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  1. The best bit is, this team isn't even 'settled' yet. We're only going to get better!!! We could have been on 5/7 points. In Dean we trust.
  2. Gary Neville's favourite away ground. 2-0 Wesley, McGinn. Jack assisting both
  3. All this talking of playing RB's at RW and Grealish at LW, I thought I clicked on a thread from last year when Bruce was in charge. Talk about shoe horning.
  4. No press conference for tomorrow?
  5. Adapting quicker than I thought he would. Still needs to work on his strength.
  6. Lord Willard


    I hate to say it but we're quite away behind Wolves.
  7. Jesus the negativity in this thread , chill out boys Were some fans expecting 6 points already? Two games into the season. This was never going to be easy, we're still finding our feet. Thought we deserved something from the game. Just wasn't going to be our day but plenty of really good football though. We were the better team for 78 minutes. Gifted them a penalty in 42 seconds and a mistake from Luis (who I thought was brilliant btw) got ANOTHER lucky deflection off Mings to hit the post and go in. Elmo did okay, Taylor defensively was very good, still offers zero in attack. Would like to see Targett start our next game. Trez looks bright, needs to work on his strength but he'll adapt. Wesley is getting better, glimpses of talent there. We're unlucky to be 2 games in with 0 points. It'll come.
  8. In the Spurs game when we broke on the counter after the corner, where Trez had his chance. He was dribbling and he was never getting caught. Really improved on his speed. He used to be a fantastic dribbler, but now he is much more a completed rounded footballer now.
  9. No allowed to go for a meal with team mates without being criticized for having a drink which was probably water maybe even a Coke zero Athletes/players I know are told their not even allowed sex 48 hours prior a match. They definitely won't be having anything alcoholic. They are allowed to have a social meal though jeez.
  10. Nah if Trez runs away and Winks follows, Jack is 1 on 1. If Trez runs away and winks closes jack, any pass given Trez can run into it. The run Trez makes creates no space.
  11. We need more highlights....
  12. I think it's too soon for Douglas and Marvelous to start against Spurs. The team that started on Saturday will be the team to start against Spurs
  13. I'd take a draw. Will be interesting to see how we compare to a title contender.
  14. This is the best preseason I've ever seen from us. Every year we've looked unfit, lethargic and no plan on how to play. We've used excuses like, it's only a preseason game, theyre week ahead of us in preseason that's why they're fitter etc etc. This preseason, we look fitter than ever before, we look sharperer than ever before! Considering we've had to buy a whole new team, they all seem to know the plan of how were going to play. It's beautiful. Dean Smith, you are going to make a name for yourself this year!

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