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  1. I virtually live across the road from the place . I hope you had a nice time. All around Old Portsmouth is lovely if you don't know it. I've been avoiding Gunwharf for far too long and now that restrictions are removed, I think I'm going to wait that little bit longer for this 2nd jab to kick in.
  2. It seems Sajid Javid has tested positive and has mild symptoms. EDIT: only a lateral flow test currently but awaiting the PCR test result.
  3. I also asked why it was so quiet. She thinks there have been a lot of cancellations this week due to the nice weather and people not wanting to be bothered with it. Fools - just get it done!
  4. I was waiting for that
  5. 2nd jab done by the same lovely lady who administered the first . No queue and I was in and out like a flash.
  6. Seems to be concern over the Beta variant that is the issue. That having fun with the Delta variant and we could be looking at a "Belta" variant (I know, I know...) which doesn't sound good. A quick search brings up this but I expect there are many more reputable sources for more information:
  7. The Government fudge it and make it up as they go along yet again. No red call on France but instead anyone entering from the country need to isolate for 10 days upon arrival (including those fully vaccinated). What do they know that we don't? Sky News
  8. Hmm, this is what worries me the most. Are we seeing more people with the AZ vaccine going into hospital vs the Pfizer vaccine for example? As someone who is about to have his 2nd AZ dose tomorrow, I watch with interest!
  9. Ironic given that Bulgaria is about to enter the UK "green list". You couldn't make it up.
  10. I think going by past performance of this Government, some of us are right to be panicked. Go and have yourself a "merry little Christmas" he said. That turned out well.
  11. Another ~50,000 cases and ~700 people admitted to hospital in the latest update. This doesn't bode well .
  12. My 2nd jab is on Saturday and I can't wait. Just in the (Dr) nick of time it seems! It'll be keep calm and carry on for me for the next few weeks at least I think.
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