a no-brainer to play Kalinic here? Relatively low stakes game, but a competitive one nonetheless, perfect way to bed him in. Other than that I'm not too fussed. McGinn and Chester the obvious players that need resting, and assuming they're all fit and able O'Hare, JDH and Lansbury should all be getting a look in. Davis over Hogan also. I wouldn't be surprised if they both got minutes but if it's one over the other Davis is a decent young player that has been ravaged by injuries while Hogan is an absolute lost cause at this stage.
  14. Indigo

    Tammy Abraham

    I know the silver lining to this is that if it actually happens now it gives us time to attempt to replace him (which is a thankless task in itself), but outside of that the timing of this whole circus is especially unhelpful. Even if he stays we're now going to have a month of unnecessary speculation and distraction. Despite being routinely shit for so many seasons we rarely seem to have a transfer window where the media don't instill a sense of absolute chaos in us. Piss off like.