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  1. Agree overall that drinks breaks need to go but will personally miss taking them literally as an excuse to get up and grab a beer
  2. that forest one is brilliant. wonder if their fans will complain as much as we did about the crest being so high
  3. the third kit looks like it should have unicorns flying around on it
  4. TheMelvillan

    John Terry

    cant. hes not allowed in villa park anymore. He's been bard
  5. always thought grabban did a very good job for us. and Watkins looks a similar, potentially better, player.
  6. ugh. i'd love us to sign Willian. He's like trezeguet in his application but has actual speed, skill and agility
  7. Lansbury always looked like the happiest man in the world in team pics, social media, pre match warmups etc. And it's because he was on huge dosh, hanging round with his mates, keeping fit whilst having no real expectation of having to do any serious graft or produce on the pitch. He is living the best life that fella
  8. Holy crap what a fun little player buendia is. Can't say I'd paid him much attention but would be happy to watch that fella every week for villa. On targett it's crazy how many times he got too close to the centre back, got stuck under the ball and lost the runner in behind him. I like him going forward but can be so poor positionally
  9. In the shop the women's are v neck and the men's and juniors are round. I like that, again it's another respectful nod to the ladies team
  10. Look at least it's not the spotty one !
  11. It was a bunch of wee chavs for the last reveal if I remember correctly. They may just play it safe and do that again
  12. Jeez. Looking at him you wouldn't think he was 2 inches taller than Tommy elphick
  13. yikes for Bournemouth and Watford. Gonna be a squeaky few years financially for them looking at that
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