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  1. MessiWillSignForVilla

    Alan Hutton

    Because it's impossible to have a weak link in a team. By that logic, Heskey used to be one of our best players. Just because our 3rd best RB is better than our terrible LB doesn't mean he's one of our best players.
  2. MessiWillSignForVilla

    Match Thread: Norwich v Villa

    He's not on the pitch maybe?
  3. MessiWillSignForVilla

    Glenn Whelan

    His goal against us in that 2-2 draw was the turning point under MON and we've gradually gotten shitter ever since.
  4. MessiWillSignForVilla

    Glenn Whelan

    The hero we needed, but not the one we deserve. Someone else would've stuck it top corner and kept Bruce on for a little longer.
  5. MessiWillSignForVilla

    Steve Bruce

    Matt Law is a Villa fan, he's probably been aware of the issues as long as most fans, even if he doesn't get down to games.
  6. MessiWillSignForVilla

    Steve Bruce

    And Sheffield Utd. And Wigan. And Crystal Palace...
  7. MessiWillSignForVilla

    Steve Bruce

    The article this came from apparently got changed within half an hour of being posted and the bit about Bruce now reads, "Despite the opposition from fans towards Bruce, it is understood there are no plans to dismiss him at this stage."
  8. MessiWillSignForVilla

    Match Thread: Villa v Reading

    Bielsa is notorious for having his teams completely knackered by Christmas, I reckon Leeds will fall off too.
  9. MessiWillSignForVilla

    Match Thread: Villa v Brentford

    Jonathan Moss is just as abysmal as I remember him.
  10. MessiWillSignForVilla

    Match Thread: Villa v Brentford

    Surely a lengthy ban for Maupay coming up. He seems like a nasty little prick.
  11. MessiWillSignForVilla

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I know it'll likely be a loan, but it will be funny if we manage to get Fulham's first choice LB signing after they nicked their second choice Bryan from under our noses. Maybe they did us a favour if they think he's better
  12. MessiWillSignForVilla

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    IIRC, that was the original plan, but I think the FA have a rule about not having stars above the badge, unless they don't symbolise anything like Man City's old badge.
  13. MessiWillSignForVilla

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Loan window is open until the end of August, we've still got plenty of time to strengthen.
  14. MessiWillSignForVilla

    Jack Grealish

    The Kevan Grealish twitter account has been active since 2012 and has been tweeting about Grealish since he was a youth player with us, that's one massive long con for what was an unknown 16-year-old Grealish in 2012.
  15. MessiWillSignForVilla

    Joe Bryan

    Twitter rumours are saying he's already signed the contract but his agent reckons it doesn't stand If that's true this could get ugly.