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  1. Interesting link below of modelling apparently used by Governments worldwide. Might explain why the Government has blinked regarding face masks: https://covid19.healthdata.org/united-kingdom Looking at the projected number of daily infections in November without mandated masks looks slightly frightening, however compare the trend to the confirmed cases.
  2. This is going to be a long game. We were playing well but got shafted by "the system" - they can't possibly let their little darlings miss out on Champions League football can they.
  3. I have heard good things about Jet2 - I hope so, as I found out last night that a trip to Malta has been cancelled. Apparently they're now not flying out from Birmingham there until next April Oh well - a trip to Iceland around Christmas time it is then!
  4. It's interesting as Portsmouth (where I live) was on "the list" of 36 areas being prepared for local lockdown should things go wrong again from tomorrow (admittedly it is all probably a load of rubbish based on the original article, but Sky News picked up on it). As a city, we're experiencing between 0 and 1 confirmed cases a day, and have been relatively unscathed. I'm happy with that, but I'm still not visiting any pubs etc any time soon. I think I'll let the dust settle on this one.
  5. I was meant to be going to Malta at the start of August. Even though Malta airport is apparently opening up to all on 15th July, I've agreed with friends that we should postpone. I'm gutted about the whole thing but in hindsight, we have made the right choice - I didn't particularly fancy walking the streets of Valletta and visiting attractions wearing a face mask in the blistering heat! We've now postponed until October (it cost £50 per person to change, which is pretty good given the circumstances) but I have a hankering feeling we'll be postponing again come September .
  6. I got mildly irritated when in Sainsbury's over the weekend. People reaching over you to get to what they need (they couldn't wait a few secs so that I could pick up what I needed and move away) and then I observed someone else take their face mask off to have a good cough. I wanted to say something but by then I just wanted to get out. The next few weeks are going to be "interesting".
  7. I've just heard from my sister that her "desk buddy", i.e. the guy who used to sit next to her at work, has succumbed to it. He had underlying health issues but it is still a shock for her. I've said to raise a glass to him tonight. Terrible.
  8. Another one expresses concerns:
  9. A 3rd scientist has come out to openly share concerns about the lockdown restrictions being relaxed too soon. It was quite sad to see the Midlands record the highest number of deaths yesterday (the figures according to Sky News). Whilst Portsmouth (where I live) is looking like it is getting through it (only 1 confirmed case per day during the past week according to official figures), I do fear that there will a huge increase of infections across the country in the weeks ahead.
  10. Sorry to hear the news. All the best to you and your family.
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