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  1. Would have taken 3 PTS from Leeds (a) and sheff utd (a)
  2. Just discovered what clearing in the woods means. Bonus
  3. Credit to Sheffield too.class defending and dug in. Impressive. The clearings in the woods
  4. Elmo's crossing was pretty wick. Always thought that was a strength of his
  5. Mcginn, konsa, traore all had good chances and Ollie hit the bar. Plenty of chances, just didn't go our way
  6. We had a million chances, they had half of one. Shit happens. Red card possibly didn't work in our favour weirdly. Just meant that a team, who generally doesn't concede much, dug in. Very frustrating but hard to unlock a team, set up to defend, with something to protect
  7. Barkley has the engine, work rate and closing down mentality of a striker. Ollie has the engine, work rate and closing down mentality of a midfielder.
  8. Nice and mobile isn't he? Gets round the pitch well. Have a feeling that once he establishes himself in the team he will be hard to drop
  9. Good game today and even managed to squeeze in one of his trademark no look sliced volleyed clearance across the 18 yard box. I like him. Never know what he is gonna do which makes him exciting to watch
  10. I always thought athleticism was a real attribute of his, but clearly I was wrong. It is really sickening to think of the money he earns but I think for some people getting too much too soon ruins their motivation and attitude for the game. His current contract means his grandkids probably won't have to ever work ffs. On that note, one of my pet peeves is when a player is singled out for praise for "giving 100%" or "working their arse off". That should be the bare bloody minimum for all players
  11. Two of those goals have been match winners and I'm a big fan of the additional 4 points that earned But I'm not really that arsed about stats. From an eye test point of view he links up well with jack and targett especially on that left hand side, has lovely close control, switches play very effectively and is a threat from long range. Our midfield doesn't score much from outside the box so if a ball drops loose from 25 yards out its Barkley I want to be hitting it. Overall though I agree with the majority opinion that he is probably underperforming and I think there is more to come
  12. Looking back over the seasons highlights made me realise how much Barkley has given us this season . Assists and goals that others probably weren't capable of. I think his position is the easiest to criticise but personally I think he is classy and love watching him play
  13. And I said I wasnt gonna watch any porn today.... He really should be on about 300 career assists shouldn't he?!
  14. Close. Keeper The current villa back four 1 DM Some tiki takis Jack and kane Do any of you statisticians know where jack stands in yellow cards caused? I feel he would be up there
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