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  1. This is a quick interesting read from a University of Oxford academic (there are graphs, it must be right!).
  2. It is quite depressing looking at the latest figures. Down here the cases are still relatively quite low (but rising) and we've already had warnings from work that the winter may be a tough period (no shit, Sherlock).
  3. It could be worse I suppose: August 20th: August 19th: August 18th: Source It is worthwhile looking at the daily case change as well. Just look at that graph. I am unsure of the true numbers seeing as it mentions antibodies tests and retrospectively adding but it is a tad worrying.
  4. I would love to see that as an argument in court. I don't agree (which is fine).
  5. trekka

    Mask Watch!

    How did you guess? .
  6. trekka

    Mask Watch!

    Yep, I popped to the local shop this afternoon. As I was stood outside dutifully putting on my mask before going in, a taxi driver got out of his car outside. Coughing all the way as he goes in without a mask, he walks straight to the counter (ignoring one-way markings and shuffling past people) to get his fix of tobacco. "See ya later mate" he shouted as he walked out. Whilst I was there another couple of people seemingly oblivious to the rules walked in without a mask and carried on as if everything is normal. There are some very selfish / stupid people around.
  7. Thank God I'm still working from home. Slightly awkward online meeting where I didn't turn on my camera (my laptop is under my desk as I've got it hooked up to a big monitor ;)) but I got through it. Now to the transfer thread!
  8. Enjoy the ride and say hello to her from us (her wider Villa family). Congratulations .
  9. I have to say, watching the lovely Alice Roberts on "Wild Swimming" on BBC iPlayer has chilled me out a bit before the game. Having just looked at the time however:
  10. Everything will be completely fine.
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