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  1. Lord Willard

    Keinan Davis

    I really don't seem him as the saviour alot of people think he is.
  2. Lord Willard

    Pepe Reina

    Gets dropped for Nyland. He did something similar in our last game but got away with it
  3. We've been awful away from home all season. We're much better at home with McGinn back next week with a game in hand 2 points a drift. I'm not holding my breath though. Come Saturday I'll be full of positivity until 3.15pm
  4. New manager bounce? What's Tim Sherwood up to?
  5. I really don't know who we would replace him with. Anyone have any genuine ideas? (Anyone but Smith doesn't count).
  6. Leicester have been awful without Ndidi and Vardy. We play them when they both come back from injury. We were piss poor. Leicester fans are obsessed with us. Only two songs I heard were taunting us. Nothing all game. I have to try and be positive. We have a game in hand and McGinn is returning
  7. Samatta really isn't the problem here. We are shit everywhere. Even our star man has been poor for 3 games now
  8. Same team as the final with Elmo RW and Grealish in midfield would be my guess.
  9. Also having Samatta is a massive improvement to us.
  10. Iheanacho is like Shane Long in the fact they always score and play well against us. Without the threat of Vardy, we need to go 433. 3 in midfielder with Nakamba man marking Madison out of the game would be nice.
  11. I hate this stat. Villa love to change other teams fortunes.
  12. Needs to play in the same role as Deli Ali. Supporting the striker. 4231
  13. Unfair. His assist today was very good and could have also scored today. He is a big game player. Trez on the other hand...
  14. Should of finished 1-1. Gutted! Man City were good as usual but the score line should of been 1-1. I'm so proud of our boys though. That's a team that can stay in the PL.
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