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  1. not to be a debbie downer but my god what an amazing atmosphere it would have been tonight if the fans were allowed in! Packed Villa park, fans cocky and buoyant and a wee bit drunk, under the Friday night lights, Leeds with their fantastic vocal away support, memories of the last time we played, Bamford with his hateful little rat face to scream abuse at. Would have been incredible
  2. Meh, all about opinions I guess. Winning mentality for me is having bravery on the ball , perserverence, never give up, run yourself into the ground, demanding the ball even when being targetted, playing your own game, preparing physically and mentally for every game. Kicking better players because you cant match them for skill or any of the above named attributes is, for me, dirty and I have no respect for it
  3. nah, I still call it dirty
  4. Absolutely refuse to engage in any feelings of shadenfraude about Leeds injury woes because that will inevitable be us at some point this season
  5. its very early days. Liverpool used 24 different players in league games alone last year when they won the league (though three of those were young players getting run outs at the end of the season) so you can see how much of a squad competition the premier league is it is and how all of our senior players are liable to be called up at some point this season. Hopefully we can get to the stage where we can rotate a little bit just to keep the full squad match ready
  6. cant believe he only scored 4 goals for Chelsea though. before we signed him if someone had highlighted his stats of 4 goals in 51 games as an attacking midfielder we'd have been up in arms. i was sure i'd seen him scored bucketloads for chelsea but id obviously imagined it guess it shows that stats really are worthless sometimes. oh and the importance of playing with better players in a bigger club obv.
  7. yeah i think the adage should be "if you're good enough, and physically developed enough, you're old enough" cant all be 16 year old built like a 32 year old brickie like Wayne Rooney
  8. Risky opinion to throw out here but I think Leeds are an excellent team. They work so hard for one another and some of their passing moves last night were really impressive. They were oozing confidence so I'm hoping that that slightly undeserved defeat last night takes them down a peg or two. Villa definitely got enough to beat them though. Like someone posted above there should be room in behind because their fullbacks love getting forward. Villa 2-1 leeds
  9. I'd say Adam Johnson is a good comparison but Barry has far more technical ability
  10. Maradona Good Pele Better George Best
  11. he is getting closer. at some point this season he is going to score one of those solo mazy goals where he jinks around 4 players in the box before slotting it home a la George Best for the San Jose Earthquakes 1981 or the one Ibrahimovich scored for Ajax in 2004. I guarantee it
  12. Im gonna have to wait a while before watching Dean's post match interviews after a win. He is so sensible and pragmatic he really knows how keep ones feet on the ground. whereas I like bouncing round the room singing "championees" and working out what route the open top bus should take. genuinely though it shows how the managers influence and demeanour is so important and it is his job to focus the players and keep them humble. I believe Dean when he says things and trust that his reaction to situations is the correct one. Would be a wonderful guy to work for. We've got a good 'un there
  13. Tastes best out of the glass bottle. Source: lived in glasgow for 10 years
  14. Righto cheers. They really are a shower of greedy bar stewards aren't they. Saw someone mention on twitter that on Principe they are gonna give £15 to charity and watch the game on a stream! May do that instead - can't bear the thought of giving sky money for it and validating their decision further
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