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  1. Granted it'll all be judged on on-field results, but at face value there's been some great appointments made in terms of backroom staff. Can't really go wrong with this one, he's a well-regarded assistant at Premier League level and is apparently a Villa fan to boot.
  2. Given they've had about 20 players over the past couple of years that are good enough to launch Villa to Premier League safety it's something else that Brentford will once again be a Championship team next season.
  3. He wouldn't be my first choice by any means, but the idea that Origi wouldn't be a good signing for a team that finished up by the skin of their teeth last season just shows how much of an influence the social media echo chamber can have. He's a good player.
  4. I know the cost of transfers have lost the run of themselves in modern football but there's absolutely no way Buendia goes for £35 million. And if he did it'd be a ridiculous decision from whoever paid it. Same with that £40 million tag on Edouard. I don't doubt that Celtic have put it out there as posturing, but I'd be surprised if it's any more than around £30 million given he only has a couple of years on his contract and it's not like he's light years beyond Tierney and Dembele, who are their most expensive departures and were sold in the £20-25 million range quite recently.
  5. Personally I'd have Edouard over Watkins all day, even for whatever the extra cost would be. Also with the massive caveat that we keep Jack, as much as I do rate Benrahma I've never been that enthused by the idea of getting him. Jack has been demonstrably better on the left than through the middle this season, I don't doubt he's talented enough to play both roles but he's our best player by a mile and by extension we should probably play him where we can get the most out of him. Benrahma can play on the right but at his best he's playing off the left and in a relatively similar fashion to Jack. I'm not against signing him but I'd rather see us go all in on a specialist right winger with pace to offer a balance in the forward line, and then a centre mid with a bit of presence to again give some balance to the midfield with McGinn and Douglas. As much as all 3 of them are quality players, the midfield I've seen people list of Jack-McGinn-Douglas is one you can just see getting overrun in games. Doesn't have to literally be these players, but a front 6 with the tools of the below would be a better all round fit and more consistently dangerous than one that shoehorns similar attributes in like Jack/Benrahma/Buendia would. Jack-Edouard-Sarr McKennie-Luiz-McGinn
  6. The most VillaTalk thing ever will be the collective pining over Benrahma for the best part of two seasons being completely forgotten about because he was underwhelming tonight when people actually watched him.
  7. Plucky Fulham beating the 11 world beaters of Brentford will be the greatest upset in playoff history.
  8. Indigo

    Dean Smith

    Onomah's been outshining him thus far to be fair. VillaTalk will implode if that keeps up.
  9. Being Irish I've seen as much as anyone that Hendrick isn't particularly good, saying that though I'd have zero problem with getting him on a free. Not excited by any stretch but could see the merit in it. If the presumption is that we're going to be spending big on first team quality then unspectacular signings like Hendrick that can offer depth will more than likely be the reality outside of that and we could probably do a lot worse than someone who has regularly played 30+ games a season for a side than have been better than us for several years now. Some folks are suggesting spending £20-odd million on players that would more than likely start on the bench which is just complete dreamland stuff.
  10. The more I see it the more I like it but the badge etc is so bizarrely high up that it really takes away from it.
  11. I know Huddersfield fans that barely rated Billing, never mind Bournemouth. Definitely need to be aiming higher than him if we want to actually kick on from being a relegation battling side. It's like when Michael Hector was being suggested because he had a good half against us in the 2-1 against Sheffield Wednesday.
  12. Indigo

    Tyrone Mings

    Yeah TheOther14 had a stat saying he's the least dribbled past defender at all those clubs so the tackling stat evidently isn't a negative thing. He's our best defender by a mile tbh. Appreciate there's a recency bias with Konsa but he's still a good bit off the level of Mings, especially with regards intangible things like leadership etc. Think we'd have seen even better from him if he'd had a Cahill type of signing to compliment him this season.
  13. The open transfer window causes absolute silly season and delusions of grandeur with some Villa fans. No chance we're signing Abraham but in the alternative universe we did it'd be massive, stunned some folks are actually turning their noses up at the idea.
  14. Targett can be improved upon but he's been good enough that it isn't a priority imo. Has good numbers for interceptions etc and as far as I remember was in the top 3 left backs in the league for chances created? There was one occasion where he literally received a concussion in a game and he was accused of bottling it, another where he went off and subsequently missed 2 or 3 games with a hamstring injury but had the same accusation against him. Think he gets a rough deal sometimes on that front.
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