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  1. as far as im aware he hasnt been accused of sucking off Super Hans. but judging by his recent bahaviour......
  2. to all the people who have made up their minds that he crashed his car because he was drunk or on drugs, based on unsubstantiated eyewitnesses, circumstantial evidence and red top headlines I offer an alternative theory: Jack has dedicated his life to one thing - football. His education, hobbies, relationships have all been compromised in one way or other as a result. In other words, take away football and be has bugger all else to occupy himself. He was invited to a mates, went because he was bored. THIS WAS A BAD THING. No denying that. Then it is entirely feasible he went there , stayed up all night playing computer games, listening to music, or a million other things you can do hanging out with mates. Then he threw his flip flops/ slippers back on, tried to drive home and crashed because driving a massive, 3 tonne car with incorrect footwear whilst knackered is more difficult than anticipated. One "eyewitness" said the car wasnt driveable at that stage so Jack, tired and fed up, left his details and buggered off home rather than stand around being interviewed by police whilst every neighbour with a mobile phone could photograph and video the entire scene. I dont know what version of event is true. And no version paints Jack in a particularly good light. However I am conscious that to assume the worst is unfair and dangerous.
  3. To be fair he's gonna have to burn the old one after seeing that Zulu clearing in the woods sprawled all over it
  4. This guy went out to pose for a picture saying stay at home. Brilliant. Can only conclude he lives on the streets
  5. Agreed. There is an element of society who think they are incredibly smart and rebellious by breaking stay at home rules and not getting caught. Like they've beat the system or something. Missing the point entirely and it's pissing me off. I reckon the police need to be doing what they are doing until people get the message
  6. from my limited knowledge of cars, I would imagine that that range rover was still in a perfectly driveable condition so one would question why he felt the need to leave on foot. I also remember a friend telling me he had once crashed his car into a hedge while drunk. He headed home and slept it off - his logic being that by the time the police caught up with him he would be sober and able to pass a breathaliser (sp?). now these two thing may be unrelated but it doesn't look great. feel a bit let down and angry about it to be honest okay so read the article and it says his friends arrived and attempted to drive the range rover away - which may indicate that it wasnt driveable. However they also said he left on foot which is odd if his friends were there. or maybe its all nonsense - I dont know anymore
  7. Think that's bad? I saw a fella in Asda buying dozens of packets of Oxo cubes and boullion and just throwing them into a heap. I asked him what he was doing and guess what he said? ... ... ... ... He said "I'm buying dozens of packets of Oxo cubes and boullion and just throwing them into a heap" So I left him to it
  8. Yep I got it. Watching castle rock which is pretty good, and finished a show called Party Down which is an awesome, if largely unknown comedy show starring Adam Scott and Lizzy caplan
  9. Even as a joke, the fact that he has a balaclava casually lying around the house tells you everything you need to know about the prick
  10. I've actually told everyone that because Boris has cancelled all celebrations I'm staying 39 for another year
  11. Yikes. Tell me about it mate, I nearly had a threesome last night - was only two people short
  12. So total lockdown isn't quite how I'd expected to spend my 40th birthday! But to be honest it's just made me appreciate the wee things. Hopefully after all this nonsense we can all enjoy the stuff we previously took for granted. And no football has definitely made our lives a bit less stressful
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