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  1. Anyone else think Transfers are like drugs? Constantly waiting for the next hit?
  2. Anyone take Jose Mourinho after the summer? Not doing so well at club football could be perfect for him.
  3. The whole Scotland team were compact on their right to stop any movement from Grealish. The right side of the pitch was constantly open. Did we try and exploit that? The ball would slowly move to James but we then had no RW cause sterling was then playing as a 10! Kane Sancho Grealish Foden Rice Bellingham
  4. Lucky for England he got a yellow for nothing at the 15 minute mark. He would of destroyed them even more if he had the safety of a yellow card. Scotlands midfield balance was great. Gilmore's battle with mount was a great watch
  5. I think he should be CAM for England. We are lucky that we get to watch Villa since Smith took over. Vs Czec Grealish Rice Mount/Bellingham behind
  6. Or we are losing we bring Jack on and he wins us the game at the same time, after this tournament GS needs replacing. Can't have him in the WC
  7. I'm pretty much pro Young now but playing devils advocate. I think people are confusing being fit getting up and down the pitch with people saying he hasn't got the legs as in being as quick as he was. Like watching Mat Hummels run in slow motion. I've seen 50/60 year olds running marathons etc but there's a difference in time and pace to younger runners. That's the biggest concern.
  8. I mean we paid that 3 summers ago for Wesley. Daka looks more impressive and more potential.
  9. Have Celtic lost their marbles? If he leaves it'll be on transfer deadline day when they panic. Surely they'd be better off cashing in 15-20m than 1 extra year of service Any idea how much you've bid for Daka?
  10. Is this the dead ball specialist Jack was craving at the club?
  11. Wants to play week in week out. I hope management told him that probably won't happen. Maybe off the bench but doesn't sound like he wants that. Will be a great addition to the training ground. Showing youngsters how hard you have to train to make it. AEG is much better player but we aren't sure if he is here for fullback cover or as a winger. One thing for sure is we will be managing Jack's minutes a whole lot better this season.
  12. Are you all stoopid? Grealish isn't going to Citeh cause you can't play Foden and Grealish at the same time....Especially when you've already got sterling playing LW. AINT THAT RIGHT GARETH!
  13. He doesn't count, he is the exception that proves the rule I just remember being a teenager being at the Villa with me Dad. Villa on the counter with Young on the ball. A roar from the crowd, a thunder of all the seats folding up at once with the excitement. Good times.
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