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  1. Welcome Bertie! Let's hope you impress us more than the Lyon fans. Luckily for him I can't see us playing him as a RWB
  2. If I was Rashica I would have one look at the orrible orange kit of wolves and look at our beautiful claret and blue it's a no brainer.
  3. I don't consider WBA a rival. Would be happy to get a fee for him and move on. Samatta isn't going to be enough to keep them up and send us down.
  4. If he signs a new contract and City do some knocking we just gotta hope he is happy enough to stay here. If we don't up his wages he will be more inclined to jump ship if they do come knocking
  5. I'd love this to happen but now we have Ollie and Traore and Rashica inbound, I'd rather get another CB in. On the other hand the games are close together this year and would allow them alot more rotation than just relying on ollie all season
  6. How far away do people see our squad compared to Leicester 5th, Spurs 6th, Wolves 7th or Southampton 11th
  7. I'm not one for double announcements but I hope Traore and Rashica get a double announcement. Would really get the press talking about us. I'm bored of people not realising our new ambition.
  8. I'm calling it....Your source is @cliponmullet
  9. This guy will be captain of Brazil one day. It's weird to think he plays for us.
  10. Tonight he is. Tomorrow he isn't
  11. Sounds like this is 100% happening after Dean's comments
  12. This signing is worth a good 5 points.
  13. After that assist, he is going straight into my fantasy football team.....
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