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  1. Apparently sky bet have us down as favourites to sign Ulloa according to Bham Mail. Odds are 5/1 though so probably nothing in it really.
  2. No, he said he took the photo purely because the guy looked like he might be a footballer and wasn't sat near anyone!
  3. Guessing the full back is De Laet? If he really does mean 'world class' striker then i'd imagine it wouldn't be someone we're linked to like Bamford or Wells.
  4. Before my time so never saw him play but have always known the name and understood what a great player he was for the club in the past, and of course i've always known him for that goal. RIP.
  5. Oops! I'll be more than happy if he keeps this up and makes me eat my words!
  6. Pembers

    James Chester

    Chester is available to play tomorrow according to Wyness on Twitter.
  7. Thought he did ok in the first half then fell apart in the second along with the rest of the team. I think we should be playing with three in the middle, we've seen tonight and against Wednesday that we don't have two midfielders who are good enough to boss the midfield between the two of them.
  8. Pembers

    Alan Hutton

    Hutton confirming tonight the need for a new RB. He's so bad i'd actually prefer Richards to play RB over him
  9. Did he really score 20 goals in the Championship for Blackburn? Are we sure they didn't just make that up?
  10. Substitutions ruined the match, they didn't need to be made. Gestede is useless, Hutton is terrible and moving Richards to CB was not a good idea, at least at RB theres less chance of him making an error that leads to a goal. Can't for the life of me figure out why he would make those changes.
  11. Without even taking into account all his antics with the fans and social media last season I don't think I'd want him here anymore, think his time as a top-level footballer is up. I'd rather keep Richards over Lescott.

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