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  1. Seen a few comments from Lyon fans saying that this is a terrible move for Newcastle
  2. It was about 3 days in to pre-season and Derby knew and had enough time to prepare that they appointed Cocu the next day. Seems pretty different to me.
  3. At the minute, I think that is more reason why he wouldn't take the job. What self respecting Newcastle fan would take the job under Ashley? They absolutely hate him and many want nothing to do with the club until he leaves. For the Best Supporters In The Country"(tm), there's been 12,000 season tickets unsold after Rafa left, and for once it seems Newcastle fans are actually doing something about hating Ashley, rather than being content with just Shearer have a pop at him on MotD occasionally. So why would a Newcastle fan walk into this dumpster fire of a situation? Personally, I think he recognises this may be his only shot at being their manager, as when Ashley finally sells, no new owner is going to even consider Bruce, so he's going to take his chance even though it seems destined to fail. Plus he has the advantage of being able to blame Ashley when things go tits up. And that's not a dig at Bruce, manager's more than likely think about their "exit strategy" at clubs the join and I think it's part of the reason Lampard took the Chelsea job, he can blame the transfer ban to minimise damage to his career if he's sacked early on. I reckon it's less about being a Newcastle fan, and more about it being his best opportunity to manage them, as there's no way he'd want to work for Ashley if he's a Newcastle supporter.
  4. Apparently that's the Mall of America in Minnesota.
  5. Macron and Dafabet were only 2 seasons together, 2013-14 and 2014-15. And both of those periods had significantly earlier reveals than we are used to. The 09-10 Away kit was revealed 24 May and the Home soon after. The 2014-15 Home kit was revealed 2 June and the Away a week later, again much earlier than the usual July reveal, although still a bit late compared to some. For what ever reason we always seem to get a new sponsor a year before the manufacturer deal ends and vice versa.
  6. He supposedly turned down the opportunity to interview for the WBA job according to VillaReport/The Times, I dont think hes in a hurry to jump to management. Edit: beaten to it
  7. A tale spun by Roberto Carlos too, hes said before that he was close to joining us before moving to inter.
  8. Nah, I think it's the other way around, sounds like the RB is shouting "John, turn!" and is annoyed that McGinn just stands there.
  9. I think that video highlights why he's been so poor the last couple of seasons, Blues are **** awful. Compare the movement between the Brentford players at the start with the Blues players, and it's like Blues are in a division below. They're mostly just standing around watching Jota make runs and when some of the Blues players do actually make runs, they just stop for no reason as Jota passes through to them. Not to mention the number of chances their strikers skied when the ball was put on a plate for them. The Brentford players make runs that free space for themselves and others, the Blues players just let Jota get crowded by 2-3 players. I think Jota could be a very astute signing in Smith's system.
  10. My guess would be that it was a handshake agreement that they'd agree to any offer above £40m rather than a contractual one, so when Arsenal took the piss by offering £1 over, Liverpool didn't have any obligation to say yes.
  11. So... Anybody got a spare ticket?
  12. When I checked earlier there were 5500 tickets left, and I was just in the queue hoping against hope that buying multiple tickets for one game might count (it obviously didn't) and there were even more tickets available than when I checked earlier, so they're definitely holding tickets back. Also, I'm guessing a fair few in that queue are just trying their luck to get a ticket like myself without meeting the criteria.
  13. Hmm, I swear I read that through a few times, dunno how I missed that.
  14. Do Semi-Final tickets count towards the 5 game criteria? I know it keeps getting repeated that it doesn't but is there any official confirmation of this or just rumours?

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