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  1. So Thiago was allowed to play. There is a ruling that is in place but because it affects some of the "big teams" then the rule can be broken.. let's appeal and win this game 3-0 by default.. you watch it happen... pause not
  2. Right, just woke up.. why hadn’t this been officially announced yet?
  3. Right.. I’m going to sleep.. I expect this to be all over by the time that I wake up
  4. Was this Karl Pilkington? Was there a monkey just knocking about?
  5. How come City don’t have to worry about FFP
  6. Yes, it’s interesting how it he media have been all over the Grealish saga but not a mention of the Ings saga
  7. Jack Grealish isn’t even a betting option anymore…
  8. Why was he training with the team the past few days? Why wouldn't he train in private rather than so publicly if he was already gone?
  9. Watch him start every England game if he does you… f)&k you Southgate
  10. Daily Mail said completed today... still 2 hours left today but it doesnt look like being completed today?
  11. Until he's sat down in a city shirt next to baldilocks signing his contract.. I still believe that he's a Villa player... it's the hope that kills you always...
  12. What makes you so sure apart from the odds, circumstances, newspapers reporting it?
  13. Ings, Bailey, Watkins, Buendia, Grealish surely all 5 of of them couldn’t start at the same time?
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