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  1. ties nicely in with the ghostbusters element of this thread as some people speculated that the IASIP crowd remaking the wade boggs episode with females was in itself a commentary on how Holywood was going through a phase or remaking male-led movies with female casts (ghostbusters, ocenas 11 etc)
  2. Just tell McGinn which hip it is and have him shove his massive arse into it, Tactics !
  3. It's as if the level of physical contact he can expect is still taking him by surprised and the concept of playing to the whistle also appears to have passed him by. They should do that thing that they do in American football training where he has to run through a tunnel of his team mates battering him with training pads until he gets conditioned enough to stay on his feet
  4. Watching crystal palace - Bournemouth. How are these two teams above us?!?!
  5. thats because trez only has two speeds. he is either stock still or flat out. He's like an old school scalextric car
  6. "in that position I can face anyone up and go past 'em" Flippin love jack's confidence. And love that interview. Such a nice fella but he knows how good he is
  7. Ooh I like this game. For me Zidane is the closest comparison to Jack in playing style
  8. Same here I was particularly annoyed at that point in the second half when he stood still for like 2 minutes until I hit the F5 button
  9. Played alright. Comes very deep to win balls but is still the furthest villa player forward so makes sense. Thought he used the ball quite well today and still gets shafted by the refs imho just cos he's a big fella.
  10. Don't know why no one is talking about mings' goal. It was an amazing finish and great movement in the box to get in that position. And he is a centre back ffs!! I also think like the poster earlier that man utd aren't the dumpster fire that everyone says. They have some very good players, but are just playing badly as a team at the moment. Controversially I was quite impressed by Fred for them. And martial, James and rashford are dangerous players. Dirty beggars however. The number of tactical fouls and yellow cards they picked up was infuriating. Jack must have invoked the most number of yellow cards this season
  11. Nah. sure none of these players have ever been by utd at old Trafford as villa players, let alone consistently. There isn't any mystical hoodoo over this fixture. It's just in the past utd have been a better team than Aston villa. Not so much any more.
  12. All I know is that if he ever leaves it will be the first time that I have a "second team". I just love watching the guy play football, as I feel any true football fan should, and will keenly follow his career wherever it takes him. I have never before thought that about a villa player
  13. Would you have recommended signing Wesley? Serious question
  14. 2009/10 Gabby or current Wesley. Who would you play?
  15. £100m plus Josh Onomah and its a deal
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