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  1. This is why I'm being very selective about where I go (still) and who to socialise with. Although the rate of hospital admission is very much lower than what we've seen in the past during this pandemic (at least during the peaks), I am conscious that COVID mixed with a bout of flu is never going to be a good thing and I'm still going to ride this one out over the winter. I will socialise but I'll be sensible about it I think - outside areas with lots of space etc. Humbug.
  2. Listening to Radio 2 now on my day off and I think he has lost the plot. He just thought Moldova (the country) is in South America.
  3. trekka

    General Chat

    I'm so sorry for your loss. It must have been really difficult reflecting and composing the above. It is heartfelt and your friend would be proud to read something like that. Thanks for reaching out to us and posting - we're all here for you.
  4. Before the days of the internet, my brother used to buy the Bargain Pages religiously every week. It seems to be run on Loot nowadays. Not sure how good it is.
  5. Quick Google tells me Caunsall, Kidderminster
  6. Down here, the council charge at least £30 (payable in advance). They apparently only take a maximum of two square metres for the £30 price. "For collections of more than two square metres, there will be an additional charge and payment will be asked for at the time of booking". They also state that they only collect items on ground level and will not collect from inside property or from back gardens. That scuppers me living in a flat if I did need to get rid of e.g. the big corner sofa, and they wonder why such items end up on the verge of roads etc from men in vans.
  7. I went with Expresstest when arriving back from Gibraltar. They have a drive-thru at Birmingham Airport or you can get the test kits sent to you.
  8. Thanks for the post. Pushing the envelope on that one.
  9. I guess it all hinges on how he approaches it.
  10. Indeed, and I'm sure he'll have a handle on it.
  11. Whilst also on cocaine. Disgrace of a woman.
  12. We went to a Gauchos place when in Gibraltar. It was awesome
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