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  1. Lord Willard

    Dominic Revan

    That was over two years ago...
  2. Lord Willard

    Ratings & Reactions: West Brom v Villa

    As a referee, if the striker isn't celebrating his goal he is either badly injured or knows it wasn't a goal.....
  3. Lord Willard

    Match Thread:West Brom v Villa

    Unlucky not to be 1-3 imo.
  4. Lord Willard

    John Terry

    It's his 38th Birthday today. What does he want for his Birthday? 3 points tonight. This man
  5. Lord Willard

    Pre match thread

    Remember when Smith was the manager of Brentford and he used to come to VP and tear us a new one against our Dinosaur of a manager. Can we do this to Middlesbrough please. K thxs
  6. Lord Willard

    James Chester

    He is a RCB struggling to play LCB. He also suffers from not having a partner that is the 'operator' and ball winner to compliment his style of play.
  7. Lord Willard

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Could.of been within 7 points from 1st and 6 from Autos tonight. Still we go on. Elmo should of scored that chance for the winner.
  8. Lord Willard

    Jack Grealish

    First goal with his head?
  9. Lord Willard

    Birkir Bjarnason

    He looks in great shape
  10. Lord Willard

    Anwar El Ghazi

    Some players take longer to adapt to moving country. Looks like he is positive though.
  11. Lord Willard

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    What was Fulham's run like? All I can remember was it was their best run in the history of the club.
  12. Lord Willard

    Blose pre match

    International duty hurts us more than any other team in the Championship. Hate them so much, ruins the flow. We lose a bit of momentum IMO. Only perk is Grealish and Tammy will be fresh.
  13. Lord Willard

    Jonathan Kodjia

    I thought he played ok. He is still coming back from a serious injury and playing in a new position. I like that he can beat his man. Unlucky not to have score once or twice but Tammy missed some chances too. His biggest downfall was his teamwork and defensive duties and he has improved massively on both aspects. I'd be looked to sub adomah off sometimes before kodija. He doesn't have any pace this year and can't beat his man.
  14. Lord Willard

    Ratings and Reactions: QPR v Villa

    Terrible result. I can see improvements though. We're in this for the long haul. Bree surely will start the next game.