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  1. On an entirely unrelated matter, how do you block people on this site? Asking for a friend...
  2. I do wish the crowd would stop doing the whole shoooooooot thing when he picks up the ball 30 yards from goal. I get that it's kinda funny but I think it can cloud the players thinking a little and maybe warn the opposition if he is thinking of shooting. On reflection I do sound a bit of a buzz Killington saying that
  3. The thing that I remember from his you tube videos pre signing was his slide tackling ability so I shrieked like a schoolgirl when he did that one in the second half
  4. The problem is that everyone expects a dynamic number 10 performance out of him when he is actually playing in a midfield 3. He was grand. If he was some no name no mark player you watched tonight you would be purring. Did everything asked and played in a disciplined manner
  5. Righto. My thoughts. Bullet pointed cos a little tipsy and don't trust myself to form paragraphs Engels shouldn't work as a footballer. He's skinny and lanky but has a strength and intelligence and passion about him that I love Our midfield was non existent first half but I always had faith that they would play their part. Which they did My new favourite sight in football is when our goalie has kicked the ball and you see big Wesley looking round, seeing what defender is eyeing the ball, then running over to stand on his toes and bully him to get in front of him and get control. Class Tyrone Mings should narrate meditation exercises or something because when he speaks I feel so calm John McGinn should not I love love love el ghazis desire to get the ball for the second goal. Even jack didn't know he was arriving to nick the ball off his toes. And his single minded determination for the goal is what made it Never liked Gary Neville but that is like the third time he has said villa park is his favourite away ground so respect bro Expected trezeguet to be a diva winger. He ain't. He works hard and makes some very intelligent runs
  6. I liked the guy but he was one moody looking sod. Even when he scored!
  7. sooooooooo.......... did we ever find out who the french dude was that we obviously missed out on?
  8. I got so bored earlier I was watching YouTube videos of the new attacker that bloody Brentford bought
  9. He eats brie, and camembert Woooah Ooooooh Frederick Guilbert
  10. So who would win in a New Signing 11 Vs Old Guard 11?
  11. TheMelvillan

    Tom Heaton

    Great signing. Is it just me or does he look like a young Dean Smith?

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