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  1. I'm attempting to sort out a holiday break away (for August) this weekend. I think I've talked friends into looking at places and booking time off work. It will be my 40th so I need to do something. I'm thinking Malta.
  2. Whitby is lovely. I wouldn't recommend spending more than a day / few days there mind as it is quite small and you could walk all of the streets and visit the Abbey in a day. That whole area (Robin Hoods Bay, Goathland, Staithes etc) is a lovely part of the world.
  3. I had to bring this one back out. It brings me fond memories of years gone past. (I would post the Deep Dish mix but it's a tad long but brilliant).
  4. I've started the day with fish finger sandwiches. I haven't had fish fingers since I was a student and how I've missed them.
  5. I had an Amazon Echo Dot for Christmas. Me: "Alexa, why are the almighty Villa doing so rubbish lately" Alexa: "Hmm, I don't know that one". Worrying times.
  6. I was thinking the same thing! A 0-0 result here will be just fine*. *It won't happen though.
  7. We always come together as a family to have a good bonfire night. We all chip in for fireworks, have a BBQ and bonfire, and it is kinda the highlight of the year (bar Christmas, family wise). We also invite neighbours over and let them know well in advance that we'll be letting off fireworks. That was until this year. My parents shouldn't take in the smoke (moreso given that my Mum is recovering from lung cancer - in case you want to ask, she's doing brilliantly ), people are feeling the pinch money-wise and Christmas is looming. I'm quite sad about it.
  8. I asked one of the new starters to my team to start organising our team Xmas meal today
  9. I got asked today by the boss if I fancy looking after his Group whilst he takes 2 weeks leave. Basically, he's asking me to be responsible for ~80 staff (over 5 teams) and be his representative at upper management meetings and such like. I've only been in my post as a Team Leader since May (formally), and whilst I think I'm doing OK, this gives me the heeby jeebies!* *I take it as a huge vote of confidence and whilst I'm not looking forward to it (at all), I'll accept this challenge!
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