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  1. He is a working progress but has done enough to warrant a place in the Brazilian team..
  2. He was playing way too far forward yesterday. He isn't a CAM. He needs to be in the thick of it. Didn't help he got a yellow in the first 15 minutes
  3. I thought he was our brightest spark going forward today.
  4. I think he is great! Today though, didn't think he had a good game.
  5. Unless your Man City every other team will suffer missing their best player.
  6. I thought he was doing better than Target
  7. Player of the month. Doesn't make the England squad. I'm desperate for him to get into the England team. Doubles his value.
  8. How was that 5 minutes extra time. 3 or 4 minutes and we get the point.
  9. I just wish he drove with the ball more. It's like he can't dribble, always standing still with the ball. It's not like he doesn't have quality.
  10. Work ethic of Snodgrass but without the quality. I always like to give players time to settle. I just don't see any glimpses of quality.
  11. Watched the game. Rewatched highlights. Jack was our best attacking player by miles!!!! Every decent attack was going through him. I think he is trying too hard atm but doesn't help when he had a decent enough game and everyone's calling for him to be dropped! I would start Kodija or Davies. That would help him.
  12. I get that John is box to box but half the time he is further forward than Jack. As other posters have mentioned would like him slightly deeper and jack ahead.
  13. All I can see here is a player getting his pass off, then gets clattered. The ref should be playing advantage, especially knowing VAR will rule out a goal if a foul is commited
  14. He is so so good at moving the ball away from players. Would love him to try and ride more hacks like Messi does. That's usually where the team are exposed and have lots of space to get into. (Which is exactly what he did for the goal). That's when he is the 60m player. I would just like him in that position more often, which is tough when we're defending more often. Unfortunately I still think he was drifting too deep to retrieve the ball. That's what DL n McGinn should be doing.
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