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  1. If we stay up we definitely need to start purchasing quality over quantity. In the summer unfortunately we need to do the latter. We need a quality young prospect like Piatek etc. Otherwise he would be best for his career to move on to progress himself. He doesn't deserve to be in the same team as Taylor and Nakamba etc
  2. Leeds linked with Bowen. I'll be raging if he goes somewhere this window that's not Villa
  3. Should of sold him for 50m while we had the chance
  4. Move Mings to LCB and play Chester sweeper, that could work. Really disliking how much change we are doing though.
  5. Should of saved at least two.
  6. God I miss you and Jack in midfield so much.
  7. Cute. They must feel embarrassed that you could only hear the villa fans for the entire game
  8. It's like having a worldy of an ex girlfriend. She dumped you for someone richer/better looking. You reminisce of all the good times and you decide to get back with her. 5-6 later, she's not hot anymore it's all Spandex and push up bras. Nice one, you've ruined all your memories. Ima cry myself to sleep tonight
  9. No thanks to Benteke. There's a reason he doesn't get much game time. Jordan Ayew is better.
  10. Grealish isn't the best dribbler in the world. I take it you haven't watched Messi much.
  11. Choudhury is the player I wish Nakamba was. He was brilliant for Leicester last night and is 21
  12. Did anyone else notice his little flick to then volley the ball away while under pressure. He has a lot to learn but he is 21...I think some people were expecting a finished article.
  13. Thought he was brilliant first half. It was strange watching a forward that has pace and skill to beat a player. They were scared of him. If we could train him to run the channels teach him to be stronger recieving the ball with his back to goal I think he could fill in nicely as a striker. Still want another proper striker but a forward three of Grealish, El Ghazi and Bowen could be brilliant.
  14. Played well in all the cup games and since Heaton has been out. I hope we fully concentrate on getting a striker in with money we can save getting our 5th senior keeper.
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