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  1. I think it's safe to say that we won't be relegated, and I think Smith has done enough to see the season out. But if we're closer to the relegation spots than Europe by the time the run in starts, we need to think about different options going forward. Mid table might be Smiths ceiling unfortunately.
  2. Reminds me a bit of Liverpool in the early part of the last decade. Too big to fail, as they say.
  3. I was slinging shit the game thread, but honestly speaking... for losing 1-2 at Spurs to be possibly our worst result (obviously Watford is top) so far says a lot about where we've come. One bad day at the office doesn't change that.
  4. I admit it's a bit cherry-picked, just think it highlights that this 3-5-2 is still pretty turgid going forward and the only time that hasn't looked the case in the last month is A. when Bailey was having a riot, and B. against Chelsea in the LC, when we played a 4-3-3 anyways. I love we're capable of playing like this in games like last weekend where the low block is key (and we have the resolute defending for it), but this isn't one of those games IMO.
  5. if you forget Bailey's 21 minutes of brilliance, Archer's LC goal is the only open play goal we've scored since the int'l break.
  6. The 5-3-2 served its purpose and grinded some good results, but we have way too much talent to keep playing this, especially with teams our level coming up. Hause off, Buendia on IMO
  7. 5-3-2 still lacking a bit in creative guile, but it's controlling the game as usual and it'll turn the crowd on Nuno in a hurry.
  8. Seeing the way the media as a whole is shitting on Villa for beating ManUre with the same kind of shithousery and gamesmanship they've been praised for so often in the past and which was such an integral part of the Fergie era, is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Suck it, Sky.
  9. They were always gonna find something to flag for a pen but unfortunately that one is all too easy to call due to the subjective nature of the ruke
  10. It's a shame we had to come up on a fixture like this so early, as this and the FA Cup are such good stages for guys like Archer, Chuk, Bidace, as well as a chance for guys like Buendia and Traore to regain/maintain form. And it's a testament to their class that we were toe to toe down to the wire in the backyard of the defending European champs.
  11. Not gonna pretend I didn't steal this for a second, but... Can anyone say Ingzaghi?
  12. I hope this sends a message to Smith that 3 at the back can if you give the wide players license to stay forward, which means you can easily fit Bailey and Buendia in those roles. Ings is undroppable. He provides so much creativity from that up top role.
  13. The system isn't a complete failure, we seem to have control of the flow of the game. The problem is relying on Targett and Cash as our only outlets of wide attacking play completely neuters us going forward. They aren't wing backs
  14. There's a possibility of running a proper 3-5-2 with Bailey/Buendia operating as wide midfielders but there's no way that doesn't end with us getting taken to the cleaners on the wings. The honest truth is there's no way to fit all of Ings/Bailey/Watkins/Buendia in the side with the caliber of midfielders we have. It is a bit of a problem and if they all stay healthy and fit, keeping everyone happy just won't be possible. It seems Buendia's wacky adventures abroad have made the odd man out an easy one to pick right now. It won't be that easy going forward.
  15. All over the place defensively but it's not helping that the ref just let them kick their way to a clean one on one
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