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  1. Boris is on. "Alas" count: 3. A downward trend!
  2. All the best to you and family too, Dom. We'll get through this shitty thing.
  3. Thrashing Liverpool and Arsenal whilst also losing to Leeds and Brighton. Oh how this game is weird.
  4. All the best to your family.
  5. Keep going, ML. I'm writing a list of wants based off of this thread (Family and friends keep asking what I want. I keep replying "well err, nothing really". Don't you know there's a pandemic going on. I now have my Mother threatening to buy me a new cheap toaster and microwave if I don't tell them what I want. I don't need any of those!).
  6. Worth noting that there have been huge advances in immunotherapy for the most lethal of cancers. My Mum was diagnosed with lung cancer at stage 3A, was offered the trial (which she accepted) and is now cancer free. It later turns out that she wasn't on the immunotherapy drug (which the doctors were surprised at given at how well she responded) but it is clear that they are making huge strides - she still keeps in touch with the team and other survivors.
  7. Vaccination of the entire population (well those who want it) by the end of April? As Jonathan Van-Tam (JVT to his friends) put it this evening during the press conference, we are on the flight path home. There may be cross winds but we're getting there. I've no idea how truly effective the vaccines are (duration, whether people remain infectious) but the sooner we're no longer afraid to see our loved ones because we have some protection the better. Health Service Journal
  8. May as well make it a sticky as this is going to go on for a long time...
  9. This. I've managed to get out of our virtual evenings at work so far. My boss had the idea to have virtual drinking sessions with his management team to relax (running at 8PM on a Friday night ffs). I couldn't think of anything less relaxing. Now I'm being asked what sort of Christmas party I'm going to set up for my team - they're talking of Christmas jumper competitions, cake baking competitions and all sorts. I don't even like to turn on the camera when all of the others do during meetings - this isn't "Through the Keyhole". Methinks I'll tactically book Leave to start earlier this y
  10. Lots of talk of letting households come together for Christmas. Stating the obvious but I'm just not sure that will be feasible / be a good idea unless we see a sharp drop in cases. Is having your Christmas Turkey with the elderly parents and extended family worth the risk? Even if the cases had significantly dropped off I think I'll be self-isolating for the 2 weeks prior to Christmas if I am to travel back up, and I'll be encouraging any family member who is allowed to visit my parents to do the same (if they are able). It's either that or start stocking up on the booze now .
  11. I've just found out that my niece has tested positive meaning the whole family have to self-isolate for 2 weeks. She's feeling fine other than a loss of smell/taste. My sister and family are quite active, regularly go on runs etc and none of them have underlying health issues. It's still a worry mind.
  12. Boris is on. "Alas" count: 1. EDIT: "Alas" count: 2. EDIT: "Alas" count: 3, no make that 4. A special mention for the "toot of the cavalry's bugle".
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