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  1. He is doing fine defensively. I just think the team needs to organise it so that he is not the player trying to start attacks from the left back position, because his passing and decision making is pretty poor. I would rather see the ball being worked to our central midfield to try to break the lines - watching Hause try to link play down the left just isn't ideal
  2. and here was me giving all the credit to the players and coaching staff. Great job Mike
  3. TheMelvillan

    Pepe Reina

    That was a big cheer for what was, in reality, a fairly straightforward kiss
  4. Yay. I was gutted for the guy when the commentator said he would miss the final. Especially because the lino had got it working. Also I bloody hate the idea of 2 yellow cards keeping a player out of the final. That's just horrible
  5. I do feel he is still playing within himself at the moment and there is even more to him than he is showing. But gradually he is improving and showing more of that Brazilian swagger. Big fan here
  6. He really bloody worries me when he stretches for the ball, especially when he does that thing when he uses the wrong foot. Please stay fit and healthy Tyrone. We need you!
  7. As good as he played against Watford, are we sure Reina would have made those four saves tonight?
  8. Samatta versus Leicester (other aston villa players may be involved) Brilliant Also curious how they misspelt Samatta but got Leicester right. I sometimes struggle to spell Leicester
  9. all about opinions I guess. I thought the latest season was fantastic. Last season was tripe admittedly.
  10. A two week window would be plenty. Maybe even one.
  11. Don't even watch the bloody thing since it moved to bt cos im too tight to pay for yet another subscription
  12. TheMelvillan

    Louie Barry

    Dude has an awesome villa tattoo on his arm and has left Barcelona to sign for villa. His family are huge villa fans and he is regarded as one of the hottest prospects in the game. Yet there nothing but a bunch of snidey criticism about the guys appearance and whether he is ready or not for first team action. This place baffles me sometimes I swear. Welcome Louie. You are living the dream. No one knows when or if you will make it here but good luck fella
  13. avtv have a player cam vid of him against Watford. All slo mo and close up shots. Pure football pr0n
  14. aaaaaggghhh. Southgate should be thanking McGrath on a daily basis that he is England manager at a time where a truly unique generational talent is entering his prime after sticking his neck out to declare for England. I dont get this begrudging agreement to consider Jack for England. by gawd I would love Jack to tell him to shove his England cap up him pooper once he gets the call. Although I know this makes no logical sense whatsoever
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