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  1. The biggest fallacy in sports, that past success = future success. Benteke is 29. He's in his "prime". He has scored 4 goals in 3 seasons. Injuries have ruined him, he's a busted flush.
  2. Three different players have go at foulng Grealish, when one of them finally brings him down, it's somehow not a foul?
  3. Not to mention he is actuallycelebrating, you can see him punching his fists.
  4. And we're 1 point behind with Brighton at home next, we could be above them in two weeks, when's the last time that happened outside the first 2/3 games of a season?
  5. I really shouldn't have underestimated how shit Man Utd are...
  6. Rojo on and Tuanzebe was moved to RB, is the fourth official sure he wasn't given that change by Bruce?
  7. Bruce hasn't beaten Utd in 22 games, and has only gotten 5 draws, he just rolls over and gets his belly rubbed when playing them. Man Utd are the only team Bruce has faced more than 3 times as a manager and not beaten, no way that changes today with this Newcastle team.
  8. Don't let players on hat-tricks take penalties, has Smith never played Football Manager?
  9. Hourihane assist to Wesley, so happy VT doesn't pick the team
  10. Something else that's bugging me about this "dive", how many players go up to a player they haven't touched and has "dived" against them, and try to calm them down and drag them from the ref like Cahill did? He knew he'd fouled Grealish and was calming him down instead of screaming in his face like most players normally do, that is not the reaction of a player who has been "justified" by the ref.
  11. I genuinely believe the FA/Premier League are trying to purposefully make VAR shit because they're ideologically opposed to it (It exposes how shit and unaccountable the Refs are). This game just confirms it for me. It's been utilised in so many sports to improve the game, and yet football is somehow too special for it to work despite it being the richest sport in the world...
  12. Smith just been asked on Sky whether Grealish's reputation is proceeding him. It was his second ever yellow for simulation. And just like the first, it was a yellow for a stonewall penalty...
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