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  1. At least when Leeds and Baggies get promoted the Championship level will be alot poorer next season. Automatic promotion would be the only acceptable finish.
  2. He is has a decent cross on him but he is meant to be a ball playing centre back. Still young, just needs a tiny bit more aggression/nastier side to bully the player he is marking.
  3. Yeah our most 'experienced' player is Mings who isn't really experienced at all. We missed a Jedinak/Whelan - not necessarily to play but to help with the dressing room. We do forget that our team is very young.
  4. The second half was so devastating to watch. We were two goals down to arguably the best team in the division at the moment and that was down to a terrible decision to award them a penalty on a foul on Konsa when we were on top of the game. When ridiculous decisions like that go against you its mentally is destroying. The second goal was pathetic - especially from our senior player. I think long term keeping with Smith for next season is the best way forward in the championship. That's only if he hasnt lost the dressing room. I'm also disappointed with Terry. He was more vocal when a captain than Assistant coach.
  5. Unfortunately we'll piss away any transfer money we get for him
  6. He is so bad but I respect his efforts. If only another 9 players showed his desire and fight
  7. Doesn't get into the United team. Fernades is twice the player he is. Looked like he was just waiting for the game to finish so he could go have a beer with him. Threw his toys out the pram tonight
  8. He is pure class. He's going to be a better player than Grealish. Future world cup winner. Mark my words.
  9. Can we not track or try and block a shot? Jesus Christ
  10. Ming's should of fouled him as soon as he got dispossessed
  11. I don't want to get relegated, our team is so young and missed the experience sometimes but we have so much potential.
  12. I still think he can cut it in the Prem. Doesnt help we don't have any competent strikers to attack a cross, along with Trez is on the other side, we haven't got time for any bad games from AEG
  13. I'm usually optimistic but I think we just got relegated by a Danny Welbeck overhead kick....
  14. Well people were expecting us to get thrashed and we were unlucky not to get a point. Play like that we have a chance to stay up. Man United next probably the most inform team in the league. Unfortunately we are desperate for points now.
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