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  1. Good player, think he is overrated a tad. Thinks he is better than he is at times.
  2. We should of been a 3 ahead by half time. Hitting the post twice. We've played well apart from the defence conceding two poor goals
  3. How did that not go in. Brilliant play from us. Had to score that though
  4. I'm not aware of it.... If there wasn't he would of come out and said that nonsense and stated there is no clause.
  5. Against teams that park the bus Grealish Mount and Foden is the way forward. There's no need for Sterling, Rashford or Sancho in those games. Gutted he didn't get a goal but he is cementing his place in the team. These games are the warm ups for the Euros so they were vital for him to impress.
  6. If that's the case, why would we give him a new improved contract if he could go back to City without us having a say? We upped his contract to make him less likely to leave.
  7. I agree about his finishing and shooting needing improving. He needs to snap shoot sometimes, I find his whined up for his shots are quite long but I'm VERY critical
  8. I mean, we've landed on our feet with these guys but I bet they can't believe their luck too. They bought a club and one asset is now worth more than what the club was bought for.
  9. Saka is a player I would enjoy to replace Targett. No idea on his defensive ability though.
  10. Now we can't qualify I should expect Ming's and Grealish to be rested against Iceland. Give other players game time
  11. Look at Beckham or Ronaldo. Yes clubs paid them alot of money but their actual wealth was via sponsorships. Jack can earn plenty of money staying at Villa. Especially if he can help us get European footie. I'm talking CL rather than Europa.
  12. I agree that KDB strolled through the game and had another gear if needed but in this game.... (Some of KDB passes were insane)
  13. Well it would help if the tactics arent Grealish, Kane and mount Vs Belgium
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