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  1. I would be tempted to rest jack because I'm anxious that Bielsa will pull a John Kreese and get one of his boys to put grealish "out of commission" for the playoffs. But at the same time I think it would be sad to end this amazing run by playing a weakened team. Glad I'm not the manager
  2. 1. Live in Northern Ireland 2. Honestly cant really be bothered with all that illicit rubbish. Just let me pay a tenner to watch the damn game
  3. ugh i hate in this day and age not being able to watch my team play. so frustrating.
  4. Another YouTube video of his commentary online now. Dude is hilarious
  5. I'm not so sure we are going to necessarily have the final say on whether we buy Tammy. Surely Chelsea's motivation for sending him out on loan is to see how he fares, to upskill him and give him experience, without having to risk him in their own games. The result of this tactic has been an overwhelming success. Tammy has scored for fun, gained experience in a promotion chasing team and has been trained by a fantastic coaching team in state of the art facilities. He is English and theirs, they have invested in him as an asset up to this point and I see no reason why they wont want him to be a Chelsea player next year
  6. His wee fake out hold up play at the corner flag followed by a run into the box and shot on target is one of my favourite moments of the season so far!!! Love this dude
  7. huh, the things you learn. Still a dumb name for a stadium
  8. Why is Rotherhams ground called the New York Stadium? serious question
  9. sure at one point we played Emile Heskey as a striker. crazy to think...
  10. I kinda enjoyed it however the black metal community supposedly hate it as is such a dramatised version of events ( very much a "inspired by true events kinda thing") . Interestingly, Varg is a you-tuber now. He is utterly obnoxious and racist but talks openly about what he did
  11. But will we make any changes for Liverpool or Rome?
  12. TheMelvillan

    Tom Carroll

    genuinely dont know what this fella looks like
  13. the follow up shot was a bit ropey lol but kudos to the dude at the end of the wall doing his bit by pushing all the defenders out of the way
  14. I actually get anxious watching Villa players play for England - or any international team for that matter lol! I'm like a bloomin proud father just hoping they dont balls up and I want them to do well because I feel it reflects on Villa.

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