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  1. I'm a bit fed up of Klopp's moaning, but this reporter on BT is being a right nob about it, happy to see Klopp not put up with it.
  2. Genuinely think that the reason VAR is so shit in England is because the refs are dragging their feet on it so much and almost trying to make it as shit as possible. There doesn't seem to be as much controversy over it in European competitions or at the World Cup. It's an absolute joke that penalty was given after ours was overturned last week. Also, how come Brighton got to so much added time when we didn't even get our full 4 minutes?
  3. This could've gone in the Virus thread or Things that cheer you up as the story that made me think of this is actually pretty funny, but the Magna Carta pisses me off, or more how people just don't actually know what it is piss me off. How can so many people think that what is essentially a peace treaty (that was ignored by both sides) between a King and some Barons from 800 years ago when most people were peasants is any way applicable to the modern day or can override modern laws? And then how stupid do you have to be that when you're told that's not what the Magna Carta means and it doesn't
  4. "In short, 2020’s map continues to reflect a striking split between the large, dense, metropolitan counties that voted Democratic and the mostly exurban, small-town, or rural counties that voted Republican." From the think tank's website about that image. Also relevant:
  5. And a censored version of Fairytale of New Yrok will still be played. Edit: not censored, a radio friendly version with different lyrics for those lines.
  6. I wonder if anyone complaining about that would have an issue with, for example, WAP by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion being played on Radio 1 completely uncensored?
  7. Feels harsh to say this after 10 minutes as he's only 17, but Bellingham has been shit so far.
  8. Half expecting him to pass to Grealish and then just stand still watching him soon.
  9. My biggest worry is more that another team would be willing to pay more than the release clause, so City trigger it then sell him immediately to make a bit of profit, rather than them buying him back to go in to their squad.
  10. One of the biggest attractions of Trump was always "he's different", something that also applied to Bernie from the other end of the political spectrum. The Democrats wouldn't have picked up as many Republicans with Bernie, but I think a lot of what Bernie spoke about would have taken some of the disillusioned crowd that Trump attracted. Didn't Bernie get an ovation from a Fox Town Hall crowd during the primaries? When he put his ideas out there, people clearly liked them. The problem with Biden wanting to go back to "normal" is that "normal" is exactly what led so many voters to Trump, i
  11. Wasn't that the game we played a back four made up entirely of RBs? That's if you include Chester as he played RB at West Brom.
  12. It wouldn't last, without a Villa thread they'd have nothing to talk about.
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