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  1. Players miss penalties and get criticised less. Tammy and Davies miss alot of chances and the important thing is he is getting those chances. Tookhis goal well.
  2. The first half was beautiful. You could see that we were a team that's been coached. It was a piece of art. Dean Smith. What a coach!
  3. Lord Willard

    Keinan Davis

    Emile at the start of his career at Leicester and Liverpool was a decent striker. Scoring one in every 3.8 games. Keinans on 34 with 2 goals. Keinans link up play was very good yesterday. Even had a few chances. He is surprisingly good with his feet too. I think he is feeling the pressure that he isn't scoring and I'm hoping one will get his confidence up. Would still start with Kodija over him as we all know he can score. It'll put too much pressure on jack or John to come up with the goods. At the moment he is a fantastic impact sub.
  4. Why are you assuming Leeds would have all the possession? You probably would get through but so would we? I think the only way we'll have a good battle in a couple of weeks is if we're still needing a win to secure play offs and if Leeds are still fighting for autos. If not it could be a nothing game. I still hope you go up. Sheffield United, Villa play off final with us winning, especially with their injury woes
  5. I'd rather avoid Leeds by you going up via autos as you're one less threat. I wouldn't be as cocky as you're making out. We're currently the best team in the league at this moment and I do think we'd beat you over two legs.
  6. We've still got to beat Bolton and Millwall before we get ahead of ourselves.
  7. To me the shadows of the players are weirdly horizontal. Using the players shadows you can see Axel's shadow is behind Andre. Looks like the lines man got to right to me
  8. 3rd and 4th are away first? Home second leg
  9. I love that he has won manager of the month but the photo includes the coaching staff. Showing it's not all down to him and shows his appreciation to the coaching team.
  10. Im calling you crazy. Elmo Axel Hause Taylor That's the back four for me.
  11. Stolen off facebook but thought I'd share on here too.
  12. If you haven't heard mings got sent off. It was 4 3 2. Elmo and Taylor played like wing backs and Jack Conor and McGinn played as 3 CM. We looked really good with two strikers. Kodija needed two men on him at all times and it still took a 3rd to try and stop him at times
  13. I'd drop him for Kodija. You have to earn your place in the team. He hasn't been great for a while. Needs a rest
  14. He is a striker. Not a winger. Tammy hasn't been great for a while now. Fatigue maybe? He has played alot. Dean Smith uses the ethos of play well and you earn a place. I think he starts over Tammy on Saturday.
  15. Rotherham are probably the worst team I've seen this season. Mings was stupid. No need to.hand ball. If Tammy scored the penalty it would of been a different game
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