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  1. I was thinking the same thing! A 0-0 result here will be just fine*. *It won't happen though.
  2. Yes! I made a cup of tea, hence why I edited!
  3. We always come together as a family to have a good bonfire night. We all chip in for fireworks, have a BBQ and bonfire, and it is kinda the highlight of the year (bar Christmas, family wise). We also invite neighbours over and let them know well in advance that we'll be letting off fireworks. That was until this year. My parents shouldn't take in the smoke (moreso given that my Mum is recovering from lung cancer - in case you want to ask, she's doing brilliantly ), people are feeling the pinch money-wise and Christmas is looming. I'm quite sad about it.
  4. I asked one of the new starters to my team to start organising our team Xmas meal today
  5. I got asked today by the boss if I fancy looking after his Group whilst he takes 2 weeks leave. Basically, he's asking me to be responsible for ~80 staff (over 5 teams) and be his representative at upper management meetings and such like. I've only been in my post as a Team Leader since May (formally), and whilst I think I'm doing OK, this gives me the heeby jeebies!* *I take it as a huge vote of confidence and whilst I'm not looking forward to it (at all), I'll accept this challenge!
  6. The fact that my friends due to visit this afternoon aren't going to make it down until about 8-9 PM. I really shouldn't grumble as they've had to put their family rabbit to sleep .
  7. I'll add that my thoughts above were ingrained into me by my driving instructor. He cancelled a few appointments due to a heavy cold, acknowledging that he wasn't fit to drive. Not that he wasn't fit in the eye of the law, but wasn't fit to be a driver (and instructor) in his opinion. Obviously, Saunders is a different case but it again goes to show that if you're a fit and a capable driver, it isn't yourself that you should be worried about but the other drivers. Idiots who think they can get away with it knowing they are unfit to drive can ruin lives.
  8. It'll probably go to VAR.
  9. He is out on bail (pending appeal). Sheer idiocy on his part - I have no respect for anyone as a person who drinks and drives. In my opinion he knew he was over the limit and should have taken the consequences. I take this opinion of anyone who could have their ability to drive taken into question (and who know it), and this includes those on high sedatives, those with failing eyesight or those on prescribed medication. If they know they are unfit to drive then they should not do so.
  10. I'm early with this as I've just started a 4 day weekend . I plan to spend tomorrow morning cleaning up the flat, for I have friends visiting. Tomorrow evening we're heading for something nice to eat (probably tapas) followed by beers. On Saturday we're probably going to go park up the coast and take a walk to see Hurst Castle (at the end of a spit and everso close to the Isle of Wight). This will probably be followed by another lovely meal somewhere and some fine beers .
  11. He is on Sky Sports News again this evening. Things are unraveling yet again. Here's the link to the article on Sky Sports:
  12. Absolutely wonderful. Even Sky Sports were in high praise - Villa Park was rocking and long may it continue. Good job everyone.
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