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  1. Just do whatever it was that West Ham did to him at Villa Park last season because that was the least effective game ive seen Jack play ( i know he got an assist but it was in garbage time)
  2. i remember during the euros, Mings was doing a presser and someone asked a question about Jack. He looked kinda pissed off and said something along the lines of "was wondering how long it would take til we started talking about Jack" time to let some of the others shine and get their respect and credit on Jack. Was mad at him last couple days but have kinda mellowed. I'm more mad at the system and how unfair the big premier league machine is. How City are laughing in the face of FFP. How the whole thing is rigged to prevent teams from cracking the top 6. Then I get mad when I realise that its a trickle down system and what Man City are doing to the likes of Villa, Villa are doing to the likes of Norwick, or Southampton. Games Rigged Yo! I know people hate on the NFL and the franchise system but my goodness it makes for a fairer and more competitive league
  3. dont get all the grumbling about how to fit these new players in, or that we have too many players for one position etc. i would love to see the statistics for how often in a typical season a manager has his full 1st choice 11 players available for selection - cant imagine its very high. It is very much a squad game nowadays - and players know this
  4. Part of me thinks that part of villa's thinking here is to screw city as payback for poaching jack. Ings was very likely a cheaper fall back option if they didn't get kane - the blue moon forum had a thread in this. Alternatively, it may prevent spurs from selling kane to city as ings was also a realistic option for them to replace kane if he got sold to city. Us buying ings kinda doubly screws city over in that regard
  5. It's cos he looks old and always has. It's a classic case of John Terry face
  6. Oh Jesus how many wee brothers does ings have?
  7. Even more crucially it has pissed off some man city fans too. Good header of the ball too, complimenting our new specialist set piece coach. It's nearly like we have a holistic plan in place for the season
  8. whoever we sign i hope it is someone who can control and dictate the game. its great that we have signed exciting players and ones who can change the game but what jack brought was game management and control when needed. dont know who will have that leading quality out of our current bunch. I think the like of JWP would bring that as he is captain of the team with an obvious football intelligence about him
  9. gonna be interesting to see who has the better stats next year, Buendia or Grealish
  10. just bumping this back up because i am so incredibly excited by this signing and feel bad that its slipping down the front page due to other events. Welcome Leon. Lets rip it up! My only concern is that due to the lazy punditry in this country and their love for low hanging fruit, Leon will be instantly and continually compared to Jadon Sancho throughout the season - based on their respective positions and where they came from. Lets hope he can hit the ground running and prove to be a bargain in comparison.
  11. to think we protected those shins of his at the expense of our league position so that he could play at the euros for england and realise his dreams . should have stabbed him full of painkillers and made im do his job for us
  12. Finally I can say something that ive been wanting to say for the past 6 years due to blind loyalty........ JACK HAS GOT SILLY HAIR AND I DONT LIKE IT!!! God that felt good - cathartic
  13. i hope this motivates everyone associated with Aston Villa to do everything in their power to compete next year. lets turn this into a positive and hopefully bloody a few bullies noses along the way
  14. I feel as sick as a cockapoo in the back seat of a range rover about all this
  15. i actually dont think he will be as good or exciting player for city than he was for us. For us he was the main man, with license to roam and create. pep will put him in a specific role with a specific job. His assets are his creative decision which i dont think he will be able to flex as much for city.
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