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  1. Absolutely. I can probably help out early next week if needed. Bump me a PM
  2. No fireworks here in Portsmouth near to the dockyard - just people clapping, cheering and what sounded like soothing music from the dockyard itself
  3. That made me a tad emotional. I live in a large apartment complex (surrounding communal gardens) and the sound was immense. I am proud at this moment - we will beat this.
  4. I can try to help in the Portsmouth or South Hampshire area if anyone is in desperate need of supplies. We're all in this together
  5. Seeing as I'll be working from home for gawd knows how long, I've got a new desk and office chair turning up tomorrow. Work are looking into providing those in need with chairs etc but I'd rather not wait and it gave me an excuse to get a big gaming-style desk . As for Sunday, apart from moan at the lack of a roast dinner, I'll be attempting to sort out a few things to send on to my team. Wish me luck - I don't look forward to going to the big supermarkets so I might be reliant on the likes of the Co-Op and then the Post Office on Monday
  6. I'll be busying myself on Sunday attempting to pull together small "care packages" to send to my team (22 of them - all working from home now until the foreseeable future). I'm a civil servant (so they aren't my employees) but I feel like I have a duty of care to continue to re-assure them that they are all thought of. Small packets of dried fruit, a few drops of chocolate, a few random funnies, a small piece of loo roll () and a note of thanks for being awesome.
  7. It could well be for my elderly parents (one recovering from lung cancer, the other with serious chest issues). It is people that tell people to get a grip that maybe need to get a grip themselves.
  8. I'm attempting to sort out a holiday break away (for August) this weekend. I think I've talked friends into looking at places and booking time off work. It will be my 40th so I need to do something. I'm thinking Malta.
  9. Whitby is lovely. I wouldn't recommend spending more than a day / few days there mind as it is quite small and you could walk all of the streets and visit the Abbey in a day. That whole area (Robin Hoods Bay, Goathland, Staithes etc) is a lovely part of the world.
  10. I had to bring this one back out. It brings me fond memories of years gone past. (I would post the Deep Dish mix but it's a tad long but brilliant).
  11. I've started the day with fish finger sandwiches. I haven't had fish fingers since I was a student and how I've missed them.
  12. I had an Amazon Echo Dot for Christmas. Me: "Alexa, why are the almighty Villa doing so rubbish lately" Alexa: "Hmm, I don't know that one". Worrying times.
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