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  1. I honestly use it as a barometer by which I judge people now. Those who acknowledge his ability and see how fouled he is and how clever he is about those fouls, I can respect. Those who bang on about him being soft, or a diver or whatever I just assume are morons who know feck all about football and have no appreciation for the game.
  2. I just hope that Bournemouth aren't a spiteful bunch. Ming's seemed to put quite a few noses out of joint with his enthusiasm of being here/ wearing his kit the next day etc. and they could very well dig their heels in and be obstructive if they so choose
  3. Utd fans on twitter are going buck daft about this £8m rumour. quite entertaining really. From what I can gather they really really dislike Jones and Smalling and have little time for Eric Bailly and thought Axel should be starting for them next season
  4. I for one wish to give a warm welcome to The Golden Schlong (rough translation)
  5. if I was a new signing i'd ask for the 88 shirt number just for the craic
  6. this is more out of the blue than salifou. genuinely didn't mean that to rhyme
  7. Is he good enough for Dean?, that's what I want to see
  8. the tragedy of it all being all the work the miners did was for nowt as the liquid cooled quicker than they had thought and there was thus no need for the heat exchanger that they were digging the tunnel for
  9. Theres a fab wee documentary called "Chernobyl 3828" on youtube that you should check out which shows this operation in real life. only 30 minutes long but fascinating
  10. I think we will see a number of signings for an "undisclosed" fee this summer. The club are going to have a challenge to stay up next year and will not want the added burden of everyone knowing how much they have spent, in the same way the £100m spent by Fulham was constantly used as a stick to beat them with
  11. i can only assume kalinic wants out due to lack of game time and we want to get a replacement in first

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