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  1. When did we last have a big physical imposing centre midfielder? I genuinely can't think of one since Taylor but am obviously missing someone. In my head we always seem to have wee fellas running about in our midfield.
  2. I'm not a medical professional granted but I reckon his shins are sore because they are weighed down by his massive calves. Much in the same way women with big boobies get sore backs.
  3. I'll be honest, I now kinda regret suggesting Sterling
  4. Statement signing needed. Raheem Sterling. Out of favour at city, plays sporadically even when he is in favour. fits into the English core of the team, outstanding player and would play week in week out for us next season firing us into europe. We are minted and need to start making really ambitious signings. Don't think for a second we could pull it off but would love it if we were to try
  5. Thought it was slightly bizarre that on a show held during a protest against the man utd owners who have managed to turn a debtless in into one with a debt of £450m, the pundits decide that utd need to buy kane and grealish - £200m+ of footballing talent. Just for shits and giggles, where do you think villa would have finished this season if jack hadn't played a single game?
  6. Double sub please. Barkley and el ghazi off for Davies and Ramsey
  7. https://twitter.com/mjmarr_star/status/1386607242443698177?s=19 Last night just the 5th game villa have played since the start of the 2010/11 season where they have been mathematically safe from relegation. No wonder we are a stressed out bunch
  8. Taking loadsa drugs and playing cod. Living the dream that boy . Seriously though, that's a pretty high profile gig
  9. Not wanting to buy a good striker because we already have a good one is small time mentality. Personally id start ollie for some of these remaining games at left wing and see what he does. strikers usually have good crossing instincts and his workrate means that he will probably find himself in the box as often as he does now playing up front on his own. i also really like watching davis play and bully centre backs so would stick him upfront. fella deserves a goal
  10. everything is spin with these scum. note how some of them are wording it that they are withdrawing from the group discussing the proposal to form a super league. They'd already signed up for the damn thing, withdrawn from that european football board and would be laughing their way to the bank right now if they been allowed to get away with it. own it you cowards and say it like it is
  11. Take 20% off each of their salary caps. This will stop them paying their way to success, getting themselves into such financial dire straits that they have to form a cartel, and will recycle great players into other teams thus levelling the playing field. Boom. Sorted
  12. so i can only presume that Financial Fair Play has been a monstrous failure if the European Super League is the only way these clubs can stay afloat? one can dream but I sincerely hope that a rationalisation of footballer transfer fees and wages comes out of this somehow
  13. as much as i hate to say it I do agree with Klopp that the players and managers are not the ones who should be targetted or abused for this. the club owners - those too spineless to come out and explain the decisions themselves are the only people who should be getting grief at this point
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