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  1. I forgot to do this last week so that's probably the end of me at the top of the table for the season
  2. I think Cantwell makes a lot of sense with Grealish gone, same position and similar playstyle to Grealish, played in the Premier League before, young enough to improve, previous link up with Buendia. I'm personally pretty indifferent to signing him but it's easy to see why the links have been made
  3. Not sure if this has already been posted but it seems to have come to light that this guy knows a fair bit about what’s going on at Villa. Looks like the Grealish transfer has been agreed to for a while now.
  4. Not sure if if this has already been posted but this guy called it.
  5. So we've registered our interest in making an approach but it's not an official approach because we haven't received the required encouragment for our approach to be registered as official so our approach is simply just registered interest. Got it.
  6. Why do we always leave it so late to bring on a 2nd striker and really attack. We obviously can't play the way we did in the last 5 mins for the whole game but if we started attacking that intensely 5 or 10 minutes earlier we win that game.
  7. This guy is usually spot on with things regarding Belgium, if he says Brugge have only scouted Philogene-Bidace then hopefully it's not a done deal yet, I'd imagine he'd know if it was.
  8. The director of No Mercy is on board so there's a good chance it'll be somewhat like it
  9. Trump is now favourite to win with the bookies for the first time.
  10. The first half performance was terrible from the players but at least Smith got the team going for the second half, hopefully he can do the same from the beginning of the next match. If we don't commit just one of the silly fouls that led to their set pieces we get a draw, if Ward-Prowse and Ings don't hit worldies we get a draw, if one of Trezeguet's efforts goes in we get a draw. We could quite easily have come out of that with a point at least.
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