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  1. I think Davis is the better player. I know he's not a goalscorer but neither is Samatta from the looks of things.
  2. Pembers

    Douglas Luiz

    Must've been very frustrating for him tonight. There was one point where he threw his arms in anger because he skipped past a united player and burst forward to launch a counter just to look up and see no options or urgency from his teammates. He's been on a different level to the others after the break.
  3. He didn't do much tonight but he gave a lot more effort and showed more desire than most of the others out there, he at least looked like he was trying.
  4. I've seen people play walking football with more intent and energy than he had today.
  5. Pembers

    Tyrone Mings

    Yeah i'm not sure we're gonna have to worry about any premier league clubs wanting to sign him next season. Poor today. He was at total fault for the second goal, first he lost the ball so high up the pitch and after he gets back in position he surely has to be closing Greenwood down.
  6. Not a big beer drinker at home, usually stick to my whisky collection and maybe have a dram every other night and a beer or two on the weekend. I like darker beers and haven't had any in a long time thanks to being stuck at home but treated myself to a few bottles today, nothing too exotic and i'm not sure if they're any good but i'm sure they'll be better than the tins of Fosters sitting in the fridge.
  7. He managed to get the premier league golden boot in my second season with 26 goals then did absolutely nothing the season after and I sold him to a Chinese club for £35m!
  8. Not sure if this has been mentioned here before but someone imported the FM 07 database into FM2020 so everything is as it was in the 06/07 season, you can play a villa save with the likes of Melberg, Laursen, Bouma, Barry, Petrov, Djemba-Djemba, Angel. It's interesting looking at the youth teams and seeing who the game thought was and wasn't going to make it back then, pretty much every player who did actually end up playing in the Villa first team is rated as terrible and i'd never even heard of a couple of the players who they gave 4/5 star potential. If you want to play it search 2006 07 DB on the steam workshop and it has instructions for how to set it up.
  9. All the major names released from WWE yesterday. Aiden English Curt Hawkins Drake Maverick EC3 Epico Eric Young Heath Slater Karl Anderson Kurt Angle Lio Rush Luke Gallows Maria Kanellis Mike Chioda Mike Kanellis No Way Jose Primo Rowan Rusev Sarah Logan Zack Ryder Billy Kidman Dave Finlay Lance Storm Mike Rotunda Pat Buck Sarah Stock Scott Armstrong Shane Helms Shawn Daivari
  10. I've had a bottle of the Sanaig Kilchoman, it's good stuff
  11. I've been getting in to Whisky/Bourbon over the last year or so. I'm still trying new things and discovering which my favourite is, the Japanese stuff is nice and so is the Eagle Rare.
  12. I'm from the Channel Islands, so my passport says i'm British, but not English. We are a British Crown Dependency so when asked I'd more often than not say i'm British as technically i'm not English but I'd have no issue identifying as English as I'm an English speaker with an English accent.
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