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  1. It's amazing how far we've come. If you look at the 7-day rolling average for new infections per million people, we're well down there compared to other nations. Our World in Data
  2. I thought things may have been different given that William probably (presumably? Maybe?) reads VT but I respect opinion. All I can say is that I wish anyone good will and best wishes when they have lost a loved one. EDIT: assuming the obvious caveats.
  3. Possibly to show that you haven't picked up a variant immune to the vaccines? Assuming the tests can properly pick up the new variants of course. Either way, if you test positive then you must assume you are a risk to others and should self-isolate.
  4. Alas (as Boris would say), no. Not unless your employer decides to offer it.
  5. It has slowly started to drive me nuts. I see them congregating outside for a smoke and then I get annoyed when they constantly bang the doors walking through the various communal areas. It is impressive how they suddenly look like they are interested (moving their head around as if to show they are checking everything) whenever any of us come into contact with them. We're getting new wireless heat alarms fitted soon and a new communal fire alarm system (apparently to remove the need for the "watch"). I can't wait.
  6. I live in a property that has said cladding. Thankfully, I have had a letter from the MHCLG (Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government) stating that the complex is in the process of claiming money from the building safety fund. I'm fully expecting my service charge to go up as we've had the "waking watch" for the past few months. My property is valued as effectively £0 in the meantime but I'm in a different situation to others as I only own 25% of this flat (part-buy, part-rent).
  7. Got it back and I'm now £225 poorer (I suppose it could have been worse).
  8. I always remember going for my first test drive in the Aygo. When I asked the Toyota man what was the difference between that and the Peugeot etc, his reply was "just remember that the engine is Toyota". (plus it had an extra 2 year warranty ).
  9. Ah, the good old Czech factory pumping out 108s, Aygos and C1s (all practically the same car - they share the same chassis, engine, transmission etc). The engine is Toyota sourced mind .
  10. Being told yesterday evening by my boss that I've been awarded a Corporate "Thank You" for outstanding leadership during the past year. She said it was very rare teams come together to think of ways to reward their team leader and apparently they all had a little secret meeting to discuss how to fill out the nomination form. I wondered why they all had a private meeting in their calendars . It isn't much (a £50 "super cheque" that I can use on Amazon etc) but I'm humbled!
  11. My poor old little cheap Aygo (2010) had the original battery last for 10 years before I had to get it replaced. It seemed fine doing 8 miles to work (and back) every day along with the quick trips to the shops etc.
  12. Indeed! I was just hoping they'd say it's a slipped fan belt. Oh well.
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