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  1. Just from a human point of view the treatment of Steve Bruce is terrible. He is trying his best in shite circumstances to do a decent job, he doesn't send players out to lose. It is an act of cruelty for the new Newcastle owners to keep him in position to face the abuse of the fans who will never accept him as their manager. Pay the man off and put him out of his misery. By all accounts he is a real decent down to earth man, and like any human deserves basic respect.
  2. Wurzel

    Dean Smith

    Instead of looking at the negative I prefer to look at the positives, and with Dean as manager there are plenty, even in a game losing 3-2 at home. For a start we were in no trouble for 80 minutes against a Wolves side that have been playing fantastic football this season, and probably not got the points they deserve. Well they got lucky yesterday. Just watching those couple of interviews with Dean this month more than shows how fantastic it is he is our manager. Those that want him gone will never be convinced otherwise , so I'm not going to try, just to say I think he is doing a great job and with a tad more luck he would be in charge of a team threatening the top 6. Never underestimate how important stability can be for success UTV.
  3. Simon Jordan making some very interesting points on Talksport this morning. Basically saying Newcastle could drop £500 million on players in January and not be in FFP trouble because they have been run at a profit for years. They have three years to sort out the FFP. So I think it's obvious we have and the Man City on our hands and we will have to get used to Newcastle challenging for titles. I suppose the only silver lining is that there are only so many elite players so the more clubs that can afford them the more diluted their squads are, wishful thinking I suppose. One thing that came to mind if I was a sports journalist writing about Newcastle Utd I wouldn't accept any invitations to any private meeting with the owners, especially at an embassy.
  4. When will leeds fans get fed up of being spanked?
  5. Wurzel

    Dean Smith

    I suppose I wanted a bigger name TBH, but he has totally won me over, he is the bestmanager we have had for a very long time.
  6. All defenders make mistakes, it's not a cop out it's fact.
  7. Mings is clearly a top defender. He made a mistake. If a forward makes an under-powered pass he will get away with it, if a midfielder makes an under-powered pass he may get away with it, if a defender makes an under-powered pass he probably won't get away with it. Do I wish our defenders were a bit more agricultural in defence sometimes rather than trying to play all the time? Yes, but that isn't the modern way, so mistakes will happen.
  8. Wurzel

    Dean Smith

    I didn't want Dean Smith as our manager. How wrong was I , I absolutely love the bloke. Tries to play football the right way, gives it a go, and then always tells it like it is. He is totally central to our success so far and in the future, long may he be our manager.
  9. I see things got out of order outside the Hawthorne's today WTAF!
  10. Really enjoyed that as much as you can a 3-0 defeat. We ran the European champions ragged on their own ground in the first half. The mistake really took the wind out of our sails, but players coming back got a run out, and we have quality to come back into the side. Good stuff.
  11. Good to give these returning players a run out. Good management.
  12. How patronising can these two pricks commentating be?
  13. Mistakes happen, it's how we respond now that matters.
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