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  1. Annoyingly, that entire thread seems to make some good points, minus the annoying use of phrases like "beta-lawyer-gamma-politician".
  2. The thing is, it isn't. The UK is a left leaning country economically, and right leaning socially. The Tories understand this, that's why Johnson has been nudging them left economically ever since he came in, it's why he's been nicking ideas from Labour like raising corporation tax and increasing borrowing, and it's why more traditional conservatives focus so much on culture war bullshit, because their views on the economy are unpopular. Even if the Tories are lying about what they'd do economically, they're still at least trying to appeal to people. The problem Labour have is that those
  3. I think that's just because you focus on Villa stories as you're a Villa fan. For example, BBC's gossip column is leading with Man City chasing Rice and Soucek has been linked with Man Utd and PSG in recent weeks. I've also seen stuff about Liverpool being interested in Tielemens (or perhaps being "urged to sign" him) and Maddison has had constant links away for the past few seasons, mainly to Utd, I think it's only died down a bit recently because he's been out of the spotlight a bit more this season.
  4. More importantly, is that Jack in one of the training groups? Please ignore that Trezeguet is also there with his crutch...
  5. For me yes, if that's the case (Although it seems too speculative for me to be true). Too many people think that Covid is something people recover from quickly, which I can say from personal experience it isn't. Then you have the below from Nuno today; And this from an NBA player a few weeks ago; It's a **** awful disease where your own immune system attacks your lungs, of course people are going to suffer long term from it, like any serious disease.
  6. To be fair, the Lord Buckethead character used is the character from the 80s film that was sued over, not just a similar name. Although it is a bit shitty to then threaten legal action and co-opt the idea when it goes viral.
  7. Mason Holgate will be having nightmares about Ollie for weeks, outstanding today.
  8. However if that happens, and Chelsea finish outside the Top 4 whilst winning the CL, then 4th won't get in to the CL as it's a max of 5 teams per nation.
  9. So start him instead of the miles better Watkins or completely change our team to fit him in? Would rather he stay as an impact sub.
  10. Keinan Davis is VT's "player that gets better the longer he doesn't play" but on steroids. You'd think he was prime Alan Shearer, not a guy that got his first Premier League goal last weekend.
  11. In light of Foster stepping down, a truly frightening insight in to one of the country's leading political journalist's grasp of politics. "Hmm, the DUP are a bit too sectarian nowadays, reckon I'll vote Sinn Fein instead"
  12. Chukwuemeka can't be far off getting some first team minutes surely, he's an absolute cut above at this level.
  13. I don't like complaining about VAR too much, but that's ridiculous, a red card for kicking the ball essentially.
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